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Published by: florencejennifer on May 20, 2010
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TIPS FOR GMAT SENTENCE CORRECTION Sentence Correction questions constitutes one of the brainstorming sections of the GMAT

. This section extensively tests candidates’ ability to find grammatical mistakes in a sentence. While many candidates find it a herculean task to attempt the GMAT Sentence Correction questions, this could be attempted confidently provided you follow a few tips. Here they are! First, you will get a sentence with part of it being underlined. This underlined part contains errors in terms of grammar or expression of clarity. This question stem is followed by five options that are supposed to contain information correcting the mistakes in the question and make it meaningful. However, you have to remember that the first option simply copies the underlined portion of the question sentence as it is, and it appears correct only once out of five or six times on an average. Now, I am sure that you know what you have to do. You have to simply identify that answer choice which correctly revises the incorrect portion of the question and make it meaningful and grammatically correct. In order to do this, read the entire sentence thoroughly. While reading pay meticulous attention to multiple errors. You may find errors in terms of grammar, usages, clarity etc. Understand the meaning of the sentence properly and then think in what best way you could correct the sentence. Keeping your generated sentence in mind go into the options to see which option contains the types of sentence that you have created. Don’t give undue importance on option A since it appears to be correct true very rarely. Don’t pay much attention on punctuation either, since they are not tested in the GMAT SC. By following the elimination process, eliminate the options that appear awkward to you at the first instance. Sometimes, you get tricked by two seemingly similar answer choices. In such a case, rely on your reasoning to find the best answer. It is just because one sentence appears wordy to you, don’t assume that it is a wrong answer. It may so happen that it is grammatically correct and is the best option. However, practice, practice and practice. This alone is the key to success.

Piles of books are available to help you in the GMAT SC section, but we strongly suggest you to follow the useful tips provided by Manhattan Review India. Headquartered in New York and based in Hyderabad, this renowned test prep company continuously and tirelessly formulates strategies to crack all difficult sections of all major tests. Equipped with a strong team of intellectual faculty, state of the art infrastructure, comprehensive study materials, test-beating strategies and high-tech classrooms, Manhattan Review India extensively trains thousands of test takes every year to get through difficult tests like the GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS.

Summary: This article contains tips intended to help students to crack the GMAT Sentence Correction questions.

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