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Pre-design of purified terephthalate acid (PTA) plant provide requirement of

PTA import in Indonesia. Purified terephthalate acid is used by textile manufacturing,
plastic, and tire. It uses Amoco process with para-xylene and air as raw materials.
Production capacity is 200.000 tons / year within 330 days/year. This plant locates in
Gampong Blang Pulo, Muara Satu, Lhokseumawe-Aceh with area 20078 m2.
The main process consist in oxidation, crystallization, drying, purification,
hydrogenation, crystallization and drying. This reaction occurs in 200 oC and 13.5 atm
at liquid phase within chrome-manganese-bromide (CMB) catalysis. In oxidation
reactor takes oxidation reaction between para-xylene and air to produce terephthalate
acid. The side product from oxidation reaction is 4-carboxybenzyldehide (4-CBA)
and para-toluic acid (ptol). They are impurities that must remove in main product.
The purification process transform 4-CBA to ptol which highly soluble in water.
Finally, this process can get terephthalate acid with high purity of terephthalate.
The utility unit requires on water, compressed air, steam, electric, and fuel.
The amount of consumption water is 220,78 m 3/h. The water sources are taken from
Peusangan river at Bireun-Aceh. The electrical power are obtained from national
electricity company (PLN) and generator with 1250 KW.
The company is limited company (ltd) that use line and staff structure. The
labor use about 168 people.
The result of economic analysis :
a. Fixed Capital Investment

= Rp. 1.164.949.238.599

b. Working Capital Investment = Rp. 205.579.277.400

c. Total Capital Investment

= Rp. 1.370.528.515.999

d. Total Production Cost

= Rp. 3.605.716.231.035

e. Sales Prices

= Rp.

f. Profit

= Rp. 400.712.826.724

g. Pay Out Time (POT)

= 2 years and 6 month

h. Break Event Point (BEP)

= 51,3%