JUNE 2016, VOL. 14 ISSUE 5


'Cooking for a Cause'
Jambalaya Cook-Off
You are invited to participate in the 3rd Annual

Sunday June 26th to benefit
’Wounded Wear’ which supports
combat veterans across the United States


Live Entertainment • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards • Judged by the Jambalaya Festival Association

Trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
with 1st and 2nd place winners
receiving paid sponsorship in the
Swamp Pop Cook Off

We need teams and sponsors.

Our Goal is to exceed the 72 teams of last year and raise
needed funds to support combat veterans.

For More Information contact
Zack or Katie •
14505 Highway 44, Gonzales, LA 70737
(225) 622-3719

Publisher / Editor
Mike Strong

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SMITH CHIROPRACTIC.....................24


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Bill Delaune
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Jimmy Dunkley

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Jambalaya Festival 2016 ... Big Success
seemed to have it all. The food,
the events, and the entertainment makes this event one of
the most diversified festivals
It’s been a long time coming
for the festival to build up to the

Congratulations Jambalaya
Association, you have done it
again. This year’s 49th Annual
Festival was a huge success.
I have been attending the
Jambalaya Festival for 40 plus
years and this year’s festival


excitement that once was held
in the streets of downtown
Gonzales. This year, I believe,
proved to me that the festival is
back and is bigger and better
than ever.
A wide variety of entertain-

ment from bands like Eddie Smith,
Mike Broussard & Nitetrain and
Chee Weez rocked the stage while
hometown favorite bands such as
Kenny Cornett, Kenny Fife and Na
Na Sha kept our dancing shoes
moving. One of the highlight
moments of the festival was the
appearance of Snapper and
the Fishsticks.
The addition of bringing in the
Nashville Country Star Sammy
Kershaw brought record crowds.
Matter-of-fact the crowds all
weekend were huge.
It was exciting this year when
former Champion Hoss Reine and
his son Hossfly won for a second
time in three years the World
Champion Jambalaya Title.
This year Scott Duplechein and
his wife Kellie worked their majic
and won the Champ of Champs
Cooking Contest for the first time.
Throughout my time at the
festival I ran into to old school


Gonzales friends that always make a reference to
the Festival that was once downtown Gonzales.
Everybody likes to talk about the days of old.
The success was judged by the garbage left in
the street. As exciting as those days were the
current Jambalaya Festival represents Gonzales
2016 and our community. It’s clean,
organized, and full of musical entetainment.
Along with the good time the festival
represents a commitment to the claim Jambalaya
Capital of the World.
The Mini-Pot Jambalaya Cooking Contest at
the 49th Annual Jambalaya Festival was
held along the Bayou and was sponsored by
Gonzales Memorial Post 3693.
Youngsters and adults competed in one of the
festivals most popular event. Cooking in mini
pots started in the 1970s, and is an event

30 Years of Top Notch Services

Braud Company Welding & Industrial Supplies
has been providing material to industries for over
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We take pride in same day delivery and
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everyone enjoys and families can participate
in it together.
While at the the festival I saw many
friends. There was Scott and Jaci, Terri and
Mike. I saw Charlene dancing a jig. Eric and
Stump were there too. There was Miss
Jambalaya Queen, Holly Stelly and Teen
Queen Destinee Mitchell and Hot
Rod Machines.
Mike and Steve Broussard played together
as the jitter bugging kept us from thinking
of the heat. David St. Romain performed
the best National Anthem I’ve heard and
Randy Carpenter performed with his band
If you are new to the area and have never
attended the festival you are missing a good
time. Along with the cooking and dancing
there are car shows, art shows, and carnival


rides. Next year give the festival
a try. You will experience a good
time and truly understand why
Gonzales is

‘The Jambalaya
Capital of the World’.
I did miss Danny Robert
cooking this year and that guy
that always cooks with him.
I think his name is Kurt.
Hope you get healed
up Danny.


Most colored diamonds are rare and
more expensive than colorless white
diamonds. Only diamonds have the
brilliant inner fire that sets them apart
from all other gems.

Imagine the thrill of wearing a ring,
pendant, earrings, or brooch with a
dazzling colored diamond center
stone flanked by sparkling white
diamonds in round, baguette, square,
or half-moon shapes. Spectacular
colored diamond jewelry is sure to
make an impression that will be remembered always!

More intensely colored diamonds are
usually cut to ideal proportions to de-


June - Alexandrite
A relatively modern gem, Alexandrite,
was first discovered in Russia in 1831
during the reign of its namesake, Czar
Alexander II, and is an extremely rare
chrysoberyl with chameleon-like
qualities. Its color is a lovely green in
both daylight and fluorescent light; it

with Layne Gautreau
Clear white diamonds are world famous for their brilliant sparkle and
fire. But surprisingly enough,
diamonds also come in a rainbow of
vivid, flashing colors that add a
magic look to holiday jewelry.

liver maximum brilliancy and life.
These cuts include round, triangle,
square, and rectangular. More subtle
colored diamonds are cut in less refractive shapes, such as oval and radiant, to enhance and deepen the
delicate color.

Did you know?

Ask the Jeweler…

What is a
Diamond’s Window?
One of the first steps in cutting a
rough diamond involves polishing a
small flat section or “window” so that
the cutter can microscopically examine
the gem’s interior. This helps the
cutter decide how to get the best
cut from the diamond.

What are
Calibrated Gems?
These are diamonds and colored
gemstones that are precision cut to
conform to standard or fixed sizes …
sometimes to a fraction of a
millimeter. This results in easier
matching and faster, more accurate
setting of the gems.

What is Silk?

Colored diamonds are called “fancies”
and are available in red, blue, pink, canary yellow, brown, peach, orange,
purple, green, violet, gray, and black.
In addition, colored diamonds come
in many exciting color blends such as
purplish-red, greenish-yellow,
reddish-brown, greenish-blue, and

changes color to a purplish red in incandescent light. Due to its rarity,
some jewelers stock synthetic versions
of this enchanting gemstone. .


Silk is a term jewelers use to describe
very fine, almost invisible, shimmering
streaks in the grain of rubies and
sapphires. It can only be seen
under a powerful lens or polarized
light. The presence of silk shows
the gem is genuine.

Senior Day at
Fred’s on the River.
The Tradition

Fred's band season has kicked off!!
Bands every Sat.& Sun. Great Music !!! Great Fun!!!
Saturday Night 9pm till 1am

Sunday Night 7pm till 11pm

June 18
Raven Stone
June 25
Side Effects
July 2
Matt Kayda
July 9
Chris Leblanc
July 16
Kozmic Kowboys
July 23
Flashback Chameleons
July 30

June 19
Styks 2:30 - 5:30 La Nights
June 26
Eric Stelly 2:30 - 5:30
Foret Tradition
July 3
Jam Crackers
July 10
Chris Leblanc 2:30 - 5:30
July 17
La Nights
July 24
Foret Tradition

The Coolest Bar on the River

• Focus on the results.
When I don’t feel like pushing
hard in my workouts or in my
nutrition efforts, I focus on why
I’m committed to a lifestyle of
health. For me I consider how
great I feel when I’m fit and the
confidence that brings.
• Keep positive images and
thoughts around you.
When I find an inspiring image
or article, I save it, and go back
to it to be inspired when I’m
low on energy. My latest
inspiration is this photo.
• Don’t rely on feelings.
Sometimes you’re not going to
feel like doing the right thing.
You may not always want to hit
the gym. That’s when it is time

this Liquid

their easy to use, natural brow
cosmetics, but now they’ve
launched a line of liquid
lipsticks that are some of the
best in the cosmetics game.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a
beauty company that’s been
around for a quite a while.
They were initially known for

I recently purchased Anastasia’s
liquid lipstick in Crush. Crush
is a soft beige (lighter dusty
rose), which I think is a great
neutral color for my lighter to
medium toned skin.
This is the first matte finish lip
stick that doesn’t dry out your
lips or crumble after eating or
drinking. The formula and
sponge applicator allows this
rich, full pigmented lipstick go
on very precisely. You can
purchase this matte finish lip
product in a TON of colors
for about $20.

