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The Indemnity Bond executed on 05th day of Mar 2016 at Jamshedpur by M/s Honeywell

Automation India Ltd having its office at 1st floor , The Sanctum , 141 S.N.P Area
( Ambagan) Sakchi, Jamshedpur , District Singhbhumi( East ), hereinafter referred to as
the Executant Contractor ( Which terms shall include all its executors, administrators and
successors in the office. )
Whereas the executant is Hemant Gupta of the of the contractor and is duly authorized to
sign the indemnity bond in favor of the contractor, whereas, the executant contractor by this

indemnity bond indemnifies to the Tata Steel Ltd having its registered office at 24, homi
street fort Mumbai and its steel plant located at Jamshedpur, hereinafter referred to as
company (which terms shall include all its executors, administrators and its permitted
Whereas the above mentioned contractor was engaged by the Company to execute job
covered under the companys Works Order No. 3800009302/109 dated 22.11.2013 on the
terms and conditions stipulated therein.
Whereas, Tata Steel Ltd, has ensured the job entrusted to the contractor vide work-order no.
. 3800009302/109 dated 22.11.2013 to its satisfaction.
Whereas, the following persons have stood security to this indemnity bond.


Sri Sanjay Ghosh, M/s Sagar Engineering , Jamshedpur

Sri A.K.Gupta , M/s East India Electrical , Jamshedpur

In the event of any loss to the company, the aforesaid sureties will be liable to make-up the
losses of the company.
Whereas, the company having ensured that the contractor has complied with all the statutory
obligations under labour laws has agreed to issue wages clearance certificate.
Whereas, the contractor has completed the job on 30.03.2014 applied to the company for
wages clearance certificate.
In pursuance of above, I Hemant Gupta authorized representative of the contractor hereby
affirm and declare as follows:
1.) That the contractor has paid all the dues to its labour and other statutory levies to
the Government and there is no outstanding due to any of the party i.e. labour,
statutory levies of the Government or to the Company.
2.) The contractor also undertakes that in the event of any claim made by its employee
for payment of unpaid wages such as salary / leave / wages / PF / RG / ESI or any
outstanding dues in regard to aforesaid contract awarded by the company , the
contractor shall reimburse to the Company such lost amount as the Company is
required to pay.
3.) The contractor also undertakes to keep the Company fully indemnified and free
from all claims and demands and all actions and proceedings initiated against the
company in respect of the aforesaid Work Orders.
In witness where-off , I Hemant Gupta on behalf of the contractor has executed this
Indemnity bond on this 05th day of Mar 2016 mentioned above.
Signature of the competent person of the contractor with seal.

Sanjay Ghosh