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DENNIS A. Ross D_wasumaron, 06 _ bawecane Congress of the Hnited States sence otra omens ati Hlouse of Represetatives ee 229 Canon Building eer Bashington, BE 20515 VeTP:yenntanoss.noUsE-6O¥ ‘The Honorable Theresa M. Grafenstine Kerry Kircher Inspector General, U.S. House of General Counsel, U.S. House of Representatives Representatives Office of Inspector General Office of General Counsel 386 Ford Building 219 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515-9990 USS. House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 Sune 29, 2016 Dear Inspector Granfenstine and Mr, Kircher: ‘This week, Member Offices housed in the Cannon House Office Building received flippant notification from the Architect of the Capitol stating “lead levels in drinking water sources are slightly above the EPA standard” and that the “cause of the inerease remains under investigation.” Additionally, we received a set of Frequently Asked Question which, to say the least, are deficient in information and alarmingly vague considering the matter at hand, As you may know. according to EPA rules, if lead concentrations exceed an action level of 1S ppb in more than 10 percent of customer taps sampled, the system must undertake a number of additional actions to control corrosion in, among other things, pipes and plumbing fixtures, I wish to receive written answers by the close of business today to the following questions, not covered by the FAQs given to my office: 1) What actions is the AOC taking to control corrosion in the Cannon plumbing system? 2) When was the most recent test conducted and what time period did it cover? 3) What is the exact lead level found to be above the EPA 15ppb levels in this most recent, test? 4) Most importantly, what plans do you have in place to offer free screening to anyone who is likely to be at risk due to this exposure? If no such plans are in place, I demand the AOC takes action now. I have been drinking this water for years. My staff has been drinking this water for years, Most alarmingly, there are pregnant women and women of child-bearing age who have been drinking this water for years. In fact, the Mayo Clinic states “lead can harm an unborn child, so pregnant women or women likely to become pregnant should be especially careful to avoid exposure to lead.” My colleagues and our staff come to this building each day, working long hours, in order to serve the people of our districts and the entire United States. Furthermore, constituents, tourists, and distinguished guests walk these halls each day. It is alarming to me that in so doing we have been putting ourselves in harm’s way. Even more distressing is the fact the signs posted due to this matter simply state “out of order,” with no explanation whatsoever, rather than informing the public as to the reason. Those who do not have access to the letter casually sent to our offices hhave no way of knowing they may be at risk. This is a most serious matter and I urge the AOC to be more forthright in the information disseminated to me, my colleagues, and our staff. Sincerely, A aed Dennis A. Ross Member of Congress