How do you
stay motivated?

• Surround yourself with
like minded people.

to just make a decision and not
rely on how you feel.

I enjoy working out, but
sometimes it’s hard to get
motivated to workout,
especially after a long day at
work. I’ve thought long and
hard about what might
motivate me, and I came
up with a few ideas.

When I spend time with people
that workout and eat healthy, it
inspires me to stay focused and
on track. Find someone in your
group of friends that inspires
you and follow their lead when
you don’t feel as focused on
your health and wellness goals.

That’s what I’m doing to stay
motivated. Keep people around
you that have the same goals,
keep inspiring imagery around
you, and make a decision when
you don’t feeling like pushing


treatments combined with light chemical
peels work well to reduce pore size. These
treatments have minimal to no downtime
and are great for all skin types. Proper
homecare will also help in diminishing
pores if used daily as part of a good
healthy regime.

“Why is my face so splotchy?”

Amanda Maxwell

Michele Musso, FNP-C


with Michele
and Amanda

Uneven skin tone, or hyperpigmentation, is
the result of an over production of melanin.
Melanin is what gives skin and hair its color,
helps protect skin against damaging UV
light and absorbs heat from the sun.
However, an overproduction of melanin
stimulated by excessive sun exposure,
hormones, or scarring, leads to an
uneven complexion.

1) Sun exposure: When skin is repeatedly
exposed to UV light, sun damage occurs.
Brown spots appear as a result of too much
melanin being produced to help protect
skin from UV light.
2) Hormones: Melasma is hormone-related
hyperpigmentation caused by increased
hormone stimulation. It is most commonly
experienced by women who are pregnant
(which is why it’s also known as the “mask
of pregnancy”) or taking contraceptives,
but can also be a reaction to cosmetics or
3) Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation:
This is a darkening of skin that’s the result
of scarring, which can be caused by acne or
skin injury.

“I'm not a smoker, but I have
"smoker lines" above my top lip.
What is the best course of action
to correct these lines? I've heard
fillers, but I do not want my
lips to look fuller, just the
lines filled in.”
Non-smokers get “smoker lines” around
the mouth usually from the way they move
their mouth when talking but culprits like
drinking out of a straw, sun exposure and
poor skin care play a major role in these
lines”. Certainly, you can use fillers like
Juvederm and Restylane to improve these
lines. Fillers do not necessarily make your
lips looks larger; it is all how it is injected.
Another option is very small amounts of
Botox. Botox can relax muscles around the
mouth to soften your fine lines. This
treatment is repeated every 2-3 months.
Other options include appropriate skin care,
chemical peels, microneedling devices and
laser resurfacing.

“My pores are so big!
What can I do to shrink them?”
Pores are a reflection of several
environmental, physiologic, and genetic
factors. Contrary to the beauty industry,
there is no single product or treatment that
will universally improve pores. The best way
to treat large, clogged pores is by using a
retinol or prescription-strength tretinoin
cream (Retin-A). Not only does
retinol/tretinoin creams help with large
pores but they also help with fine lines, acne
scarring and uneven pigmentation. I have
found that Skin Pen microneedling



EATEL honored six outstanding graduating seniors with new laptops for use in their collegiate studies. Pictured are the 2016 EATEL Technology Award recipients (left to right): Dutchtown High School recipient Jack Michael Spriggs, French Settlement High School recipient Madelynn Olivia
Varnado, St. Amant High School recipient Christopher Michael Bourgeois, Maurepas High School recipient Mason Vicknair, Donaldsonville High School recipient Lawrence Brown III, and East Ascension High School recipient Ivy Marie Walding.

EATEL Awards Six Outstanding High School Seniors with Laptop Computers
Six scholars from our local high schools
were honored on April 27, 2016 at
EATEL’s annual Technology Awards
Ceremony, now in its 30th year.
Focusing on the importance of both
technology and academic success,
EATEL presented one outstanding
graduating senior from each high school
in its serving area, Donaldsonville,

Dutchtown, East Ascension, French
Settlement, Maurepas and St. Amant,
with a touch-screen, ultra-portable
laptop computer. The ceremony was
held in the lobby of EATEL’s Administration Building (406 E. Worthey Road,
Gonzales, LA).
EATEL Technology Award applicants

come over to
the lite side
• Professional split ends
repairing treatment
• reconstructs and repairs
weak, broken strands
• protects against heat
styling and future damage
• lasts 6 weeks


• Natural , Non-synthetic B-Vitamins
• Synergistic medley of nutritional energy
• Blocks bad cravings
• burns bad fat
• restores balance

622.5085 44253 Hwy. 42

(1 mile from Port Vincent)

must have an overall grade point
average of 3.0 or higher, actively
participate in school and community
activities, and plan to pursue their
studies at a Louisiana-accredited
college or university. These students
must also plan to pursue a major in one
of the STEM categories: science,
technology, engineering, or math. The

2016 recipients were chosen from a
pool of applicants by a counselor from
each school.
“I went to high school at East
Ascension so I’ve grown up in this
community,” said Toby DuBois, EATEL
Executive Vice President, Consumer
Sales & Marketing. “Our company has

‘grown up’ in this community, too. We
feel like this is a great way for us to
give back and support the school
systems in Ascension and Livingston
“One of the things we focus on is
college and career readiness,” said
Steve Westbrook, Assistant
Superintendent of Ascension Public
Schools. “We want our students to find
something that they’re passionate
about so that after high school, they
can be successful and happy. To have
someone like EATEL here, honoring
students who have done just that and
giving them these laptops and
recognition, is just fantastic. It’s a
great community partnership that
we have that helps us help kids.”
“We’re very proud of all of our students
and our seniors especially,” stated John
Watson, Superintendent of Livingston
Parish Schools. “We’ve got some
excellent students and it’s amazing to
see the things that they are able to do
while still maintaining such excellent
grade point averages.”
The following students are the
2016 EATEL Technology
Award recipients:

Madelynn Olivia Varnado,
French Settlement High School
Madelynn has academic honors in AP
English III, Dual Enrollment College
Algebra, Biology, and U.S. History!
While excelling academically, she’s also

found ways to get involved in
extracurricular activities. She has
served as president of the Future
Business Leaders of America
organization, she’s been a leader for the
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, she
was co-founder and president of the
powerful group Students Against
Destructive Decisions, and she’s been a
science club leader and senior Beta
Club member. While keeping up with all
of that, Madelynn has also found time
to give back. She’s been a junior
volunteer at North Oaks Medical
Center, she’s been a volunteer at the
Creole Festival, and she won the Baton
Rouge Foundation Scholarship for
Junior Volunteer! Madelynn is
passionate about pursuing a career in
medicine. She will attend Louisiana
State University in the Fall where she
will major in Biology with hopes of one
day becoming a surgeon.

