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Hey folks! Welcome to FINALE CHAT!!!!

17:45 LexieRobbins[Alexa] Hi Guys! <3

17:45 djrach aloha

17:45 LexieRobbins[Alexa] =]

17:45 Darsfebruary I have a feeling it's going to be crowded in here tonight ;)

17:45 LexieRobbins[Alexa] Me too!

17:45 djrach Thats why I got my seat early.

17:45 LexieRobbins[Alexa] Hey is there a link for streaming?

17:45 djrach Freakin hope so

17:45 LexieRobbins[Alexa] Me too! TV Broke!

17:46 djrach Different country!

17:46 LexieRobbins[Alexa] Aww man!

17:46 Mel Hi everyone! :)

17:47 sweetbalm yo

17:47 McPerkyTorres Hi guys!

17:47 sea_of_roses hello

17:47 LexieRobbins[Alexa] Hey yall!!!!! =]

17:47 redsugarontop

17:47 savache27 hi

17:47 redsugarontop i think that's it

17:47 equinoxhkr anyone else a little mad they're not gonna address last weeks hot elevator

17:47 redsugarontop if it is someone can post it in the comments

17:49 djrach is that guy voldemort?

17:49 LexieRobbins[Alexa] I am so pumped!

17:49 LexieRobbins[Alexa] =]

17:50 Doom_Kitteh the one time I won't miss the first 5min and I've already seen it, go figure lol

17:50 LexieRobbins[Alexa] lol aww haha

17:50 savache27 me too Lexie

17:50 LexieRobbins[Alexa] =]

17:50 savache27 I've been psyched all freakin day

17:50 mak62184 i'm actually nervous all around

17:50 savache27 me too

17:50 Darsfebruary I'm self-medicated with chocolate.

17:50 Doom_Kitteh o:

17:50 sweetbalm i'm trying to finish my LAST 6x22 icon so i can get them posted before 9. lol
talk about last minute....

17:50 mak62184 i guess the preview didn't hit me until today

17:51 LexieRobbins[Alexa] real nice lol chocolate cures the soul

17:51 djrach I see your chocolate and raise you beer, chips, oreos and snakes!

17:51 Darsfebruary snakes.

17:51 savache27 snakes?

17:51 sea_of_roses OOO oreos, that would have been a brilliant idea

17:51 LexieRobbins[Alexa] snakes????

17:51 Darsfebruary you do this just to make us ask.

17:51 djrach lollies!

17:51 Doom_Kitteh I have... watermelon? lol

17:51 savache27 oh

17:51 djrach It's true Dars, I get kicks out of it.

17:51 wolfie259 yo ho yo ho

17:51 savache27 at least it wasn't spiders

17:51 LexieRobbins[Alexa] out of snakes????

17:52 LexieRobbins[Alexa] lol

17:52 strandedinaber (Gem) evening all!

17:52 djrach But really how am I meant to know what you call different things in your weird ass

17:52 Doom_Kitteh hiya

17:52 savache27 hello

17:52 savache27 wait? who's country is weird?

17:53 djrach Me no speaky americano

17:53 savache27 lol

17:53 Doom_Kitteh neat preview

17:53 jeepy91 sigh, this last 7 minutes is gonna drag

17:53 wolfie259 wow, preview for tonight's grey's is so intense

17:53 palex_4_ever gah so nervous!!

17:53 savache27 this whole day has been dragging

17:54 LexieRobbins[Alexa] omcfg i just thought the same thing

17:54 mak62184 up until 3pm for me flew by

17:54 sea_of_roses I'm killin the time with an old grey's ep on lifetime

17:54 atlashrugg good evening all...welcome to the day you've all waited for... :)
17:54 wolfie259 every five seconds i've been checking this site, thinking that it might make 9
come faster

17:54 djrach lol that last pic of sara is kinda awesome

17:55 wolfie259 which?

17:55 mak62184 twitter

17:56 zla 4 minutes

17:56 LexieRobbins[Alexa] longest minutes of my life ! lol

17:56 sweetbalm this is my first grey's in my new apartment :)

17:56 Elyima I'm PROUD of those finds :)

17:56 zla lol i know

17:56 djrach I'm pretty excited that I dont have to keep looking over my shoulder trying to watch
and not get in trouble at work.

17:57 Doom_Kitteh lol

17:57 wolfie259 @elyima which finds are you speaking of?

17:57 atlashrugg 3 minutes!!!

17:57 Doom_Kitteh I'm at work xD

17:57 djrach Twitter wolfie

17:57 MelWicked OMG i cant wait :D

17:57 Elyima yeah, the twitter pics

17:57 wolfie259 i know, can't find them

17:57 sweetbalm oh oops i should have emptied the dryer BEFORE 8:57, huh?

17:57 Doom_Kitteh lol

17:58 superbutterfly7 Hello everyone! :P

17:58 Darsfebruary

17:58 Doom_Kitteh hi

17:58 Elyima heh...nice Dars

17:58 Doom_Kitteh nice

17:58 Darsfebruary

17:58 jeepy91 sigh, nice dars, now THAT image is never gonna get outta my head lol

17:58 Darsfebruary

17:59 Darsfebruary Elyima found them. I just use them to manipulate people into following us
on twitter.

17:59 wolfie259 oh my dios

17:59 superbutterfly7 I definitely just blew off my friends to watch grey's haha

17:59 Elyima :D

17:59 djrach Oh i like this song

17:59 wolfie259 who is that dancing with our sara?

17:59 wolfie259 i want to be herrrrrrrrrrrr so bad

18:00 Elyima there's other people in those pics!?!

18:00 wolfie259 hahaha

18:00 MelWicked is it bad that i forgot grey's was on tonight?

18:00 savache27 it's on!

18:00 wolfie259 it's on

18:00 LexieRobbins[Alexa] ahhhhh 8 5 9 !

18:00 MelWicked :/

18:00 Elyima's disclaimered for violence

18:00 atlashrugg here we go

18:00 djrach i got distracted by the huge amounts of side on skin

18:00 Darsfebruary anybody else get the violent content warning?

18:00 Doom_Kitteh o:

18:00 LexieRobbins[Alexa] i did dars!

18:00 savache27 yep

18:00 Doom_Kitteh t=yaaaaay

18:00 mak62184 yes

18:00 savache27 I did

18:00 sea_of_roses I did too

18:00 jeepy91 yay! Of course I've seen the first tenminutes lol

18:00 palex_4_ever eee yeah

18:00 savache27 lol, me too

18:00 strandedinaber (Gem) yay

18:00 wolfie259 it's going to ruin our delicate constitutions

18:00 sayitagain11 omg i'm SO excited. i's on!

18:00 zla yay

18:00 Doom_Kitteh I will just eat my watermelon until I need to pay attention

18:01 Darsfebruary Who's this singing? Ane Brun?

18:01 Elyima If you have seen the first 10 minutes, no spoiling for those who held out...

18:01 superbutterfly7 aww Callie.

18:01 MelWicked why do i need the bathroom now!!!

18:01 Doom_Kitteh xD

18:01 wolfie259 she's so beautiful when she's crying

18:01 sweetbalm crying callie is hot

18:01 jeepy91 i love these two together lol

18:01 equinoxhkr SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO very happy i live on the EAST coast!!

18:01 djrach so hot

18:01 savache27 lol, that's just funny

18:01 sweetbalm i like this song

18:02 atlashrugg we're on pins and needles here in my household

18:02 djrach They didnt stick the pregnant sticker on very straight

18:02 Doom_Kitteh lmao

18:02 Darsfebruary i think it's ane brun, sweetbalm

18:02 savache27 hahaha

18:02 wolfie259 true djrach

18:02 equinoxhkr LOVE xtina

18:02 superbutterfly7 I love this Meredith/Cristina thing

18:02 sweetbalm it's pretty / slightly creepy

18:02 Doom_Kitteh I like creepy songs... I dunno why D:

18:02 wolfie259 cristina is amazing

18:03 LexieRobbins[Alexa] lol at xtina

18:03 sweetbalm i really heart ristina right now

18:03 jeepy91 aww, I love them lol

18:03 sweetbalm *cristina

18:03 equinoxhkr LOVE them

18:03 mak62184 i like them better when they are dark and twisty

18:03 wolfie259 arizona!

18:03 djrach i loved that conversation

18:03 superbutterfly7 "you have a very angry appendix" loved that

18:03 LexieRobbins[Alexa] ari is amazing to look at yum lol

18:03 jeepy91 i feel like I've seen that little girl's mom from somewhere

18:03 equinoxhkr ps ive had tooooo much beer tonight to not talk to yall..

18:04 equinoxhkr first timer.

18:04 strandedinaber (Gem) livestream's about a minute behind I think :S

18:04 atlashrugg Perky, are we AZ

18:04 Elyima welcome!

18:04 sweetbalm this is the arizona i love/miss (even though she's totally hiding how she really

18:04 Darsfebruary i believe the last appendix lexie took out was...sadie's?

18:04 strandedinaber (Gem) when epic stuff goes down this is gonna be bad!

18:04 Elyima glad you got a feed Gem

18:04 wolfie259 Lexie should be a pro by now

18:04 strandedinaber (Gem) I did :D

18:04 equinoxhkr how'd teddy find out?

18:04 LexieRobbins[Alexa] lol

18:04 sea_of_roses i think you are correct dars

18:05 LexieRobbins[Alexa] she heard him say it

18:05 Doom_Kitteh I like Owen, and then I hate Owen

18:05 equinoxhkr ps.. dr. it

18:05 djrach I like it when they wear scrubs without their lab coats.
18:05 superbutterfly7 i'm a consistent owen hater

18:05 allforthemusic My sister and I are letting the DVR get ahead so we can skip the
commercials (and I'm letting her nap a little bit longer), but it's going to be interesting reading
the comments and not seeing what's happening.

18:05 LexieRobbins[Alexa] i love owen

18:05 LexieRobbins[Alexa] love mandy]

18:05 Doom_Kitteh love this part lol

18:05 neby hey everyone first timer!

18:06 Doom_Kitteh welcome! ..

18:06 wolfie259 hey

18:06 savache27 hi!

18:06 djrach That is Smith from Cougar Town right?

18:06 Elyima Hey "GUESTS"change your nicknames or hit the road please!

18:06 starbuck_river I love Mandy Moore

18:06 starbuck_river she's adorable

18:06 atlashrugg If anything happens to bailey, I'm never watching again...and I mean it

18:06 strandedinaber (Gem) she is

18:06 equinoxhkr percy gay?

18:06 LexieRobbins[Alexa] she is =]

18:06 sweetbalm mandy moore totally reminds me of someone i know here

18:06 Doom_Kitteh hit he road jack and odn'tcha come back no mooore...

18:06 Doom_Kitteh woo can't type

18:06 jeepy91 tyler is totally gonna get it, when was the last time he popped up

18:06 Doom_Kitteh he's kind of a random character in the first place

18:07 allforthemusic I agree, George was barely there for most of season 5, and then BAM. Hit
by a bus.

18:07 neby that's true

18:07 atlashrugg yeah, but tyler has been on the show from the beginning

18:07 mak62184 but they can't kill everyone off

18:07 sweetbalm who is tyler

18:07 strandedinaber (Gem) they can't kill AZ/Call

18:07 strandedinaber (Gem) the rest we can negotiate

18:07 equinoxhkr hey DARS, LOOOOOVE your tweet pics!!!!!

18:07 jeepy91 yep, there goes tyler lol

18:08 sweetbalm who the heck is tyler??

18:08 mak62184 tyler is the nurse who appears every once in awhile

18:08 atlashrugg here it comes

18:08 savache27 lol

18:08 kerigan_smh arg i cannot watch that

18:08 sweetbalm oh haha

18:08 Doom_Kitteh come ooon commercials! I have to go work for a few minutes! XD

18:08 atlashrugg i'm not looking up, i've already seen it

18:08 equinoxhkr booooooooom!!!

18:08 sweetbalm who actually says that? "it's doctor."

18:08 superbutterfly7 omg

18:08 savache27 YAY!!!

18:08 palex_4_ever ditto on the can't watch

18:08 wolfie259 holy god

18:08 equinoxhkr bamb

18:08 equinoxhkr oh ****

18:08 savache27 that sucked

18:08 superbutterfly7 I can't... even... fathom that that just happened

18:08 djrach Bye bye tinkerbell

18:08 jeepy91 ok, I think that's enough of bloody reed

18:08 atlashrugg lol

18:08 wild_by_nature oh.

18:08 wild_by_nature my.

18:08 wild_by_nature god

18:08 guest522222

18:08 Darsfebruary Was the oozing blood pool really necessary?

18:08 mak62184 i hope alex will be okay

18:09 sayitagain11 jeez!

18:09 wild_by_nature and hi

18:09 Doom_Kitteh of course it was

18:09 superbutterfly7 dude totally necessary

18:09 mak62184 yes it was

18:09 savache27 they must have gotten word how much Tink was hated

18:09 MelWicked oh my god.....

18:09 neby i hated Reed's character

18:09 mak62184 me too

18:09 wolfie259 i know she was annoying, but really...

18:09 zla me too

18:09 djrach Dude was a good shot

18:09 zla she didnt had chance

18:09 kerigan_smh could have justshot her in the chest or something ugh

18:09 superbutterfly7 dude. no one shot. donezo.

18:10 atlashrugg does anyone have a prediction for shadow shepherd?

18:10 mak62184 but now we know she can't come back, unless she makes a denny appearance

18:10 superbutterfly7 he meant business

18:10 Jeangenie one mercy wester down

18:10 djrach yet only shot alex in the side

18:10 sayitagain11 please no denny-like appearances

18:10 zla now hes gonna go crazy and start to shoot everybody

18:10 superbutterfly7 yeah, but he probably has a collapsed lung

18:10 kerigan_smh probably because she was rude to him

18:10 atlashrugg no one has a prediction for shadow shepherd? mmmm

18:10 neby the only mercy west character I like is Avery

18:10 savache27 me too

18:10 wolfie259 ugh, i hate avery

18:11 _untilforever morning guys!

18:11 djrach I hope Suzy Pepper cops it.

18:11 wolfie259 he's got the whole pretty boy attitude

18:11 atlashrugg suzy pepper?

18:11 Elyima _untilforever!yay!!!!

