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*[HIDDEN: hidden amongst the Salafis]
In the name of Allah The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy
All Praise is for Allah and may the prayers and peace of Allah be upon His
To proceed:
I was asked regarding my description of the people of fitnah and evil
from the haddadiyyah wherein I described them as those who pursue the
mistakes of the Salafis!
Is the pursuance of [others] mistakes blameworthy?
The answer was:
Firstly, the people of fitnah and turmoil from those who pretend to have
salafiyyah - [but who in actuality] are at war with [the Salafis] continue to
provoke discord and continue to mix the truth with falsehood. From
amongst this, is them creating commotion when accumulating mistakes. So
in regards to the refutation of mistakes, they try to liken the manhaj of
haddadiyyah to the manhaj of the Salaf. However, between them is a big
difference. This will become apparent in what is to follow.
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Secondly, the Salafis refute mistakes emanating from a Sunni, but preserve
his honour whilst doing so. In contrast, the haddadis do not preserve the
honour of the Sunni; rather they threaten him, drive people away from him
and attribute repulsive characteristics to him!
Thirdly, Salafis gather mistakes [of individuals] in order to refute their
errors and to aid these individuals to return to the truth. The hidden
haddadis on the other hand collect mistakes to bring down the Salafi. They
do not make clear nor do they mention the [specific] mistakes. Rather they
just say so and so has mistakes and when requested to clarify these
mistakes, they do not name them or specify them! Had they been sincere
advisors they would have surely advised him in order that he avoids these
mistakes. Also from that which shows the evil of their inner selves is that
they spend years gathering mistakes and do not make them apparent or
known except when they desire to bring down this particular Salafi! As for
the sincere Salafi then he advises immediately.
Fourthly, the Salafis differentiate between a deliberate mistake and one
which is not deliberate. In regards to mistakes which none from mankind is
safe from, then (the Salafis) do not treat such mistakes as a methodology
and a way [of the person fallen into such mistakes]. On the other hand,
these hidden haddadis do treat these mistakes as his way and his
methodology, and this is oppression and false accusation against the
innocent. Furthermore, these hidden haddadis warn against mistakes
which a Salafi has retracted and repented from.
Fifthly, I warn my Salafi brothers from aiding these hidden haddadis in
regards to striking their innocent and noble Salafi brothers and do not be
deceived by them (haddadis) when they mention to you that such and such
sheikh is with them. For indeed the Salafi scholars are free from this
repulsive haddadimethodology. Alsothe one who agrees with these
haddadis be it the one who claims salafiyyah or more so the one who
teaches, then he isto be affiliated with them (haddadis) if he is aware of
their condition and is pleased with it.
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I advise every Salafi who is truthful in his salafiyyah to observe the

following stance in this fitnah:
1. He should not give any importance to these haddadis and should not
give them more than what they are deserving of. For indeed they are
too insignificantfor you to give them any importance. It is sufficient
for you regarding their insignificance and lowness that they are
hidden working in secrecy and darkness just like the despicable bat!
Furthermore, from their ignominy and lowliness is that when they
are exposed they rush towards denial, contradicting themselves, and
this is sufficient in terms of their lowliness and ignominy.

2. When a person transmits to you from them (the haddadis) that you
have mistakes, you should request from him (the ones who
transmits) to demand from the haddadis a clarification of these
mistakes. In the absence of clarification, inform him (the one
transmitting) that they are oppressive haddadis.
3. Take their affair back to the Salafi scholars such as Imam Rabee bin
HadiUmair Al-Madkhali, Sheikh Muhammad Bazmool, Sheikh
Muhammad al-Madkhali and other than them from the Salafi
4. You should clarify to your Salafi brothers the reality of these hidden
haddadis. You should also make apparent to them what the haddadis
do in terms of oppression and intellectual terrorism, so that all Salafis
are aware of their [true] state.
5. If they wrongfully and oppressively continue to harm and defame
you, then raise their affair to the Shariah judiciary in order to deter
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and reprimand them since they are indeed slanderers and

6. Be brave and dont be scared and know that nothing will befall you
expect for that which Allah has written.
Know that they tried to bring down a group of Salafis. However, the
Salafis were raised and these haddadis got exposed.
I give you the glad tidings that these haddasis have now been
exposed and their condition is now apparent to the Salafis. The
Salafis are now aware of their attributes and their names.
The Salafis are working to crush them by way of the rulers and by
way of the scholars.
Please note: I do not intend specific people by this speech of mine.
Rather I criticize evil actions and repulsive conduct which the people
of knowledge have criticized and they have clarified the error of such
conduct and its deviance from the truth.
Written by Doctor Ahmed bin Umar Bazmool
Tuesday Fajr, 30 Safr, 1436
Sheikh Ahmed Bazmool requested from me that I also add the
following quote:
Imam Al-Allamah Ahmed bin Al-Najmi May Allah have mercy on
him said in his letter dated 26/05/1427 to our brother the virtuous
sheikh Abu al-Fadhl Muhammad bin Umar Al-Suwayee:

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It has become established with us that there are some people who
enter salafiyyah, not to increase their numbers nor to support the
truth and nor out of cooperation upon righteousness and piety, but
rather to spread chaos between the Salafis and to spread seeds of
disagreements which do not end, but rather put an end to ones
desire to follow the Salafi manhaj. These conspiracies are spread by
the enemies from the haddadis, ikhwanis, surorees, qutubis and
other than them.
Translated by Yasar A Rahman
Al-Madinah Al-Nabawiyyah
20 Ramadan 1437
25 June 2016
Source: Sheikh Ahmed Bazmools WhatsApp

Al-Binaa Publishing | Durham NC

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