Mason Vicknair,
Maurepas High School
Mason has excelled academically. In
fact, he has the #1 GPA ranking in his
senior class and will graduate Summa
Cum Laude. He’s also had the honor of
being named a Student of the Year
nominee. Mason has participated in
several Beta service projects including
canned food drives and collecting
prescription glasses for those in need.
He’s a regular volunteer at the French
Café where all money raised goes to
purchase gifts for families in need at
Christmas time. He’s advocated for
children with cancer by participating in

a Bike-a-Thon for “Colors for a Cause”
and he’s regularly volunteered to read
to children in elementary school.
Mason is also gifted when it comes to
computers. In fact, a lot of teachers
and even his school’s technology coordinator have gone to him for computer
advice and troubleshooting! Mason will
attend LSU’s Honor College where he
will major in Accounting. His plan is to
use his college credits earned in high
school to help him complete his
undergraduate study a year early so
he can jump right into MBA school
and subsequently become a CPA.

Lawrence Brown III,
Donaldsonville High School
Lawrence is quite active in his school
career! He serves as Band Captain and
section leader for the marching band
and he’s a member of just about every
club you can imagine! For example: he
served as Vice President on the
Student Council, he’s on the Bowling
Team, he’s a member of the Writer’s
Club, he’s an officer in the BETA Club,
he’s a mentor for special education high
school students, and he’s a tutor.
He’s involved in his community
wholeheartedly, serving on the Mayor’s
Youth Advisory Council as Social Media
Director, serving as a member of the
Louisiana Leadership Institute, and
regularly volunteering for city-wide
events. Academically, Lawrence excels
having certifications in OSHA, CPR,
NCCER, and Microsoft software. He’s
also achieved success as he was invited
to participate in the TAP Student

Geaux Tigers

We’ll See You at ‘The Box’

Baton Rouge 225.761.1117 • Prairieville 225.677.7177
• Alexandria 318.442.6420 • Bunkie 318.346.6900


Leadership Symposium, the Southern
University Engineering Summer
Institute, and the LSU Robotics
Academy. Lawrence also completed
BASF’s Science Academy and received
commendation for his participation in
the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus
through that Academy. Lawrence plans
to attend either the University of
Louisiana at Lafayette or Howard
University where he will study
Mechanical Engineering, a field in which
he hopes to excel after graduation. His
dream is to intern at Google or Apple,
and later, find success as a mechanical
engineer and be able to start his own
charity and offer his own scholarships
to students.

Jack Michael Spriggs,
Dutchtown High School
Jack has received academic honors in
scholastic art and writing. He’s a 5time Gallant Griffin and he was named a
Dutchtown Super Senior. Jack served
as Commanding Officer of the Naval
Junior R.O.T. C. program where he’s
also served as a Physical Fitness Team
Commander, Operations Officer, and
Admin. Officer. He’s also been a
National Honor Society member for two
years, has served as camera man for
the yearbook and other school
publications, and he’s lettered in cross
country and track and field for all 4
years of high school. Jack gives back
as president of his youth group at St.
Andrews United Methodist Church, he’s
also been a member of the St.
Andrew’s Men’s Group for 4 years, and

he has given over 120 hours of
community service. Jack will attend
LSU where he will major in Business
Management but his love for the military
won’t be far. He plans to join the
Airforce as a commissioned officer after
college graduation. He would love to
apply for entrance into the JAG Corp. in
the Airforce so that he could return to
school to pursue a law degree and
become admitted to the BAR. His
strong family legacy in the military is a
passion of his and he plans to tie
together this legacy with his
future career.

Ivy Marie Walding,
East Ascension High School

The Hall for
All Occassions!
Accommodates up
to 300 guest.
• Full catering menu
• Outdoor Pavillion
for Weddings
• Space for seminars
• Business meetings
• Birthday parties

Throughout high school, Ivy has also
been a shining star. She’s earned A’s in
just about every class she’s ever taken.
She’s served as president of 4 organizations: Louisiana Association of Student
Councils, Cooperative Marketing Education, Distributive Educational Clubs of
American, and Future Business Leaders
of America. She served as a senior
mentor for the Freshman Academy, she
was the chairperson for the 2014 student body fundraiser, and she was junior
class president. Ivy will attend Southeastern University where she will major
in Business Management and receive
her minor in marketing. After college,
she plans to get her real estate license
and own/operate her own business. She
plans to establish her business in Ascension Parish because she wants the
opportunity to give back to the community which has given so much to her.

Christopher Michael
St. Amant High School
Christopher was a National Merit
Scholar, National Merit Finalist, 12th
grade Parish Student of the Year, and at
school, he was named Mr. St. Amant
and his classmates named him Most
Likely to Succeed, Most Inspirational,
Most Creative, and Most Likely to be
Famous. He’s an A.P. Scholar Award
winner. He’s an award-winning
swimmer, a member of National Honor
Society, an 8-time Gator of the Month,
2-time Super Gator, multi-subject award
winner, award-winning choir member,
Legislative Youth Advisory Council
member, member of the Manship
Theatre Youth Advisory Board, Class
Treasurer for 11th and 12th grades,
and a mentor for the “Gator to Gator”
mentor program. He’s also been an
actor in the St. Amant Theatre
Department and the Nottoway
Plantation Murder Mystery Dinner
Theatre, a member of the International
Thespian Society, an Eagle Scout,
Musical Theatre instructor for Center
Stage Performing Arts Academy, a
member of Center Stage’s STARS
Company and Center Stage Singers, a
member of the gifted and talented
program, Louisiana Boys State,
Louisiana Youth Seminar and more!
Christopher will attend college where he
will major in mathematics. One of his
major passions in life is Disney so he
says no matter what, one day he will
work for Disney – and plans to attend
the Walt Disney College Program!

Call to set up an appointment
to view our venues.

17425 Airline Hwy • Prairieville
Catering Coordinator Jena Guidry



Vacation is a Loan away
• Personal Loans • Auto Title Loans
• Confidential Loans • Pay Day Loans
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For Loan Information Call 647-7422


By Linda Melancon

Using Trust
for Medicaid
Planning: (Part 2)
After interrupting this two-part series on trusts to highlight Prince’s
death and his lack of
estate planning, this month we are
going to pick up where we left off
in March with further
information about using trusts
for Medicaid and VA planning.
As we discussed in March,
irrevocable trusts are often
created for Medicaid planning to
remove assets from a person’s
estate since assets held in that
manner are not considered
available to the Medicaid

applicant if he needs Medicaid to
pay for nursing home care.
However, as we also discussed,
transferring assets into a trust will
create a penalty period where the
Medicaid applicant will not be
eligible for Medicaid for a period of
time. This penalty period will be
imposed for any transfers made to a
trust within five years of applying
for Medicaid. This penalty period is
often a trap for the unwary. There
are also many other aspects of trust
planning that require specialized
knowledge and that can cause
problems if not handled correctly.
Trust taxation is one of those areas.
Trusts can be taxed in
several ways and understanding
trust taxation before engaging in
trust planning is essential.
Typically, a trust is a separate
taxpaying entity and it gets its own
tax identification number and must
file its own income tax return.
However, depending on the type of
trust, income taxes may be paid at
the trust level or they may be paid
by the beneficiaries of the trust.
Trusts reach the highest tax rate at
a much lower income level than do
individuals so choosing the right
type of trust to minimize income
taxes is very important.
There is even a type of trust, called