18:11 sweetbalm oh GOD

18:11 savache27 geez

18:11 superbutterfly7 dude. he's really bleedin

18:11 jeepy91 oh boyyy

18:11 mak62184 crap

18:11 palex_4_ever i was hoping she would be the shooter

18:11 ackat damn

18:11 atlashrugg holy crap

18:11 superbutterfly7 definitely collapsed lung

18:11 djrach april i think her name is

18:11 sweetbalm yeah this is bad

18:11 kerigan_smh wtf no one is the floor ?

18:11 starbuck_river Alex is a badass

18:11 jeepy91 how have they not heard the gunshot

18:11 mak62184 looked like an empty area

18:11 Elyima that's a good observation jeepy

18:11 savache27 they are all very self involved

18:11 sweetbalm big hospital

18:12 jeepy91 that kind of thing echoes though

18:12 sweetbalm i dont know, i have no good answer

18:12 Elyima Reed had patients in the next room, didn't she?

18:12 superbutterfly7 true, but we didn't see the reaction of the rest of the floor

18:12 superbutterfly7 they might've heard it, we don't know

18:12 equinoxhkr i cant take thiss

18:12 equinoxhkr ughhhhhh

18:12 atlashrugg a gunshot is REALLY loud, why didn't anyone else hear that

18:13 superbutterfly7 we don't know they didn't!

18:13 sweetbalm is owen tryin to make it up to her now

18:13 atlashrugg true

18:13 jeepy91 wow, I can't believe how much I can't stand owen lol

18:13 bp8 did the gun have a silincer?

18:13 wolfie259 actually, in most cases, people think it sounds like a pop

18:13 starbuck_river owen is ****ing me off lately

18:13 atlashrugg no BP

18:13 djrach oh shutdown owne

18:13 wolfie259 from a distance

18:13 equinoxhkr i do love merfer

18:13 djrach *owen

18:13 strandedinaber (Gem) back!

18:13 strandedinaber (Gem) chat bumped me

18:13 savache27 omg, I hope these ppl are never operating on me

18:13 equinoxhkr der*

18:13 sweetbalm welcome back!

18:13 savache27 lol

18:13 superbutterfly7 broke her nose.

18:13 wild_by_nature neep

18:13 wolfie259 oh, ew

18:13 ackat oh god

18:13 strandedinaber (Gem) Owen, answer her you ***!

18:13 atlashrugg oops

18:13 Jeangenie are you guys a few seconds ahead?

18:13 jeepy91 oh god, this is SO gory

18:13 neby wow

18:13 sweetbalm yuckkkkkk

18:14 strandedinaber (Gem) oh god

18:14 sweetbalm did she just STEP OVER HER

18:14 strandedinaber (Gem) oh god oh god Rpril

18:14 atlashrugg dear god

18:14 jeepy91 but everyone called april being in the navy scrubs for a reason

18:14 superbutterfly7 dude. thath would be so traumatizing

18:14 Elyima We are at capacity for the chat, if you are logged in as a guest, please change your
username or get out.

18:14 savache27 something is wrong with me because I was totally laughing when she slipped

18:14 equinoxhkr daaaang it

18:14 equinoxhkr ahahaha

18:14 Jeangenie omg spit it out

18:14 jeepy91 omg spit it out already

18:14 Jeangenie tell derek

18:14 Elyima Whoa. She's cracking UP!

18:14 starbuck_river say it!!!

18:14 savache27 he should slap her

18:14 superbutterfly7 she's traumatized though

18:14 atlashrugg april ****ing talk

18:14 equinoxhkr oh crap

18:14 sweetbalm this is called shock

18:14 mak62184 it is hard to talk if you saw that

18:14 equinoxhkr scrwqee

18:15 Doom_Kitteh oj snap what'd I miss o.o

18:15 equinoxhkr scrwed*

18:15 starbuck_river I can't even imagine

18:15 equinoxhkr damn cant type

18:15 wolfie259 what happened to alex

18:15 savache27 omg

18:15 Jeangenie that's what i wanna know

18:15 Elyima Cristina is in the elevator with him!

18:15 Jeangenie nooo not yang

18:15 superbutterfly7 dude. if he shoots yang. i'm gonna be hella upset

18:15 starbuck_river oh no

18:15 djrach oh my god

18:15 atlashrugg NO...NO

18:15 savache27 thank god she's giving him directions

18:15 strandedinaber (Gem) Get OUT of the elevator

18:15 Jeangenie oh man

18:15 sweetbalm yeah

18:15 jeepy91 and this is why cristina is still alive

18:15 Jeangenie she has no idea

18:15 wild_by_nature oh ****

18:15 atlashrugg don't hurt her

18:15 wolfie259 oh, she's going to feel SO guilty after

18:15 sweetbalm i'm like holding my breath

18:15 djrach she's being nice to him

18:15 mak62184 he is creepy

18:15 Elyima Thank goodness she wasn't short with him.

18:15 Jeangenie look at his face

18:16 sweetbalm longest elevator ride ever

18:16 Jeangenie hes debating

18:16 savache27 whew

18:16 Jeangenie weow

18:16 atlashrugg whewww

18:16 atlashrugg

18:16 djrach the one time cristina is nice to a random and it saved her life

18:16 atlashrugg this is KILLING ME

18:16 starbuck_river bastard!

18:16 sweetbalm why wasnt the elevator ride that long when callie and arizona were kissing last

18:16 jeepy91 god, this is why I'm so glad I'm nice to our lost visitors
18:16 zla this is so intense

18:16 jeepy91 lol

18:16 equinoxhkr how come all the elevator background are dark cept when callie and az make
out its white?

18:16 brokkie87 o my that was tense in the elevator

18:16 strandedinaber (Gem) different elevator

18:16 allforthemusic Okay never mind, I can't read this while not watching! Enjoy, and I'm
sending everybody "it's okay, it's just pretend" hugs for when it gets too scary!

18:16 atlashrugg please find

18:16 neby wow. she was nice and didn't get shot

18:16 zla i dont know i wasn paying attention to the wall

18:17 wolfie259 because calzona makeout time is heavenly

18:17 equinoxhkr true

18:17 brokkie87 have a good day... well cristina will feel very guilty and mer may even blame
her when der gets shot

18:17 djrach Pluggers!!!!!!!!!!

18:17 Doom_Kitteh lol why did a nurse just randomly hug me after acusing me of scowering her
chart... wtf

18:17 palex_4_ever i can't even hold my chopsticksmy hands are shaking so bad

18:17 superbutterfly7 haha doom

18:17 MelWicked why are there so many adverts on american TV shows?

18:17 Doom_Kitteh cuz they like money

18:17 superbutterfly7 cause we're capitalist pigs who love to spend tons of money

18:17 mak62184 exactly

18:17 kerigan_smh shooterdude probably only has so much ammo left and why on earth
wouldhe shoot her inside an elevator. AS soon as they reach a floor they'll be surrounded

18:17 Doom_Kitteh I say "they" like I don't live here or something

18:17 Jeangenie this is america what do you expect

18:17 superbutterfly7 he probably has an extra clip

18:18 Eve_JO evening all

18:18 Doom_Kitteh there's a good 15+ rounds in some of those guns

18:18 strandedinaber (Gem) so 2 down, 13 to go

18:18 superbutterfly7 definitely

18:18 kerigan_smh true but he cant draw too much attention on himself untilhe reaches the chief

18:18 atlashrugg I hope when season 6 goes on DVD, Shonda puts the 14 minutes back in the

18:18 superbutterfly7 she even mentioned they would be dvd extras

18:18 Eve_JO h my god i was so glad he did not shot christina

18:18 MelWicked haha may be alot of adverts but atleast you make good tv :) lol

18:18 jeepy91 agreed, we need those missing 14 minutes

18:18 Eve_JO i am sure they will

18:19 Doom_Kitteh well, that's assuming they don't cancel half the good TV

18:19 djrach American fast food looks horrible.

18:19 Elyima that would be a nice DVD bonus...guess we'll see in September

18:19 Doom_Kitteh because it is horrible :D

18:19 starbuck_river that is a cute dog

18:19 zla did you think that one of our girls are gonna get shoot?

18:19 neby i hate commericals

18:19 strandedinaber (Gem) so how long do we reckon they'll drag out finding Alex? :S

18:19 superbutterfly7 why hasn't anyone found him!?

18:19 equinoxhkr herer we go

18:19 jeepy91 oh wow, and I don't even like alex

18:19 brokkie87 well dutch food isn't good either. trust me ;)

18:19 Doom_Kitteh blooooody

18:20 strandedinaber (Gem) OMG that's a lot of blood

18:20 superbutterfly7 oh. she's gonna get dead.

18:20 sweetbalm i actually feel really bad for april

18:20 superbutterfly7 me too

18:20 atlashrugg i feel bad for her too

18:20 equinoxhkr i do too

18:20 kerigan_smh oooh no

18:20 kerigan_smh April alone in the office

18:20 jeepy91 what if you get shot, wow, foreshadow much?

18:20 Jeangenie calzona!

18:20 wolfie259 arizona was totes staring

18:20 mak62184 that is a stupid place for her to be b/c of the glass

18:20 superbutterfly7 definitely

18:21 strandedinaber (Gem) oh yay, Az looks sad

18:21 superbutterfly7 oh. arizona is definitely acting like head of peds. i like it

18:21 starbuck_river lol Callie

18:21 jeepy91 in charge ari is HOT

18:21 sweetbalm the makers of the tiny humans

18:21 kerigan_smh the "makers" ahahahah

18:21 Elyima Arizona takin care of business :)

18:21 equinoxhkr awwwwwwww

18:21 Doom_Kitteh aaahhh why did someone just knock, go away I'm busy!

18:21 wolfie259 uh oh, husband is going down

18:21 strandedinaber (Gem) do not alarm the makers of the tiny humans

18:21 strandedinaber (Gem) ha

18:21 brokkie87 ****ed of callie YAY!

18:21 strandedinaber (Gem) Callie, dont be a ***

18:21 Doom_Kitteh but she's hot that way... lol

18:22 djrach Right!

18:22 brokkie87 I know!

18:22 strandedinaber (Gem) but she's meeeean :(

18:22 strandedinaber (Gem) hurt and sad and hot

18:22 brokkie87 and entitled to it

18:22 superbutterfly7 oh. shonda just tweeted about arizona. haha best ever

18:22 strandedinaber (Gem) what'd she say?

18:22 Darsfebruary Shonda's tweeting lines as the ep airs!

18:22 atlashrugg what was the tweet

18:22 Darsfebruary Just tweeted "Do not alarm the makers of the tiny humans."

18:22 Darsfebruary She has a gay crush on AZ.

18:22 Darsfebruary Obv.

18:22 Elyima Shonda rocks so hard.

18:22 djrach She's peaking about the response for this ep

18:22 starbuck_river who wouldn't?

18:22 superbutterfly7 Wow owen. ******** much

18:23 atlashrugg ok, owen can get shot

18:23 jeepy91 ok, this is making me nervous, working in a hospital and all

18:23 Darsfebruary Well, this is the first ep she wrote in...a really, really long time.

18:23 Doom_Kitteh serious;ly lol

18:23 equinoxhkr HOW the HECK did my mother just call me?!

18:23 Darsfebruary The premiere, I think.

18:23 Elyima I was thinking about that

18:23 Jeangenie oh noooo meredith 'axe murderer would be fun!'

18:23 strandedinaber (Gem) someone find Alex already!

18:23 neby someone better find Alex

18:23 Doom_Kitteh We had an incident kind of like this a few weeks ago sorta....

18:23 Elyima Yeah, the premiere.

18:23 atlashrugg thank you strand~!!!

18:23 mak62184 cristina just made me laugh about the peeing over a stick being special

18:24 Doom_Kitteh lol

18:24 Jeangenie same mak

18:24 sweetbalm awww that was cute

18:24 Elyima That's awesome

18:24 starbuck_river I love Cristina

18:24 Elyima "I broke up with Owen"..."Ok, c'mon"

18:24 jeepy91 this must be the shot from the promo?

18:24 sweetbalm holy crap.

18:24 djrach I love those 2

18:24 superbutterfly7 **** has officially hit the fan

18:24 kerigan_smh holy cow

18:24 wolfie259 aww, mark...

18:24 sweetbalm theyre gonna find alex

18:24 Elyima awwww Lexie

18:25 equinoxhkr aw so sad

18:25 Jeangenie here's alex

18:25 equinoxhkr omg

18:25 djrach pretty sure she's a gonner

18:25 neby wpw

18:25 strandedinaber (Gem) omg

18:25 atlashrugg get in there and save him!!!

18:25 neby omg

18:25 Darsfebruary He looks too pink to be dead, do not worry.

18:25 wolfie259 wasn't there a commercial, like, 5 seconds ago?

18:25 jeepy91 of all people to find him lol

18:25 sweetbalm you guys. this is GOOD.

18:25 Doom_Kitteh woooow

18:25 starbuck_river finally!

18:25 brokkie87 aaaaa alex

18:25 kerigan_smh shooterdude is a DAMN SHARP SHOOTER

18:25 sea_of_roses I don't know if I can handle this

18:25 strandedinaber (Gem) go helop him

18:25 Darsfebruary He's just napping on the elevator floor.

18:25 sayitagain11 OMG. and why all the dang commercials?

18:25 djrach holy crap on a cracker

18:25 brokkie87 and btw that was numer three for those who are counting

18:25 equinoxhkr holy

18:25 equinoxhkr omg

18:25 Doom_Kitteh to make the suspense that much more irritating

18:25 equinoxhkr dgsijonsfnjrsnher;\

18:25 djrach this episode is ****ing epic

18:25 MelWicked i dont wanna watch it but i do.... urrgghhh

18:26 strandedinaber (Gem) I'm gonna be scared to go to sleep after this ep!

18:26 sweetbalm anyone else biting their nails and fingers down to the bone, or is that just me?

18:26 Elyima Kill count is at 2 so far...

18:26 kerigan_smh me too sweetbalm

18:26 djrach Me to sweet

18:26 strandedinaber (Gem) me too

18:26 Doom_Kitteh I have gum to keep my teeth busy lol

18:26 Jeangenie 2 kills 1 ninjured

18:26 Elyima How many will die?

18:26 kerigan_smh i actually fear for April

18:26 Doom_Kitteh 5!

