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A la carte On a menu it means that there is a separate price

for each item in conjuction with tours it means clients can get
to choice of what they want from the menu
Accommodation- A seat/service sold to passenger
Accreditation Approval by conference or association for
allowing the sale of tickets and other travel services.
Actual Flying time- The total amount of time in the car
Add-ons Optional tour arrangement that the customer may
choose to purchase

Bed night- Statistically measurement based on one person

spending one night in motel/hotel
Bilge- The nearly horizontal part of the ships bottom
Bill of Fare- Menu or list of foods available at a restaurant
Block space- A reserved number of rooms, seats, or other space,
usually reserved in advance for the purpose of selling those
seats or space in a tour package.
Bulwark- A ships side above the upper deck

Air sickness Sickness caused by the motion of the aircraft or

altitude characterized by nausea and vertigo

Capsule Hotel- Lodging that features small, coffin-like sleeping

compartment (often found near Japanese railways station and
usually accepting men only)

All-in term for all expense or all inclusive arrangements

Carafe- A glass bottle for serving wine or water

Allocentric- preferring to travel to unusual places

Charabanc- A motorcoach

Back-to-back ticketing- A practice that is generally frowned

upon by the airlines because travelers buy two round trip tickets
to take advantage or round trip fares but use the segments out
of sequence

Chauffer- Driver of vehicle, hired for transformation

Bareboat charter- A yacht, boat, or other vessel rented without

supplier or crew

Coach class- a section of plane, also called tourist or economy


Base fare- the fare without tax

Cohost carrier- An Airline that agrees to pay the host for display
of flights and fares in computers

Batch mode- A way of processing information or ticketing in

groups or batches

Churning- term used for booking, cancelling, and rebooking


Commission cap- the maximum dollar amount of commission

that a supplier will pay to an agency/ agent regardless of the
amount of the sales or tickets
Concierge- the individual or desk in a hotel which attends to
guests needs and services
Condition fare- Also called a leisure class fare, which entitles the
passenger to fly free on the next available flight if the flight is
Consortium- group of person/ companies that pool together
their resources to obtain benefits such as higher commission,
Continental breakfast- usually rolls and coffee

Discotheque- A nightclub where patrons dance to recorded

Dog and pony show- An expression used for sales presentation
Dome car- also called a bubble car, a car designed with glass
roof for sightseeing
Drayage- The charge or cost of transporting goods;
transportation of goods
Driver-guide- A driver who is authorized to act as a guide on
Efficiency- Room that has kitchen facilities, similar to a one
room apartment, also called a studio

Continental code- The international morse code, used in


Enplane- to go board a aircraft

Couchette A sleeping berth on European train. Normally there

are four top six beds in a compartment

Entre- In the US the main dish of a meal, in other countries it is

an appetizer course

Croupier- an employee of gambling establishment who

supervises a gaming table

Entry fee- Charges from entering a country or establishment

Cruise broker- Person who specialized in last-minute availability

of cabins and cruise ships
Demitasse- A small cup, such as that used for black coffee
Diglot- Using or containing two language

Ensign- A flag, emblem, badge or symbol of office

Excursionist- A temporary visitor staying less than 24hours in a

Fictitious point principle- a principle of international fare
construction that allows the use of fare to city, to which the
passenger is not actually travelling. It is not allowed in most

First sitting- the earlier of two meal times for dinning on a ship

Harbor master An officer in charge of harbor or port

Fixed cost- cost which remains constant

Haute cuisine- A refined style for cooking involving elaborate

preparations and presentation of foods

Fjord- Narrow sea inlet, usually bordered by steep cliffs

Flaps- Extendable, hinged surfaces on the wings of an aircraft
used to control lift
Free port- port where goods are not subject to tax or duty
Fully-appointed- Description of travel agency that has been
approved and accredited to sell airlines, cruise and other
products and services of travel suppliers

Haven- A harbor or port, place of safety

Helm- Apparatus by which a ship is steered
Hotel Chain- two or more hotel properties that are owned or
managed by one company
Hotel Garni- A smaller accommodation property usually without
a restaurant

Glade skiing- Downhill skiing in open areas surrounded by trees

Hotel register- Permanent record guest

Glider- an aircraft without an engine that is towered to a certain

height and set to soar on air currents.

Hotelier- Hotel manager or owner

Globe trotter- One that travels widely all over the world

Hovercraft- A vehicle or craft that travels by being buoyed or

supported by air pressure

Gondola- a long, narrow flat-bottomed boat used in canals. Also

a vehicle used in ski areas to transport skiers and sightseers

Howdah- Large, elegant, canopied chair-seat strapped to an

elephants back, mostly used in east India

Grand tour- An extended tour

Hub- An airport used as a major connection point

Ground Operator- the company providing land services

Hydrofoil- Ship or boat that has attached struts for lifting the
hull clearot the water as it gains speed

Halo effect- incremental business to travel agency gives to an

airline that shows the reservation system the agency uses
Harbor- a protected anchorage area for ships