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23JUN2016 HALL of FAME

Vol. 8 Issue 14

NZs only Kiwi-Indian weekly

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The Pulse of Kiwi-Indians since 2009



Established 2013


June 23, 2016






It has been seven glorious years for Indian Weekender.

The publication was launched in March 2009, then a fortnightly. Following the inaugural issue, the website was
unveiled and a weekly newsletter was delivered to our readers virtual mailbox.

Four years later, we started the Kiwi Indian Hall of Famean initiative to honour the different achievements of
Indians living in New Zealand. A year after that, our publication took the bold step of turning into a weekly.

Today, we have rolled out more than 200 issues, have a strong virtual presence, and have a readership that extends

beyond the Kiwi-Indian audience. Each year, we have grown to scale new heights. We have challenged ourselves at
every step. In our journey, weve chased storms, crossed barriers, and jumped over every stumbling block. But all of
this has been possible because of one strong forceyou.

We wouldnt be here without your unceasing support and faith.

As we move into our eighth year, we hope you stand by us and our values and
help us grow into a bigger and better platform for Kiwi-Indians.
To our wonderful readers, this one is for you.
Indian Weekender team


Many more to come...






Vol. 8 Issue 14

NZs only Kiwi-Indian weekly

Auckland | Christchurch | Wellington | Hamilton | Palmerston North | Hastings | Invercargill


The Pulse of Kiwi-Indians since 2009





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23 June 2016 |



New Zealand

Yoga can be the

solution to mental
health issues





India most open

economy for FDI:


India Abroad

Picture Perfect

Microsoft acquires
Indian-American start-up

Photo critique



E-cigarettes act as
roadblock to smoking



Salman Khan fears
losing stardom | 23 June 2016

The IWK edge

Heres what makes Indian Weekender different from other publications

Esha Chanda

f it bleeds, it leads: an old

newsroom adage that was
challenged by a man who
believed that readers could do
away with the relentless 24/7
misery dominating newspapers.
The year was 2008. A headline
newspaper carried a news piece
on the rising number of Indians
in Mt Eden prison. As Mr Giri
Gupta, then a resident of 13 years,
read the headline, he realised that
the story spoke about the number
rising from three prisoners to
fivean increase that barely
called for a sensational headline.
Ironically, it was this negative
portrayal of Kiwi-Indians that led
to the birth of Indian Weekender,
a publication that rests on an
important founding principle: to
bring forward the positive stories
of Kiwi-Indians.
In a world where negativity
quickly seeps into our lives, when
readers wake up to the news of
hate crimes, Indian Weekender
stands out from the circle of
mainstream news publications
by highlighting the achievements
of the Indian community in New
Zealand and back home. The
news magazine celebrates the

In a world where
negativity quickly seeps
into our lives, when
readers wake up to the
news of hate crimes,
Indian Weekender
stands out from the
circle of mainstream
news publications
by highlighting the
achievements of the
Indian community in New
Zealand and back home

achievements of Indians in New

Zealand and brings forth stories
of the triumphs and tribulations
of inspirational souls who dare to
be different.
When Mr Gupta shared
his thought of presenting
raised their eyebrows. They
challenged the success of an
idea was criticised; the survival
of the news magazine in the
questioned. But Mr Gupta
was persistent. He wanted
his publication to stray away
from the negative stories that

made to the front page of major

newspapers around the world.
And thus the news magazine was
launched in March 2009. Today,
the publication not only endures
its disbelievers constant criticism
but also thrives in a community
that appreciates and stands by the
publications founding principle.
In a short span of seven years, the
news magazine has accomplished
several milestones: it turned from
a fortnightly to weekly, it boasts
of a strong readership across
and beyond, and it is the most
widely circulated community
publication in New Zealand. It

has a wide social media presence

where it engages the audience not
only from New Zealand but also
from countries such as India, the
US, Australia and the UK. But
most importantly, it managed
to achieve what it set out for: to
create a shift in the way readers
consumed news. The news
magazines readership comprises
not only a mature audience
but also young readers who are
encouraged by the positive news.
Today, Indian Weekender
is a hub for sourcing and
disseminating positive news
pieces of Indians in New
Zealand and around the world.
It is prominently present in
the important events of the
community. It provides a platform
for its readers to voice their
concerns, opinions and share
their stories. Indian achievers
may not be largely invisible to
New Zealands media but Indian
Weekender is here to present
the little-known achievements
of talented people that are
unheard in the countrys leading
newspapers. The publication
values and protects Indian
heritage and culture. It is the
link between its readers and the
Kiwi-Indian community.

With compliments

23 June 2016 | | 23 June 2016


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Wishing Indian Weekender on their seventh anniversary and fourth Hall of Fame

Suman Sharma

Suresh Sharma (Ex NZ/UK Bank Manager)

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Phone: 09 625 3800 | Mobile: 021 82 7575

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23 June 2016 |

My congratulations to the Indian Weekender on a successful seven years of serving the

Indian community in New Zealand!
The Indian Weekender is an essential part of life in New Zealand for the Indian community
living here. The efforts of the staff at the newspaper have been exemplary in bringing the
news our community needs and presenting it in a relevant way. They have turned a
fortnightly paper into a weekly paper to allow the community to stay as up to date as
I also wish to say a special thanks to the team for accommodating my advertisements and
running my columns on a regular basis.
Additionally, four fruitful years of the Hall of Fame have provided a platform for honouring the
members of our community and I thank all those who work on the Hall of Fame every year
for their hard work and dedication. I am looking forward to this year's Indian Hall of Fame
As the Indian Weekender has become an integral part of the Indian community in New
Zealand, I wish the team all the best and I trust the paper will continue to serve the Indian
community well in the future.

Dr Parmjeet Parmar
National List MP based in Mt Roskill

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SYSTEM | 23 June 2016

Mahesh Bindra MP
New Zealand First
Member Select Committee on Law and Order
Spokesperson for Corrections, Customs
Ethnic Affairs Land Information New Zealand

Heartiest Congratulations to the Indian Weekender on the
completion of seven successful years. What exemplary service to
the community. I have seen how Indian Weekender has grown from
strength to strength in reaching out and engaging with our community
all across the Country.
I would like to specially acknowledge the contribution of Mr Giri
Gupta who leads the team from the front and is involved with its day
to day activities from the day of its inception. Its no wonder that the
team do such a stellar job.
On this momentous occasion, I would like to wish that Indian
Weekender grow and flourish and continue to serve the community
for many more years to come.

Mahesh Bindra

Mahesh Bindra

Bowen House, Parliament Building, Private Bag 18 888 Wellington 6011

P + 64 4 817 9331 : M +64 21 061 1905 :

Free phone 0508 33 22 11

(P) 09 9033602 (F) 09 9033601
Mob 021 030 8135


23 June 2016 |

Congratulations to the Indian Weekender on your seventh year and on

organising the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame awards and gala event for the
past four years.
The Indian Weekender plays an important role in keeping the Indian
community in New Zealand well-informed and entertained.
It also ensures that the voices of Kiwi Indians and our Indian
communities are heard, their stories are told and that their achievements
are celebrated.
Having been interviewed a number of times by the Indian Weekender I
have seen first-hand the great work you do.
I also want to acknowledge the effort and organisation that has
gone into running the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame awards and gala. My
congratulations go to the award recipients and Hall of Fame inductees,
who have all made outstanding contributions not only to the Indian
community, but also New Zealand as a whole.

Kia ora and Namaste

I would like to extend my congratulations to Indian Weekender for
completing seven years of valuable service to the community. Over
the last seven years, the newspaper has become an important
addition to the growing ethnic media landscape in New Zealand.
The Human Rights Commission of New Zealand works for a free,
fair, safe and just New Zealand where diversity is valued and
human dignity and rights are respected. One of my key roles,
as the Race Relations Commissioner, is to foster harmonious
relations amongst all New Zealanders. Publications such as Indian
Weekender have been essential in supporting the fostering of
harmonious relations through the annual Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame
awards. The newspapers recognition of community representatives
in the youth and adult categories has served to highlight the
respected work of Kiwi-Indians. I wish you all the best for your
seventh anniversary and for the fourth annual Kiwi Indian Hall of
Fame awards.

Congratulations again on all you have achieved, and I look forward to

working with you to achieve even more in the future.

Dame Susan Devoy

Race Relations Commissioner of New Zealand

Andrew Little MP
Leader of the Opposoition



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11 | 23 June 2016

Kia ora and Namaste

Heartiest congratulations to Indian Weekender for your seventh
anniversary celebrations and the fourth year of the Kiwi Indian Hall of
Fame Awards. As a fellow Kiwi-Indian, I am impressed by the efforts of
the newspaper to acknowledge people within our community who are
doing important work and also to educate and inform. The team at Indian
Weekender has worked tirelessly to develop the content and reach of
the newspaper. The growth of the newspaper and awards is evidence of
your efforts. Your dedication, hard work and perseverance is appreciated.
Thank you for your contribution to our community and country.

Rakesh Naidoo,
Strategic Advisor Race Relations,
Human Rights Commission

On behalf of the Management of the Southern Institute of Technology, it brings

me great pleasure to write this congratulatory message to the Indian Weekender
for organising the fourth annual Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame and seven successful
years of operation for Indian Weekender.
We have been proud to sponsor the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame event from its
inception in 2013, and we can certainly see the far reaching benefits of acknowledging the contributions made by outstanding Kiwi Indians from around New
Zealand. As a tertiary education provider that has a considerable number of Indian
students studying with us, we can see the value the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame
Inductees bring to our students, motivating them to do better, study harder and
achieve greater accomplishments during their journey here in New Zealand.
We wish all those who have been nominated the very best of luck, and we do look
forward to celebrating the achievements of the Inductee of the 2016 Kiwi Indian
Hall of Fame.
The Indian Weekender is a wonderful vehicle for sharing the success of the Indian
community in New Zealand and strengthening those ties. We wish Indian Weekender all the very best for many more successful years of publications.

Penny Simmonds,

Chief Executive,
Southern Institute of Technology



A: 1/165 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill
P: 09 620 6707
Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by
Dr Parmjeet Parmar MP, Parliament Buildings Wellington

13 | 23 June 2016

From the crop to the cup: finished with finesse

As you reach out for your morning cuppa, the essential accompaniment to savour the real flavour of a blissful
start is your favourite newspaper, Indian Weekender. As the publication completes seven years, we take a look
at how the news magazine reaches you every week.
Esha Chanda

n an era when the print

industry is fighting for its
survival, newspapers face
some of the greatest challenges in
our history: to combat the fading
interest of the y-generation to
read long-form articles, cope
with the fast-paced digital media
to break a story, and endure the
dwindling numbers in readership.
Yet newspapers remain the
foundation of our society.
They cover everything, from
the neighbourhood and the
impressive achievements of our
communities to global issues.
Print media is not heading for
the cliff edge, at least not yet.
The industry is letting go of the
obsolete methods used in the past
and modifying its approach to
ensure it is firmly rooted.
Despite dire predictions that
print is dead, the future of
community newspapers does
not spell doom and gloom.
Newspapers grow under the
shrewd vision of resilient owners.
It requires innovation. That is
what Indian Weekender aims
at achieving with each issue
that is rolled out every week.

Kiwi-Indians only
weekly publication
was born in 2009,
then a fortnightly
publication, out of
the shared vision
of its publishers
Giri Gupta and
Bhav Dhillon
publication was born in 2009,
then a fortnightly publication,
out of the shared vision of its
publishers Giri Gupta and Bhav
Dhillon. They overcame huge
odds and turned away sceptic
looks doubting the survival of the
community newspaper. But in

its seven years of existence, the

paper has progressed under the
guidance of its publishers. More
than 200 issues later, Indian
Weekender continues to strive
to make a difference through the
impact of a good story narrated
through the powerful blend of
words and photos.
Lets peep into the backstage
process (ahem! chaos) that
takes place every week in the
publications office (the war zone
as we lovingly call it) before the
newspaper hits the stands.


ach issue is crafted with

each new edition, we aspire to

bring interesting content for our

readers. Story ideas are bounced
off, a content plan is set in place
and reporters are set off to find
news stories. Every section in
the newspaper has a number
of articles sourced and written
throughout the week.
Indian Weekender brings forth
the positive aspects of the Indian
community in New Zealand;
the inspirational stories of
Kiwi-Indians, their achievements
and struggles as they settle in a
home away from home, and how
they are making a difference in
the society through their work.
Our years of community
associations with organisations
ensure that we get an extensive
coverage of the local events

taking place in the community.

Through a special correspondent
in Christchurch, we report
stories from the South Island.
In our search to find relevant
information, our strong network
of supporters and sources in New
Zealand keep us up to date with
the current affairs in the country.
The coverage doesnt stop at
local news. We bring significant
stories across different sections
such as business, finance, politics,
sports, and entertainment from
India and the world and cover
the accomplishments of the many
Indians living outside India who
make us proud.
In each issue, a round of regular
columns are featuredmovie
reviews for the entertainment
buff, Zodiology for those who want
to know how the stars influence
their week, Picture Perfect for the
shutterbugs, Techmate for the
technology geeks, Mayas Kitchen
Adventures for the foodie and
columns from parliamentarians
for those who enjoy politics.
Stories are rounded up each
week by the editorial team that
includes a dedicated reporter on
the field, another on the desk, and
one who brings breaking news
through our digital platforms.
And handling them all is our
editor who keeps us going.

I have had considerable experience, both in NZ and overseas, including over
22 years in business, sales and marketing. I have owned and successfully
run a number of businesses including service stations, Lotto and superettes,
dairies, liquor stores and am also very familiar with the hospitality sector.
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professional service that effectively brings business buyers and sellers together
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BROKERAGE 2010 - 2014


ABC Lister of the Year 2016
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ABC Lister of the Year 2015
ABC Runners Up Salesperson of the Year 2014
Rising Star of the Year (National Award) 2013
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23 June 2016 |

Our association with different community organisations

New Zealand Indian Central Association

New Zealand Indian Central Association Inc. was established in 1926 to advance the cause of all Indians, be it educational, health, welfare or cultural identity

The leadership of the New Zealand Indian Central Association Inc. and its member branches extend sincere greetings to Indian Weekender on its
seventh anniversary with best wishes for continuing its work of disseminating objective information about the news and views with a special
dedication to Indian history, culture, and heritage.
We extend our congratulations to Indian Weekender, its editor-in-chief, and the editorial staff, and wish you continued development, inspiration, and
journalistic success. May you always have an appreciative readership. A fortnightly for more than five years and now it is weekly! That is a welcome
step for the readers of Indian Weekender.
We would like to take this opportunity to extend greetings to the Indian diaspora, advertisers and readers of Indian Weekender.
Bhikhu Bhana, President

Gandhi Nivas

An accommodation project in Otahuhu for men involved in family violence

On behalf of Gandhi Nivas, we would like to extend our sincere congratulations to Indian Weekender on its seventh
anniversary. Indian Weekender has been a valuable advocate for raising issues affecting our communities and providing
avenues for addressing them. Over the years, the newspaper has grown from strength to strength. The support of Indian
Weekender and its readers have assisted us in our successful early intervention family violence work. This demonstrates
your wider community commitment. Mahatma Gandhi said, The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service
of others. We look forward to our continued service together for the benefit of the most vulnerable in our community.
Ranjna Patel on behalf of the Governance Board

Shri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan of New Zealand

Formed in 2002, the sansthans vision is to make people aware of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba,
his life, and his teachings

Congratulations to Indian Weekender on its seventh anniversary.

