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North Carolina Department of

Environment and Natural Resources

2009 - 2010 Inspection of

McFadyen Lake Dam
DENR ‘s Inspections REVEALED
1. Trees and Brushes Growing on Dam

Recommendation is that this type growth be

removed and a good grass cover be
established on the dam.
Vegetation on downside slope was removed and
grass established
DENR ‘s Inspections REVEALED
2. Emergency Spillway Partially Blocked
with Tree Limbs and Debris

Recommendation is removal of limbs

and debris to prevent future problems
with the operation of the dam.
Limbs and debris approximately 6 to 8 Feet High Blocking Spillway
DENR ‘s Inspections REVEALED
3. Soil Erosion Occuring on Both Upside
and Downside Slopes of Dam

Recommendation is repair of eroded

areas and establish a good grass cover
to prevent future erosion. .
DENR ‘s Inspections REVEALED
4. Animals Burrowing into Dam
(Occurring on upstream slope along water’s edge)

Recommendation is removal of the

animal, repair of existing burrowing
damage and protections of the upstream
slope from further burrowing.