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Bose~ 4(U~ Direcf/Reflecfin!l Speakers :

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Owner's Guide



Congratulations on yol,J~ purchase of Bosetl 401~ DirectfiReflectililgt' speakers. Their inte,grated system of adivanced aose techno,logi es deiliv8rn superior so und reproductioll from. a 'floorstand i ng des!g n,

For' your records

Serial numbers are located on the back of each 401 speaker.

Serial numbers: and

Dealernarne: ------- ---

Dealer phone: Purchas® d8lte: _

We sliggest you keep your sales sITp and w8Jnanrty card togethlerwi~h this owner's 'Quide.


.Wlle": to find ... -..rUltmd uctlon

'Thank yolU _ .. " _ -- ........•. , ....• ", ,,, ,,, ,,,,, ,", ,,, ,, ...• ,,,, •.... ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, , 2

IFor your records , , , ,." , , , " , , , , 2


Where to find , " , " __ ._ .. ,., , ,., , ", , , , .. _--- .. ,3

Setting Up

Before YOLJ begin .• ,. ., ", , ,., ", "",, , , " ", ", ,., , .. 4

UnpaJck ttH9 carton " , ", , , , , __ " " , , , ,. 4

Select the locations for V\Q'Llf 40 1 o1iI speakers , , " , ' " ,,, , , ,,, .. 5

Choose the cord ., ", ",., . . " , -., _ , -- -----.----- 6

Prepare the cord --- -- '" , " , " , , " 6

Make the connections , ,,,' ,,.--.-.--- ,., , _., , --- " 6

Check the connecticns ,,, ,,, ,,, ,., ,,, ,, ,, " , , ,", ,,, ,,, 7'

lest the' speakers , ." __ , ,., ,., , , " .. 7"

.Singand Mai ntain i ng Your 401 m Speake:rs

Enjoying sound in a variety of ways , "" ", ", 8

Cleaning the epeakers ",,, ,,, ,' , , ,, " ,,,., ,, .. _ .. , ,,, ,, ,,,,,8

Warranty period .. ,, , , , , , " 8

Troubleshooting ", ", "'" ' " ,,, ,., , " " ,., ,., , , 9

Customer service ". . ,._"., , , "'" ,,, ',, ,",, ,, ,,, ,,"',, ,,,. 9

Product Inform~tijon

Technical information __ ." " " , ,," 10


Bose!!) Corpcranon " ", ", ", " ,. __ .-,_--,-."" .. __ , inside back Qo"V,er


WARN'NG; • To avoid d.anger of sl.1ffocalio . . .' keep the plastic bags thatwrap these speakers out

of tn<& reach' of chiJ.dren,

Be,fore you begin

Your 401" Dfn3ctlRetl~cUng~ speakers re-createa naturall balance of reflected and ,direct

so und energy for an open, spacious perto rmancs. They an~ designed at 80se" to bring you high· q iJaJity I isteningl pleasure,

The Stereo Space,z array lneldeeach speaJk@r creates a pattern of d irocVreflooled sou nd similar to whaJt you experience at a live. concert These distinct left and riQll1t speakers also feature tuned port enclosures that contribute to their deep, rcoom-fillling bass, An advanced crossover design addis to the realism andi cleaJr definition of both rnuslcal instruments. and voices.

Your 4·01 speakers am significantly different from conventional speakers, so be sure to read this owner's gl.l ide. I:t will help you set up aUld use your speak,ers prupel'ly,. 'for the g reatast ,enjoyment.

Unpack the ciI.rfon

Carefully unpack the carton and savs all p,acking materialls for possible future use. Check the carton contents (Figure 1) .. The carton contains two 401 speakers labeled P:l!Irt 1 (left:) and Part 2. (rigll1t).

If either spesker appears damaqed, do not use them, Instea,d, repack both speakers in the orig inal carton and noti'fy your authorized 80se dealer im mediately.

NDte: Now is a good time to recora the speaker s,snaf numbers on page 2 of this guide and on your warranty card,

w;.'I'n'iRg: Each speaker weighs approximately 30 pOr)llds (13 kg). uee good lifting practice to avoid injury.