Congratulations to the editor, staff, and vision of the people behind the project who made this a tool to promote Indian culture,
highlight challenges faced by the Indian community, and support the organisations that are striving to promote Indian customs and
culture, such as the Shri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan of NZ Inc.
Like a rainbow with seven colours, in the last seven years, Indian Weekender had given silver lining to several events of the sansthan and
several other organisations. On behalf of the executive committee and members, I convey best wishes to the Indian Weekender team in its
endeavour to excel in the field of journalism.
Bhaskara Reddy Duvvuru, President



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15 | 23 June 2016

Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust

A not-for-profit organisation based in
Auckland, dedicated to serving the South
Asian community since 1995

Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust

would like to congratulate Indian Weekender on turning seven.We are sure that their
success story would continue to snowball over the coming years considering the
vision and dedication with which they have been working. We highly appreciate
the association and support that Indian Weekender has been extending to us, not
forgetting the immense cooperation from the team who have been more than willing
to go the extra mile. We, at Bhartiya Samaj, would like to wish them all the best for
their future endeavours and reiterate that we cherish our association with them.
Jeet Suchdev QSM JP, Chairperson

Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust

Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust Inc. provides social

support services to senior citizens of Indian and South
Asian origin

Indian Weekender, from its inception, has always

been community oriented. The paper has always
been supportive to Shanti Niwas. Due to its
vast readership, we are able to reach out to the
community and inform them of our services.

As an organisation, we have always believed in optimising our strengths to

serve the community better and Indian Weekender has played an important part in
realising our objectives.
We congratulate Indian Weekender on its seventh anniversary and look forward to
the continued association.
Nilima Venkat, M.N.Z.M, J.P., B.S.W, Project Manager

wishes to
the fourth
year of
hall of fame

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23 June 2016 |

Auckland Malayali Samajam

An organisation established with the aim of bringing together all the Malayalis of Auckland

Auckland Malayali Samajam, as a community organisation, started its journey in 1999. The vision of AMS is bringing together people,
promote, preserve and nurture the special culture and linguistic heritage of the Keralites. Besides fostering contacts and friendship among
the Malayalis in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand it supports to enrich the diverse cultural fabric of New Zealand with the best
Kerala traditions. Through meticulously organised cultural, social, educational and sporting activities AMS adds value to society and thereby
achieving high level of social interaction and social awareness in the community. This year we aim to promote youth as well as the older
parents with a variety of activities and programmes. The Auckland Malayali Samajam wishes to congratulate Indian Weekender on its seventh
anniversary. The samajam continues to have meaningful relationship with the publication since the last few years.
Joseph Devasia JP, President

Auckland Marathi Association

A go-to place for anyone in New Zealand who enjoys the cuisine, art, culture, literature, poetry, plays and performing arts traditions of Maharashtra

Congratulations to Indian Weekender on the publication of its special mega issue. The newspaper has been a key partner for the Auckland
Marathi Association in taking our events to the communities we serve. A big thank you to the team behind the publication for
their support.
Shriya Bhagwat-Chitale, Executive Committee Member

Vaishnav Parivar
A charitable entity operating in Auckland that organises religious and cultural activities

Congratulations to Indian Weekender on its seventh anniversary. Its presence has greatly enhanced the quality of news reporting
and has become of interest to various communities living in New Zealand. It is always a moment of pride and pleasure to read of
the progress and achievements made by migrants and of their contribution to New Zealand. We are grateful to Indian Weekender
for their support over the years in promoting our Indian Kite Festival. We wish them continued growth and success in the future.
Manhar Patel, President, Auckland branch

Manukau Indian Association

An association for people of Indian origin in New Zealand

On behalf of our executive team of Manukau Indian Associationthe largest representative body of Kiwi-Indians (about 80,000
in South Auckland)it is my pleasure congratulate Indian Weekender on the completion of yet another successful year of operation.
We commend the paper for continuously making an effort to bring in multiculturalism in an otherwise stagnant practice of
biculturalism in New Zealand.
Veer Khar, President

17 | 23 June 2016

The South Trust

A not-for-profit charitable trust formed in 2009
to provide support to migrants and free cultural
programmes for the wider community

The South Trust would like to thank Indian

Weekender for all of their support over the
years in getting our message out to the community. There is no better way to let
our local community know what is happening in their area. Indian Weekender has
supported us and promoted our free community events for everyone to enjoy such
as Diwali and Holi, so would like to say a big thank you to the entire team.
Kal Kular, Chairperson


Supporters of Indian Weekender

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NZ Police established Maori Pacific and Ethnic Services (MPES) units across all
districts to provide services in accordance with the needs of the
Ethnic Communities.
NZ Police values diversity and over the years, a number of officers with Indian
ethnicity have been recruited and currently hold various ranks with NZ Police.
Services provided by NZ Police take into consideration the cultural and religious
values of the communities. NZ Police also works hand in hand with community
leaders, associations, societies and individuals to promote a culture of Safer
Communities Together.

We wish to thank Indian Weekender for its ongoing support of police activities.
Sergeant Gurpreet Arora, District Ethnic Services Coordinator, Counties Manukau
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23 June 2016 |

A voluntary organisation providing free and confidential advice to immigrants

Congratulations to the excellent team at Indian Weekender for being so supportive to Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand for the past
seven years.
CAB provides free, confidential and independent information and advice to anyone. It doesnt matter what your question is, well help,
and if we cant help you directly, well find someone who can. We can help with a wide range of issues including consumer law, tenancy,
employment issues, disputes, separation, custody, budgeting, immigration and finding a justice of the peace. All around New Zealand, 30
CAB branches hold information sessions for migrants on settlement topics. Drop into your local CAB, call 0800 367 222 or go online to
Durga Ray, Service Development Advisor

Auckland Regional Migrant Services Charitable Trust

Aucklands specialist settlement support agency providing targeted programmes for skilled migrants, international students, former refugees and
their families

Congratulations to Indian Weekender on another successful year. The publication continues to be strong supporters of ARMS and
for that, we are truly grateful. It is wonderful to see thriving ethnic media, dedicated to supporting and empowering communities
and sharing positive news. Keep up the good work!
Chinwe Akomah, Regional Communications Manager

Compliments from the business community

Booking ad spaces

dvertisers play a crucial part

in the development of each
issue. While the editorial team is
busy sourcing news and feature
articles, the marketing team
is cracking deals, forging new
relations, and selling ad spaces
for the weekly.
Their week starts with finalising
advertisements for the issue and
continues as they co-ordinate with
clients to get the creative on time.
They head in and out of the office
every day to meet clients. More
often than not, the buzzing phone
in the office has an advertiser on
the other side enquiring about

ways to promote the business

with the weekly. The teams sales
pitch can often be heard across
the room as they strive to bring
new clients on board.
The advertising team is the
oil that runs the weekly news
magazine. They identify potential
leads to generate revenue by
marketing Indian Weekender to
Kiwis and Kiwi-Indians.
In seven years, the team has
further developed the revenue
model of the publication and
established a strong base of
clientele who regularly advertise
in the weekly.

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that makes Relianz Forex your first choice to rely. Relianz TravelLet our journey together begin.
V Giri, Director

AB International
AB International congratulates Indian Weekender on their seventh anniversary
and their fourth year of Hall of Fame.
Shairene Mani, Sales and Marketing



Substantial freehold site 3,575m2 (more or less)
Standalone office/warehouse building of 1,001m2 (approximately)
Huge potential with a low site coverage of 20% (approximately)
Occupiers, developers and investors should consider this rare offering
Located on a main arterial road with 55m frontage, this high profile property
offers huge potential to the astute purchaser. The property is strategically
positioned in the heart of the Albany business district and less than 1km to
motorway interchanges.
This is a rare opportunity for developers, owner occupiers and investors to
secure a large commercially zoned holding in a prime location.
Suitable for a variety of users including office/warehouse, churches, educational users, medical, child care, developers and add value investors (subject
to consents).
Property Details

Total Land Area

Total Floor Area
Current Zoning

3,575m2 (more or less)

1,001m2 (approximately)
Business 10

Tenancy Details

For sale with vacant possession.


Deadline Private Treaty
(unless sold prior) 4pm,
Thursday 14th July 2016
29 Northcroft Street, Takapuna,
Auckland, New Zealand
Ashton Geissler

+64 21 252 9277
Devereux Howe-Smith Realty Ltd, Bayleys,
Licensed under the REA Act 2008

Matt Mimmack

+64 21 229 5878
Devereux Howe-Smith Realty Ltd, Bayleys,
Licensed under the REA Act 2008

19 | 23 June 2016

Bikanervala, Henderson
Are your taste buds deprived of authentic Indian
food experience? Take them on a delightful journey
to Bikanervala, Henderson and treat them to
some delicious century-old traditional flavours
originating from more than 14,000 kilometres away
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This exclusively vegetarian establishment moved to Henderson one month ago and
is one of the 55 Bikanervala franchisees across the world.

Paresh Patel

Following their passion of providing quality authentic cuisine at prices that wont
burn a hole in your pocket, Monty and Monica say that Bikanervala Handerson is
a one-stop shop for all your Indian fixes, be it Indo-Chinese, north or south Indian
cuisine or street food such as chaat, paani puri or pao bhaji.
Everything is made fresh and from scratch onsite by the restaurants team of
talented chefs, using spices imported from India to create each flavoursome
masterpiece. The grand buffets on Saturdays and Sundays give you 19 food items
for just $16now thats value!
Visit Bikanervala at 214 Universal Drive, Henderson, open all week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m..
Call 098353565 for more information.

AEQ Furniture
AEQ Furniture is one of the biggest furniture importers in
NZ for 13 years.
We are committed to providing a full range of affordable,
elegant and quality furniture products to numerous
migrants, especially Asian community.
We own two big stores in Auckland, one at Manukau SupaCenta and another
in Penrose. Here, we would like to thank the Indian community for the love and
support. We will continue to improve the products and services to satisfy all
our customers.
We are very happy that Indian Weekender has completed seven years. We
congratulate you on this remarkable achievement. We are glad to hear that your
magazine has reached to todays position achieved by your hard work and talent.
We have witnessed your growth and helping on successful marketing to Indian
community for our business.
We hope your magazine performs even well in future. Congratulations!
Alex Zhang, Deputy General Manager

439 Hillsborough Rd, Mt Roskill, Auckland

Ph: 09 630 2090 Fax: 09 627 4281



23 June 2016 |

Global Financial Services

New Zealands largest mortgage adviser Ajay Kumar Managing Director, Global
Financial Services Ltd (GFS), congratulates Indian Weekender on its seventh anniversary,
and wishes many more success to come!
Since its inception, GFS has supported Indian Weekender. It has been great to work with
their supportive team. Indian Weekender has played a key role as a lending a voice to the
Indian community in New Zealand, exchanging ideas, community news and promoting
the culture.
Through its vast readership, GFS has been able to educate the community on the
how to save interest on their mortgages or protect their family and homes through
insurance. Indian Weekender has helped us in connecting with the community. It has
helped us to win 29 awards in the last seven years. They include New Zealands top
adviser awards from ANZ Bank (201215), ASB Bank (2014, 15) and AIA Insurance
(200815) and The New Zealand Mortgage Mag (rankings for 2014, 2015).
GFS has also won excellence in customer service awards including Westpac Auckland
Business Awards (Auckland South, 2015 by Auckland Chambers of Commerce and
ATEED) and Indian Business Awards 2014. GFS was also the proud recipient of Best
Financial Adviser Award (Mortgage and Insurance) from BNZ INIBA awards 2015.
The support of Indian Weekender and its readers has helped us in these achievements.
Once again, we wish you the very best for years to come to Indian Weekender!

Ajay Kumar,
Managing Director, Global Financial Services Ltd.

McClymont and Associates

Experience you need. Results you want.
With more than 20 years experience, McClymont and Associates is a leading specialist
immigration law firm in Auckland, New Zealand.
As lawyers, we have expert understanding of the laws and legal processes relating to
New Zealands immigration system. Our team of specialist immigration lawyers have
the expertise to offer a service that you cannot get from an immigration adviser or a
multi-practice law firm.
We provide a full range of immigration law and citizenship services, including Skilled
Migrant, Investor, Entrepreneur, Partnership and Student Visa applications, appeals to
the Immigration and Protection Tribunal and High Court, Judicial Review proceedings,
complaints, special directions to the Minister and requests under section 61.
We thank Indian Weekender for their support and wish them best.

Alastair & Aakanksha McClymont

Eclipse Insurance
On behalf of team Eclipse, would like to congratulate Giri and his team for the
outstanding work they have done with the management of this Hall of Fame. All the
best and keep it up. Proud to be associated with Indian Weekender and thanks for
your support.

Rohit Patel, Senior Associate

21 | 23 June 2016

Page layout,
proofreading, and

to cross out all the errors, correct the

typos, check for facts, and ensure that the
newspaper does not land in hot waters
because of a minor slip-up. Aesthetic issues
are looked at, photo captions are checked
and inconsistencies in style are rectified
before the page is ready to be printed.
Every week, the 32-pages of Indian
Weekender are printed by Horton Media.
Their team efficiently checks
each page before
printing, bind the
edition together and
stack the bundles for
the distribution team.
They maintain the
quality set by the news
magazine that gives the
publication an edge over
its competitors.

ith the content in place and ads

locked in, the graphic designers
take over to design the content on the
pages. They work in sync with the editorial
team to arrange the
elements on the
page and to decide
what article goes
on which page.
article, carefully
typography and
content with
and visually
images. They
s m o o t h
that can be
seen as the
setting of
news pieces and opinions
give way to the vivid colours of feature
articles. With each issue, our designer
duo presents an easy-to-read and
easy-to-scan package. They often endure
our last-minute additions of breaking
news and work till they tastefully polish
the pages.
Each designed page is then handed over
to our proofreader who sits with a pencil
and a facsimile of the finished product


en b
Writt b Rajan

Jacostin Lew

Hot off the

press and
on the shelves

he hard work of
the different teams
involved at each stage
culminates with the final
step of distribution. The
issue is circulated each week
through our trusted team of
distributors across Auckland
and six other cities in New Zealand. Friday
mornings start with our distributing
team loading their vans with bundles of
newspaper and driving around the city
to ensure that your favourite Kiwi-Indian
publication is available to you.
ext is a list of some of the main places
where you can get a copy of Indian
Weekenders latest edition every Friday.

The future is ours to see

Absolutely Brilliant Radio NZ

$30 to $60*
*Service fees apply

15 June 2 July
Q Theatre 09 309 9771

Congratulations to

Indian Weekender for their


Mortgage Brokers Insurance Brokers


Property Managers

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7 Anniversary &
4 Kiwi Indian
Hall of Fame

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- Rental Property Returns/LTC setup
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Professional Financial Solutions Group

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23 June 2016 |

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Rockys Veggie


Pakn Save


Kwality Mini Bazar


Choice India Restro


Valley Fresh


Kolmar Road Gurudwara


Unichem Kolmar Pharmacy


Shivani Papatoetoe
Swami Narayan Temple


Shirley Road Gurudwara


Food For Less


Auckland Sweets


Otahuhu Gurudwara


India Gate Restaurant


Royal Oak Mall

Royal Oak

Pakn Save

Royal Oak

Khyber Spice Invader

Royal Oak


Mt Roskill

Mt Roskill Fresh Market

Mt Roskill



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23 June 2016 |

Alert Barbers

Dominion Road

Kati Grill

Auckland CBD

Shivani Restaurant

Dominion Road

North Shore Discount House

North Shore

Balmoral Temple

Balmoral Road

Om Sai Foods & Spices Ltd


Top N Town


Star Convenience

Auckland CBD

Paradise Restaurant


Fast n Fresh

Auckland CBD

Bombay Chat


Top in Town Spice City

North Shore

Spice Super Market


Total & Save


Shubh Restaurant


Wairau Foods & Spices

North Shore

Lotus Super Market

Stoddard Road

CPIT Christchurch

New World

Stoddard Road

Guruju Wholesale Foods


Spice Bazaar

Dominion Road

Food For Less



White Swan Road

Khyber Food & Spices


Sri Ganesh Veggie Shop

19 Ellis Avenue

Mohsims Food House

Hamilton Mr

Pakn Save

Mt Albert

Kiwi Fresh Fruit Market

Hamilton NZ

Giriraj Food & Spices


Sikh Society


Swami Narayan Temple


Radha Krishna Temple


Food For Less

New Lynn



Tai Ping

New Lynn

MP Foods Limited


New Lynn Gurudwara

New Lynn

Southern Institute of Technology Invercargill

Pak n Save

Lincoln Rd

Sri Vasavi Ltd

Palmerston North

Pak n Save


Spice Rack


Shiu Prasad & Sons Vegge


Wellington Indian Association


Shri Ram Temple


Bikanerwala Henderson
Sai Baba Temple

If you would like us to distribute Indian Weekender through your store, just drop us
an e-mail at or call at 022-3251630/09-213 7335.


