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--------------------------------------------------------1- What is Data communications ?

2- Explain the fundamentals of a simple
Data communication operation with block
3- What are the types of Data communication
4- Explain With diagramme about:
A- Analog data transmission.
B- Digital Data transmission.
5- Define what is signals?
6- List and explain the Characteristics of Communication System?
7-List and explain Components of Communication System?
8-Define what is What is data transmission mode?
9-Exaplain with block diagram & examples all the three different
types of data transmission mode?
10-Explain with a block diagram & example about:
A-Parallel Transmission (Synchronous Transmission).
B-Serial Transmission (Asynchronous Transmission) .
11- Define what is Communication Devices and give some examples?
12- Explain in detail about any two Communication Devices?
13- Explain about the following:
A- Modem. B-Digital Modem. C- Network Interface Card
C-Bridge. D-Router. E-Gateway. F-Repeater
14- what is encoded file?
Encoded files are files that store data in an encoded format.
These include encrypted files.
15- Why we need what is encoded file during commuation process?
Files are often encoded for security purposes and to keep them
from being corrupted during data transfers.
16- Define what is Transmission media?
17- Explain about the basic categories of Transmission Media?
18- Explain what is Guided Transmission Media?
19- Explain what is UnGuided Transmission Media?
20-Explain what are the three basic types of Guided Media cables?
21-Explain what are the two types of UnGuided Media communications?
22- What are two main ways that antenna work?
23- What are the difference between the following:
A- Directional Signals.
B- Omni Directional Signals.
24- Define multiplexing ?
25- Explain with block diagram, example, advantages & disadvantges
about the following:
B- Coaxial Cable.
C- Optical Fiber Cable.