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Describe Image strategies:

1. Understand the main ideas or features of the graph, map, chart, table or
2. Paraphrase the heading given in graph, map, chart, table or picture.
3. Always include the extreme points seen on the graph.
4. Never forget to describe the extremes like highest, lowest and the changes. It
is not always necessary to describe all the contents in the graph.

Effective strategies for RETELL LECTURE

1.First of all observe the picture/image given in the question. You can anticipate
something about the topic on which the lecture would be.
2.Keep your erasable notebook and marker ready to make notes.
3.Once you start listening to the lecture, make the notes of the key points and
the supporting ideas.
4.Never try to write down everything in the lecture. Pick up only the key words
and use your own symbols, abbreviations and arrows to jot down the important
points. Make a flow of the ideas so that you can speak fluently.
Example: The following is the transcript of a lecture. I shall tell you how to pick
up the key points


Re-tell lecture can be sometimes difficult for the students who are not
accustomed to English lectures. But dont loose your heart, here are some of the
tips that can work for you :1) Get accustomed to the accent of the English speakers. You can do this by
listening to any lectures in English Language with captions. This particular tip is
for those candidates who are finding it difficult to pick the right accent. Believe
me keep watching and listening to such lectures and I am sure youll benefit.
2) Make points quickly while listening to the lectures.
3) Understand what the lecture is about. For instance : it may be related to
pollution, mathematics, museum, education etc.
4) You are also sometimes given the picture/ graph on the screen. This is quite
helpful as you can atleast get a hint about what the lecture is about. If you are

not able to write many points from the lecture then atleast you can speak about
the information given in the picture or graph.
5) Listen regularly to short or long lecture on You tube or similar websites. This is
helpful to understand the accent.
6) If you dont have much content to speak about then slow down your pace for
speaking and try to remember some of the key points and try to explain it.
7) You can start by saying The lecture is about

1. Paradigm: A typical example and pattern of something

(Jack Maa is a paradigm of persistence)
2. Persistence: continue in spite of any difficulty and opposition
3. Deterred: discouraged from doing something by instilling doubt or fear of the
4. Instilling: gradually or firmly established (an idea or attitude) in a person's
5. Implode: collapse or cause to collapse violently inwards
(both the windows had imploded)
6. Uncanny: strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way, queer, weird,
bizarre, odd, strange
(an uncanny level of persistence)
7 Rags to riches story: A story about a person who rises from poverty to a
wealthy person.
8 Chuckle: A soft partly suppressed laugh
9 Emancipate: Give equal rights to, women and minority, free from slavery or
10 Inevitable: incapable to avoid or prevent