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To improve the entrepreneurial performance of economic actors through followings:

Assess the entrepreneurs own personal traits and qualities in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

Identify the personal entrepreneurial characteristics, and understand the theoretical framework of interpersonal communication processes.

Identify the driving motives behind entrepreneurship; prioritize their motives to become entrepreneurs.

Raise awareness of important entrepreneurial qualities and which entrepreneurial qualities they need to improve to reach ambitious goals.

Identify the basic elements to define goals, experience the difficulties in setting and achieving goals, and become aware of the necessity to operate with goals of
different time frames.

Assess the need to identify obstacles to ones goals and find ways to surmount them, set and write down the short-term goals.

Evaluate other persons' behaviors as reaction to failures, self-control under pressure situations, self-confidence and persistence.

Experiment with the dynamics of planning a task that will be carried out by others.

Develop a strategy to accomplish the assignment.

Work under time pressure.

Develop negotiation competencies.

Determine means to achieve success in the respective economies.

Raise awareness around different strategies of co-operation and competition, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to improve them.

Identify their areas of difficulties in business mathematics; know about the importance of calculating profits in business.