f-' Six.

\f:-acts 0'

A- ,8, ":e·:-·I-e·,jf1I!t'-l"'O"'D,·' from t· ·h- e

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:II • =,' t~ R ,-",., II"~ l S' 'I h-_" '~'~.Lcv'm,u,a '. ,,_asa ,I., a-m!am ra~"'!-,'I·a:~r'U

IT· ... l B'" _- "

C.l~san tu- ·ann,a

(1906 - 1'9491)

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l.l~F .S!I"O,~, l427' AH" ,_ 2006 A!!DI",

oo N···'TE:NT··· ,·'S····I

._ ,.- -," I. , I ...

1., .MESSAG:E OF T'FIE, mAC HlN'GS, .'. ~~ •••. mE •• ,.~ ,', •••. ,,~ • ., ~"' •• " '" 5;

3 O· "UR" M]" 'SQlIO'N

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M '·,·-c·c.- ,., - ..... of ,t··h: '" T-' ".-',,' ·.····h- ii. 'g-

essage 0, _._' .. e . _ eo.c ... lntis

Part One

Dear tru thflJll brothars, ,the basic elemen ts (Ii" our eovenanr are teu; ~O' gT1I1aSp their meanings and .In'~mO,Yi:Zi® them, Th~Y' are 'COIll~ prehension r devot ion ,actionl (Jihad) ,sEI;.cJiJfiee ,; 0 b@~ie[] 00, perservera n ce j! resnluten EHi3 Sj' brctherhocd, .. and trust.

fA) By COml)'I~he:D8Iion :1 mean ,that yt'Hl should be: eertstn t11at GJur' eause iaIn fun agreement with the princlples .of Islam, and that, you should tinder.s tand

d Islam aswe understand it within the bounds of the foHowhlg 'twenty' ceneise principles.

]. h'51 am, is, a, comp,[lehens]ve sys:t;em which deals with, all spheres of life, It is a. state and a hnmeland (O'l' a gO'vemmElll t 3U1 d an umma). It is mOI'8J!ity and pOW®l" (O~' t'tl~r.ey and justice).

It is a culture and a. law (or kl1 oW'ledge and j urtsprudence), ]-I~ is. material and wealth (em: gain and prosperity), It i~ {,JJh:;td)'Wld. a can lor army 8!.nG a causa). ,An;d "f:i:D1aU}f! it is, true belief andworship.

:2 .. !the glorious IQU ran and '~he purified traditian 'Su:nna) oF. the Prophet (peac·@. b~ upon him) arethe references of e'vel'Y Muslhn for 'the 1"e:nl] z~.t]!On of ·t.h e rules [If' Islam, ~rhe: Q.1UrM. can be understood ;according to the principles of the .~J\.,]·ah]e hU1guage withe ut afi'ec"tatiCfo or eentreversy, and the SUJ]]].a ean lb!f!1: acquired by reference t(l! t~Ji.'e trustworth transmitters {lif Hadith (collected ~a,y[rrgB fir the' Prnphet) ..

3, True belief, :pnrp~'r worship, and JLhad .1TI the ,"",'lay of AU,;:'JJ_hhave l~ghta\'ld war"t~~ tb ttl at Ajlah casts in th~ bearts of '\\v'hmTIlever He' cheeses from a tll.nn,g JHs: servants, m,rrt inspirabiona, '['lil1~:i.cn'i:~1 :re\il"ela.tion.5~, and visions are not authentic references fior Islamic Law, and the:r~d;iJn~ should not be given. s,ny ccnsideratlon except w f.1e.n they d~ :11.0t cQ·nJUc:t with 1111,e authentic rei f~r~nC(H;i. and €l~t~'lb]] shed prineipl IE s of Islam.

4·. 'Tall:s,m ans, incantSf.ti.on.S~ gE!oUiJanc:, ~ gnosis, :fhrhu'H~·~~lliIj.gl :[~.l·rogaJtiolt1J. gfknoiwledg:e of Ulf! t1lI1S~~([}" and similar '[Jr.~ctiiee8 are all detested attodli,s:s ·th~,'t 'm1lJ!ll,t be :fQlugh'~~ ~~ee'P;t 'wh~t ismentioned i n the Qur~'Ln or ·tnan smitted ~o U!Zi, ;u, an authen tic ineantati Oil ,ot the Prephet lpeace be ~:pon. him. J;

5" The opinicn 10f' Imam or hi~ d~I~l:],ty La ,~ClC~ptfilble ln 1\'"1~ttern which me ofp:rQIV'Bll be'nef]_'~ 'to 'th~ public, p:roviclGd tb a't hi s (Jlpiniml dees IlI;,O't, confliet with any ,established. p]i_nc].'P·[~ of Islam, r n this regard ,I tha o:pinjo~ etthe Im,'·'ID is ~]lmi!ll'ed '~ ]:rH~n~hH~]l}" d:Hier 'from similar pl~ "'ceclil1~ rt.d1:Ul,~ by virtl],e 'of ch.''l:]l~if1,~ ch·el!1m·8.t~I]It;(1Sii' custom s, and. eon venLi ens of' the s:ode~y.,

16;. Tlu;:! 11J~,:i 1\.1 on of slveryo.n.llE!; e·x.oop'~ tki.G infallible P.rn.ph~t l peac~ be UP!]" t-dm. l,., Is l:i:~ble'fuo changes amd. m.iliJ.d.i:fj.'~,~ti.Qn.s, Al I tllat has reached ~,!l;. nf the opi,:n:ions Hind m!:i]]~ ,rrr·t]u~ righ.tenu:s early' Wlus]illIlS is acceptable to us a ~ long as it is. ill agreemen't 'with the Q~ttt'an and the SIi.lJi'f.1JtilJ. In. case of dj5agre~[n!e11]'t~~ 'Ute BClol~ of.A]1ah and the ~p'nuctice of fli.~ Apostle a:re :r'uora deserving of our' adherence. ~~low~;\leI'~ w,e dn net c'l."!ti,~lze orattaek ~ny IDftl'l.o:E;e individuels who w~re in. di sagreemen t, s inCIE: WG! do not ·kn.ow· W:l1 at LhlliiJ'J,n.lenti.ol[l:s. ~vero nor the dI'\C~lU'1lstB.m.c:es ·th,at .IlE casaitated 'thaiit' d.~ch'3:i.o~n.

1. :Ev~~r-y ~ii u.s] im wl'](I' ·~'e;~e..he.s the' l:~~,e] of 1l.]ndeI"s'taI:u.1in,~ '[11 e 8.gn .. Kf:L1.'en1:;s ot leg~J ded'l:N::tblf;l and jurisprudence is, e:Il,(;ouragBd to ;i:~.lf!/'~s:tig~ fu~ the works of the fbur great Imams of Is ] amic jurisprudence .and S~f! which [iI:rU']I~m a't.'k,iicts him :rno.st.,WUh the '11.IJ·iT.~ of the ,r2u"g~.n]ienf;s, of th.~t Imam ~nd the ,prov~n o:pi.nious, of' trus 'W{H" h.,Y wfuli'Lel'!3 of his OW];'! age, he should be ~J1,Je bl' inereaae hb.: ru~u)W't.Bd;ge of Islamic "Law and. :find th~ l~la.mJJc 5'oI1lltiOJlJSI,to tbe 'l:IJI~~ t~']J'! 1~{H~a.r:y pJ;'1,]bh~m:s of b is ~o{:i,e'ty ~ Tnese :[\~] II.1s]hns who a-re U]:'I! able '00 do so are ,!lliI'[ I vh:~ed '[iI':i exert the neeessary ,efforts til) aequl re S,tw:kll a. level t~f' U lfI:ckn'sta:nd]:n.g·,.

8. ~D.i:ff~:r.rul.fj~S hill ophdon reg~l~~dtng' .s;e,~[nlda,'f·Y :m,etter,s, slitould ]lot be. sJ]lli~·,ved. b~ eau Set d i y is len, eontentin 11.~ <D'li" hat red 'Witlgj:n the ·:~·a.lllrn of the Whl~lim~,+ rro '~V"IB~·J' seeh:@l'Y ofltnowltldgc is ,OOJ reward. In eases of d~ 5 agreemen t '- howev er ~I there 113. no bUELI'.m. ill Gi ~ activ[\ acientific i ~.ve$ttgatio:n in. an atmnsph ere ~I r '1 YV • (~or- th e 1) ~ I.~e of' .A U alL, and

cooperation \-v1.th MUll aim o:f' !\~ali~big t:~,e tru.th. F';anatieis],ii.~ ,ot;8tin3..·C'Y~. and co.ntI·o,ver,sy [l.a'~·e no place ,Gl!_n-10'~lg tru,e MusH.nlS,.

g, Wasting' time and efrorf'1;il1 hlv'eS"t'ig~ti.lTlg trivi,aJ mli§li.tb!r.s ,th~'~ 'will 'tliQ:t lead tOI action ],8 prehihlted in 'Is,]3mT r:rbis cate~lJry ineludaa deb@rting minute aspects lof rulings in c.ase.sw'bj.cl1 have never eeeurred, in ves:~igaHng the meaning G:f 'tilu:! QlU~.\Ujfi,[! verses which ru'"G still 'beyond the scope of human. J.rn.'[]iwl!~dge ('th·~ :m\ltaSJha'bih~,t; v',~e~'" aIli.d dt:ffe'r'e'ntia'tll1g 'b~:ftwl~et}tll,a: cO]l].p,m'lian.8 U3:aba.ba}1) of the Prophet O["W v~8tiga;t lug' fhe instanees of di 5a·grtH~m'e.nt t~bElt toolt plane: amoTlg' '~l1:ffi'm. Ev~'lt'y S:allabi (]11ay Al1~11 be pleased with tll.C!ro. all) has 'ni,(~ henou I' and diS't-incti.~n, of ~ eing a. CO'ffi·P'Si.OI01'l. ,of 'the Ivi'e,Sl~enger of AUah (peaee be UP(i![JJ. him ),~. and to aaeh is. the reCml1:pefl5e~ ol'h,i 5, rno tives,

1t[J. 'RecD,g,nizi,n,g .Allrtl.:hjis G]('[s'i:'€!:[([c'e ~ may I';!~ be exalted), believing' lID His one]iJ.€!S8h and 151.011"'1 rYing Him are the me st sublime beliefs ,of' Islam, Wfa bel i~ve. in the Qu,'rilLilic. VE],Si~S and authentie traditions 'oj' the' Prophet (lPea,ce' be upon him; which d gsC'ti~e ·t.he ex,~Ued attrihutas of A]l ah and gl.(),ri,f.y· Hi8nOOT.H~t 1111'0 also b®Hl2v€, in the

.",,'1 leaori cal ('I]:"'·;"·"~''''''''lk. abih "'" ,I ) ,nllJl" ...... nic ~1' ... r.- ~'"'''' ",'" hi eh ""'~.iI'V""""" th ~I"'" >1' •. 0:; r. ... ,'"

~~, ~b.· ~L~,,· 11.~·u,L!.!aot.l,;I.,~.!J. ~' ... .tIL ,"'''1,; ~ j1 ~'1; ...I. 1L...1 .J.l'!....l ~ U ,i:JI~IiJi'l1 ~r- ~ ~L ,'I;... " 1I::l~ ~ 'If ~ L, i.L l~ ~CIU.:I,.II.I!.:r

'IJiU ~o.$e'j with. out rejec:ting any :PaJ~lt ,of them or a 1r."ternptill,g to i IE!. te~ret them on (Ill r own, We stand aloof from the dis agreement "I,>vi.ll!c,h. exi:s,[s among (he! theolngiana coneern irmg' these vm~s'es;we Etl."e Sf.t~]Sne ci.with. adu pting the Httj tude ef the Prophet {pe:all!e' be upem him.l' a.nd his c[nJ.1rp,SllO']Oll!li.:. ~~.Ar].d thosa whn are f!~ta.bU::sh.ed in knowledge :;3;ay: .1\Ve believe j n the B (10k; t he whole of i'~ is from QUJ'i' Lord . .J':!'

11 .. ~Ev~ry ~]],novatf.on h,tl'tl&uced. by 'IJUll people into the R®]igi.on of Allah errshe grounds of their whims ~ nd VII ithou t t1J; .. rth entie ,fOli'[ld~:tiQn, whether by ~ddin.Q; tc th~ prmeiples of Islam of. taking fr.om th~m, is c:onsicle:red a serious deviation fI',om the p.ID.'t.h ~:f 'tn;rth and lfiu~'t therefore b€ JiHJght and uboli~[':H~d lay ·h18 best means '!r\l'hk:h. do not lem,d to W'l(j['~e deviations.

1"" .~ ~·"''ii·'~'"1 ~" ''!Ii .J]'I·.!1~?I;"'-J':!i;l""" .. '."" ."""If' ''''1'''I>i.o''i,~;Oj;,ii'iI "[>&lfi""j 'i.~l in tw in I"W'U;'''''I i'l' ... "...!'" whi ",.1-:

UII .l"U~I!L;1I.. ~ ,i~1 ~ {:l UlG!1l ~ l..tl!.,,-~ y.ll, u.:tJJ.~,JUI,UL.~ '~~EJ[I[..U,U. Jj~ ··J..,I,.L.uV~~;_!.l,1.i ,!U!,U-!Li:Jj _-'l'" II,L-.~]

do not clOmtradic:Jt Elst.:ablished Is lam ic prinel ples, such as praising IID]:;l!m.8 and religious figures with prnnnuneemen ts fif their eredi bi] itl' HI1.d, binding people tID ,@.'!:b~ uf worship hd't ope'~j bo one's choice ... 'VVIr!! ~d~lpl 'W]::U~'t, ean be(:{I.rl,n1rm~cl by snund evicl~n 'f.!.

l3{ Love IOC pious ,~'S~p]e i oos;peding them j and h~n'H1u.ri.n.g their rlgl')jteous ,acnie'vement.£i h:rf.ng·~ oio,e~ eleser' to Aneth tn:uay He be exalted },' ,HaWie~"e:r-;', 0:1:18 ,should nDrt e'xtemd, this tm other thal1 the favolttitkes of "Allah, who ru'"j3 deseribed i.n the QU"i·mic: v€:rse:, "tho SiB ,\ .. ,ib{~ ]:i)l2Ji0ved andwere t:~arr~tl ,of AUahj~. Honour ,and 'Pr€'stigG :~1'1F€!: due '00, them wit], the eondltions presc:dbecl. in the Islamic Law, but ~v,e mu s,tfir,mJy he~:i~lve thai& th~'Y bum:y ,Alliiili, be pleasEld with them) bad. ,nO; power Q've'[" their.o.w·[i, fates and, 'lb(:!'reby, C!U1Jl,at frV ail or haem M:l;rC]n~ :dtet' ,their detiith",

14L Visiting gra vesites and tombs is 'an ~U'l:Jlent.i e S unna if dlon~' h). tbe m,annEn~ prescrlhed by ,the P1~oplle'~ (pe ace b~ u pen him). But seeking 'M1E!: help o:f tbe' dead, W"htIlTIS'V'6'r' they m ~y be! ,ap-pea] ing to 'them" :a,sldng them ,to fu:lfuU, certain requests, viljlwin\g '~U them :BInd

O~~~;D <:'I1~'l""", jJl" with 'I,'""" ""1 T In; ""'m a s i n' ~'I"""'G,d of th a - -- m- .m. .... f· .Ii '1] ,- j'L - - - ,",'1 I'

!!i:I ,~'I""U.[ '.d.,L~, '.: '';;:.1 "'JL~,,",, ~ . U,!<JI.' ,"""'_ .,: ,Q,LA:;u" 10', ""';,,, lil.:ii.\. _. ,.;,,;, 1"-,, leu, ,a il are :O::LJ.

gross atrocities 'that must be rOiJlgb,t~ no m.Rtte,t what the ~:KClll~es m·~.,BuUdjn:~' high tombs, u:ov'e.ring them w],'lh cii.lrtariTIrlil,~ illuminating' t'lilem", allcl. thrnwing nne's body en thC:i111 ,m'e, evi] innevatiens '~l~Jlt are eq'l!laU.y pl'ohibi ted.,

15. Tli8F,e is' a difffB'[EI1:Ce: of opinion teg'au:ding 'u. e 1JI se O'f the II ames of' the fa.vrnlrit@s of All~h in, sIUtpplic:alioD,. lIowe\~e't'~ 'this i13 a, 'ma'~tJ~r of' seoond,;lu:y 'i:m'Po~"I~an,et5iZlj'l(i does n Dt pertain to tlti e fundamental s of the :~sl amie b ~1 iefs,

] 6, Er.ro'fli!eo'll!lli; practices of the people i:l:!Jnl,ddbe r:e-strS{l ned Irrespective of ,t.b~ n,a.m,ea or 'UUea undee w.ll.kh t.i1.ley (nay be' disguised, If som eU'~in~g oontmd lets an Is 1 anI ie pri nd ple in its '@SSieJ!1,eB,~ it shonld be opposed wtthou t regard 'to w'bat people call it. In Jslam, fJon:sidel'~L'~]Ql1. isgive n to ,the sig,nifiesn,ce: and: meaning of appelletinns and :not 'to the appeUations l~hem8~1ves"

']11· D,;:;; ~ ~ .... fi ~,~ ,j.l"" I:]; b n'~~ p ef "" "",,,,~ n'll >Q,: "1' """'''''\i'lL '1' n, ~;[:!I,.",,~,ii .... 'i""i ,,,,. '13I'~!\D, '!i"ii'Ii ii'!I ~'1i:!I

.. or J(;J ~,lL.Y ~ _' .~ ~ 1, .... 1I.~.1,_;;o . ,glI,i;'Il!li~ !o.A _' iQ:-L~~.v.,' r O.~J.!.!I.!i_:i"G~ ~ .. ,(.J; "'!I;I"I·~·tLo;1 y'!,~ Jl~ ~ ~!Wi ·~!"II,!U II, ~

important than, goo~, actions with 'bad or no intentions. HOWI~V0't,~

j,l", M'~" ] "r-, " -~ ,·'11 ,~.. . ,~,I", ,j "~. ,- ~"" ,I, ,j"" '1- "t·,1L. .:1-- - .'

lid']€: ,,:U8 im [:8; urgen ",0 I.h·l;.fUn improvement tn uD.l1 spnerea:

plU'm:cati en of the: heart and pet"!l"r,m,~ic:e trf righteous deeds,

"!I' CI I 'I" ]"'L, t, ,i!-lk. ind ' , ,,' ,'I to f 1

.lU3_. . stam .~ li,iliera' ',~s 'U,I ~B min •. ,~ nrg'€'s contempt a unn 0 .t,lIB

univ e,r.810" h.(1l!10lU.l.'S science and :5dfrntlt5'L'S,~ and w01cotD.1£ts ~U ,th,at is


191• 'I ~bun~c prindpJ,es :may 'be eviderrt 0([ uncertain, as a:r€: pure .$Icientific: pdn.cipi~e6. The evident principles of the two classes win

fl·, ;j,. th >Ii.. • I!-.. "'bI,cL if, 'b"]· ~ 1!.,..;!I '. ~,~,:~,

never COfL IC:!1~ 'I.. 's.:l. 1.8, fllo lSi im ]:H1SSL' I e rnr an, ssta ",' l£Ji.i,(BU seiennnc

lfact.to (iafl tr.,[ld:i et ,aD, atultl1e:n.'tie '~'sl.a;mil!J prll]J"cipire. However, ,this m,ay happen ,ii one lOr both ~f them are uneertatn, ]If lOne of Ul:etll is uncertain, then it should be rei~terpl:ie[;ed so asto remove the

Ci'lLPi"j,"''''',d'' ;ffi'j,~ ""]'" 1.J"" :I:,.~., 11.., are U":}' """ ..... ,,, in th ",,'I'i. ,j,. 'I!..,., ~" n,"""""j."" :'1"'1 I',,,,'~ ami ""

: V.'~i!iI~-I~ . .!J~~~'~jI,...l...I!,;; ][ :1Lf.1JI!~~1 ~ ,~11:?i J .. I~J!. La .. _.'~I b. ,,'-'!;i',I.;.E. bJ[lll:j· 11.IL.L~/'-.!~IL-'IlI~ •• !I.., . .&;;I1La .!L~

pl'[nclph~' should be give]l 'p1f'eC-€hdE!n~"e O'~le;r theuncertain ,Sd'HI:l.tjfic ruotio:n l.Ul'ti.1 thelatter Is proven,

:20. Nev'er label as an, unbeliever @~afl:r) any Muslim who, has confessed the '~WO declaraunns (shahadah) 'of f8,itb,~ acts accolJ"cli]1g]y and perfarms the obHg.atxJil:-Y I(fa:r.d) duties oJ Islem unless he cle~dy pOOThBaSeS the ~\i'Clird of unbelief refuses tOiRc.lmow:ler,lg,8 a, fundamental principle of Islam, beliea the 'V'BtS!~S of the' Q'tlr,a.n.~ or C'OIl1.U'D.its an

id ,j:, j. r- b 'I" ,ii"

I§¥[, - .~n'!1!. aC'tL, 0:: un -€h],!P!Jl;,

U· Y1Dll!~ dear brothers ~ understand your religion aceordi ng b) these 'twl@n'~y principles, i hen you will h~JIV€:: pe'rce:hi"@d the meaning of' yO'U'f slogan: "The Ql'!.l',an is (ttu .. ,e~nBtlt'Ut\ton! and the Prophet Is

i'ii--" --,.-,,~J ... l,~i 'u."Ul ,m.jj!U~,1I !'

liB': 'l B:: -, D'Ti'i"'I'JO'" 'mil'O' ·N!' ''II"' --I '1- ,t'l ,'t- :. I 'lf~~ ",,1j' i I 11...;, ./.]. • ,;:,1· ' '!,-'I

'\. __ " _y . I!.I "_c. Jl ,11'_' . e- ,,II. me·an, _ l_l£1i. iSJ, ,1.'~1. u.s~J.m, IJ~O!!,._leu S.:1.0 Ilu,!!,

dedicate hds :sa~yil.lgSj, ''!.'V@,ik,~ and Jfb,ad (lOJ.' thesake of AlI~ and the attainment of His pleasure and good '!'-ewSI::rd wi thout SilekJjng'

• .j!.'" ",",.'~." a, 'L ~." 1,.1i..:il, t

recognllLlon or ,a.ll',L."].mp;sr,;,ulg any gam ~ nenour; '~[D.J!ie~ '01':1;" ,a,u"!;!.~n.eem,e'n

in this wnrld, Q.n]y then j! de ar brothers.; can you been me i,,~h~'IJJ,ogi,e;a'l. 'f:'i:gh ters ra,t'h,en' than nghte'r~ w'it,h ~v{}l!i]d 1y purposes and hllt~r~'8b:~ '''',say: "I'ru 1),! my praye'Jr's and :my saerifiees I myIifa and 111Y clE'lat])' are an .r~n"'AJlah! Lcpril of t.he worlds. No p(!;l],·tiJ,~I' has I-Ie This T am

""'""'''"'"' ' ..... "" ""' f"l""'~" ~! 'T1'l" "" 'II"..'" ...." 0'''''' n',,", 'd erstan ,,J ,j. t"", n", "',"'~""" ... f:Y of '1I''''' ",..

~-UJ.I..LLi.IL.,9J:.t ... DLl1. . 1 !La.!LD!I! .;.·u I.....t IJ III . I "If~ ~JJ.ILI . J Jl:~ !J.i~L, • .lI,U, L ~ ,Il'l.i:il ,U~ a~,.Llu.!l,~II'b; (t, I j: U'iU,Jl.

alogans: UAUah is QiUJ' gca!11 and. ncAUaI"L is, Eh.l.pl~elr:lej and, all prraH;€: is,

d t H" '"'-

I 'II _" • '1' '. -


(C']' B.y ,A,CTlo.N '( mean '~he 'fr~:i't of know ledl'€ and devotion: j; And say: ~'Wor:k :rj:ght~ou ~Lt.'l1JeS~J for (;00[1 '\iV']U, Allah, FH8 A,p;jJ.~rtls.! and tll€' h cHevers O,b!?H~"e your work" 1\31 d ,$10011 will you be brought,


b~ck 00 the l{n{l~ve.r- In! \-lii.d1J,a!'c, is hidden and. w:bat is open I ,then win He show you I~he: tru th of all that ,au. did." Our smcere hrothers are requested tio wfJiJ:"k reJJc.!C(l·:Min\g ,to 'the' ,foU@whlg ~wp's.:

:Jl.. Ref e r'!Ql:i n,g tb~ :$elf~ .A. Muslim she u lcl st:r:ive tu attain Et strrung bm:ly~, good. cl],:fnract-~r. eultu red thcurght, eorreet beliNf~1 and 'true w'G:~~hip.,. H~. should ba able to ·enr:n his Qiw.m l~.vin;~r!, in1J)nlrv~ his Olir<VU eondition I' and solve his Q;Wll. J:rrobiel'ns.. H,e should 'bi! careful ailJou-t his M me ~ 'Ol~gMjz;ed. in ]1115 .aJfBlrsJ and. wiUillg' to O .. fftH~' help and service to (Jith'l~]:;S, 'lhese c~lnpri:se, the duties of ev,eryM1L'I slim

.. di -'d- _1 a:s ,SIill Ul-_:1vr, .Uw .

. 2. Est-:abli:sbing an Islamic home. A Mu~lhn should indaca

'h" f: 1]" t'l· "';I'~ d' 'b -·I]·~·

,-,1,8 : amy to r.eSl:JGC. ,_nSlyeO'l!]g,ya[1~ 0 ~ Bllel"'i)"'e t .le .. SlaID1JC mannara

in all aspects Qf: hOWle; lUe. He should 'be Wi6.~ in selecting his wtfe and should advise 'hJeT abou t her. d,ghts and ob]jg&.l:tkl]"JJ~" Be should brlog up his children i and oili,err' household members under his su,JH~n~is~.o:n!, accor-dl.m,g 'to the pdncip[es of Islam, These" too, 2;]'Ie; the duties or @V@TY ina i vic'! nal :IY:lus:~ lm.

