What is? Data bas testing basically include the following.

1) Data validity Testing 2) Data Integrity Testing 3) Performance related to database 4) Testing of Procedure, triggers and functions. How to Achieve? For doing data validity testing you should be good in SQL queries, For data integrity testing you should know about referintial integrity and different constraint, For performance related things you should have idea about the table structure and design, For testing Procedure triggers and functions you should be able to understand the same. Scope: Database testing can be various things; Functional Testing - the operational aspects of the application (read, write, query) Performance Testing - the efficiency with which the application can accomplish the operations Load Testing - factors which affect the performance, such as volume of operations, numbers of users, etc... Functional Testing is likely the most widely performed, and will reveal discrepancies involving query results, database state, stored procedures calls and results, updates, deletions, adherence to rules, etc... It should be performed with the system in a known state, independent of any external dependencies, using realistic trusted data, in a precise manner which can achieve but a single correct result in order to be most effective. What a Tester should know: Relational Database Design fundamentals SQL fundamentals RDBMS administration knowledge Tools Available: CompuWare DevPartnerDB Scandiasoft DBValidator dbUnit SourceForge some dbschema comparator tools