a “grantor” trust, where the
income taxes are paid by the individuals who created the trust even
though they no longer have any
access to the assets held in the
trust. A “grantor” trust is often
used in Medicaid planning.
A special needs trust is also not
considered a resource for
Medicaid purposes so it is also used
for Medicaid planning in certain
circumstances. A special needs trust
is often used for a disabled beneficiary under the age of 65.
Although the principal of this type
of trust may be used for the
Medicaid recipient it is not a
countable resource because of
special laws applicable to those
considered disabled according
to SSA guidelines.
Trusts may also be used for those
applying for VA Aid and
Attendance benefits. Like
Medicaid, Aid and Attendance is
only available to those who have
limited assets and trusts are often
used to meet the asset requirements for this program. Unlike
Medicaid, VA does not currently
have a look back period for
transferring assts to a trust.
However, a 3-year look back
period is likely to be imposed
as early as this year.
Although VA does not currently
have a look back period, a
“grantor” trust that is acceptable
when used for Medicaid planning,

may cause ineligibility for VA
benefits. Since the income from the
assets held in the “grantor” trust
will show up on the income tax
return of the person who created
the trust, the VA may consider this
trust an available asset even though
that person has no ability to access
any of the trust’s assets. The VA
has also considered assets held in a
special needs trust as available assets for the beneficiary even though
Medicaid law is clear that the assets
held in that type of trust are not
available for Medicaid purposes.
Trusts are not “one size fits all”
and a trust that may work for
Medicaid planning may not work
for VA planning. Additionally,
complicated tax rules apply to
trusts so they must be carefully
drafted and administered if they are
to work as intended. Although
trusts are important planning tools
for protecting assets from the high
costs of long-term care, I cannot
overemphasize how important it is
to consult with professionals
well-versed in trust law and t
axation before engaging in any
type of trust planning to protect
your family and your assets.
Mrs. Melancon has engaged in the practice of
law in Louisiana for the past 17 years. The
primary focus of her practice is estate planning,
special needs planning, elder law and probate.
She is also accredited by the VA to give advice
regarding veterans’ benefits. For more
information, please contact her at
225-744-0027. You may also visit her website

Cheer up
at the Pub
6473 hwy 44 suite 120
Gonzales, La.
extra shot
with every daiquiri


Now Serving Crawfish

• Oysters By the Sack
• Fresh Shrimp
• A Wide Variety
of Fish and Seafood
• Snow Crabs
• Turtle Meat

Ask for Sally’s stuff crabs.
You’ll love them.

Open daily 2pm til

• Shuffleboard Table
• Golden Tee

Doug & Sally



A Great Place
to Chill in the

indexes the pages on your site,
you may have noticed a drop in

You’re Not Google - Friendly if
You’re Not Mobile - Friendly

your mobile search results earlier
in the month or you may just

by Orhan Mc Millan

now notice it. Well, that is if
you’re someone who doesn’t have
a mobile friendly site. On the
bright side it was stated that if

you have a really well written
website you’re ranking may not
drop at all or by much.

Google maybe in a way penalizing

Maybe you’ve heard the Google
announcement of the new mobile
- friendly algorithm; or maybe
you’ve actually experienced the
consequences. Then again maybe
you have not the slightest clue
what Google is doing and how it
may affect your website. Let me
explain. The point of the

algorithm is supposed to increase
the effect of mobile - friendly
ranking signals.
This is something Google rolled
out gradually, so it wouldn’t be a
major drop off on non-mobile
friendly websites when they
actually push the algorithm out.

The mobile - friendly algorithm
was designed as a page - by - page
signal, therefore it could take time
for Google to get to each
page. This also explains why it
took time for the update to
roll out fully.
Depending on how fast Google


those sites that aren’t mobile friendly but they are offering you
something that can help you end
that penalty. They have also
launched a mobile - friendly
testing tool. All you have to do is
put in your website and it will tell
you within a few seconds if you
have a mobile friendly site or not.
If it turns out you don’t, well that
sucks. But on the bright side
you’re now aware of that and can
work towards making sure your
site is a mobile - friendly one.

Wisdom Teeth

How Serious is an
Impacted Tooth?

By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD

Wisdom teeth, also known as
third molars, are the last teeth to
erupt in your mouth. This generally occurs between the ages of 17
and 25, a time of life that has been
called the "Age of Wisdom."
Anthropologists note that the
rough diet of early humans resulted in the excessive wear of their
teeth. Normal drifting of the teeth
to compensate for this wear ensured that space was available for
most wisdom teeth to erupt by
adolescence. The modern diet,
which is much softer, and the popularity of orthodontic tooth
straightening procedures produce a
fuller dental arch, which quite
commonly doesn't leave room for
the wisdom teeth to erupt, thereby
setting the stage for problems
when the final four molars enter
the mouth.

What is an Impacted Tooth?
Complications such as infection,
damage to adjacent teeth and the
formation of cysts may arise from
impacted teeth.
A tooth becomes impacted
when there is a lack of space in the
dental arch and its growth and
eruption are prevented by
overlying gum, bone or
another tooth.

Impacted teeth can be painful
and lead to infection.They may
also crowd or damage adjacent
teeth or roots.
More serious problems may
occur if the sac surrounding the
impacted tooth becomes filled with
fluid and enlarges to form a cyst.
As the cyst grows it may
hollow out the jaw and
permanently damage adjacent
teeth, the surrounding bone and
nerves. Rarely, if a cyst is not
treated, a tumor may develop
from its walls and a more serious
surgical procedure may be required
to remove it.
Despite the considerable
concern regarding impacted third
molars, a recent study finds that
third molars which have broken
through the tissue and erupted
into the mouth in a normal, upright position may be as prone to
disease as those third molars that
remain impacted.

Must the Tooth Come Out
if it Hasn't Caused Any Problems Yet?
Not all problems related to third
molars are painful or
visible. Damage can occur without
your being aware of it.
As wisdom teeth grow, their
roots become longer, the teeth become more difficult to remove and
complications become more likely.

In addition, impacted
wisdom teeth are more likely to
cause problems as patients age.
No one can predict when third
molar complications will occur, but
when they do, the
circumstances can be much more
painful and the teeth more
difficult to treat.

When Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?
Wisdom teeth are easier to remove when the patient is younger,
since their roots are
not completely formed, the
surrounding bone is softer, and
there is less chance of damaging
nearby nerves or other structures.
Removal of wisdom teeth at a later
age becomes more complicated as
the roots have fully developed
(may involve
the nerve), and the jawbone
is denser.
It isn't wise to wait until your
wisdom teeth start to bother you.
In general, earlier removal of
wisdom teeth results in a less
complicated healing process.
The AAOMS study strongly
recommends that wisdom teeth be
removed by the time the patient is
a young adult in order to prevent
future problems and to ensure optimal healing.The researchers
found that older patients may be at
greater risk for disease,
including periodontitis, in the
tissues surrounding the third mo-

lars and adjacent teeth. Periodontal
infections, such as those observed
in this study, may affect your general health.

What Happens During Surgery?
Before surgery, your dentist
will discuss with you what to expect. This is a good time to
ask questions or express your
concerns. It is especially important
to let the doctor know about any
illness you have and medications
you are taking.
The relative ease with which a
wisdom tooth may be removed depends on several conditions, including the position of the tooth
and root development. Most
wisdom tooth extractions are
performed in the office under local
anesthesia, oral or intravenous sedation. Your dentist will
discuss the anesthetic option t
hat is right for you.

What Happens after Surgery?
Following surgery, you may
experience some swelling and mild
discomfort, which are part of the
normal healing process. Cold
compresses may help decrease the
swelling, and medication
prescribed by your dentist can help
manage the discomfort. You may
be instructed to modify your diet
following surgery and later
progress to more normal foods.