18:26 Jeangenie poor april

18:26 brokkie87 ow right alex won't die

18:26 Doom_Kitteh random number go

18:26 mak62184 i think i will not sleep tonight, just like last year's finale

18:26 djrach im a hand biter from way back... this is not good for my hands.

18:26 jeepy91 i had the shot total at 5, guessing, already up to 3

18:26 djrach he's used 4 bullets

18:27 Doom_Kitteh what I'm wondering

18:27 bp8 my cable cut out after derek went ot tell owen about the lock down, did i miss
anything good?

18:27 strandedinaber (Gem) the police are epic fail in this ep, btw

18:27 jeepy91 but it's not a revolver, how many does a clip hold in an automatic?

18:27 Elyima Iwas thinking about the bullet count too

18:27 Doom_Kitteh is where the hell the security is

18:27 Elyima will it click on the 7th?

18:27 djrach like 20 something?

18:27 bexamillion didn't he use like 2 bullets just now though?

18:27 superbutterfly7 10-15 i think

18:27 sayitagain11 security went with the budget cuts

18:27 wolfie259 in ny anything over 14 is illegal

18:27 atlashrugg It's a Beretta 92FS. It carries 17 in the magazine and one in the chamber for a
total of 18
18:27 djrach yeah reed, alex and 2 for nurse

18:27 Doom_Kitteh he has plenty of ammo lol

18:28 Elyima a lot of people could die. Got it.

18:28 Doom_Kitteh but seriosuly the cops? where?

18:28 djrach He seems to be a good shot

18:28 superbutterfly7 holy crap atlas!

18:28 atlashrugg Wolf, only in California

18:28 atlashrugg Super, it's a wicked gun

18:28 wolfie259 oh

18:28 superbutterfly7 definitley

18:28 atlashrugg Super, our military uses it

18:28 Elyima Cops had to make sure they make enough noise to get Webber interested.

18:28 cali2ak just a little scared how much people know about guns and ammo.

18:28 Doom_Kitteh lol

18:29 superbutterfly7 ahh. well it has to be bad ass then i guess? haha

18:29 atlashrugg Cali, I teach firearms safety

18:29 strandedinaber (Gem) is he ex-military, do we know? he's a good shot

18:29 jeepy91 i feel bad for webber

18:29 brokkie87 yeah me too

18:29 djrach the cavalry!

18:29 brokkie87 it is his hospital choef or no chief

18:29 cali2ak that makes sense. i live in the land of guns, but know nothing.

18:29 superbutterfly7 dude. for real

18:29 equinoxhkr agreed

18:29 jeepy91 dude, your guys DON'T havwe it lol

18:29 wolfie259 nice cop. he seems sweet

18:29 sweetbalm awwww

18:29 sweetbalm i love mandy moore's husband already

18:29 strandedinaber (Gem) poor Webber

18:29 djrach I think that cop is an australian guy

18:30 superbutterfly7 aww poor alex...

18:30 atlashrugg yay, mark

18:30 starbuck_river yay husband being outside

18:30 Doom_Kitteh oh good he's outside

18:30 kicks_316 Arrgh. Streaming isn't working for me.

18:30 mak62184 this is going to teach lexie to be tougher, i believe

18:30 Jeangenie alex is so angry

18:30 Doom_Kitteh sure hope so

18:30 sweetbalm this is going to make callie change her mind about wanting kids LOL

18:30 wolfie259 smart callie

18:30 jeepy91 when have we last seen the other doc? He's so gonna get it too

18:30 superbutterfly7 probs

18:31 equinoxhkr love it

18:31 sweetbalm so much for infection control!

18:31 kerigan_smh lolz at the twisted sister not noticing anything odd

18:31 Jeangenie are meredith and christina on a floor by themselveS??

18:31 breezie_11 meredith and cristina don't even realize whats going on...

18:31 sweetbalm i don't like mer and cris walking around by themselves

18:31 equinoxhkr scary

18:31 superbutterfly7 aww! cristina god mother! :)

18:31 atlashrugg haven't they noticed how empty the hospital is???

18:31 wolfie259 this is going to make arizona change her mind about not having kids

18:31 strandedinaber (Gem) yay working together

18:31 atlashrugg these two are clueless

18:31 strandedinaber (Gem) kind of

18:31 superbutterfly7 they know they're on lockdown

18:31 equinoxhkr totallly

18:31 starbuck_river why are they just walking around??

18:31 Doom_Kitteh they don't think it's serious

18:31 Jeangenie yeah

18:31 equinoxhkr lol

18:31 superbutterfly7 true

18:31 Jeangenie i hope the if we die thing isn't a foreshadowing

18:31 strandedinaber (Gem) those two are by the stairs. shooter went up the stairs

18:31 jeepy91 this is getting ridiculous with it's anvi comments lol

18:31 Darsfebruary I don't think they know YET

18:31 mak62184 because they are stupid, just look what meredith has done in the past

18:32 strandedinaber (Gem) please go hide somewhere you idiots

18:32 baileyjames christinas gonna want to take that back

18:32 strandedinaber (Gem) and stop talking about dying, Meredith

18:32 equinoxhkr ugh lvoe it

18:32 sweetbalm damn wi***** were cal and az in there

18:32 equinoxhkr i cant take this

18:32 equinoxhkr this is awesoem

18:32 Doom_Kitteh lol

18:32 sweetbalm thank god this is 2 hrs

18:32 Jeangenie i hope mandy moore doesn't die

18:32 superbutterfly7 dude yes sweet

18:32 equinoxhkr ues bailey!!!!

18:32 brokkie87 that mandy more's husband will die

18:32 brokkie87 he is never late

18:33 Doom_Kitteh he's outside though!

18:33 strandedinaber (Gem) someone checked he wasn't hiding in the closet where Mer and
Cristina are hiding, right?

18:33 starbuck_river Smart girl

18:33 djrach dont these ppl have mobile phones

18:33 Jeangenie omggg

18:33 wolfie259 she just mouthed ****

18:33 sweetbalm that was like 3 more shots

18:33 brokkie87 lol

18:33 wolfie259 bailey

18:33 sweetbalm omg

18:33 superbutterfly7 dude. bailey goes down. i'm gonna be super upset
18:33 sweetbalm no

18:33 mak62184 lock the door

18:33 Elyima super crap! super crap! super crap!

18:33 jeepy91 omg

18:33 ackat I can't take this

18:33 sweetbalm I WILL cry

18:33 Jeangenie omggggggggggggggg

18:33 djrach play dead

18:33 djrach lol

18:34 starbuck_river not bailey!!

18:34 strandedinaber (Gem) Bailey if you do anything stupid I'm gonna kill you myself

18:34 strandedinaber (Gem) hide

18:34 sweetbalm holycrapholycrapholycrap

18:34 jeepy91 omg this is unreal

18:34 djrach oh god this is ridic

18:34 superbutterfly7 percy's goin down

18:34 neby holy crap

18:34 kerigan_smh stupid percy

18:34 jeepy91 percy is totally gettin it

18:34 savache27 omg

18:34 ackat there goes potato head

18:34 brokkie87 no bailey no

18:34 starbuck_river why is he in there?

18:34 savache27 wrong answer

18:34 sweetbalm omg

18:34 brokkie87 trying to find der

18:34 kerigan_smh ****

18:34 Jeangenie oh man percy

18:34 brokkie87 he is not in his office

18:35 Jeangenie poor bailey

18:35 djrach oh wow

18:35 sweetbalm omg bailey

18:35 Jeangenie noooo!!!

18:35 Elyima F! F! F! F!

18:35 superbutterfly7 good one bailey

18:35 breezie_11 this is exactly like that movie taken!

18:35 neby not bailey

18:35 Elyima smart smart bailey smart

18:35 jeepy91 good girl

18:35 djrach How did she think people weren't going to like this??

18:35 sweetbalm yes, people dont shoot nurses

18:35 strandedinaber (Gem) I am NOT sleeping tonight

18:35 superbutterfly7 dude. reload.

18:35 jeepy91 oh **** he has another magazine

18:35 wolfie259 oh god bailey no!

18:35 Jeangenie dont do it

18:35 kicks_316 I was just about to say something about reloading

18:35 sweetbalm thank GOD

18:36 kerigan_smh phewww

18:36 Jeangenie oh MY GOD

18:36 starbuck_river I guess he doesn't hate nurses

18:36 atlashrugg oh thank god

18:36 brokkie87 she is wearing dark blue scrubs idiot shooter

18:36 sweetbalm everyone loves a nurse

18:36 brokkie87 thank god he is stupid

18:36 sea_of_roses I totally was yelling "say you're a nurse"

18:36 mak62184 well, they aren't the ones who killed his wife

18:36 Elyima that was baileys only shot

18:36 djrach Everyone knows surgeons wear dark blue scrubs

18:36 starbuck_river sometimes lying is good

18:36 atlashrugg not this guy

18:36 sweetbalm lmao

18:36 kerigan_smh actually not in every hospital

18:36 mak62184 and it isn't like that in all hospitals either

18:36 brokkie87 like i said stupid

18:36 starbuck_river this episode is INTENSE

18:36 atlashrugg Ok, he reloaded...he now has 18 again

18:37 superbutterfly7 it was needed. to bring people back to watch. viewers were getting
18:37 brokkie87 bailey getting shot would have everyone ****ed LOL

18:37 Jeangenie he's obviously prepared

18:37 Jeangenie when do we see the calzona makeup? :(

18:37 sayitagain11 i literally can't breathe, i don't know if i can make it through to the next hour

18:37 jeepy91 is the gasman in this at all?

18:37 jeepy91 i can't remember if I saw his name or not

18:37 Eve_JO omg omg

18:37 superbutterfly7 dude hour and ahalf

18:37 Doom_Kitteh omg I'm going to be sad, I can't sit around at work that long and not do
actual work lol

18:37 starbuck_river how is this only 37 minutes in?

18:37 Elyima I'm excited for a Betsy/Shonda podcast about this

18:37 Eve_JO omg

18:37 Darsfebruary Did you all see the preview for Off The Map?

18:38 Elyima muy interesante

18:38 Doom_Kitteh ooo that'll be fun to listen to

18:38 marleykaren i'm hyperventilating. tv's never done this to me be4

18:38 Darsfebruary The actor who plays Ben the Gas Man is a regular.

18:38 Eve_JO SO good

18:38 pinkscrubcap i can barely breathe

18:38 savache27 me either

18:38 djrach I'm finding that i'm not caring about cal/ariz makeup so much now... i know thats
bad but this episode is kind of awesome

18:38 Darsfebruary So he won't be sticking around SGMW for long.

18:38 angel_loveca me too and I'm a lil jumpy

18:38 Eve_JO again omg

18:38 brokkie87 I am tired. it's 3;38 am here.

18:38 brokkie87 I know I am crazy

18:38 superbutterfly7 you should've napped! haha

18:38 mak62184 drink coffee

18:38 brokkie87 I did! LOL

18:39 Eve_JO it's 2.38am here

18:39 brokkie87 stil tired

18:39 djrach 11:39am

18:39 MelWicked i feel like i do when i watch a horror film.... this is why i dont watch them

18:39 angel_loveca brokkie87 not crazy dedicated :)

18:39 brokkie87 hey you must be form the u.k

18:39 brokkie87 or both lol

18:39 marleykaren coffee all around. it's needed @ half 5

18:39 Darsfebruary could all of the guest***** the road please?

18:39 equinoxhkr i might die tonight..

18:39 kerigan_smh I totally dug how Arizona was staring at Callie for like 10 seconds scene so
now I'm prettyhappy with the Cal/AZ front ahaha

18:39 Eve_JO I am

18:39 Eve_JO Scotland

18:39 Darsfebruary we're at capacity and you're taking spots.

18:39 sweetbalm Hey Soul Sister on a commercial right now!

18:39 MelWicked UK woop!

18:39 strandedinaber (Gem) This ep is going too fast for my liking

18:39 Xam hello guys..first time chatter here... tsk .. riveting so far..

18:40 Doom_Kitteh the chat filter is kind of annoying lol

18:40 brokkie87 well hello anyway ;)

18:40 djrach its fun trying to figure out what ****ing swear words ppl are using

18:40 Darsfebruary There's no filter on this chat.

18:40 brokkie87 probably calzona sneak peek is next scene

18:40 Darsfebruary Oooh that

18:40 jeepy91 my best friend called, she asked me if I was nervous to go to work tommorrow
now lol

18:40 Doom_Kitteh yeah that :P

18:40 djrach ****ing ****

18:40 Doom_Kitteh I'm in a hospital working right now >.> so this is interesting lmao

18:40 MelWicked **** ****

18:40 Darsfebruary Hey you ****ing GUESTS get out.

18:40 Eve_JO doom

18:40 wolfie259 $#@% #%@#$%$%&*!

18:41 djrach *******

18:41 Darsfebruary Okay, we've all figured it out now.

18:41 starbuck_river wow guys

18:41 Elyima Guests take up spots...we want fanpeeps, not guests

18:41 equinoxhkr omg

18:41 jeepy91 omg this is horrible

18:41 sweetbalm lol lexie

18:41 brokkie87 dont they have damn mordine

18:41 Jeangenie shes gonna kiss him to shut him up

18:41 brokkie87 morfine

18:41 superbutterfly7 aww cute kid :)

18:41 breezie_11 thats what i thought

18:41 Doom_Kitteh she could just use her hand gosh... lol

18:41 mak62184 that just made me laugh a little

18:41 MelWicked this is way to gory :(

18:41 sweetbalm lol arizona

18:41 wolfie259 "bunny and bear"

18:42 equinoxhkr here we go

18:42 atlashrugg sweet

18:42 brokkie87 told ya :D

18:42 djrach i thought she was gonna kiss him then

18:42 brokkie87 yeah me too

18:42 breezie_11 me three

18:42 brokkie87 too bad that would have been dramatic

18:42 starbuck_river he would have bitten her tongue off

18:42 brokkie87 YAY at the chicken line

18:42 Jeangenie here we go

18:42 superbutterfly7 a little cliche though. like too predictable

18:42 sweetbalm i heart sara

18:42 brokkie87 yay

18:42 mak62184 i love her too

18:42 MelWicked please tell me the shooters not gonna end up in peds

18:43 equinoxhkr yesss

18:43 superbutterfly7 oh geez arizona

18:43 sweetbalm oh snap az

18:43 Elyima OOoh burn! arizona!