8" Instru.cting aud, guiding ,the sucni.e;ty by ~p:£ieadiing the call of' dghtecm:snes-fh ftgbU::ng atreci ties Md. detestfu l thi,rtg]3;j, enco'ura:gb"lg vi'rtuej enjoin.ing all t.l:ua:t is :goo-di~, helpu1g tl·u~ peopi[e11 '~f.y:h:1Jg to win tha 'EJt.ibUc o'pinioll to '~h,e ,sid-€!! of J !;lL:;IlJJll ~ and. obs\B'l"'vin"g' the lslamfu prinelples In. all aSp'ec,t~ of public I]£~,. rhi~, is 'the, ,d.u·~y of the' fndiv,i.du:a]. boot he rsas well as. the j~,aat l(e~nnm,'Unity') as a 'Wodd.ng unit,

4 .. Liberat.ioo of the :homeland, from all uulalamie or f."o(r~ign eontrel, whether _poli'ticat ee01WlmJ.C':, or ideologicaJ,

Q~ Reforming -t:b..e: gO'V~!B;D't so' t'ha;t i't m~y become a truly T:~Ja~m1~ gQv(;!rnrn.c:HlI.t" perfo:rnrmg as a servant to' t:he~atitm in the! irrWE!\tesE. of t;iku~: people 'By E!l~_m!k gover:nule'nt I :ro,ean a.. gQv-e'rnm.~nt w:b,ose 'O'fI:ice-rs 8U'1€l Muslims who perform the obligatory du1tie8: of ]slarul, who do net, sbo,'W ,~Jl.Y signs IOf rebellion ::;l!i,@;'alitllstthe evi.dent bdalIdiC 'p:i"incip]!e~J and \\' hn workand ,e:X!BCi:r~e: 'their pi ana ,~ciC!oJ~d.b'"g to Islam.iete.aJcbh1l,gJs;.


The Islamia g)Ove,n1me)tU,t; may utilize tb,(3' 6E'1"V,~C~S ofn,on~'Muslims!1 when neeessary ~ 'in, oifi,oos other tlb:ru:a, those of lead0mi~i,p. There is; fh~xibiLity in Islam as to the shape ,Md detailed structure ofthe gG,veril::".[),ment.! !a~ lung as th,e' g,ov!erl1]]ll.ent is in sgreement w]tfu, thr:! :gen(;)E'M FmJcipies 'o:f'dl@ Is1 amie ,fl\i,j'fJrem of rt:d~.

Th~ Isl amic ,gdvernffilen't should be: eonseteu S o:f its; h'e',8J.1Y res,p:O!QBi.bility ~l ccmpaseienatc to the people, cart:!j'ii], about public fbndsj ~pd j U Sit and henest in, U~ PQlieieE!.

The Islamic go'V"~I"l'lm~t is obHg.ed to mailltain peace and '~~rii®r ~ e'll,fQrce tJ.le Islamic Law j spread educa tion, provide JI'.i.ilitary seeuri tyj p:ro,teet puhlie health, o'versree public u,titities" deve]op 'thereSOUl''Oes g"f the land! gllElII'd 'Unl puhlie tl:'\~astJ,l"Y, sttlHl1,gth.iE!:l'i, the mcrala of the people, and spread '1J1e can o.f Islam,

If the gov'l~n'lmmnt perfbrtns all of th,~ ab!CJlV"r2: mentioned ch.ftiI.;l;3:" 'i"t .is ineum bent upon 't,be peop,1 ~ 'to be obedien ~ an d. 1:(1iy~l 'bo 'lit and I~D cooperate with it, by p lacing their wlL;!8;H:h ::lLIUj e;j'(.pe:rti~e at its ~li:~~©'Sal On 'the other hand, tr the government n~gl@cts. its du t]~S and falls ~d)!Jf"t of Its respol1sfbili tes, then it wi] ~ be, the di,l],ty of ,th~, :pe~,pletofirst ad,vi/S'B and gu.id e, then to' ,cti sralse and remove the :g'OfV!'u'IlIllulm:t, tor ~'NQ' obedience is cl,tii,e '001 ifi c:reatu.1"e! wh.Q is dj sobedient 'to tb e Creator ."

6. Reb-ru:Ii.Udinl 'th:@ i.n't;em,m;M.onaJ. :lirli'Q\miue'l1:c:e ai' ,the 'I~:~:acr,n~ic' 'UmD,a by libe·nl!Un.g :uts, lands J rev iving its glmious heritage, brl,ngJng eloeer the cul tUru~, o~· its regions, and 't!I,f!),jting U.s eoun tries 80 tha:t ens ,]SlSIDic Cali.phate, [1.1a:y be established.

7'~ :Inst:ructing' ,tbe 'W Dit"1 d, abou t the ]9~iamic :i.d~ology by ~J~rn:Mllding ,t'I')j(~ call of" [~"d~;m, t[] al i corners ,0.,[, the globe ~U'rli~U t11.eTB' ,:US no, m.or'B tumult or eppresston and the Hel:i,gj~!'i!l of AlJah prevails." ~Al ~,~b wHl 1:1.(1 t allow but th at 1:':]i is Light 5 hould pre'v ail, i"j

rrhe .respo:nsibility ,ff"C)r."' the, IB:51t fcur steps f'aU~ upon thejamaat as, OS whole and. upon 'evel'Y Musl'irn. hrudl.e'f· because ofhis membershi:Jpl in the j~m,a~"'t.The~ pragram.niJB as a. whole is ambifious and :ran~a.c;hi.ng and, lri,'d~ecl" ill v'oht~s @).'@:at responsib:ili'ti,es+ Otherpeople


,(D) By ,(,Jihad) I, ']I1Ban. that divinlHiy' ordained oblj{:~;ati~n. which isrefieeted i 11, the :fo'ill.owli.a:lig [j,aYllng of the Pvfes;s;enger o:f Allah (pe,a'ce be upon :him,' andwhieh .lVbJL~liJms, are 'wca:rrjl' (HJ~ 'until thtiUay of Ju dgern, e[]/t;:: ~'Vfh:iJ~ver dies 'wi tl'i. 0 ut strngg~lill.g: in th,e, W,3Y o!f ,Allah'I' nr \-~ishing to dose, dies a Prs-Islarme Ja.hiliya death" Its w'~,rut@'s:t degree 15 the' heart 's abhorrence of evi l, and its 'highe$,t degree Is figh.ting in the 'W'a.y of ,AIla:.ll. E,e'~ve{f~l] these '~,Wl[J1 d.egre.'Bs are nJJmef"OUS, f@nns, c,£' jj h ad, mel t~mllg struggling 'with the tongue, pen ~ or hJf~1.d! and speaking a WOil'G1. of truth to a. "tJ!r~rini cal ruler,

No, call surviveswitlrcut ~,Uig'®Dt J'HJiSd, The more sublime and. comprehensive the call, the greater are the diffi.c.ultie~ 'in, 'i,ts way', the higher l.S Ui.B price .re'quirecl. for Hd,h~]·.ring to' i tl and the 'mOl"'e generous is the l-ew'H.nl given. to its upholders, ~.'A.nd, strive in, 'It:.i;,eVf:a_y ~f' Anah as is Bt'!I,U table '~®I" it.. jj Thus, d.eal" brothers, y,ou, understandthe meaning oiyolJ!r slogan "Jihad is our means",

(E) '81'1' SACRJF.I'GE 1: mean l";riv'.J.]l,g o:n.e"s:8N~]f; wealth, th:ll.ej ,enETg}~~ and e!ve)~ythmg else for the cause of Islam, There ']l!l :11,0 Jil1.ad, w],thout sacrifice" n.m~ \V il] tl':1,eT~ 168 s a crifi 00 withnut gE!:llJer.oll.1s reward from .AJ1al]. Th.ose who ren,ega and loffer :no sacrifice are sinners; ~:An~h has purchased or the believers their person sand 'their goods, fot, theirs in reeurn :]8 Paradise,"

~;Sa.y: If :it be that you r fathers SOjjE~, 'br.,others ~ m,ElLte:s~ or h:iillSmed"i; the w~:1\1J.lth th~t, :YOlU have' gained; the commerce in which you fe'aT;~ dedin e:; [i',i' the clw~l]j_n.gs in which yo I.J delight are deare 1: to you than. Allah an d His Apu:?l:tle Or the J'j had in His ca use, th en. wait un til All al1: b 61)g~,a'bou~ Ins D eeis ion s and Al~,aih guides n ~Jt th,e

l!... Til' .... ~


!~ othing could '~hBY ,s Uff'el; 01' de wifh,OlJ.f~ having it reckoned to

{I 'I' :'., "~ .l.::i.' ,j •• ",...... ..:Ji..,.;: '~l ~"" •• m:" te c" - ,,- , ' ,e,"i, "'1!'~'1- '. ''i'l- '" ,tot': ",::iI , .. J,,- .... ·t ~ liRnCi BuJ,1!. ,~....::! ,::J[ l,llii!!l:[:. Dr I. li5~"" ~(JUSj[}:~SS!, W,ll,,",!J..' ,un !!..l!f3"y.iS ilJ.:lJi3:r~u IW 11], is .~

ifatj:gwe~. (JI' hung)e'l· in the C2US:~ of Allah. walked paths that ralsed 'the ire of thH unbelievers; er received BJ1Y inj ury whmte'Ve,t from StP


I ,~

en Gnny + Allah dU~~1J Olt sulfe'l" the reward ~:r IJa,i]IEi'i3 vih 0 do good '00 be lest," ~ISO if YOl)1, show 'ob~di~tlc.e~, Allah wiU grant you, ,ag:oodly reward," 'Thus de,~~" brothers, ;y~u understand the meaning Oif Yfl'o,r slogan: "Death in th e ,rv a,y IO:f ,AUah ]~ '(lif(;n- mest i~he'"ri shed ,~~tsph·atio"n~.

(F) ,By OIBEDIENf1E :1 mean full com,pHrulca y:! ith the enmm an ds of 'tn(i! J.~ooetshl p and &n~:Gunpt exeeu tfo,!1 of theslH commands in di'fficI,illU,y and '~ros:plL'!r]ity~ whether fl'HiLh' imfJle'rneJlt,,~tioin is pl:e~SBJlt nr unpleasant.

Note, dear brnthers;, UilS."t: U'H~ Islamle call passes through three diiJ:i-~:ru:n'~~ phases;

L Pro d arnation: This irivolves rmopaga.t~.1fl g Ule Eie~,'Jj,eraJ, enneepts Df th e Isl ami e mess age anlcHl,g' the paople, In ~h] s ph:9!;S>2 Ule can is dire,[;ted 'thI'.Qugb .adminis trat iiW0 unita ,anclu1~ 'BX~P!~8:S ed through social S~,l:V],C!!!s. I ta methcd is scmctimes ,~~n~:~c,]il]:ng and teach irilg~, and :som,et~n~~:s, esta blishing ben eflda.l in,stitl.ltions: f'O]:' the' pubHc .

.AU branches of the lVlusH:rn1 Brother heod [irgard.zaHon,~oday represent this phase of 'tJ11J call, Their work is gover1'l,ed b,Y the b,iaw5 t)f ,the .cnl~SJ.flJ~:z;iE!lt]i~~ll' and their methods ().{' work are ex:p'],f~rhj,.~{l in 'r]~H~ jam,aat,'s plJlb.licatioffil,s.

Participation [ill the call in this phase is not limited to members, A.nj1'"O'rl.'e ,can ICQlnta~t 'Eh,e J anlSO t and ta ke part 'i n 011.11t' efforts if he ag1"erHlS; "yiti] our o~j~ctives and premises bJ adhere to [I'Lm,t principles,

,Ah$~l']'~,l:'te' obe.dBen,(;e is l~ ot in Ctl mben t, H'I?i)}'Il mem bers and a~s(lei:ab;~8 in thL~ phase. RI1l~pecti'[l:g the gJt¥.l~end [ll'r,i,I1:Gi.ples: ~.f the jamaat IJJnQ !3Loidin,g by its rules a,r~ the maiu requirements.

fcl; F ". T' I, '" , 'ii' l' b ii, " d j" dai .

:jQ" ,o,rn18.'Mo':I'U .ms J,S a,cine;'!J~~_, ' )' .se,~e'Cbn g ann co nsc .],ail:.j,]"i 15'

those members who ean beat the bUI"d.'~:D'!L oJ" jihad, T~"e tralnjng' j11 thi~~ ph~se compri ses Spiii~i t~:(jI, I re i]nement and, ]l~i1]t~ry preparatien.

'PI i i1' ,', 'I 't's. " 1""'£" "~'Ir.:",,, ;' 'I'" , '"" "-'4,: ": .' " ,,'I ,'. ,,'I ,1i.,,':1 .:i;,· .1,', ,', _ 'i", "'*"if.;.( 'I t.'

.1.. "],[:1: WO !JiG Id!. ",~lIS P l,iilSe 18 CID [!)]]]l 811 C. anc oeeenenee wunou

hesitatien ~ verifieaticn, suspicion, or oppositten .. Tll.eOlod.e ofw'Cirl't is r~prrc~ent~cl by the Brotherhood 'bii.tU"di:mls ,WIld is l-egu.~,ated, :by th 8! m,esgage of "Th.e' Program" a ndehe p resent msesage,

Tb,~t'l']IUyetnB~t wurrrk.Bf.s in. thispli'llJi:B sillotlJd be GrVSl]? b igh iqlla]~'~y, OnI" those who have th.orough~~V prepared themselves fiJI' a klfrg and tedious ~truggle wi]] be allowed '~O jO~fl. fhe :iir,frL 'Nnclj.~i¥!.UOll of this ]~n:,ep~Ll',~d:Il!~8S is i~obd obedience,

3,., Im,pl.,ementa'tj,on::' Tb,e;O);0QB' o:F ",'I'm',k i J:l 'this ~h8Jse :Ul'S un ~ cam,[()rolf.dsicng Jih adand pers~S'teJ],[ eflrnt ill :~::nu,'Sui:t of the ,ohjec,1\ive. The can bere is a trem e':llil.,oi!lS 'b'],al which Call be wi t.hstc od en l;y by th e truthfu i ()~, es" I 11 this phase aJjSCJi~ Salj~C~SS annot b. e at:t~d ned ~v:ilhou.t tlotal obLldlml,(;l€: to the leadership,

By joini ng ~ 'baU:aUon ,accep,ting 'the: ,rnessa:gt3' herein, and ~ljEaking '[his, e(,l1\1,ena.[].t~ dei~U!' bl;·;glhe.rs~ tCHl. advanes 00 tl1J~' 8@COfid liBv~'I. and (:om!e tC':~ChS@ to thrn thl,rc'L SIO, i~li,dl:y evaluate thereiSpOJUl~'b.ili.ti'es 'Wl1'iJcl~ Y01l], hav,e' undertaken, anclpmpail~ Jr'[i1U[t81~l'rfbr th~tf ftllfi.'llw~'ilt.,

(,G,) ByPERSE\lERANCE 1: mean that the MusH rn b]"'LJith 9T pe~:,~i£rt!.'i\ in 'his ,Jib,ad to aeh ii@V'~ hi sgnal, ili~ IITi ill tte't how 'far the term ~xtands ~ um i 1 he meets All ahinthie ~~f!lte' nf J ihad '~h lHi1he' will eome to eHJ1Br oJ two great ends -vietory, or :m,a:rj~yrd,m]], in the \W my nf Allah, j~'A.m,ot}g the be lievers are m'en, 1i,1V11,0 :b"EiLV'G beEtl '~J.·ijlB 't~] thelU' covenau t with. A.u,a~l. Of thlem"sorn!~ hilt "Ie been martyred :i Il the Wla:y ~f ,AU ah i and same still wait [01[" thl~ sa m~ l~ tel, never bavin,g iE:'il.a:rt,glecl. tn.Gu· determination in tbe l:eas;t.'J~ Soci.a~ remedy needs t:t me and patienee i is OIiH3: of (i!,!jJI1" mean s, 'r.h~' 'n'}~cl ~ 3 ],on,gt the, g,oal ]S 'f:~f',! and ehe obstaeles :~n~e inde,ed r:rUU]liEH·OUS,. But it is the or.ly ]~oad that leads t.1l the :rtHZlL~iza:Lirm, 'of tmr gem:1 111 'tlli:s; hfe and leads to the best o:f rewards in. the l-]'eu'ea:ft~r,

E~l!h ur the pf:lt=ClecUng six measures needs careful planning, am.p]~ ~~~~~'Pa:r.iJLtiio 11, and preelse e~ecu.ti,on~ '\V'B m,U5& seiseatl ,Pcli!Bsli b;~,e opportunifies, bu'~ '~V'!3'fythi:ng take~ 'ti[:TU~ 001 ,a,clll,ev'e: !~ne'Y' ask:' r\VhelH1 wUlt:h,at be?' Siay: '!lVla.vbe ,t't wi]] be: Iq tlito soon,"

(0) By RESlOL,UTU.NESS ') mea n th ~,t you eemmit y\01Jl',~~]f to YlOur' 'idsolngy and abandon all. adler pri Il eiples, Thls i.s; because ,yIOU!t" 'ideo;J,ogy ~s, '~ofMe'r a~ d more wo,r·~hy~;h1:a,n an other ldeol.og;i:ei!!l,: ~l'i;, '\l'(l'115 u·tlth~r ,til ~ verv :ba=pt:is:m, o:w AU ah ~!li"- who is he'~"OOr. t ban

. ",I _ .. 1 • l __ '"~' _ __ _ _~_~_,,,,,~'I ~I __ I!I' _


AUah i.lJ!.B.S!.ptl~an?~' (Q, 2: laB) T~1JeI'e is .m,f' you an e'xc~,Uen:t example in Ibrabim anel lh,OiSi~~'1'i t~" h. i·,m w'["u.:m. t1~.ey said to 'tl.uilrr· people; "~~W',re i1IX~ clear of you and of wh atever ,yuu. worshrp besides Allah. Vlh~ have r~j[:ftoocl you, and tHl-m.i~y and hos:tiHty has arisen between us forever, unless )11011 beJj6.v~·:in .AU~J] and Hlm alone,"

1o the :s~in,cBlte·~ devout bl"'OthG'm'j the peop:le: ~1~~. of seven ,~a,Eeg'~lries: 'IV] uj,;-]]:tidl '~1: uslims ~ ·l'ehlChlHl·t .1\11 uslim, slnnlng M.lXsH ms, llofi,-M:usUrns ]ivjn,g' ]legLC!~:fuUy underr she Islamte L_~w in a ~Il];sH.1:11: :s'tab.~ U.ie., Dh'[~nmJh~s~, non·-.rv~l,uiJims hnvi:I'llig' ereaeies with rI\lh.l!'s:~:hn atatas, neutral non-Musllrns, and nJ)n~M:uslim5 al;.w,!Tr' with 'Muslim states .. E,8.C'lt gn:nl;p has i:ts O:W]1l seatus wltb_in the Islamic Law ~ and ac cord.io:gl.)"i' we· should j'UdgiB ,~a.ch in·dividtHl[ or in~ti,tu.ti.Qn '~"!ith~n U1~iltmnt~ex:t ·to determi rile the appropriate aetion,

(U Bv B.R~OTlmRHOOD ] mean til at our hearts land, s:nrJ.rits

~ J~

should. be u:tliterj by' the bDnd IDf bmUef. Common tmHi'il'f is the 'fll"meSiL

Rndm-ost.- :p];'\~clons 0:[' all bonds. ~rrue brntheehcod is the companion {,if ~'~dt]-\j and ~Uv.hdan i~ the ~onipi[[uiol(JJ of un bel :~~f. Llni t3f prcd uces

,.j. " -~--~ II-.. 'L,:" ,- .j ... j/b. .... __,. ~:"'fI,i'"!i Ii'!>.j, !~'i131 'i '1·~·l·-iI,~, wi th .... ·n·j' '1,f'!;V-iEII._ "r.hoa If'liwe~li!'t d_,Q~Be

.s !l;rnn,gI!oU:" IU'Ui.i.o IL<U.'!;;,Je'l:;. ii;Li ~JI ~vl.o IIJI.... '10_ I U 1j;.,I!' _. 'k~v II<!! It ..... ..... __ '.... 'J' - _ ,;,l - - "".r;t!." - __

of love is purity ofi ntentions and lnlJ~rpi'te.fil1.[mss of thG' he.mrc; 'the higbest dJe~ee of lov~i 5 Cm]lll].i~t;~ ,s~ll1~s~n'1ii~S~;, i~ IDl,cl these sa ved froll1. the C{]!~~bJUBl.1i~.[\l!S· of t'l-i.reh" .ow~, Jim;~ ls are the ones 'th at a,ch'~,eV'e :PliO~l~,,~idty> ~!

T.he ,t;r-uthful brother considers h.i $i, 'bnrU~e:f'!s inte:r~'w~, ·111.on:~ i.mpodant than ]].i~, 0\;"';11, l"]].i6, is heC~HS~ th~ jam.a:a:t can survive W['t]" or wi:t~-oUi~~ him, wblle he ~an '~ntly survtee 'wUh, the jatl.i1aa'1t. ~T['1.e W'Q U· preys. upon t110 sheep tha'~ sh.',~y from ~he fluek." ~Thr~ bel leve (.5 are like' a :SQ] id ~ftruchu·~ whose parts :su.pport O!11'~ anotbe .. ~! •. I~' ~e believing men and tlu~: believing wemen :~rre helpers and Prot~c~(l:rs or oncancther." Sirni1arl_y, this '~8 1.1.0i\V' we should be .

. [J] And. :b~' T.RUST 1:. :mean ·t'lhat the aoldlers have PJiof~u] nd oofljlcl~ltoe in theh' Oil r.rH1I ander's eompetenee a;~cl. !;dn,C€''lrj·Lj'. ~rbh;;· COl1.f1den.o9 should be th~ result of leva, esteem, l'e:sp~c:tl and Qn~dier.H::~·:· "But no, 'by YOtu" 'F ord, they ean have r!I,~ real fai:th tH"I.til: t.be)'· T',e:fer to you in ,8tH dis,:t=mt~s beb,iI,;Tle!Etll them, and th~r.L find in


theit', souls no reslstanee against your. d~dsionsi Bccepti_n.g them with thle~ fuUest ~I]r:!v[ct:ion, ~'-

The leadee Is an :i m p !:Hrtant ,pru~t of' t'b.e: m,'O"term,e~l't, fo:r- "the'f,"e' cannet ba ,@,m,OV~[11,enL with,out leadarship. The ~.t;rBngt':m of the, jam aat, Ul!r;;~eJ·fecti~!n ~f its, p. [an s, ehe 3110t~;Si in aehiev i:ng it'S ,goa~ and oV'lilir'Ooming d i:I]],c.'!.~lti~s ilIlJ,d ebstaeles 'Si.r~ all in UJM[DOtr.tj.Q~ to the d_,~gre~ ulftru!3!t D(:!itwB~n the 'r:n,lemlb~~'s and their [eacl~]'\Sh[p; j~B'~lt mon' 'fi'ttiD1g' 'tro,l" shem 'was 'to' Qb~:y and. say WltFill'& :it j ust,"

In. the' Mu sUm, ]llrot'h e1~b~Qd. :n1()IVe'!Ue1[1't1r the ~,eade'r' has 'the 'dg;hts of a fatber by virtue ot his eardial rehrtion:sbip to the brotherhood, the rlg11 ts of a teacher by V lrtue o'f his education al aid tothem, the, rights of a. preacher by virtue 0 f his conb:ilfoH]:t~Or.i 'to their. spiritu al ad'\r.B1'.H~efllle.llt j and the dghts oif a cnnnna nde r' by 'vi:r.ttle of his polifical leadersh]p. Consequel"Ltly l' eonfidenee itt theleaders bip Is tbe ecmerseene of ~1J1" [lU~1IIe.'!l1le-r!.'~',S,EIr!J~OOS:s;.

Tb.i~re:fol~·e~ t'fi:'uthftd. brothers, you, must askl!!fj'Urs~hre5 tllie following ,q:ues:ti:on s, so th a;t JOU nl;a,;y' know the degree of eonfidenee m ,YO:UI" :[~:~u1e]['ship.

1. :FIa,1!IE you acqu aintcd YUill:;r.:i~'!:f 'wHh your leader andgained some knowledge about t~h~ re'~ev'arl't aspects oli h.l~, ~lCe?

2. Are you eenfldent about hl~ competence and ,s.ineer1't:y?

3, Are ,you recady to p:rmllpU,]1' and precisely carry Q.1JJt his orders withroutbl~8i tat"iml 0 I.'" argument, exoept in ell sobedtence "to Allah? l\:od. whenever necessary, atie you. l"E:ady to uff@t advice or correeticn .. ?

'" ,,--. "IJT"" ' .... "..,..".:1.", ~"D' eonsider y'''''''''I''''' leader's onlnion '""~'l.1f'h- ,j, and

L~~'.L .ff.u--e' l.l·U 1ldI. .1. ~ui.lj !I.oJ' !L.U., ll:::M.!LI:..~ ~: 'I ... i'bl.,I, 1.'lL,.i[;.LIj :L.,. ,.:::II U11""" ,L.IlJ\_ltJ;.lI, .. ~: £1::5 L.t. lif;~ . I .....

ym.:il' opiniun '\\' ~1)n.:g' 'w'h,e'li~h,e,y ([113 a,gtee 0[1 matters ,tb,a:t are not d,ed~jV1€'ly d€ OO:~f'm ined in t be Q'~X.M and Bunn~?

,'"" Are v .... ·', '.V'..!;'" ·.:g,v, ,I"i!li 'ri"" I, ... ']' ~ '!J\o'li IIJ- r ... -,,~ "'" u ' .... """.:;, ,.. ~ the d 'j' 06'n""""'~~'~ ;~f- the ~ ... ~ .. ,,!I:i ,J'~!I.JI U IL ~i:'iLU'i liu ll~I~II..~J III II ~ ~~ : ,III ~iI:!!!uil- .L-~a ~!I,b .: A:r. .: . mJ! ~:~.::I!I:'_I.~, !~. ;u.a,~:

leadership and give: ]U'erfe'ire nee 'ooiJte' interest Oif the movement overyour {nl\\\!,~l hl'~e re·~r?

By an:S:"N~:liilg t:~,ese q uestion s, d e~ I,' brothers, y~liJ w in 'be able to Judge yOiu;r' relationship w,~'l;.h. yotlr ]~ad~t, and evaluata your tl'tlst

:i nbim, :How'e.'vel'\ 'We IC{H1Cede tha't all hearts ~.U'\~ intJl@' Hands of AUahj' and He changes ·tll,em as He p;~~!ilJJ~@8: i~N'~t if you bad spenf all 'fbat is il;} the ea.T,th cou'[d yo!.). have -produ~ed 'U],at afI'ectimli but

.01\] 11.,., '1-,]_ .• ~I...·. '. "'j. ,If"... 'f'C,I>ri '1'"" ·1fI,... "1'1 .tI;:;;':11 '... ·ili.lli ,. ,tr1'l· ... ·,j" 'W. . . • : !~

fi .l.t::LU. ,.~L.a5!l [JI.cn:l,e ~.Ir, .lior 1 .. "'" I~"', ,L:!li~ .. ~ l!I""y .. ~,~~ .. ~1I';!!,]:e;,l~ '" . . lS~.,


P·· rt -Tl\.

,·.fa::""·· ·>1"0,.···.

J '_ .- I -. ..." .

