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DOUGLAS F. GANSLER RONALD. Levrran Atworney General Prisipal Coun! Kerozene WTR Pim M, Pickus hier Deputy Atoraey General Depaty Couns om. Howaxo, Jk sank Boma 'BXNM. Das Deputy Attorney Genera Aust Atorneye General Mina 8 Senne Staton OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF STATE POLICE NosmrvaMseon6 aan hy S3at70 January 15, 2010 ‘The Honorable Allan H. Kitlleman James Senate Office Building 11 Bladen Steet, Room 423 Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Dear Senator Kittleman, Ihave been asked to respond to your November 23, 2009 letter to Attomey General Ganslet in which you asked for clarification on whether an individual may legally tanspor a Joaded magazine, separate ftom a handgun, in a vehicle when traveling in connection with the activities listed in Section 4-203(b) of the Criminal Law Article. Maryland law does not prohibit an individual from transporting a loaded magazine in a vehicle while transporting an unloaded handgun under the provisions of § 4-203(b). Thope that this information, although not an official opinion of the Attorney General, is responsive to your inquiry. ngs. “He — poe Auomey General TROT Remterstoun Road @ Pikesville, Maryland, 27208 20/2008) veuetaaty vette TATA UETTY “wag SBEELDBOLy xVS 95-01