• IV Sedation
• Invisalign Certified
• Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
• Porcelain Veneers
• Implants
• Wisdom Teeth


Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD

13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 • Geismar, LA 70734 • Call:

225.673.6910 • www.

At Dutchtown Physical Therapy we take pride
in our treatment and outcomes for patients.
Our patient's are treated by the physical
therapist every visit, one on one, to strive for
the highest possible results.

Because our reputation depends on a
patient's rehabilitation progress and success,
we want to assure you that our physical
therapist will work with you every time.

Should you need physical therapy services
and you want to have a physical therapist
work with you on every visit, come see us at
Dutchtown Physical Therapy. We have
helped patients in the Dutchtown and
Geismar area for nine years with their
rehabilitation needs. We take great pride
in growing with the community.

Look at our new facility on Hwy 73 across from
Dutchtown Elementary & Middle School,
next to Ascension Premier Dental.

Stephen Jackson, PT, DPT

"Your Community Physical Therapy
Provider" for 9 years.

(225) 744-3631 • fax (225) 744-3647



Na Na Sha to perform at Lamar-Dixon

Doors Open at 6:00pm • Dance 7:00pm till 11:00pm.

20th Annual Fundraiser Dance
Saturday August 20th

Please Help a Child’s Dream Come True
Dream Sponsorship - $1500
This monetary donation funds a child’s dream. This will entitle you to an
opportunity to participate in the presentation of a child’s dream, official
recognition, a plaque, and 10 reserved VIP dance tickets and front row table hostess, and
20 general admission tickets. (Must have VIP ticket at the door to enter the VIP section.)

Gold Sponsorship - $1000
This will entitle you to official recognition, a plaque, 10 reserved dance tickets and one reserved table, along with 10 general admission tickets.

Silver Sponsorship - $500
This will entitle you to official recognition at the dance, a plaque, and 20 general
admission dance tickets.

For ticket and volunteer information contact:
Gonzales - Max Himmel -673-8777 cell 715-2881

Tickets available at Himmel’s
16491 Airline Hwy 70769 • (225) 673-8777



Chiropractic is a natural form
of health care, that does not
rely on medication or surgery,
rather uses gentle spinal
adjustments to correct minor
misalignments of the spine.
These misalignments can
cause loss of normal brain to
body communication resulting
in abnormal function and poor
health. Chiropractic care
removes this interference and
allows the body to heal itself,
stay healthy and function
properly. Smith Chiropractic

Clinic also focuses on proper
nutrition, postural balance,
weight loss and addressing
the negative effects of stress
on the brain and body.

Dr. Phillip Smith has been
caring for patients in the
Gonzales area for over 36
years. And, our staff is
committed to providing
excellent care and
exceptional customer service!

What to expect at
our facility

All patients at Smith
Chiropractic start by sitting
down with Dr. Smith for a one
on one consultation. This
allows him to get to know
patients and help them
establish their own personal
health goals. Next patients
receive an examination
including posture analysis,
neurologic and orthopedic
testing. Patient are then
xrayed as needed to identify

structural issues.

When patients return for their
second appointment Dr. Smith
sits down with them, once
again, and shows them their
xrays, helps patients to
understand their diagnosis,
and creates a plan to get them
on the road to meeting their
health goals.

Our purpose is to help
patients identify and
understand what is wrong,
what needs to be done to

correct it and then the
Doctor and patient work
closely together to maintain
health and wellness.


Spinal Adjustments or Spinal
Manipulations are usually
gentle, safe, painless and
effective. The purpose of a
spinal adjustment is to restore
proper alignment and motion
within the spinal joints to
improve nerve flow to the
body. Dr. Smith has cared for
patients ranging from a few
days old to well into their
nineties, with gentle
chiropractic care.

Resources for
Health and

Brain Based
Wellness and

Most of us are under stress
on a daily basis. Stress
comes in many forms
including physical, mental and
emotional stress. The food we
eat is highly processed adding
chemicals to our bodies. The
environment in which we live,
work and play is not as
healthy as it should be and
many of us encounter
emotional stress at home and
at work. Our bodies endure
the effects of physical stress
in the form of injury, excess
weight and poor posture on a
regular basis, for many of us
this is a daily struggle. We
offer adjustments of the spine,
nutritional support, modalities,
massage as well as Brain
Training Technology to help
neutralize and normalize the
effects of stress on the
mind and body.
Brain Training Technology
can assist with:
• Reducing or eliminating
brain fog and negative
mind chatter
• Providing more energy
• Promoting relaxation, which
contributes to maintaining
healthy sleep
• Doing away with unwanted
habits and behaviors
• Enhancing productivity,
memory, focus and creativity
• Improving quality of life

Smith Chiropractic has a
licensed massage therapist
on staff.

We offer products designed to
promote better nutrition, aid in
detox, to promote weight loss


We offer several modalities to
reduce pain and inflammation
and to stimulate circulation
and healing. We offer services
that focus on balance,
alignment, motion and help
restore spinal function.

and skin care products.
Dr. Smith carefully selects
superior, all natural products
to help you lose weight, get
fit and improve your
overall health.

Who should get

Everyone can benefit from
Chiropractic care and
education. Often patients
come to us after an accident
or an injury or simply because
they want to achieve and
maintain wellness. We strive
to make Chiropractic care
affordable and we are in
network with many major
insurance companies. New
Patients can usually be seen
the same day they call to
schedule and our flexible
appointments will work
around your schedule.

208 East Cornerview • Gonzales, LA 70737

Se habla Espanol


Mini Pot Contest Grows
with New Sponsor
Gonzales Memorial Post 3693

The Mini-Pot Jambalaya
Cooking Contest at the
49th Annual Jambalaya
Festival was held along the
Bayou and was sponsored by
Gonzales Memorial
Post 3693.
This year the event was
moved across the bayou
behind Harry Robert
Insurance. As I took photos
the size of the crowd and
numbers of cooks seem to
expand to more cooks than
I have ever seen before.
At first my concern about
the event was the lost of the
shade trees from across the
street however Loisiana
cooks have thew ability to
adapt with tents and space.
In reality I liked how spread
out everything was and
some cooking secrets were
kept without contestaants
looking over their shoulder.
This month I have focused
photos on the youth of the
event. Next month I will
display photos of the adults.
I will have all results in
my months issue.
Congratulations to all the
cooks and many thanks to
VFW Gonzales Memorial
Post 3693 for taking on
such a noble event.

If you see a photo you like e-mail me
at Describe
the photo and I will email it to you.

mention ad and
receive 10% off any
chemical service
Full Service Salon and Spa
All stylists 15+ years experience

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Pelican Point Shopping Center
6473 Hwy 44 suite 111 • Gonzales La 70737


The Hall for
All Occassions!

Accommodates up
to 300 guest.

• Full catering menu
• Outdoor Pavillion
for Weddings
• Space for seminars
• Business meetings
• Birthday parties

Call to set up an appointment
to view our venues.

