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The Honorable Benigno “Noynoy” C. Aquino IIL Senator ‘The Republic of the Philippines 17 May 2010 l tur Porm nie With official election results still pending, | am delighted to note that Your Honorable is well-poised to claim a defining victory in the presidential elections of the Philippines. Please accept, Your Honorable, my warmest congratulations. The Filipino people have chosen Your Honorable to lead the country for the next six years. Your exceptional campaign rewards your tireless commitment to serving your great people. With inspiring themes of your campaign echoed all across the archipelago, your endeavour will prepare the Philippines for a path of change, and optimism and progress. ‘The message resonates well beyond your borders. China, bound to the Philippines through ties of history and friendship, will be reenergized to work with your focused and capable leadership aimed at advancing China-Philippines strategic relationship of cooperation with more strength, depth and fruits. To this end, may I possibly have the honour to take some liberty amidst your pressing affairs to share your insights on, among other issues, enhancing China-Philippines relationship, which is tuming 35 years old next month, and enriching our bilateral economic cooperation. I am looking forward to meeting Your Honorable soon. All the very best wishes to Your Honorable and the people of the Philippines. Liu Jianchao Ambassador