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Expression Narciso Jr.

259 South Ventura Road #241 Port Hueneme, CA 93041


Seeking acceptance into Pepperdines PhD Global Leadership and Change program, where I can apply both my
educational leadership and my interest in research that addresses barriers for nontraditional adult students
transitioning into post secondary education or gainful employment.


Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology; Los Angeles, CA

July 2016
Master of Science in Administration and Preliminary Administration Services Credential
Educational Leadership Academy
Relevant leadership research includes professional learning community, participatory action research,
first/second order change
Professional development studies on cultural proficiency, emotional intelligence, cognitive coaching

University of California; Riverside, CA

July 1997
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Management emphasis includes distributive leadership, Total Quality Management, team coaching
Organizational analysis of international business, public relations & communications, and branding &

California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

California Designated Subjects Adult Education Teaching Credential

Business Management, Elementary and Secondary Basic Skills, English as a Second Language

Project Leader, Student Council Leadership Training Program

August 2014-June 2015
Implemented new leadership training program for over 100 adult students
Curriculum development included strength-based leadership, team management, SMART goals, business
communications, community engagement, pitching your idea

Leadership Council

August 2014-Present
Evaluate, analyze, and provide feedback on the effectiveness of current instructional practices
Identify student and school needs and develop data-based school growth plan

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accreditation Team Member
August 2014-Present
Analyze student outcomes, review school polices, and examine alignment of instructional practices to
state standards
Collaborate in the writing of mid-cycle report identifying progress on critical areas: data driven decisions,
communication channels, and standardize best practices
Collect evidence of critical areas and evaluate effectiveness to student outcomes

Los Angeles Unified School District; Woodland Hills, CA

February 1998-Present
English as a Second Language Teacher (Tenured)
Model leadership skills for post-secondary education and job acquisition using English reading, writing,
grammar and speaking
Assess, teach, and evaluate students based on instructional complexity and evidence-based learning in
order to produce outcomes prescribed by district policies and state standards

Los Angeles Unified School District; Los Angeles, CA

August 2001-July 2007
Distance Learning Advisor
Advised 30 principals on best practices for implementing and maintaining program compliance in order to
maximize student outcomes
Managed multiple teams of Distance Learning teachers utilizing SMART goals with short/long range
learning plans in order to improve student course completion rates

Los Angeles Unified School District; Los Angeles, CA

August 1999-June 2005
Teacher Advisor/Writer
Collaborated in writing Tools for ESL Lesson Planning, a teacher resource book on instructional practices
and classroom management
Facilitated professional development session for over 500 new and seasoned teachers; with emphasis on
instructional practices, cooperative learning, formative and summative assessments

Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology; Los Angeles, CA August 2015-Present
Participatory Action Research: Reading barriers affecting adult immigrant students post secondary and
employment goals
Identify reading skills barriers that nontraditional adults immigrant students face transitioning from
noncredit classes to post secondary education or gainful employment
Research the affects of College and Career Readiness reading standards on student retention, course
completion, post secondary goals and career goals

Professional Learning Community: College and Career Readiness (CCR) Standards
August 2015-Present
Unpack the CCR Standards, compare to current district instructional standards, and identify gaps in
Collaborate as district-wide leadership team to create an implementation plan for CCR Standards, clarify
and monitor essential learning
Research and identify best practices for district-wide professional development plan
Utilize SMART goals to focus on student outcomes throughout the district