. Dear trill tJ1lfUJ. bm1t;he,rsl VQ\H" tJ:.ooeptam.m of this OO!ltel:i~,nt obI ides

• ~ ~ ~I

you to fulriiill the ·eiJUdiwir... .. !J" d uties so that YO:li.l rll.ay beeom e s:'t.~'(1~ g brieka in th,e' atrueture.

2. Carefully recite! the QLvran~ USte.l1J to it, and ponder nver i"~ meaninge. Study the p'w'l"ified ·tradItion l;rf the Pl'Oph.'et 'l:l~'H'~,ace be npflrD. him) and tku~ histo'ry o:f the early Mt1 slims, ;as'fal' fllJEi your time

'T.1irn,,-..'Wn ~~,~ TIili9 m i·I··IJr'~ mum r -.i~rn;l" ired T-,,:,=nn'.~t_r'l,·e-':ll,ii'fii:!., o,n ,J-'L]- ~ ICi'lI'~ Lil f.J.ifliJ• t I::i

!t.-'"~ ... ~ .•.•.• ~~ . ........ ,,'I. ,~ ••••.•. '. D--!t .. ' .... "" c.' ~',~I,;o._ .... us..:;; .~ I!.u ......... ~ ..... ,I;),.Ji' ...... l; ~.;:I

eontained ill the beok Tbe Defenders of islam. Freq U!ently read the eolleeted ~aying of ·th.!:! Me~6e:llger OF AJ lah (pea;ce b e '~IHJfI! him), and :rl,]'B]1I101'] Zi~ at lems'~ .:fo:rty :h.mditha.. You:B.re a]sQ, to' 8iEUd.y ~. diseertaei on on 'thep.ri,ncip'lesi of Islamic bel ieJ8 ~J1]cl ,iiJJ.n~'tlH~r om Islamle j 'Udspl"'lldell.ce,

3. Hasten to ha ve a thorough medical checkup, and ~'e,t trea.'~~d for an:y· arilment!l, you Bnd in yG1o:t'setf: Att~X~~1 itn.J}fJdan.ce fuo :pl~.'y6i.C::iJJl :fiblle~s an self-defense, and stand aloof from all causes of oold;Hy WE!,mmes-s.

4·. Don't dl'ilik teo much. coffee, tea, or other stlmulating ·be~ 'I,i',era;_gfes:.; Drilll1i: them o.n;[, when lJleoossaJ.ry. A;lrto~, abstain completely fi r om. snloking;

5.. Show :1111 ta reiSt. In the cIe!8inlmE's'S and tidiness of your hn rna and plSllCe of 'w(u''llc :Be concerned with the clean Iinesa of your dress, diet. -Ia]1d persen, :[01.' lSi] am "iN as founded OD cleanlins liS.,

S, .. Mw,ay'!S be 't-r-u'thfut, and n:ev~1.' tel] al He.

'7 • F~JlfUI. YVU]t promises and agreemeu 1,[5. N'cv~r breecb a eovG':n:a..nt;! regardless afth'i3 eireumataneea.

8. Be ceuragaous and enduring, r;[l'n.@ ·highest d~greBs ef courage me tell ing nu~ b~ut:h in YOUl· own disfavour I 1\:~ epi,ng SQCI"€!'ts" admitt·i Dgrnt8,t~lu~.$ ~ and. ~on;ti'olli~g J{O ~:u.'.@lelf w hen i:u:~gr.y.


~l" Always be, serioue and digfllifmed., However, t'his shculd not j:Jr1L:fVI(frn't y'(]U fr{rm mnUiu:g' 1O:r e'ng~lilK:~in~g' in truthful jest],:[lg"

10. Alw~'ysh,av€, br1ll:s111ul,~ delicate 'feeUIlgs;. Be, sensltlve 'to be:a,'i!]:~j~' and I,lgffiin,es,s,; the :firii1it ple ases yO'!l,~ and. the second. 'pains you. ,11.1 SO,!, 'bID m edest w:i:~'~,lOYit 'huroU ia:ti'()~;, ~erndlit1,' ot;ad;'u."l a"tltjln. If ",ml demand lel1;B thanwlmlt ;Y'f"H:a deserve, Y{)U, will receive wh~t you deserve,

11. PJWiflJ'B Itl€' ''''quitable and ofscHJJ,ncl judge.rnent in :~lli sit,'Il,~.\tlQn:s. :Nev~l' allow ~ulger' to make yOU! for,g~'t meries. ncr let ,~.file~t~,c,l1 and pleasure blind you 11l]' de~eets" Den't aJl~,w ciis[)tlt1lf:l, to make J(}~ 1;ll~atei:\d, Alwa",5 sp eak '~I'iie truth, t1!~ :ltl8.'l'tet" b ~w ,!)ainfid it is, even :if it is ag~in-,~t you rsel r or aga illS'~ 'the I~i~@]J]~ dearest to yon.

Ut Be. aetive, enH1"!Je'ti,~! and s[:r;iUed m 1)'(~,'bH,Cl services, y:(jil,'i should feel Jl~,PP'y wh en ycru offer II ~ ervice to another person. You. should feel el(lmpe'I~,ecl to' 'viSl't the .sic'k'j' assist the D,e~cly!, support. &:he weak, and. give relief 'to U'H~ im-'ritltBd~ 'l~Pil"e:f.lir ']'t 'IS, ~nly a, lsind '~~Qr.d of ,s,y:~:ru,:pathy. Al'W:~y;s' rush 'to do gDrI d deed s,

] 3. Be (_5Qmpa6S1cm,,~t~~, graei ously €,XlQ'IJ.Slfig- ,~nd, foifgi,vin.g others" :Be tender, J1hrbe'aring, and elemen ~ 'to people :~U.1,.a:, animals, and observe good manners with e{V,~ry(Hl.e; 011se'1I."ve l'slmni€: sacial hl.j unetions, Be rnercdul to t.h.l~ young and r,es:pectful to the, old. l\!htk~ room for ;volar O:I'o:thcrs Lnm!eetit~;g,s, and ga.the'rfng~" Don't spy 1Q::r b:31.,~lcbit~. Dml"t bern,Qllsy . .i-\Jw;sJYs seek permi's:sion before 'i3U{te'f.'lng ]]'oll-pub]'ieplaces'1 and make :t;!. c:t1!U,I"OO~}'U~ exit.

14. Be pr'D:ficient in reading and "NI,+Hng. Fr-equ:en'tly i",e~d, the l:LllestSage of the nih.w,:~lnu 1 M 1),11);;;:1 ~'m~,~r,il - its m;~g~zifi~[$I' beeks i~]Jld .[Jlherp1iJlbli:c~tiQn$, Eshd')[iBh :[!J private I.ib]~m~y~, 'rl'~ 01:8l t'ter how smal I" De Iva deeply in to :t01JT field :i f ,yQillt are lEi, specialist in science or art. ~A..OC!A.Jja,ifiLt y~yu't'sel:f w1 th '~b~ gCI'IJ!ar,rtul Islamie s'ubje,cts '00 the degree whtC'liL l]liilll~j;1:,s y,Olct capable olf' :Iormi.ng general JIi,'idgeme't1'ts eoncefc'll'tng day-to .. , da,:Y problems,

15 "Un,dert~,lte' some eeonemic ente rprlse 1(3'V~fi, H~' j'l[)U ara ~"e01tby .. Tty b:JI establish a p![,l:vate businees, :1~~gardle'S~ ef'hew small

",i. , " '. '" l~ . 'n.. ''IL" '\1' .',', . " . ~",',r.'. . J-'1 .. -,,;, - .. , -.;1, ,. ,',' .

n ]na.} ee or .il!OW ,~I.1:f1l.;., 0,1- s.~ten ill I nca ,_y (U lG'nt.~u YOl[], ,itH:"'E!'.

_" .. ~

11:6" Don't run aftiE':lr golVBirnlne1lt JOb5~ f'iJl' 'the:;i' are UU~ m'o:st [j mlted seurees I~f .in,c~me. Hewevar ~ dO'D ~I; J:eject '1;;118:[1'], u:n I,essthey to tal 12(' conflict 'W i,th y]j]U'f dllti,eg: towarda the! movement,

'_" IU" - - _.. - - • - - - --

1.1. Perfosm yO!::_U' jlolb ill] U]iI3!' bes t, manner 'yOU can, and stan d aloof [loom, disl1,on~'st" and Ichem,'ti'ng" Observe yO'Uit" ,ap.poiiJtm,t:nt.s,~ and ,Il,lO'\I'ier be Lste 'fbr w'OI'k.,

18. Be aJ'n~iicet'ble .in ela_imtll1g YOU,D" (lUIB'I' and hasten to' give et ~leTS their clue in '~ldJ~ ~!i.dth(l!ut, procrastination ,;,

l'S!. Keep a,was Irom ~l\J lmh, (ior-ms of gamldl]l,~'~ [H1 :rnmt1i;el' '~~h~,t bhe ineentive :ma,y bee Avoid unlawful mCM8; orli,vle~ill,Qod.~ :tegal'(UB~~S of whi-o't.t qUI"ek plf-Q,Wi,t.lies tli.'e'f:e~f'L

20. AVI[lFid the pr.atcti,ea of ,r:::m,ar-ging interest ('r:~bi!i.) :1[1, all Y'o'[u' transactions. ]lurffJf j'ou:rs:eJr'lfrm:n j,ts, [;)ut['~:d toueh,

21. Inr'~st.e]· Ialarrde w1e!;lah in general 'by el~,CO'l.trag:[riJg and helping Islam i e ecounm i'l:: ]ns'ti tution s, Be caretul J&ibOlliJ_'t YOiliJl" mo!u'e]f. ])[l!u"t le't it fall in unlslamie hands, regardless of' 'the C~I'Cl:l;ll1s;tEIIlICes, ]~at an d wea I: ]:).1 ud uers off" Isl fJj mic en 1t>er.p-ri SI~S.

:22. Co:nb"1b ute a pm,·t;.i,Q,t:'i of your 'v-,r~.@J ~ th to tfl.0' movement. P~"y sakat, no matter how' small your .i::n:u.!Qm~ :u,s.Emd consider it the inaltenable ri,gh'~ ilf fhe' PO@I' and cl~'pri.v ad,

23, Se,t ,!'),!1dde a ,por~i.Qn, ()f' your income to' def'ray unfo'f'e~e~~] expenses, rlj,Q f-ll~Uei.' 11(JiW small your income 1~1 and neverindulge

1!'i"li Ir:iI ... ~t""\(!j'~'''"' ~1Ii~ cl'1l, ... .n ,~I.lil 1Iio.-;~lil ~,G If ~~.GI~ ~J'_"G I

'Ji"1 :Qi"""I'''' 'J iIT~rl"I' ~CI'" ,,.'i1...,, ""'"i!>'''l'l·'V-'''' t 0--: 'f-:' ,if;'''''''"!J."ljJ- ",~ • .r:I!''''' 'I ""n .... ' ... ~ ie 'n, .. """""j-]"iI'!\O,,,, ,..,..,. _..;il

,,. ~ .. , ~ ~ , Ia.., \tj.(E:fjJ"'IW- ,WI-. ·,11. IL~L~,...... It ~ 'If" it-U - .. llu,1I. 'iEl '_ lkll..'IW ~"Iii , 13,~,i:_tL.Il.II:IL ~ ,~~ !i:u...,~ L..1Ci~ iu.,aUI,!UJ

the. elim j:nu.ti,[I]], of :p,~t1J1:;t]Jl)eS ,Eiij~ntcJl Islam iii 'all areas of." [ife. This includes greetings, ']ClJngua;glE;~, calendar ~ d~eS!3',~ household ·fiJ.r[JJ:isl]fll~s i ti~ne$ of' 'ii\l'o:n'k andrest, food and d:ru'!Iltj ,alt, .. l ving and depa rtii1,g'. ~ nd €:l'!l:pr~'ssh.l\g'jO).' and sorrow. A]lt'ays mf~r' to the purified trarlition of "the P I~op'h!et (peaee be upon hi m JI.

:25" IEk~,y~ott non-Ialamic courts ~:n,d j'udidiSl.~ sy,gtem.8- i\l~o'~, disseeiata yo ur.;Q@~.r frern oil~Il.i:z atiena, ne:ws:p a.:!)ersj' comnri.tlie:e s, schools, and instltutlons wbich oppose yonJf' IS[~_I]J'ic id~tdogy"

,2/EJ;.. ,t:\lway~ be, eonseious of Allah (m'~Y' He be eA~ l ted); seek H is pleasure wiUt], de terrninatien anrl ,re'~~!mlLU:~eilll[~S., B.rin,g ylHl,[',FB~ lf ~]'~)S{~,~,

to Allah (m,ay He be ,~x(111 ~~d) by :perlhrmj n.g extra ni,~1l.t praysrs

i··t- ,.,.l.- .... ·ii:·II • ..;:J:\!t'~;<;o'~m·i-~·ff' ,""I, ·~'ffi,~ ... A" .!,1l.,c~Q 1...l''li'U,&l; "'''I/'"'ItI!'I1' .ffi'lJli"ii,n:th_ eontemnlatina

, .~~;:~i~L.WIUUL)." ;Jl,dC~, ~B ~,L ~~~~!.i- IHJL~lllli~~ lJIiI:~,~!ia.! ~ _,~!Ii ~ ~~·~V __ - :tJ - ' __ - - - ~ - - ,tj

Anal], and iD€en:ti.oning FH:s name" and .re;c:it:ingt'b~ respected s'llp:plil::~,ti(Jn~ 0:[' the Prophet (\Desella bY'Ulpa'f] him_),

2'7" Perfect ;YO-lH' :prl"nc~gl(Ul] pur]~y and eleanliness, and tt'Y to, k'eep In a s'ta·te of' ablation ("!i,V'1(],d:u) most o:f-the thl1.e .

. ~Ul Perfect :¥Qll:U;' ptay~rls~ twa strive to ]rel'f~rm U,:em '4N.1iUd:n tb~il' pro·perr time periods. I\Js~, t~~y tu pm"ay. in eon ~glaMo.n .j n the' :m.osCl.tm as "[ttii';qjlU~;tl'~[y as ~o~~lble'.

'2,9,. F ast d18 Vi! hal 0 .!I,110:l1-tb of Ramadan, .~:rlJd: p~±n:foir:m pilgrimage ·W the 8a,crejcil. House (J{:aa~b~h) if yOI~.l ean allhrd. to. If .l'ou cannot a.tifb,r-d. to make 11~ti ~ makai t one of ,tlb.t:I .. goals or ,Y"(Du:r H reo and strive .h.ar.cl to undertake it

~80 . .Ah~'.ay.s chertsh the in:loon'~~,orl ~-r- jib~d and 'the desire tOw w,:i!Lrt,1rd.om In ·the\Y·~.y ~f AJhthj and aJ::.tc~"~n.J prepare .yQ\j.:r~etr

'~.t;.;" that ['u.f.' ~llil!£ll .•

31. .Re.p~'atedly repent ef 'IN hlt,~ you h,av,~ '~vroDgly oom:mited" 8eelti.rlg Al],ab~$ f@.I'gI\"BiiJ].C-SS;. Try to ,~v1Oiid ,cuwmittin,g pardon able off'€n,c,es as ~~~n :8t8 '11:1 ajar sirrs; Deve te- 'an 11m] [,. ,eve'fy' nigil t ibG-ibre :g"oj,ng 'bo bred :ftlr !\I,~ 1 r~~dti eism, ii"epIl-~cting upon the good. D·t oa,d. tmnbTSl ,you. have diome '~h:rorl]gh.fJ'il1'L the day.

;3;2; 8tdv'~~lard. ag-ai,~[iJ.s'Ly'Qlu.~~ own .SU[[] 1!u1.t:il it is under your full con:t-rol. Lnwar yOUI' glance, cO:I1'tto:1 ,)~\OllI!lr eUlo'tion8~ and direct yrf!:U' sexual U1:,g1e' to decent and lawful eutlets, ;8bfil(jlute1J~ deterring it fmJ.n despised and 'I!JJ11~wftu.t nutlets.

3 S. eon(l·IP:~,e-te]y avoi d intoxie at i 1~ g' drl 11 l{ s and ~~\i'·erytlrlng tl'lfllt eauses impa;i rrnent of th e bQdJ~ Of rnei&y of I;;he mind ..

34 .. Avoid eorru .. pt friends: ,!llInd evll eompaninns. Kesp a"i,ilta:y from -pIfJI.oe.s {j]:f.im.mo~~81[ity and sin,

S5. F]g'l~.t tc abol is: b places (lr pl ay and di.1l"e:6:s.~.un :00 well as nut pah"(;.]lizmg 1J'lliitill., Avo~d luxury .and .aU a!5i~cl.;: o-f sottness and I a.lcity.

3~., Intreduee you rsel f' EU1.d. become ·Ul'DI!:'O.Ll,ghly ,llcq.uaintt1ldwith the members of your batal I :[011. Girlie by f)1lI 6:. Perform yOUl" duties

towarda yOrliIT brothers; 'tliat is" lov~. aed esteem them, helpthem, P'H:!J~T nu~m to YOUI'iiiGiH:, and r.,~guaby attend meetings, being i!:tooe-n·t only' because of an overpowering eircumstance. AJ.wa_ys 'i mprass them with your behaviour"

37 + DiS;8.oniate ym[].I',sel:f frc:m Ulf100 orgaJD.ii.:zations and in.stittlti;ons, 'W'ith w hieh y01Ll (-eel ytJill:t COfl,t~Jtt i6 not 1:IJ. '~·b·e in teni.'5t rOF YUIU:' cau se, e,spe~iaUy U YQ'U are OOlI1TD1anded. to de so by your ·J.e~.d~if."shiJJ"

38. Propagate your call s.very'lWh.eJrn" .FamiHa.TIze' yO'tlI' Ieadsrship with your aeti vi-tie~, and. :n·eV~l" :undertalte anya~tktn t~lHt 'w ill seriously 'Mfe(l't tbe movement 'without :Rrst ciJriSiilt.irlg )f'OUt leadership" ~e]J y(rur~e1f in constant spin tuaJ and practical con-tact 't-~f i til Y'~'(U.' eall, and al ,\Wlay·S consi.cle:r· y,n:u:sel·ra soldler :1 tl the

~"'o::!i rraeka "'~·I'a;"·t"" "'" iIT .... ""' .... m· m" and ~~~.~ _ ifIL~g,~ ,g; .. ~~. ~"_ ~.~,~~~ ~. 'L....~,. L. I,.! .,Il}[l'!

n~'a.'[·· truthf.uJ bro ~rs, fh at was a sum mm'y of' YOt.tl' c-all. and a. brief aceount ,of t~lhe' important Qo:m:~pts· ·Off your ]d.~Qlog'y .. The prl;ncl:ple,sr outlined can baeembined intD fiVie- clauses: Allah i~ our' goal; the M€.s sen ger is our model; t.h·a QV'lan is; {[U]" eonsti tutio:n.j! j.ihad E,Ei: Our means: and martyrdom tn. 'the: 'W'~.'jJ ef Allah is our aspit·a'[~io([l. 1"ih~S"6eaJ'Ji be condensed further into, fi.'V·,e woeds: modesty, redt~ti01', (of Qur.an and. Hadith], pnlyerl, ~flli:nital'Y fn~p0..rndh.1,e'S$, and ~rth.iic:s.

So hold fi rmly to' these ti;\Si.cll i:ngs~, err else yOll win n·ot have di'mk~1J1:itJ!'r1nding a place among fhe frivolous, the lazy ~ and thO<Sj~ wh.o lag b(!:h:incl,. On the ot heJ~' hand j. j f you. 111 ake thaseteeclunga COIlsi~'t~;n,t "vi tho 'the goals of you_;r. ~if'e' and act acco~;"d:ing to' them, ~'[}U1" reward 'win be hnno Or In. this llie and blessings and divine favour' .in ehe Hereatter, You ''ilnll ba]o,n,g 'to u.s· I and we: will :bekmg to you ..

'But if :rfJ'll~ :forsake'tiJem. m:ad. ce:ase to aet ,acco,rcl.ing tc ~~heir g~dd~ul:e j the :~:e win be no eonneetion n(:Jltw6en you and lIS·~ even ;I'f yrOlll appear great among us and 'the people give ,yOiU the 'hjgl1Jest ti:M~'.sand -fai'~m,os t 'p08t~:iOD'fj 'If:lL 't'h~ cooncils .. AUah wili bri1)~ 1'0'1.1 ,to a rseve-re account and wUl ask yom :about your slaeknssa and inactivUy .. S.O choose for yourself: and we pray 00 AlJ.lah 1)0 ,iruld~ and help you.


I~O'" " " ,,]!.. 1 'b' ~".;o;, h ,,~] 'I 1 ' ,,] ,,'; te 'lk", -- ," - ,1..1.., ,t . -f"'~'~,,-,, 'I-

.", you. W 110 - eueve, s !~h .teac you, 0. a. aargain W.l_:E!' ~ h~. save

you. Irem a grj ev fj]lS :pe~alty? Tl:-u:d~ you believe ]n Allah IDJ1Jd. I~i s Aposhle and. that. Y(Hl stri.\i'1{l) your utmost in the Cause' of Allah - that 'wiU be best :fO:r yOU',1 if Y'(lU but knew, l~r'e will forgive J'Ql'n~ sins and admit you to' gardens beneath which 'riv~r,~ nlr]w and to beautiful cnansione in. gardens !'].f eterJ.r1ity", That i5 indeed the supreme achievement. And another favour 'will HIe' bestcJli.iIIl, which J()U do love - help from A][a.h a;ncl a 5p€J~cly victory. So give glad 1tidi~,gs to the believers."

i~O'-' , vh 'n~, '-]' , ' be I el " ' If All I' J'" .' j.'! ""Il' M

' YOll. W,O ue 1I(:V(~j ue l ... rpers ot t~d.a 'J:. " esus, 'Idle son O.!J. I.~ ~U."yj

said. '~G the disciples, "WI-H) will be my helpers in the werk of Allah? t'11Je' di,sdples said, We: are An8]1~S helpers!' Th.eru, a portion of t11e ehildren of Iarael believed, anda portiQn dis~}m:1ieved. But 'We ga'i,!'~ power to thOf5€ wh o believed against 'their enemies, and the.!y becarna the cneswho prevai led .. l'!

1\IIay the peace, m~rcJ' I and. bles sings @f Allah he 1.1]pJOr.!l you"


[:Editorls: Prefac1e]1l

In, the Name of Allabi 'the M:e:rci"ml~ 'th,e Compasslona,te::

JI?!f"a:ise he to Allah ,and blessi,~g and ,s3Ilvmtiion to Hi51 ,Alpostb~ and 'to those 'who i~oIlO'w' h'hn.

~rhe IV! us lim E!.roL'h 0,tlld ad, h:a¥€ published ,t raets which ex:~::dmJn

1·1"i.a!'l-r m ;:000]·0.... ....,'''i!T'li..",,~,'''..:l: th D';''''' ; ... li,Boilo)""I7V' and outline I1h-''''~'''in(r-i'j;f.f"\l"'"1I'i;iF1,_ t-l\!!Ii'" _,_,_~iI;I""'_'~~'~jl 'I:i,;n~.,~~'U,~~-~u, '" 1~,II.oL. ~""U,~'IJI, 'U~.1 ~ 'CL ' ... L,t_~.I:-:I.· 1[..1 ..:r.IU. F' U~-II..U_Ii,ILJlll

Tbe'58 tracts h~v~: brought together the basic principles 'Under,lying t,heil' miseton ,and lts v arleus :p:h.a~es" an cl h,~,ve expounded its trutha 81lLd, gltuds. ,N O,W Ute, reader is: Otl~-ered ;~his t:],,;aJ~tl- ~Be'~wee-n Ye\S'te:may and To day ~oo' enneerned \'i?'i,l~h tJU! evolu tion crt the Islamie id BO logy.' and. i ts gomlsi. r t VI' as wri tten at tile very dawn of th is ideology shortly before the outbr'C! ~I of the S ~co:IJd W'ad,cl. 'Vil a~t'~, and h~L~' :~(i:qtle[l'tly been the Sill b:jecL ~r diseussien a;m,Q'~~g tb,e Brotherhood since tJl,at tim IB '" It provides [lna'XC~U{31) t ;~x,pO's'j.t]on of the principl es (]if Islam as well ,SI£l; of the: ~':ne~an.s: of :introCh.:.1(:~ing f'e![onll,$" means w:ili,eh .it oUtlliT1~S and advocates, It 3] Sl'{) deals b~Lei1" "v.1 tb the '[s] ami c state m,t the ibe,ginning of its, rise, when it took, the 'QU'rl'an~br its censtitution .and the ,A,po.stle (M~a_y- Allah bless and. save lrirnl) :For its mQd~]: andleader. n, als tJo contains an accurate an(1I1vs[lS of the f:tl'coors whteh undermined 'this upward movement Qlf the Ml1,slim,~ and altered their eondition; and. ,the reader, ,mt the eonelueicn of the t raet, will fl:nd sem e irJ; struetive a~d, pe'rtl !1~1!1t remarks, For at it~ end, this 1!lJUn1,a,2 wiU prnspeI" ol1'ly through the mE!SJ1S by which it presp erad in its bsginnings.

:~, Thew name of the ed iM:r {]fm;hi:~ 001 I octi1:EIfI, or Hfi$[i!l:tl .::d,~f1I:lJ]ln<1l'!'s iriillili;~ is nowhere In(;nlil;i.f]!:tl,~d .

Iii Se~ the GliosiS€! ry of Ar,able ThflLtlS" Th:~:roo i fI '1110 r;I,lfl[:Lbt ~'ha ~ the ed,iklr is; rer~]'dl:'.i.g here till the Ununa Mu'h:El!llil.na:d'iY:fI]J, hul~ Ii a.S:Oi r:Ji m~,.B~Ull;!i~·;li:: I!J:sag~! nUiC'~'!,_I;at,(~s [tnp:I'!Bdkla,My 'b~hwcel'll this .":u[i,d the :nllld@;!''fb. l~:1ioa~ting 'Of "nation". Wh,~l-e itis ohv!olJ.llS th~t he has th,i s: t:arlt~ F' :t1U'li;;!1'l ir:t~ i I'Ii lfnin.rl I hilllVf:j, ,g.i:vo:n fh,(!! term In t.rtilllEl };tltio~~. ,\Vber~ I' f@el more or lass ,ool,t:Btn, he means the U mma M:i!Jib,3:m~:tri.:i1l!d:iyya., r ha,vG l:;:oiPt 'l:;hef\rabuC' 'u:ril1l[~mll;a.

In U1Le: N:S1fi":H~ O"f AlIWl~ the Mercifut tha CnmpasSiiolllat~ : Praise fu)(~: to' AU",lh, and may IEe· bless (lUI" Lord, l~ub: ammad, the COnr[u.Bro!t~ the S~ru, as also h]I"j, JII~),Il,se ~ncl, his, GOfm,p,an.i O]lSt andmay He S.B\.'iIB them .