18:43 sweetbalm that was NOT cool

18:43 equinoxhkr ugh wtf

18:43 equinoxhkr ahhhhhhhhhh

18:43 kerigan_smh meeeeean

18:43 sayitagain11 wth, wtf!

18:43 ackat not cool with that

18:43 mak62184 she isn't nice when they are fighting

18:43 wolfie259 come on, mandy!

18:43 equinoxhkr aw bailey

18:43 brokkie87 you fall in love all the time

18:43 djrach oh arizona

18:43 sweetbalm omg bailey tears

18:43 brokkie87 wow harsh

18:43 starbuck_river wow arizona

18:43 Doom_Kitteh damn

18:43 brokkie87 slapfight ?LOL

18:43 jeepy91 i don't think anyone can ever say no to bailey

18:44 sweetbalm i do not see cal and az making up within the next hour and 17 minutes

18:44 brokkie87 MW have some bad luck

18:44 Doom_Kitteh that's ok though

18:44 Jeangenie i think the shooter will go to pedes

18:44 Doom_Kitteh suspense is good...

18:44 Elyima death count 3

18:44 brokkie87 again where is all the morfine

18:44 starbuck_river what's wrong with Mary again?

18:44 Doom_Kitteh in the pharmacy!

18:44 sweetbalm she has an ostomy

18:44 superbutterfly7 well, it's not like they just have it lying around.

18:44 Jeangenie bad blood too

18:44 jeepy91 why are they not calling anyone, there are phones in all patient rooms

18:44 sweetbalm and she's having it taken down

18:44 superbutterfly7 it's not world war two

18:44 Jeangenie and has to carry a poop bag

18:44 mak62184 they don't keep it in the rooms

18:44 sweetbalm who would they call

18:44 mak62184 especially the conference room

18:44 Darsfebruary I'm really appreciating the fact that C & A are (for now) safely tucked away
in Peds.

18:44 equinoxhkr omg i cant do this!!!!!

18:44 sweetbalm i love how bailey's crying and doesn't even notice
18:44 djrach Dead security guard is dead.

18:45 kerigan_smh lol

18:45 superbutterfly7 oh yeah. they don't know anything

18:45 superbutterfly7 dude owen shut the hell up!

18:45 sweetbalm oh god owen

18:45 jeepy91 oh shut up pwen

18:45 sweetbalm ******

18:45 equinoxhkr ugh owen!!

18:45 savache27 god he's such an ass

18:45 superbutterfly7 if he died. i would NOT care.

18:45 superbutterfly7 saying.

18:45 savache27 me either

18:45 sweetbalm neither would i

18:45 brokkie87 owen @SS

18:45 equinoxhkr damn teddy

18:45 equinoxhkr dontr get shot

18:45 djrach owen gonna go all army?

18:45 wolfie259 they're totally going to mcarmy the shooter's ass

18:45 mak62184 but, he doesn't know what's going on, so that's why they want to move him

18:45 superbutterfly7 dude not the right time

18:46 brokkie87 yep he is gonna all stupid

18:46 brokkie87 stupid owen ugh

18:46 Doom_Kitteh he totally deserves to get shot if he's being stupid

18:46 jeepy91 so this is where ALL of this came from

18:46 kerigan_smh snap

18:46 equinoxhkr omg

18:46 wolfie259 oh, we get to the heart of the matter

18:46 breezie_11 harsh, all of that at once

18:46 Jeangenie oh wow

18:46 Doom_Kitteh hahaha

18:46 sweetbalm that was too fast, i think i need to watch that again

18:46 brokkie87 O my AZ

18:46 sweetbalm oh ****

18:46 kerigan_smh Am I the only one who wants the shooter to arrive in the room and make
Cal/AZ realize how good they ahve it

18:46 Doom_Kitteh seriously

18:46 djrach at least they're getting it all out

18:46 strandedinaber (Gem) oh my gid

18:46 sweetbalm kerigan no ur not the only one lol

18:47 Jeangenie omgggg shooters there

18:47 strandedinaber (Gem) oh my god

18:47 brokkie87 ywah it;s great to see them fighting

18:47 strandedinaber (Gem) do not puke right now, Mer

18:47 brokkie87 finally

18:47 mak62184 stop looking cristina

18:47 wolfie259 come on, ninja cristina

18:47 mak62184 he might see you

18:47 brokkie87 o nooooo

18:47 sweetbalm haha

18:47 sweetbalm sorry

18:47 Jeangenie wow

18:47 sweetbalm rewind

18:47 equinoxhkr yes eclipse lol

18:47 jeepy91 ok so ari all this time has thought that callie is gonna go back to men?

18:47 jeepy91 wow

18:48 Doom_Kitteh I can see her htinking that

18:48 mak62184 there is no background music, this is scary

18:48 superbutterfly7 or she just couldn't rust her

18:48 strandedinaber (Gem) I do't think she's worried about her going back to men

18:48 brokkie87 zo AZ doesn't trust callie

18:48 Jeangenie az has insecurities

18:48 strandedinaber (Gem) I think she's worried about her being in love with the idea o fbeing
in love

18:48 sweetbalm this is making me sad

18:48 jeepy91 so it's not about the babies, it's about not trusting callie?

18:48 neby great fight scenes between Arizona and Callie

18:48 kerigan_smh gotta get worse before it gets better

18:48 brokkie87 that makes sense. she is so insecure sometimes and thought callie was sleeping
with mark when callie said this is really hard for me to say because i nreally care about you

18:49 strandedinaber (Gem) yeah :(

18:49 kicks_316 Interesting. Confusing.

18:49 brokkie87 can't wait to see more of their fight

18:49 strandedinaber (Gem) step up to the plate and show her, callie

18:49 mak62184 interesting that callie is a bit open about her insecurities, but arizona is not

18:49 brokkie87 haha LOL

18:49 jeepy91 sooo does this mean that they're gonna operate on the little girl

18:49 jeepy91 as in leave the locked down peds unit?

18:49 brokkie87 AZ has some derious control issues IMO

18:49 Eve_JO arizona callie situation makes more sence now

18:49 brokkie87 serious

18:49 superbutterfly7 i feel like callie's going to do something to prove to az she really loves her

18:49 wolfie259 they're going to do a mcguyver surgery

18:50 sweetbalm hahaha

18:50 wolfie259 in the middle of the hall

18:50 breezie_11 deffinitely makes more sense

18:50 strandedinaber (Gem) superbutterfly - I hope so

18:50 Jeangenie callie takes a bullet for az to prove her love?

18:50 brokkie87 I hope AZ will prove her love to callie not the other way around

18:50 superbutterfly7 thats exactly what i was thinking

18:50 Eve_JO oh thats love

18:50 brokkie87 it is

18:50 jeepy91 i'

18:50 sweetbalm callie shouldnt have to prove anything

18:50 strandedinaber (Gem) she could just tell her

18:50 wolfie259 *slo mo* nooooooooooooooooooooooo

18:50 savache27 oh god

18:50 brokkie87 and a bit sopay

18:50 kicks_316 Hell NO. Callie can not get shot.

18:50 brokkie87 soapy

18:50 djrach if callie gets shot over this i'll be ****ed

18:50 superbutterfly7 dude why? i mean get shot, not die

18:50 brokkie87 I really need to learn to type

18:50 savache27 me too

18:50 jeepy91 I've been wanting callie to get shot, and survive obvs, but that kind of drama?
Always leads to good scenes

18:50 savache27 well, as long as she doesn't die

18:50 kerigan_smh I agree jeepy

18:50 superbutterfly7 for sure!

18:50 djrach nfw

18:50 mak62184 i will cry if something bad happens to callie or arizona

18:51 kerigan_smh crying is good!

18:51 kerigan_smh lol

18:51 MelWicked agreed!

18:51 brokkie87 So we will probably see mer seeing der get shot

18:51 brokkie87 cristina holding her back in promo

18:51 breezie_11 kind of like her dream a while back

18:51 superbutterfly7 if something happens to derek, i think something will happen to either
callie or arizona

18:51 sweetbalm i dont get why the gunman went into mandy moore's room in the first place

18:51 starbuck_river I bet mer gets shot and looses the baby

18:51 superbutterfly7 cause... they're so alike in shonda's mind

18:51 Doom_Kitteh shoot someone in every couple? lol...

18:51 sweetbalm but whatever

18:51 djrach cos shonda said so

18:51 Darsfebruary Sandra Oh said it's not a typical cliffhanger, and last season was the whole
George/Izzie death bit, so I don't think it's going to be like that this season.

18:51 jeepy91 ohhhhhhh

18:51 mak62184 he isn't thinking straight at all

18:51 breezie_11 derek!!

18:51 Jeangenie wtf shepard

18:51 Jeangenie omg

18:51 kerigan_smh oh ****

18:52 superbutterfly7 not. good.

18:52 brokkie87 shonda said NO clifhanger. still can;t believe that

18:52 djrach thats a good thing

18:52 brokkie87 ow no

18:52 sweetbalm come on der

18:52 sweetbalm use ur brain

18:52 mak62184 april is in the office, which is nearby

18:52 strandedinaber (Gem) derek run away

18:52 mak62184 i think

18:52 equinoxhkr omg

18:52 superbutterfly7 well this is called sanctuary.

18:52 kerigan_smh sharpshooter dude will get him no matter what

18:52 superbutterfly7 the next is death and all his friends.

18:52 superbutterfly7 not... good

that was well played by patrick, you could see the 'i'm so dead' and the guilt

18:52 equinoxhkr even my dog is being crazy!!!!!!!!

18:52 sweetbalm i feel bad for derek

18:53 djrach jesus

18:53 sweetbalm this is all on him

18:53 sweetbalm he just has not had the best luck as chief

18:53 sweetbalm he kinda sucks at it actually

18:53 djrach suck it up lexie seriously

18:53 Jeangenie what the hell are they doing

18:53 Jeangenie holding back scene!

18:53 breezie_11 meredith is going to freak out

18:53 sweetbalm whoa that sucks

18:53 equinoxhkr gkfaesihafsjeiegd

18:53 superbutterfly7 dude. he sitll doesn't seserve this!

18:53 mak62184 they're stupid

18:53 strandedinaber (Gem) oh my god

18:53 kicks_316 No, it's not on Derek. It's on the wife for stroking out. Ha. That sounded so
18:53 wolfie259 he has some masculine insecurities

18:53 superbutterfly7 dude real thoguh!

18:53 sweetbalm he's gonna shoot derek, then mer will scream and he'll shoot mer

18:54 Doom_Kitteh I'm the man. .. rofl what a line

18:54 jeepy91 he's a f-ing coward is what he is

18:54 jeepy91 do this instead of deal with his grief

18:54 equinoxhkr yea mandy!!

18:54 superbutterfly7 dude meredith has had wayyy too many near death experiences

18:54 superbutterfly7 for that to happen

18:54 sweetbalm i love bailey

18:54 djrach if the caveman lives i'm gonna be ****ed

18:54 Jeangenie mandy moores gonna cry

18:55 sweetbalm i wish her surgical expertiese and general awesomeness wasn't being wasted on
this dude

18:55 Darsfebruary Finally they're giving the Mercy Wester's something to do acting-wise

18:55 superbutterfly7 i love the meredith/cristina holding her back thing though. best friends. for

18:55 djrach maybe mandy moore will be an intern next year

18:55 kerigan_smh **** gotta suck to be Mer and seeing the lvoe of your life about to be killed
in front of your eues

18:55 Doom_Kitteh well, they die well then

18:55 brokkie87 too bad to have your first shirtless scene to be the one where you die

18:55 brokkie87 as a character of course

18:55 Doom_Kitteh well, he gets to be with mandy moore while shirtless! ... haha
18:55 equinoxhkr awwwww

18:55 strandedinaber (Gem) talk him down, Derek. Good boy.

18:56 brokkie87 I can't believe mer hasn't shouted yet

18:56 Jeangenie he'll shoot i bet

18:56 brokkie87 who wouldn't

18:56 brokkie87 I know but still I would yell

18:56 jeepy91 any chance he WON'T shoot?

18:56 breezie_11 maye he'll turn the gun on himself

18:56 kerigan_smh dont think so

18:56 neby i think he will shoot derek

18:56 sweetbalm that would be tooooo easy

18:56 kicks_316 Unstable childhood, remember? Makes her weirdly controlled in the most
unstable circumstances.

18:56 mak62184 it would make sense though

18:56 sweetbalm exactly kicks!

18:56 djrach all the crappy derekness from this season is being made up right now

18:57 sweetbalm agreed

18:57 Jeangenie give patrick dempsey an emmy right now

18:57 sweetbalm meredith dont do something stupid!

18:57 superbutterfly7 donezo.

18:57 Jeangenie she's dead

18:57 strandedinaber (Gem) please don't shoot him

18:57 brokkie87 wow der is so calm

18:57 breezie_11 nooooo

18:57 kerigan_smh yikes

18:57 sweetbalm wtfffff

18:57 strandedinaber (Gem) no

18:57 kerigan_smh wooooow

18:57 neby wow

18:57 equinoxhkr omg

18:57 kicks_316 Der's made peace with what he has to do.

18:57 brokkie87 damn april

18:57 sweetbalm april you idiot

18:57 superbutterfly7 are you ****ING HAPPY APRIL

18:57 Jeangenie april sucks

18:57 brokkie87 he takes the e bullt

18:57 equinoxhkr ******!

18:57 mak62184 she didn'[t know

18:57 djrach oh ****

18:58 Doom_Kitteh omg...

18:58 kicks_316 WHAT THE effer

18:58 savache27 stupid ******g april!

18:58 brokkie87 nooo

18:58 jeepy91 well if fandom didn't hate april after this

18:58 mak62184 he told her he would be back

18:58 kicks_316 kill her

18:58 MelWicked oh god!

18:58 sweetbalm april better be dead by the end of this

18:58 strandedinaber (Gem) oh it's not a good sign that Derek's got the voiceover

18:58 superbutterfly7 dude. i would support ht death of april

18:58 superbutterfly7 not kidding

18:58 sweetbalm shoot her!

18:58 djrach end of 6x23

18:58 kicks_316 Heck, give me the gun and I'll shot her... in the leg.

18:58 baileyjames she has my birthday

18:59 Elyima she's going to say she's a surgeon

18:59 superbutterfly7 please. just do it already.

