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Ononse Bisong
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Ability and willingness to rapidly learn new technologies from scratch as they become
necessary and critical to the job at hand.
Adept to working under pressure, in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.
Strong teamwork mentality, able to listen to the views of others and collaborate in solving a
common challenge.
Able to work independently and solve problems critically through persistence, taking
initiatives, logical reasoning, analytical ability and lateral thinking.
Excellent technical writing and design skills proven through formal academic training.
Experienced in problem conceptualization and abstract reasoning.
Ability to work for long hours through problem analysis and design
Exceptional oral communication and presentation skills
Accord maximum value to interpersonal relationship by cultivating a culture of respect and


Bachelor of Science, Babcock University

2009 2013

(First Class: 4.64 out of 5.00 CGPA)

Area of Specialization: Software Development and Machine Learning

Java Standard Edition 5 Programmer Certified Professional

Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist


Field: Machine Learning
Scalable Machine Learning: University of California, Berkeley (edX)
August 6, 2015
Learning from Data: California Institute of Technology (edX)

December 8, 2014
Machine Learning: Stanford University (Coursera)

June 4, 2014

Field: Data Science
Developing Data Products: John Hopkins University (Coursera)
June 29, 2015
Practical Machine Learning: John Hopkins University (Coursera)
March 30, 2015
Regression Models: John Hopkins University (Coursera)

February 2, 2015
Statistical Inference: John Hopkins University (Coursera)

December 28, 2014
Reproducible Research: John Hopkins University (Coursera)

September 29, 2014
Exploratory Data Analysis: John Hopkins University (Coursera)
September 1, 2014
Getting and Cleaning Data: John Hopkins University (Coursera)
August 4, 2014
R Programming: John Hopkins University (Coursera)

July 1, 2014
The Data Scientists Toolbox: John Hopkins University (Coursera)
June 2, 2014

Web Development
Expert experience using HTML (for web page structure and syntax), CSS (for design and
presentation), and JavaScript (for behavior and client-side scripting).
Well grounded using PHP as a server side programming language to handle business-logic
controller functions.

Ekaba Ononse Bisong

Built and developed numerous PHP applications, notable examples include an e-commerce
application for conference registration, Official website of the Government of Cross River
State, as well as numerous school websites and other websites for small and medium scale
enterprises (SMEs).
Experienced using PHP web frameworks such as Laravel and Smarty, to simplify and accelerate
light-weight web development.
Strong experience using front-end web frameworks such as jQuery (a JavaScript framework),
and Bootstrap, (a CSS framework)
Expert using Joomla and WordPress CMS for rapid web development.

Software Development
Worked with the agile method of software development to deliver rapid prototypes to the
end user where there is constant collaboration and communication to provide useful feedback
that iteratively refines software features and functionality.
Experienced writing modular and reusable code that implements the Object Oriented
paradigm into class design and implementation using inheritance, polymorphism, abstract
classes and interfaces to make code reusable for easy debugging, testing, modification,
documentation and extensibility. An adherent to the DRY (Dont Repeat Yourself) and the
refactoring principle.
Been involved in conducting code reviews while working on a conference registration
application that integrated e-payment. Improved my experience in identifying what clean
reusable code component should look like before integration into production code.
Thorough grounding in code documentation and commenting, to facilitating code readability,
future referencing as well as program scalability. Ingrained the practice of adding a pre-
condition and post-condition for every method.
Sound training using version control systems to facilitate collaborative development where
changes or updates are made on a local branch and then committed or merged back into
the master branch.
Proficient working with Git as a version control system, a well as GitHub as a remote sharing
code repository. I maintain a personal GitHub account at
Considerable experience in writing unit tests for software components, as well as carrying out
A/B testing while working on a web project
Developed the practice of code logging to assist in debugging and evaluating system
performance. This practice has saved a ton of production hours attempting to reproduce an
An expert working with JBoss Developer Studio, Netbeans, and Eclipse IDE.
A sound knowledge of other programming languages such as MATLAB, C++, Python, R, C#,
VB.Net and GNU Octave.
Adroit using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to design classes and their interactions
with users and other classes in the software system. Worked with different UML diagrams
including class diagrams, use case diagrams, sequence diagrams and activity diagram.
Proficient knowledge of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture of separation of
concerns where code for the persistence layer is cleanly separated from codes that design the
user view and the business logic controller that coordinates program flow from the database
(model) to the system users (views).
Conversant with other design patterns such as adaptor, singleton, factory, faade and the
composite design pattern espoused by the famed Gang of Four

Ekaba Ononse Bisong

Data Science/ Machine Learning

Expert level experience doing statistical analysis using R, SPSS, MATLAB and Microsoft Excel
Completed numerous online courses in the field of statistical analysis, machine learning and
data science
Developed numerous data products from results of statistical research. A sample can be
viewed on
A few results of some exploratory data analysis I conducted can be seen on RPubs at

