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PROGRESS DALLAS COLLECTS RECORD NUMBER OF SIGNATURES More than 217,000 signatures collected supporting Local Option Election: Progress Dallas gathers more signatures than any other Dallas referendum (Dallas, TX –May 20, 2010) Progress Dallas surpasses the 68,846 signatures needed to call a Local Option Election. Progress Dallas gathered signatures for two petitions. One petition supports allowing beer and wine sales in grocery stores and retail centers, and the other petition supports allowing alcohol sales at restaurants throughout the city- eliminating the need for a private club membership. Each petition requires 68,846 signatures to call an election. Progress Dallas has verified more than 72,000 signatures for each petition. The Dallas City Secretary now has 30 days to validate the signatures. A total of 217,777 signatures were gathered. If a person is not a registered voter in Dallas, then their signature on the petition is not valid. “By signing these petitions in record numbers, the citizens of Dallas are calling for change. It’s time to leave behind out dated laws that are not only costing our city critical tax dollars, but also denying equal access to retail opportunities to all parts of our city,” says Gary Huddleston, Progress Dallas Chairman. Signature Breakdown: 217,777- total number of signatures gathered 108,943- signatures gathered for beer/wine petition 108,834- signatures gathered for restaurant petition 68,846- signatures needed for each petition 72,404- signatures verified by Progress Dallas for each petition “This is an issue that resonates with Dallas voters. When a restaurant guest is asked to provide their driver’s license so that the private club membership number can be scanned in order to buy a glass of wine or a simple mixed drink, there is a message of over-complication that confuses and almost intimidates the consumer. The Local Option Election will bring a welcome improvement for many restaurant patrons,” Jamee Jolly, Greater Dallas Restaurant Association. By state law, passage of these propositions will not allow package liquor stores nor stand alone bars or nightclubs in the current dry sections of Dallas. It will simply be giving retailers and restaurants a level playing field across the city. ###
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