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Topic : CXS_Remover 2.3.0.

Before using Remover:
1) Failed to Initialize CX-Server
CX-P starts with Demo version, No Licence infor.

Cause or Process

Direct cause:
\Windows\cdmapi32.dll is not installed.
or Registory is not updated when installed.
User A has installed FinsGateway V3 + CX-Server v2.2.1 before
User B installed Using XP, there is no adiministrators, Admini-A
and Admini-B are different.
Using Win 2K, Both user A and B can be adiministrator. (Not
Countermeasure XP in Red below
Only when you use 'Not final version of V1.00' or
FGW has been installed and ACL is set as Everyone.
The Last V1.00 fixed this issue and killing everyone.
Softwares with Old Cx-Server V2.2
2) CS1G/CJ1G CPU42 could not found when you create This may happen but can be fixed with d-1) to d-2)
new project.
3) Cx-Server cannot be uninstalled
Process of reproduction:
User A has installed FinsGateway v3 + CX-Server v2.2.1 before
Then User B install CX-Server v2.3.0. It looks OK.
Then Cx-Prg installed but Cx-Server can not be uninsatlled.

Recovery process
a-1) CX-One, CX-Server, Cx-Server DMT is uninstalled from Control panel | Application Add/delete.
a-2) \Windows\cdmapi32.dll is not instaleld or deleted
a-3) Start \CX-Server\setup.exe then confirm normal instalation.
-> CX-Server instalion takes 10-20 min. But when finishes immdeately, instalation failed.
a-4) When a-3) is OK, Install CX-One
a-5) When still the phenomena occurs, go to next b).
b) OS Update has been done before ?
For example, Cx-Prg has been instaleld in Win ME, then upgraded to Win-XP.
When Yes, Go to f ). When No, go to next c ).
c) When OS is XP, Login user should be same as FinsGateway has been installed. Then executes a)
(Normally user claiming will not understand this topics)
When still the phenomena occurs, go to next d).
d-1) CX-One, CX-Server, Cx-Server DMT is uninstalled
d-2) Windows Installer cleanup

Delete all application named CX-Server for removal. In the above case from CX-Server CompoWay/F to CX-Server RT.
Execute a)
When still the phenomena occurs, go to next e).
e) CX-Server Remover is used.
Note: This remover does not delete Cx-Server OPC or Cx-Server Lite.
Then Execute a-3).
When still the phenomena occurs, go to next f).
f) OS Cleam Install
Cause of CX-Server install disabled
1. Access right of Registory key is disabled, therfore Installer cannot add registory key.
2. CX-Server Install infor is written at OS registory. Therefore Re-install/Uninstall has not been correctly done.

Case of the above 1)

OS is XP and also FGW V3 or NSD-V5 or erlier has been installed before Cx-Prg was installed.
Login user of FGW is different from user of CX-One.
Therefore in this case, we should find user X of FGW is installed, then login again by the user X for uninstall/reinstall.
Case of the above 2)
Cause of Install shield incompatibility.
Therefore execute the above countermeasure a) - e).
Countermeasure XP.
User A or User B uninstall all CX-Softwares
We need to find who has installed FGW by looking Registory FGW or Omron
Then find FGW has been installed by User A.
User A should change all keys under Omron
Then Cx-Remover shoudl be executed.

Then Install all softwares using Cx-Server V2.3 or later.

Pls do not install Cx-Softwares using Cx-Server V2.2. If done, same phenomena occurs again.
Best way: Confirm all adiminiusers should have Admini group access right.
My experience with my PC
I have fixes the PC onwer always installed Administrator but he has installed by Administrator and Administrators.
Therefore plural softwares has been installed by the two name of Adimini---.
I had also another problem I could not install Cx-Server but fixed with d-2)