Heartiest congratulations to
Team Indian Weekender on their
seventh anniversary and
fourth year of Hall of Fame

Our Auckland Branch remains open from

10.00 AM to 2.00 AM on Saturday

*Terms & Conditions Apply

25 | 23 June 2016

Our readers speak

Salaam to all. I have been in New Zealand for more than a
decade; however, it was not until last year that I discovered
Indian Weekender when I was invited for an interview tackling
racism in educational settings. I did a bit of background research
after my interview and was blown away by the wide coverage
and outreach in the community. What amazed me the most was
the inclusiveness I felt as a Pakistani when I saw the amount
of articles relating to the Pakistanis and their work in the New
Zealand community. Indian Weekender is a platform of hope,
showcasing positive work done by our communities. I congratulate the paper
on their seventh anniversary and hope they continue to give exposure to our
communities for generations to come.
Sehar Moughal


Barristers and Solicitors


Let us help you with the following:

Congratulations to the whole team of Indian Weekender and to

everyone on your seventh anniversary of publication. At IWK, we
admire your triumphs in award-winning journalism and your
commitment to excellence for community work. With gratitude
and appreciation, we look forward to another next decade of
in-depth coverage of the events and issues.
We see so much of the negative side of life in the media that it is
refreshing to have a positive, upbeat report on the good things that are happening
through Indian Weekender. Please accept our thanks and congratulations on the
success of your yet another milestone!
Parmeet Sahni
Indian Weekender connects the community with us and lets us
keep the spirit of our Indian-ness alive and well. It provides the
perfect forum to keep our wide community engaged. It gives
the opportunity to young professionals and seasoned masters
alike, to connect and share knowledge. It is well respected and
acknowledged by the whole Indian community as it respects and
acknowledges them. It keeps its quality and integrity, while being
informative and entertaining!
A hearty congratulations to Indian Weekender on their seventh
anniversary; keep doing what you do, and hope your place as a pillar of the
Kiwi-Indian community, grows and strengthens, with every year and with every
stride. Thanks, Indian Weekender!

Residential Conveyancing
Sale & Purchase of Business
Renance Trusts, Wills, Estates
Matrimonial & Relationship Proper t y
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23 June 2016 |

I want to extend to you my

warmest wishes as you celebrate a
remarkable seven years of service
to New Zealand Indian community.
You have and continue to provide
interesting news, information and
advice to all Indians living abroad
that helps us to stay connected.
I wish you success as you
celebrate this milestone.
Asif Iqbal
Indian Weekender has been at
the forefront of connecting
Kiwi-Indians with their roots. I
congratulate and salute the team
for their excellent efforts and
ensuring we get the copy every
Friday. Thank you so much on
behalf of the community and
readers like us.
Bijal Sathwara

Keep up your good work of

strengthening the society and
making the world a better place
by educating through your
newspaper. All good wishes to
the Indian Weekender team.
Komal Patel

I would like to congratulate

Indian Weekender for the wonderful
effort and hardwork you guys
have been working for last seven
years. Indian Weekender has been
the torchbearers for the Indian
community here in New Zealand
with informative articles
and stories!
Keep up the good work and I wish you many more
successful anniversaries to celebrate!
Saurabh Vaidya
It is my pleasure to congratulate
Indian Weekender on their seven
years of achievement in the
media/news industry. This
newspaper is my favourite
because it covers Indias
national news and international
happenings. It also has an
interesting and knowledgeable
page for young children to keep
them interested. I must extend my congrats to the
hardworking team of Indian Weekender who toil day
and night to compose the contents of the globe in
a precise and informative way. I am happy that you
are encouraging good Hindustani touch in the local
community in New Zealand. Wish you all the best for
the future.
Vikram and Inderjeet (Indu) Bajwa

Get your favourite

Resene colour free!

Since its inception, Indian Weekender

has grown by leaps and bounds.
It continuously strives to bring the
latest news from the community
and beyond, and provides an
in-depth coverage on various
issues pertaining to Indians in
New Zealand and around the
world. Congratulations to the team on successfully
completing seven years!
Natasha Iyer
Indian Weekender has evolved in the
past several years, and is the most
premium Kiwi-Indian publication.
It provides the Indian community
with a platform to voice their
concerns and opinions. The
publication forms a bridge that
unites the community to its roots.
Congratulations to the team on completing another
successful year.
Abhishek Sharma

Sanchit Gupta

Indian Weekender has done an

amazing job in bringing the
Indian media on an international
platform. Today, not only
Indians but also Kiwis are being
informed about Indian news and
happenings. I wish the team good
luck for the future years to come.


121 Hakanoa Street, Huntly

A good opportunity for the first time investor or to add to an existing

portfolio, 121 Hakanoa Street, offers a stable tenancy with room for rental growth. The current tenant Hakanoa Superette occupies the house
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Thur 30 June 2016 (unless sold prior)

96 Ulster Street, Hamilton
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Josh Smith
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on ek
de h We
U 10t


Connecting Indians
with India

27 | 23 June 2016

The IWK dream team

You cannot miss her in a crowd

the red head with a towering
personality. She carefully chooses
her words and immaculately strings
them together, just like that ornate
necklace around her neck. Annu
binds the team together, leads
them from the front, and ensures
that each team member is always
on the top of his/her game. Be it
developing new connections for
Indian Weekender or taking the old
ones to the next level, Annu does it
with her natural ability and finesse.
She has a passion for working for
the community and that is seen
through her dedication. She is
constantly buzzing with new ideas
and ways to implement them.

It was one mans passion that led to the establishment of Indian Weekender
and the continued efforts of a team that have kept it going for the past
seven years. Each edition of the news magazine is the culmination of all the
dedication, enthusiasm, hard work, growth, and development of a bunch of
people. Let us meet the team who works behind the scenes.

Annu Sharma

Giri Gupta

Managing Editor
and Co-Publisher

The man who started it all with a dream

and continues with a passion. He steers
the ship forward with his never say die
spirit and business prowess. His unending
supply of energy puts a 17-year-old to
shame. He overlooks the day-to-day work
of the team and ensures that everyone is
happy and geared up for the next step. Mr
Guptas singlehanded efforts have led the
publication to scale new heights each year.

Bhav Dhillon

The team rises from peak to peak

thanks to Mr Dhillons invaluable
feedback on Indian Weekenders
performance. His enterprising
acumen that is seen in his business
is transferred to the publication.
Mr Dhillon feels that his ultimate
social responsibility is to give back
to the community, which explains his
interest and involvement with the
news magazine.

An entrepreneur on a mission,
it is no surprise that Rohan is
seldom seen in the office. He
has spearheaded the planning,
designing and hosting of
several digital platforms, Indian
Weekenders website being
one of them.

Rohan DeSouza

Chief Technical Officer

Wishing you a shower of


in the holy month of Ramadan

We provide tailor-made solutions to individual migrants and their families

seeking to study, work, invest, do business and live in New Zealand permanently

Like us on Facebook

09 272 4424
021 144 6641


Level 1 -166 Harris Road,

East Tamaki, Auckland


23 June 2016 |

Her dark, huge, almond eyes stand

out in her petite frame on stilettos.
There is seldom a day when Swati
is not seen in the office, busy doing
what she does best: chasing reporters
and designers to work towards
their deadlines. She handles her
responsibilities well. The team loves
her for what she does, especially for
feeding them with delicious
home-cooked food every day.

Pen and paper are her priority; she finds solace in the
written word. When she isnt busy sourcing stories for
the weekly edition, she can be seen typing away her
feature articles as she listens to her Spotify playlist.
Every week before the news magazine goes to print,
youll find her sitting with a facsimile of the edition and
a pencil, doubting the existence of every extra comma
and fixing errors to ensure the publication doesnt land
in hot waters because of an overlooked typo.

Esha Chanda

Swati Sharma
Chief Reporter

One of the newest members of the team, Gaurav

is not seen in the Auckland office. Although offsite,
his presence is strongly felt through his bylines. If
there is anything related to the South Island, Gaurav
is the answer. A constant source of timely, new and
interesting stories, he is the man behind Indian
Weekenders Southline.

Mahesh Kumar

Maheshs (or Maheshji as he is fondly

referred to by the team) versatility can be
seen in the different ways he contributes
to the workflow at Indian Weekender. From
managing the sales and marketing of the
paper to designing layouts and distributing
the final product, he works his magic in
everything he does. His witty remarks and
one-liners are often hidden from all but his
team who will tell you more about this man
who loves to play mysterious. He is also our
in-house tech expert who writes about the
latest technology, gadgets, etc.
in his fortnightly column.

Manager, Design & Marketing

Gaurav Sharma

Chief Reporter, South Island

Rizwan Mohammad

Always the first to represent Indian Weekender on the

field, his articles embody the weeklys ideologies of
secularism and multiculturalism. He is always the first
to be assigned to report on a wide range of news
pieces. That apart, Rizwan has his fingers in all pies
be it reporting, distribution or networking. Dripping
with enthusiasm and energy, he is most mobile on his
scooty. He is the Mr Dependable of the team and
is the first to spring to his feet in the time of need
always shining with dedication and honesty.

Accelerating success.

Yashmin Chand
Graphic Designer

The hoops on her ears, the slant of her

eyeliner, her impeccable clothes and fancy
heelsall speak volumes of her commitment
to perfection that is translated on the pages
of the news magazine. You will spot Yashmin
in front of her iMac efficiently designing the
content on the pages until she decides to get
up for her timely cups of coffee. She is mindful of what she eats and will always be ready
to share her health tips with anyone willing to
join her fitness bandwagon.

The ideal venue for your next party or event

Reach more people - better results faster.

Birthday Party Cruises, Fishing Charters, Riverhead

Tavern Cruises, Island Day Trips & More...
09 630 9491
Clyth MacLeod Ltd is New Zealands longest established specialist
business brokers. With over 53 years experience and over 8,000
successful business sales the company has a proven track record of
service to buyers and sellers of businesses. There are approximately
140,000 people of Indian heritage in Auckland alone with a remarkably
high percentage of business owners and professionals. This reflects
their industriousness and entrepreneurial nature and the contribution
they make to our economy. Our Indian team Dilip Tailor, Preeti Thakkar
and Vijen Pala would like to congratulate Indian Weekender on their 7th
anniversary as well thank the Indian community for enriching New
Zealand culturally, as well as financially.

Our 10 Commandments is sound advice for buyers and sellers of


1. Thou Shalt Not be Greedy

Buyers look at many businesses before buying. Offering a reasonable
price and terms will get a prudent buyers attention.
2. Thou Shalt Have a Good Reason for Selling
After the buyer asks How much? the next question is Why is the seller
selling?. The reason must be genuine . . . to the buyer.
3. Thou Shalt Provide Proof of Profits
All books and records should be clear and readily available.
4. Thou Shalt be Willing to Train
Most of those purchasing a business are first-time buyers and will need a
minimum of two weeks training.
5. Thou Shalt Provide a Covenant Not to Compete
Buyers want to make certain they will not be competing with you for
the same customers.
6. Thou Shalt Provide a Complete List of Assets
Buyers want to know what they are buying before making an offer.
7. Thou Shalt Keep thy Business in Good Repair
Clean, neat appealing businesses sell.
8. Thou Shalt Prepare the Landlord for the Sale
Landlords can be real deal killers and buyers need to know if the lease
will be assigned or a new lease will need to be negotiated.
9. Thou Shalt Avoid Surprises
Surprises tend to destroy the buyers trust and will send them running,

not walking, to another opportunity.

10. Thou Shalt List with an Experienced Business Broker
Because specialist business brokers add value to the process because of
their appraisal and negotiating skills and their multi-pronged marketing
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23 June 2016 |

Gaga over the

Hall of Fame gala
Shahan dalal

f you think of celebrating the success and contribution of Indians, the one place that
comes to mind is Indian Weekenders signature eventKiwi-Indian Hall of Fame. The
event introduced in 2013 acknowledges and celebrates the efforts and contributions
of amazing Indians living far and wide throughout New Zealand.
Greatness does not come from ones ability alone. It requires vision and even more than
that, an attitude and commitment to achievement of substantial and lifelong significance.
Therefore, the event honours individuals who have reached this pivotal benchmark in
their respective areas of endeavour.
Currently, in its fourth year, the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame aims to bring together the
crme de la crme of the Kiwi-Indian community. Each year, the gathering sees the
presence of Prime Minister John Key, Members of Parliament, Ministers and other senior
members from various government departments, community leaders, business and
coporate guests and others. The gala evening is known for its finesse and entertainment
value. This year, too, the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame is poised to be a social extravaganza.

Every year our feathered friend Kenny the Kingfisher

delivers a dividend to all Entrust beneficiaries.
Entrust (previously the Auckland Energy Consumer
Trust) is a private trust that owns the majority of
Vector on behalf of our 320,000 beneficiaries.
If you live within the Entrust district of Auckland,
Manukau, northern Papakura and eastern Franklin
and your name is on the power bill, then you should
receive the Entrust dividend later in the year.

weve changed
name. Visit us ur
fo r our sto ry .


But before Kenny takes flight in September, we need

to check your details are correct we wouldnt want
him feathering the wrong nest!
So keep an eye on your mailbox for the Entrust
update forms. Its important you look them over,
even if youve received a dividend in the past, and
get them back to us before Monday 8th August. Then
Kenny will make sure your dividend finds its way to
you later in the year.


31 | 23 June 2016




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Thought of the week

The future belongs to those who believe in

the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt


From the desk of the

Managing Editor

completion of seven years of service
and dedication to the community. The
number seven is one of the most significant
numbers in the Bible. It is said to denote
completeness or perfection.
Numerologically speaking, seven is considered to be the
seeker, the thinker, and the searcher of truth. The number does
not take anything at face value and always tries to understand
the underlying hidden truth.
It knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that
reality is often hidden behind illusions.
Much like the work that Indian Weekender has been
doingseeking out for its readers the best in news,
views, and stories not only from across New Zealand
but also from the world.
We understand that often issues may not be as
they seem, and we have dug deep and analysed
all aspects of these issues. The journey of the past seven years has been fascinating
with a strong focus on bringing to the fore the positive aspects of the Kiwi-Indian
The current issue celebrates the fourth edition of the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame
an event that celebrates the best of the Kiwi-Indian community at a gala event
that captures the Kiwi dream. This is also the night when Indian Weekender takes
the opportunity to thank all its advertisers and supporters for their ongoing faith
and support.
This mega issue brings double the dose of your favourite publication; 64 pages put
together carefully.
Every single page is a dedication to our readers, without whom we would not have
grown to where we are today. It is the love and appreciation of our readers that keeps
us going day after day.
We would also like to extend our gratitude to all those who are connected to Indian
Weekender, whether you are a contributor, advertiser, supporter, friend or family.
Heres to each one of you and another round of seven glorious years to come.

