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More University-specific US scholarships for

international students

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Undergraduate

scholarships to study in the US at American University in Washington DC. For
international students showing leadership potential.
Brandeis University Wien International Scholarship Program Funding
opportunity for high-achieving students with an interest in student community
Clark University Global Scholars Program Scholarships of no less than $10,000
and a guaranteed $2,500 taxable stipend for a paid internship are available for
first-year international applicants.
Emory University Needs-Based Scholarship Program Funding opportunities for
international students at Emory University. Students must demonstrate financial
Harvard University Scholarships Harvard offers a good range of international
scholarships for students from all over the globe. However, competition is fierce.
Illinois State University International Awards Illinois State offers tuition waivers,
merit awards and graduate assistantships to incoming international students.
Iowa State University International Merit Scholarships Merit-based scholarship
program for high-achieving international students.
Michigan State University International Scholarships Various grants
and scholarships for international students to study in the US at MSU.
New York University Wagner International Scholarships US scholarships to
study at NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.
The Art Institutes Scholarship Program Competitions and scholarships for
international students to study at various Arts Institutes in universities across the
The New School Competition The New School offers the chance to win
international scholarships for bachelors programs in liberal arts subjects at its
campus in New York.
University of Arkansas International Scholarships Funding opportunities for
international students of varying backgrounds and nationalities.
University of Minnesota International Excellence Scholarships Two scholarships
of differing amounts allocated to international full-time students at UM.

University of Oregon International Scholarships US scholarships to study at the

University of Oregon, aimed at international students from around the world.
University of Wisconsin Superior Non-resident Tuition Waiver Program Tuition
waiver for international students demonstrating financial need at the University of
For further advice and funding opportunities, consider contacting the public
affairs department at the US embassy in the capital city of your home country.
Often an educational advisor will be on hand to provide you with funding
resources and further scholarship information.