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The Climate Change Impacts in Riau Province

Assalamualaikum wr.wb,
First of all, Id like to thank to Allah who has given us bless and health to
be here. Shalawat and salam we present to our prophet Muhammad SAW.
The honorable judges, the participants of this contest, and all the
Allow me to express my gratitude for giving me chance to give my speech
in front of yo on the subject, THE CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACTS IN RIAU
Ladies and gentlemen,
Are we aware that in recent years there are more natural disasters, such
as flood, tornado, the melting of ice in Arctic and Antarctic, increase in sea
surface, etc? Or just take a look to our city. HOT, that's what we all feel the last
few days in Pekanbaru. This is directly related to global issues that lately
discussed by the world community of Climate Change and Global Warming.
Actually, what is global warming and what is climate change?
Well audiences,
Global warming is the average temperature increasing of Earth's surface
due to increase in the number of Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) in the
atmosphere. It causes changes in other climate elements, such as rising ocean
temperatures, increased evaporation in the air, and the changing pattern of
rainfall that changed the world climate patterns. This event became known as
Climate Change.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The causes of climate change can be divided into two categories - those
that are due to natural causes, for example continental drift, volcanoes, ocean
currents, etc and those that are created by man. Natural resources are being
used by people extensively for construction, industries, transport, and
consumption. Consumerism has increased by leaps and bounds, creating
mountains of waste. All this has contributed to a rise in greenhouse gases in the
atmosphere and resulted in climate change.
The honorable judges and the audiences,
Climate change has so many negative effects in worldwide. In Riau itself,
there are so many impacts that have occurred.
1. The major problem. Riau province approximately comprises 51% peat lands
which is potentially has high carbon reserve. The peat has opened around 135
thousand hectare per year due to economic activity. Based on Riau
Declaration on Peat land and Climate change, January 2006 for last ten years,
conversion peat land to oil palm land and pulp forestry has destroyed around
6 million hectare peat land and produced 2billion tons carbon dioxide
molecules, As we know that, Peat land is highly flammable. Global warming
has resulted in a peat forest fires.
2. Rising temperatures in the afternoon and evening, as we feel in the city of
Based on research conducted by Environmental Studies at UNRI,
temperatures at Riau in last several year increased by around 2 degrees

Celsius. This is beyond the acceptable limit, since the increased air
temperature in the world average of around 1 degree Celsius.
3. Every year region that experienced severe flooding in Riau has been
increasingly widespread and more frequent, including the city of Pekanbaru.
This flooding problem until now has not been able to significantly overcome.
4. Riau people are particularly vulnerable because they have limited capacity to
adapt, as well as their life depends on the resources that easily influenced by
climate, such as water and food supplies. They will be more susceptible to
diarrhea, malnutrition, and the change in distribution pattern of diseases that
are transmitted through a variety of insects and animals.
The audiences,
Governor of Riau on the 15th Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen
explained the plan and steps taken for amendment climate problems, first, the
forming of the Riau Climate Change Center, second, making biosphere reserve
and research center of the peat in Bukit Batu, third, making an agreement with
ten Governors of Province in Sumatera to save the Sumatran island through
ecosystem-based spatial, restoration, and protection of conservation areas
Furthermore, we hope that Riau Government establishes the rule about
forest management and direction which the rule is being supervised strictly.
Also, I ask you to help start from the smallest things, let's save the use of
stationery, paper, plastic, electricity, plant trees, and separate the organic and
inorganic waste. Walking and biking also reduce air pollution generated, and
dont forget to service the vehicles regularly to reduce exhaust emission. Lets go
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thats all about my speech today, Im sorry for all my mistakes.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Assalamualaikum wr, sb.