LEFT speaker

RIGHT ~paaker

Figure 1

What comes in the carlton:

• Left spaeker (~art 1) .. Right speaker (Pari: .2}

Se'eo" the location's for your 40"~

I.adh lBo!$€~ 401 "l speaker incorporates a we~ghit in tihe base of the speaker for maximum

- staoiil illy .. Placing any objeot on to p of the spea~er win make it less sbbl e .al'ild ls not recornmendled. Be sure to pli31ce you r speakers on a flat surtace,

Plaoe the left (Pari: 1) 8!nd ~ignt (P\3!tl 2) speakers on the left and rj,ghit sides of your room, as you face them. Ex~dly where you put them depends on U'le size and styl.e of your room and where youth i nk they sound best Feel free to €xperimelilt to fl nda location that is both cOHvenient and pro-vides the sound you prefer.

Here arsscrne ba-sicg LltdieifnEls. Place the speakers:

• appmximate~ 5 feet (1 . .5 m) apart .. YOIIJ can ~fi:;hieV£ileXCl'3nent results. \Mith a separation of

as rnech as q 5 fe,gt (5 m).

• from 2 to 5 feet (.6 - 1.5 m) from eachside we~t

• at least 24 inches (.,6 m) from any lV screens or monitors.

• at least 2 inches (5 em) from the, walll ben ind ~h€m.

Nof,e: Because the grilles on the' front of €l@ch speak!§w protect the drivel'S inside, we recommend that you do no: remove' the griffe-s.

RIGI-H weakar

15' ~ 1.5' tU3 -:5 mJ


For tfre most realistic sound image, make sure the ftJft speaker is ptsced on the (eft and the right speaker is on tne right side of your room, 8S yOtI tece them.


Do not use these spea.kers In a moving vehicle_

Figure 2

Placement guidelines


Never uee broken o: frayed ._ ~ wiring, which C2Ir7 result in electrical shock or,

Choose fl1'e cord

It is im portent to use the proper gauge (thickness) of speaker cord, Standard zip cord (2-conduotor,18-gauge wi re) works for most appHcations. You can 'fi rid this wi tie at most ,ef,ectric8J1 and haJrdwar~store.s,

You wiill need thliclker wi,re if your speakers will be more ttl an :30 feet (9' m) fro m ,21 r'9CeiVfllr or amplifier, Refer to the wire recommendations under "Technical information" on page 10; or contact your authorized BOise dealer for more information,

No,te: Before funning spe.;Jker cord through e wa.1f or under a floor, check your tocei building code requirements and safely regulations, You may want to contact all etecttice; installer for [llis information,

,Prepare 'Ihe cord

Spea~elr cord consists of two i nsulated wires" The i nsulation srou I1d one wi re is marked

(stri ped, collared, Or riibb9d~. This marked wire is always, posri1live (+). Thie' plain wiire is always negative, H. These wi res correspond to the red (-I-) and black H te:rminals on the speakers, and ~he receiver.

At the ends of each cord, strip approximately 1/2 inch (12 mm) of lnsulationucm both wires. T'ilViist the barre end of each wire so loose strends will not touch across terminals, Be sure to connect each wire to, title proper terminall (positive to positive .and negative to negative).

,No Ie: It is eometime« dftficuff to distinguish wir:e markings. Jnspect both wires carefully.

Malee the connections

Just press thetermin.:lll tab on the back of each speaker to insert the appropriate Wiire (Figure 3).

1. Connect one speaker cord to your right speaker

a" Attach the marked wire at one end to the red (+) terminal. b, Attach 'the plain wire at that end to the black H term inal.

2. Connect the other end of the same cord to the IRIGHT SPEAKER OUTPUT ,of y,our rooeiiver.

a. Attach the marked wim to the wed (+) terminal, b, Attach the piaJln win;l to the black H terrninsl,

3. Connect the second cord to the left speaker and LEFT SPEAKEIR OUTPUT of your receiver; Fol'low the steps in I arid .2 above.


Before making .any connections, turn off your receiver end unplug it itom the AC power (mains) outlet Not doing so may result in darnage to your system.

