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Republic of the Philippines

Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

Cabanatuan City
College of Engineering


Submitted By:
Mikaela Andrea B. Rosete

Submitted To:
Engr. Ermino Enriquez Jr.

Engineers are known for their great contributions to the

development of the worlds civilization. There are many areas where
their presence is necessary like research, design and development,
testing, manufacturing, construction sales, consulting, government,
teaching and management.
Engineers may be found contributing their share in the various
levels of organization.
Engineering activities need to be managed and engineers are
sometimes placed in positions where they have to learn management
Management is concerned with planning, organizing, leading, and
controlling an organizations resources to achieve its mission and
There are certain qualifications required of the engineer
One may become a successful engineer manager if the preconditions
of ability, motivation to manage, and opportunity to manage are met.

According to Mr. Tim Hilario, a Safety officer at a big oil

company owned by the government of UAE, if he is Mr. Mallari, he
should make his eldest son take an electrical/electronics, or on
industrial engineering course. In that case his eldest can be or will
be a useful tool in his dream (Assembly plant). In his second son,

should take a course about business, mainly Business Administration,

Accounting & Finance in that way, his son can manage the journals in
the company. His third son should take mechanical engineering so that
he will be in charge of the design of the machines for the appliances
and in the maintenance of the equipment in the assembly plant.
According to Mr. Ronaldo Cabanada, Mechanical Engineer, if he is
Mr. Mallari,