Volume IX Issue 7

S O N S O F C O N FE D E RAT E V E T E RAN S CAM P # 2 6 5




July 2016



COMMANDER’S QUOTE: “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not- you’ll find an excuse.”

Thank you, to everyone that helped make our 5th annual Civil War Relic Show a success! It was a good time, with
great people, and it made me proud to be a part of the Sons of Confederate veterans! Mr. Joel Readman will be the
speaker at our July 2, 2016 meeting. His topic will be Newt Knight and the Free State of Jones. This seemed
appropriate with the release of the new movie starring Matthew McConaughey. Remember dues ( $50.00 ) are due
by July 31. We have an excellent meeting planned. A good speaker will be in the house, we will review the Relic
Show, The Mississippi Wounded Warriors will be there to except another $500 check from us and more! So, bring
someone with you, come early, and as sure as I just had one of the best Father's Days ever, I'll probably see you at
our next meeting at Penn's in Brandon on July 2nd, 2016 at 7pm.

-Tim Cupit
Brandon H. Beck was our speaker at the June 4th meeting.
Mr. Beck has written several books on historic Civil War
battles and events, including his latest work, “Streight’s
Foiled Raid on the Western & Atlantic Railroad.” He spoke
about this book, and its story of Emma Sansom’s brief
interaction with Confederate General Nathan Bedford
Forrest that changed the course of the Civil War.
Mr. Beck is a great speaker and author whose dedication to
finding the facts and bringing these forgotten stories to light
is greatly appreciated to all those interested in American
history. We look forward to having him visit us again!

We were honored to have Jerrie Lynn Hartness of Wounded Warriors of
Mississippi, present at our June 4th meeting to receive a very LARGE check for
The money was raised from our Turkey Shoot at the 14th annual Trail of Honor,
and we know it will be used to help our Mississippi Warriors! Visit them at:

- Open with prayer at 7pm sharp
- Pledge ofAllegiance to the U.S. Flag and salutes
- Guest speaker: Joel Readman – Newt Knight and the Free State
of Jones
-Adopt minutes from June 4, 2016 meeting - need a motion,
second, discussion, vote
- Unfinished business
- Camp t-shirts are $20 - proceeds go to fund the relic show
- www.scv265.com and Camp Facebook stats
- First Thursday Coin Club meeting at Brandon library 6:30pm
- We have U.S. flag and MS flag bumper stickers available
- Events Committee report by Tal Floyd
- Relic Show report

-Any other unfinished business?
- New business
- New members
- Dues are due by July 31, 2016
- Drawing for Confederate Bond valued at $650 will
be from all paid members
- Donation presented to Wounded Warriors of Miss.
- Did everyone sign in?
- Does everyone have a door prize ticket?
- Door prizes
- Open floor
- Close with prayer at approximately 8:20pm
Please leave $1.00 tip for the crew that cleans up!

by Tom Fortenberry
I Can Sleep Through A Storm
In "Have a Little Faith" by Mitch Albom, page 93,
from a sermon by Rabbi Albert Lewis
Sam Cooke looked up from under the tractor he was fixing to
see a middle-aged, well-built man standing there quietly
waiting for him. To Sam's inquiry the man gave his name as
Bill Jeffers - his business, handyman. He was inquiring about
the "Handy Man Wanted" sign on Sam's gate.
Sam needed a helper, but he wanted to be sure he got a good
one, so he asked the stranger, "What can you do?"
The reply, "I can sleep through a storm," didn't make sense
and sounded as though the man might be a little on the
"cracked" side. Repeated questions brought on the same
answer, calm and direct, "I can sleep through a storm."
Impatiently Sam Cooke expressed his misgivings about hiring
Jeffers by telling him that there was another man applying for
the job, and to come back next Saturday to see if it was still

In the weeks that followed, Sam was to find that Bill Jeffers
was the best worker he had ever seen. Whatever needed
doing got done, and well, and both men were pleased with
the arrangement. The farmer was willing to forget that his
hired man talked a little "peculiar" when asked what he
could do.
Then one night came the storm. Lightning had been
flickering on the horizon when the went to bed, but when
Sam awoke about midnight; the storm was almost on them.
He quickly pulled on his clothes and went to the hired mans
room to wake him up so that together they could put the
farm in shape for the storm, see that the doors were closed,
the tractor covered, the livestock inside, and a number of
other things.
Pound as he might on Bill's door, there was no response,
and Sam angrily went rushing out to put the place in shape,
muttering about his stupidity in hiring a man you couldn't
waken when you needed him most, resolving to fire him in
the morning.
When Sam got to the bar, all the doors were already closed,
the tractor was indoors, the livestock was all bedded down;
everything was all set. As he slowly undressed after his
unnecessary trip around the farm in the rain, Sam Cooke at
last knew what his hired man had meant by "I can sleep
through a storm." Jeffers did his works so well, so
thoroughly that he did not need to worry in the time of
storm. He knew that everything was right.

