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Technotrash and Ewaste

Impact of technotrash and Ewaste

Green computing

Computer accesibility

Devices and software for disability people

Technologies in different places

The importance of technologies

What are Technotrash and Ewaste?

Technotrash and e-waste means discarded electrical
or electronic devices.
e.g. computers, cell-phone, wireless etc.

What kind of an impact do technotrash and e-waste

have on the environment?
Health Impact : they ends up in waste tip if full of toxic
materials, including heavy metals, that can quickly seep into
ground and finally get into groundwater supplies. Also,
computers and other devices are composed of chemicals and
heavy metals. So when wockers recycled and dismantled
them, they are at risk.
e.g.To remove copper from computer wires, wockers often
simply burn the wires. Open burning releases unhealthy
hydrocarbons into air.

What can we do to limit the impact on the

1. If you want to buy a computer, make sure you look for a
computer that use recycle metarials and can be updated
rather than trashed when a new model comes alone.
2. Be a careful buyer. Think about do you really need it? Do
you have a old model that still working well? Don't just pursue
the newest or fastest products.
3. Make a plan before your devices dead.
4. Make sure you don't toss out your devices like
normal rubbish.

Green computing also called green technology. It's the

environmentally responsible use of computer and other
resources. Use techniques for generating energy to nontoxic cleaning products.

Green Use

Green Disposal

Reducing the energy

consumption of computers
and other information
systems as well as using
them in an environmentally
sound manner.

Refurbishing and reusing

old computers and
properly recycling
unwanted computers
and other electronic

Green design

Green manufacturing

Designing energy-efficient
and environmentally sound
components, computers,
servers, cooling equipment,
and data centers.

Manufacturing electronic
components, computers,
and other associated
subsystems with minimal
impact on the environment



#2 Turn Off
Sleep mode

#3 Print Smart!

What can business do to practice

green computing?
1. Firms can use office supplies
which labled energy star .
2. Firms can recycle papers and
3. Institute a Company Recycling
Program for Electronics.
4. Get Waste Wise.

What is computer accessibility?

Computer accessibility, also known as accessible
computing. In human-computer interaction, it refers to the
accessibility of a computer system to all people, regardless of
disability type or severity of impairment. It means use
computer accessibility can let some person that disability or
impairment use computer. Accessibility always build by
specialized hardware or software. Specific technologies may
be referred to as assistive technology.

Computer accessibility
There are many disabilities or impairments that can be a barrier to
effective computer use.

Cognitive impairments

Like head injury, autism, developmental disabilities, and learning

disabilities, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or ADHD.

These desease will influence user easy to use computer.

Computer accessibility

Visual impairment


or partial blindness


They can not see or can not easy to see what

happend with computer.

Computer accessibility

Hearing-related disabilities


hard of hearing


These user can not or can not easy

to here the voice. When computer has
voice warning, they can not receive it.

Computer accessibility

Motor or dexterity impairment




tunnel syndrome


strain injury

Some people can not use the

conventional input device because
of them human flaws,
Like Stephen Hawking.

Microsoft of Computer accessibility

Microsoft of Computer accessibility

Cognitive impairments

Screen readers: This program can verbalize. It can read everything on the
screen including text, graphics, control buttons, and menus. This program can
use computerized voice that is spoken aloud. This is very important program
with blind user. You can use Windows+Enter to open this program on Windows
Other: Text-to-Speech (TTS) or speech synthesizers

Microsoft of Computer accessibility

Visual impairment

Screen enlargers, or screen magnifiers: This program like a glasses that can
enlarge the text, it can help computer user easier to read screen information. It
can enlarge at the special area.

Microsoft of Computer accessibility

Hearing-related disabilities

Light signaler alerts: When computer has the sound, computer will use the light
to alert people. If computer user can not hear the sound from computer, the user
can see the light and know he gets the news. Like the taskbar. When people get
the message, the program on the taskbar will change the color or flicker. It can
help computer user who can not hear the sound get the message.

Microsoft of Computer accessibility

Motor or dexterity impairment

On-screen keyboards: This program can provide a computer keyboard on the
computer screen. It can help the user who are not able to use the normal

Other: Speech recognition or voice recognition programs

Alternative input devices

Other Companies' Technologies

Apple: VoiceOver- It is the world's first gesture-based screen reader for Mac,
iOS devices, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. It lets users who are blind or have low
vision know what's happening on their device.
Dictation- Dictation lets you talk where you would type. You can use this
program to let your voice to be text. It is good for people who has motor/dexterity

Why is important for us to use


For fun



Disability people use technology


Don't feel is disable

Technology make their life better

Disability people are
also have special skills.

Technologies in Developing

Technology is not so popular in developing countries.

What kind of things are these people

unable to do because they dont have
these technologies?



Cell phone

Why is important for people to be

able to access technologies?
Improve government
Enforce human rights
Help people study
Health care
Increase economy