18:59 kerigan_smh She wonbt die

18:59 djrach maybe suzy pepper will save his life

18:59 djrach redemption

18:59 equinoxhkr ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

18:59 neby help him. stop reciting ur life

18:59 savache27 damn, that's pretty smart of her

18:59 brokkie87 ramble ramble

18:59 djrach dude is pointing a gun at her what else is she gonna do

18:59 superbutterfly7 i am. so upset she didn't die. won't even lie about it

19:00 wolfie259 and this is why humans evolved the ramble

19:00 savache27 damn

19:00 strandedinaber (Gem) Meredith go help him

19:00 sweetbalm i wonder what callie would say if she were held at gunpoint
19:00 Elyima Hell yeah, Mer!

19:00 savache27 spanish?

19:00 Jeangenie damn meredith

19:00 djrach why the **** did they not shoot from there?

19:00 sweetbalm i would actually really like to see that, lol

19:00 brokkie87 wow

19:00 wolfie259 she would take him down

19:00 wolfie259 mma style

19:00 Darsfebruary You know what I don't want to hear right now? Teddy and Owen

19:00 sweetbalm im tuning them out

19:00 djrach zzzzzzzzzzzz

19:00 brokkie87 really teddy now

19:00 kicks_316 Wolfie, I agree. She'll go down swinging.

19:01 starbuck_river not now teddy

19:01 djrach seriously who gives a **** about teddy/owen right now

19:01 brokkie87 come on I like you but seriously now

19:01 djrach I barely care about cal/az

19:01 savache27 no one

19:01 kerigan_smh rofl at owen calling 911!!!!

19:01 brokkie87 ow they find der

19:01 superbutterfly7 if teddy dies. i would be a bit upset

19:01 strandedinaber (Gem) go find Derek please someone

19:01 kicks_316 Just have the shooter off Owen. Teddy and Cristina will be better off.

19:01 superbutterfly7 chief's goin in

19:01 savache27 agreed

19:01 brokkie87 calzona please???

19:01 sweetbalm whoaaa

19:01 sweetbalm that was cool, i liked that

19:02 sweetbalm awww mer

19:02 breezie_11 the whole vioice splices were awesome

19:02 superbutterfly7 omg they're going to have to perform surgery on himi!

19:02 wolfie259 cristina daddy flashbacks

19:02 Jeangenie april get the **** up

19:02 Jeangenie sorry for cursing

19:02 kicks_316 Oh man. Cristina.

19:02 Jeangenie april get the **** up

19:02 superbutterfly7 dude. april come on. gets freaking GO

19:02 djrach Lucky Cristina's specialty is Cardio really

19:02 kerigan_smh ahaha April was prepared

19:02 superbutterfly7 for realz

19:03 sweetbalm thanks to Oprah

19:03 savache27 lol, eat more bacon

19:03 Darsfebruary that is sound advice, alex

19:03 Doom_Kitteh oh gawd I have to pee

19:03 Elyima eat more bacon. have more sex

19:03 sweetbalm awww alex

19:03 Elyima ha!

19:03 superbutterfly7 omg

19:03 Doom_Kitteh ew bacon

19:03 brokkie87 haha oprah

19:03 djrach slap that *****

19:03 sweetbalm dude this guy just shows up everywhere

19:03 breezie_11 lexie!

19:03 kicks_316 Bacon yum.

19:03 sweetbalm uh oh

19:03 strandedinaber (Gem) lexie

19:03 Jeangenie oh no lexie

19:03 brokkie87 shooter must be out soon with swatt inside

19:03 sweetbalm lexie is a rambler

19:03 jeepy91 dude, the shot from the promo, with the white jacket, it hasn't happened

19:03 brokkie87 she was on his case

19:03 brokkie87 no

19:03 Jeangenie callies in a white jacket...

19:03 Jeangenie or arizona?

19:03 starbuck_river oh no

19:03 wolfie259 lexie, RAMBLE!!

19:03 Jeangenie one of them is in a white jacket

19:03 wolfie259 quick!

19:04 Jeangenie oh no lexie

19:04 djrach yeah but the person in the promo had no boobs

19:04 sweetbalm i wonder if that will actually happen or not

19:04 sweetbalm hhahaha

19:04 superbutterfly7 it was just a stun bag i bet

19:04 sweetbalm oh snap.

19:04 brokkie87 where is the damn swat

19:04 Jeangenie what was that

19:04 strandedinaber (Gem) oh goodness

19:04 starbuck_river he probably could have brandished the gun with the same results

19:04 kerigan_smh ruuun

19:04 Jeangenie oh wow he got shot by SWAT

19:04 breezie_11 yay! swat rocks

19:04 kicks_316 But there were promo pics of Callie and Arizona outside the hospital, talking.
So not them.

19:04 brokkie87 noooooooo damn it

19:04 strandedinaber (Gem) oh thank goodness

19:04 Darsfebruary no talking about promo shots.

19:04 sweetbalm you guys i have no fingernails left

19:04 Darsfebruary those are spoilers

19:04 superbutterfly7 i am legit freaking out right now

19:04 kerigan_smh stupid SWAT

19:04 superbutterfly7 haha

19:04 brokkie87 ow didn't pay attention

19:05 wolfie259 i feel emotionally tired after this

19:05 starbuck_river oh thank goodness

19:05 brokkie87 sorry

19:05 sweetbalm what??? why stupid swat?

19:05 savache27 good god it's hot in here

19:05 brokkie87 thank god he is out

19:05 brokkie87 so now fire and calzona time

19:05 superbutterfly7 i'm so on edge. i'm gonna have to do something to relax after this. like a
drive or something

19:05 angel_loveca i'm with you Super.

19:05 savache27 yeah, I'll never get to sleep

19:05 sweetbalm i know how am i gonna sleep after thisss

19:06 starbuck_river this is quite possibly the most emotionally draining episode of Grey's I've
ever seen

19:06 MelWicked god i've never felt so stressed watching a tv show before

19:06 angel_loveca a long drive

19:06 Jeangenie same here melwicked

19:06 sweetbalm i have to take a pre-employment test and physical tomorrow morning, my
blood pressure is gonna be so freakin high

19:06 Eve_JO Me too i am so stressed

19:06 superbutterfly7 hahaha sweet!

19:06 strandedinaber (Gem) sweetbalm - re-watch 6x08 tomorrow morning

19:06 savache27 I can't even imagine what mine is right now

19:06 Eve_JO tha t

19:06 djrach she needs her heart rate to slow down not speed up

19:06 sweetbalm haha good advice gem

19:06 strandedinaber (Gem) :)

19:06 Eve_JO thats a good idea strand

19:07 sweetbalm both of my cats are passed the hell out right now. HOW CAN THEY SLEEP

19:07 superbutterfly7 hahahaha

19:07 annabanna_15_89 this show is not helping my dreams the last week I've been dreaming of
someone getting shot

19:07 MelWicked anxiety problems while watching this episode is not a good combination :(

19:07 Jeangenie i had a dream i got shot last night

19:07 Elyima Cats don't watch Grey's. Duh.

19:07 sweetbalm Mine do!

19:07 Doom_Kitteh dedication

19:07 sayitagain11 ha ha!

19:07 mak62184 mine is here, but she is sleeping too

19:07 djrach lol stupid Ausiello

19:07 sweetbalm I need a xanax after this.

19:07 brokkie87 In dreamed that alex was a vampire and killed reed. seriously. that's why I
couldn;t sleep anymore

19:07 Doom_Kitteh roflmao

19:07 Darsfebruary guests it's not very nice to come in here and lurk

19:07 savache27 lol

19:07 Darsfebruary we're at capacity

19:08 MelWicked whats a xanax ive never understood?

19:08 Jeangenie anyone getting that cat commercial?

19:08 Darsfebruary you mfers

19:08 baileyjames i had a dream i got shot in the arm thursday, woke up and it really hurt

19:08 sweetbalm it's an anti-anxiety medication

19:08 mak62184 xanax is a tranquiliezer

19:08 mak62184 yay for it!

19:08 superbutterfly7 poor lexie.

19:08 brokkie87 mayube you lay on your arm. that can hurt

19:08 Doom_Kitteh Super Dars has spoken.

19:08 brokkie87 dreams are so weird

19:08 MelWicked haha need some of that..... i think its called something else over here

19:08 jeepy91 ohhhh

19:08 sweetbalm "i unplugged his wife"

19:08 jeepy91 damn

19:08 djrach I had a dream that Sara was dirty dancing and there were pics all over the net

19:08 Jeangenie what lexie

19:08 Jeangenie poor sloan

19:08 djrach no wait, that happened

19:08 superbutterfly7 aww i love this callie/arizona surgery

19:08 wolfie259 awww

19:08 sweetbalm it's called alprazolam

19:08 savache27 omg

19:08 strandedinaber (Gem) oh, Lexie

19:08 Elyima oh****

19:08 kerigan_smh ********

19:08 superbutterfly7 omfg.

19:09 Jeangenie look at that longing

19:09 sweetbalm OH . ****.

19:09 jeepy91 oh boy

19:09 breezie_11 oh god

19:09 sayitagain11 ahhh!

19:09 djrach shut the **** up lexie

19:09 strandedinaber (Gem) oh god

19:09 kerigan_smh omg Cal

19:09 Jeangenie go callie

19:09 sweetbalm omg callie

19:09 Elyima Callie, Callie, Callie!

19:09 margerydaw_s2 Can't believe I'm actually watching it.

19:09 margerydaw_s2 Sometimes being in Brazil is baaad

19:09 sweetbalm oh my freaking god

19:09 sweetbalm my heart rate just tripled

19:09 wolfie259 there are only children here

19:09 djrach oh god

19:09 angel_loveca omg!!!!!!!!!!1

19:09 superbutterfly7 I cannot even... nope. my brain has died

19:10 Jeangenie wow

19:10 Jeangenie this is too much

19:10 strandedinaber (Gem) ohmygod Callie stop now

19:10 Doom_Kitteh hooooly crap

19:10 equinoxhkr omg

19:10 kerigan_smh he aint gonna shoot....

19:10 djrach arizona's lost it

19:10 neby no

19:10 savache27 oh thank god

19:10 sayitagain11 i'm having a panic attack!

19:10 Jeangenie her face

19:10 savache27 boy AZ was no help

19:10 Jeangenie is forever burned into my mind

19:10 breezie_11 arizona is so freaked out

19:10 sweetbalm arizona's like "i want my mommy too"

19:10 mak62184 are there no locks on these doors?

19:10 kerigan_smh ahaha at AZ

19:10 Doom_Kitteh patient rooms don't have locks

19:11 breezie_11 aww callie

19:11 sweetbalm i'm gonna cry

19:11 superbutterfly7 I kinda heart the callie right now

19:11 savache27 awww

19:11 jeepy91 aww

19:11 Jeangenie go callie

19:11 kerigan_smh beautiful

19:11 djrach this dude is like Batman he shows up everywhere

19:11 Doom_Kitteh lol

19:11 superbutterfly7 crying arizona is amazingness. times seven

19:11 Jeangenie lol djrach

19:11 strandedinaber (Gem) go callie

19:11 MelWicked why didnt the swat guy follow him? idiot police!

19:11 wolfie259 callie has a super magic smile too

19:11 sweetbalm hells yeah

19:11 equinoxhkr awwwww

19:11 sweetbalm awwww

19:11 djrach oh man callie is owning arizona so much right now

19:11 savache27 lol

19:12 harekrishna1419 yay!

19:12 annabanna_15_89 c-ya all

19:12 Elyima I SO got kicked out for all of that...

19:12 sweetbalm ok now i'm thinking maybe they WILL make up by the end

19:12 savache27 I hope they make up

19:12 djrach well mark and lexie certainly arent

19:12 brokkie87 Callie could have taken the gun. I almost thought she would do it

19:12 angel_loveca Callie my HERO

19:12 Elyima room is full, guests get out

19:12 mak62184 i thought she would too, but i think it was smarter that she didn't
19:12 sweetbalm they used a lot of ketchup in this ep

19:13 Jeangenie haha

19:13 breezie_11 i was expecting arizona to be stron in that one

19:13 equinoxhkr aw

19:13 djrach derek looks like ****

19:13 bluewon love the callie

19:13 Jeangenie april is holding on for dear life

19:13 sweetbalm i think arizona's gonna break down in callie's arms

19:13 wolfie259 hahah, the look down the hall, priceless

19:13 superbutterfly7 dude april death grip on cristina

19:13 ackat slap er christina

19:13 kerigan_smh ahaha im loving the april/cristina dynamic

19:13 brokkie87 hope the shooter won't find bailey again

19:13 jeepy91 i love me some cristina

19:13 djrach comeon mandy moore

19:13 jeepy91 seriously

19:13 breezie_11 jeez avery

19:13 wolfie259 what's with the guest warnings?

19:13 jeepy91 jackson/cristina just got setup I think

19:13 Elyima I'm trying to get people to leave

19:13 superbutterfly7 cause they're still freaking lurking and need to gtfo

19:13 Doom_Kitteh they need to change their names, that's what

19:14 sweetbalm it's all up to them

19:14 Doom_Kitteh or leave

19:14 djrach just boot them

19:14 djrach be badass

19:14 sweetbalm cristina!

19:14 kerigan_smh woooooow

19:14 savache27 oh yeah!

19:14 breezie_11 cristina is going to kick some cardio butt

19:14 superbutterfly7 i could possibly love cristina more now. haha

19:14 sweetbalm i just got a huge chill up my spine

19:14 brokkie87 cris and mer operating der

19:14 brokkie87 wow

19:14 kerigan_smh Cristina is earning her godmother status big time

19:14 starbuck_river they're going to be heros

19:14 Jeangenie avery is so calm

19:14 mak62184 at least cristina has an idea of what she is doing

19:14 sweetbalm this is so good

19:14 djrach april and cristina should swap scrubs

19:15 Elyima This IS good

19:15 Xam you go Callie!! :D

19:15 kicks_316 Way to step-up Cristina's game.