.1., tbe' .Me,s:sag-e ef tJ1e! 'F~ithfw, 'P.ru,pl~et: ,the 'Way ot the No'ble Qun .. 'an

Thirl;.e\sn hundred and ~iSV'e:nty 1ea:~~ age, M"il]h~anmad b. '~Abd

A,'~ 1' ... , ~~I ~:[U..""'" lnr~ ~,I" ....... "" ,. ,,", p''' ...... n;iI .. , ,&1" 1. nreelai J~.",rn..:!l' "l'" ,I:1\..... t, on; "'Ir"~ ef '"',if "''''C "" ,~.~,~J~J'~'iI ~U,!i;i ,~:~~l~,fij~~,I~:!JI;::: .. 1!"~f,", .. L,Il..~:[1~ l:..1·.II.'IL.1!L\1,'90 . ,J,.IVI~U ,~-tl, ~,KlL'I:i ,1.r~,!I:i~, [.!u., IVjt'i;:l~ . .:J..

frern ,th~ hi~'kw'l~ 'll:r Al·Safa;2' "O mankind, :[ am apostle oC A11aJi ~~'r.Jit to y'O[I,m][~ 'br;v Him, to 'W hom b!!ilon.gs 'the ru ]~;i'ship ef the heavsns and, th e e,a,rth: 'Tbern is no gu d l:out H~~:. He Hl,ake:,gtoli\'€' and He ,~J:i,~,k,€iJ~ to die, Therefo~e believe in, AUaJ~ flnd. :pns; ,Apij~~rt.h:l;., the lUUel·:ate Prophet, who believes in ,Allm'h and JUs Wo:rcl~~., aria: follow him .. " Perhaps YO'll. will be l'ig:tl'tJy guided" l'Q.7: 158]" rrh.J.j3 universal misslnn was a decisive landrnark r'@'!t:', aU of cre~'U(m, .' ~)e:tween a !t1l:l r'~ pas ~~ a 'b,rill] a nt and shilling' future, and a, pmn$petoU,i:ii: ,:EJJI1G !I;!':\~~~b~~·.~n't present - .;ElI.; well ;$U.S a C'lear BInd un ~lm.bigL!LCI Y;B anneun .: -, cement ,of a nI9;'\\V order decreed b31 Allah, tb~ kn owin g ,t.J}~ 'VI !:H~ ~ Us herald was Muhammad, UH~ Harbinger, the' Wo1nEle'r~ its Book W~~ 'the Perspicuous and Erdigh.ten],r]l_g Q,U]:"!ffin.~ and i't5' ,!3'rJJd.k~ty were th e Fi,n~t Precursers conaisting ot 'the ~'l1l igran~~: and the

I .A~~rJ:m,i'~~[;' ,tl:l! M,t;!iil i!:r.i tt("'.Eliditiof'ii" M: [],h,[U1Ul'll'fjd OQU I!m IIf] [. ,!1'IZ~d! ~~:tf" '\"I/'I,itt:l wh G]Ei '~h~ Q.'!.u,"'~n w as '1'I~\'~f:l:~OO, to hitn 'by the .In"'ChaTIg;~l G abrrel. The Kad that ~h(!' lai:':l\(ru[~g~ oftb(!' Boo'k is. thQ ,High ,~I'abi,iJ nfthiJ' Hteeaturc ,~s 'tbf.fl"'i!!:fC:l'Ifll'l t..:"k~r.:i '~;s: ,iltli, e!ii'i~e"ltt;i:U7 ITd~·[!iJr.le. and IXI1'~.sli.;liinpld'l'e JTIT'oof Dr ~,~ ~lvin'ii: fiidg~I'l" .~h}Sit '~:V'~:8'til,li'm Ol:".io(l!:..r'l,t ish.;, lUlwc'Vf!l!:".! see tn the' Ar.abic: wOTd ummi, heEl!: 1I:.[,:4£1:]]:$;1 ~\ ted ", Illl(!,filw'P' i 111 [wti@ r '~O Ci,ln[:'C1:"nl to the tr,ad:i.tiiOnru i:d ,s:~~i,ri'tt of I:lill,·]Ikrn.na~ 'W li.til]g)S." th,[:!: e!q ~Id 'i,i',[i 1!f;!II] L q! till..!! Bib lical '''G@'n!::~ la" .s~(!: Ru cl'ij Paret, art. "umml," :E~ i.

~ T11i;s: m!C!!'lund and i.t.s: eeunterpar], AI~NIarwn,. Dtigi:.n:,dly l;:1i'~'Lt;Etn fllraJcllls tl!f ri'Ltll~ll VJo~"Hl,Mp i n P'r'Ci~l~bun i:c Mcol:;,f;I!" ,Jlr'e ~l'!id:ruY' 'tl~II;:' ~I:em.! of iE~ CElliE:(I]1IO ny '~OI~111 ~I!,g ]l':!i I~l {!I' th~ l~rJ~1itl ~~r'C:!ltttlljj'],ifLIJ c;yd!t!i ~rf:Lh[i' M'usli~,'f:ij iJJ!f"JHm.;ai pi.lwit1l'l,agt::, i..~ll Ha .. U-

a 'l";h,~ren,d ~'fIli1:t~, (.M ~.lH)Jinn'll w~1'e 'Lhr:: OOrt'IJi!i]"l1: Mu iiJll.iTIll'l.lad 11ii.i~i!:J tJ:, I, 1'1 Mt.'Ca;:~I. whh t!,trltignli:e1ll IAl ,~l@rli il:i;l i ~ tho, H~j ~'a fH0gi ~"fI1) .of i~22.


Atud.I.it-at.i~,~I, i~nd. these w11Q flO] lewed them i u doing good, [t was ll:01t: the 'a:rtifact of :m.M:' :it 'wa~ r,a'tJ:iff U)iB VBlry baptism of .AUah~ ~£bI~ 'W'hOr ]£1 better than Allah ,bt ba~tisn1J?2 "Thou didst not :m{IVI" what the HOQ1\:, 'Was11 nor the Fai,th,t h[lt We' b,ii;VEl .rnade it ,til 'H,g1it th.r'Q'lIgb. '~!l!'hirc;'h, '\ilfj' ,~,ide these wb(;"m1 '\'Ve wlll 1Of' our wOl:'J3h:ippent And tnd;)f dost thlil1Ll. :!Ill] de to ~ stf'.1ight paL'th~ the path o:f'Allah ,to whom 'be I.Ollgs aJJ tha 11; i£l in '~he heaven 8 and the eartb, Do not all th:~l1gs :P(t:OCi6Sd ,~o Anah?'~ irQ., ~12,: 5,2--53J.

"n~ Th~' Basic: Princlplcs :for "--:omp]ilE!b~ Social Re:fo:rr::na.:tfon Provi ded b,y the Nitlh;1 e Qtrr!an

t:he IQl:U~_iM i~s the ,oom:pr,r~hl~:IlHlive '1Ii'or~,~, which ecntains the. fundameatals of tjl~jis aU~~;w,braoi:ng sodal rC'~DrTn,ation~, and ]t eame ,graduaJ:RytiIl 'be r,e:1i,jI"e:~liI.1Bd '00 lIJ'N~ PrQP:~'et (J\~~lY .Anall bless and sa,!'i! hirnl h through w'ho:m~ it ~:rnl,QI!l]~tl,~,d its message '00 'the 'be]:iev'ti:l:s fi',i)m. thus to tim, I:! j' accord ing to the [aU, lilt" r ,,:V'em ts, C] r,ct~ mstances, and occa:s,hJrns: ~I n, this, J)11al'l,ner; ;:sIO! thatWe n';~y '1~~-infot,c'G' ,t, 19, y he'ar~ with it! and, Wre have. ,S6!& h, Ottt ln order. And, Uu~Y' do 'n.'(rt bri.n,g thee ;tlny sirailstude, but 'th~lt wo In']llg t'h0i3 the truth, and. a better fine as exposition" IlQ .. 25: 3:2, - 33,). This W@Tlt on until revelatton ceased tb:rmlgb, his mediation, and It waapreserved 1'[1 men's breasts and '~hei~" ~wri Uen fUltes Ib~· SJ0t11e '11,-, e:nL~Y' - two yl~ar:s. Now ,AUQI'l had gaehered th_i~t'~j 0, tllr ~ ,ex:p,l: an aMCi n of an 'I:;hi,ngs for. this u mma, a __ nd the bases :for thB 'U1I.(]'roughgQi[ng ~Qci:~I, reformation which H~ r€:':'!rr!:l9,~recl :m,a,:Y b 8 S urn m :3tl'l:Zoe.d 'Jij 'li!_cl~'!,I' these h.'!t~d] l.1gs:

(~,J Ma:tter'~ of Ui'l,li,:nity-.

(Tl~) The elevation or~h!~hu-mQ.:n 8[:iitit.

(c) Tbe stipulation efthe clocb',jne of reward and punishment, (d) The P!l:-',(Jid.l3L111;lltio:~. of thle bmtherh ood of man,

f.'e'} Adv,ance;~nen'l;, for men and wemen b]'g,eUH~r; tj]ll:j: preelamatinn of tI'lel'lr joint ~"espon~~i bHi'lty and t he i j, eqnali ly;' tha precise defln jtjon of their respee ti VI! d. u l~ as,

I The J\'ll:z.;;]I]~Fie'.s: C'\filiffi.:3.1rl we-r!1!l the MiI:!iI,ineJi:r!.: r.'t'lilVD!·l'iiii to Islum who,11l tl;;l!iigeUl!~fr' 'li'~ i't In (he' Em-[;gmo tI:,,!l:! eornbined W !orm tht! ~l,rhn:ili"'i'!!i.' r~.1 amh:: ~~te' ln Mediniil_

l.!: A p,U.rl'ptl'm.sc ~rr' Q.2 : D a's.


{O The:=Hlf.~gu~'td.~;rng of SOC].eity by s;ti'~lJIJating the rhthjt 'W Ufe~ ·p'I'~,p~rty., work, health ~ freedom, looilaea:tion ~ and. security fur e:V'H'ty· member, and de·fin.log the :li@gi.'l:;im}ru~ ~!01U1tC~S ef gain.

(g) The eoatrol uf the' 'tw" instiru::,'l'il! the inJ~rtinc't or self ~. p,reeef'VaJtioiH. and the instinct of the preservation ·[If the 8pel!ji~s; the ragulatio F.lJ. ofthe aHm~n.ta.I'Y and sexoal de;rI,aruls;.

(h) Se:veritym punishing cardinal erhnes,

(i) Th,a confirmation of'l;,11·3 unity ef the u.mma. and conde:rrutatiu:n of all ,tlle causes and symptoms, ~r di~ul:d.ty.

(j)1 The nnli:gation of theummatc wage ,jih9dtoI' the sake of the ,Pl~i~ci,plies of [ustiee lJil"owide d by this olf:'derr+

(k} Cooaider.ati,o:n of ·t:h.e .st$i~B 9:$ 'fhB embodiment of Ul.e 1dei]'[~~1',. ·~S eoncerned to d~rend i t, and a.~; respmlls]b]e' fbI' reaJiztng' its aim within it.s, O"IJD particular ,socie,ty as well aSJ 'far oonveying i·t 'to mankind £tlS a whole.

ill. The Practical Obeervauoes Promulgated 'by This RegiID.e Th.is QUl~"an]e. order stood in. opposition te all etherpost I~,S'~ systentS and theoretical philoscphies. It did. not aUow i ts principles and 'teachi1L1;g~ to remain simply theories held by mmds ~ 01' ideas relegated to bonks, 0.1:' words WI be bandied abcu t. OlJ]. tl1.e 00 J:1J.tral'Y ~ it Instituted preetical 'W,a:ys of .applying 'ltham. in. order ito implan t ,th~m~ .~·t-rengthe!i ·'~heI.n~ and, draw Fn''O(flt from, td:le1l" effects and results i it COluJ.Pel100. thc;!· 'umma which helieved in. it, amtd owed. allegianee 'to it '00 be zealuus in :r.u£tttbrmiilg· 1t;h~~e works, making th;em. 10 bll1,gatoty duti.~s for ths emisaionof whteh no indulgence 'W,E\:S, granted, Indeed, i t rewards t1~,e w'Gl"l~el' j and pu;rdsbe s the 91 acker in such fashion as to exp el him from the 'bounds 'of th is Isl amic society and cast him to an ahy:[s. The most h11lpOtt~rl't duties which this order has impoo~d. a~ 8. protective fe':[I![::;e' f:br the inculeatien of its prbJjciple~ are the. following; 1.

.~ Items (a) p'l'm,"e:l!"j' {[b} f~~;trnDg~, (C] :lakat, .a:ad (.d} pUg'rim:ag·e. O!.tre: the '~:nst :fiOilll-:' of the '~Five P'.i1Ia.'ffi of. I!S:~£ii~n~.~~ ani' U~!l! nJ i1.d:flJfilm~'L:liJ ~'el illi{llil.!ii d'uti ea ineu tl]'~m~ en ,an. Mi!;udi:~~. Thl~ .~:rs~ is th,(i.i ereed (:~&:n:h ~d.~):: ~.;h~:r~ is HO gad. but Allah. and Mul!iIlLIn:m;rrud .~ s the AposE'.le of A.llah ~ .

. 28

ta) Pr,2!i.yer ~ dl]dk.r~ repentance, asidng fer pardon, ~tC. J'~~'~ 'ii:ji'l", o*"~ ""'0' ,,,,;1Ii.. "'" "",'~']·'i"'IU!' ''tV",,-,~ 'fII,Q" '9 a£I~Dl!'!it 1 iLl xut'll

~ iLl! I- ~I' iL~"-=' ~J-~.!,,~'I 'l.,;".lIl~£.Iic ILl, ,IL.oJ"':t. _'_ !t__U"I:J~_~~,:t"ti ~~~.!: .. , _. , • ) 1"iI'!'

(C) ,Zi:t.'Ita t:l alms ,. giVhl,g'~ 81xpenditii],:rn :!?m~ benevolent ~'!JJ"pO~e~,. ttl.} Pilgrlmage, travel, ,iOlL1rT:L~:rrng'~ cli~flO\~B'I~Yl' and, ira,vesj.'ti~'at],(jlri ,of AU,a,h~,Ei: I{ingd© Il:iI",

(e~ Aeq:uj,sj,ti,o![b, l~oif'kl and the i~lt,e,rd_itUon of beggint.,

<'0 !Jlhad", f),ght:hlg" (lfufi.fit'itmg :[ig]]tle:l"~:~ and c~xh,g f~lr UiJeit, :fam,ililts ~ ,~td in tere sts after their departu re,

(g" Corn manding the good, and giving' sound advice.

(h) Fnrbidd Inig' evil ~ and intervention VIr 110n, it ta k~~, p,l(; ce and between Its l~urrp'etl".a.to:rs.,

U) ~be obtaini n:g ef iecluC3tkm and knO'w:]eclg~ by ~\fl~rr'y mala and female Mlt:sdr[ll iuthe various disciplines of Iife, each one 'in what 5'I!J.:~ t,s, 'l1hTl hes~"

U) Good deportment and a~;:3;id1!l(~u,s ,c1)1 tiv~1.t:i on or ]Jjtgh moral values

(~,~) S l;r:~v,~,llg' fb r l,h ysi eal health and eentrol lot t'h@ scnsea.

(~,) ,s~)cial s.oJkbrrity' b~tw~elJ]rl]lel' and ruled, hl bQU'lI, custodiansh] p and 0 bedienca.

It 'ij,s denll,a.n.d ed of the Th1[u 311 m that he fu '111 ll the~e' @bHgaMooa and :put th.a'm into pl.'Rctice!' as "the 'Qtrtani.c o~dr;:r has ~et, them out. He must not :s,i,acke'!.1 in perfQ\~li:]].iit' fill," (ilf' U:)(~l:m! fOil" tJle.Y have all been ~pedrffied in '~he' N"oble: Quf2tn'j and h,ifIj'l,I'€' been lllustrated unequ ivaea Ity in the deeds of the P'roph et IV[ fly A.! ].~h b ~ress and

l~' I j 'h'" C '],.!!l' ij 'k it', 'II~ d 'I "

s:nVIL:!: rnm: " ;[:]1] ILL. sa ompan.lon:s' ,arLa these wne :[i(l!,u tow Eli.-, t 11. 12 '(n, 1'1],

clQlil1g goo d, 'wit h ai m,pili,c:i:ty and e l~J·i:'~y. Ev~ty d ee d,! er ,aI .fj U rn bel" of . hem, sti:'e!1gth:~r!liSl,a:nd inculcates a principle, n]" a number ef them,

~ 'lI~he C!!J:mparJ,~!L:ms; 1 A~h ~lb) ara 'U1i!~ f~:r:5t g~ili'l,i!IT.L"tiilm 'or M u 81 i:rl~:H", !!m~'\1'L"!1Jc(] dur] !~g the me W,ni!l;! ,Ll!.f tha 1P1rop.he.it and co:t.nptis,Jng ht:l:tlii. lin:e Em i I!i',mt t.:!i n 1iL~ ~b Ql' A:U!'~ ~ I i ~ I'i.~~.

ii';11I'\ ~!~I

from a.m,Qng 'the 1:]l'ervi'Oll~!Jl' cited theoretieal headings wm,ch, this cH,:der eama 'to :orin.g '00 te,~l.iz8:tilJ:nruJ.d to benefit manlrind by virl1J.le' of' their r®Siult13, and ~f.f@ctf'3,

IV~ Th~ First Islamie S'ta.'t~,

On, 'the fbll!l~da tio~ Qf this, excellen t Quiardc social organization

,j:.'h t.- ;I!- 'r ~ " t" 'I!.. 1:' • • • - ,':1 'I 1"

'!lo,- ,'13: nrst ,;S,!,Wi11C S 'ate m:r'OlSe:, u!3,(!l:ev1n:g '[11 rt 'UleeJ,hY:j ~pp,iyln;g :~t,

:meEielJlID1:ls1y~ and dia fEl,emin8tb~g it tlhl~OUoghout ,th~ ''''v{l'r-ld~S!c tha:t the 'first Clili:tlht (May AHal]) be 'Pleased Wi.U1 him nUls:~d to ;s:ay= "If

'I' ~k, .,.,'n..Ji~: ' 1'1' h 'r ~,~ [ , '-rd'~ ..,"!I' , jIj, 'n 'b J n 'I~" H

, 'Ml@"WiUJ rose a c:an"jj€ '~"a~'l;~:r'~ , w©U,: Jj,lrlt'!lll, :rt 'to auarrs riOOl'!i., '. ',,' ,<8

f:CI!),ght these w]l.O' :refused to ])!!3:y ,zaka t, re,ga:f1di'llg them as ~'ll0SL,"!i:t~B beea UEi'!2: they had overthrown t11Ji.s; pillar of the ceder i,a;nd said :; 1[~'By AJl:ah, if 'they refused me a h~ih@l"" which. th~lf' used to :pA:y ID'Vel':f' 'to the A.pG~t']e of AU~b (Ma,y iJ]~J.l bless and save 'him, ,I)., I would ,ight, than] as soon as I had gr,~sp~d a sword in. my 'handl" iFor litnit.Y~ in all its: meanings and mal'1if)~sbltio:n8~, pervaded this ni3W~ri~el1 U;n_]ma'i' S,oci:!lI& UTltty' mcluded the g,e:f.l end tii sseminannn of the Quranic Otde:f' and '~he bl.u1gti.age ,Q:[ 't]le 'Q1!IliJ,OO:l, wft1iJ~! poMtieal un~~.:y W'~, all- en@01l:l'lpa;ssm:ng in the Bl~,ad.ow ,Q,rt the Prince Oil' .B61E!ifer.s~ an.d. beneath the standard of tlh.e Caliphate intha eapital, The fsct Ula:t the Islamic Iideo,logy 'Wl~.8 '01i13 o.f' deeen tr'a] ~:z~p:ti,o,n of ,thE! armed forees, the state treasuri es, and the provineial adminis t:l"ati,oli~ proved to 'be ]],0 obstacle to this, since all :aJcred ~c-co~ding to a single creed. and ,BI, unified and enmprehensive control, These Qlllr'~ani c pr.in.ci:p]esl warred agam,:~l't ~,y/pe1'8:tit.i@U.~ idolatry in, the AraJJ.iru], Peninsu la and! Persi a, and did a" WS,,:y 'l,lvl th it. They w arred agajJ'l~;t guUe;~u,l ,Ju,daisro, and eonfined it to a narrow pr(l:~j~.'cej p'ltr~tin_g an ,end 1IQ i'tf5 religJ,o'!lS and politleal auth ~tri:ty ~ TheY' ~'~ru,~Ued~ with Chris.tinn.i ty until its: intluence was: ,~wr~a'tl~l diminishad in file eontinents-af Aaia and Africa and it became confined ,tQ;Eurape

~, Alrll1 Bakr, who l~Giglll3~ from ,53.2 t® i3i~N}; sad who prut down tUu~ Y~fII.t. tr~l)lftl ]reMm~l'i o,.r the JJUcldan which t'hJ~9'Lanoo i;t1J If'~!ffIt~cr1ll, or' di'!1£iOI'V'e 'Li-:)J(l!: ~~rly Muslim :S'~:fiillil!!'"

!,!, A tld~ 1r~~l!ln~udl :fow tho fi:~.s:L tim!2, :moorJf[,'clI i [Jilj' ito tl"lj(! usual tr..ad.itiofi.r b~iI' fhlQ!, I, SlGc:(]nd CaH~;~~, Urna~' b,. ,~]~KhattA.b (G~:!4· • 644~'1 and Qnl~ of'~h~ ,i1itar!J]!~rd '~tu.~'S Ijlf all th~ S,n]:iIl~'~e' e~~ [p:h6 :[lIlJl!l:T' 'hi [11~


undee the aegis of 'the BYS:ffi.1ti,lDJ,e: .l~Impi~tI~ of Constantlnople. ~rhu~ did 5piri,t1i;lc1I and poHtie:,~l dJJo:wln!u~)c~ come- to be ~eu~eted ill:, 'the ]5'hSLm~c stR~e, within t1l~ tloV~ bif§'~st oontJne~f:it5. This sta,oo[llersisbed in. Its ,atta,dt~ again st 'tl,'llet:hircl. continent, assaulting iGO]lstru'l tin ople f1J.'om t be eas t, und b~s,i,egi:f)jg it until Ul,e :!fljeg'iE: gr~'w weari son1e" Than ,i:~ earne at It from '-he west, plu1!1gtng h'1!to ~l[J~Jn. wlth its victarious sm(lic:l:fs r~acll]fig the heart 0 r France an d pen ~Jlri~;tti rig as r~'I'~;S, northern and southern Italy, It l®s11ab]:i,sll.ed ~]] im])oif3"i:n,g state in. w estern :~J[J1'r.:rpa J r-ef]jJ.~'[j.t with, seien C~ and knowledge, Afle'ni'i.'m~ds'i it S\itTI8Bd,(:]d. In €iliie~~tin,g ,tl1~ eonquest of Const~.~ltir.i!oplie 'm '~eU and. t he ccnta i n m,en'lt of C.l"r~s1W,an ity wi th.in. tb,e: re~tr]'cted rii1"ea. of Cc:uu.'tral EurGjpe. Is1 :ID!ll,~,C neets~kiwie.cl ,t he dJ~~p~ of chi! :~1edi terranean and Red S eas, ,[[rid bgt'h became Ialarnle Imk:e'~,. And sathe a~'\ITJj,ed forc~8 of ehe Isl ami C ,S t.~t.e a ssumed ,th~ p:ri:macy Orf the seas b DifJ~ ] n the Eas't and ~¥leiE:tj' ,amden,j.oyed absolute mastery CJV~j 1,ilnd. and sea, These Islamie natious had ,a.lre'aJiy' had contacts with Oth@1~f:15 m:n,cl had taken ,o'!l~,el' much of th~ir eultnre, b'iJ1L they tr,~ umphed t~, rmugh the st!;r'e'll,gth of th.e'iJ' ,:~aitllJ.and tha solid, fabrle Q r the in stitu t~nn8 -&h~::y' j];npmmd upnn !iIIU, ,[) I:·~h;~m. 'rb,~y Alr,~bi zerl them, mi' slt,r;{}el~cl,~d in clain,g 8;0 to a degr-e~~ and were able to 8!i.V~y them and convert them over '00 their l~nguage and r ;~igjO:f1 because of their splendor, be1a,uty and vit~dity_ Thel'e 'Vi,r,as I),(Jt.iling at 18i~U to p,I.·(!v'en'~ them f~1(Hn adt1"~;l'tjJ!lg ~t1y useful De~~ .. rure of l1b.e~~ cultures, inso.f~_' as it did oo!, hava ~n :f]dver~m e~8ct on Uuah' seeial and po li:ti~ flllliinity,

V," Factors Conducive to U1i8' Dissol11bon. of the Islamic State and the Islamic People

::rOTh" all '·his imposing strength and 1C'J.{benS'i"v',~ dnmiuion, the facw:r15 uf di:si,["l!oog.If'~' ~rlIl eame t'o~'n.:sJ]jJ""].mte' themselves '111:1;00 1~1,'1.e 'ri.b~r lor this 'Qur'anl.c, 'IDlLnl~nUI and gradually tn become grave" wicleSl'lfEH.>tcl and JlOiwl~'r.fuL UI1.tH t.hey 1,·e:I1'U. 'this fab',ie epert and bJi'u'liJ,@!fht the ~enttfdi,:z~cl r.slam:fc ~. ate to ~ n end in th ' ai xth [ien t 11 ry A",M. (the thirteenth eeatury AJlJ [lot the hands of '~hr: ""rrutfirB,. I'll the fourteenth eentury AtH, (1f.he tw~nUeth C8:lJtu:r:y A.D,,) they did 1th.is ~ seecnd tim e, leaving in th~irwal[,e 01] both nccasien S


rl.i.sur.d.'~d,~J[.@[t;iOJ1,5 e:nd, stnaJ~, staees ,a£l,ph-b',g to,wa~rd, unHy and st~iv in,g :fo]'" :l"eStlirge[l,D~. The most, s:i"udfica~l,t of these: factors were th.e foUovn:ng'

{i:3j P1oliti .. a;:3J d:llfe'rel1Ce~hparltis~nsld,:p~ and g:trnggIB Jot' :su.p:r,emacy and [lM,S'tige'" deBpi.'te the 'for.r.~e:ful ',~~,ing 'whicll ~s:ram had 'b~~Ortlgh:t to be,a:r' in, 'this: :regiS'rd II ml~O'U'fagi'flg ind] fl'e'I·~Jtaatg p:Qsiti,(j':I1,s: 0'[' power and drawing attent]r~n], to Uffii~ aspect, wa1:e'll Is U~~ canker of nations and th,~ destruetian or people's and states ;: ~And contend not 'With. one Moth,er, so ,that you became weal! and yuur stnength. depE,l,"tj and persever, '~Ol." A~lah is wi'~'h those who persevere" (Q_ S:' 46)~ and des:pi:oe '~b~ [Jf;lof~ulld ,e~:dl:O:I·tRtioj},s to remain :fatthful to Ai iah alonei n speaeh and aJC'~l' WI@ 'to :fl.ee:[Q''1f;! ,or r~lune a~llcl. praise,

(0." Religious difiiE!Tences!, seetarianism, and turning a':~!la.y. from :r,eli~un" ~::J!.H, CGfl1,Stit:!lti!lg batt;[e:!, d~ctl~in'esl and wOEks ~ ,~tl d~ad 'works and 00 chnica 1 ex.]l]~@sSi,DD,S endowed wi'n~, neither Spll.',!,t n m,' ] i fe" aeeornpanied by ] l1d.it'fen2mCfe' to A] ~"MlI8 Boolt and ths Sunna or the' Apost']e (May Allah bless and save him !)~I s'~agn,ati(Dll! fanatletsm in thOU:~lt ~uld wurd, and ~,~:a~;:u~::iO'n H:w di:spu:tati(l'u, eontrnversy, Md wrangling', AI,~ these were among i~]l'~ tIring-iS Islam had warned 'of an.d .for-'btdde:rJj most ri,gurfl'U~lYI! $Q~h,~Ji't the l;~ostlG (I'itl.ajf' Allah bless and SaL'V'~ '1':iiJl1, !)I said" hNo :P~OP:ii~ has Gvet [amsn inbjl EEm,TO'f' after :receivtng guidance except lliy he'iug bfO'Y!~ht to cantreversy,"

(c) S~lf ~ indulgence In, luxuriaa and com,.ro:r~'S) ianci, rn"avi!Jg' :for pleasure ~Md sEnsu,ltl jtlY'S b) the point that what ],lUS been, reoorded of'I\i[uslim rulers in .many :p~'ri,od:9 ~~S b~yo:nd .E:1nylhi[]gr€lci!J::fided ot othera.and j:hlJlj de~pUe' 'th,e'il' reading ,of the '~~}lilB: of Allah (BI€~s~d and ".&Jm.]ghrcy ls Hel): 'L An d. when '\Ve ~.,ish to d.estroy ,a ,c.ity,. We L5Si(,U~ ,Eli, com nil and to i tg I:n~I!I. or weal th, and U]~y transgrees tl:ll!iE!I-eh,! and ~Q 'the vVorcl against them, is justified, and W e d,est.!.~Oj1' it lJJ~tet".I.y~ [:Q,,11: Ji~; l.

