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1. Italicize items that you have not yet performed.

2. Evaluate yourself by rating the skills from 1-5, 1 as the lowest and 5 as the
3. Your feedback on the usefulness of this checklist is encouraged. Write it on the
space provided.
4. Write your name, course and the date today at the bottom.

Microsoft Word 2010 Basic Skills Checklist

Create New Document
Create a new blank document
Enter text in a document, delete text
Save the document with a filename
Save As the document with another format
Add design features to a table
Create and Edit Tables
Create a new table
Modify an existing table
Enter text in a table and apply formatting
Convert text to a table and back
Open and Edit an Existing Document
Open a saved document
Navigate within the document using mouse,
Navigate using arrow keys, page up/down keys
Undo and Redo previous action
Modify Page Layout
Adjust page margins
Number pages, add headers, footers
Insert page breaks
Add a cover page
Move, Copy and Find and Replace Text
Select text
Cut, Copy and Paste text
Find and Replace text
Format Characters and Paragraphs
Format characters font, size, color, bold, etc.
Format characters using dialog box
Set tabs left, right and centre
Format paragraphs using toolbar, ruler
Paragraph indents, spacing, alignment
Printing and Publishing Documents
Select printer and print options
Preview and printing documents
Print selections, multiple copies
Publish a document by email
Save a document as a PDF file
Print envelopes and labels
Correcting Documents
Check spelling and grammar
Use Autocorrect tool

I would like suggest an activity in which we will use all the basic skills in the list in
just one document.

Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate Skills

Work with Document Sections
Insert and Delete a section break in a document
Vary formatting across sections in a document
Modify a template database
Use a Cover Page menu to create a cover page
Add a header and footer to a document
Remove page numbering from first page
Work with Columns
Add a column to a document
Mix column formats within a document
Insert one-column page in multicolumn document
Use Graphics
Insert a photo in a document
Wrap text around a photo
Insert a Microsoft Word Clip Art object
Insert a drawn shape in a document
Create a WordArt object
Apply a Watermark to a document
Format Tables
Add a new table using Draw Table
Merge or Split a cell in a table
Create a nested table
Resize a table
Apply a table style to a table
Apply shading to a table
Use Document Templates
Create or Modify a cell border
Create a document using Installed Template
Create a template using an existing document
Change the template of an existing document
Work With Excel Data
Paste a table from Excel into a document
Embed an Excel Worksheet in Word document
Use SUM, MAX, MIN and COUNT functions
Use a Macro
Run a simple macro
Record a simple macro

I would like to know the potential uses for the Macro and how its significance.

Microsoft Word 2010 Advance Skills Checklist

Use Mail Merge
Create a main document for Mail Merge
Create a recipient list
Insert Fields in the main document
Configure Outlook to use Mail Merge
Prepare an existing list for use with Mail Merge
Print/email a Mail Merge document
Create mailing labels
Work with a Large Document
Create a master document
Import a subdocument into a master document
Split one document into two documents
Create a table of contents for a document
Insert a footnote and an endnote
Create a bookmark
Insert a cross-reference to a bookmark
Work with Forms and Fields
Insert a field in a document
Insert a link to another document
Design and Create a simple form
Save a form as a template
Protect a form from changes
Manage Document Revisions and Comments
Enable revision tracking in a document
Accept or reject a revision
Protect a revision from modification by others
Compare two documents side by side
Combine two documents into one
Insert a comment in a document
Delete a comment from a document

I would like to know if Outlook is a significant tool used by most businesses and how
to use it and also why use it instead of emailing services such as google mail.
Marc Loui A. Rivero
BS in Business Administration Major in Financial Management 2
June 18, 2016