Agenda Item No:

Action Item #2


Heartland Personal Services Contract


Personal Services Contract

Prepared By:

Jim Rothlin

Meeting Date:

June 28, 2016

In the Port’s efforts in improving its strategic marketing position, we continually look for
ways to become more competitive locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. While
the Port has many amenities to offer prospective tenants at the Industrial Park, it is critical
that we find a way to stand apart from many other location options available to them. The
goal of this project is to distinctly identify the unique strengths this Port has to offer along
with its location within the Puget Sound Region, and in addition, identify businesses that
commonly require these amenities so that we can more successfully recruit these businesses
using a more direct marketing approach. This strategy will require an in depth competitive
advantage analysis which is explained in the attached scope of work, and includes data
gathering and analysis in regard to the Port’s assets, infrastructure, demographics, market
environment, competitive advantages, financial capabilities, quality of life factors, and
The objective is to deliver an evaluation of the Port’ competitive position, and to create the
right marketing story for a range of target audiences that hold the most promise, so that the
Port can more directly engage with business decision makers to convey the key marketing
messages. Deliverables will include a comparative evaluation of the key factors previously
mentioned and listed in the scope of work, a target list of potential tenants that best match
with the Port’s key factors, a PowerPoint presentation to facilitate future use by staff to
clients, and a 1-2 page marketing brochure.
Fiscal Impact:
The contract is for a not to exceed amount of $75,000. The Port was recently able to secure
a state grant through the Department of Commerce for $49,500, which would leave a
balance owed of Port cash not to exceed $25,500, and is in the 2016 budget. Staff will be
fiscally responsible in monitoring spending throughout this process.

J:\Public_Forms\Agenda Materials016-06-28\Heartland PSC\Heartland Agenda Summary.docx

Staff recommends the Port Commission approve the Personal Services Contract for
Heartland, LLC.
Motion for Consideration:
I move to approve the Personal Services Contract with Heartland, LLC for its
Strategic Marketing project in the amount of $75,000.

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