19:15 brokkie87 and AZ crying is always epic

19:15 brokkie87 loved that callie stood up

19:15 superbutterfly7 dude yes

19:15 djrach I hope when Grey's ends its run they're all in dark blue scrubs

19:15 mak62184 callie was my favorite so far this hour

19:15 sayitagain11 this

19:15 brokkie87 I know

19:15 Eve_JO callie is my hero

19:15 sweetbalm callie is always my favorite

19:15 savache27 mine too, mak

19:16 mak62184 agreed that callie is always my favorite lol

19:16 djrach I'm loving Cristina, I'm just sayin

19:16 harekrishna1419 I'm shaking with adrenaline

19:16 sweetbalm but yeah this is good

19:16 sweetbalm i'm shaking too!

19:16 MelWicked my jaw is hurting like mad because i keep clenching my jaw :( not good! lol

19:16 Elyima Wow...I just realized ALL THE MODS are here

19:16 djrach I loved Sandra Oh's interview she was giggling

19:16 wolfie259 callie is always my favorite

19:16 strandedinaber (Gem) Elyima - I know! first time ever :D

19:16 starbuck_river Callie and Cristina are my faves today

19:16 kerigan_smh it's funny that shooterdude shot Reed in THE HEAD whereas Derek, whom
he hates, shot in the chest

19:16 Doom_Kitteh wow that's a crap load of guests

19:16 starbuck_river Reeds short

19:16 Elyima yep

19:16 kicks_316 Well, because Reed was short.

19:16 _untilforever yell yes we are :D

19:16 mak62184 i don't think he was really aiming for her either

19:16 Elyima and they ALL keep a fangirl from getting in

19:16 kerigan_smh nah its much easier to aim for the chest region

19:17 Elyima doesnt that suck?

19:17 Doom_Kitteh I don't like this getting shot in the head because your short thing >.> lol

19:17 djrach real fangirls change their names

19:17 Doom_Kitteh just kick 'em lol

19:17 Eve_JO this is the best epi ever

19:17 superbutterfly7 dude i know. i would be done for sure.

19:17 djrach its cos reed was beinga ******

19:17 kicks_316 Maybe he was trying to be 'poetic' by shooting Derek through the heart.

19:17 breezie_11 i agree super

19:17 Doom_Kitteh maybe I'm short enough taht they'd totally miss! ... ghaha

19:17 Eve_JO i am on the edge f my seat

19:17 djrach maybe you'd get shot in the neck instead doom

19:17 sweetbalm if anyone's interested i finally posted my 6x22 icons

19:17 sweetbalm

19:17 Doom_Kitteh that's not much better >_> lol

19:17 jeepy91 ok, this is totally living up to the hype

19:17 brokkie87 so much still has to happen. operating der, triangle, fire calzona etc

19:17 angel_loveca Eve_Jo me too!

19:17 kerigan_smh seriously how can the fire fit in this

19:18 djrach gsw to neck would suck

19:18 superbutterfly7 ****. i don't even want to think about this fire thing

19:18 kicks_316 I will be watching the finale every day for about 2 weeks. I can feel it.

19:18 djrach see what i did there.... i used gsw

19:18 superbutterfly7 haha kicks me too

19:18 savache27 lol

19:18 kicks_316 Maybe twice in a day.

19:18 strandedinaber (Gem) @kicks I will be watching that exact scene every day for two weeks

19:18 savache27 I'm not sure my heart can take that much

19:18 superbutterfly7 dude if i didn't have to work... i definitely woudl too

19:18 djrach dudes there's still like 40 mins to go!

19:18 sweetbalm now i wish this finale was 3 hours instead of 2

19:18 savache27 I'll stick to the C/AZ scenes

19:18 sweetbalm i just want more and more and more

19:18 Jeangenie 3 hours would be too much for my poor self

19:18 MelWicked @savache agreed!

19:19 bluewon good thing i have dvr

19:19 djrach shonda is gonna get twitterspammed today

19:19 Jeangenie tell her christina!

19:19 Doom_Kitteh she probably already is

19:19 kicks_316 I've been known to be late on class during Grey's days. My groupmates don't
even ask me why.

19:19 breezie_11 haha big sad dont kill mcdreamy eyes

19:19 superbutterfly7 meredith. you know she's right

19:19 djrach Cristina has learned a lot from Owen

19:19 sweetbalm i need some chocolate

19:19 jeepy91 if this were anyone other than cristina, I don't think mer would agree

19:19 MelWicked mcdreamy isnt gonna die is he? he can't?

19:20 Jeangenie what would greys do without patrick dempsey

19:20 Elyima this is like ultimate friend stuff

19:20 savache27 nahh, surely not

19:20 Elyima <3 it

19:20 kicks_316 He can't. Their life together is just beginning.

19:20 kerigan_smh emmy award for Sandrah pleaaase

19:20 sweetbalm i freakin love cristina yang

19:20 jeepy91 ohhhh

19:20 brokkie87 wow what a mer cris moment

19:20 strandedinaber (Gem) Cristina is made of so much win

19:20 djrach mer is gonna go in there

19:20 djrach knock out suzy pepper

19:20 djrach on the way

19:20 sweetbalm did he just say izzie

19:20 Jeangenie yeah

19:20 Jeangenie iz don't go

19:20 superbutterfly7 yeah he's delirous

19:20 jeepy91 well i'm sure this got changed after KH left lol
19:20 Elyima yes

19:20 savache27 I think so

19:20 kicks_316 Suddenly having flashbacks to Derek saying, "If something happens to me, I
don't want it to be just you."

19:20 Jeangenie you came back for me iz

19:20 kerigan_smh Izzie

19:20 strandedinaber (Gem) oh god now I'm scared Alex is gonna die

19:20 breezie_11 izzie

19:20 sweetbalm did she not realize he said izzie

19:21 djrach alex looks like balls

19:21 strandedinaber (Gem) I think she's lying for him

19:21 brokkie87 o alex

19:21 savache27 I agree

19:21 brokkie87 she is

19:21 starbuck_river Oh poor Alex and Lecie

19:21 Doom_Kitteh that's what she does

19:21 superbutterfly7 dude i knew he was giong in

19:21 Jeangenie oh no webber's going in

19:21 sweetbalm oh boy

19:21 jeepy91 they're totally gonna kill the chief off, crap

19:21 sweetbalm richard's gonna get shot

19:22 djrach I'm sure that cop is Phillip from Neighbours

19:22 starbuck_river Webber, don't be stupid

19:22 Jeangenie damn teddy

19:22 kicks_316 If the Chief gets shot, well, I'm gonna win a bet.

19:22 superbutterfly7 TEDDY GO BACK IN. we need you

19:22 sweetbalm i did not care one iota about teddy or owen in this episode

19:22 djrach there was a photo of that tent i think

19:22 Jeangenie i like teddy though

19:22 sweetbalm i do too

19:22 Jeangenie just not with the owen drama

19:22 kerigan_smh stupid webber

19:22 sweetbalm but i just didnt care

19:22 sweetbalm right

19:22 kicks_316 Kill Owen. Save Teddy. She's friends with Arizona.

19:22 superbutterfly7 real!

19:22 Doom_Kitteh Yes.

19:22 Doom_Kitteh lol

19:22 kicks_316 Haha. Dumb logic.

19:22 breezie_11 good point

19:22 savache27 works for me

19:22 superbutterfly7 best logic ever though

19:22 starbuck_river I have not cared about this triangle in weeks

19:22 strandedinaber (Gem) me too

19:22 Doom_Kitteh I hate triangles.

19:22 jeepy91 kill owen, I'm totally down with that

19:22 wolfie259 oh, webber, WHY???

19:23 djrach its all pythagorus

19:23 superbutterfly7 i wish meredith would slap her

19:23 Jeangenie shes crying over seeing her best friend dead

19:23 wolfie259 are those samoas on owen's scrub cap?

19:23 Doom_Kitteh especially when they turn into octagons that have little traingles inside

19:23 equinoxhkr awww

19:23 equinoxhkr this is great

19:23 brokkie87 ugh april shut it

19:23 sweetbalm oh mer

19:23 kicks_316 Slap her with a charger defibrillator paddle.

19:23 savache27 lol

19:23 Doom_Kitteh haha

19:23 savache27 good one

19:23 starbuck_river It's like Izzie and that random girl George saved

19:24 djrach april's nose looks less broken

19:24 strandedinaber (Gem) well they lasted 1 hour and 20 mins before making me ry

19:24 strandedinaber (Gem) *cry

19:24 strandedinaber (Gem) that's longer than I thought I'd last!

19:24 equinoxhkr aw

19:24 MelWicked im to in shock to cry

19:24 djrach I haven't felt like crying yet.... but i dont cry

19:24 breezie_11 its going by too fast

19:24 brokkie87 so will owen find cristina in the o.r

19:24 starbuck_river This episode is going to kill me, I know it

19:24 djrach except for in marley and me.... stupid dog

19:24 savache27 me either

19:24 Elyima he has to least to find out she's prego

19:24 wolfie259 if anything happens to calzona i'm gonna cry

19:24 brokkie87 very little calzona btw

19:24 savache27 oh my god, that was a horribly sad movie!

19:25 superbutterfly7 but teh calzona stuff has been super important

19:25 djrach Right

19:25 kicks_316 My adrenaline's still in effect so I haven't suc****ed to any emotions. Maybe
when I rewatch this, I'll cry. (I'll probably cry because my mom will be crying.)

19:25 palex_4_ever how have they not caught the dude yet!?! he's not an f-ing ninja!!!!

19:25 superbutterfly7 and he's shot

19:25 Jeangenie it's a 150,000 square foot hospital

19:25 savache27 LOL, ppl can get shot all day and it doesn't bother me, a dog dies and I'm

19:25 Doom_Kitteh but he could be a ninja!

19:25 brokkie87 that's true absolutely

19:25 Jeangenie he was only shot on the shoulder

19:25 Elyima it is getting a little unbelievable at this point

19:25 MelWicked agreed

19:25 brokkie87 can't believe their will be a fire too

19:25 Jeangenie looks like it went through so it wouldnt bother him too much
19:25 kerigan_smh agreed the guys manages to find EVERYONE

19:25 superbutterfly7 i thought he was shot in the abdomen. my bad

19:25 MelWicked theres gonna be a fire?

19:26 Jeangenie you see his wound when callie gives him the bandages

19:26 Elyima spoilers stfu!

19:26 brokkie87 spoilers said so

19:26 jeepy91 i'm really surprised that they didn't just kill percy and be done with it

19:26 jeepy91 I guess they needed to use bailey somehow

19:26 superbutterfly7 me too

19:26 brokkie87 only like 25 minutes left.

19:26 Doom_Kitteh bailey wouldn't be awesome if they did

19:26 savache27 what happened to gasman?

19:26 Doom_Kitteh and there wouldn't be a need for a Mandy moore lol

19:26 sweetbalm oh yeah i totally forgot about gas man

19:26 oh_nessa hello!

19:26 superbutterfly7 real

19:26 kerigan_smh maybe they'll find out the actual dead count at the end

19:26 savache27 I was sure he'd be out

19:26 brokkie87 der operating, fire, bailey, alex, sloan etc. how are they going to do that in 25

19:26 sweetbalm maybe he's off today

19:27 savache27 good point Ker

19:27 djrach quiet spoiler spoiler

19:27 starbuck_river Missy Peregrym!

19:27 wolfie259 is he just going to disappear into the parking lot?

19:27 Doom_Kitteh lol

19:27 kicks_316 Well, they're just cutting Percy some slack. Making him need a little longer
after being the target of most name calling.

19:27 jeepy91 i can see them having offed him without us knowing until after

19:27 superbutterfly7 missy peregrym what?

19:27 djrach Pirates!

19:27 jeepy91 and wow this commercial break is lasting forever

19:27 kerigan_smh that would make it even more sad and real.

19:27 superbutterfly7 omg really? it's gonna be the best

19:27 superbutterfly7 sorry. off topic.

19:28 brokkie87 okay sorry for spoiling you guys

19:28 oh_nessa why are there so many ads??

19:28 brokkie87 I don't know ANY spoilers

19:28 savache27 stupid commercials

19:28 Doom_Kitteh you know, juzt because he's going to be a regular in another show doens't
mean gasman has to be shot in grey's. He's not in it that often anyhow

19:28 jeepy91 dude, no, phone, stop ringing!

19:28 kicks_316 Because all the advertisers know the episode is gonna be epic.

19:28 superbutterfly7 dude ignore that phone

19:28 Jeangenie oh lexie

19:28 brokkie87 advertisements must cost millions of dollars in total

19:29 Jeangenie go go cristina

19:29 sweetbalm i love her

19:29 superbutterfly7 pig or cow

19:29 djrach Cristina has owned this episode

19:29 breezie_11 pig or cow! i remember that

19:29 kicks_316 I wanna be like Cristina.

19:29 sweetbalm she totally has

19:29 Jeangenie sandra oh for emmy!

19:29 sweetbalm badass

19:29 savache27 damn

19:29 superbutterfly7 bailey is kickin ass

19:29 kerigan_smh rooooofl at Charles

19:29 Jeangenie weow

19:29 sweetbalm omg bailey

19:29 superbutterfly7 percy's gonna die...

19:29 superbutterfly7 he's soo pale

19:29 Jeangenie percy looks dead

19:29 sweetbalm he cant die after all this!

19:29 brokkie87 where is owen!

19:29 sweetbalm but yeah he might

19:29 Jeangenie elevators are off

19:29 starbuck_river Cristina, you're awesome

19:30 sweetbalm there's no hum

19:30 strandedinaber (Gem) oh god he's gonna find out that she's a surgeon

19:30 superbutterfly7 dude. bailey. noooo

19:30 savache27 wow

19:30 djrach Too bad KH killed Emmys for grey's actors

19:30 jeepy91 they shut down the elevators. I forget that they do that in a code black

19:30 sweetbalm chandra wilson i love you

19:30 kicks_316 Pig or chicken guys.

19:30 Jeangenie oh **** bailey

19:30 Jeangenie sorry

19:30 brokkie87 elevators are shut

19:30 jeepy91 wow, why does Chandra NOT have an Emmy?

19:30 Jeangenie oh *** bailey

19:30 superbutterfly7 isn't code black a bomb?

19:30 brokkie87 swat told them right

19:30 Elyima Phones work, right?

19:30 superbutterfly7 or shooter too?

19:30 brokkie87 yeah black was bomb

19:30 Doom_Kitteh think it might depends on the hospital

19:30 mak62184 i think this is the first time there has been music in awhile

19:30 sweetbalm code black is 'we're ****ed'

19:30 caffeinejitters give this woman an emmy!