17425 Airline Hwy • Prairieville
Catering Coordinator Jena Guidry

I'm basically a loner when it
comes to being out-of-doors. I
really don't want a big crowd of
people with me while I'm hunting or fishing. As I grow older I
tend to have a little more company nearby for safety reasons. I
really believe fishing by yourself
is the most relaxing sport of all.
I enjoy the comaraderie of
going in the woods with a couple others but I'm going to split
from them as soon as we reach
the point of entry. Squirrel,
turkey, deer and even ducks are
game that I'd rather pursue
alone. Now don't get me
wrong, I have and will in the future, continue to bring my children, grandchildren and spouse
along with me at certain times.
For many years of my life I was
surrounded by camera people
for the filming of our outdoor
T.V. show, Ascension Outdoors.
This made me somewhat uncomfortable at times but some
outings just have too many people.
Duck guides today try to put
as many clients as they can in
the blind at one time. This is
probably done to accommodate
everyone and make more
money. In a lot of cases your
eardrums take a pounding and
when a duck does fall you don't
really know who hit it. To me
that's not a prime time outing.
In the past couple of years I
know of at least two people who
have been shot while rabbit
hunting. These wounds, thank
God, we're not life threatening.
But an inch here or there and
they could have been. The main
problem was too many people
on the hunt. Rabbit dog men
are held out of the woods by
deer hunters for the biggest part
of the season, but when deer
season closes we all want these
people to take us on a bunny
hunt. These guys try to accom-

modate and by doing so end up
with too many people on the
Guided fishing trips can also
become infested with too many
folks. Not all guides, but quite a
few would rather fish than
guide. This situation creates another fisherman, while you are
left scrambling around in the
boat, competing with the other
fishermen. Not to mention
competing with rods in holders
and looking for a place to cast
There's nothing more disappointing than to enter the
woods for a nice quite fall outing and be surrounded by a
large congregation of people
who were hoping for a peaceful
quite day also. Many management areas have instituted lottery hunts to help with
overcrowding. Most hunting
clubs have more members than
they should have to pay the cost
of the lease. Our world has become populated outside of the
woods and water. As mentors of
our wonderful sport it is very
important that we bring new
people into our outdoor world.
But to this day after several
hunts or fishing trips with family
and friends I truly enjoy being
by myself....

$100 off Termite Treatment
$25 off Initial Pest Control
Pest Prevention Programs • Real Estate Certificates
• Pre-Construction Soil / Borate Treatment
• Termite Treatment Programs • Mosquito Suppression Services

Local • Licensed • Insured • Bonded

225-644-7466 Ascension • 225-924-7096 Baton Rouge

Hey Dr. Rob,
I have a question,
after my nap.

Me too,
after my nap.

Till Next Time,
Enjoy Your Solitude
James "Goosie" Guice
Ascension Outdoors Air Times
SAT. - 9:00 - A.M.
SUN. - 7:30 - P.M.
MON. - 9:00 - P.M.


SAT. - 6:30 A.M. & 1:30 P.M.
SUN. - 1:30 P.M.
WED. - 10:00 P.M.
FRI. - 8 - P.M.




Please Mr. Postman - Deliver the
Letter, the Sooner the Better…

by Bill Delaune


While sitting out still another
endless weather delay during
LSU baseball’s post season play,
I decided to catch up on the
plethora of mail-okay, a couple
of e-mails and a postcard-we
receive here at Ascension
First, from one of my old
pugilist pals…
Hey, Wild Bill,
I know you were around
during the Ali-Frazier-Foreman
glory years when the heavyweight championship still meant
something. What is it you will
remember most about
“The Greatest”? Tee Kayo.
Dear Tee,
Hope your glass eye,
cauliflower ear and broken jaw
aren’t causing you much grief
these days. I think the biggest
impression Ali made on me as a
teen in the 60’s was that he was
predicting the round he would
knock out opponents-and doing
it with rhyme.
Granted, the first one I
remember was against an aging
Archie Moore (to paraphrase
Eddie Murphy in the classic
barbershop scene in “Coming
to America”-“Yeah, but he was
150 years old”.) when Ali could

have almost named the round.
But he had told reporters,
“When you come to the fight,
don’t block the door, Cause
you’ll all be home after round
number four.” Of course, he
knocked Moore out in the
fourth round.
Ali’s prediction of a fifthround KO of British champion
Henry Cooper (“If he don’t
stop all that English jive, I’ll
knock him out in round
number five.”) seemed in
jeopardy when Cooper floored
the champ with a vicious left
hook at the end of the fourth
round. Somehow, Ali managed
to get up at the bell and went
on to stop Cooper on a TKO
in the fifth-“…the worst cut
I’ve seen in all me years of
boxing…” as the British
announcer so eloquently put it.
Even after the exact round
predictions ended, the poetry
continued. Before his first
championship fight against the
menacing Sonny Liston,
Ali-a 7-1 underdog in
Vegas-correctly prophesized,
“The crowd did not dream
when they put up the money,
That they would see a total
eclipse of the Sonny.”

And he infuriated rival Joe
Frazier with “It will be a thrilla
and a killa when I get the
Gorilla in Manilla” before their
historic third meeting.
When Ernie Terrell refused to
recognize Ali’s Muslim name
(Back to the barbershop, “His
mama call him Clay, I call him
Clay”.), the champion warned,
“Terrell will catch hell from the
sound of the bell…”


And not even Christmas
carols were sacred when Ali
took on Zora Folley.
“While you deck the halls
with balls of holly, I’ll deck the
ring with Zora Folley,” he
He even had spinoffs of his
famous “Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee, How can you
hit what you can’t even see…”
lines including, “When George
Foreman meets me, he’ll pay his
debt, I can run through a
hurricane and don’t get wet”.
Ali is even credited with
creating the shortest poem ever
written when he improvised a
couplet for a Harvard audience
who requested a rhyme in
1975. The Greatest paused for
a moment a delivered flawlessly,
“Me? Whee!”
Only Ali.
Our second correspondence
comes from one of my track rat
buddies who still owes me
money from the 1999
Breeders Cup…
Where y’at Black Cat Bill,
I had your money last month
but I spent it on Tennessee
whiskey, fast women and slow
horses. How did your


investment group make out on
the Triple Crown? Andy
Dear Andy,
As long as you just didn’t piss
that money away, that’s okay by
me. Our 7-man cartel each
picked a horse in the Kentucky
Derby and we boxed them in
the trifecta and superfecta
hoping for some longshots at a
price of $1,050. The good
news? We hit both the tri (first
three) and the super (first four).
The bad news is that the four
favorite public betting interests
came in 1-2-3-4 for the first
time in recent history and we
ended up losing $4OO.
Not to be outdone, we
wagered the remaining 650 on
the Preakness wheeling the
favorite Nyquist over several
longshots. When Nyquist ran
like he was on Nyquil, we were
left-as Al Kling used to say-with
nothing but a wet mule in the

At last Saturday’s
Belmont, I went
“Delaune Wolf” route
and threw out the
favorite Exaggerator
completely. He proved
my “tired horse”
theory as the 11 horse
in the 11th race
finished 11th. I have
also seen trainer Steve
Asmussen’s tricks for
too many years and
when he inserted a
“rabbit” in the race-a
horse with no chance
of winning but entered
to take the lead and
insure a fast pace-I
immediately bet his
other horse-a big-time
closer named Creator.
It must have been
“Grey Pride” day in


on most occasions, the windows
clean you.
Our third letter came via
“snail mail” so you know it
wasn’t from any youngster…
What’s up, Sweet William,
How did that 50th
Dutchtown class reunion go for


