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What is Education?

What skills you Acquire by Education?

Education should give you the following skills. You should be in a position to exhibit the following talents after getting educated. You should match and perform to the level you claim that you got educated. For example if one claims that he finished Ph.D or a doctorate in a field he should know the basics of research and organized common sense, with appropriate ethical norms and social norms to serve people and the company he serves.

What Education Gives You?

Here is the list of skills:

1. Observation 2. Listening 3. Thinking 4. Speaking/ Talking/ Communicate 5. Calculate/ Compute 6. Reading 7. Writing 8. Grasping / Guessing 9. Formulating a problem 10. Solving a problem 11. Innovate a solution 12. Comprehend what others say/ write 13. Present his /her own case 14. Investigate 15. Innovate 16. Create/ Be creative 17. Experiment/ Conducting experiments 18. Organize things/ Arrange things 19. Keep him / her self healthy 20. To retain peace of mind.

Noted on date: 1-9-2013 Ooh, My points are correct. Look at the point number 13. In the Durga Sakthi IAS officer case- The supreme court said, that She can argue her own case and no need for a PIL.

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