19:30 wolfie259 officially crying now

19:30 superbutterfly7 haha

19:31 Jeangenie bailey is lost

19:31 djrach code black = oh ****

19:31 neby it's sad to see Bailey so broken

19:31 Doom_Kitteh cuz code black here is an earthquake lol

19:31 jeepy91 code black for us is any sort of lockdown/interior thread

19:31 jeepy91 threat

19:31 djrach I dont like bailey like this

19:31 Jeangenie i thought the shooter was gonna come up behind her

19:31 sweetbalm pull it together miranda

19:31 savache27 full on meltdown

19:31 Elyima she will

19:31 strandedinaber (Gem) gah, where is the shooter??

19:31 equinoxhkr omg

19:31 djrach all the strong ones are failing and all the weak ones are owning

19:31 wolfie259 you can do this bailey

19:31 sweetbalm she just had to give herself a silent pep talk

19:31 kicks_316 Code black has to do with live ammunition I think

19:31 starbuck_river Mary is 100x braver than I would be

19:31 jeepy91 is she going to let him die?

19:31 breezie_11 bailey knows hes done

19:32 djrach he looks like a zombie

19:32 savache27 that sucks after all that

19:32 sweetbalm yeah

19:32 Jeangenie poor percy

19:32 superbutterfly7 poor percy though.s eriously

19:32 sweetbalm yes

19:32 savache27 even though I didn't like him

19:32 savache27 still

19:32 superbutterfly7 seriously. same

19:32 Jeangenie he looks like crap

19:32 strandedinaber (Gem) oh, this is heartbreaking

19:32 sweetbalm awwww

19:32 kicks_316 Kinda sad to see Percy go. Who's Cristina gonna call names now?

19:32 sweetbalm this is really sweet

19:32 pinkscrubcap i was just thinking that djrach...the strong ones are failing and the weak ones
are owning..i

19:32 djrach So glad I took the day off today. Best. Idea. Ever.

19:33 equinoxhkr aw

19:33 kerigan_smh almost crying

19:33 mak62184 reed wasn't that sad, but this is

19:33 kerigan_smh here

19:33 brokkie87 wow that must be horrible as a human being and doctor

19:33 neby cuddles to Mandy Moore

19:33 breezie_11 reed disappeared for a while anyway

19:33 brokkie87 poor bailey

19:33 jeepy91 that made me cry

19:33 superbutterfly7 dude. no owen don't go in

19:33 sweetbalm um wtf does that mean owen

19:33 djrach so the point of the mandy moore charcter is what exactly? to be bailieys sidekick?

19:33 Elyima something is really wrong...

19:33 starbuck_river Mary hasn't eated in 24 hours

19:33 jeepy91 dude, they're gonna be held hostage

19:33 jeepy91 or something

19:33 superbutterfly7 i hate owen times... forty.

19:33 sweetbalm wtf is going on

19:33 superbutterfly7 omg

19:33 caffeinejitters okay why does he seem so cold right now? omg

19:34 sweetbalm i knew it

19:34 sweetbalm iknewit

19:34 Jeangenie omg

19:34 bluewon wow

19:34 caffeinejitters oh. that's why.

19:34 djrach oh crap

19:34 savache27 son of a b*tch!

19:34 djrach this isnt good

19:34 strandedinaber (Gem) oh no

19:34 breezie_11 avery should do something

19:34 sweetbalm little asian scrub nurse should save the day

19:34 wolfie259 where did the scrub nurse come from?

19:34 starbuck_river ominous music is ominous

19:34 brokkie87 o no
19:34 superbutterfly7 she's the anestheologist i think?

19:34 mak62184 i was just thinking about the nurse

19:34 wolfie259 i think little asian scrub nurse needs an emmy

19:34 jeepy91 well i guess this is owen's choice lol

19:35 Darsfebruary That's the real scrub nurse.

19:35 sweetbalm owen get control of yourself

19:35 wolfie259 i know

19:35 savache27 ****

19:35 Darsfebruary What's her name...Pookie?

19:35 Darsfebruary Something odd.

19:35 wolfie259 that's why she needs an emmy

19:35 kerigan_smh Bokie

19:35 erinnn bookie is her name

19:35 kerigan_smh I love Bokie!

19:35 Darsfebruary bokie

19:35 Elyima Bokie

19:35 djrach bokie

19:35 wolfie259 yeah, remember the outtakes

19:35 Elyima yep

19:35 brokkie87 bokie stabe him

19:35 djrach these swat are not worth their money

19:35 equinoxhkr omgggggggggggggg

19:35 Doom_Kitteh srsly

19:35 Elyima this is like "pink mist" intense

19:35 superbutterfly7 we haven't had a callie/arizona update in a while

19:35 kerigan_smh For serious

19:35 equinoxhkr ugh

19:35 margerydaw_s2 whoa!

19:35 Xam shonda...this is sick..

19:35 brokkie87 damn commecial

19:35 savache27 I know! SWAT blows!

19:35 sweetbalm all it would take is one little stab with a syringe full of propofol or something
equally sedating

19:35 Eve_JO omg

19:35 superbutterfly7 these swat people SUCK.

19:35 Elyima mrs. elyima is worked up!

19:35 zla man

19:36 zla i know

19:36 oh_nessa god adverts suck!

19:36 Doom_Kitteh soooo intense

19:36 djrach WHo isnt Elyima

19:36 brokkie87 this is crazy drama love it but yeah I miss calzona too

19:36 margerydaw_s2 I like THIS Owen

19:36 Darsfebruary Yeah, why didn't Mr. Swat Dude shoot him again when he was on the floor?

19:36 superbutterfly7 honestly.

19:36 Elyima that's what i said

19:36 Elyima they would have been on him so fast

19:36 djrach WHy didn't mr swat run up the fing stairs and shoot him

19:36 sweetbalm that was kinda lame. shoot him and leave him there? dumbass.

19:36 djrach its a dude with a pistol ffs

19:36 Eve_JO The swat guys suck

19:36 savache27 oh, but webber is somewhere

19:36 superbutterfly7 cause that makes sense.

19:36 zla do you think calzona are goint to get back together?

19:36 mak62184 because he isn't thinking straight

19:36 superbutterfly7 not today.

19:36 Darsfebruary Why were they going to get Webber to identify a picture of the guy from the
DMV when he already knew who he was?

19:36 margerydaw_s2 oh, definitely

19:36 savache27 i don't know if there is time

19:36 superbutterfly7 (tonight. whatevs)

19:36 sweetbalm i wonder if webber will somehow end up in derek's surgery

19:37 superbutterfly7 probs

19:37 Darsfebruary Thank God Shonda isn't writing a drama about members of a SWATteam.

19:37 djrach This might just bet he best season. finale. ever.

19:37 sweetbalm take a bullet

19:37 margerydaw_s2 Sandra Oh is a master of acting.

19:37 superbutterfly7 true facts dj

19:37 sweetbalm the Hey Soul Sister commercial just came on again

19:37 Elyima Sandra and Chandra both amazing tonight

19:37 Elyima :)

19:37 Jeangenie i think webber is gonna jump through the glass

19:37 savache27 agreed

19:37 Eve_JO sandra oh rules

19:37 djrach ohhhh i just realised what Trufax that dars uses means

19:37 Jeangenie and jump the gunman saving everyone

19:37 superbutterfly7 oh. i doubt that. haha

19:38 margerydaw_s2 lowat, no

19:38 superbutterfly7 too much hero-age for the chief. if that happens, i defiintely thing he'll die

19:38 brokkie87 I would love if bokie took the shooter out

19:38 margerydaw_s2 ;_; everyone I like is dying/dead

19:38 brokkie87 that would sort of be funny

19:38 savache27 that'd be great

19:38 zla yes there were a spoiler that said he was going to die

19:38 brokkie87 in a very wierd way I know

19:38 superbutterfly7 no spoilers.

19:38 brokkie87 weird

19:38 Elyima **** NO SPOILERS*******

19:38 Darsfebruary It's odd how only male main characters are dying right now.

19:38 djrach How long is the break till next season?

19:38 MelWicked theres gonna be no surgeons left for next season if this carries on :/

19:39 oh_nessa are we gonna get more c/a time?

19:39 superbutterfly7 forever and a defcade

19:39 Elyima Season 7 is September

19:39 djrach pshhh thats not too far away

19:39 brokkie87 I guess c/az are next

19:39 margerydaw_s2 I'll die

19:39 breezie_11 hes already taken a lot of eyes for his one eye

19:39 kerigan_smh oh NOW the only person he wants to kill isDerek

19:39 kerigan_smh after he kills like 10 peeps

19:39 sweetbalm ooh that was a great screen shot

19:39 margerydaw_s2 yeah, bastard

19:39 brokkie87 it's been long so it has to be c/az time now

19:39 superbutterfly7 oh geez meredith. we have like twenty minutes. wtf are you doing

19:39 mak62184 seriously, meredith

19:39 savache27 wow

19:39 djrach I kill you, then I kill you, I kill all your dogs

19:39 jeepy91 wow, that;s like epic romance stuff

19:40 mak62184 she has major issue with death

19:40 sweetbalm "i;m your eye for an eye

19:40 wolfie259 no babies on grey's?

19:40 superbutterfly7 owen's gonna take th bullet i bet.

19:40 Jeangenie webbers gonna come in

19:40 savache27 come on owen

19:40 savache27 he is freakin worthless

19:40 margerydaw_s2 goddamnit, meredith

19:40 sweetbalm yup webber for meredith

19:40 strandedinaber (Gem) oh god Meredith

19:40 superbutterfly7 called that ****.

19:40 caffeinejitters oh no.

19:40 sweetbalm yay!

19:40 sweetbalm sorry

19:40 margerydaw_s2 Idiot

19:40 djrach webber is ****ed

19:40 superbutterfly7 **** avery

19:40 Elyima frickin crap this sucks

19:40 wolfie259 avery you ***

19:41 superbutterfly7 i bet the took off the monitor

19:41 sweetbalm they did something.......

19:41 sweetbalm yeah

19:41 kerigan_smh Avery is the hero here

19:41 sweetbalm they were done

19:41 breezie_11 yeah they deffinitely did soomething

19:41 margerydaw_s2 go on with that surgery, cris.

19:41 sweetbalm not to worry

19:41 mak62184 i hate derek, but i can't even take this

19:41 margerydaw_s2 You can do it.

19:41 sweetbalm derek is fine

19:41 superbutterfly7 are you freaking happy mr. clark?! ********!

19:41 savache27 don't think he's dead

19:41 sweetbalm theres no freakin way

19:41 breezie_11 yay avery!!!

19:41 strandedinaber (Gem) they've unplugged it

19:41 savache27 alright!

19:41 caffeinejitters do these doors not lock?!

19:41 sweetbalm yerp

19:41 kicks_316 No, they don't.

19:41 Jeangenie omg meredith poor girl

19:41 savache27 Mer, is owen dead?

19:41 mak62184 thank goodness jackson was smart

19:42 starbuck_river Jackson is either horrible or brilliant

19:42 djrach gtfo gunman

19:42 margerydaw_s2 Oh, god D:

19:42 equinoxhkr omg

19:42 superbutterfly7 aww. cristina/meredith kickin ass.

19:42 sweetbalm avery is the only mw-er i like

19:42 kicks_316 Brilliant. Thinking quick on his feet.

19:42 equinoxhkr i wan to die

19:42 superbutterfly7 avery is pretty aesome

19:42 caffeinejitters amazing.

19:42 superbutterfly7 percy makes me sad.

19:42 djrach Mer is Owen dead lol

19:42 margerydaw_s2 me too

19:42 savache27 don't think she's gonna find out either

19:42 jeepy91 dude, this is making me cry and I didn't even like either of them

19:42 kerigan_smh he can find her in the elevator

19:43 margerydaw_s2 I loved Nosedive

19:43 Jeangenie poor percy

19:43 equinoxhkr aww2ww

19:43 sweetbalm does bailey know reed's dead?

19:43 brokkie87 wow smart jackosn

19:43 djrach Sandra Oh is the one consistantly awesome person on this show

19:43 Jeangenie reed and percy

19:43 margerydaw_s2 Yes, yes, yes! Sandra Oh

19:43 kicks_316 djrach, I know! I love Sandra Oh! I hate that Heigl's been getting all the awards.

19:43 pinkscrubcap ok i am a tad behind..but i really love that little asian nurse or
whatever..what a punking..

19:43 djrach I'm sure that percy is gonna get up and start eating people, he looks like a freakin

19:43 Jeangenie lol

19:43 breezie_11 even if bailey knows, she should just let him die thinking shes alive

19:43 savache27 Sandra Oh has owned these last few episodes

19:43 sweetbalm well yeah

19:43 neby wow he is great

19:43 sweetbalm but i was just curious if she knew or not

19:44 Doom_Kitteh I don't think bailey knows, she hadn't really been out of that room
19:44 djrach Sandra Oh has been brilliant from season 1 episode 1

19:44 sweetbalm yeah

19:44 margerydaw_s2 fact of life.

19:44 sweetbalm i'm leaning to her not knowing

19:44 Jeangenie rip percy

19:44 sweetbalm i dont care if mandy moore was pointless to this episode, i really liked her in it

19:44 margerydaw_s2 I'm going to cry.

19:44 starbuck_river Percy is making me sad

19:44 djrach I wanna see mandy moore back as an intern next season

19:44 Jeangenie damn mereidth

19:44 sweetbalm uh oh

19:44 kicks_316 There has to be a reason for Mandy Moore's character.

19:44 strandedinaber (Gem) Oh, Percy

19:44 sweetbalm miscarriage

19:45 savache27 thought so

19:45 margerydaw_s2 I'll stop liking everyone

19:45 kicks_316 Nooo.

19:45 superbutterfly7 miscarriage.

19:45 Elyima yeah she is miscarrying

19:45 sweetbalm :(

19:45 margerydaw_s2 everyone I like dies.

19:45 breezie_11 miscarriage

19:45 jeepy91 is she already having a miscarriage

19:45 Doom_Kitteh She's there because someone needed to be Bailey's sidekick

19:45 MelWicked i think i actually hate this episode

19:45 caffeinejitters =[ oh no

19:45 equinoxhkr omg

19:45 superbutterfly7 omg meredith is SO hard****ingcore

19:45 equinoxhkr wtf

19:45 sweetbalm omg this is so intense

19:45 jeepy91 wow, way to **** over the merder fans

19:45 sweetbalm saving a life WHILE she's miscarrying

19:45 savache27 right?

