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As cars fall out due to signal range and drop out of the present network,

other cars can join in to connect vehicles to one another so a mobile

Internet can be created. It is assumed that the first systems in which it is
integrated are police and fire vehicles to communicate with one another
to provide safety. It is a term which is used to describe the ad-hoc network
that is formed over vehicles moving on the roads.
VANETs networks are very fast emerge for deploying and developing new
and traditional and real-time applications. It is characterized by rapidly
changing network topology, high mobility, and ephemeral, one-time
interactions. Both MANETs & VANETs are characterized from the movement
and self-organization of the nodes for connectivity. 1.2
What is Smart Vehicle? Vehicles which are equipped with multi interface
smartcards and light sensors, on board unit and externally. The number of
vehicles equipped with inbuilt wireless devices (e.g., UMTS, IEEE 802.11p
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared etc.) and sensors (e.g., radar, ladder, etc.), is
increasing for efficient transprotation and management applicatios/uses
are focused on optimizing flows of vehicles by reducing the time taken to
travel and avoiding any traffic congestions. As an instance, the radar
present on on-board could be used to sense traffic congestions and
automatically slow the vehicle.