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TOKYO METROPOLITAN vevien GOVERNMENT TSN APA ne SANUS May 14, 2010 ‘AQUING HHI mate nf the Pil Pasty Cit The Honorable Benigno Aquino IIT Senator, Republic of the Philippines way 17 2010 __ te [GEE Dear Senator Aquino, On behalf of the people of Japan, I would like to offer my most heartfelt congratulations on your recent win in the Philippine presidential election Your victory in this hard-fought race has filled me with immense pride and joy as you so courageously committed yourself to your beloved country in order to dispel the public’s distrust in politics. T pray that you will carry on the legacy of your dear father, who staked his life to speathead the movement to overthrow the autocracy and restore democracy in the Philippines, I am confident that your love of your country and its people will serve to bring increasing prosperity to your great nation. My two sons, Nobuteru and Hirotaka, and I are at your service to provide any necessary cooperation for future relations between the Philippines and Japan in our capacity as politicians. Please do not hesitate to contact us should the need arise In closing, please accept my very best wishes for your continued good health, happiness, and the further prosperity of the Republic of the Philippines. Yours sincerely, fi fibiboor Shintaro Ishihara Governor of Tokyo