Well versed in designing databases by analyzing the problem domain and extracting the
relevant entities and identifying their relationships with one another as well as the constraints
that guide the relationship.
Highly experienced in applying the appropriate normalization level to database design by
applying either the 1NF, 2NF or in a rare case, 3NF to minimize data redundancy where
modifications are made to just one table and propagated through the database using
predefined foreign key relationships.
Highly Skilled working with Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Access Databases and Database
Management Systems (DBMS)
An adroit user of MySQL Workbench CE, Oracle DBMS, MSSQL and Microsoft Access data
administration software.
Mastery level command of Structured Query Language (SQL) Language. Certified in Oracle 11g
Excellent knowledge of database installation and configuration principles.
Installed and administered Oracle database tools and systems.
Expert integrating database systems as the persistent layer of an enterprise application.
Able to generate database reports as well as perform data analysis to provide more statistical
insights to generated reports.
Knowledgeable on data and database security to stem privilege abuse, input injection,
excessive and unused privileges, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

Java SE Developer
Solid technical knowledge of the Java programming language, and a certified Java SE 5
Sound knowledge of Java generic data structures spanning Array Lists, Linked Lists, Stacks,
Queues and Trees. Experience working with generic structures and basic algorithms for
searching and sorting.
Fairly experienced building networking applications with reasonable experience developing
databased desktop applications using JDBC.
Experienced developing simple Java applets and Java Web Start applications.
Completed a free Online Course on Programming Methodology using Java in 2013 made
available by the Stanford Center for Professional Development.
Trained in writing code on paper and using the whiteboard.
Good experience using the JDK debugger to locate and remove logic errors as well as profile
my Java applications
Practiced to incorporate exception handling as a critical component of program design rather
than after the program component has been fully designed.
Competent coding with C++ (can be crucial for native function calls).
Conduct unit test using JUnit, a simple framework for writing tests using assertions.
Strong experience in creating API documentation in HTML format using Javadoc.

Ekaba Ononse Bisong

Wrote a book on Programming in Java: A Quick Guide for my undergraduate 2nd year
students in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calabar.
Built numerous mini software systems using Java both as an undergraduate, as a freelance
developer and as an academic graduate/ research assistant. Some of my projects include a
student directory system, a hotel management system, as well as other mini programs to
perform specialized tasks.
Contested in a programming competition as an undergraduate at the Nigerian Mathematical
Association programming Olympiad representing my alma mata Babcock University.
Participate in programming challenges on TopCoder, HackerRank and Project Euler for fun and

Java EE
Sound experience in developing Java Enterprise applications, using JavaServer Pages (JSP) and
Servlet technology.
Designed and Developed a Soil Suitability Decision Support System for Crop Production in
Nigeria using J2EE technology suite.
Conversant working with the various JSP components as well as using JavaBean and custom
tag libraries to encapsulate custom functionality to be reused in a JSP page
Familiar using JavaServer Faces (JSF) as a presentation layer for enterprise applications, by
integrating JSF components into a JSP document using the JSF expression language. Worked
with Ajax-Enabled JavaServer Faces components.
Also worked sparingly with Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Faces.
Sound knowledge on publishing and consuming a web service, using the JAX-WS and SOAP
(Simple Object Access Protocol) Java APIs. Practiced in JAX-WS Representational State
Transfer (REST) architecture for business-to-business (B2B) transactions.
Integrated an e-Payment platform where users can pay online via their MasterCard, VISA, and
Verve debit cards, web services were consumed by my application in the application
development and integration process.
Skilled using the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API to communicate with databases and
manipulate their data. No stranger to using the package java.sql to access databases and the
RowSet interface from the package javax.sql to manipulate databases. As well as working with
JDBC 4.0 automatic JDBC driver discovery and prepared statements to create precompiled
SQL statements with parameters.
Know how to work on internet or intranet applications that rely heavily on namely and
directory services for accessing network resources by using the JNDI (Java Naming and
Directory Interface) API, which describes a standard Java library for accessing Domain Naming
Service (DNS), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), and Remote Method Invocation
(RMI) and a filesystem.
Sound competency using EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) to ease the development of distributed,
network-enabled programs by coupling together application components that reside on the
server. This is especially useful where a large number of clients will use an application with
transaction processing, database access and resource management.
Fair competence using the Hibernate as an object-relational mapping framework for Java to
map from Java classes to database tales and from Java data types to SQL data types, hence
resolving the object-relational impedance mismatch problem.
Completed an online course on the Spring Application Framework and inversion of control
container for the Java Platform.
Acquainted with Java Application Servers, Oracle (formerly BEA) WebLogic servers, JBOSS
(now WildFly) and Glassfish Application Servers. Also well acquainted with Apache Tomcat
Web Server.