(d) The transfer of a"u"thrJrity tc ncn-Arahs - L~"1 Persians at one "thnel;, D,a.y];::n'llitels:l at 21llother" 'Th![,SI!mlnT[Sj~ 'T'~.u'ks~ and ethers '., who.

I The!!' :n,':forcn~ ~;li! to fhe Sh i"~'&-e Bu rid dY[!I:ELsl'y, whose fllll! n o1c::rs StP1!'!1H[g f~TI.m tt he !'O!r[~'(l!~'ru Pnl'si:a1:l P]~a.'iill nee of nil1l,y~,am" The;¥ rnign,m:1 (from 9~ 5, tu .1 (55), ori!JC!'r' II

had never aOsod)ed genuine Islam, and w bose hearts had nevecr' b~~n ill~iJ;~rJ.i'r.I ated wi,tb 'l'he li:gh.t Q,f the Qur1a:n because of' tbe; difficultY' they ancoun ~~:I'ed hl tr;yin,g 'to grasp, Us l)ollcep:tSjF COif all that t~h;e1 [i. e., the, ,i\r,ab:s] read. th;sWoro,s af AUab. (B;~essed and Almighty' ~s He,!); i4,O ye w'lliJ,o, be'liev,e'!1 Do not take as cBnf]dalJ1i:.s those who arenot o:f ,nil;, the)!' will l)nft 'fmU '00 east disorder 3In@:ng you; t,he,,),are pleased by w'ha:t tl'Q;ublel$ you., Jlatred hes 'been, reV1ewed (}'~,t of ,tbe.k m:o~th~i WI' hat ,thei,r 'he'~~' eeneeel 'is yG:,t gr'ea:rer, W,e h:av·e made (he s.ign:s c]~al' to yniu.~ if you, ,~,ould but understand" [Q,;3; ']'].81,

(e) ~ fldiffeiren~.e '00 the 3i,ppl.i~d sciences ~nd n a:tu~~l seiance, and walSte I(}f time and '~O:5B of if:)Jlier@;y on abstruse, specula ti 'lie philosep',h;iHS: and ll.!1he,a.lthy" pJ~,ant,as ro agerieal pse ude - sclen ees, df.l~pHe hlb~;,mj's urging' '~h~'m to cOjJ~td~r the universe, to ~K~,:I(j~ethe' :s.{:]tmts of creation, and 00 travelabout m, tbeesdh, :for n commands 'lh:em to 'oo.n:&em::pIs'oo [he ]{jngdnm of AUniJ; ~Si1y; "Behold '~ib~t, :]5 til 'the heavens and the earth'" [Q,.IO: 1(;)-'2],.

U:,: '1[,... r"" t IU'''''''.'~'''''IJ with 1-'I1e-1·,,.; auth ,"':r-l"t-~1 "",,,,:~,;I,' - 'd,"""'en!':~""'" ,00'0 ;!L.a, 'i']"IIi!!i.~~ \Jl"f Jl.l:~iI;~i~,I., .. ~~ ...... ,,,_ .. ,J.lW_Ji 1b...I._· _,Ii. 'II;lL~L·,.!i.oJ!, .. ·" J"~' iI:I!.:;ilLU. . ~~,~,~,;~~n, ... \~.!J ~~ -~ . ~ .d!~lJ.:I~u

'pQw',er\ and "ladl1u."e 'to' look into the social evel ut~Jon oi the i[i,a:~i()ns:

Q.u'tside' their ,~oht 'u'l1,til the se b.l1ooI" got ahead o:('t'offm, :in preparedness and eq,lI.lip:m:ent and t:ook them by ~urpl.~se. But the Quran had eamm anded fhlHnto be ,at~(rt~ and h~d warned thel1) ,of the eensequeneea of heedlessness.vegarding th_e! heedless ~s ~~~l~Ue~, ,n,!lIJ~ ~. as; ~VM m(i)'OO del uded: jY'FoJt We h.~V'B 8u.-r.e'[,y ,&t,e a-red. :f~):r

la:rg'~ l:5,bLjni~ e:m,pi:re 'c'erlmrecl '011lll: PC1!\y-si.a B'rild ::ka,q, The :gun n:itc! Cal.i'ph~ '~ho g:l:'~nf~ed th"e:m their ~:i:p.I!!lma)S ot 'j n.ve~,tfture. \Va.::; by '~is: time nnly' a, r.~U gin - ,PtliU tical ngnIr-ehe;a{L

'! The IDIl;iS't -(",tnllo1Jl~' of Ull:~ kl:Fl,f.!:llu k (SiaV'~) dY'n~ti(ts ,!I re those of agypt~ rulin g frmllJ ]250 &0 15,11. The rnest i!1Il~iFiI.,.if:i!);iThl,t'L i1!hiiE:i:ii'l~),;]s w'lfnu;gkll.by ttlf!.'! ,o.tll.mn:;:l;~ ,(!ouqi"'U~s!'~ uf l-Ei17 'W'[t!!te the :Bt'lJ:}H'htuti{iiill ",f:ij 1\u'k:isJII :g:O'l.'e~~nor~ fhr th~, _M,I;I:mi,uk su I:t.i:lnr a:l1d HH: ;,iEfil'P-OEliitio]]i of all:il, annual tri brut-e., H!m:~]J!;lc t~].'r;i ,Ma!!.IU[ uk hil:3'!'ilLn,:.hy rem~hled lJil. cffcc¢}'II'l): :rI!JIJ~ Hn~jJ th~ Pr~nelh luvaslon I(ilJ 1798. TI:u::d-r [;l!1J/iiA1' "1[" W:3JS iina.:Uy destoo:wedmi.l~Y in. I Bl1 by '~I~ foonde:r of~h!O lth~djivia,~ line, :Mu hamsnad ,.~Jl Pasha (1805 ,_, UM~)., The M:ilmJ!liks 'Wr!re a. ,~lJ.p(!irpel;u,a.Ling dynasty o:r slave crrigi u ~ who i.~il'ple-~i:sb@ld thrn:il'.' ranks Witll !I'dlish eop, ti[!'l,g'llnts ftO'I1:1, t~1ii t ral AEi.a ancl Cill',eUSlS:i I)" traini.ng ~h'~iD,· rIJ.'II,'I,1';r,i, m~mbe:r8 'wru.i,e and 'eJ,ec~j i:il,g If(; su ~ I,an frfHllI n'!!~.L;r' (lw:n ,oo:r[)!J;_

,Ji ahannam! ma.n.y ,j inn and me'.l1., ha~irl{~ hearts witb which 'i.~bey

2)'. , j), h ," " -"t'L. 'II\,. ~ lj..'i!..., . . - - - '" h - _. -- ff' J'!I ~ ... iJ... 'ulSiCG:rn llO"j' ,aV'l1l.g eye~; WL:r.i: W',.F.iJi.c~1, '''~l.ey' Selle :r:JiJO "'I' ,IillVl.D:Eli aars Wl'",mJ.

'w:bi!cn they hle~r nOit .. these aI"9 Hke cattle j :[ID~y'j eVlen, mo,:r1J!: 'dLe,~,t]d(!d~ 'thes~ 81"e ,th,E1!! l1Hffidle'Ssj~, [Q" 7:' '179'],,,

(g') Se'[f .. ' deceptiolnthrou:gh ~,e i]]],trigue'~ ,o:r h,o:sMl~ n~·tte:r,ers,~ ;~dmimt]Q:l:], :f'ot Ulc-ir 'W!Qr.~ :M!d the ou:tw~:rcl. flOf-IDS lof thei:r' 'W:fi.y of

1~:,1'"", and un- '~'l .. ,]',.,.'~l"'~"n: 'P' ';'m-' ,,;'iI-, .. ,'t~'"''I''ii .... t!' ,JI,l",J!Ii;Tii" h .. '''~''~Y' ~ oII].,,'!ij.j, ·UP.J!ii~.i!!i. ]~'3""i"iI'll';l':u] _.~.I~j! l~~_,~ __ ' - I 1lil:.llo .~.I~lt't.1L, !d. ,011.1 "oIj lriEIl. Jj;~,illJI. 11Jl'~1 ~~L.~.Ij!IIIIJ I.JILI ,,!,",~_. ~ IIl.i, 11)j1!U!Lii 'JjT ~ I ~ ,_:J;MJI. ,~~~~ 1_, '.

l"iltther than beJJH:;~'G"da]j, despite th<!!! smn;geml:t :pt'oh.i.lJi tion ;~a.I[].s!'t :wodelUig 'lh~m,~~lVle9i '(In. 'them, the' elear command '00 'tem,run diff~'ent, 'fr.a]'f~ nH~m, and, to ,I~r@s:e:",e the basic elements o:FU'l.e Islamic umma, andthe vl!'a:m:h:1J:g 'to tile' l~onseqllE:nCeS of this ,mim~iJ(!ldfig" to lvhirih ef:r~~t th,~ :N,~bie: Q.ur':m ,s:ays: ,1;110 Je whQ' beUeve !, ~fjf()u tODe]f' those whe cll:sbe:Uev'e!. 'Lhey ,rill, 'th.row you ~ack 'U~Qf] yortj'[, heels, ~nd. y10u 'YliI1 b~· 'turned i[l.'oo l:os:e:r.5~~ ~Q.:j:k 149) <,

,n° .Pnl ~,ii;~ ;R<O'I '~tlf.~ ~ e;'-.[l!I']lillJ Yo Ill-iii c.- u.. ,11i·~1 'Y1i],.. 0 _ .. ! ~~:pi _,I!;!i

'n) '.rfuu~s,e ::f~r:mf's began, to ijP~1'3t~ ·\~,t}d n the lire ,of the Islamle s~,ttl and the Islamic umma, and 't1r:H~~uppr,essed lla:t;[t[ocn,s t'.haugh'~ ,that fbi€: ·ti:n1~ was ripe b~1 take their re'verng~ and to do m.wa,y with, this Esl8i;m:~c st~te which had .e'~j;'l,i,~f' cnnque red ,tbe~'r Ian cis an.d

.,.],j:Q,"!'EI'.,;D ,4l;.~90,,,,, ,;;;'1!.. ""p~,"",j,~",. i'i!t.!. 'i·hi'ili~i ... , more '.~, J"no'1] d enartmenta of' 1]·'1l"~ 'T" .-14,;i"i, ,g_~.'b-I,~'I;i!Ii, ~1.L~ 'L.nJI~,f;.ILI,IIt_LI;!l.rIt-\5i[ ~JIJ ~ ,..iIL.Ill ·~'JLlV .~ _'_' ~" !J1!r~'~"'_' '___ , [len, IU~I~

T--- ,j" c '-' ,.' I~,·'I..- 1,::11:" 21"" .-",",-- t'-: j7' '(~",J'i,- . .d ~"" c· .... - .~.'t..1i!ti ''lrIi!'I'"''i''i''i'· . , -R..,- ,j,., . a.",ars ,S'we:p", c!O'\il.m, ,_,!f..!,'{e! a !;l~V~ Ilia, tl]]Eio UuiJu upon Iio~.i,o.:.. .i!;a, }aiIIJI~l!(i: ~ ",aloe

and beg-au, ooa.n,fig .li't ap1ut, piecemeal, until tl'u;~y iC:BJ:1l1e to Bmghdail,~ 'tbe· eapttal @f the !:A.b!b~sid Ca1i:p;h~.'tel and b·,am.'pll~d It. '~.n:l.d~lfoo:t in

j,1l.. .. ",~' .,:'L.,-("!J ... :'iI,' '~,- A'-] 1tl.oV - ",.;_." 2 0 .• , 'tll.. .·,_·,,-'t" .,f',,"1 .. !.--.ue: pars on, OIU: "~le' 'll..Ji!;:IL.II1P["1 ,- ','-IlI:! 'iaS'"a aim. "'-10 was J! ~e' unn y O,~, II;;I:'U2:

sta te rant, aSilljncl~r~ and. the kn()lt of '~hJe C$l~:pba.b~ 'mldora.c' :for the fi:m't t]m.'e .. The rl!aU(l(~$ (;en: aipart ~n't(D small states, and. ~~V',el'y tribe had ,a puJpit. and a Prince of Believers, Ch~:,i.~t:ia"i'1ty f.,e"riv'ecl, :in Eu:.Jr.{l1pe,! ga:th.ra.red Us fb'rees~ ,am,d, h,ll:rled.nack the .~1u:~Um E:~9:t in, A lilt m. and Afrj,ca '1i1Vllh its, 'legions 'thfOUghoug~ht. n ine crlll$ad.m~' assaults in '\\lihich the, bast o'f th ~h' I~h ~va b"u' l'Oi~~JJt~ 8l1!1d armaments

~ • J!Ii • '. _" _ ~ _. J _ _.' 1. .., ~ ,11 ,. • .J III I. ,J" ",J III I. - - - '_ . ~ - ~

\~"!~te dep~~.a,red. 'Th,e~e ifi'V~l:lmg fD!r~e~ ~e able 'til astahlisl"]J, I![, C:rt~S ad~r. state h1l J'etrtl9aJem~ to 'IJU"e9 fJ~n the netinns or Islam in

:1 tOnD: tf;iIf 't;b,e' 1Q,'l'II]')'f]un:i:e :hens~ the eqiJ,.!!.i'\!'~]~nt ¢If Ciel:ieJ]l~ a,

2i In, t255 f ~'~ th!i,;j' ~ilnqui~~t iJif:"Ba~bdarl h_).·' IIi] I_!iig;~. g'll',Kj l'IIdso:tl, tj._r C::Ii1.i:ngbz :IU'! ~'I'l"


the E~st B]ldWest~ and :bo attaek I1gyprt."st tha;t. tim.€: the most j#<llWeirful of th~~e :S:hl'OOS"

~b) Re'viv.aJ.: I1B;,ut A}]lfJJh. (Bless~d and. .Almighty 'l~ He t" dim not yet. allow ·'l{ani.ty 'to 'Q!V'ef~G:m" fi.l'll th, and Egypt was able to gilthe:F.' about herself the sea ttered fbtDeS of snme of these ml nor sta tes, and ,13h~ hurled th,em a.t the ·~hr@.'3J.t, of the. C'rnsad:~i's~, lWl.del' th~ .~e,~,dership, jj)f Salah al-Din C'1Jalad'in) .. she: recovered J',m'1J1salem. fto.m 'them.,. a.nd showed. UU~'m tb,~ .mJ.~anm! ,crf defeat at Ha'U:,in, ~ The]} she ~;ooodl up, to' 'face the T,a:t~r.8 under th~ leade::rs.bip of A.]·'z;ah][' :Bay'bars~~ 'thTimw U1Le.m back u"p:(Jn~b.e(ir 'heels~ brokel1., ,at Ay.n J·~lu.t~~ and mst(D'J:'I@ld1 the ferm of the C~U lCd1ti.:OO once~ ,ag'i:iin .. !):T.b~]1 God wiU,@d. tha t a state e:xt~nsiv'~ in domaln, bo1d. in eourage ~ and formidable in pOW\el" rise on the side of ill~].aln~ \lve]din:! its peop]!e in to r;OrrJip'~!e1te UllJ;~u,infJJ.~y and. uniting' under its bann er most of the Islamic nattens and peoplee. It-s lofty ElJifil,b].-ijO]l$ lnade it imperative that it attack Cnristi.ani:ty in its ve~y ],~il:, ill t ccnquered IC~'ll!is.taut:iMl,~,ple·t and its aut;fio([,; ty eocteradl!.ed.t.o the heart of: Europe until it F.~aebed. as far ,M Vi.errul1.:fi .. 'Jbis was the s:~a~e of the: Ottoman Turks,

~ c) Frui~, ~f th~ R~na~1$sano~ in :EUfiQP"~; The Islamie state was tranquil l]]].der.tbe banner of the: Ottomans and. t;11e~I'" antbori ty jl it a,0~@:p:fued. i t passively and took IlIJ) notice of ~~ hat was h~,ppeuh!J.g around ]it. nut EUT,ope ~ whieh had eome into ecn tact wi,'(b the superlor eul ture of [~R:£un iTIL the WIBst tl':iJrough Spain" and. in t11!G

~ The .B!1-U],~ !iJf Ha.ttiu (11:97) 'W,a,s, Sa:lab ~11"Dio[l."S g.r>ea ~e~t vid®ry OV~i,' '~Jhe C:r.'U~:fj!.d~Jl:S~ '~Gi!J!Jdli:ng' to .t,h~. 1~.c~;p1j;,UI"e (llf.J it:Eu:5:mll!1::!l:n"

