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Study 4

1) Does God keep an account of mans deeds in his life? (Cf. Rom2)
Yes, because he will judge those who practice such things.

2) What can God count against man?

- His deeds
- Conflicting thoughts and conscience (the Gentiles)

Think it through
Is Gods accounting of sin a problem?
Yes, because even though we have a conscience that is conflicting to what we
do, God doesnt compromise on his own character.

3) What is sin?
- Lawless deeds, by sinning against God (It is in our sinful nature)

Think it through
What do people do to deal with Gods judgement of sin?

Example: David is King. He is concern about God counting His sins

(Highlight: Concern about God). So how does David deal with it? David
asks God for forgiveness, and seek for Gods forgiveness, so that God will
not hold it against him.
So how do people (Christian) deal with it? We dont care, blame God,
ignore, get angry, suppress it, lie to themselves, counterbalance by doing
good works.

Can God righteously look pass mans sin?


Cannot. God cannot close one eye.

4) Does God ever look past mans sin? (in Davids case)
- Yes. He justifies the ungodly. He made-right the ungodly, because of the
cross, and Jesus dying on it.
We are counted as righteous.

5) The phrase counted as righteous is meaning to say..

- Believing someone else justifies me
- The righteousness that I have belongs to God, it is not my due; but it is
accredited to me, because Jesus died on the cross.
- Borrowed, Applied, Accredited
- Christs righteousness is recognized in me.
6) What do you get for working at being counted righteous by God?
-Thing is, the righteousness that I have is a gift. It is given to me freely. I, in no
way have earned it, or deserve it, or neither is it mine in the first place. It is a
gift, given to me by God. A gracious gift.
- The harder I work for my righteousness, the more sinful I become.

Think it through
What is faith

What is the faith that is counted righteous? What actually gets you
righteous? Believing in God. What about God that you believe? That He
justifies the ungodly.
Full correct answer: Believing in Him that justifies the ungodly.

Is faith an act that deserves forgiveness?

No. Because then faith is an act already. Faith should be a response, not an act.
Works do not get ou saved. What gets you forgiven, is Christ dying on the cross.

What is the greatest blessing?


Gods act in justifying the ungodly.

7) How does God see someone who trust in Him for their salvation?
- Righteous.
- How does God see someone who trust in themselves for salvation? Futile,

Think it through
Why is righteousness by faith? (and not by your own works?)

In whatever we do, we can never e righteous. So what other way, other

than having faith in Christ righteously, can we be righteous? Christ
became righteous for our behalf.

Are you blessed?


The biggest concern is being ungodly, and reunion with God. It is Gods act
in justifying the ungodly.
I am ungodly and have been justified by God.
So yes, I am blessed.

How will that affect the way you live?

I, the ungodly, deserves hell, but God didnt give me hell, he gave me Christ.
How will you live now?

Giving glory
Living without pride
Living in humility
Thankful at all times
Appreciating life and abedience.