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AF Spouse Westwind, Westview, Copper Student

teacher now ready to move into administration. It is

extremely important for me to give back to my
home community. I am proud of where I came from
and want students to look at me and see that they
do as I do really far beyond and do whatever it is
they dream. I want our schools to be recognized as
top in the state as a school that guarantees a high
learning for all students. BEAT THE ODDS. Our kids
deserve a quality education.
Qualities/Characteristics: honest, loyal,
hardworking, task master, work horse, driven, calm
demeanor, problem solver, data girl, works well with
others but not afraid to lead, step up and take the
road less traveled I do what is right and what is best
for students. I can have difficult conversations, and
love to celebrate effort and success of others on my
Greatest accomplishment this year: CCHS Math
State of the department: 3 returning
teachers, 3 long term substitutes, 3 first year
teachers, only 4 of us with more than 5
years of experience.
Student achievement: Decreased failure rate
by targeted interventions such as a
department tutoring program, Boot camp,
and data/strategy discussions with teams.
Helped teachers: observations feedback, PD,
PLCs engagement, discussion & assessment
(management) Retention of all teachers
Building leaders: encouraging others to take
risks, lead projects, and publicly recognizing
their efforts.
Tampa experience:
Principal pipeline
District Trainer
Fierce Conversations and other training
Time management
Support the principal:
Willing to whatever for the team
I take initiative to get things done
Comfortable pitching new ideas & hope to be
somewhere where this is appreciated
PBIS School: use with teachers and students
Support teachers & parents they want to be
Involving parents
Consistency what is fair what is right
Dissertation: New teacher attrition
La Joya: Growing, similar demographics, I am
prepared to meet the needs help in the math
department and others
Tolleson: tradition, community, culture unique in
that U high is next door. Want to see what works
there and how can we adapt that to meet the needs
of our students

Challenges: Stodola/Stevanov, Shields Middle.

Long term subs
Beliefs on Standardized Testing
Technology enhance instruction AZ Merit uses,
future uses to be competitive world wide

Blackboard format
Assessing the effectiveness
Attending other PLC meetings
Providing targeted PD
Celebrating successes
Comfortable sharing data
Meeting outside of required time/building
1. Belief all students can learn 2. Data driven
3. Collaboration
Charlotte Danielson on effective
teachers/what is good teaching:
Professional learning requires engagement in
self-assessment, reflection, and professional
Teaching is far too complex to believe that
there is no more to learn
Teachers learning from teachers works
Guidance: Understand that it is important to
guidance department to serve students beyond the
typical advisor tasks. I realize the need for
intentional guidance and the passion counselors
have for reaching our students in need. Most went
back to school to make personal connections and
changes for students. I would focus on hiring
counselors that want to help the whole child. In our
schools many students are in need in one form or
another. Making sure they are registered for the
right courses and seeing that they are succeeding
can be just as important. We want to keep offering
them access to career and college. Ecaps, FASFA
night, college visits, and career daysall contribute
to meeting the needs of the whole child. We can
change their future. I am willing to hear suggestions
on how we can provide intentional data groups while
still meeting the other needs. *empower them meet
weekly or biweekly with the team have leaders for
big events one lead who designs lesson plans and
puts the schedule together
Administrator qualities: leadership skills,
communication skills, organized, timely,
collaborator, problem solver, decision makings, data
analysis, has vision
What I can do in this position:1. Build
relationships/learn about the culture of the school 3.
Safety 3. Needs assessment curricular wise/work
with guidance
Curriculum writing

AZ Merit materials
Master schedule
Testing coordinator
Planned events such as graduations, award
ceremonies, field days, dances
Evaluate teachers & provide professional
Bring new ideas and a fresh perspective

Questions: What are you most excited about for

the upcoming school year? What challenges are you
facing over the next 3 years? What qualities or skills
are necessary to be successful in this position?
Student - What excites you most about coming to
school? Parent Is there something you would like
administration to do to help your student to be
successful? Curriculum What trends do you see
across the district in terms of classroom
instructional needs?