Saturday morning Jeffers was on hand early, inquiring about
the job which he knew wasn't filled because the sign was still
up on the gate. The interview was the same as before; with "I
If we live our lives the same way, the storm times will never
can sleep through a storm" Jeffers' only answer. By this time,
Same was desperate for a helper, so he hired the man on a trial bother us, because we will be ready for them.

A panoramic view of the meeting room- it was a packed house!

CAMP MEETING - June 4, 2016
It was standing room only at the June 4th meeting! We not
only had the usual crowd, but the winner of the turkey shoot
& family came out, the Wounded Warriors of MS were
there to accept a $500 check from funds raised at the Trail of
Honor, our guest speaker Brandon H. Beck gave a great
presentation on his latest book “Streight’s Foiled Raid on
the Western & Atlantic Railroad,” and we also welcomed
our newest member to the Camp #265 family- Mr. Chester
David Peoples.
Mr. Chester David Peoples (left) receiving his certificate of

Turkey Shoot Winner!
After all the BBs stopped flying, and the cardboard target dust
settled, a winner was determined. Samuel Carraway had
snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, and emerged a
He attended the June 4th meeting with his family to be honored
in front of the entire Camp #265 family. He was reunited with his
tattered battle-weary target, given a certificate of appreciation,
presented with a letter of congratulations from the Camp
Commander himself, and burdened with the responsibility of a
crisp new $100 bill!

Trail of Honor - Turkey Shoot Winner Samuel Carraway

We are confident that he will continue to strive for perfection in
all of his future endeavors, and maybe- just maybe- return to
compete on the BB battlefield again next year!

D O N ’T F O R G E T !
Club dues are due by July 31st!
by Sid Boteler
It is amazing that, at a time when such a concerned effort is
underway to erase the role of God and faith in America's
public life, our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., is filled
with Christian religious symbols that adorn its buildings and
monuments as an abiding evidence of God's role in America's
heritage from the halls of Congress, to the monuments, to
nearly every landmark building, biblical and religious
quotations and images are inscribed and preserved as an
official testimony to the true place God has in our nation's
birth right and history.
In the House chamber is the inscription, "In God We Trust."
Also in the House chamber, above the gallery door, stands a
marble relief of Moses, surrounded by twenty-two other law
givers. At the east entrance to the Senate chamber are the
words annuit coeptis, which is Latin for "He has favored our
undertakings." The words "In God We Trust" are written over
the southern entrance.
In the Rotunda is the painting of "The Baptism of
Pocahontas" and also the Embarkation of the Pilgrims" that
shows the Pilgrims praying on shipboard led by William
Brewster. Clearly seen in an open Bible are the words "The
New Testament according to our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ. The words "God With Us" are inscribed on the sail of
the ship.

In the Capital's chapel is a stained glass window depicting
George Washington in prayer under the inscription "This
Nation Under God." Also, the prayer from Psalm 16:1 is
etched in the window, which states "Preserve me, God, for in
Thee do I put my trust."
The Supreme Court building has a number of places where
there are images of Moses with The Ten Commandments,
Moses is included among the great lawgivers in Herman
MacNeil's marble sculpture group on the east front. As you
enter the Supreme Court courtroom, the two huge doors have
the Ten Commandments engraved on each lower portion of
each door and a display of the Ten Commandments is also
engraved over the chair of the Chief Justice.
When you enter the Jefferson Memorial, you will find many
references to God. A quote that runs around the interior dome
says, "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility
against every form on tyranny over the minds of man." One of
the panels reads: "God who gave us life gave us liberty, can the
liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a
conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I
tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His
justice cannot sleep forever."
Taken from The American Patriots Bible,
The Word of God and the Shaping of America

“"Do your duty in all
things...You cannot do
more; you should
never wish to do less."
-Gen. Robert E. Lee

Various members from SCV-Camp #265, OCR-Mary Ann
Forrest Chapter, Crystal Springs Southern Rights Camp,
and The New Augusta Greys converged on the Rodney
Presbyterian Church for maintenance and cleaning.
Looking good!

Members and supporters of all ages came out to attend the
Coopers Well memorial service.

The 2016 Civil War Relic Show was a huge success! We
were glad to see old friends and new faces. The ladies
from the OCR, Mary Ann Forrest chapter were there to
help, and recruited seven new members. We have already
sold 100 tables for next year’s show! To all those who
participated, we need feedback from you on how we can
improve and make next year even better! And to everyone
who helped make our show a success- THANK YOU!!!

Mississippi Division Commander
Louis Foley and Texas Division
Commander Gary Bray visiting the
2016 Relic Show.


The Sons of Confederate Veterans
Camp #265

317 Lake Heather Road
Brandon, MS 39047

Our next meeting is July 2nd
at Penn’s in Brandon at 7:00pm.
Come early!