Pick of the week

Until next time.

Giri Gupta

Indian Weekender : Volume 8 Issue 14

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The full moon rising on the eve of the Winter Solstice.

(picture: NZ Herald)

Phrase: Brassed off

Meaning: Exasperated
Usage: Im absolutely brassed off with all this talk about
economic recovery

Tip from the trenches

Guide to take care of leather

Hang a wet leather garment for it to dry

Avoid using a dryer as it would cause it to
Keep your leather bag in its original dustbag
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Clean spills on a leather furniture with a dry
cloth. Avoid using cleaning products
Use a soft brush to remove dust particles
stuck on leather



23 June 2016 |

India-NZ FTA: Is
there a way forward?

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ndia and New Zealand have a longstanding, friendly and growing

relationship lasting more than a
century. As part of a broader objective
of deeper economic integration with
Asia, New Zealand and India embarked
on negotiating a bilateral Free Trade
Agreement (FTA) in April 2010.
Ten rounds of negotiations have now
been completed as of February 2015.
Concomitantly, the two countries have also
been on the negotiating table as part of
members of the Regional Comprehensive
Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement
that also includes the 10 members of
ASEAN (Brunei-Darussalam, Cambodia,
Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar,
the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and
Vietnam) plus four other countries with
which ASEAN has existing free trade
agreements, viz. Australia, China, Japan
and Korea. Formal negotiations for the
RCEP agreement started in May 2013.
Twelve rounds of negotiations have been
held so far, with the most recent held in
Perth in April 2016.

Arvind Mehta, Indias lead negotiator for FTA

tourism have been the prime export earners

in the services sector for New Zealands
trade with India.
India is the second largest market for
international students in New Zealand,
with 15,145 Indian students studying here

I loved the e-Learning

experience and industry
relevant courses at BEST

Leshmi Devi





Call 0800 425 624 or Visit
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@ BEST Pacific Institute of Education

Attendees at the ITA event

New Zealands gains from entering

into an FTA with India, a US$2 trillion
economy, growing at an average real rate of
around eight per cent, are well understood.
There is a growing trading relationship,
with the value of trade in goods nearly
doubling in the last seven years, from NZ
$620 million in 2007 to NZ $1.1 billion
in 2014.
New Zealand merchandise exports to
India in 2015 comprised mainly of logs and
wood products (about 33%), confidential
items including postal packages and
samples, etc., (19%), wool not carded or
combed (6%), edible fruits (apples and
kiwifruits) (6%) and iron and steel (6%).
In contrast, its imports from India
comprised mainly retail medicines (10%),
precious metal jewellery (10%), copper
and articles (6%), and motor vehicles
(about 6%). India was New Zealands
eighth largest export destination as of
September 2015.
There has also been a significant
expansion in a two-way bilateral trade
in commercial services between the two
countries, although detailed sectoral
data remains unavailable. Education and

in 2014, up from 6,348 in 2008. Education

travel services is New Zealands largest
export to India, earning the economy close
to half a billion dollars, which is nearly
eight folds compared to the levels in 2007.
2014 tourism statistics shows that 33,904
Indians visited New Zealand, contributing
an estimated $156 million to the New
Zealand economy.
There are also opportunities to
grow exports to India in other service
areas including the skills development,
construction sectors. New Zealand has
great technological abilities in cold
storage supply chain management and
post-harvest technologies, which are of
interest to India.
India and New Zealand have recently
signed an air services agreement in a bid
to boost connectivity, tourism and trade
between both countries.
Against this backdrop, India Trade
Alliance (ITA) had the opportunity to
organise an interactive session with Mr
Arvind Mehta, Indias lead negotiator for
RCEP and FTA negotiations involving New
Zealand. Welcoming the guests, Chairman

NEW ZEALAND | 23 June 2016

Giri Gupta said that while FTA
seems to be sitting at a stalemate
with 10 rounds of negotiations
and still counting, he applauded
Mr Mehtas statement on the
best is the enemy of the good.
He went on to say that based
on ITAs core values, ITA will
continue to strive to make that
good better and eventually we will
get to the best.
What emerged from the
discussion was that a possible
India-New Zealand FTA must be
broad-based and has to keep in
mind the mutual gains for both
trading partners.
This implies that if the bilateral
FTA is focused on tariff reductions
on goods only, it would result in
uneven gains since New Zealand,
as an aggressive globaliser,
has tariff rates on goods that
are already substantially lower
than Indias.
The margin of tariff preference
is, therefore, likely to be much
higher for New Zealand exporters
leading them to utilise such
an agreement, while providing
little or no incentives for Indian
exporters to do the same.
The Indian perspective put
forward by the lead negotiator
was that India views New Zealand
relations as important and could
consider an early harvest FTA
involving services and investment
before offering tariff concessions
to moderate levels in goods.
This will offer opportunities
for New Zealand to export more
goods at lower than existing

Arvind Mehta addressing the audience. Seated are Giri Gupta, Chairman ITA (left) and Dr Richard Worth (right)

There is a growing
trading relationship,
with the value of
trade in goods nearly
doubling in the last
seven years, from
NZ $620 million in
2007 to NZ $1.1
billion in 2014.
tariffs, and for Indian service
providers and investors to
expand their footprint in the
New Zealand market. This would
be easier to accomplish at the
bilateral level rather than as part
of the RCEP negotiations, which
were more complex and likely to
be prolonged.
The discussion brought forth
the dilemma that post-TPP, a
move to zero tariffs seems to
be regarded as a gold standard

in future FTAs involving TPP

members such as New Zealand,
which has a strong revenue loss
and political implications in a
developing country such as India,
and hence would not be feasible.
The Indian negotiator was
therefore of the view that an
agreement that involves a
TPP minus framework would
work better in terms of taking
the negotiations forward The
negotiator was in agreement that
non-tariff barriers are also an
important part of expanding the
bilateral trade relationship and
can be dealt with on a case by case
basis while negotiating the FTA
as they are industry specific.
There were some concerns
raised at this session regarding
the justification for the existing
imported by India from New
Zealand, and whether it would
be dealt with as part of the FTA,

Launching for the first time in New Zealand

which is surprising given that

this specific fruit doesnt face
domestic competition in India.
The negotiator suggested that
a mutual discussion of the New
Zealand kiwifruit industry with
that of Ministry of Agriculture
in India may be required to
resolve this. Emphasising on
the importance of having the
participation of many countries
in a Trade Agreement rather
than just two, Mr Mehta
government to look beyond
the existing proposition of a
bilateral agreement.
He also stressed upon the fact
that while India had a lot to offer
in the services sector, reciprocity
would be difficult and an exclusive
FTA may end up in endless
negotiations. One of the attendees
from a leading Indian services
sector firm said, It was most
useful to hear about the impacts


on the services sector as much

as on the manufacturing sector,
which tends to get more press
time. Clearly the opportunities
around greater access for service
organisations such as ours to
bring in skilled resources to help
our New Zealand customers is
a topic we will be following with
great interest.
Emphasising on the NZ Inc
approach, General Secretary of
ITA Sunil Kaushal said, Such
interactive sessions gives New
Zealand businesses an insight
into the overall picture on
how the Indian government is
approaching its foreign policy
especially when it comes to
dealing with FTAs with countries
such as New Zealand.
Kiwi businesses need not hold
on to FTA before diving into the
growing Indian market, he said.
While New Zealand wants a
comprehensive FTA with India,
what is important is that India is
still open for business and there is
a lot that New Zealand businesses
can offer right now, which
will certainly help fast-track a
comprehensive FTA.
Overall, the interactive session
was fruitful for the attendees,
as it provided an insider view
of the dilemmas faced by trade
negotiators and that the view on
both sides of the table needs to be
considered for an outcome that is
balanced and benefits businesses
in both countries. The event was
supported by PwC, Asia New
Zealand Foundation, NZ Tech,
EMA and ASB.

The leadership of the New Zealand Indian Central Association Inc. and its
member branches extend sincere greetings to the Indian Weekender on its
7th Anniversary. Well done we are proud of your achievements!
The New Zealand Indian Association (NZICA Inc.) was established in 1926.
Three founding branches got together and established an Apex Body
to have a united voice. Today NZICA Inc. has 17 affiliated associations.

To conserve, promote and advance generally the

interests and welfare and status of Indian resident in
New Zealand
To join in, concur in, promote and assist measure for
the protection and the advancement of Indians in
New Zealand
To provide a link between the Indian community in
New Zealand and throughout the world on matters
on common interest
To promote or oppose bills, legislation or other
measures or by laws affecting the interests of the
Indian community in New Zealand
To preserve and foster the Indian culture, to promote
the advancement of education and generally to
render charitable and benevolent assistance to any
and all Indians who I the opinion of the Association
be in need of such assistance
To promote youth and women involvement at
branch level.
To administer the affairs of any dormant or defunct
branch until such time as such branch is reestablished and hand over funds to such branch.

Despite societal changes and the advancement of

technology, these objectives are timeless and still
stand proud today. To achieve these objectives
NZICA Inc. has formed committees to administer:
Womens and Youth
Health and Welfare
Education & Language
Wider Representation
Awards and Honours
Senior Citizens
Indian High Commission Liaison
Law Order & Crime Prevention

Important issues dealt with through the years such as

Immigration, Race relations, Human Rights, Health and
Welfare, Law and Order, Promotion of Indian Cultural Events,
Suppression of white league, Portability of retirement pension,
Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI), Political representation in
NZ, Equal Opportunity, Indian TV in NZ as well as Indian News
Media Newspapers and radio broad cast.

This year is NZICA Inc.s 90th Anniversary and we request

everyone to share and celebrate in our long esteemed achievements
and come together to have a united voice. We plan to continue our
drive to assist small businesses in their endeavours with aggravated
robbery, and provide directions to students and immigrants as
they settle into a new country.

Mahatma Gandhi Centre 145 New North Road, Eden Terrace Auckland. Everyone is welcome.
For more information, visit
For any further information please contact
Mr. Prakash Biradar, General Secretary NZICA | Email:, Phone: 022 399 0322

NEW ZEALAND | 23 June 2016

INZBC members bat for high-quality FTA

IWK Bureau

rvind Mehta, Indias

Auckland for nearly a week. He
participated in three different
sessions organised by the India
New Zealand Business Council
The session on June 15 at
EY, Auckland, was a standout
session as rapid fire sectoral
presentations were made with the
clear brief as to what those sectors
expect out of this proposed FTA.
Each sector was given three to
five minutes to pitch their ideas
and expectations, which made
Mr Mehta comment that he had
never encountered such a concise
yet focussed FTA interaction.
The sectoral presentations
Quintal,Partner and Leader,
Telecommunications, EY NZ
who focussed on themedia
and technology sector.Hamish
onlogistics management and
Development Manager, Beijer
Ref Australia covered cold chain
management. Rachel Simpson,
International Market Manager
Middle-East, Africa, South Asia,
Education New Zealand presented

Q&A with Mr Arvind Mehta, Indias lead negotiator for FTA

The theme across

all the sectoral
was consistently in
favour of a tariff-free
trading environment,
which will create
win-win situations
for both countries.
on the education sector withEarl
Rattray, Chairman, Binsar Farms
Pvt (India), who covered the much
talked about dairy sector. Kuldip
Arora spoke about the services
sector and the hospitality area
and the issues this industry faces
due to specialist skill shortage,

which needs to be covered in the

proposed FTA when compared to
the 1,800 visas, which are part of
the China FTA.
Alan Pollard extolled the
benefits New Zealand can provide
to the apple industry in the home
state of Mr Mehta, and Kevin
DSouza of India charted out a
course, which would increase the
trade between round wood.
was consistently in favour
for both countries.
At the meet, Mr Mehta took on
board all the comments and said,

There is a unique combination

between Indias scale and New
that brings its own set of best
practices into intermingling of
two wonderful cultures to then
create so much more that can be
done [with] the opportunities
that India presents in any
sector be it dairy, agriculture,
horticulture, and many more.
There are limitless potentialities
of collaboration possible through
the vibrant relationship between
two countries. He particularly
touched on the points covered by
Kuldip Arora and assured him that
he will look into his requestsbut
appealed to the industry and
the business leaders, in general,
to have a moderate expectation


of the FTA, as it is just a

starting point.Mr Mehta also
emphasised that among some
of the RCEF countries who are
also a part of TPP, there is a
pattern, as they wish to bring the
same TPP architecture into the
RCEF mechanism.
To this, he said, I would also
like to articulate very openly that
if India desires a TPP architecture,
India would have joined the TPP
talks much earlier. So obviously
there is some political mechanism
of a democracy that limits India
from viewing TPP as the gold
standard in the current context.
I believe what needs to
be understood by some of the
negotiators from the opposite
side of the table is that despite
the tariffs, India is a very open
economy, its straight intensity
of goods and the services and
presentable GDP is one of the
highest in the world, far higher
than USA and China.
Despite the pitch by Mr Mehta
to support moderate tariff as
compared to zero tariffs, the
mood in the room was upbeat and
the industry decided to continue
its effort to work towards a zero
tariff trading environment as
New Zealand will never be able to
produce any product in a volume
high enough to affect the Indian
industry be it the manufacturing
sector, dairy or agriculture.


Were looking for people who care about

keeping our communities safe
Meet your local Police Officers
Find out more about how to become a cop
Friends and family welcome
No admission charge
9.00am 12.00pm
Saturday 9 July 2016
Fickling Convention Centre
546 Mount Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland


NEW ZEALAND | 23 June 2016


Yoga can be the solution to Help celebrate Indian

culture in Auckland
mental health issues in NZ
IWK Bureau

Gaurav Sharma

n the occasion of
International Yoga Day
(June 21), teachers and
trainers made a case for using the
ancient Indian disciplinebased
on an extremely subtle science
that focuses on bringing harmony
between mind and bodyto
tackle the growing number
of mental health patents in
New Zealand.
Tilak Raj, a doctorate student
at the Lincoln Universitywho
moved here early this year after
teaching yoga at the Limkokwing
University in Cyberjaya, Malaysia
for five yearsis developing a
yoga programme for improving
sports performance in New
Zealand. He noted, I have being
involved with the yoga movement
for the last two decades. It works
on the level of ones body, mind,
emotion and energy. Thats why
I feel yoga can be one of the
solutions for tackling the rising
mental health cases in New
Zealand. I urge both the Central
Government as well as various
city councils to work with agencies
and practitioners, and develop
these lines. Another yoga trainer
David Hopgood, who conducted
an interactive warm-up session

Participants at the International Yoga Day celebrations in Christchurch

with the gathering added, Yoga

is a process of creating a body and
mind that are stepping stones,
not hurdles, to an exuberant and
fulfilling life. Medical research in
recent years has uncovered many
physical and mental benefits that
yoga offers. I hope lots and lots
of New Zealanders are exposed
to these benefits and are able to
incorporate yoga in their daily
life, much as I have done over the
last 40 years.
The afternoon also witnessed a
pranayama session with Aurora
Smith from the Art of Living
Foundation of Shri Shri Ravi
Shankar and interactive asana
session with Clare Davenport
from Iyengar Yoga.
A booklet titled Common Yoga
Protocol issued by the Ministry of
Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy,
Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy
India, was also distributed to

the participants. From Indian

Cultural Group (ICG), our
coordinator was Dr Aniket
Puri, Intervention Cardiologist
at the Christchurch Hospital,
who tied up with the Indian
High Commission and various
yoga teachers in and around
Christchurch to make this
Sandeep Sachdeva, President
of ICG.


