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Vietnam Labour Code 2007

Vietnam Labour Code 2007

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Vietnam Labour Code - English version
Vietnam Labour Code - English version

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Published by: ngantrangdiem on May 20, 2010
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1.Labor discipline consists of provisions governing compliance with time, technology and
production and business management, as laid down in internal labor regulations.

Internal labor regulations shall not be contrary to labor legislation and other laws. Enterprises
employing ten or more workers are required to have internal labor regulations in writing.

2.Prior to proclaiming the internal labor regulations, the employer must consult with the
Executive Committee of the trade union of the enterprise.

3.An employer must register the internal labor regulations with the local labor authority of
provinces, cities coming directly under the central administration.
The internal labor
regulations take effect as from the date of registration. No later than 10 days after the receipt of
the internal labor regulation text, the local labor authority of provinces, cities coming directly
under the central administration
must notify the registration thereof. After the expiry of the
period referred above, if no notification has been made, the internal labor regulations shall
become effective.

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