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WICKED 25} Piano/Vocal FOR GOOD [Rev. 3/25/03} Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SCHWARTZ, Cah y lie ees ea LI ‘GLINDA\ is. But only one~ that mattered Gunpa: Pe heard it said that peo-ple come into cur fives fer a Haran . io A E eae SS = oe pt = a Bee we FZ ceca hg ogi nee amas aa ee, 0 eae oko aa : aes = st 7 = ap staan ce ¥ SF + SS en Prano/Vocal ae Far Good. ev 32503) help us most 1 grow. Well, 1 don’t know if 1 be = tieve hats true, But bbb, co-met pulled from or - bit as it passes a sum Like a be =, : o 2D be? eo Piano/Vocal —3- Foc Good - {Rev 328903) \ seam that meets a boul er half < way through the wood, Who can say. if I've been changed for the bet-ter? Rit oo 2 ae SS Soe — . T have been changed for_—_ good © @ ELPHABA: He well may be that we soll ner se j i