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June 29, 2016


KBT&F Associates/Special Counsel/Summer Associates


Marc E. Kasowitz


All Partners


Salary Increases

We are pleased to announce that effective July 1 (July 15 payroll) we are increasing
associate salaries to reflect the new scale recently announced by a number of firms in the New
York market. This announcement is consistent with our on-going commitment to cultivate and
advance the dedicated and talented attorneys who are the cornerstone of the Firms success.
The Firm accordingly is adopting the following scale for associate salaries in New York:
Class of 2015: $180,000
Class of 2014: $190,000
Class of 2013: $210,000
Class of 2012: $235,000
Class of 2011: $260,000
Class of 2010: $280,000
Class of 2009: $300,000

Class of 2008: $315,000

New salaries will be confirmed in individual memos to be distributed next week. Senior
Associates/Special Counsel, whose compensation is outside of the standard schedule, have been
reviewed individually and your new salaries will be communicated in individual memos. The
same applies to attorneys resident in offices outside of New York.
Summer Associates will be paid at the first year rate of $180,000, also effective July 1.
Thank you for your dedication, hard work and professionalism.