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Elderly are people aged 60 years and older. Being elderly is a process
gradual disappearance of network capabilities to improve or replace himself and
maintaining the structure and function normally. Setbacks structure and function
of the organ also occurs on the cardiovascular system, thus causing hypertension.
Hypertension or high blood pressure be a health problem serious, especially in the
elderly, because if unchecked will grow and lead to dangerous complications.
RW 7 is one of the RW in the Bancarkembar Villages, North District of
Purwokerto, Banyumas regency, with the number of elderly is expected 80 people.
Some elderly in RW 7 are still productive as farmers, pedicab drivers, laborers and
traders but majority are only active in the home, taking care of the grandchildren,
do housework, and some are bedridden due to illness. To improve the health of the
elderly in there has been formed Posyandu Elderly. Posyandu Elderly is the
development of government policies through health services for elderly people
health centers which operate through a program involving the participation of the
elderly, families,

community leaders






implementation. Posyandu Elderly have a program associated health education,

disease prevention and health checks such as measuring height, weighing, blood
pressure checks, blood sugar, hemoglobin and cholesterol to know early the
illness (early detection) or the threat of health problems faced, so it can be
anticipated. In addition there is also exercisers to maintain the health of elderly
people. But in practice, not all elderly people participated, only about half were
actively participating in Posyandu.
Based on posyandu report, the majority of elderly have hypertension. They
complained of dizziness, blurred vision and sleeplessness, they also always taking
hypertension medications, if not taken it will recur again. Based on observations

and interviews, the elderly with hypertension also have an unhealthy lifestyle such
as unbalanced nutrition intake, eating too much fatty foods, oily such as fried
foods, coconut milk, and too much salt, smoking, drinking too much coffee, and a
lack of exercise. They also rarely come to Posyandu, so that the blood pressure
can not be monitored routinely.
Should with a healthy lifestyle and regularly come to Posyandu to check
blood pressure, hypertension in the elderly can be anticipated that the symptoms
not always appear and reducing the use of hypertension drugs. The problem faced
is the lack of information and education about hypertension, most of them
consider a reasonable high blood pressure in old age and can only be overcome by
taking medication. Those who rarely come to posyandu reasoned the distance
from home to Posyandu quite far and no pick-up to Posyandu. Another obstacle
relates to activities such as taking care of their grandchildren, and could not leave
their jobs to those who work.
So although there has been Posyandu, elderly health in RW 7 has not been
fully observed, especially hypertension. Need awareness of the elderly themselves
to change unhealthy lifestyle, and also cooperation of many parties such as the
head of the local neighborhood, health cadres, and family to support elderly active
come to posyandu. The family has an important role in the lives of the elderly,
especially maintain a diet elderly, remind exercise, related to the utilization
posyandu such as pick-up to Posyandu and remind schedule Posyandu activities.
Family support can motivate elderly to keep healthy and exist in life, so it is
important to provide information and education to other family members too.