Figure 3

How to make tsrrnlnal ccnnsetions


Check 'tile connections

.heck to be sure am connections are made positive to. positive (+ to +) and negative to negative (- to -) (Figura 4). Miake sure that no loose strands of wire touch across terminalls. 8ridged wires can short ojrcuitand damage the i3!m p lifi~r, Tighten .any loose co rmeetlons be,ron:l you plug un the receiver and tu m iit en,


Back of recoo'6r

Completed connections


Back of RIGHT speaker

Back Of LEFT speaker

Test the spealcers

To make sure ~I'our speakers operate correctly:

1. P lacs the, sp8aJkers less than >6 ~nches (15, em) apart, facing each other,

2. Tum on your receiv€f~ Set the receiver to' IMONO (monophonic', if tlurt is, an option on

you r receiver.

8, Makle sure that alii speolel effects (such as surrouno sound) are turned off.

4. Set the baJlance control to' normal (center position).

5. Play some deep b.ass passages of music thro.ugh the speaker.

The sound should seam 'to come 'from a point between the two spsekere. The bass shlou~d be fulll and natural. ifr it is not, one o.f the connsctlons m8!Y be reversed" causing 'the speakers to pllay out of phase (refer to "Make the connectiens" on page 6).

1"0 correct the problem; make, sure alII the wires are con neeted positive to positi\l~ (-+ to' +~ and neqative to negatl\t"e (- to -}. Then repeat steps 1 throlJgh 5 aoove to re-test

the, speakers ..

Enjo,ying sound ina variery of ways

8Qse'l'! 4011" D~rect/RefIElCtiinglP)speakers!3ir€ d€s,igned to work with a vSlrliety of stereo Ireceiv,ers2ll'ild am pmiers., Ths open, spacious performance of TInese speakers

also makes them an idea~ choice tor home 'theater, or fer Iis,tElningto CD's, tapes" or radio broadcasts (Fig Ufe 5}.

Cleaning fhe, speakers

Cle8!n the surrf.ace off YO!Jr spei3ikers with a soft damp cloth, 010 not use Eiln'ly s,p:rEiiys near 'the system or aJllow I to :spUlinto any open i rigs, Also .• do, not use alFlY so,lvents, chemicals, or c~ean ing sol utlons oontairl~ng aleonol, ammon ia, or abrasives.

The speaker 91ri!~e panels require' no spedal care. You may vacuum them cawefully to ramal/a dust

W"arra'nfv period

Bose 410 ~ Di rectlRetlectinglP)s:peaker3 are cov'E'red by a. Ii mited 5-year trans1lerable warranty" Dewi Is of the cove.rage are provided on thie, warranty card that came wuth yo lIr speakers,

P lease fin out the irrllforrnatkmsectfon on your card, detach, and maJiito 8,ose.,

40'· DirnGtJR~flecting" speaJker sound path



No, sound 'from orne speaker

., Make su re the reGe~ver is pllugged in and nnned on,

_, Check to be sure the, AG power (mains} outlet is working.

• Disconnect any head phones pi ug goo lntotne headphon.fli jack . ., 1M ake sure ihe receiver [<$ not set to MUTE .

., IRefer to ~heowner's guide that came wi:th your receiver'.

• Check connections ito both the speakers and the receiver.

R.efer to '''Make the connections" on page 6" Correct any connection errors .

., msconnect the working speaker from the receiver.

., Switch the cord of the "faulty" speaker 'from ~t$ Olfiginal receiver jacks to the other sett of' jacks, (the woriking spei9ik:e~ W'aS orig inal~ attached to those jacks)"

- If the speaker now works, tIMe problem is in your receiver.

-Ilf the speaker does not work, continue below .

• ' Remove tile cord from the working speaker and connect it to the "'faulty" speaker and either set of receiver jacks.

- If the speaker now WOorkS, the problem was in the original speaker cord ..