Ekaba Ononse Bisong

Operating Systems
Highly skilled working on Linux and other UNIX based operating systems.
Worked extensively on the MAC OS.
Superior experience using Windows OS.

University of Calabar, Department of Computer Science
Graduate Assistant, April 2015 present
EcoDev Konsult, Calabar, CRS
Research Assistant/ Software Developer/ Data Analyst, January 2015 present
SiliconBlast Ltd
Founder/ Software Developer, March 2014 present
Karrox Computer Education and Training Centre, Owerri, Imo State
Youth Corper, Oracle Developer/ Software Developer, November 2013 November 2014
Communications & Technology Department, Office of the Govenor, Calabar, CRS
Intern/ Software Developer, April 2012 September 2012
EcoDev Konsult, Calabar, CRS
Junior Research Assistant/ Systems Operator, March 2004 August 2011
Hard Castle Nigeria Ltd, Calabar, CRS,
Volunteer/ Trainee, September 2002 July 2009

Programming languages:
MATLAB, Java, C++, Python, R, GNU Octave, Latex
Operating Systems:

Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Web Development skills:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Joomla, WordPress

MySQL, Oracle
Big Data Framework:
Apache Spark (pySpark)
Data mining Packages:
GIS/ Spatial Analysis:
Audio/Video Editing:
Sony Vegas, Audacity


Programming in Java

Instructor, University of Calabar, January May 2016

Number of students: 150 undergraduate students
An introductory JAVA programming course. Course is designed for those with little or no
programming background, those with previous experience will still learn Java specific
constructs/ concepts as well as good software engineering principles.

Programming in C++

Instructor, University of Calabar, April July 2015

Number of students: 150 undergraduate students
An introductory course to the C++ programming language, designed for those with little or no
programming background, those with previous experience will still learn C++-specific
constructs/ concepts and good software engineering principles.

Oracle SQL Fundamentals I and II
Instructor, Karrox Computer Education and Training Centre, 2014
Number of students: 60 professional students (2 batches)

Ekaba Ononse Bisong

Professional course designed to teach the fundamentals of SQL using Oralce 11g database
technology. The concepts learnt can be applied to other databases such as Access, MySQL and
Microsoft SQL Server.

Database Design
Instructor, Karrox Computer Education and Training Centre, 2014
Number of students: 60 professional students (2 batches)
Course designed to introduce students to the basics of relational database design, from
capturing user requirements, developing a data model, normalizing the model, and adding
referential integrity constraints for data consistency.

Developing Database Application with APEX
Instructor, Karrox Computer Education and Training Centre, 2014
Number of students: 60 professional students (2 batches)
Designed and developed database web applications using Oracle Application Express (APEX).
Students worked in groups to conceptualize design and develop Oracle database web

Secretary, ICT Community Development Service (CDS), NYSC. An NYSC Community
Development Initiative to impact and educate the immediate community on the role of ICT in
the 21st century.
ICT Community Development Service (CDS) Outreach to New Laetare High School, Owerri, Imo
State, 2014. Organized a seminar with students on the importance of programming in the
society and an Introduction to Programming using Java, also encouraged the students on
academic excellence.
Coordinator, Babcock University Computer Club (BUCC) IT Seminar, 2013. Invited speakers
from industry, Nokia Nigeria and Microsoft Nigeria among others to speak to the computer
science department.
Coordinator, Babcock University Computer Club Software Exhibition, 2013. Invited students
from the computer science department and across the campus were invited to showcase their
software applications, as well as mastery in using computer applications to solve a problem
of interest.
Co-Convener, Stand Tall, Speak Out (STSO), 2013. STSO is community service initiative
convened together with Akinola Odunlade to provide a platform for young people to boldly
and confidently express themselves and to encourage leadership.
Editor-in-Chief, MouthPiece Newsletter, Babcock University, 2012/2013. MouthPiece is a
weekly newsletter published by the Heirs of the Kingdom Chapel and circulated within the
university community. The goal was to inspire and encourage young people to press- on in the
face of adversity.
Program Coordinator, Heirs of the Kingdom Chapel, Babcock University, 2012/2013. Led a
worship center on campus of over 350 students, was responsible for coordinating weekly
worship activities.

Adekunle, Y., Bisong, E., Fagbemi, O., Obuke, E., Alao, J., Maitanmi, O. (2013) Framework
Model for a Soil Suitability Decision Support System for Crop Production in Nigeria. American
Journal of Engineering Research. ISSN/EISSN: 23200936 23200847 Volume: 2 Issue: 6 Pages:


Ekaba Ononse Bisong


1. Member, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
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Ekaba Ononse Bisong