69th session of UN General
Assembly on September 27,
2014, the Indian PM urged
the world community to
adopt an International Day of
Yoga. On December 11, 2014,
the 193 member Assembly
approved the proposal by
consensus with a record 177
co-sponsoring countries

pplications are open

for stallholders and
performers who want to
help celebrate Indian culture in
Auckland at the 2016 Auckland
Diwali Festival.
The annual festival brings
together Aucklanders and visitors
of all ages and ethnic backgrounds
to celebrate and experience
traditional and contemporary
Indian culture in its many
exciting forms.
Auckland Diwali Festival is
the largest vegetarian festival
in the country and includes
live performances by local and
broad range of Indian foods and
sweets, street theatre and
workshops, culminating in a
fireworks display.
Tourism, Events and Economic
Asia New Zealand Foundation,
the Auckland Diwali Festival
takes place in Aotea Square and
Queen Street.
ATEED Head of Major Events,
Along with Pasifika Festival,
the Auckland Lantern Festival
and the new Tmaki Herenga
Waka Festival, Auckland Diwali
Festival is one of the major
cultural events in our region. The

festival is a great way for people

of all backgrounds to experience
some of the many facets of Indian
culture and celebrate Kiwi-Indian
culture here in Auckland.
Asia New Zealand Foundation
Executive Director Simon Draper
says, Aucklands Diwali Festival
gives all Aucklanders the chance
to celebrate Indias best-loved
festival and to experience the
vibrancy and talents of the citys
Indian communities.
The 2016 Auckland Diwali
Festival will take place on October
15 and 16.
How to apply
Groups and performers who
would like to be considered
for stage performances, street
performances and the Radio
Auckland Diwali Festival need to
apply by July 31.
stall sites are available for
craft, and henna vendors,
or to promote community
organisations and businesses.
The deadline for stallholder
applications is June 30.
Further information, online
application forms and dance
competition judging criteria can
be found on www.aucklandnz.
com/diwali or by emailing the
Auckland Diwali Festival team at
Top One Real Estate Limited

12 Osterley Way, Manukau 261 2555

1 Arranmore Dr, Botany 265 0318

Licensed (REAA 2008)
Top One Real Estate Limited

12 Osterley Way, Manukau 261 2555

1 Arranmore Dr, Botany 265 0318

Licensed (REAA 2008)

Best wishes to Indian Weekender on their milestone event- Hall of Fame

Auckland Indian Association

commemorates 90 years of
community service

This year commemorates be hosting a Senior Citizen

90 years of existence, of the Luncheon on Sunday 26th
Association. This indeed is a June 2016, to honour our
significant milestone we have members who are 90 years
reached. We pay homage and over. The Senior Citizen
to our pioneers who saw the Committee keeps various
importance of forming this physical and social activities for
organisation, their bravery and our senior members for their
wisdom will never be forgotten. well-being. Forty members from
We welcome any suggestionsth this committee will be travelling
on how we can make this year a to China in September.
memorable one.
Senior Citizen Committee, in promotes events and seminars
conjunction with Mahila Samaj for the women in our community.
New Zealand
and Catering Committees, will Main
HallIndian Central

Saturday, 7

Association is arranging a
Womens Forum on Saturday
30th July 2016 at Mahatma
Gandhi Centre.
Social Room is where all
the fun is, we have weekly
Karaoke, wide screen sports
viewing, and social functions.
In conjunction with the Catering
Committee we are holding a
Kebab Night on Saturday 9th
July 2016.
Gandhi Gruh Gujarati School
promotes our language, culture,
and heritage, established in

November 7:30pm


1956 by our elders, and run by

volunteer teachers.
Radha Krishna Mandir; the
prayer hall was opened in 1991.
We celebrated the Silver Jubilee
on 29th May 2016. On Sunday
12th June 2016 celebrated
15th Patotsav. All religious
festivals including Navratri,
Diwali, and Janmasthami are
celebrated at our Mandir. Health
and Fitness Committee have

three regular programmes

a week, Bollypump, Yoga,
and Bollyaerobics.
Auckland Indian Association
Inc. has 20 Subcommittees within
the umbrella of the Association.
The Committees work hard
to promote their activities and
events for the betterment of the
members and wider community.
For any further details please
contact the office at 357 0665, or
visit us at

also like to acknowledge and congratulate
our member
145 NewSunjaybhai
North RoadPatel on his appointed as District Court Judge.
And also Nanetteben Nathoo on receiving QSM earlier this month

Celebrating NZs longest and

oldest married couple

The Auckland Indian Association Inc. would like

to congratulate our oldest living donor member
couple, who both have both reached 100 years
old, also our longest married couple, which is a
very significant milestone to achieve

Auckland couple Jeram and Ganga Ravji who were awarded Family Firsts
Longest Married Couple Award for 2016 earlier this year are now also NZs
oldest married couple, both having just turned 100.
Mr and Mrs Ravji celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary in April,
and both turned 100 in May and June respectively. Mrs Ravji is 100 today
(6 June). Part of their award as the longest married couple in NZ was a family
photo shoot by Susanna Burton Photography in
Auckland. The photo canvas was presented to
the couple this weekend by National Director of
Family First NZ, Bob McCoskrie.
Both Mr and Mrs Ravji have received letters
from the Queen for their 100th birthdays, and
also from the Prime Minister John Key. Together
they have 6 children, and 15 grandchildren and
25 great-grandchildren all living in Auckland.


An all-purpose indoor facility close to the heart of the city makes

Mahatma Gandhi Centre a versatile and alluring venue for any
business, social gathering or religious functions. We have a range of
options available to make every event memorable. Our specialized
team ensure you have a wonderful experience. Our knowledgeable
priest at the Radha Krishna Mandir can perform all Temple related
services and ceremonies including weddings.
Capacity (Standing/Cocktail)
Main Hall Auditorium (1500), 700 (Seated)
Dining Hall (400)
Fully Equipped Kitchen Facilities
Social Room (80)
First Floor Auditorium (100)
Temple (80)
Mahatma Gandhi Centre - 145 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1021
Phone: 09 357 0665 | Mobile: 021 357 480 | E:

Mandaps, backdrops, table
covers, chair covers, sashes,
centrepieces, runners, etc.


NEW ZEALAND | 23 June 2016


National directs local politicians to reduce

barriers to new housing

Kanwaljit Bakshi
National List MP

his week, the OECD in Paris said

New Zealand will continue to be
one of the stronger economies
among developed countries.
And it is within that context that the
National-led government took another
important step in its ongoing efforts to
ensure more houses are built faster to meet
the growing demand associated with our
expanding economy.
In publishing the National Policy
Statement on Urban Development Capacity
(NPS), the government leaves local
authorities in no doubt. They are expected
to do more to reduce barriers in the way of
expanding the supply of land.
The NPS, which wont be finalised
until we have received feedback from the
public over the next six weeks, will ensure

the Resource Management Act works

better and councils are properly meeting
their obligations to New Zealanders to
ensure enough land is available to meet
the changing demands of businesses
and residents.
The NPS spells out to councils that they
are required to:
Assess demand for housing regularly
Set minimum targets every three years
for the supply of residential land. If the
government isnt satisfied targets are

meeting demand, they will be asked to

revise them.
Monitor a range of indicators including
resource and building consents, and
housing affordability surveys, to ensure
they understand the market and have
the best possible information when
making decisions
Consult with other local authorities,
infrastructure providers and central
government on their plans and related
demand for infrastructure

are straightforward
The NPS requirements are tiered to
ensure more action from councils facing
greater demandso there will be greater
requirements in areas such as Auckland,
Tauranga and Queenstown where houses
are less affordable. If councils do not
follow the requirements, their planning
decisions can be overridden through the
Environment Courteither by developers
or the government testing their decisions
against NPS policy directives.
During periods of rapid economic
growth, local body council planning
processes can be too slow to cope
with associated spikes in demand for
land needed for house-building and
business growth. The NPS will help address
this challenge and in doing so will build
on the wide-ranging measures adopted by
National to constrain building material
costs, cut unnecessary bureaucratic
compliance costs, invest in measures to
raise construction sector productivity, and
to establish Special Housing Areas, which
fast-track housing development.

We have solutions to the housing crisis

Phil Goff

Labour MP

ucklands housing crisis means

different things for different
people. For first-home buyers,
it is the huge obstacle to purchasing in
Auckland as house prices continue to
rise by $2,000 to $3,000 a week. For
renters, it means rents increasing by six
times the overall rate of inflation, creating
affordability problems and undermining
their ability to save for a home of their
own. For the most disadvantaged, it
means homelessnessliving in a garage,
sharing a house with other families or
sleeping in a car.
I was appalled to read this week of
a teenager battling cancer. She came
to Auckland for treatment at Starship
Hospital and with a limited income. She
has been homeless for three months.
A decent society doesnt allow
that to happen.
There are three reasons for a housing
crisis. We are not building enough
new homes.
There are record numbers of people
coming to the city with Auckland growing
by 825 people a week, two-thirds of
whom are new migrants. Low interest
rates encourage people to borrow
more and more.
If immigration flows reverse, the
country suffers an economic downturn
or interest rates go back to more normal
levels, the housing bubble that has been
growing spectacularly will burst. That will
have awful consequences for more recent
homeowners and also the wider economy.
Our goal needs to be to slow the
unsustainable rise in house prices to avoid

this outcome. Here are three areas where

we need to act. Firstly, we need to make
speculation on house prices less attractive.
Long-term, the way to do this is to bring
supply into balance with demand, which
would lead to more stable prices.
speculation by increasing deposits required
by investors to borrow from the banks.
We can extend the bright line test the
government introduced, requiring tax
to be paid on capital gains from just two
years to five or 10 years. We can stop
non-resident investors from buying existing
houses and pushing up their price, as the
Australians do.
Secondly, we can ease the record flow
of immigration until we have the
infrastructure to provide for the
increased population. The governments
have traditionally done this by slowing
the issuing of temporary work visas
and by lifting the threshold for
permanent residency.
Immigration is good for New Zealand. It
brings skills and energy but it needs to be at
a rate our infrastructure such as transport
and housing can cope with.
Thirdly, we have to lift the supply of
housing. Local government has a role in
this by allowing the city to move up and out.
The Central Government also has a critical
role. It can help the local government meet
the high costs of supplying infrastructure
for new development. Infrastructure bonds
are needed.
These could be serviced from some of the
extra GST and income tax from population
growth and by road charges.
The government in New Zealand also
has had a traditional role in kick-starting
the private sector building affordable
homes and providing social houses for
those who need them.
The government needs to be an active
participant in solving the crisis, not simply

an observer on the sidelines. For every

problem we have, there is a solution. What I
want to see is Auckland Council and central

government working together to put these

solutions in place. We need to act now to
stop the housing crisis from getting worse.

Congratulations to all
Kiwi-Indian achievers



Auckland Office
Level 1, 21 East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe
Auckland 2025

P: 0800 BINDRA (246 372)


Authorised by Mahesh Bindra, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

45 | 23 June 2016

India playing role in shaping global agenda,

says Sushma Swaraj

xternal Affairs Minister

Sunday, June 19, said
that India was now playing an
important role in shaping global
agenda and listed hike in FDI
(Foreign Direct Investment)
confidence among the diaspora
as among the major achievements
of the NDA government in the
last two years.
Addressing her annual press
conference in New Delhi, she said
that Narendra Modi governments
foreign outreach had brought
many benefits to the country.
Aaj jab Bharat bolta hai,
duniya sunti hai (Today when
India speaks, the world listens),
she said.
We have an important role
in shaping global agenda. We
are not silent spectators in global
meets... We take initiatives,
she said.
Sushma added that India
was able to convince other
countries about its climate
justice principle at the world
climate conference last year

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj (right) addresses a press

conference in New Delhi. Also seen is Foreign Secretary S
Jaishankar (left)

and had taken initiative for an

international solar alliance. She
said June 21 was observed as
International Yoga Day following
the initiative taken by India.
The FDI inflows were to the
tune of $55 billion (Rs 369,000
crore) in the last two years, which
was 43% jump over the UPA rule.
FDI does not come sitting at
home, she said, in an apparent
dig at the critics who have often
slammed Prime Minister Modis
frequent overseas travels.
Democratic Alliance government
has already engaged with 140
nations since it came to power.
By the end of this year, there

will be no country left with where

we would not have reached out,
she said.
She added that the government
had received feedback that there
are 65 countries, which have
never been visited by a union
minister and noted that the
government was working out
a plan for high-level visits to
these countries.
Sushma Swaraj said the
governments outreach had also
helped enlist assistance in its
flagship schemes and the US,
France, Germany and Britain
are also taking part in the Smart
Cities programme.
She said there had been 13

agreements with Australia alone

on skill development, and that
due to the Prime Ministers
initiative to engage with diaspora
during his foreign visits, they have
a greater sense of confidence.
The diaspora has confidence
that if they got stranded
anywhere, they will be saved.
We have proven this by saving
around 7,000 people from Iraq,
around 3,500 from Libya and
around 4,500 people from Yemen
(including foreigners), she said.
She also said that a lot of
improvement has been made in
the passport service and passport
offices have been opened in all the
northeastern states.
Our government issued 98
lakh passports last year, which
is much more than the record of
UPA government, she said.
Sushma Swaraj also released
a book Mapping new frontiers
two years of path-breaking
Path-breaking diplomacy.
Minister of State V. K.
Singh and Foreign Secretary S.
Jaishankar were among those
present at the press conference.

India most open

economy for
FDI: Modi

n Monday, June 20, PM

Narendra Modi said
that India was now the
most open economy in the world
for FDI with most sectors under
automatic approval route.
India now the most open
economy in the world for FDI;
most sectors under automatic
approval route. India records
highest ever FDI inflows at US$
55.46 billion in financial year
201516. India rated as Number
1 FDI investment destination
agencies. Now 100% FDI under
government approval route for
trading, including e-commerce
for food products manufactured
or produced in India.
Amendments in FDI policy to
promote ease of doing business.
Liberalisation of FDI regime.
Now more inflows to contribute
to growth of investment, incomes
and employment, Modi said in a
series of tweets.
The government relaxed its
foreign equity norms further,
notably in defence, aviation,
pharmaceuticals and retailing,
with automatic approval rather
than a case-based route as the
preferred model.

Plans afoot to make 35 airports operational: Jaitley

nion Finance Minister

Arun Jaitley on Sunday,
June 19 said the
central government would chalk
out a plan to make 35 airports
operational in smaller cities.
Speaking at a public rally
to mark the completion of two
years of the National Democratic
Alliance government, he said it
has constructed 10,000 km of
highways in the past two years
besides devising a strategy to
re-develop 400 railway stations
in the country.
Taking a dig at state Congress
chief Capt. Amarinder Singh, he
said, Now Captain is behaving
like a cry baby when his
familys foreign accounts have
been unearthed.
government would always help
Punjab in every hour of need
and the SAD-BJP would make a

Union Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs, and Information and Broadcasting Arun Jaitley (left) and Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani (right)
during foundation stone laying ceremony of II

hat-trick in next years assembly

polls. Training guns at the
opposition Congress and the
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), he said
it was crucial to save Punjab
from falling prey to the hands of
these two political outfits. The
grand old party (Congress) is

shrinking whereas the Arvind

Kejriwal-led party is busy
accusing the centre instead of
working for the development of
Delhi, he added.
Industries Minister Harsimrat
Kaur Badal, who is also the

local MP, said the previous UPA

government had never paid
any heed to the development of
Punjab in general and Bathinda
in particular, but the NDA
government has selected it
amongst the 200 cities where
the achievements of the two
years of the government would
be showcased. She said in the
past six months, the foreign
direct investment has increased
to a great extent in the country
whose growth rate has climbed
up to 7.9 per cent. Terming the
UPA as a government of scandals,
she dared the Congress to list
a single achievement during its
decade-long rule at the centre.
Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir
Badal said during the previous
nine years, the SAD-BJP had
carried out record development
in the state and exhorted the
people to again vote for it in the

2017 assembly elections in order

to ensure that the rapid pace of
progress initiated in urban, rural,
industrial and social sectors
continues unhindered. He said
this was a golden period for Punjab
as an alliance partner of the SAD,
the BJP is ruling at the centre and
thus the SAD-BJP government
would be able to take Punjab to
further heights of glory owing
to better coordination with the
NDA government.
On the distribution of central
taxes, Badal said Punjab only
gets just 29 per cent of the central
taxes, whereas Uttar Pradesh gets
76 per cent, Jharkhand 81 per
cent and Bihar 120 per cent.
He said Punjab used to get
fewer shares in central funds on
area and population basis during
the UPA regime but Jaitley has
come to the aid of Punjab by
liberally opening central coffers.