- I'f ~he speaker does not wonk, the problem is. in the speaker;

One' speaker

.. : ' disto riled

• F,oUoviI 'the same procedure for the problem of no sound from one sp eaker, as, eutlined above"

Customer ,se,rvice'

Ilf the troubleshooting gu~delines above do not sclve your problem, contact you r aumenzed IBose'" dealer to arrange for service.To obtain inforrnation or service directly from Bose, reter to the IisUliglat the end or this guide. Bose Corporation will make everyeffort to correct any problem wlth~n the terms of your warranty .

... Adjust the, bass and tr'l3ble controls, on the receiver.

• Check the connections to make sure they are correctly in phase (+ to + and - to -). IRefer to "MakJe the connections" on page 06 ..

., Move, the speakers clos-er to er farther from the side w.alls or other soulild-Irefleoting !lard su rfaces,

Tec,hnical info'rmation


lOirectIReftecti nge speaker design

Stenilo Space'" array

Dual Frequ:emcyTM crossover network Automatic tweeter protection ci rculitry Synoomlt computer quality control cwmplemenf

Two (2) 6,,5 inch (16.6 em) long excursion Digital Dynamic Ran,ge~ woofe-rs

One (1} 2-inch (50.1 em) high~sef'ls,itivity tweeter


Go:mp6ltibf.e wuth am pi ifiers alld receivers rated from 1 0 to 200 watts, per channel, Rated 4 to S. ohms.

Woo recom~fions


1,8 (0.75 mrrf) 30 ft (9 m} maximum

16 (1.5 mm~ 14 (2.0 mml


Series-connected 2'A tast-btow fuse recommended

45 ft (u 4 m) maximum

70 ft (21 m) maxim urn


Viinyll veneer finish


Speaker. 29,6"H x 11.1"'W x 11.1 "D (75 x 28 x 28 cm)

Speaker p8ii~: 57 Ib (26 kg)




_I Bose Corporation,. The Mountain Framingham, MA 01701-9168 1-800-36 7 ~400S

Phone hours m ET ((il(ll$tem 'time): \Neekdays9 81. m. to S p .. m .. Sa~turdQYs 9 a.m, to 3 p.rn,


Bose S. pA, Vi,a tu igi Cap uocl, 12 00147 Roma

TEL 06~5 1270641 FAX 06-541541-38


Bose Ltd." 1 -35 lEast Beaver Creek Road Richmond HnII, Ontario L4B 183 1-800~444-BnSE (1-800-444-2,673) Phone hours = ET {~astern time}:

WeekdSiYs 9 a.rn. to 5 p.m,


Bose KK, ShibuyaYT Bu i ldiin 9 28-3 Maruyama-clio Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150

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European Office BOIse B. V., Nijvertl Eli dstraat 8- 1135, G E Edam, Nederland

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Bose Allstrallia, ~ nc, 1 Sorrel~ Street Parrsrnatta, N.S W .. 21.50

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IBose AlS, Solheim$gate i 1 IN-20m, tlllestram

TEL 63-817380 FAX 63-81Q819


Bose Ges. rn, b. H., Vienna Business !Park Wienerbergstrasse '7 (iO.OG)

/11-1100 Vienna

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Bose N.Y., Limeswegl2, 13·-37000 Tonqeren

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Bose GmbH, Max-Planck-Sural3e 3,6d D-'611381 F'ri:edrichsdotf

TEL 061172-71040 FAX 06,172'-710419


80se NS, BllaJnd~sMsgatarn 2D 8-43146 Mol ndal

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!Bose S,A., '6, rue Saint Vincent 78100 Saint Germain en Lays

TEL 01-306 il6G.6~J, FAX 01 -306141 05

United Kingdom

Bose Limited, Unit G2

Trinity Trading Estate SittinglbOl,Jme, IKent MEl 0 2PD

TEL ot 795-4 7534 ~ FAX 01795,-427.227


Bose Corporation I ndla Private Um lted W -16, GreaJter Kailash-II

New Delhi 110 048

TEL (011) 648 4462 fAX (011» 648 4463


180se Corporation Carlriokmacross, GOo Monaghan

TEL 042·6U188 FAX 042-6,1998

From ·other locations

B,ose Customer Service, 1 New York. Ave, Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA

TEL, (508) 766-1900 FAX (508) 766-191 9

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