:! Thewu:r.iI.'h M:ElJF.fiL~:tI:k ruler (ifF' E;friirpt (lL260- ] 277) who erruslling]y' defe~t@d tJiJ®

~~~ .

:Ml]n~o~fj in 1260~ th!:!\J:'!1!lby s~vi~lg Eg}llt and 8YI.i~ from tlh@: d~tructio!l ~lLrJ :plillage ,fif tIlle M{iiIl;~i c(],mqilttie:.s.'cs :i:m . .I:f'IL·q ~nu Persia,

:;: 'r;h.~ M~~Ul1h;Il{8 .S!L::t 'Eli.![li a. :S;~ll;ldow' Calli ph[i_~.te: ilIJ. -Cal ro, b,Y i]'tve~tii-:!!:; a se (],];1 of 'thli] Ab!b~sid hOiI!JiSCIJ' Vi.fi ~h~he M He.· aRe]! tJ].e fan of BaghdJ;:jJd tip 'n~e M,orn1Jg.o]s. l'Ie and ]hliSi Si[)J:lOO!liffi'm~ 'W~ri,'1i even l~:$ ~ani:!"i!g~l1IJ th~n the Eilll!!JuiaiIl caliphs {liJ!' tb.€! :~ate[" !Abbascid :pe:r:iod, fl1L~ lalli& of 'Ut~~ died in. Cairo i F.ii: lS~-3,~ ~1,!e-ir:i.tY-1l!»:' years after ~bf:' OUo:raCri.·a,-n OODJI~,liei3.t of E:.gypt., The:i'faflte:r thle I1tk~ of Cali.ph C8.'1lil!'i! m!!([.e ~fld tn!l)(t'\i!1!' W :OQ '~.PIP1f\ilp:r:1.ntil;id [by- t]i1.~! Ot'!'1011'.fli;:I.Ul sultans, tho :i.mI.1l.pt"ess: d]!!::!ill' speeial sti1l!.!ld:ing· ,@.mDngN:h]:s,~]:m. l'weESI bO'Lh 'Qt:i ·I!.:illlfio:pe and illlIil. the ;r;est of the l:Jibtm~c

, 'I'':! m:<:k.".jJ. .. t , ,!~ ,f' .t'I!.~. ~ . _ .=i! ,~~. .t'i I·' 1. ,j, I!i ,j''''' . b!.:_-.lb. .~ '!EII.- -.' ~ _ 111: ,'_

wor.~O!- .it rns 1t:'!e'.5 I!.O'.ra. :lOll 11. "'lll!t:' Hlu'.m uti L4ie! 'lc.!iiLl.p~I:HI:~e !.>IW WUJJJ;;Ji.1 !il![~.IIC;i,annf.l rerers

W.a~ t!:uero'e;fo~~ ne mOire tlil.:!lo. :an. E!(rnl.pt¥ :~s:ml"e !Pill th.'!!!! [pilrt !U(f It~.,e M9lliiIL!:U'k.S,


EHst throUg'fl !the: Cr'l!l,sa.des,~ Im!!rt nO' oppo:r-tunity and did not filli]t.n p]'\ofit, bY' these l6;SiSQ~,~. Sbe hegOOl, 'to build up her 'f:O r-oe-s, i! and '~Q 'u tiJte undee ,the. banner ef ,the Frauks ill the Iaud of 'G.a'~d'l. and thereafter s'he was a'ltd:8' 'fuo 'jS:tem 't:!:le' M,d~ of the Islamic assault in ,the: Wes:t and '4;0 ,S):QW d'fsSel'lsian .. Viritbin. 'the ranks of the ,Spanish Muslims, Gimp;[oytng some to ,ass.an. others, 'Until she ,TInaHy dreve them overseas to the, :African. WHSt. T,b,e young S,:panis'h, state tDO:l~ 'tl~.eh· place, and ,EuJ''O:pe eontin ued tOI In.dld I.J!,P her forces; to un i:~~'J '~O plan] 'to acquire k[u~w']edg'e! '00 tt.avst6fd :£Qreigll. lands, and tQ

.:!I'ion""ver 1[1IDiW ""ol!1 ..... tries ~·''i'!j .. l''l the '''U'~''[>ii'\'''i!~~,~~ '''''lfcA '""'t,--' -:' ';~ '1:-, ~-.;I 'Y! _""' .......... _"' "'1"',;> '_ '!"ill,!' __ .,"" ,~'- "".,,'~ 'I.l!.H"'· .... iLiL·~>JI""v" ~I.. Y '!J J.-C:UJ.ver.n:::B. \-\ as maliJl.e

b.y S[laiLo and the discov,ery of the route ,tto 10 dia by POI't:u,g,aL T,h .. en cries :for' reftrn11 followed .swiftly on DInB' :SJ;1:],Ott]'lI®I' tllii'ou:gholrt E:ut.Op.ej n umereus reformers ~'CI1S!@~ and she ,eager']y embraced natural seieneeand fruitful _ productive kn owled ;~'. '!'WHI,.,.;:;.::;t;!; ""1!:-:'lMrl-. '.~~.""'ri P' 'i"i'rf ~1l~ -,

_ _ _ _. ~ _' ~.... __ _ • _~ _.... _);',!l_~'!.!1 __ • "" iI:Ii'"'" .IL .ILh:.o,,", l. """, ';' IL;!,llIW;1..u.l.a .... , LUe

Rerorm;i)\'tio:n resu lted in. ,the ~r.ea,t],Q!n. ofa number Of]4atji~m:a.HHe~; and th.e I'lJSe ol 8. strong state ,~.im;ipg 'wi:th single purpcse at thedi smembe':rmelrk't! Q f the Islamic staoo] 'W hieh El1lrop~ ,p.aroe Iled ~ut, and. WE[o.se placa she l,,1,5;H,]l'ped. in Asia, and Africa .. 'These young !1t~:tes: fh:nl!i:Bd alliances for this, p1!1fPO S~~ w hieh at times' rose to the l~v@l (If sacred : pacta,

(d) .A new' Btbld~:: Eu.'ropean, pD'we'!!" lra_:~q.land~d.! than'lts: to dtsecveries, . e·xpediti ens throu.ghout the wo-rld! and ·tra.vels 'to the mose distant horleens .~ as far a:Si many of '~he more' remote Is lamic countries like India I as wen ail) to SCHle {If the neighboring Islamic provinces, Burope began to work e~:rnestlY' at dismembering the :p£!wer-fuJ ~ fa r-fl u,ng Islamicstate and to lay numerous plans tow~r-d this end, rerer..i"i'llg' to them at times as ~"ltb.~ :East0'rD. qlm:s:t..io.,:n;· and 'at otb~l"S as ~Icllvi.di'Jlg up th@! iaheritance ofU1!S Siek l\if:an. ofEurope~,. 'Every state proc:eBd;ed to seize opportunity illS it arose, to ado]J' 'lhe film siest exeuses, '00 ,~tta.ckth@ :p~a.ce:~u I! ns·gHgen.t Islamic state., and to :r.edu.ce its· pe:ri.phefl'Y or break crft' portioRs 0'1 its integral fabric, This o.ns]au.ght ecntinued DV~]" a long period 'of thne~ ciuri:ng wbic;h the 0 ttOiIJ],(Ul 'Em pire was strrpped DfJ,tl,auy an I slamic terri tory' which then fell undae Euro:peal1. domin.atio:n~, e,g, ~ 'Morn ceo and. North, Aftica." ,M'any non-Ielamie areas prev~;{)us[y un,delr OtOOmanFU[e beeame iude,penden't dlJiring this thne, ,e,g .. ~ GTeec~

O.C' !l]!U

and 'the, Balkan states, Tbe final round In tb.lJS ,9'tn1gg~!e was the 'Tj'(" j, 'W,'" 11 .... 1 W' ,c - '~i"Am 19' -1 AI t llll:~ 'iI!-." - h end 1.f.!I;.iI ~:Co'!i, '''I'' B de .. L""'o:!Il'i- ... f Jdr,i3i~ ' __ O]'"[U._,-ar, ,b u '" ' '":Ii: JOI , ., d., "W,u,m;. g;';:': -'QD..!L ~.LiIi I"" ;II~ g~!b;~.~ ''_''.

ITurkey and h.'e]laJUe~" a]],d whieh provided. t'be sbonge~~:rt, ua:1tions lof ,E'I,B!:ro,pe~; Eng] and ,M,d France, and um::lter tb~i'r- patronage, Mt~'ly,~ ~ritb a pEn~fect orprportunity. Tbeyre.ac'hed out 'to' ,gt~a.!iii,:P t.ms grandiose hl;!~ritag~ I~OO,tllhllU ~;g of the msla.:mic nations and peoplesand 'iIuposed their rale Qvs-r themunder various tltles ~ ,oocil.pa:t~o:n"!r:olQri'y,, 'tNSteeshie 0:1.' rn and-ate- and divided the'In. 't1J1) m the ':[O:UOW,hl'i1I1 manner:

- )~ ,I b

,(:~) N ~:rt;~; ,M'r"h:::tl. (M!lfOC,(!C!ljl ,A].,geda i and Tuni$ ) became Fl"~llti'i, eelonies interp efll.~tra;ted by a, ~Qne' CIt internatianal i]]JllU(t:nC~1 ill Ifaugie:r and a Spani sh eel o,n,:~r in the Rtf; ~

(2) T'ripoli and Berea became an Italian colony Jill WEl teh Ita]y did Jil~t wi~'h a.ny trace Q,f Islam to, :Mnulill" She foreed Italian dU~~ns:hip u.po.:[). H and gill ~·e, it the name (If j~S~uth Italy" . Than sh~' filh~cl. "it wi.t:h UlOu.sa]ld fB; of" 'h.ungI"y familles and wild beasts in

~ ~~ n'-"'111 n "!",;,. ... m' J~ ~~~~ l'l~ht, ~.~ _" ~

(,3) :Eg-yprt and the, Sudan fall under :EngUsb ,p:r.!Joocti.OD.j. neither () ne flo;s:se~ sing a shred of inde.pendell'& alU"~h(Drl:t,Y'"

'·4,) Palestine became an English cclony, wh.]~h Eng]andtoQl[ th,e liberty of selling totlle IJe1wB S~ tha t tl.u~y might estahlish 'tb,etein a national ,zi,olj1:~rt hemel and ..

(5) S,)'Tia became fJJ. F-renc:'l-l, cQlolny.

'6) Iraq became an. E·r.o.gUsh colany ~

(7') Tl1iH' I-3]-~Jfiz :p'o881es3~d. a weak, unstable ifJ!j~~emll,en't dependent on. en anty arid cl I ngi ng to false tl'ea!'tles SIJ'Thd wpirthles:s eevonan ts,

(5) Ye·:mIBn pesaesaed an outmoded 'glOIV'r;n'11rme:n:t and a P01VliE'r'ty = ,s.l:.rL!:lkeD.IJO'PU~ ace exposed to a;ttaJ"cil ,anY1fV here an d at ,any time,

(;9), Th'e remaining :1'iJ.aJt-fuOliJIS of th€ Ara:b~an, peninsula eonsisted of small emirates whese rulers lived under th .. e wing of the Bri tish consuls and who f~ll~ght one another :fm' the erumbs '[aIlin.g from

.their. w])les,~ 'tneLr breasts bUlnmg 'with mutual l'I~~e:~tnl,e'1lt ~d hatred .. Tm:S,'iAf,BJ31 "thLe ease dj,E';sp]ote the re:as:su!'b'J!~ ,[[)romils~B, and t.buJlng' trnat"~~s drawn ~p by the AUiD:5, with ,the ,nlfightiest potentate o:ftb@ Pemns ula, King H:Il;!;!~t.ynJ ~,ta,'Hng 'tn:ai:& tlle.y w'o,uld help him, achieve the :h]de,pend~~ 011:' the Arabs and ~~ ppo:rt the 8uth(rri:ty of '&h,e: ,~~'b (~a,Up'ha'tle'. t

1(10) Jrram. and, n~,e ,Mghans po~sesBied shaky gorv~mme:nts! be~et by th~ greed of'tl)!; stl'OJi:g 0]], ~v,ery ,S(i,{~~~, and 'i;,hey wer-e under tbe' win.,g of one Etalt;i,o]l 8:& one tin1€' and under lli9:t of' anether at odusr times,

(111 India w~s an En;~ll1e;h. c~,lQnY!r

'(12) nl.rk~::litM end the a(UO'i~d:~g T'regiOI1S were RUiSSiim], 'COJ,OWI~:S~ s:ubj~~,ted ,to the bih~1"'tH:rr~hni5'Ss oi' the Eh]l~h~v.ik autherities, ,Apart from t'h,eiSe~ there were I~~;EI!'mj.e m.i~,or.i'tie5 ,seattiered, 'th~r'Q!IJ{gh DUlllY 00 untries, tnowb'1_g; nn, stl11l'[e to who.s~, p:ro'~~cti(D([I 'they m{ght, have reeeurse, nor any well. ~ iEtrm,ed, gave~r,nnilent. t'-'il defend tl'u~ir nat~oloaU~!, M~ ~'i,g" 't110 Mu~[ims in Ethiopia~ Chim.~, toh:e' ,Ba[k:;rl;n~1 and, ,th.e lands ,of' G~ll't:r,~lJ South] Ea~~ and We~'t, ,A1fricl:" Under sueh oonditiofi.s" E'ilro_p€ W'OD. in 'the poHtic~.l stru""]e~ iSLnJd finally aeeomplished hell" will in cUsm,embs.r.mg the Islam ic e'n_j,pire~I' anr.rJj.hH_a:tin:iJ the ]s]}~lmj,~ st~:t~ and erasing tt, :PQ'mit~~aIly spea.king,,- from the roster of' pO'we'~tM~ li'V'ing'natlo.[1,s.

(e}B:atCk. to P'oWI®1r' Ag;m:]n,: But ,this; 'fl~g,rant hostjHty and c:o.~l,bE!im:p'it 'fa:I" treHtiiB;s;, Mel ,oo-vien ants t<!J;iF1:ruern:teO men's 'he,El.1rts, and aroused the'lr spirits, SLlld these]laij()'ru1i b~gIDrn: 'to demand thell' mde[\)e.ndetl.'ce and to strMgg]~tg; Tega]n.theh:~ freedom m1.d, ,g;lmry'" 'fow£lrd ,thi.~ (\l'1cl ~ revelts ':[1 ru"edJ up wi,th~n, their lb~).:rdillrSi':; TliJJ'~I[.ey revolt,ed I E,gyp,t revolted, I raq and. S3f1ria :rev(jl,~,hd.~ and repeated rev'olt-stcook place i~ P,s.lestine and 'the Rj!in ]{[IOirll ceo. Ev'e:ry Wlle(r'H :petJ];),.ie began ttl

'I 'The Sbi£!irif HI!J<S~l of Mcci!:.a, wnl'] :~N.d h]ms!df,p.rnil!E!:~!I:\l~d ~Ki.n:g aif the ,Al:-.I!I.'bs:'~ by :~:lii;1ii 'M~c<:S!n ,aHque h.l, i9Uj, ;and], w[l{!; prn!i!.~Rim~ bi~~!1f oCali:ph ilJ U124, N'eit]:II!!!(l' oJ' Ul~(li 'lti tl il!l~ W~s!!E:V@ir. 'reciil~]ze.d by 'the' ,:lura-pean :PO'l,iWrr.l'f,6 nor 'by an;y Islssnie rulers 01' :tt~,tiQ(;l~, A.l n~ 'tjlne ln h:1~ Ci'ltieal' e!UlilM, be b@ :ser:iol'!.S],Y

.:II 'i.._~._j, ';;;j"L - ~I j i ~, """"' ~~t- r ... '~ i\n~' '-I ';'; 'U!~St:XlI/t;;;O, ~~:, _·!(iO!;:: T.i[ugtL~jieilil~ P(!;~r.i.'~ 13 er tue ~~f;lUllS11._:a,·

eo illlO

g;M;r..! and as :8 'f\Bsult the, Islamie pe>opies obt.amedJ ~O'm.e of 'tb,'Bit, rtghbs", Turkey beeeme md,ep~n~i~nt within ,h,er. n,BW' frO-fitterS! ']!~gyp,t and Iraq, wer'~ :f'eoognized as :sov'ere,i;gn sita!tes~ the state of the ~hl:j'Udis rose in ,the ,Hij at. and N if\i d, VI hHe~Y'em,en i Iran" and ,Mgha;~1isf;m :]J'f'~~~rv:ed their already EHdsting iudapendanca, and

0U"'"IQ ''''~'me "',1"""" ..... ~"'" 'W'-]·' ....... m·'- iI'W 'i'I~of:· .... !l"i""~"'l;'"...'t'io .... ". her ~i''I1''Io e- leoendenee ] Q.i"~' ~~ ~qt:·· ~ ~~,I.~~m:~~ l!u " ,.L.UI,I:_ ~ -~ .II-~~5.a._.LLll!io ',V!L.J, lyuL, -, }1Mlo' ~ .Jj:.ll,!!r~'y' 'Jl:~.'~ ~ J=, 1

Palestine drewthe attention ofUtewodd to 'hersB1f ,through her S't'ruggl:e'~ and the :M'u~ lims, withou;t; any cl\O~.d~tj ~oo']~: s~.iflc;~it 81)9"P8:11 even ~f ith~y were few' ands,low,~ toward tbe: noble aims th~y sought tOo aehisve, ,the restoration of Ul.e]l" 'freedom and ,g]o:r.y and tbe :reb!lHdj:ng IOE 't'l')s:ir stata. Al'tho1ugn thsse steps led. to. the {ll1fiCtl'P't, of toea] na tionalism, with each nation demanding Ite right 00 fl'\eedmn as an rud8pend€H]tt; @l1'f.J~~! and while, lllMy 0'1" those who, W(l:ri[ed, for this revival purp o~]y ·igI1(J1red. the idea ef ·~Jn~ty:, :n:~v~rt.h.e],es$ ,tb~, outcome of these} stepa wiU be, 'withuut a d.O'l;.dJ:t~ cil"osoliria.ticm. and ,El rss Ml":il:"€r:t1!Oll of the Islamic em pire as a unified state En::nbracln;g the seattered peo:ptehS' of the Islamic W-orht, ,raisin.g 'tbeOruITlE!if' of Islam ana bearing its nl~~sage,. The.re is no 'D.a;tion in 'the world beldtog:e:.fhe:f' by the, kind of Un,g:t"dstic unitYJ Jom t partieipatjon 'in matezial and spiritual 'illbn'\~~ts" and sirnilariity ~l[' ~t:Lffe11:ng and hope '~ha:tb.old the M uslims toget'li:aJu·'.

('~O' A 'New W'ar: "The Europeam nations emerged from the First \Vnr~d '\Va:r wlth~he seeds of rancor and, hatred de'fq)]y implanted within. many ·of them. The peace confereace took plaice and '~ku~ ·anso:in,g:' b-es;;ties' we're sharp slaps in ,the faes to so:m,il;! and a ,parnnfu,], d.18jlhj8']Qnm~n 11 'to ma'l1.y' (lth€~'£;j "fl;l't"'the:r,fO ore " mafiiY n'~w {lQifU;::epts and ideologies, struIiJ.gly cb_auvl,n.i sric mada U[sir a ppe8lI'an:c~" Su:c:h a s . .itna1::i,o:n among these natiens mnJlS't lead 'inevitably to new ant,.ag{H1i~ms and 8 00 rrible, deyastating war whiclll will tear them asunder and, rend apart their' un.it;y~, tn,i.nging them back 'fuaJ their senses .and, deterring fhem frum injustice! And it will gi.ve ,the' Islemiena tiona MIUU:U:eI" o.pportlJlll:dty to close their ranks, 't-o uni te, to fm,~Uy achieve theh" freedom and inde,ellulj,E!l1.'ce and to' regain

I, Ed:i;Vfll"J,S: D0'te: S')'1i:a, fh7!:nlly obiLain:eci h0:r :[l'-I!!1!dQUl, the :!:HlUunS; l~lOC;!gni ?:G!d hrill' 'i'lfidf!'p~ndelfi{!e, :an d tlli~ Ff:"QnJ;:h, e"it~iI,l!:;1iJGd: 11l1121" Iti!;l'l.'tit(:l'J·i'B~.

tbeir 6'~tei and ,their 'U-J1it,y un.der· tbe banner of' the Prince O\f .Believers;: uibl.d We desired. 'to ,m,O'r'!Y' :[3V(};.1" to those who :bad. been .ren.Geren weak in the earth, Mid 'to :malB' ,them iead~r,s, ~n.d :m,~ke ·t- :h-'a, m ~ i"""lI:..e- T'rt"",..·".,!! j.Q-! no .• 11:]

. '~_1...". ~1~J:_~1._ ,.!I!. U,J.~ C •.. ' .• ,~Oll' .~I •

VII .. , is.Q!cia.l St:tlJ,ggle:

A. new cJviHza tion: Tb'e' Eu.ril)]]e.QIl na:tj(Jns w:hi'ch came into cuu:tact lWi.tb. miSlam. aod its peoples in 'tJ:iJeJ East 'dlroll~gh the wa" Q<f 't]i·e' Cru sades, and in. tbe We'::l't thI.'tHlgh ch;e pr'Gxim.'i'~y of' t'ile Ara~~ of ;Spa:lIlI. ,arid thel[' intercourse wUh. themj did ]];Ot ])(fofit :f.'rt:tm this een ta.ct SMe1yin te'rms (it helghoonied ~e'nsibilJty ~ eehesion, 'or

1FIi'"'1·~lti-· ....... 1 unif ""O"i 1f~lf'io"'" ,1,1b. iI'l!'!;_P' "" ~'II!!\if'io, 'II'1ii1l"\i'!>f'i!1 "" ... ~I th- PJ"j,""i!J;L ,... !CJ'l"'.n'''''lt '~n- i"""" n:"""",ih~ ""'I JI. .... u.~ ,I'io.i~ 1..duIi.~. JL~~U.~.:.w.UIi:!llliJ ~·l ~J"i:I.'j ·"·_l~1!.J! ~~' V'~J,I, ~U -';~. 'lui ~/eJ:-~, I~ ti~ ~~ _',~ ,!~J!_~.:i!J..rl.JI!J.~

:aJ,wakenfuf:l_g~ .acq~dring nume:rou:s sc.i~nmE!l. and branches of' mow']Jedge" .A scien tUic and cultural RelEUri:5:5DClB" 'vast in soo.pet :m ade its a:ppelS!l"~ce .aD.10!a1g them, and 't:ti:i~ Ch1Jlreh r-ose te combat this ~tr~ge ]:]ben:CHlfli,~r.I:O'i:l with sll '~he :sb'ength at its, command. It su~~jEH~b:~d '~l1.~ir' s[ho],a.'l"s and hu mani sts '00 ·the bitb~t'es·t punishmen ts: the oou.rts Qf the Inquisitien waged: war ·t;g.p-on 'them, and amused the wrath of states ,aJ'u1. people again.s't U1.eu.'l, But all this served i.~ 'n;QUting~ and its :~~achrnngs, ,~ould :oot stand up befbre tbe t1"Uth,SI and. diseoveries of scienc'e. The ,S{ii~FlfjfilC~ :~[I,ai;s'S;aJnce emerged entirely vletcrious, land. the' st1tilJ.te ther,eby awoke ~d it '000' f:~lu1g1:rt 't']IE!' Chu:r,c_h twn:tU it evereame h and European socie;'l;y~v'!~:S delivered eo'm.p,lete I,Y :Et"oln. its 8!utn.uri'ty,. n~ men were dirhren into U1e shrine and. the Iduiste~["'~ ,thePo]Jla w:QS o01l1\n0d to 1iihe: Va 11ican" ,and. the work o,f' the clergy was Iimitsd to a restricted area in. the affairs of: lUe beyond. 1M hieh th)ey could net go and to \\r hielr 'tb.eb'" efforts weT·e' ermfined. EI!u"c::rpe rnt~.illed its Cbnstiam.ity only ~:$ a histcrieal heirloom, as one' ra;c'Lcrr among ~ ehers for ed ueati ng' the SiUl.:p],e-· minded and 11 aive among the ma8_ses~ and ail. a.. means fort conquest, celonieataon, and the .SiU:PPlr'05Si.'(nl. of political asp,·r.a't'ioIls .. Th,s domaif1 of seieace ,~::rtrs'b;~h'ed. out lu::fo;re Eu rope, and the scope of if:L·.v'~ml:ti;aIl, and disCiO:\~'er-~l hroadened. Th.e maehine doubled prcduetien a:ndgl1v1e an induserial east to allof i.ire., .AJltlTls :prruceed.ed hand itil hand w·i '~h the l!:i ~@ o:r the $ t~o:rug state wbese au th.ority reaehcd Oilt, to m,:kIJi.lY ] and s and .r'egi.()r.i:~. The wor:1rl ,~age;r]y we leomed these


]~~,urO.iP'8~Ul nations, arolUsding t~J_eit 'e.llrpdd~,'~J' [01' th~!~rofi,ts 't@! be

. ,- : ,,' dev -. .., 11:...".,.- -. 1II"'ir 'f'!i"''ii'~''i'\.::I;,..j .... ,~~,t--' 'Ii +.,... wealt 1.., ,"l-; .... th em' -. ~"Ifn;"j;, ,,,,,,1'1 sides

g)a:Lrle __ eve:fY'Wll!~rB. ,I.,", :t"''U'UIl. ... -y, I;.!!~ ,,~ PI .... ~ ",!:~, I;;~,U c ., U,UIu..~ cu· C'~.· C"'!

.. ,;Ii,~, ", '1-' , - oIl.-, , U t'lL..· . __ ...... ,'~ '-' "i'~ .1;. lfii" .... . 'I:',j!:· ,-..::II ,,~·t-·,-

ane ~.t w.as an_y []j:8.:",ur.a.l l'ue'l'eW!l.!eI' "Ua!ll ~!:.lj"Q,iPe.an ,_,be ,a;n,IU!, CU~, lUH

sheald rest; utp0f.l, the :p:rifU;!:i"p':~e of th~ ~l~mina:tio:n of :re'Ug;W!r.i. fmnl an ~s,ects; a:[sloci:aJ lUTe, e'5~e,dnllilY' aa r,egard~stb~ state, tb~, law - eanrt, .EIJ~nd ,t'h€l school; the domlnatlan of the materlalistic outlook, and. :~,t!i e!n:t:h.'f()~[lIell1lent, aa the eriterinn for e.v,j3'rythill. As a result_I ,t'be eharaeter of U:l.'is CIILdb;rne, beca:me' :ptI:r.ely :materia1,'~:s'C:i C~, dlem'oUs'l'dng what the re!v~aJ.'ad. religions 'had~U'\Otmtilglat.ed, me: oontraJdi,c;tin,g" utter-Iy U1OtS,e principles 'WhiJC:~ TrUle Islam. had estabUs'[lsd ;aIDLd_ made the feu ndatioas of i:t.;s eu ~t1Jlr~ wh I,d], united. the spiritual and i~he 'm_:3Ite-riBl Among tb.e :mos;t :~]]\JJportajj]t 'tr~jtsl O!f E uropean civil i~ atloll m:re thJe foU.o:win.g:

("I j .!;. ...,iI" '.' do' ... ' ~~"', ,., ');']",-1, ,;:Ii:;: i-"'-:- -] -'f-' j-:IL,. '" ""-I,'i: bliviousness 'j"", ~ ,.i!.1 ,~pO:Shia~y ~ I _ ,QUIU u, UI. ,n .i:tl ] ~ u,iB!!iIl rna, I), !l.~w(l! aCiUI'I, OiU [VlUU':h"' .::110 t. ....

re'W:8J_M or :p unishment in the world to eome, and :fht'(li1i,]Ol1 W] thln tbe ]jUl.its ofmaterlal, tangi,b]]e existence : i'1_'1hey know' something

-,-: ,~, - - - ;'1']- .' -,' ,~,~, ~ ]" ,f,'. . . ,f' .t.'~ 'i.,. ," .'II,J N~ -li-: .~ j:'1I.,. , " ,,' 'ld ;j_.~ .' . -.',. ·t'~" - -, ' ,"

B]\:I,~J"n,aJ, (JJ. ene ure 0, ,!!!~1,],5, "V'CH."~'!;,l~ u1!],1!0 Ok lone W![U .... I!;.tJ oo:rr.i:e !L1.!E:,;Y ~U' e

h ee{nesiS.I~' [Q. 3{1-:' 71.

(2) 'LiooDti,[)us:n:~~s" t~,nSiQte..mly dedicatlen to pleasures, vena:tmty in ~clf ~ ifld ulgenee ~ uneenditlcned '&ieed,om for the '~Qwer instincts, ,gr,atlflcaJ;ioo of ' til, IE! lusts of 'U~G 'betUy and the, ~'E!nit;E~ls,~ '~bB equipment

, ,~, 'f>,r,--,,",,-- ~.~·:I,'k, everv 1·i!Ji·"!hJlI..i,I1i~'i,1Do ~~r~' eeduetion and incitement, and [J,u )ii'C1ffii .... ]1 n'h.u. !/UI ","", .,1'!.i .... ~-- ~ -"t'''''''''' '-'!'l "" .... UI!E! '"'_""!,~ ~~~. ~ 1;.,;A'I.I"',~-~J!""'~! 1001 _ _!,!;! _

excess in pernlcious practiees until 'lhey:s'h:a.tt.er both 'bocl,y and mind, destroyirng- ,the i,~.tegr.ity O'f.th~' 'fa:miI::r 8'l1-cl, "tl:u.·eatening t~be happiness of the h!OITH~'; ~~hos,e wllo cli,sbeliJBve take their' enjoytlIHrht and, ~rut as cattle e'at,! and 't11e Fire is 'their dwelling-place" IIQ.47~ 12].

c~n Indivi du al selfish n ess, for ,eveCl'Jf man wants the good ,0111y :rUT hi:mse'lf;md, C1,[tS5: self sih~n:eS8'1 for each Ci,1fl.5SIV;8:un,b:; itself ~\f~i' th e lodle:rs and. seeks te ap'~I."(!!p:riei~e all prof ta '00' ibrel:f; and nation al :se lfishn ess I £101' each n ation 'is, bigo'tcd on beha 1 f cf i:~s 'IYUf'm bers, (lisp,a'rages, all oU:l,e:l''S~ and tries DO e'ngLl.lf th nsa which ~,re weaker.