Fitch sees no impact of Rajans exit, says policies more important

s India seeks an upgrade

of its credit risk profile
by Fitch, the global
rating agency doesnt see much of
an impact on the countrys larger
policy profile following the exit of
Reserve Bank of India Governor
Raghuram Rajan. The agency
said the successor will inherit a
solid base.
From a rating perspective,
policies are more important than
personalities. In the past years,
significant policy changes have
been set in motion in India not in
the least by Governor Rajan, said

Thomas Rookmaaker, Director in

Fitchs Asia-Pacific Sovereigns
Group. Problems associated
with both high inflation and weak
bank balance sheets have been
recognised, and policymakers
are doing something about
set-up of new policy frameworks,
Rookmaaker said in a statement.
beyond the governor in the
RBI and government.
The next governor seems to
inherit a solid basis in this regard,
providing him or her with a good

opportunity to continue to pursue

relatively low consumer price
inflation and strengthened bank
balance sheets.
not only a couple of days after
Rajan formally said he was not
interested in a second term as the
RBI governor but also a fortnight
since Fitch was approached by
the Ministry of Finance for a
sovereign rating upgrade. We
highlighted the overall economic
situation in all the major sectors
the challenges which the economy
faces and what is the outlook
for the next year, Economic

Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta

Das told reporters at the meeting
Rookmaaker, who was part of the
team from the rating institution,
had remarked: We are now in
the process of our review. It is
going to take some time.
The positives, which Fitch
finds in India, are a stable outlook,
strong medium-term growth
prospect and favourable external
finances, but felt these were
balanced out by high government
debt, weak structurals and
a difficult but improving the
business environment.

Reserve Bank of India Governor

Raghuram Rajan


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at the Single Width User Group (SWUG) Conference of specialist
Newspaper printers.

Valley Publishing
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NZ achieved first place in 2011 and 2010 (NZ Aviation News) and
second place in both 2008 (NZ Aviation News)
and 2007 (The Independent Business Weekly).

SWUG Australia

Valley Publishing
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Platinum Sports Co

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Supply Ltd

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coldset commercial publication"
Nature Baby Limited New Zealands 2008
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2011 -

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2009 - SWUG not held

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this job stand out from the

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47 | 23 June 2016

Microsoft acquires
messaging app start-up

NRIs now can join

National Pension
System online

ith an aim to
position in the
emerging era of conversational
giant Microsoft has acquired a
California-based messaging app
founded by an Indian.
Wand Labs, which builds
apps, was brought to life by an
IIT-Delhi alumnus Vishal Sharma
in 2013.
With Sharma, an experienced
leader and entrepreneur in the
field of search and knowledge,
Wand Labs has already been
developing in areas specific to
Conversation as a Platform.
This acquisition accelerates
our vision and strategy for
Conversation as a Platform,
which Satya Nadella introduced
at our Build 2016 conference in
March, said David Ku, Corporate
Platform Group (Microsoft) in a
blog post. Wand Labs technology
and talent will strengthen our
position in the emerging era
of conversational intelligence,
where we bring together the

The Wand Labs team at work

power of human language with

advanced machine intelligence,
connecting people to knowledge,
information, services and other
people in more relevant and
natural ways, he added.
The terms of the acquisition
were not disclosed.
The move builds on and
extends the power of the Bing,
Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and
Windows platforms to empower
developers everywhere.
The Wand teams expertise
services mapping, third-party

conversational interfaces make

them a great fit to join the Bing
engineering and platform team,
especially with the work were
doing in the area of intelligent
agents and chat bots, Ku noted.
Vishal is a unique talent and a
well-respected thought leader
in this area. We are confident
that he and his team can make
significant contributions to our
innovation of Bing intelligence in
this new era of Conversation as a
Platform. I am excited to welcome
Vishal and the Wand Labs team to
Microsoft, Ku added.

(NRI) can now open
System (NPS) accounts online
if they have Aadhaar Card or
PAN card, an official statement
said on June 17.
Till now, NRIs could open
NPS accounts only through paper
applications by approaching bank
offices but this has now changed.
Through eNPS, a subscriber
will be able to open an NPS account
from the comfort of his home.
All he will need is an internet
connection and an Aadhaar or
PAN Card, the statement said.
India has the second-largest
diaspora in the world, with around
29 million people living in more
than 200 countries, including 25
per cent in the Gulf countries.
The statement said NRIs will
be able to open NPS accounts

both on repatriable and on a

non-repatriable basis. On a
repatriable basis, an NRI will
have to remit the amount through
his or her non-resident external
(NRE) or foreign currency nonresident (FCNR) or non-resident
ordinary (NRO) account.
For non-repatriable scheme,
NRIs will be able to join NPS
through their NRE or FCNR
or NRO accounts at the time
of maturity or during partial
withdrawal, the NPS funds would
be deposited only in their NRO
accounts, the statement said.
non-repatriable schemes will
greatly appeal to NRIs who
intend to return to India after
their employment abroad, in
view of their attractive returns,
low cost, flexibility and being
regulated by the Provident Fund
Regulatory and Development
Authority, it added.


China Eastern Airlines (Del / Ccu / Dak/ CMB)
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Email. |


23 June 2016 |

Hockey Champions Trophy: Gutsy India

settles for maiden silver medal

ndia was pipped by reigning world

champions Australia 13 via penalty
shoot-out to settle for their maiden
silver medal in the Hockey Champions
Trophy on Friday, June 17.
After the 60 minutes of regulation play
remained goalless in the final, Australian
goalkeeper Tyler Lovell denied S.K.
Uthappa, S.V. Sunil and Surender Kumar
in the penalty shoot-out to drive Australia
to their 14th Champions Trophy titlemost
by any side.
Harmanpreet Singh was the only
scorer for India, while for Australia, Aran
Zalewski, Daniel Beale and Simon Orchard
succeeded. Indian goalkeeper P.R. Sreejesh
could only deny Trent Mitton.
However, it was Indias best performance
in the history of the tournament.
Indias previous best performance in
the Champions Trophy was a bronze
medal in 1982. India, up against the
mighty Australians, put up a strong
defensive display and showed good
counter-attacking skills.
Mandeep Singh created the first
potent chance in the ninth minute as
his speedy run on the right caught the
Australians off-guard.
His shot at goalkeeper Andrew Charter
was deflected to Uthappa but the latter
employed a lethargic backhand strike to
waste it as the Australians were less in
numbers in front of the goal. Australia
broke through the Indian defence in the

Australias Eddie Ockenden (right) and Indias Manpreet Singh (left) fight for the ball during
the pool stage match between Australia and India

very next minute, earning a penalty corner.

But India saw off four back-to-back penalty
corners and in their moment of turnover,
earned two penalty corners but they did
not bear fruit.
Australia mounted the pressure on
India but the latter managed to stay strong,
thanks to the heroics of central defender
V.R. Raghunath. During a penalty corner
defence, the ball kissed the legs of Uthappa,
Indias final defender behind goalkeeper
P.R. Sreejesh, resulting in a penalty stroke
in the 18th minute. But Blake Govers hit it
wide, much to the relief in the Indian camp.
India, too, earned two penalty corners
before half-time but Australian goalkeeper

F1: Rosberg wins European GP

ercedes German driver Nico

Rosberg won the European
Grand Prix at the Baku City
Circuit on Sunday, June 19, tightening his
hold on the top spot in the Formula One
drivers standings.
Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel of
Germany finished second and Mexican
Sergio Perez, who drives for Force India,
took third place, reports Efe.
Rosbergs teammate, Briton Lewis
Hamilton, finished in fifth place. Rosberg,
who started from the pole position, has
now won 19 F1 titles.
Hamilton came into Baku fresh off
wins in Monaco and Canada, crashed
on Saturday and started the race from
the 10th position.
Finnish Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen
took the fourth place, edging out Hamilton.
Rosberg has 141 points in the F1 drivers
standings, while Hamilton has 117 and
Vettel has 96.

Andrew Charter denied V.R. Raghunath.

India upped the ante in the final few
minutes of the third quarter with Mandeep
Singh in the centre of the action. India
launched a quick counter-attack after
defending a penalty corner but Charter
rushed out and halted Nikkin Thimmaiah.
Later, a by-line cross from Mandeep
was deflected away by Jeremy Hayward,
who then halted Chinglensana Singhs
speedy run. Changed goalkeeper Tyler
Lovell was then tested by a reverse-hand
strike from Akashdeep Singh, whose direct
shot was padded out of danger. Both teams
tried their best but they failed to break the
deadlock, taking the game to the shootout,

Euro 2016: France and

Switzerland draw; Albania
beats Romania

with Switzerland



rance sealed top spot in Group

A despite being held to a 00
draw by Switzerland in Lille on
Sunday, June 19.
The Euro 2016 hosts got the point they
needed to ensure they would finish top
of the section while the result also saw
Switzerland confirm their place in the last
16 as runners-up.
Les Bleus were the dominant team,
with the returning Paul Pogba striking
the crossbar twice in the first half and
substitute Dimitri Payet doing the same
after the break as Switzerland failed to
muster a single shot on target.

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Teams German

driver Nico Rosberg

where the Australians won and claimed

the title for the seventh time in the last
16 years.
In the bronze-medal match, Marco
Miltkaus 40th-minute field goal gave
Germany a 10 win over hosts Britain.
It was the reigning Olympic champions
seventh bronze medal. The game was
fiercely contested, with both sides having
far more chances than the scoreline would
suggest. Britain will rue their failure to
register despite having 20 circle entries
and 12 shots on target, six of which came in
the first quarter.
The winning goal arrived in the third
quarter, with 25-year-old striker Miltkau
scoring his fourth goal of the tournament
to seal the bronze medal and condemn the
home favourites to a fourth place finish.
In the fifth-sixth classification match,
Belgium showed great fighting spirit to
fight back from 13 down to snatch a 43
win over South Korea, ensuring that they
would not finish the event as the lowest
placed team in the final standings.
A second-period penalty corner from
Simon Gougnard (20th minute) gave
Belgium the advantage before South
Korean legend Seo Jongho restored parity
four minutes later.
A third quarter double from Yang Jihun
put Korea into a commanding 31 lead,
although strikes from Gougnard (49th),
Tanguy Cosyns (53rd) and Florent van
Aubel (54th) turned the result in favour of
the Belgians.

Albania beat Romania 10

n one of the biggest upsets of Euro

2016 so far, Albania defeated
Romania 1-0 in Group A in Lyon on
Sunday, June 19.
Armando Sadikus first-half header,
his countrys first ever goal at a major
tournament, sealed the historic victory.
Gianni De Biasis men held on in the
second half amid heavy Romania pressure,
and subsequently gave themselves a
genuine chance of qualifying for the
knockout stages. Albania has three points,
which may well be enough to see them
through as one of the best third-placed
teams, should other results go their way
over the match days to come.

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23 June 2016 |

The Lion and the

Once when the lion, the king of the jungle,

Fun with Knowledge

Join the Dots

was asleep, a little mouse began running up

and down on him. This soon awakened the
lion, who placed his huge paw on the mouse,
and opened his big jaws to swallow him.
Pardon, O King! cried the little mouse, Forgive me this time. I shall never repeat it and I
shall never forget your kindness. And who knows, I may be able to do you a good turn
one of these days!
The lion was so tickled by the idea of the mouse being able to help him that he lifted his
paw and let him go. Sometime later, a few hunters captured the lion, and tied him to a
tree. After that they went in search of a wagon, to take him to the zoo.
Just then the little mouse happened to pass by. On seeing the lion's plight, he ran up to
him and gnawed away the ropes that bound him, the king of the jungle. Was I not right?
said the little mouse, very happy to help the lion.
Moral: Small acts of kindness will be rewarded greatly

Did you know...?

l That rabbits like liquorice

l Honey is the only natural food that
never spoils
l Fortune cookie was invented in San
l French fries are originally from Belgium
l Apples are more effective at waking
you up in the morning than coffee

Find the paths


Send us stories, drawings, poems and other contributions by

your little ones along with their photographs for this page.
E-mail us at


23 June 2016 |

Photo critique
Jeffery chan

leave the subject too close to the edge of the

photo. Another option is to photoshop the
person and move him to the right but thats
manipulating the image too much.

find that photo critique is a great

way of learning photography. It can
help you see photos in a different
way that you are used to. This is because
every photographer has their unique way of
photographing or looking at the subjects.
By expanding your view, you learn to see
your subject from different angles, lighting,
composition, etc.
Photo Review 1
I took this photo below in Sydney just
like most of us would take.

Then I noticed some interesting shape

on the footpath where I was standing and
thought I could use this. Taking my camera
down to the ground, I managed to get the
photo below. Using the curvy lines on the
footpath, it draws the viewers eyes into
the middle of the image. It would have
been great if there was a street performer
or something of interest at the end of the
lines. Instead, all you see is a man walking.
I could have waited to see if anything of
interest comes by, but I didnt.

Photo Review 2
We have a few photos sent in from
Prateek but due to space, I can only
review one.

The original photo is already a good

image. I enjoy the colour of the setting
sun and that sets the mood of the scene.
In this photo, the leading lines draw
my attention to the man squatting on
the left. It is also partly because of the
strong silhouette. In my opinion, there
are three things that are a distraction in
this photo:
1. The metal cage on the left
2. The bright shiny section at the bottom
To make this image stronger, I would
crop out the shiny section below, thus
giving us the image below. I would like to
crop out the metal cage as well, but that will

Photo Review 3
Our reader Ravi has submitted this
image taken in Bali.

I like the composition and the amount of

details in the image from the sea, temple,
foliage and the sky. Also, there are details
in the shadow area on the left where it looks
like caves. To make this image stronger, I
would suggest the following:
1. Crop to straighten the horizontal line
2. Increase some contrast
3. Darken the sky
4. Lighten the bright area
A point to consider for future is to
reduce the shutter speed to create a silky
looking water effect.

Thanks to Prateek and Ravi for

their photo submissions. You can
collect your gift from Auckland
(www.aucklandcamera. Simply mention your full
name. There will be another week for
photo critique, so feel free to send
in your photos for a constructive
critique and I will publish them in the
following articles. There are no right
or wrong answers; just suggestive
ways to improve an image. You can
send them to

About the author

Jeffery is the owner and
photographer at STUDIO81
photography, which is located
in Newmarket and East Tamaki.
STUDIO81 is one of Aucklands
leading portrait photography studios
and specialises in modern glamour
transformation. Jeffery is an
award-winning photographer.








