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Reflection about Feedback from your observation

(This form may be used to reflect on one or two of your observations note on
portfolio checklist sheet)

Teacher Candidate for Science Endorsement: Alana Davis

Observer: Terri George
School: Mableton Elementary Grade: 5th
Lesson Topic(s): 5th Grade Summative STEAM Project
Write a brief summary based on the feedback you received from
teaching the lesson when you were observed.

What went well? What did not go well? (Cite specific examples)

I feel that both of my observations went well in my opinion. It

happened to be the first couple of days of our end of the year STEAM
project that I developed for my students. The mini-lessons gave
students an overview of what the project was about and the
expectations associated with it. This was a great way to get students
into the project and have them get engaged with the design process.
Also, I had pictures and examples ready to show students to give them
ideas during the small group brainstorming time which worked well as
well. I did notice that the feedback mentioned that students were
engaged and worked using their science content knowledge to create
their puppet shows. The only thing that did not go well was the fact
that most small groups wanted to pick the same topic to create a
puppet show for. I thought that by giving students a choice board of
science topic ideas that they would hopefully agree on different topics.

Based on the feedback you received, reflect how this enabled

you to see your lesson in a new way.

I was able to take the feedback from my observation to see that my

students were not only engaged in a project, but they were also using
science language and content knowledge and applying it to a realworld situation.

As a result of your observation, when you have the opportunity

to re-teach this lesson, what will you do differently (strategies,

teaching tools, assessments, etc.) to improve student learning

for all students?
If I have the opportunity to re-teach this lesson or improve this project,
I think I might redesign the choice board OR assign groups a topic to
get a more wide-spread science content puppet shows. I had a few
groups decide on the same topic, and the puppet shows turned out
good but I could tell the younger audience got bored on the 2nd show of
the same topic. Overall, this project was a hit and the students really
enjoyed going through the entire engineering design process and using
their content knowledge to teacher little ones about what they learned

Optional: Other comments?