Newman White Parsons Emsley

Matthew Lee Knowles May 2010

Video interviews made by Tim Parkinson, available on Chris Newman - 10/10/08 Average speaking speed: 114.5 words per minute John White - 4/5/10 Average speaking speed: 90.8 words per minute Michael Parsons - 20/2/10 Average speaking speed 91.8 words per minute Richard Emsley - 24/3/10 Average speaking speed 76.4 words per minute

Words spoken by the composers at thirty second intervals were written down, gaps in the text represent their silence and average speaking speed was calculated.

“Gas and Cat Food, Wanking at the Piano”
Chris Newman

This place doesn’t have The size of the I used a kind of dancing On afterwards A scene from But actually This control This is like So but Weird About ten Writing music Because Against that Unfortunately, unfortunately Oh piano Music’s more Really really really basic Which you see every More like a You know Pleasure Work was sort of No Thirty-five

“I Find It Very Difficult To Go On Being Interested In A Piece After I’ve Finished It”
John White

Like that Experimental Learning Communicated Dictation And then Prizes at Music so And so A bit These people And And That kind Yes I And Cardew Sonata Concerts It was And then Whose one People from As a friend And Not so much Alec Hill Same Of pieces Of inspiration Of Systems On those while Things

“At The Root Of My Feeling”
Michael Parsons

Need to be Short bursts Feel that one Thinking about Very unitary If I’m dissatisfied Open strings Get away from

Over But I Just It’s not Unpredictable turn Go over Hazlitt Interest around Revival of Group of dancers Asked me if A text score In indeterminate I’m experimental In Sweeping All the

“Time Arrested Looking At Clouds, Not Crowds”
Richard Emsley

Soprano and Write this Systems run Movement or Thing Yeah You know Processes Yeah Single Clocks Trudging I Feeling It’s a matter You know Random Of music Magnifying Moving across Just Might I’ll spend a lot of time Producing notes The machine