New York because the three
grey horses finished 1-2-3 with
Creator winning by a very short
nose at 16-1. I picked up a
pretty good chunk of change
with a win-place-show ticket
and an exacta bet on him and
Destin, the second-place
finisher. Naturally, I would have
liked to have hit the tri which
paid over $2,700 and the super
which was over $20,000 but be
thankful for small favors.
And be especially thankful for
a rare victory at the track where


you? Did y’all make it past
8 p.m.? Odie B. Goodie.
Dear Odie,
Strong words from a man
who was a waiter at the Last
Supper. A good time was had
by all with good friends, good
food and bad memories. I even
heard some of the stories in my
deaf ear. Here are a couple of
my favorites…
One of my classmates who
did not attend was Eugene
Marchand who was born and
raised on the Mississippi River
and lives there to this day. One
day, a representative from the
Board of Health came to speak
to our class about trash disposal.
Now in those days, there was no
garbage pickup so everyone just
burned their trash-usually in a
bin behind the house. This guy
was anti-burning so when he
asked how many of us used this
fiery method to get rid of
garbage, almost everyone raised
his or her hand. Except, of


course, for Eugene. The man
was glad to see that he had one
progressive in the class and he
asked Blue what his family did
with their trash.
The river rat looked the
bureaucrat straight in the eye
and replied ever so eloquently,
“Just chunk it back da levee…”
Next question?
And the last one-a rainsoaked-or maybe tear-soakedletter from Alex Box Stadium…
Damn, Bill,
What happened to our Tigers?
There goes our trip to Omaha.
Ellis Hugh.
Dear Ellis,
You already know what a poor
loser I am. But let’s try to
accentuate some positives.
First, thanks to Ascension
Magazine’s press passes, I had
great seats-and parking-and
Mike Strong’s cousin Jimmy
took these fabulous photos
which accompany this storyeven though it was supposed to
be a happy ending.
Secondly, this team probably
overachieved with only one
returning everyday player from
last year’s team.
And third, think how many
beers you’ll be able to win in
bar trivia when a couple of years
from now you ask, “Who were
the last two teams-and mascotsto beat LSU in a Super
Regional?” Not many people
can say they got ousted by
Seawolves (Stony Brook) and
Chanticleers (Coastal Carolina).
Now, how long did your say it
was until football season?
Publisher’s Note: Thank You
Jimmy Dunkley for weathering
the rain and coming up with
some great photos.


at Park Place
They aim to take you on a musical journey…
The voyage began one night just over eight years ago when some friends
from a few successful, local bands got together for some fun. They’d
meet over the years at jam sessions and live performances. Some of
them had played together in various other groups. For quite some time
these friends talked about, perhaps, playing together…
Thus, on a Monday night they got together to jam and subsequently
formed a strong bond. Shortly after that night this newly formed bond
became a band. And they call their musical journey, Voyage!
Voyage is an exciting, entertaining, high-energy band that communicates
musically with its audiences. They specialize in serving up hot R&B tunes
with sides of rock, blues, and even Zydeco. Audiences feel the passion of
the music produced by Voyage and respond by dancing, clapping their
hands, snapping their fingers, tapping their feet, singing along, etc.
Feeding upon the energy from the audience participation results in Voyage
performing at even higher levels - good times are had by all!
The front man and lead communicator in Voyage, supplying soulful vocals
is lead singer, Tony Wells. Jacob Cobb thrills crowds with his electrifying
riffs on lead guitar. Jacob Butler’s expressive keyboard work soothes and
stimulates simultaneously. Reggie Wickham is responsible for laying

down the funky, rhythmic grooves on bass. Stoney Trahan on drums
furnishes the beat supporting the signature sound of Voyage. For
lagniappe, they sometimes add tenor sax player, Terrance West, who
adds his energetic style of sophisticated soul to the Voyage sound.
Voyage performs at clubs, private parties, festivals, weddings,
corporate events, and casinos.
Baton Rouge-based, Voyage performs all over southern Louisiana at
venues in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, St. Francisville, Houma,
Covington, etc. and occasionally beyond Louisiana’s borders in Alabama
and Mississippi. You can catch Voyage locally at Park Place in Gonzales.
So when you see “Voyage” on the Park Place marquee
(or any marquee for that matter), drop on in and
laissez les bons temps rouler!
Voyage is scheduled to perform again at Park Place
on Saturday, July 16th and Friday, Sept. 9th.
To keep up with Voyage, including but not
limited to information about upcoming
shows, be sure to visit and “like” them
on their Facebook Page – search
“The Band Voyage.”
Contact Reggie Wickham for
bookings –


The Gangs All Here.

The East Ascension High Classes of

Class Reunion
42 Years for the Class of 74


Saturday, August 6, 2016
Gonzales Civic Center

Social Hours 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

The Eddie Smith Band

- Full Set of Horns Music 8:30 - 12:30
Couples $50.00 Single $30.00

Make & Mail all checks payable to:
Beth Ambeau
44207 Robert Road, St. Amant La 70774
*No dropping off at Beth’s store closed

with you, you pervert”.
Realizing he was confused I
thought I’d play it up a bit. I
told him I was bringing my hoe
to the hunting camp and
passing the hoe around and
letting all my buddies use it as
much they wanted. Hell, throw
my hoe in the back of your
truck and carry it in the woods
if you want.
“What a friend! Where’s
your camp?”
I couldn’t hold on any longer
I had to tell him the truth. It
wasn’t a Ho, Ho. It was a hoe,
hoe. Not to be confused with a
Yoo Hoo.
However, I did go to the
camp with my hoe and the play
on words continued to flow
right off the tongue.
When I arrived at the camp
Bubba said, “Damn look at that
hoe. I’m takin’ that hoe home
with me.”
Questions and statements
were made. “Are you leaving
that hoe at the camp?” “We can
all use a good hoe like that.”
“Your hoe is going to help me
burn some black iron pots.”
“I’m taking your hoe to my
deer stand.” “Somebody get the

Thoughts from Bully
I Le t
Everyb od y
My Hoe!
Recently, I have noticed
country music creating lots of
songs using a play on words and
sending mixed messages with
the lyrics in their songs.
George Strait sang, “She let
herself go” and Tim McGraw
sang lyrics, “back when a Hoe
was a hoe.” I’ll tell you a story
about my hoe.
Last year I stopped being
cheap, for one day, and spent
the extra money to get the best
hoe in town. I dropped $25 on
this hoe and haven’t regretted it
one minute, however it has
been the subject of some pretty
entertaining conversation.
My cell phone rang just after I

had purchased the hoe and my
buddy on the phone asked.
“What are you doing?” Proud
of my purchase, I simply told
him I had gone to town and
picked up a $25 hoe. He said,
“A Ho, Where?” I responded,
“At a local western store.” I
then told him, “They have the
best hoes in town and once I
had my hands on this hoe I
wasn’t letting it go so don’t try
to borrow my hoe and go get
your own hoe.”
In his confusion his response
was, “Hold on Bully. I never,
ever, considered sharing a Ho

hoe to do this.” “Damn it. I left
your hoe in the woods.” “OW!!
I tripped over your hoe.”
I have never been so proud of
a hoe and yes, I left it at the
camp through the winter.
Well it’s spring and I was
missing my hoe. So I went to
the camp and picked up the
hoe. I laid it down and tied it to
the flooring of my trailer and
gave it a ride.
Once home, I gave my hoe a
good cleaning, scrubbed it
down, and introduced it to my
girl friend. I now have my girl
friend using my hoe and she
knows how to work a hoe. Her
father taught her to use a hoe a
long time ago. She said she has
used some rickecty hoes in her
day but this was the best hoe
she has had her hands on in a
long time.
I was working in my garden
the other day and my
sweetheart called me on my cell
and asked, “What Cha Doing?”
I simply replied, “Me and my
hoe are hoeing around, How
about you?”



ALUMNI 2014/2015


Nate Jr.

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with Kellie


Monday Night

Useless Random Facts


76% of Americans celebrate New Year's Eve
in groups of less than 20.

A moth has no stomach.