(4.) U'SiJt';Y'i gr,amting i:~, legalreicog:l1,i,th:)]], ,I,'~~rd ing it ~8 a :p:r1r'1·c:i:ple of 'bu,!li.i:D1tts'1l] cleaJm,gEii and ~l{p'(!~~istI! trlJd~i' 11:.8 various forms 'and va:rl'e:tlel('h and~j,1,aldng it lSI. g:e:r.u;!fl:'!sl praetiea arneng nation s and

iDdiv ~duaJl9:" These :p~.re]y ~nateriaU~tic b"~lts. have produced wi.tl'llin I:ur.opem fJoci~t;y f;()fm'p'M,li], of" thes,pir.it, 'tile 'weal~~ning of mor.a1:~,~y l' and naJ:e~d'ity ~~n. the· W'M against ern;ime!, 'wllHa :pf("ibl'e-n1.~ l1:m.v~ m 1lI1tipHert destru,etive i,deologies have mads tlu~ir .a,I;J.pe~an.,oo~ ~evasbting and ruinous r'evol.u.tic'ns have b~.u;;s;twr~h~ and eeonemie,

_"";'i':!i,R. il!l;ir'I..;g! 'If'IIf!i;ll."l·t·';,,,,,i'3i·1 ~.~ef,;;'tUi ... tr;.'li:"i!!I, lb.,"!i.'II!lf,O!!; ·1'1'i5li'1iiFi. sh .... 'I';;!'hn ,;o;,r'j'·d· --;,- '-1""'",,"($,-.''''' ,"",",,!!.r~u.i,~ ,!t.UJ,'IJI; ,iD"'V~ '~""'~i, .~~.~,;:]!I!;..iI: !I.!!I.'"',iVlIlU.... .]JI,u .~.... ~ .... ""';i.~ <CI ..• u.h.!o:R[.';. GJa~,·; I1l!JIJ .. !U,~;I.,tJ.(h

stood upon. stable :mJuncl,B'tions." :Nat[o,n:s '!lave !bee.n. 'wm Si"pa;rt bJ seets and IU!I/::rties,. and p:eop]es have fought !J:ne Mofher sav~~ly beCa118~ of tihBi:r greedsand hatreds, This mQdJern cru.vi]lzattion. has confirmed .]~ absolute i1l1.poteDl[}s, to gu arantee th"e: seeuri ty of lusman society and tn estabHS:hpeace and tr,a!.nqlJ'iU~y w]'ehh, i'l~, j ust as ft lUIS) oo'nfilt'lf.m.ed ib~ :r:~n.ure to gJ.'Qn·tme:f;1 11 appiness, d1espite ,~U tile truths .of' science and kJ:'upw]:edge that, it has diselo~ed to' U:uen't. aswell as all th~ .m,8'aDS '00 wealth :and. O'ntsJence it bas made

. ~

avan~ble to them, and despite th~ pO'WSt' an.cl.a~:t1'loJ.i'ty it has hroughtto tJ)e st6,te,!\;; whleh lembody it thfl(l'U~houot. 'the (!;art.h~. even U:l.'ough it. has not yet. b~~m.. in 'Bxis.tence. !fur so much as a. eentn ry,

·VIII., The Tyrarul.y. of MateriaUsmt Over Uilie Lands of Isb:UTI, The EU~OP~ttlU woI'lwd assiduosuly '00: e'flable tJ"iiJ~' tide of th.is· materi:a]is~i,[! Hfe~ w~t'h its oorrtBptJng tr,ai,h:and its, murderous garms, '00 overwhelm all the Islamic Iande toward which their bands W',er~ outstretched, An ill destin.y oy,ewtoo1[ these under their dominadon, fof' they w~roavid to a.p·pr(yp,date :for 'tb.e·msel ves the elements of power' and ·p·ro$per:1'i.~, 'tlWoug'b sC'ien.ce:~ :kn.o·vileclge.~ indu st'['y~ andgood Or.gM.i:~H1I!.Hcrn~ 'W h.-He barring ,these: 've1:'Y' n,a,tlCi:n~ from them" 'Tll~y laid their 'plans for:t.his sceial ,.~,ggl'p.ssia\n im. m,aS'ter~,y '~ashi on, 'in voIcing the aid of: theh' 'politicaJ El,CUDlJI;;!It and tb!eir mi u.tary .r:rredolm:ilo an ee until Ul,ey h acl;:u::complf~hecl their desire. TIlley deluded the: ·Mu;slim. me aders by ;granting thern loans and ,enter]BlJg in'to finan.cial dealings with. them, maki.ng· all of thIs eM)f' and efiolt."Uess for' them, and thus UIG:Y' 'were able- tOllbta:in. the ti,ght eo irdjj.~'tra'te the eCOil.omy and to flood. t~he countrfes wrth their capital, th.'e:lr' banks, and ·theil!'· c:om:pa;ni!e~:;to take over '~hewo\t"ktl1gs of ~h@ eeenomie machinery ~\.8 t::h.~y ·wis·hed.;, and to :m.onO'poH~e i' to the exel usion of'the inbabi tan:ts:t e'DQrm:un]·s· [Jl~(JjH9 and irn manse

w~a]t:h .. Me'r 'tha.t.t.hey ~yteoo a~h]~ to alter the' basic prillciplies of ,gQv,e:rnm,~nt1l justieet and ed1l:1Ca,tioD I andto irobue·po.Thi'ti,cal~. jur.idi,cwj ,aDd cultural svsteul:s, with 'their O'Wn, 'i'leC!uli~r c:ha,r~ct'erin e.ve:n '~be'


·mQ.~}t ~~WiM"'rUil [~idam'iic CD lJIntrie,s;. Tih.ery im·putted. 'their half,~ ·nak.'Bd.

wom.en, into ·t;h!ese regions, toge.·'ther' ,Y1t.h their liqJ1ll0!"~ the'll' th€l:~tms~, th.e~r' danee :halA~~th.ei[' amusements, 'their etorles, t'heh: :news:plBi.per,Eii., 'their novels, Uu~lr w:him:s:j. 'their' sUIy g;~.es~ and 'I:-he:ir vices .. Here tbe.)" ~Q(~i:ntceDM.ood crimes they did. not 'Colerate in 'their 0\\1111. oolJJlll,ti-ie'cs.i and decked Q'L1Jt 'I;!ws friV'O]otlS, stricle:r1Lt world i' :re~'k:i~_g' ~Ul. sin and 'fl~d,o,l~~,l1 with viee, 't.o ·the eyes of deluded, 'Ur:isG'ph~1rticated M uslims of 'weaU'h and prestige j and. to those of ran.k and QlI thority. This rminglnsufficie:n.t .for the,mtthe,Y :~[ainded. sehnol s and scien:tif':lc and ·cu.l.b.:]l"alli. 'ms:~itu;oos, Inthe very heart of the E:si~amj.c d(¥.mair.t~ w'hlch east doubt anil ber,esy into, 'the SOIU~ of ns sons and t~ughtthe·:m. how to demean '~hems:el'V,est dilspa;[t"!S!Jp! thle:irreligiof.i. !~flldth.l~d:r f:~d;J;~e'f'la.l."ld~ d.i:Ve!~t ·tJhemselv~\S ,of ,th~b:' 'u.aai tio.,ns and beliefsji and 'to. 'i"!egard assacred ~nytm'Dg 'W,estern1, jn. the b~Uef tha;t only 'that w1ili;ch had a E'u<ropean- SlOUll'ICe ·ooilld 'Sim:rve~ as a model to 'be. emulated in this Ufa", 'T.hese' sehoels ·too,k m ·UU~ sOins of 'l:he upper class ahH'JN~~ Mel ~ecaroe e.p\ll'es~"e, restrieted '00 th em, The sons !of trd & elaaa eonsistad oif thn ·m!jgh.ty and :ruling .group! ,itltJJd tho i:Ma: VI he would s11orlly' Th1 old. wi thin '~he]1l'" gJ',a.srp ·thB key,~ to, all in1portant :ml3l..tt-er,s, that !::fi:n.'ce:nicd ,tl:'iJ.~Sle l'j,a.tio,tl~.aDd ·p~oples,. Those ~~ho, did not ·eompl,e·~e '~hetr finisldl1g in tlu~se Iocmd institutesfou:nd all 't'hat. WO'!llJd. igtl erantee the'In this 'finishin,g' in 'the oo.n:tmnin.g series of' studen t· mi s:si~J':ns,.~· This dr-as,tic, we:]l .. organ lsedsecial cal\D,p1a;lgn had a tr'emendlans S:tliCOOSSt $1:000 it 'was rendered :mQ5t a ttr.!1Jr!tiv~ to the 'mlnd" and ·w'oUJ1d. con t_]:nue too Ex:ert· 1IJ. strong ineellectual infl.ue'll.lQe: on. ]udivid1llsJs O\f,er' a. long 'pe·dad of

'j Tb>ll:'s'@: "'~'gre d:m.'il: fib:mOM:S stud~lll; mi1l'sh](IlI,SI !n!El.llIg11lrat.ed b.y Mu'h,ammad .. Ali ·P.9.~·~ Do in 'E:gypt G~"!i1U ps of ~l:"@m~,~i:ng :Emr!Pti~. shu]~o:bB w~ll.[d. he ,SHiJ·]1J,t. to ,~Yn:rope' 00 'learn m®t1>t!lrn W'il.!SOOnl l:lmgu a:goo ~~,~: :sci'~m~r :SIl tb;a,t trh~.y might be ;alJle to ~r~ln:dmb~ 'wo:r'k:s; d'[ul!l]~g with 't11!e~e clJi~Dipli:ne~ ~~to .Atabi~ and 'TurkJsh. !Ill] tb,~: cOntpl'R~ililln !le' tbeir ,s:tl!l'~if!s·. M~ll.:li" i[IJ.l:SiI!5 tau.ght ~n. th!ll (')iilW' .SI(i¥iH'nmEB"Iit, sch,oo·~1!.i! ~'I;'!i.Lheir· .1'i2!t:U.I~.!"I: t~ iEgylli:" S~il: ,J,. Hi!i!f'lv:O!rth-Du.nTI~iAn IDf'trmi'(u]"tio:D1 to, t~e 111stoil",!" (lit ma.gC,!lftlon :~[!. ,M~de\m. Egypt.

.ti nu;t For this reason, it 'w-,as, more dangerous t'ha:]l, tlli,e poH:tical and :roUUary campaigns by fat" and ~OIn,e I~bunic eeuntries we'u.t overboard :]in theI)':" ;admirat1'[K~l fOlrthis E'urope~_n, ,eivilization and in their- diss~d;isfeu:ti(lD, with 't'heir' own, Islenuc character, to the pOlfi't '~h_~t, TUrkey deelared itself a. non ·I'Blamic s,'tate, and im.ita.'ted the El:IWpeanS, 'w,ruth the tdmJi)S!i& :rigQT in, ever,yth'illg t'hey did. Am/M Allilah khan, l lGn,g of Afghru:nstan", tti@d, tbfs~ 'but the, arttampt ,s,we'pt ~,\Va_y his throrH;!',! and in 'E:g)rpt 'the: m ~.u:dfe!staUon:~ of thls mimicry inereasad and baeame so seriliou$ that 'Dine o:f" her ~:nteneetu.al leaders could ,s,ay openly ,tha,'t the unlJy path to'pr(JfP"B$s was to ad~pt this civili zati.o['l with all it COIl tainsd of good and €.f!j.d,[, sweret and ~itt~J 'the appealing' and the l~ta:teful~the '[pl",a]sewo.dhy and dJl~: ,i:"!gpr.eh.~ns]b],e., :From,:E\1gypt :it helf:aJ:l,t,o apre,ad l",a.picl]y and. ~igorQllsJ,y into :~eigbtlorl_;__n__g' countrles, untdl it :oo8!ched }\lorCH::CO ,and, olreumambulated ,tbe! 'verry ;s:hrine~ in 'Uie, purlieus gf'the Hijaz" 'Wtf! lll1a.y subdivide Ule lSi[a.mi~ ceuntries, 8tooo,rd.in;g to. the degrees to which 'th,ey w~ ,af&cted 'by this materi$:l.istlic ,civUiza:tion, and ,the' dQm:ination, 100r j,w materialism (f\1'ier tbsm, :il'rt;o three glrO'U.ps:

( 1_) I""!-. • hi h thi I' II h 1..J·

•.. ' (j:Qml],ttle,s, :tIl W,:::lC_, '_'~'li:s UJ' menee nas r.e'all:~i'J.~U serious pro-

:po:rti'ons !pen,etrating eV'~EI 'the mind and, fhe fe·el ings, apart from outward f.brfllis and eonventiens. ,Among these '~ultntri~s, are, iTurkey and ,Egypt! where (li:'VGJ;"j, the sligh tes:t trat;~ oJ Islami.e~deo']Qgy has disappeared, [tom, all social !3:itua;ti@ns~ and, has boon cl.rivlen off to, take up Q.na.n.t1l~r.8 tnside thsmcsquas and Sufi establishments and retreats .

(2) COlJln tries wh.lc'h have been Illflue:nce.d by this <CIvil] za ti.'O'fft, in their. affi.clifLl oRlsBrv~noos and conventiens, 'but ill '~'!I',hich it has nOI'& triun:L'phed over 't:h,eh,·' lJJfwanl sBnslhilitie,E3. 'Sueh are Iran an d lI::l-:ue eaun tries of North Africa"

I Elder of Mg,har~.1i'i stall ,n,,{)(1n UJI1.{lL. His p'J,"C':rtl,at1!!lJ~ a,tta.m,pt, ce emu laLe mGYF1L a!P.I)d Tw:ke,-Y byin:;;,ut1).lting n'ILOd!eTl~i:st ,~~ef:flIrms: in ,h.is cO'L.mtry' lied 00 open. rev,Dlt andhis f(!rlJ~d: ,adbdicatlo,J't and !l:!:ld liil.

N evertheless, this. 'IN,ave is sp:r~ading out with the speed. of [];!h'~ru:ilg 'to reach In ti,) 'lfdndB I ~oC];81 claElseB~ and meres that it

1L... ,,' ,,',' -jj, , , .. ,~ ',' I'" .'Ii'- .,j\,,'C id ''[i'i ,--, ,'- ies ~,.t' I:'s'~ -:!i,m' "",,'lien ..Jii~~.a;"':r1:lJ "M" uslim

u:as ,no,!,; ye I,P; !pe:ne ~a,l;Ie", ,!, ,.l2Jn8'ml~ ,,; Oll ,J \1"'-1; ,,' I..,ClUJL, tJ} ... "".y~ ,,~, .. ', ~~ un

int:eJ1Jl,~ctU&S and dra:w a 'tbld-t ve:i.li ever 'the, eyes of the ,zealous by depiding Islam i';tt;se:lf as, bein,g defectii,v~ hl'VIa.'ri,oll~ a.s,pecr5 of

d~ .. "t" ", I", "",t, ~11 (~,-",-,,::. ' ':d- '-', ,,_,iI',j,,_ t,.-~ ;'.liJ ' , ',' ,'(II " .. ]latin,'

_ ,CJ!e,_ rme ~ :r], ll.Wl o:uiSeN .m1C~~ an ,~llOI'~lJLl.l.!::Y'~ bile BJiu€!S accomm.o!Uli " ~ g

a bo-st, of n-tes:, ,s'U,:pe~sti,tiQ![IJ~j, and inane :formal:it~ies'. V'lbtllt. helps them '00 carry illut th]S deception is 'tll~ 'M ushms' ig,rtorame ofth~

1-' - - - .. - - 'ri'tb' -, ., -- ']" ", I" t'''t."p, '" ",;i]' ,,,,I>. - , cl'<j -Ii': d true meaI!Llug' 10 I' l,e]T re .~gi.'~lil, SIlO ",n.m.:", many iQ,L. li,.l.a)e;m aIle sa !I,.]SJle' ,

,-, "th this '~ C'~$ent~:tlQn, l"1;;g:t content with it, a.n:d Jallecep, ,t It, F'oI' so

Vi I. ,,,. " " y:",J', ,~.., '=, _ ,.. '_, _,.. . _,~ __ ~ _ .. ' ' ,_ _, _'" __ ,

lung So time' has this 'be:ern true o.'f'th~m tllat, it is difficult fut 'Us '[0 ,make ao::y (JIf them UijJ,derst~:od lil'!i&:t. 1 slam Is IS perfect S.:YiE\'~em, of

~ ,

soctal i):lfg~lli~a,ti.cH,~ whieh e:ncQ'm:J)a::s~e'$, all '~he: a:ffair.s of life, .As ,ti,

result, U ispo~$ib] e forus to SEiY 'that We$'~ern, ci,i:liz~at.ir)n! 'wi~h its! ma terialistic illdeoklgy II has 't.ri1l11m,:~l)ed :i 1:1, 'this soeial strugg[e' Dv,er Islamic c]viU~~aJtiont with its cSQ'llll1d, :~deology com,pristng 'both. spirit Ill1,CJj m~tter.I' inth.e! veery territerie S iOJ Islam, and in, a ruthless 'W,tl:S,

il.... ,-'L. - 'i!-~'ji ,t:: ']-dr- 1,- s be _ ,iI;;'iI!.. - - - • , 'oj" - - d - --1" 'fi' '1;"1',- -, ]'" - .... _ ~ , , , ',l~1

wnose iIJIa.L'l>lG:I.J:tii, , rnas ,ee:nnm' Spill'], ",8 en,' SlllIUS ill" ,LfMLILl s\, nrnsas we ~

as theix he:]ief,s, and iI!l'teUects! exa,cUy ~s it has trium:phed 0]) th.e ,polii:tl!esilencl. D:JJili.tary baUleJields. U is ]10 'wonder "tcbr the ]:jheno:me:na. of lif~ are :not 'fragvj[]~ntf!d ~ wlrn.at i~ ~ttmlg is wholly ,!3t,rmlJg~ and what .~~w~ak, is whoHy weak: "'1rh~'Jfle aretil€t d aysw'h'1ch we apportion to mankind in t1111.1,~j :[Q .. ,3; 14fli]. And even :i! the ide(}]o,gy and

t. '1., .. r- "[ '1 'Ib, j.,.,' Ii- • f 1-' ," "-,,," .a-' ,._.~:

teaemngs CC , :5 am, nave geneas w_;;ay ~ til.- IS pO,Wef'1JI. , HI ']'t.f;. es sennai

nature, ahundan t~y fB:rt]l~ and ',dtal:~ a;ttr.,acthte ;~:od enehan ting in its 'splendor' and be~:uty~ and it will remain so because n't is, the '~ru,Uh ;and. h.urn::lian eoci~:l:en.oe wiU never Q'chjG;ve perr-ectiOJl s~:\cl 'Virtue '~hroiO;gh ,~H,1y @:(her means, And because i.'t is of God'~ Cll·~~,tjonand, under His C~U1e; "Lo, \V e have sent down the R'emj nder, all d. 10] We are Its Protector" [Q',,15,: 911; jlGDd refuses augh,t 'but tha.t H:e should

.- c "I' , 'r HII--,: '10- ht the ,~: ,s-'", .', 1~'1" ..-: "_I c, ,t:'" 'I " ',' ",.. "tt [Q'I 0,· 39]

pel. ,I,ec!!.-o ,_ .. lEi ,LI,g,n_ ~ ]lOUgll "dle l1!l1.!Ui?:, 118V8'!rS .I,ee _, ,avers\!,O]1, '_"~' c ~ _


.Awalkle:ning: J l1st as poli tic.al ,a;ggre~BiO'n 'had its e.flect in ar.:ousing na;U,oT!,alist feeUn:gs I' so has i51ioc:ial a:lgression had, its efFect in. f>e\"~.vin;g 'l.he l:slami,c: 'ld,eoiogy., VOiOflS hav,e been I',aised [0:0 every hand, demanding a return It.O Islam, an l.Inderstandlin,g (If. its preeepts, arid an. a.ppli(la.tiICln, o,f'its; mlli.ea .. The day must soon eome wh.en the eastles of this materiallsrtie clvill~~,t;lon ~rUl be Iaid low upou ,the, heads of "their il!halilit=aJ:ll.ts,; 'Tilen 'they will feet the burning of Q, .spiritual hlJ.lJl,ger in which their hearts and, seule will go U:WJ.' in :~lames: .. and tl],€!:y 'Win find :U[Q' Sl)l~te:~'la:nceJ DO h~~Ung~ ,no remedy, save in ,the u,9.,chinga of this N oble Book: "O man, an a.d:m,l)nitin__n feom your Lord has (lome b) ,you~ and. a b~alil1g for what is in yonr' h.ems:,.a gLrl.dau(;e and a mefiCY [''Of. ths believers, Say,; 'In Ood's: hGunt,y~ and in. His m~'rey: l:E:!t them r~joice tn t.h"a:&" It is bett~:r. than what th[GY ho,a:rd"·IQ,10: 58~59.J.

'1rV 0-' i'i' .... M' '~;,~~' n- n, - - - - - r P . . 11·,dlo~"'Ii i'rr'I"i!!iI and -D' ... 'ii' ''''''',i''Io t.""""" - -

,J.A~" U.IL - '_' rssiun :Hi Cline 0 .!I!.\lea:w aA .... ,iM,I~t, ,~_i~' -' ~U,'I"'C_ :, ance,

(a) A 'Wmgh,ty Herita,ge: So, Brethren, did Allah will th~t 'Wl~ inherit this heritag'e' we~gb;ty wi'th eonsequence, tha,t the ] :'gb t 0.1' your ,mwsslou glcllw a.:midje:t this darknees, and ,that Al1aJb, prepare

~ . --

'v. , ' ........ '.' ']t- H'- -W' '"=.d - . ..:iI ----- -'-I H-' s, II:!! - d 11', .. d _, ,-,Ji; .... ,1!..'ii!. -h-

yOiD! w '8'X:a:.· - n B, -,. Oru aDu 'rov~~ '16 eaerec ,lUa W anc reestaonsn

His state: "AUah 'Win ,surely aid lone who he~ps: Him. AllraJ'l is

1'11,,11".' 'ill..~, 'G' . I • JI lQ- !ftj-ifII .AlO-· ']1

.!!,t!l.lIig'l!lJ!.it;;.Y., " O'f].OU~', - '. ,;.'~;6; "7.: _ •

'b' 0-' . G - 11 .Ii. ~ Ul11. d " B ~ 'L ~ ? =D

\._- OJ ',Uf' '.ener,ru ~ms::rr",L!La t : ,0 we wan ";j, i" ·':re:'iW:U'en . ,-0 we'

b d ];1..'1. h" h ' , had n 0' . .;1

WMt to I-'O'a:f:'-_, up weaun, W'u::1 IS an svaneseent sl,~a,u,ow'~,_.!" UiO

w,~, want, abundance of fame, lYb'~ch is a transien t atuci.dJ.e'fl.'t? Or do

\- 'r- .,II.,.:I~,- ~ ,. - 'ro' -<iL1l..- --~'h-'? ,irn'lll...., . ...;I;_l.;, ';;"'II~'I! .. ~·.-,- E':'Ii' -'. -

we well,1I.. oumuno:n, O'V"~r I .. ne ,oor,~,:_; ",-,!, ne earen IS ,nJi, ·W_l s:: . :J,e' gIves

to inherit it. those whom Miff! will of His SGJtVQn.ts!S' l'Q,j; 127] ~ even :8,5 we read the Speecn of Ana]), (BIBss~d, and Alm'ilghty i~ lil~d}: ~lTba.:t is the. Abode of the Hert:"mler w:h1ch We flSiEK[glli1. ,to these 1Wh~1() do not want exal tatiml in ,th~ earth" lllor any eerruption, 'File final consiaqu.e,nee is to the PI()'U:StJ [Q";,2B,, Sm. May AU8!h, witness that \V@ do DOlt \want a.Ii}' of these, that 01t,lf work is n,01i; toward these ends, and Ul$1t uur llOJi~P3,~On is mlt, nn their hehalf, Rather al way,S. beer in mind that you have two '~u]]daHu~:n.wl geals:


(1} Th!;l:t the Islamic 'f'athel"l~d be' :fr~oo from all T@,reigIl do:ii'lliln,atim1" ,Cb:r tIns is a natur:al right ~;€lQJng]ng to every b'uJ,man being 'wbich O:!!lly 'tbS!Wljust np:pTI~~::mr or the COD)Q!uCi:l.ing ~plait!e:r will d~'fiY,.

(2) t'aat a free 'I slamlc sta:te mBty arise in, this free 'ia,thed and, ,acting' laooo!rd:]n.goo the prec~]~'ts of b'brm l' ~u;~p].yi~g its social regtl]!~ti.Ol'Ul p,:r-(\H:laiming i ts sound 'prrilleiples!, and 'bl'li}~ldea~9ti.ng ib~ ;8age mission to wI m.anltind i FlOI' aa lotlJg~ as itbj;~; ,state d.,oes: not

1.L.. M- I· . "L. . ... m" "t ,. '. ..11'

leme(l:",ge~ tu6' ,1._ 'U;S 'lmS in tULert ~ofl;~jty Me enmrm IMg sm, ann are

,- .. ~ -. c·--!'·\!."l;;;; i.\.. - ,~. " ,'\, '1"'[1:..., t'" ! 'L, - ~t, :.,'- t'- ... rill" It 'lli ,," ,the ill.' $mlllLl _,c '00 :rNpo.ns!~,1J Ii!:, .u9J1.om .nl ruJ!, Ale _1l.'~")'J.. illS Y;,_ ea._, ~{Dl _~ ,_.. .J,,_ .... __ ro .

le!3:~ablis'Jl it and Fu,l" their slacm.e:s'S :[0 Ic:rnat;ing' it, In t.he's~: ha''Wi]d~rillgC1iroum8:&;i!ln.ces~ ]t, is eounter ,t~ humanity ,tb !;l':t, a state ~hO'uld. arise, ex.tolHug Ill] jdeolog¥ {r.if ]:nj'u6ttic.-e and PI'oc']'aiwng a, p,ro~tlgand~ of opp~rs,~,iwn!" while; there sho1JJd be: :n,~ one amo.rng all 1Jl)oolt:i'l:u31 w1[K[':li:irrug :fur U],e ,ad]van t ,of' a :Ei1 ta,te fnunded @n 'troth.~ jn:~rti~e'!r and peaee. W,e want 'to reaJ[:ze ,these tw~ ,goals in, t'be ,Nne 'VaHey and the Arab domain; and in every Iaad whieh .AJlah. has made :ftJrnrtllul.ate Ulr[]lmgb ,the: ISi~J~mie, ,m'~~d: a I'ie]iginn ~ a n~tirrlla1ity:~ Wld a c:rn~d. uilldtmg,' a]l Mui5lims.,

(,e] Ou_r Sp-eci,al Abl\S: FQHowif:!g tlllEuse 'tWOr airas, 'w,e n8!ve ,5,om,e :lip eelal aims 'wi'thout 'the 'waUz;[I.'tia:a,:rn ,of' which our SfOC]~ty eannct become completely Islamie, Brethren, recall that 1110re than 60 percent 'o:f the' Bgyptians, Hve at lSi, subhuman le:ve'l), 't~ba:t th,ey get e[U)ugl1 'to ~mt oillly 1l:l'l:muglil ~lli e mest a~d anus to:il,~ and Egypt is threaeened by murdercus :fa:rnin~,s, and expoiSe,aj t10 ltilJElJny BOOiW we problems of 'W hieh c'nly ,AJlfrih ean It]l,o'w the outcome. ,Re;eal!1 't~lO tha 1[; 'Ith,ere are more than 3:20 foooiJfP1. oom,pmnes in, E~t, mcnopolfzlng all pubna 'll'UHtie,s and all im:p:oJt:mn.t f'aeiUiti~s In e·vew::y' p:m1t of ,th.~ 001J1n:try~ tbatthe-whe~ls of' cemmeree, in d:lrusrt.:ry l' and all economic i.n!li,t;itUtiDDS are in the' bands ,or[ profiEeed.ng fOl'eignGl",s:;, andthat O'1:lr wealth in land is o(!!..ing b"l~ti!lB£~~I'\~d wi:t.:b l1ghmjng speed, :WO(]11, 'the pos$e,s~iDID, of our i3o,mJl~'~ri.ots to ,thm't of

'I':"',~ -1~:-'''''t.",-"i!:O "'t)J~"""" M ,"" il,i!> .... i';'h.;:",1- E·~ mm'Ro, .n111i:~' ""'f 'lIoh·~' ri'!I;'I1'ii:Ir.-i.'IiI!ii!!i,d'I.:d'I~.'2:Ii'3.cl.

IW:],~~ IS' (]IlI\U~J. i:!!. ,1Jl.!"""""!tl!"tLJ: R~.i<!V '"' "" "" ~. ~ "':10 1j,jI1!.IJ" ,"",_ Ii; "'" "",,!!, !li.,~ 'V "" ~ _h _..,. __

wOrwld'J is the m.O$t. subje~t ,to diseases, plag:uI[i1!S:jl and iU.n.esses;, ,that nV0T' 90 pe'r.'ooll'& ,o:fthe E,gypt'i;;!!R people are threasened by phrs1.C:!fd

linfirmi,ty j' the [0819) ot' sG:oo,e ,Sle:nso,ry' ,perce'ption,!, and a 'variety 100f ,siekne~si,es, and ;~tilmoo'tiE': and ,tba;t Emr't :~s il;tln,tu3JC~jltwm'd." 'w~,tib ne more 'th~n 'Il,nel~futh of lhG' pOI[;lula'l:,ion POS8f.l'Ssing a_n,y 'educati'on·l, and O'f these morethan 1.001,000 h8tve~ ne-vo.r I,Q,nB iitlrt'lu:r tham, tlle cleul'ent.ary' ifliit])o,ol level .R~aU that ernne has douful,ed. ill Egypt, and 't.hat, iitc is, increasing' at ,lUI, ~lnrmin,g' 't,a_'i;.e 'to' '~h.~ poin:t, ,tha:t 'tb.~