09 250 4474
23 Eric Baker Place, Papatoetoe

Toll Free

09 620 0707
905, Dominion Road, Mt Roskill

Congratulations to Indian
Weekender on
seven successful years
and to all winners of the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame awards 2016

1176 - Indian Weekender ad 355hx255.indd 1

20/06/16 11:15 AM


23 June 2016 |

Increase vitamin D levels

to cut kidney problems

deficiency in the amount

of vitamin D in the body
may lead to high risk
of chronic kidney diseases,
especially in children, says a
new study.
has been found common
in children with chronic
kidney disease (CKD)the
longstanding disease of the
kidneys leading to renal failure.
Researchers have identified
certain modifiable and nonmodifiable factors associated with
vitamin D deficiency in children
with CKD.
According to the study, nearly
two-thirds of children suffering
from vitamin D deficiency
certain abnormalities such as
glomerulopathya set of diseases
affecting the nephrons.
Vitamin D levels were found
lower in winter months than at
other times of the year. Vitamin
D levels are influenced more
strongly by seasonal factors, the
type of disease and nutritional

common variants in vitamin D
regulating genes, said Anke
Doyon, at the University of
Heidelberg in Germany.
Deficiency in Vitamin D
may also increase the risk
researchers said.
Children with kidney disease
who took vitamin D supplements
had vitamin D levels that were
two-times higher than those who
did not take supplements.

should be reconsidered and
intervention studies are needed to
define guidelines how to monitor
and treat vitamin D deficiency
in children with chronic kidney
disease, Doyon suggested.
The team analysed 500
children affected with kidney
diseases in 12 European countries.
The findings published in the
Clinical Journal of the American
Society of Nephrology (CJASN),
could help physicians protect the
health of these young patients,
the researchers concluded.

E-cigarettes act as
roadblock to smoking

-cigarettes are playing

an important role in
reducing the likelihood of
young people smoking, in many
cases acting as a roadblock to
combustible tobacco, a new study
has found.
A new study from British
Centre for Substance Use
Research, presented at the
Global Forum on Nicotine in
Warsaw, Poland, showed that
majority of participants viewed
e-cigarettes as having reduced
not increasedthe possibility
of both themselves and other
people smoking.
There was very little indication
amongst the young people
interviewed that e-cigarettes
were resulting in an increased
likelihood of young people
smoking, said Neil McKeganey,
who led the research.
In fact, the majority (people
aged between 16 and 25 in
Scotland and England), including
those who were vaping, perceived
terms and saw vaping as being
entirely different to smoking,
McKeganey added.
Many participants said they
thought vaping will make

NZ students to walk in the footsteps of WW1


en Kiwi students have

been selected from 10
schools from around the
country to travel to France from
September 10 to 25 in the context
of the 100th anniversary of the
Battle of the Somme.
These highly motivated young
New Zealanders will act as young
ambassadors of their country,
school and local communities
throughout their visit of WWI
battlefields and meeting with
local families and schools.
They will be hosted by families
from their Shared Histories
partner school and immerse
in French life while joining
in the routine of their French
peers. They will also visit the
historical and cultural sites
where New Zealand soldiers
made a significant contribution
to the war.
Somme battlefields, Longueval,
Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Le
Quesnoy, and the Wellington
Quarry in Arras and is likely to
extend to Kemmel, Ypres and
Messines in Belgium.
The ceremony for the 100th
Anniversary of the New Zealand
participation in the Battle of
the Somme, which will be held
in Longueval on September 15,
will offer another opportunity
for the young ambassadors to
represent their country. In the

smoking decline. Asked whether

the opposite might happen,
that e-cigarettes might actually
lead to smoking, a 19-year-old
participant said, I think its
usually people who are trying to
stop smoking who vape. I mean
there is the odd person who does
it because its cool and that might
influence them to want to try
smoking, but I think on the whole
its the other way round.
The study also found that
people were confused about
e-cigarettes and whether or not
they are similarly harmful.
Some mentioned they had
seen media coverage reporting
that e-cigarettes are just as bad
as smoking and, as a result, they
were uncertain and reluctant
about using the devices, the
report pointed out.

Online tool
for teacher

Kiwi students selected in 2014 at the Messines Information Point with

Simon Louagie from the Peace Village

months leading to the trip, each

student will lead their school into
developing a collaborative project
with a French partner.
They are all dedicated to adding
huge value to the programme by
sharing their learnings openly
and regularly. Each is developing
a personal project to support their
school project and is committed
to journal their journey on their
Shared Histories blog before,
during and after the trip.
Raynald Belay, Cultural and
Scientific Counsellor at the
French Embassy was highly
impressed with the quality
of applications received from
young students around New
Zealand: All 10 selected students
demonstrated strong leadership
skills in their application, as
well as a keen interest in French
language and culture and an

explore the deep relationships the

two countries have formed ever
since. This two-week trip is the
young ambassadors once-in-alifetime opportunity to discover
North Eastern France and walk in
the footsteps of their elders.
This is the second Young
Ambassadors Tour organised
within the Shared Histories
programme. In 2014, 11 senior
students were selected to
represent New Zealand at the
inaugural ceremony of the
Remembrance period, held on
the Champs Elyses in Paris on
July 14.
The blogs they kept to share
their experience, the media
interviews they gave and the
various public events they
attended have served to inspire
their younger peers to become
a Young Ambassador 2016. The
Young Ambassadors Tour 2016

is part of Shared Histories, a

programme created in 2014 to
commemorate the Great War.
The programme provides a
platform for French and New
Zealand schools to partner and
work on an educational project of
their choice. More than 20 teams
have formed since it started.
Together, the teams research,
present and make sense of World
War One and of its long-lasting
influence on their communities,
respective countries.
tour is organised by the French
Embassy in New Zealand, the
National Adviser for French
Language (ILEP) and the New
Zealand Association of French
Teachers (NZAFT) and supported
by the French First World
War Centenary Commission
and the France New Zealand
Friendship Fund.

collaboration between
NZEI Te Riu Roa
and the Ministry of
Education has produced the first
online guide to help schools make
the best use of teacher aides.
will welcome the tool, but is
concerned that there is no release
time funding to allow teacher
aides and other key staff to
access it.
Karori West School principal
Janice Shramka is a member of
the NZEI Principals Council and
is worried that already low-paid
TAs will be required to go through
it in their own time.
TAs get no release time at
school. They are hands-on 100
per cent of the time and schools
are already hard-pressed to pay
them for the hours they work,
she said.
The Minister of Educations
own media release praised the
impact teacher aides have, when
they are supported in their work.
I would love to see that sentiment
given some legs by including
funding for every school to allow
their TAs some paid professional
development time to use this
excellent tool, said Ms Shramka.



Opportunity to take ownership and be part of the State of the Art

Community Centre project at 25 Tui Road, Manukau.
Please join as members (life time membership $100) and donate generously by paying
directly into the Manukau Indian Association Bank Account No 060805-0140705-00
New Zealand Indians take lead to deliver a state of the art community Centre for multi
ethnic New Zealand community. This multi-million dollar community facility is being
designed to cater to the needs of wider community.

The Salient Features of the project include: A modern new space at the heart of Papatoetoe in south
Auckland. It replaces the old community Centre that
served the local community of all ethnicities for nearly
40 years.
The new Centre gives exciting opportunities to provide
high quality, contemporary and cost effective facility for
a wide range of community and family activities. This
includes a multicultural digital archiving Centre.
The flexibility of use has guided the design so that
people of various age groups can avail the facility. Also
the different sized rooms with the option to combine
them to give even greater capacity will make the facility
even more fit for specific purposes.

The building incorporates the latest features to ensure a

fully sustainable and eco-friendly future.
On-line booking system coupled with customer friendly
staff/executive committee intend to give enjoyable
experience to the facility users.
Facility layout:
Ground floor Car parking, Reception Lobby, Gymnasium
First Floor Community Hall, Meditation room
Second Floor Flexible sized rooms for various service
deliveries, Kitchen
Third Floor 7 x Independent units for temporary refuge
(Includes fiber connectivity, digital storage, acoustics,
inbuilt light sound facilities, lifts, toilets etc)

Membership is open to all Kiwi Indians

living anywhere in New Zealand.
(Phone: 0221971916 / 092799202)


allegation is false:
Sussanne Khan

ntrepreneur and interior designer

Sussanne Khan said a complaint
accusing her of falsely projecting
herself as an architect to secure a contract
with a company, is false, motivated
and preposterous.
A news report claimed Sussanne Khan,
the former wife of Bollywood superstar
Hrithik Roshan, has been booked by Panaji
police in an alleged Rs 1.87 crore cheating
case by Emgee Enterprises.
Responding to this, Sussanne, who is
currently in London, said in a statement,
The said complaint is motivated and
preposterous and has been only filed
to intimidate me and pressurise me to
withdraw the arbitration proceedings
initiated by me in the first instance to
recover my dues and damages resulting
from breach of contract. According
to the news report, Emgee Enterprises

23 June 2016 |

in September 2013 executed a written
contract with Sussanne for architectural
and designing services for its Naira
Complex being constructed at Siridao in
Tiswadi, North Goa.
The complainant alleged that Sussanne
failed to deliver the project within the
period stipulated in the contract.
Explaining her side of the story,
Sussanne said she had challenged the
termination of the contract with Emgee
Enterprises and has invoked arbitration
under the contract for recovery of her dues.
As a counter-blast to the said
proceedings, Mudhit Gupta, only with
the intention to harass and pressurise me
to give in to his frivolous counterclaim,
initiated the criminal complaint, she
added. Sussanne maintained that she had
not made any misrepresentations, and
maintained the highest standards of ethics
in discharge of my work.
She plans to give a befitting response
to the frivolous complaint, she said.
Such complaints do not scare me.
Rather it encourages me to stand up for
the truth. The allegations in complaints
are false and defamatory and I will take
appropriate proceedings in accordance
with law, she added.

Not working towards

Hollywood, says
Anushka Sharma

hat Priyanka Chopra and

Deepika Padukone are doing
on foreign shores is amazing,
believes actress Anushka Sharma, who
says she is personally not working towards
Hollywood projects.
Both Priyanka and Deepika have bagged
plum projects in the West.

Alia Bhatt sings

second song with
Diljit Dosanjh

Asked if she has a similar plan, Anushka

said, Everything that I am going to do as
an actress doesnt matter where its coming
from. It just has to be interesting. I dont
want to go and play a clichd Indian girl.
The clichs are there, so if I do
something, it has to be interesting.
What Priyanka and Deepika are doing is
amazing... More power to them.
They are representing our country
in a way and they are making more
opportunities for other people. Its
awesome, but I am not working towards
it, she added. The actress, who will soon
be seen in Sultan, says sharing the screen
space with Salman Khan in the movie
was intimidating.
He is not the kind of a person who
will go out of the way to make you feel
comfortable. I get intimated to work with
Salman and there is no doubt about it. He
is the same way with everyone and I really
like this quality about him. He is very
honest, she said. Directed by Ali Abbas
Zafar, Sultan, produced by Aditya Chopra
under the Yash Raj Films banner, is slated
to release on July 8.

place to
shop for


ctress Alia Bhatt feels honoured

Diljit Dosanjh.
Alia, who surprised her fans by lending
her vocal prowess to the song Samjhawan
for the 2014 film Humpty Sharma Ki
Dulhania, says she had fun shooting the
new song with her Udta Punjab co-star.
Such an honour to sing my second song
with Diljit Dosanjh! Had too much fun
while shooting it! Thank you. Amit Trivedi.
Dogana Jodi, Alia tweeted.
Based on the growing drug menace in
the state of Punjab, the film is directed by
Abhishek Chaubey. It also features Shahid
Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan.


EID Sale
Up to 50% discount
New Salwar kameez
by Manish Malhotra
New 2017 Silk
Saree range

423 Richardson Road,

Mount Roskill, Auckland
D: +64 9 6272353

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Papatoetoe, Auckland
D: +64 9 2792352


Bajirao Mastani
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in store
Kidswear designs
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906, Level 3
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23 June 2016 |

will help the NGO pay off rent for a duration
of 24 months summing up to a total of
Rs 12 lakh.
I always wanted to be able to do
something when I was a little famous for
causes that I believed in. To me, this is an
extension of being a true artist. And to pay
it forward is my philosophy, Richa said.
These girls have been to hell and back,
and if I can do anything at all to make them
heal, its an absolute privilege for me, the
actress added. Kunal, the owner of Ketto,
says it is wonderful that people from the
film industry are taking up such relevant
social causes.
I think its wonderful that influential
people from the film industry are taking
up such relevant social causes. Hoping
it inspires not just more people from the
industry, but also the fans to come forward
and support a cause financially, Kunal

Ajay Devgn meets

children on
Fathers Day

ctor-film-maker Ajay Devgn,

a regular supporter of Smile
Foundation, spread smile among
some of the children of the NGO here on
Fathers Day on Sunday, June 19.
He met the children at his Juhu office
and later posted a video on Twitter. In the
video, he is seen giving gifts to the smiling
children, signing autographs and getting
clicked with them.
The actor, who has daughter Nysa and
son Yug with wife actress Kajol, tweeted:
Thank you for your endless love. I am
lucky to have so many children sharing
their love with me on this Fathers Day.
Smile Foundation, which aims to
empower underprivileged children, youth
and women through relevant education,
innovative healthcare and market-focused
livelihood programmes, has received
immense support from many celebrities
including international action star Jackie
Chan, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh
Khan and Aamir Khan.

Richa Chadha
joins hands with
fundraising site

ctress Richa Chadha has joined

hands with actor Kunal Kapoors
online fundraising website Ketto
to raise funds to provide shelter for rescued
trafficked girls.
Richa has come forth to be the voice of
the campaign and help raise money for a
shelter home here named Purnata, where
up to 15 such girls are given various forms
of training including dance, vocational
training and other activities. The money

said. The actor has praised Richa, saying

she is truly a woman on a mission.
Right from the start, she has been
immensely involved in the planning of this
campaign. Team Ketto wishes her all the
best! he added.

Salman Khan fears

losing stardom

ollywood superstar Salman Khan

says he fears losing the stardom
that he has achieved in his more
than 25 years career. But what pacifies him
is the thought that life is more than being a
screen hero.
When asked whether he fears losing
his stardom, Salman said during a select
media interaction, Everyone is scared of
losing stardom. I would be lying if I say no.
Its not just the stardom... Its that love, its
that respect.
Suddenly, it all gets over... That is one
quality you are working so hard for and
suddenly something happens and you

are not the liked person any more... That

bothers everyone.
However, Salman feels a person should
be strong enough to face it.
You need to be that man who could
take that (fading stardom). I have seen my

father (writer Salim Khan) go through it...

He has gone through it twice in his life. I
myself have gone through that.
(But) I think life is more just than being
a hero and star in movies. I think its a lot
more than that. Salman, who has been on
a career high post films such as Dabangg
and Bajrangi Bhaijan, realises that now is
the time when he has to work harder.
One has to work hard at this point of
time only because all our seniors left at this
time only. By this age, almost everyone left
(the industry). I saw a close-up of mine
in one film, and I was like, What is this?
When I am only not liking it how others are
going to like it.
Thats when he started training towards
his fit self.
We have to put ourselves through pain
and torture so that somebody appreciates
it, added the actor, who sports a chiselled
physique for the role of a wrestler in his
next movie Sultan.
An Eid release, Sultan, hitting the
screens on July 8, is directed by Ali Abbas
Zafar and also features Anushka Sharma.

Shahid, Alia happy,

relieved as Udta
Punjab hits
the screens

ctors Shahid Kapoor and Alia

Bhatt took a sigh of relief after
Udta Punjab finally made its way
to the theatres on Friday despite all the
controversies, and were happy with the
initial response to the film.