Americans buy about 5 million things
that are shaped like Mickey Mouse, or have
a picture of Mickey Mouse on them in
the course of a day.

Bamboo plants can grow up to
36 inches in a day.

Duracell, the batter y-maker, built parts
of its new international headquarters
using materials from its own waste.

If you took a standard slinky and stretched
it out it would measure 87 feet.

In an average lifetime a person will
walk the equivalent of three times
around the world.

In most advertisements, the time
displayed on a watch or clock
is usually 10:10.

It takes six months to build a Rolls Royce...
and 13 hours to build a Toyota.

Linen can absorb up to 20 times its weight in
moisture before it feels damp!

Oenophobia is the Fear of wines.

Sales of Rolaids, Alka-Seltzer, and Tums
jump 20% in December”

Pollen can travel up to 500 miles in a day.

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2 2 5. 226 . 73 7 1

Ascension Students Excel at Youth Legislature
Boys & Girls Club’s Youth
Legislature hosted more than
1,600 middle school students
from around the state and five
Ascension schools participated. Students participated in
a two-day mock legislative session at Louisiana’s Old State
Capitol where they elected a
Governor, House and Senate
officers and participated in
committee meetings to rank
bills they had drafted. Students
acted as legislators, press delegates and photojournalist.

communities. Congratulations
to these amazing students on
a job well done. Youth Legislature is open to all middle
schools. For more information
contact Director Paula Braud

When these students stepped
into the Capitol professionally
dressed, sat in the chamber
where Louisiana political history was made and voted on
the machines their parents
vote on it all became real to
them. They were transformed
from spectators to citizens who
understand how democracy
works and how they as individuals have the power to make a
difference. They now have the
skills and knowledge to make a
difference in their schools and

Elected Gov. Connor Adams, Lt. Gov. Jordan Mathis & Program Director Paula Braud

St. Theresa of Avila
Governor: Connor Adams
Superintendent of Education:
Emma Durnin
Bills signed into Law:
House Bill 02 More Time to

St. Theresa Avila Hall od Fame Students


Adopt by Hope Bourgeois and
Haley Jumonville and
House Bill 03 Save the
Animals by Brooke LeBoeuf
and Brynne Mire
Senate Bill 06 Bring Back R22
Freon by Hunt Canon and
Blake Peterson
Students inducted into the Hall
of Fame:
Payton Granier Photojournalist
Lexi Milano Press Delegate
Legislators: Noelle DeFee,
Kate O’Konski, Emma
Schexnaydre, Nicholas Tyson,

Prairieville Middle Hall od Fame Students

Thomas Hertel, Canon Hunt,
Blake Peterson, Zoe Soulier
and Brooke LeBoeuf.
Teachers: Aimee Burruss, Tori
Schexnaydre and Kim Rome

St. Amant Middle

Senate Bill 28 Smoking
w/Children by Shelbi Zeringue
and Savannah Cooke was
signed into law.
Students inducted into the
Hall of Fame:
Logan Boudreaux, Savannah
Cooke, Poco Dunbar, Avery
Madere, Aubrey Odell and

Shelbi Zeringue.
Teachers: Michelle Causey,
Ana Deville, Derek Falgoust
and Emily Provencher

Galvez Middle

Secretary of State/Press
Secretary: Laney McCrary
Senate Bill 05 Veteran
Recognition by Kaleb Rock
and Peyton Johnson was
signed into law.
Students inducted into the Hall
of Fame:
Brett Allen, Logan Anderson,
Noah Blocker, Logan Fall,

Galvez Middle Hall od Fame Students

Amani Gray, Ellie Hasenkampf,
Peyton Johnson, Walter Jones,
Brooklyn Joseph, Brandon
Katz, Dylan Moore, Beau
Romero, Logan Tharp and
Myles Williams.
Teachers: Kirby Gordon,
Bridgett Thomas and
Mr. McGrew

Gonzales Middle

Students inducted into the Hall
of Fame:
William Harris, Brad Mahoney,
Jayden Pettit and Kittyanna

1 3 0 5 3 H W Y. 4 3 1 • S T. A M A N T

24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service

• All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery
• All brands to fit autos, trucks and
18 wheelers, including tractor/
construction equipment tires

• Emergency road service
assistance-Commercial Only
• Locally owned and operated since 2004
• New used and retreads
• Great prices!


Locally Owned & Operated by
Oscar and Linda Mire and sons
Call for Appointment • 225.644.8473

Teachers: Taylor Ford and
Pat Mahoney

Prairieville Middle

Lt. Governor: Connor
Bills Signed into Law:
House Bill 02 Regulations for
Feed and Agriculture by
Addison Wilson and Emily
House Bill 07 Free Pre-K by
Lily Guidry and Emma Romer
House Bill 22 Sentence
Reduction for Education by
Makenzie McGovern and

For more than 19 years, we have developed, owned and
managed senior housing communities throughout
Louisiana and Georgia that provide alternative living
arrangements for seniors combining wellness, independence
and personal care in a warm dignified setting with over
100 years of personal and professional experience.


2305 S. Purpera Avenu,
Gonzales, LA 70737


Lt. Gov. Conner Anderson Prairieville Middle, Sophie LeBlanc Gov.
& Program Director Paula Braud

Abby Talbot
Senate Bill 04 Petrochemical
Problem by Kristen Malone and
Kaden Boyer
Senate Bill 21 Body Cameras
for Police by Quzealik
Alexander and Aubrey Shank
Students inducted into the Hall
of Fame:
Quzealik Alexander, Davis
Gilder, Kinsey Hatfield, Destiny
Hawkins, Kristen Malone
Mckenzie McGovern and
Lauren Montgomery, Caleb
Provencher, Emma Romer,
Kyle Simmons, Harun
Vemulapalli, Victoria Walker,
Corey Walle and Addison

Teachers: Barry Boies, Alisca
Lively and Andrea Sibille

Paula Braud
Youth Legislature Program
Boys & Girls Club of Greater
Baton Rouge


It’s time to clean the rough and
tangled winter time beds and
prepare them for the spring season.

My company is large enough to
do the job right.
It’s also small enough to
treat you right!

Ryan "Shake" Schexnayder



Prairieville, La 70769 • 225.715.4594




The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

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The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

18562 HIGHLAND DRIVE, BATON ROUGE, 225-751-8473
1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103



The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Five locations is a solid community.

Our Heritage at its Best

18562 HIGHLAND DRIVE, BATON ROUGE, 225-751-8473
1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103



6 Fresh Medium Tomatoes
2 lbs Chicken Breast
½ Cup Mayo
¼ Cup Creole Mustard
1 Tbsp Fresh Garlic (minced)
1 Tbsp Salt
¾ Tbsp Black Pepper
¼ Cup Celery (chopped)
¼ Cup Red Onion (minced)
¼ Cup Green Onion (thinly sliced)
1 Tbsp Fresh Parsley

Season the chicken breast using salt and pepper. Grill or bake the
chicken for about 15 minutes or until done. Allow to cool for
10 minutes then cut the chicken into cubes. Toss all the
ingredients into the food processor and pulse until the desired
texture is achieved.

Summer Time Chicken Salad
Stuffed Tomatoes

For extra spice add 1 Tbsp of your favorite Creole seasoning
or a tsp of red pepper.

Prep Time:
30 minutes
Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau

For the tomatoes, using a small paring knife carefully cut around
the core of the tomato. Using a spoon, scoop the seeds from
around the inside of the tomato. Carefully stuff the tomato with
chicken salad and serve.

6 servings