2010 E-M35 Phylogeny Project Lana Gravano

E1b1b1a2 Cluster H Proposal
Relationship of DYS locations 464 and CDY when compairing micro alleles and duplicate values.
The main interest of this study is to encourage other members of the E-M35 Phylogeny Project to play with your haplotypes to find different clusters. When separating your haplogroup into different clusters it opens up the possibility to find unknown common SNPs or Unique Events. In this case we used the E1b1b1a2 Haplogroup and all of its clusters in the E-M35 Phylogeny Project(http://www.haplozone.net/e3b/project/cluster). Currently there are 205 participants that are confirmed or very strongly predicted for being positive of the V13 SNP and have been tested at 37 common DYS locations. 13.7% (28) of these participants have a duplicate value at CDY. Ranging from 31/31 to 37/37 100% of the said participants are predicted to have a duplicate value mirco allele at 464. Currently 50% have been confirmed with none resulting as a negative. When using the (http://www.haplozone.net/e3b/project/fetch) fetch a match
tool in the E-M35 Phylogeny Project we were able to find the closest matches for the 28 participants. 50% of the participants have their closest match within Cluster H. The other 50% have their closest match only 2-5 values closer than their closest match within Cluster H. 100% of the closest matches that are not in Cluster H do have a duplicate value at DYS 464. The majority valued at 16. Please do notice that among The Duplicate Values for the 28 participants 85% (24) have the duplicate value of 16 16 with 50% of them confirmed to be duplicate mirco alleles of valued at 15.3. The other 50% is currently unknown. 25% of the 28 members of Cluster H are confirmed or strongly predicted to have there earliest known origins in Germany. England falls in second place at 14.3% 100% of the participants are predicted to have a RecLOH.

Members of E1b1b1a2 Cluster H
N26399 (Acri) 29544 (Araujo-Roper) 104487 (Case) 156716 (Case) 113327 (Cemo) 105058 (Christian) 87276 (Cox) 25389 (Fauklinbury) 130141 (Giessel) 67918 (Helon) 73727 (Helon) 103212 (Krines) N48690 (Machnik) 150052 (Miller) 138702(Newlin) 71525 (Nicholson) 150631 (Roth) 43498(Scism) N40969 (Sinnott) 73595 (Smith) 146483 (Smith) 164757 (Smith) 43682 (Spina) 78339 (Treble) 141540 (Voncannon) N43614 (Wegener) 105961(Wolff) 167532 (Zarzaliev)

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