Its been a very positive response

till now. We just want to come out here
and see how its going. And we are just
really happy that the film is released
and everything is out there. At the end
of the day you work really hard to try
different things to see a reaction, Alia
said, present along with her co-stars
Shahid and Diljit Dosanjh at a theatre
Mumbai to see the peoples reactions.
The film faced numerous struggles right
from the beginning with the Central Board
Of Film Certification (CBFC) suggesting
cuts and the makers knocking the doors of
the high court to get permission to release
the film. When that controversy resolved,
the film was leaked before its release
Shahid said, Today is a day of joy
because of the response that the film
has got. We have come here to only
thank all who went to the theatres and
watched the film.
We are extremely happy. After a film
releases only the audiences have the right
to decide which film they like and which
film they do not like.
Actually we were definitely very
nervous that the film has leaked, we were
scared but today when the opening was
good, we were extremely relieved. Alias

character of a labourer from Bihar, with

aspirations to become a hockey player,
has been appreciated. Is Alia expecting
awards for it? If I get an award I will be
happy but I want the audiences approval
and happiness.
So much has happened with the film,
we have put in so much hardwork, its
been such a difficult journey, today (June
17) is going to be the day for me to just be
grateful that I got the opportunity to play
this character and I thank Shahid because
he had sent me the script, Alia said.
Udta Punjab also stars Kareena
Kapoor Khan.

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the time and the travel you envisage. Enjoy your holiday, your way!!
Contact us for Inbound and Outbound tours and total Destination Management Services. | 021 269 18 69


23 June 2016 |

Bollywood must better quality to match

Hollywood: Rakeysh Mehra

ollywood needs to focus on

making better movies to tackle
films from Hollywood, National Awardwinning film-maker Rakeysh Omprakash
Mehra says.
In recent times, the Indian box office
has seen movies such as The Jungle Book,
Captain America: Civil War and X-Men
Apocalypse faring better than the Hindi
films released on the same day.
Asked to comment on the success of
Hollywood films in the domestic market,
Mehra said, They must be better films. We
(Bollywood) need to make better films. Its
laissez-faire. Its an open market system.
You cant protect your films from
quality. So, we have to make quality
movies. And why should we do business
here (in India only)? We should go out
(of India) and do more business and tell
Indian stories to the world as such.
Mehra, best known for directing
award-winning films such as Rang De
Basanti, Delhi-6 and Bhaag Milkha
Bhaag, is looking forward to the release of

his next project Mirzya. Talking about it,

he said, I saw the (Mirza Sahiban) play
during college around 30 years ago and
its story stayed with me. Its a very unique
story. Sahiban is a very strong protagonist,
and that attracted me a lot to the folklore.
This is a unique one. Its a tragedy. Its
closest to a musical. So you can call it a
Shakespearean musical tragedy, written by
Gulzar. His writing is extremely layered. So
to understand his writing, you need to go
deep within and to reinterpret it and make
his work yours. Mirzya is a contemporary
story altogether, he added.
Earlier, Mehra has mostly directed
popular actors such as Amitabh Bachchan,
Aamir Khan and Farhan Akhtar in his films.
But for Mirzya, he roped in newcomers
Harshvardhan Kapoor and Saiyami Kher.
Asked why, Mehra said, It was
the requirement of the story that I get
newcomers. I wanted a fresh feel to it as its
a fresh take on love. I wanted the audience
to experience the freshness.
I had to be true to my story. If the
movie works, then the (issue of big) budget
is solved. If the story will not work, nothing

will work. You can take the biggest star and

still it (a film) will not work.
Made on a budget of around Rs 35
crore (including publicity and marketing),
Mirzya has been extensively shot in 83
days across various locations in Rajasthan
such as Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and
Mandawa as well as in Ladakh. The film is
currently in post-production.
Why always reality films and not
fictional ones?
For me, it is one of the same thing.
Technically they might be different, but
as a storyteller, I must have something to
say my point of view. When I made Rang
De Basanti, I took Bhagat Singh, Azad,
Rajguru and Sukhdev. But I reinterpreted
their spirits in todays times, he said.
During Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, I
reinterpreted the story of Milkha Singh not
as a biopic or an athlete but as a kid who
had lost his parents during partition. So it
was a story of lost childhood, about hatred
and forgiveness. Similarly in Mirzya, I have
something to share about what I feel about
love, he added.
Mirzya is slated to release on October 7.

Udta Punjab: The verdict is out

not the number of
lacerations on a murder
victim you may think I am
referring to. It was the number
of scene deletions for Udta
Punjab ordered by the Central
Board of Film Certification in
India. Allegations of promoting
drug abuse and influencing
elections aside, this serves as a
ripe reminder of what happens
in certain parts of our world if
you try to get too ambitious with
your films.
Forget a pat on the back, you
will be grabbed by your scruff and
get snipped-n-shaven bald.
And hows the film? Director
Abhishek Chaubey takes a Punjab
da tractor, then enlists co-writer
Sudip Sharmas guidance in
replacing it with a Boeing plane
engine and motors it gloriously
over the ravaged fields of this
superbly liberating movie. Udta
Punjab is fearless in ripping bare
the narcotic menace and creeping
systemic rot that plagues the
Punjab of today.
The plot runs on many smartly
interwoven tracks but far from

seeming gimmicky, it reveals the

drug problem on multiple levels.
The four principal characters are
all youngsters.
It would have been better
if at least one of them been an
older character.
A young labourer (Alia Bhatt)
tumbles into a hellish vortex aided
by forced drugs, while at the richer
end of the spectrum, a famous
pop starTommy, The Gabru
(Shahid Kapoor)slowly aims for
a wonderfully loopy redemption
scandalised. An assistant police
neck-deep in corruption, also
decides to risk personal holocaust
after he sees the light, helped in

this rebirth by a fearless lady doctor

(Kareena Kapoor).
This painfully direct film is
not interested in dispensing
homilies while its awakened
audience humbly listens. Tommy
overcomes his demons onstage
to tell the crowd the true nature
of overall trip theyll have with
narcotics but his adoring fans
heckle him to stop the bhaashan,
and get on with the song or
get out.
An impressively steady Diljit
Dosanjh as the transformed cop,
says, This is not about you or
me. Its about Punjab, but his
listener instead of getting moved
and inspired, lashes out and

snarls why anyone should care so

much for Punjab? The political
from mass-dispensed narcotics
as bribes, and even lower-rung
policemen getting Rs.40,000 per
month as commission to keep
quiet while youngsters easily pick
up pheniramine-buprenorphine
combos from pharmacies for
Rs.50 per bottleall tip us off on
how a wide swathe of the public is
enabled to waste their life.
Who will you complain to
when the authorities have sold
their souls? Redemption only
lies in putting yourself in danger,
but who is prepared to do such a
silly thing?
Young Alia again shows
glowing beauty with a natural
acting finesse that builds her
character as a truly special
one rather than an artificial
In a career-best performance,
Shahid Kapoor nails it as a
fallen rock legend who escapes

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crowd-cheeringly heroic. It is
now becoming clearer that his
talents are far better showcased
by daring directors than by safe
mainstream ones.
Humour is smartly sprinkled in
to ease the unremitting traumatic
edge. The congregation in a
courtyard climax wonderfully
crackles with black humour
and tension.
The end still manages realism
instead of sugar-coating.
Cynics will still manage to find
all kinds of politics and publicity
in the films CBFC imbroglio, but
I favourably regard the Bombay
High Courts ruling to release
the film with only one minor
cut. This is another braveheart
achievement for the indefatigable
Twenty years ago there were
neither the producers nor an
audience for an A-list gutsy film
like this one, but now even after
the hoopla has subsided, the film
is doing fine at the box office.
This means we have not just
an Udta Punjab but also an
Udta Bharath!
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
Director: Abhishek Chaubey | 021 44 64 21

Lets Celebrate Indias

70th Independence Day





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23 June 2016 |

By Manisha Koushik

Weekly forecast: JUN 24 to JuNE 30

Manisha Koushik is the talented daughter and associate of world renowned celebrity astrologer Dr
Prem Kumar Sharma. A practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and fengshui consultant is based in India but maintains a global presence through the online channels. She is available
for consultations online as well. Let her tarot cards do the magic and numbers make you understand
which choices in life will be best for you!
E-mail: | Website:
Contact: +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +919015607139





This is the time to review what your priorities

in life are. You will try to present your best side
during this week, but somehow you will not derive
much satisfaction from it. There is a good chance
of overdoing certain things on the home front.
Those anticipating a lot of guests may be in for a
disappointment. Traditional rites followed in letter
and spirit will give immense mental solace. You may
end up spending more than planned.
Lucky No.: 18 / Lucky Colour: Sandy brown

There is a good scope of acquiring something on

the property front. Someone is likely to take a great
deal of interest in what you have to offer on the
business front. Those performing well are likely to
get full credit for their work. Accolades and congrats
may pour in for something you have achieved. You
are likely to get socially active and renew many
relationships that have cooled over the years. A trip
out of town is foreseen.

You may not be able to keep abreast of what is

happening on the academic front and suffer. An
added source of income is likely to dry up and
leave you high and dry. You may be burdened with
organising a major event in your official capacity.
Your quest for perfect health is likely to lose steam
and get you back to square one! Your unrefined
ways may put people off. Beware of losing your
patience on someone close.

A hike in salary is foreseen and calls for a celebration,

so get the champagne bottle out! You are likely to
start or resume the exercise routine to get back in
top shape. Dealers may find improvement in their
daily sales. Something that you had performed on
the professional front promises to get you a lot of
accolades. Your wisdom and good advice is likely to
benefit some. Buying a vehicle or a major item is on
the cards.

Lucky No.: 2 / Lucky Colour: Lemon

Lucky No.: 4 / Lucky Colour: Light blue





An opportunity for improving performance awaits

some on the academic front. You are likely to remain
financially strong, as money flows in. Remaining
regular in your workouts will keep you in perfect
health. A contentious issue will be successfully
handled by you on the professional front. Your
positive approach to a family matter is likely to lighten
the domestic atmosphere. A pleasurable time is
indicated on the romantic front. A social activity may
prove most enjoyable.
Lucky No.: 6 / Lucky Colour: Golden

You may find some difficulties cropping up on the

professional front, but nothing that you cannot
handle. Someones support will be most welcome
on the social front. A bit of a struggle is indicated
on the academic front. Outside help may be
required to get a task completed within the given
time frame. Loving bonds get strengthened in
your romantic relationship. You can expect good
returns from the money invested in a scheme.
Health remains satisfactory.
Lucky No.: 4 / Lucky Colour: Indigo

Remaining focussed on your professional priorities

will prove beneficial. A new colleague may prove
a godsend for some for getting pending work out
of the way. Promotion for the deserving is likely.
You will manage to take the necessary steps to
smoothen things out on the family front. Much
joy and happiness is foreseen on the social front.
Those in love are set to take romance to the next
level. Good earning is likely for business persons.
Lucky No.: 5 / Lucky Colour: Green

Make more efforts at normalising a relationship, as

your current efforts are falling short. A risk taken in
a business venture gets good returns. Chartered
accountants and lawyers will be able to find some
good clients. You may plan something exciting to
avoid boredom. A bad habit can play havoc with your
health if you dont quit now. Dont take risks on the
road, as stars appear unfavourable.
Lucky No.: 4 / Lucky Colour: Royal blue





Consider a proposal coming your way seriously, as it can give you good returns. Dont let
lethargy and disinterest mar your chances on the
academic front. Your frank opinion about a touchy
subject may not be taken in the right spirit. Those
travelling towards the end of this week may need
to be extra careful on the road. An item misplaced
or broken by you may unleash partners ire. Steer
clear of mental stress.
Lucky No.: 4 / Lucky Colour: Electric blue

Dont get worked up over matters on which you

have no control; you will only end up getting
stressed. On the work front, your communication
skills may come to your rescue toady. Family life
appears immensely satisfying. Your style and
confidence is likely to win some admirers on the
academic front. A property may be sold off at a
hefty margin. Dont let up on your fitness regime.

Make the best of the opportunities coming your

way on the professional front. Prying into the
personal lives of others does not augur well for
you, so get rid of this habit. On the academic
front, you are likely to make good progress. Profits
are set to steadily increase giving a boost to your
standard of living. Love beckons the lonely hearts
and may lead romance.

Your authority may get undermined by your wrong

actions, so be careful in what you say or do. A tense
situation at work may keep you on tenterhooks as the
week begins, but it will be a temporary phase. This is
not the time to press your luck on the financial front,
as a loss is indicated. A partner may be a bit harsh,
but will talk sense, so listen to him or her.

Lucky No.: 7 / Lucky Colour: Cyan

Lucky No.: 8 / Lucky Colour: Green

(March 21-April 20)

(July 23-August 23)

(Nov 23-December 11)

(April 21-May 20)

Lucky No.: 8 / Lucky Colour: Navy blue

(August 24-Sep 23)

(Dec 22-January 21)

Lucky No.: 1 / Lucky Colour: Pink

(May 21-June 21)

(Sep 24-October 23)

(Jan 22-February 19)

(June 22-July 20)

(Oct 24-November 22)

(Feb 20-March 20)

ThappoHide n Seek
CAB workshop

Date: Saturday, July 2

Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Venue: Howick Local Board Meeting
Room, Pakuranaga Library Building
Complex, 7 Aylesbury Street, Manukau

workshop where participants, using

interactive activities, will explore the
appropriate use of Kiwi and Mori
expressions, Kiwi communication in
formal and informal situations including
the workplace.
Attendees will leave the interactive
workshop feeling more confident about
interacting with their Kiwi colleagues,
employees and friends.
For more information or to register,
contact ARMS on 09 524 2440 or e-mail

Matariki Festival 2016

CAB Pakuranga-Eastern Manukau will
hold two free information sessions for
newcomers on employment. Learn about
CV writing, importance of cover letter,
interview techniques, marketing oneself
effectively and boosting self-confidence.
For more information, send an e-mail at or
call 021459520.

Kiwi culture and

communication workshop
for migrants
Date: Saturday, July 2
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Venue: Point Chevalier Community
Centre Cost: $20
The understanding Kiwi culture and
communication is a new interactive

Date: June 18 to July 17

Time: 6 10:00 p.m.
Venue: Region wide
The rising of the Matariki star cluster
heralds in Mori New Year and a month-

long celebration with more than 100

events across the Auckland region,
including concerts, theatre, exhibitions,
kapa haka, kite flying and much more.
Visit for details.
Matariki Festival 2016 has more than 100
events across the Auckland region.

popular Gujarati play, Thappo

has been showcased to full
houses more that 130 times in
the last six months in India and abroad.
And now, the play will be staged for the
first time in Auckland on Friday, July 15
at Dorothy Winston Centre.
Kamlesh Oza is fondly remembered for
his brilliant performances in TV serials
such as Baa Bahu Aur Baby, Khicchdi
and Crime Patrol. He entertained us last
with non-stop laughter in 2 Idiots, which
was highly appreciated by the Auckland
audience. His plays are known for their
excellent comedy and subtle morals
of life. Thappo relatesthe valuesof
childhood games to later life. Thappo is
brought to you by Prudential Growth
Investments Limited (PGIL) on their
third anniversary. The play depicts the
story of a father-in-law and mother-in-

You definitely dont want

to miss watching the play.
Whether you have been
married for long, are newly
married, or planning to get
married, theres something
for everyone and for of all
ages in Thappo
law, who have won the Happily Married
title, and their daughter and son-in-law.
The father-in-law believes that money
is everything in life and his son-in-law
has a different personality.

Thappo isahumorous conflict between

a father-in-law and son-in-law along
witha husband and a wife.
You definitely dont want to miss
watching the play. Whether you have
been married for long, are newly
married, or planning to get married,
theres something for everyone and for
of all ages in Thappo You will definitely
enjoy the antics of Kamlesh Oza and his
troupe of seasoned actors: Dipna Patel
(Gujjubhai the Great, Miss Universe
India Runner-Up 2012), Jitu Mehta
(seasoned stage artist) and Manisha
Purohit (Hamari Devrani). Thappo is
fresh humour without the support of
borrowed jokes.
Surely this will be a joyride that will
leave you in splits of laughter and you will
definitely come back, hungry for more!
PGIL is famous for its quality events and
Thappo is another feather in their cap.

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