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Universidad Politcnica de Sinaloa

Software TIA portal V11

Academic program: Engineering Mechatronics

January 18, 2015

TIA portal V11 for programing

Create a new project on TIA portal
1. First open the software TIA portal
V11 by double clicking on the TIA
portal icon.
2. Then click on create new project.
After that you must choose a name
to your new project and click on the
create button. (Fig.1)
3. Choose the hardware options (the
PLCs and its modules) by clicking
the configure a device option.
(Fig. 2)
4. Click on add new device and
select a PLC, then select the PLCs
modules (inputs, outputs, etcetera).
(Fig. 3)
5. Create your program, clicking on
program blocks then main
[OB1]. (Fig. 4)
6. Select the instructions that the
program will have. (Fig. 4)
7. Finally save the project clicking the
save project icon. (Fig. 4)

Fig. 2 Select devices options.


Fig. 3 Add PLCs modules.

Save project
Main [OB1]
Fig. 4 Creating the ladder program.

Fig. 1 Create new project.


Temperature controller Watlow

PM 6.
Programing a temperature alarm on
a Watlow PM 6.
1. First of all connect the 98 and 99
inputs to AC current. That will turn
on the temperature controller.
(Fig. 5)
2. Press the up and down buttons at
the same time for three seconds. At
the upper side of the screen will
appears the message A1 and
oper below. (Fig. 6)
3. Navigate by the menu pressing the
up or down buttons until the screen
shows the word ALM. At this point
press the green button to enter into
the alarm menu. (Fig. 7)
4. Select the temperature which will
activate the alarm by pressing the
up or down buttons.
5. Finally press the infinite button for
two seconds to go back to the start
page which shows the temperature
of any temperature sensor. (Fig. 8)

Fig. 6 Operations menu.

Fig. 7 Green button.

Fig. 8 Infinite button.

Fig. 5 Watlow AC current inputs.