19:45 kerigan_smh ok time for some Calzona

19:45 kicks_316 Why is Shonda doing this to the Twisted Sisters?!

19:45 Jeangenie wow how do you miscarry

19:45 mak62184 man, they just want to make the entire audience sad

19:45 brokkie87 miscarriage

19:45 sweetbalm hardcore

19:45 ackat the pitchforks are being sharpened as we speak

19:45 mak62184 or make us want to die

19:45 brokkie87 must be

19:45 superbutterfly7 sometimes i tjust happens

19:45 sweetbalm i miss callie and arizona

19:45 kerigan_smh Stress induced Im guessing

19:45 Darsfebruary well, she's in trauma. that's not so surprising.

19:46 Darsfebruary yeah...

19:46 kicks_316 Cristina has an ectopic pregnancy. Now Mer, a miscarriage?! Wrong.

19:46 Elyima c'mon...this has been more than a little traumatic

19:46 djrach That is really quite sad.

19:46 superbutterfly7 grey's doesn't do babies

19:46 brokkie87 where are c/az

19:46 erinnn 15 mins left and my hope our girls get back together is fleeting. shonda dont break
my heart

19:46 starbuck_river Oh Mer

19:46 Jeangenie i didnt know you could miscarry over stress like a month on

19:46 brokkie87 poor mer

19:46 Doom_Kitteh oh yeah

19:46 oh_nessa Na it's gonna be cris/owen reunion

19:46 margerydaw_s2 I want my gorgeous lesbians

19:46 Doom_Kitteh stress does some *****y things to ya

19:46 kicks_316 How far along was she anyway? First 3 months are critical.

19:46 palex_4_ever out of everyone, I cried over Percy...

19:47 margerydaw_s2 everything else os making me sad.

19:47 neby what a true friend. Not letting a miscarriage stop her

19:47 savache27 lol

19:47 superbutterfly7 dude i know palex mem too

19:47 margerydaw_s2 I cried for Percy

19:47 sweetbalm i finally just posted my icons to the comm. it literally took me this whole past
hour and 47 minutes just to POST the link to it lol
19:47 MelWicked please god let calzona get back together.... someone needs a ****ing happy

19:47 brokkie87 i for bailey

19:47 neby Percy's best scene ever

19:47 savache27 yes, Mel!

19:47 superbutterfly7 at least he had a really way to go

19:47 superbutterfly7 *really good

19:47 brokkie87 az will bend and agree a life is better wit callie and children than without both

19:47 starbuck_river I liked how Bailey was Percy's favorite doctor

19:48 brokkie87 well who wouldn;t love bailey

19:48 brokkie87 she is the best!

19:48 kicks_316 Yeah. It was a good exit for him. As opposed to Reed's. Now THAT sucked.

19:48 brokkie87 yeah

19:48 brokkie87 ten minutes in final

19:48 brokkie87 thre lines LOL

19:48 margerydaw_s2 Bailey and Cris= awesome

19:48 brokkie87 three

19:48 wolfie259 reed was just a ***** in her last moments

19:48 Doom_Kitteh more like 5~7min.... with these commercials

19:48 djrach Shonda said she was too scared to watch on TV but she totally is.

19:48 breezie_11 that was the longest comm break ever

19:48 jeepy91 dude, we STILL have not seen that bullet tracking shot from the promo

19:49 superbutterfly7 yeah, cause we probs wont.

19:49 Doom_Kitteh they won't show that lol

19:49 sweetbalm it might not actualy be in the ep

19:49 djrach the bullet tracking shot is bs

19:49 mak62184 this is just creepy

19:49 Doom_Kitteh that was to get you into the epi

19:49 kicks_316 I don't think that bullet tracking means anything.

19:49 djrach Shonda is twitter stalking

19:49 superbutterfly7 or... chief brought a gun in, and it's for clark

19:49 breezie_11 i agree

Just to say that someone's getting shot.

19:49 kicks_316 But obviously, A LOT of people got shot.

19:49 jeepy91 unless that was part of the 14 minutes Shonda cut

19:49 jeepy91 and it was gasman

19:49 margerydaw_s2 Nooo, Chief i_i

19:50 strandedinaber (Gem) Chief :(

19:50 djrach he'll be out of bullets

19:50 sweetbalm this guy is a freakin mess

19:50 oh_nessa nice point shonda. gun laws are screwed up

19:50 djrach Good job america

19:50 kicks_316 Ausiello's posted something to read for Grey's fans after watching the finale.

19:50 brokkie87 I always thought it was ridiculous that you can buy a gun with your groceries in
the usa

19:50 margerydaw_s2 oh?

19:51 Jeangenie we don't here in PA

19:51 brokkie87 we may sell weed in holland but no guns

19:51 brokkie87 anyway hope webber stays alive. love him so much

19:51 brokkie87 good for you

19:51 superbutterfly7 yeah pa is legit

19:51 superbutterfly7 haha

19:51 margerydaw_s2 Yeah, in Brazil guns aren't really easy to get, either.

19:51 neby definitely

19:51 brokkie87 hate freaking guns

19:51 margerydaw_s2 me too

19:51 djrach In Aus it's a mission to get a gun

19:51 Jeangenie one bullet left

19:51 breezie_11 how convenient

19:51 Jeangenie himself or webber

19:52 MelWicked the police dont even have guns in the uk majority of the time

19:52 superbutterfly7 oh every cop here has one

19:52 brokkie87 himself i guess. suicide is easy way out

19:52 Doom_Kitteh like murder in suurbia :D lolol no guns...

19:52 kicks_316 I have no beef with guns. I just don't life people who use them indiscriminately.

19:52 kicks_316 *like

19:52 djrach Some dude went crazy with a gun once and our gun laws went nuts

19:52 oh_nessa i'm from the uk and i've never seen a gun in real life up close

19:52 caffeinejitters stating the obvious, webber.

19:52 sweetbalm dude we are not gonna get any cal/az closure are we
19:52 superbutterfly7 no chief!

19:52 Doom_Kitteh probably not

19:52 pinkscrubcap i hate that calzona may not even have 5 min here towards the end...yes..i am
bitter ha ha

19:53 Jeangenie oh no

19:53 sweetbalm i could use some vodka after this

19:53 Jeangenie webber's sober status

19:53 superbutterfly7 OMFG fire.

19:53 kicks_316 We HAVE to. Dammit.

19:53 kicks_316 wtf

19:53 djrach Sweet, I'm on like my 6th or 7th beer!!

19:53 brokkie87 okay of course I know lots of americans never even held a gun.

19:53 savache27 come one, some C/AZ

19:53 breezie_11 i hope they don't start it then leave it cliff hanging until next season

19:53 Jeangenie shonda said no cliff hangers

19:53 wolfie259 omg, he's actually convincing him to kill himself?

19:53 pinkscrubcap where is az and that mega watt smile

19:53 brokkie87 yeah c/az fix now!

19:54 margerydaw_s2 C/AZ, yeah

19:54 savache27 that's enough of webber and gunman

19:54 kicks_316 Well, what choice does he have.

19:54 neby wow what happened to callie and arizona

19:54 djrach richard redemtion too

19:54 Jeangenie he's going to hit the oxygen tank

19:54 margerydaw_s2 Jeeesus, Richard

19:54 brokkie87 I don't think we will see c/az again

19:54 superbutterfly7 i bet they got totally cut in the 14 mins. haha

19:54 savache27 ugh!

19:54 margerydaw_s2 That's a **** move

19:54 sweetbalm i'm over this scene

19:54 savache27 come on, shoot someone!

19:54 superbutterfly7 i'm kinda over it. decide

19:54 margerydaw_s2 me too, me too

19:54 starbuck_river I wish this scene was shorter

19:54 brokkie87 me too

19:54 margerydaw_s2 shoot the chief

19:55 jeepy91 and here comes the coda

19:55 erinnn most likely most of their good scenes are near the end

19:55 savache27 they could have cut some of this

19:55 kicks_316 No one's interested in two old guys talking!

19:55 MelWicked i need calzona :(

19:55 superbutterfly7 the theme of this season is "indecisive."

19:55 sweetbalm it was a little repetitive

19:55 brokkie87 pffff dreading on

19:55 breezie_11 i love how NOW is when swat comes

19:55 brokkie87 wenow chief bla bla

19:55 djrach as if read after the ep

19:55 savache27 I know, right?

19:55 Jeangenie gunshot

19:55 wolfie259 5 min left for calzona

19:55 djrach read while the old guys are talking

19:55 Jeangenie who got shot the old guy or webber?

19:55 kicks_316 Kill them both! Let's get on with it.

19:55 jeepy91 wow, that i didn't expect

19:55 Jeangenie ugh lexie no

19:56 djrach Doesnt he know suicides go to hell

19:56 superbutterfly7 teddy in red scrubs totally works

19:56 erinnn shonda if i dont get closure and our girls back together im gonna kick your assss

19:56 jeepy91 the mark/lexie fans got screwed

19:56 breezie_11 totally

19:56 djrach oh here comes the cavalry

19:56 savache27 everyone is getting screwed

19:56 sweetbalm bet her poop bag isn't a big deal anymore

19:56 Jeangenie lol

19:56 breezie_11 calzona

19:57 sweetbalm oh man. she said it

19:57 savache27 damn

19:57 djrach that was a weird cut.....

19:57 kicks_316 Well, "suicides go to hell" depending on your religion. Or if you have one I
19:57 savache27 hell yeah

19:57 pinkscrubcap hee hee on the poop bag comment..

19:57 kerigan_smh oh my

19:57 sweetbalm omg

19:57 jeepy91 yay!

19:57 caffeinejitters yesss

19:57 Jeangenie yeah!!!

19:57 breezie_11 nowayyyy!

19:57 wolfie259 yayyyyy

19:57 superbutterfly7 ftw

19:57 neby yes

19:57 savache27 so watching this a million times!!!!!

19:57 jeepy91 woooooo

19:57 sweetbalm yessssss

19:57 kicks_316 Hugs all around! :D

19:57 sweetbalm god they are so beautiful

19:57 Xam YAY!!!!

19:57 Xam :D

19:57 Jeangenie icons for that scene nao!

19:57 kerigan_smh Callie and AZ are end game for sure

19:57 erinnn thank baby jesus

19:57 laughsunshine yes!

19:57 neby that is what I wanted

19:57 savache27 lol

19:57 pinkscrubcap dang i am behind..maybe i will fast forward it to the end...i so need my jcap

19:57 mak62184 arizona looked old in that scene, at least her face

19:57 strandedinaber (Gem) yes yes yes yes yes

19:57 sweetbalm my heart is soaring

19:57 breezie_11 yeahh!!!

19:57 superbutterfly7 best friends for sure.

19:57 angel_loveca AWESOME!!!!!!!

19:57 sweetbalm mfeomfeomfeo

19:57 zla yay

19:57 kerigan_smh Dude what about th trust thing though,,....

19:58 erinnn mfeo mfeo

19:58 djrach woah

19:58 wolfie259 i'm so watching this every day for the rest of the summer

19:58 strandedinaber (Gem) Callie proved she loves her

19:58 breezie_11 i agree

19:58 jeepy91 and no cliffhanger

19:58 margerydaw_s2 That

19:58 djrach wow

19:58 margerydaw_s2 was

19:58 margerydaw_s2 beautiful

19:58 wolfie259 shooter shot himself

19:58 pinkscrubcap yeah i forgot about the trust line

19:58 kicks_316 Hugs, kisses and shots to celebrate.

19:58 djrach ahhh all is well with the world

19:58 sweetbalm that was SO. GOOD.

19:58 wolfie259 she's probably not going to tell him

19:58 kerigan_smh someone upload this nawwwwww

19:58 jeepy91 so the sides were total fakeouts

19:58 kerigan_smh please

19:58 kicks_316 By shots, I mean the alcoholic kind.

19:58 brokkie87 way too fast calzona

19:58 erinnn high fives!!

19:58 breezie_11 :D

19:59 sweetbalm i dont even care

19:59 sweetbalm they're mfeo

19:59 MelWicked YESSSSS!!!!!!

19:59 Doom_Kitteh Definitly an episode(s) to rewatch a few times

19:59 djrach This episode was absolutely epic

19:59 margerydaw_s2 yes, oh god.

19:59 pinkscrubcap dang how long was that with them at the end...oh hell at least they are back

19:59 kicks_316 A few HUNDRED times.

19:59 erinnn im so glad we got a happy ending

19:59 sweetbalm im rewatching the last c/a scene

19:59 superbutterfly7 dude i want dvr right NOW

19:59 mak62184 so, nobody's apartment went on fire?

19:59 kicks_316 Someone upload that scene NOW!

20:00 erinnn that scene needs to be up asap so i can rewatch

20:00 Eve_JO yeah ha

20:00 breezie_11 shonda deffinitely done good

20:00 Darsfebruary chat is closing y'all.

20:00 brokkie87 okay see you in september

20:00 kerigan_smh Shonda needs a shrine and idol

20:00 brokkie87 lol

20:00 djrach Ok inc spam shonda

20:00 Doom_Kitteh maybe the fire thing is in the cut stuff

20:00 Darsfebruary It's been an amazing season.

20:00 Elyima thanks for joining us guys

20:00 djrach Is Dars happy?

20:00 Darsfebruary thank you all

20:00 mak62184 yeah, that would be way too much

20:00 Elyima Listen to the fancast!

20:00 brokkie87 okay great final but no good calzona fix

20:00 kicks_316 Looking forward to fancasts and fanfics through the break!

20:00 Doom_Kitteh Yay, now we get to sit and wait for your fancasts :D

20:00 Elyima yep

20:00 brokkie87 yes back together but no real converstaion

20:00 Eve_JO NIght all

20:01 strandedinaber (Gem) night all!

20:01 Elyima thanks for joining us fanpeeps

20:01 MelWicked night!

20:01 strandedinaber (Gem) thanks for a great finale chat

20:01 MelWicked well... morning!

20:01 savache27 night guys!

20:01 Elyima Take it to the comments. g'nite!

20:01 kicks_316 Good morning indeed!

20:04 equinoxhkr i love shoanda

20:06 neby Let's see all the good writer's continue on with this episode

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