- ,;, ..;)i t i.'Ik ,_.. ''LL. 'ill. '1 ",:'1.,

,:f.nisons :8!T.€:' :puUlng'Ou. t more' gray,u:a,'_e:s w~ll, t~:lie~ :enC£l(110 S;W:.i.B;:E '1!IP to

the presen:t 'tilllJe E\syp"~' hss b~en unable te ou:tfft a single ,an'nY di V180[0,[1 'wi'th It.:s fuJI ,ooIDp,le'me:nt ~:fm;ate:riel~ ,end tbat, these symptom.,~, £l!ud pJb.,enom.ena :rul~'y be lob served in, any Is'l8LIUiC1 'oo1!lntl',~('.,

, - -

Am@liig' Y'fjl!Jl"' !rim,s a;re to work f-O,r the I'Si"Ul",m IO-C ®(iu;o(]ttion; t@1 warT

against poverty) ipQ![,;_~1.11Ce i,dise'ase~ and erime; and to create ,an. e~e'm:pla:ry ,!;;lDci.erty w'ltU.lch. wiU d,~sl~rvl@ 't-o be ass{){;:~~J'ted 'lWl;'th '~lle'

[''';~'~I'-~'''' Baered I .Q~"',.!LJc\iI.'~ll~_.u\..o g~~~ ~~,'W1I'"~

(dJ Our (~"j~ne.r.EiLl, IV]~an,s (~f: Proeednrer ~How will we ,SJfTh''e ~'tl U~iSle go ~19? Spi.i~f;;hes~ proncuneeraents, i!ette-:f!3" lessorrs, l'BctluTeS, diagnosis '(if'the a,Jlfl1!en t and preser.i.p:,tio(f][ ,Off the medicine, .-a_nth@!S 9

b h n: 1..11 'I] '-]" 'Ii •

Y tl '. em:sewves ar'El: '1[]Se-!eS1Sl and ''Wi. .!JIi&"i7,er rea 1:211], a sID;g'~Jm :f!l~m!J:lor

win th~y advance a ;s,:DJlglJe agent of QU~ mission to' ,any ona of ,IDs

=t 'N 1 '] "', dn ] . . f~' d

gOru;Sl. , . evertne ess 'mi~s;mns t: !iii nave Il':f!!:'f.talo :rnEimS 0:.. prove ure

'Ill.. ;' ,lJ.. 1.'1' ~,~1 d- 11~ • . 1 ,; ~'~ Ib'l ,(!,. .

W,~:1L1.'eJijWley Ull].S,'~ tf.i.'uop't anc aiiJCiJl~uJln.:g te W',~':i'1iCJ1:JL IL;_ :JlGy must operate.

The gen.er~J, precsd ural means U,~ ed by all :w,is:sion.s ,al:,~ inV'a.ri.able

"''''fi",1 ~'~I'iRI,;I>1:...(]j'nmYl;.(']I', '!!iI"'~'11 ,,I.;'1.I_''''~'' 'rncr-n, lirn '~f/".l ~'''' , .... 'l..~, ,b)"""""Ji"i;, ,iI"~'Ir-]"",UM"'it'iICi' matters: 'iZ!.uU, II;!;,I;JI"",U'~~~.c!-~~1 ~i!-~U, l..1JLe,;l "",-~o:;. ., •• ',"~ 11. ... 1b,J,h", 1!r",u!!oJ", U..r" I!.J'T~~! u, ,~II"~II.>:!I,,

(1) D~ep I:hith.

(2') Precise organisation,

Grn IJ,n'ill'ool'l'u,pted wu:rk, 'TIl,ese are jl'QUr' geDi~rru, proc~ dural meS~1!lms~, B'ootb'l.'iBn" so believe in yO'u,r i-deolJQgy,~ form your ranks about fti 'Wo~,'h: OIU its behalf and staadunwa ve:ringJy :b~ l't.1

( ) A- d'd'-t" n ~ ';1 Besid t]' . . '~ d

e. .: ~'" ,.:j,'.U:]I]:lU~, It:-l'Oceu,iLll~S': -e.Siu.I31!i:' nese generat prnee ures,

tJ:)e'Fe Iil1,ay bs additional one's which, :mu.st be adopted 81O:d s'~ricUy adhered '~O. Ther-r.€; are nega tive and positive! ones j! SOim~ (d~' which. aeeerd wi-th, peaple~,~ Cllsbm:ll!9Jry lbil,:dlt(vi!D:r and {jItlil~rn whiclt go'agamst

'le.. 'b" ,h·, " , ., -,,;, "':'I"',n~ -, .,.;1':'. --~- ,~, .,-.~ ''i'' ,-- ,j,... ,,:n,ji, ',~ li'1, '.. iJ' 1 ' . "

S:U,Cu .. e ' a:Vl0,1 ~ '!:,J ~.J.:L0I' .ilOID 11l." .~.'I],{l ,ciiliuw a;ulC!I. u, .bo. l.€ireare: m,lL ,(I ones

and :!'],gCFI:"OllS on.es! llnd '\V~ 'm,ur!l't 'b'~iri ourselves 't-o put up with all


of these and to' be prepared to, ,~sort t.o any of them, .in order bl' guaran we suooeSB, We ,]]],ay be asked to gQ' against leH'trenc:h,~d hrioits and usages, and to rebel againBt N:gu:1atiolls and si~tllatlOln8 'which people take fib,t' ,grcerJl:ted and are fffiIfl'iHM 'with. But then in its deeper essence, QUr missien lS actually a rebellion against aeeapted usage and a dlSiD!ge, in habits and si tuati,'ilH1S. ,A:rey~1)l then prepared [or 1I;11.i8l! Brethren?

(0 SOll1'H~' ni EH:::oUrage.rnl,ent::: ,Man:y' peopl~ win say: 'Vfh.~ 'Ii, do these traets mean? Of what U8e can tne'y be fiDr.' 'tmildin;g an umma and rebu ilding a s ociety burdened with these chronic problems and sunk. in such a weJ'ter of ;c{Y.uuptions?' Herw will yo u manage the, economy oln a nonprofit basis? How will yom, aet om, the woman question? flow will y,ou obtain your dgh'tB wit'lm~lut the UJfH~ of fOI'(;.e? know ,I brethren, that Satan slipe his whispered 15ug:ge~t],(H'Uil, into thl€ aspi ra tions of every reformer ~ but that Allah cancels out w ha t Sa t an 'IN bis:prsrs~ then Allah decrees I'7Hs m iracles, for AUal]) i s 'l~:I],OWi'rig" 'Wise,. Remi,nd all gf these people that history, in telling us of 'Pa':~J't and c()tI.'~f2m,pO'I:,a:ry nations. also Jj;FJ V'~8 us' admonitions and, lessous, And, a nation that is determined to live cannot die.

(g) Obstacles in Our Path: 1 would j ike to avow te y'(]~lfrS!nl;::ly that your 111J:[ssi(lU is still unknown te nUI.l1S people, and that on. the da.y th,ey find out about it mid grasp i'trs import and, its aims, you will encounter violent an:t.~gon]s:ms and sharp hQstHity. You will find '["many hardsbips ahead (if ytlu.j and man_y obsblH;les will 'rise up before you, OnlY' at that '~],rJJH! win yO'll have hegn:n fuo tread the 'p~t_h 0']:" these who C01110 with a mission, At the present 'time you are still, unknown, and }'C u, are sti 1I smooting th e wa-.,;V' for YD'!,lT miss ion and glBtting yourselves ready for the necessary struggle and campaign . the ignorance of the' people as towhat constitutes true Islam W]U, stand as. an obstaele in, jt()·ur way ~I and Y(I'L], will fi nd ~mJ,Hl:g the clerical classes and the religious eatablishment those' who, win 'rega]"d your understanding of Islam as outlandish and eensu YH yO:UT campaign on that account. Chi.efs'r ],e~ders~ and men or rank and. a:uthori.ty "I HI hate y)Jul all governments will rise 'as 'One against you ~I and ~VG rygQvernmei:lJ'[ wil 1. try to Stet li m its to you r


a€:U,vities and t.J' :PJa t im pedim~(l] 1:6 'in you:r 'W a,y., T:lh.e speliators wiU use le'very premx,t to Opp:osle you~ and to extin:guish 'tb,e Ugh'~ of yOU-f' mission. For the 1: end they wiLl 'invoke' the' aid of weak g:oveH,"!l)]l1ien.tSl and a \veak ,mo['a1i:ty, and. Qf the hands slt"rntch'Bd out te them in beggary and toward. YOlll In mlE.tlignj'ty and hotH! ty. crhey WlU all stir u P around your mission 'Mle d:ust, of' sus,pidOrJl and unj 1!lst accusations, and. the~ win tr,Y '00 endow it with ~ve'ry pos~Lble defect and, '00 displa,y ]t before' the peop~e in th~ 'most repugnan t PQi$.~ible g\.di[:H~, r~lyhlg en th,eh,,' power and au th~rity' and fortified by tl'jj,ai,r' wealth and, h"l:fl1L1l~:n!c,e. ;~h.~y desire to extingu:JJ:sh ,,"~j']a]1j':s llgh't 'with their mou ths, but AUah 'Will p effect His light thou.gh the unbelievers be' averse to it" [Q,J31: '68].) withnut a doubt; you will then, e:xpe'ri.'ence' trials and tl~l,bu.].a.tio'n.sj! you win be irnprisoned, al·T'f:;! !!i:ted I transported, and perseeu ted, and ,your.' goods wlll be confiscated, ,your employments suspended) and ,your. homsa searched. Thie period, of trial m,[ty last a, long 'tim~: ~i]JO men imagine that Uli.~.y 'will be ltd]; to s~y~ ~~ e believe, and, that "they 'will nut be put 'La the wst?'" ['Q, 29': 2,] But Allah has prnmised YOlll afterwards the ,triu.mpJm of those 'W 11 0 have striven and the reward af 'those 'w 110 wDrk, fCIIt: the geed :'~O ye who believ'e~ 811,911 I shewycu a, eemmeree that 'NUl save you !rCin) a painful chas't:use:m,ent?, , '! Then. 'W',e sustained those ow ho believed ~aimJ:1't their e:nemy,~ and '&]leiY became v.ictoriQus,~' [QJ31: 10 Md 'lli4].. Are you resolved to b~ Allah~,s, lwllip~l"S?

(h) The Faetora for Su.c~es~,: It is proper 'that w~ rernemb sr, Brethren, as we face all 'the'S~ obstaelea, that W~ are :f?tiodaim,in,g Allah'js mtssto r:I s, which is; the [oftie~t off all ~]lis~i:on~:; that W~ are ]J't'Omulg~ti.n.g' the, Isl amic i d€l!olio,gy 9 'which is 'the most plJweful sys,f;em of. 'ide,as,; and that we are Qfi'e:dng to mankind the Sacred Law '~lr the Qnr'an! which i15 the mest Ju~t (tf all l:e;v'e,aJ,leo. law > 00 des: ~he hap.U~roo of Allah ~ and, who "is be't't«t' than Allah in lliaptiSiIlr],],H [Q.2::, ,]38]" :Let remembeetbat the entire world is In. need 0.'( this message ~ and 'th.at all tha.'t Si1:];8 ts in. it is preparing and SJ1)Qiil"t,hr.i.lll_g' out its. ,p'aJ.th before it9 and ,that we~Anah be praised, 'm-e free frm'll personal ambition and far from saeking personal advantage, 'W'e seek nQlthing but AU ah 's Face and. th e wellf~[ie' of :rnMkind! and W'~ labor deslreus en ly of :H~,s approval. W'e' look

forward to, Allah 's Sli,l ppo:rt and. H]~ aid, fl)T' he whom Allah aids ,'.- . ..,. .. ,.: '" ba e '.' \b'_""~:m .. ··'~' r«['I'il..oe.,~,: ~Cli ll-aj'>iI'li,UiIl\e: Alla.h ~e ,the .defender ofthoSJ€

canno,!!" ... (JV"",~, "".... . "". II;, ,U!tII: Ii ~,.. .1 .. " ...... """ __ ~ _ _ __ _ ~... _ _ _ _

who believe, and OOCQ'UlSill thG. unbeJi~'ve['s havre ne de.fe,nder'" lQ,,41; 11]. ''Fh~ ~treng1th, of ourmiasion, the world's need for it, 'the nnbil~ty of oU,r goalsand Allah's :support fol[' us are the factors 'Fo,:r success before' which no oastacle can :ShUld nor 8:n,- hrnncir!i±ln,'celimpede;: ".And, Allah b as the: upper hand ~11 Hjs ajfai:r5,~ but most 'Of mankmd de not M'@W" I:Q.12; 21].

'X~ M Exhortation Mns'~im Brethren ~ nS~~IiL!

Th~{tugh the see, words, I wished to present your ideology to your close SCTUtm.y:~ for rut. i_~ p>o8!;d.ble that critieal 'Mm,es aw'ait us, and tha:t. communicatiors between me ,m",l,d you wHl be eut ,off for a while 90 that. I may not be' able te speak ,Of write to you. Ther-eftn:'e I advise you to peoder thesa wor.ds carefully" to learn them by beart if 10\1 can, and to gi ye them, your wholehearted acceptance. ,For behind every word H@ manifold meanings.

Brethren, Y'ou are nota hsnevolentergan isation, nor a poUtica] party ~ 110"r a, loeal asseci ation with strid]y H mited aims, He. tiler you m:re a, new ispiri t making its way h,),DO the heart IOf' ehis nation and 11B'V] vifyin g' it through the Qur1an;, a new light d awning arid ~ca.'tt,GIrin,g the darkness of materialiam through 'the ,k.rJvowledge' ,of Allah; a reS~UI1 dh-lI,gvQ'icoe 'r.ising and ~ehoifig the :me'ssage of 't .. he Apostle :( May Allah bless and save him!', It Is s:irnpJJy the '(:;['1.1 th, and na exaggera tion ~ tha t you knew that y'au are 'nearing 'the burden Bif'ter the rest of mankind have shunted if off. If SOIl16one should ask you: fro Vi! hat end is yem.r' appealmade? j say,: W:f~ are ,caning' you 00 Islam, wnj!@n was btlJ):u,g,h t by ,"if uhammad C~~[,ay Allah bless and save himl): government is part of it, freedom is, ene ,of i't;s religious duties, If som,eone should Sia~l 'to you: This is poHbcs,~~ s,ay:: ~his i~ Istam, and w,~ d,Q not recognise such divis,ions,,, If someone shou ld siay to ,V'OU: you ara ag~nt9, 'of rev Q lu t'iOlll ~ '- say:

W'e are agen ts of the 'truth and, of peace 1U W hi-ch we- b~]iew@ and which we, exalt, II ynu rise upagainst 'U~ and uffer hindrance to. our message t A]lah has given us permie sicn to defend OU rsel vas, and jNlU will be unj ust rebels, M'f someone s'f~,oLdd s~y to' ],c{nJ,: You are

aSking' ,the .lu:~,'~:p of i[1,d'ividJa~J;s and a8:sO ciatlo::rud,!, ~a"y: <.lW"B 'b;elieve in AUah alone, m:JJdr,ej~ct 1li'ha:t wbIdl you we]''1~ ass;oda'ting' 'W it}],

H' .: .. iiI'~ A ... ..:l lf +11'... , " , '" ,~, ," - ",,1..... 1.... -'I-~~l!.;Ib.- --." . ~n .' .n~ "+~

rum, ' ,~"l,J~,y 1 IIoney l::H~rSl,S'~ in ;~U!E!!].r ,1,iIJ,Q!6'1r]_1ll~~ SBY:.II!~ea.cl:!! lue nnw

you.! W ehava nQ desire fo'I:" the' l.gnQr'SiJlt'~' [Q.,2S:: 515"~.

Itt D1!l1:i~8 Brethren,

'We, b~i~i~Vlil in Allah !~'xu:lt in 'the :k:nQ'wle-dge' of H'h~i j, rely 'UpO'1'l

'R" .:ill 'I H" 'F 1~ . ''E;1I"; . d i f

' ·J!.M, an6; lean UP(!il) -'.,,]m, '~'ear Illil)'i[)ne uut. i-J1. im I' stanc In S'w"9' 0 :, :n'i!}

otJil€f' than Hi m, Perform Hils ,oommandn:i:ents and ShOD what He hM :£brbidd,en.

N~od81 y01lltSl~~.V\es O:l1r tl~.,evirllles. and elaave 11io,t'he :penectlrrf.is. ]3,e strOJIlOi' in 'VCiUl'" :moraMt1ll' and, 'f:"t.lIightu throueh tb,~ miaht which

- .' -I!;;i' - ,;,i! - .. - -- . ..J!' - - - ~ . .,." .. 1(; ~ . h 11;]1 . W" [ 1.

AUab, has g:iv'~n tOI the: b~]i V'ei~,5"j and t'h r.ougll ,t:he t:10 b.flUy of 't'lle: ~!h1ce~ely rp.l,!)u:s,.

Apply ,o1UJFselv,es to the Qur~atl ~ and ,study it, togetll:er assid;uG}usly~, tl nd devo'~e .your .. selves 'to 'th.e, Pu fie 'L]f~, nf'the Pro'P~etj takin g counsel from it. Be ,:;u;r&lve W01i~!!:,er.s l'~'tht3r than wr,~I'.1.,gle]'s j fOI"wh,el!l A][alh, tU~~'i;,tow;s His ,guid,sw.c:e: ,on, a, people He i.nspi (,,9'B tlle..'in C.O' wo:r~~. ,And :1P1~ople do I],ot go' ,i3)stra,y ,aitew ,fe eetvin g' guidanee l eseeps when clisputatiol'l beeomes the VrOig,nl,e among them.

Love .cJi[a,~, another, and hold. fast z~9]oltsly to YiOl],J,' uninn J fOr t'his ~J$ l~het:H~cre't of yi'Jl:ll' ,Stl'~:figth and tbJeb'llU;:r~.s;s o:r y'{)'ur S1)J:C'(l0ss. Stand fast untll Anall: j ud~:s, ju s;t:I':y Jb~tW'4!Bn, yot], M,d.YOtlT' people" :for 'He is the be:s:t, of -Iudges.

Listen, and obey YOUI' Ieaders both in duress and rco[nrfjor&i' in good tim~~ :amd, bad, :~or Uti;:s is. "Hum '~OkBi[1, Q,f y'o~n' 'COl1'v'icti.Q'I], and the bond. Df selideri ty ~.Jmong you.,

]:i'?in~dly kmt~f:b:rw,a:rd to Allah's aid and J-1i~ support, The occasion VI.' in co me, wtthotl't ,a doubt: HAm,cl, thsn the! belj,e~r(s Win. l'Ie'jo"ioo in At] a hli~; aid. He aids, wh om H~ 'will! and PEe: is th e M'igh ty!, t~b.e Me:r~ifu];' ['1.30;4]1.

:IVlf3llf Allah, g-r,an't 'us and you S1Uo.~eSs. in what He' loves and, appirovr6's:t 8J.]]d oond uet U~: and y.ou along tlue paths lOr the good], who

~fi'1h.",jj •. ..1i d H < t I"~ h ']'r r- it.. "1 .

em rignuy gu I.U!@! _:_,;; :nUI.Jl _~.e. ~"i.il'e 'U;s . _"o., J ve t ' .. !B . he 0' tue.: g orieua

and the forthtin,a'w:~ and gJi,ve 'Us, 'to die the death lof the. ma.rtyr.:s who have strive,n, iEn jibad;o For HE!' is tho best of ~t.ras'ters! and the best Dr Defenders,



]11. the N'aOle of 1Jla.h! the· M.e:rctfill]" tbe C'nmpnssioll~:te~:

'We. wOI\:dd U~e ·to apprise mankind of ,our ~·a~~, ~:ut Q1!.fI" ·p,rogriSJ.lliIJ, before them, and address QUI' mission tathem -wlthouth obscu;dty or ambiguH:._y ~ brighter- than the snn, clearer til an the ·cradt of dawn i and. more .hu.ninolls than the fU.UfI.'esa of ·the: d~y-


.At the same tim,e.! WI'} would Hl~~ Out penple tabQlw and ~U :M us'limsare ou~~eop.le - ·that ,the mission of the :Mu.:sUm. B:ru;t:her.ho{ld Isa pure and unblemished Ol1.~.. I t has aspimd to such 'h~igb't:s, of ,pu:rity t_bat U bB;S trmlSC:L:m.cled the Um:l:tsl air merely personal aJllb~tion,:, l·t ha~' held :1l1:~:eeriaJ. gain in 00]1 te:m.:pt~ abaw.,.diQned a]l seJ:fisll ii.w.pulse,!;, and gpa]s, and gon.e, forward on ths road mapped out f~)ir.' tJiemi.8sion.arjt 'by t~h,e~ 'Truthl fBlessed and ;aballgh:ty is, He'): I_~Say: ~b[8 is m'~' wa;y: I sumrnen l(U[,tOr Allah ,~coording' '1:10 a dear 'evid~fice~I and Wb,iDsoeve:r :~CU,O'W'5 me i IG1:Q!I"Y unto ,ru~~h!, 'I am nOit of the PQlyt]le~.s;t.s,~1' [Q.l2~ 1'J8] , We ask :m)tbing of m,anlbnd:; w'e mahe no mOf!Je'bll'Y dem ands a,t them." '0.'01" do, w,e' seek a w:ag,e fi'\~nnthem, We gain no eredit tbr.~)ugh 'th~m~, 'ntor do '~~,e desire' of ,them. allY :f\ee~nn'Pe;nse: or ,th~, Whate~ver. be out recompense in. thisregard, it l~ '~n tbehands ()If" 01JlI" elms tor',

Fellow - feelinl

III 'tile same way~ we' wish our people ,to :kllQrw' ,!that! we love them mDr~ ehan ou raelv:es) and "that i t is pleael ng to us to 'be o(f.fered up as ~ ~,a,C':~tflce' fo,t their' ,~atJn'Q:Ss" if W'e must make such ;;1,. sacriifio.~,! and tOI :pay the ,price for' their g[ory ~ t.heir' nob~nty, their 'rnligjon.!, and their hopes, if' we posses s, 'the :req,tdsibe wealtl:1!- One thil1:g alone has pi;!(]:suad,ed us to 'talt1e this posi tiQitl. in their 'reg:a:rd ,., the' :fe:1 [OW' .~ foo]mg ~v:bi.eh seizes our hearts,~, ma"s'te,~s; our emoticns I' k\~e'ps


Us ,fra-fi11!. 61ee~ I and. brinJgs 1I 5 it tears, It is dHllcult, :it is indeed '''/,er,Y ctiffi'l:!ul'tj to, see how Q.IJ,r people are pr'G'8en'tly beleague;l"edj and 'then 'to, :re:!;;i,~ ourselves 'to humUf~y~, ,or ao~ept, a, s1!J,hn'li~s,iv~' role, er abandon (J.U.r~elves 'to desp~tr'. 'For w bert we~ wor'k :fof" :ro,annl1d ],n ,AII,aj]~s 'way~ we wow'k harder ,t'll,an :flQr. eurselees :: we BI'S :fbr you andfor no Qn~ else, beloved, fH.H:'" S:hall W~ eV'~r 'be, ,agarnns't y{]lU,~ 'even flOr a d:a.y.

,A_lla,h"s Is tb,eVirtu'e and the ,M:unific;@'Dce

nlli'!l ~ '\""e' 00': n,iftg,''''''':;''n,if.I'' 'Ti',.....'n ... ",;:,""l favor 'ID ill:r '~'''''' 'w;n;; D1I '~'I"!,p""e;£iI; "l'fit.. ~ 'j\:\j]", .... ",

Y'I!!I!.i !t .... ~,1 ". _l .l~\IIi.I lli..~>~. ,L,1.1U1 ;t:],I'-I.!'~·L.[!O.i..~. lia. ,. ~ ... _-,_,!JAu ~ ~:y,~ !.)JII'O~ Ilo.~[I,c,!.i J°!!'C

del'iv~ ~:ny ,p:arti eular virtue :fo];" cutselves j [1 tJds' matter, 'W ~ s:ixnp]y believe ill W hat All W:l ~Blessecl,a:i1d AJ luighty is He!)' has saj:d~ c.lRa'U:n,e!i[' has An ~]1 ,COiO ferred a be.~I~,f]:t 'upoml, you in tha;t He has ,guid~d. ,}f.O'U to f8Jith.} if.' you. speak the tnlthjj [Q.4'9:: 17]. But W'E!' \VI sh on ,Y'O'u l' 'beh,a~r - :if wishes avail _" Uia.'t our hearts be [:aJd lliare; to the: sight HO,d hij:t]n~ o.f aur ,peo~]ej' so tha!~ Qtlf' JtmeUu,"en U1a,:y' observe w hether' tb,ey see :i11 tJ:U;H~l ,a~gj1't brut. desire for 'their advantage, ccmpassion toward th,am,~ and self-sacrlflce for th,8ir welfare,

W]ll ;they liD d aught hu,t, eensumi ~g grief for' the' circumstances ]J'! 'whiCc_h 'We: :ru1d ourselves ? Le'~ it 8wl],ce "US fG'he,~ AUa.:h, knows all tbi,s~ that lie' alone is 'fdu~ gt]:aa",an.oorr of a slH::cess:flJl outcome, and ,t:b·a.'t ]1'], Iii-oS :b,9.n.d:a H,I~ the guiding reins Oif~:lll~'~l,;j& hearts and the ke,:Ys to them, He whom Altai'] guides will fio;tbe misled, but he whom, Allah l~ad,8 ,astray' has nn ,guide,. He is o'U'rs,ufficimn,c)i'" Sind Ul.'e :best ·OfGl!]J~tranbJr'Sl" :!.S not Alla'i'l :su;'m,cil~t}t .fw~ His servant ?

:Foul' TyEU!S,

AU we would d~:lii'[i~ 'of R'MH1'1dnd, ,105 'Ula:t 'th:ey :st~nd betof.\~ us as OI~H.~ wel lied, g!u:t ef these f(Hj,i~' typ®s:

The Be:!ie:v'C'I';; ArJj.)t p!lEf:r.son. w 110 h as f~.dth 'i n OrU Jr.' miss iOIlI, believes in what Wtil. say ~ ~pptOrves of OUT ~riud'pl,e5~ am cl. sees th~rni:n somegoed in which his soul m~:y 'fi,nd sQ'tisfa.ctifJt'l. and hi 6, heart h~ euntent, ~s to!Oe whom we' irrvi !b~ til has' €lIl to juin us a:nd to w'(irk wj:th us So dl!l't ,~h.c, n'iJmib'~r 0:[' those who strive' in A!1~h;8 W~.yl mmJJ(

increase, and t]le VUlee 'Of th~. a,~~n ts -of ouemtssion be .augnllen ted by his 'VOiC~I, Thelie:, ~~ no mJ;~:a;rl'~nl'~ f8!:it.b unJJBSS: it ~~ aLaOOmpaniled. by 'Work'~, and no profit in, S, dJoci't'iuf.l' W hicb. does not lmpeli t.s: pOSSieSS~'l' to bring: it to 'frui Uon andtu saeriflee himself fo,t ~t$i sake, StJ.'c'b, were' the F.i:r'St, Prec1;.u:',S(U:'B of '&haf3e \v'll!o~e 'bre£illS'tswevs opened by ,AU all, to His guidance, Sil tha t, 'they :foUowed, Hi s propbietsj haf3, iaitl'l. in His revealed. 30:dptlJ:][\es~ and strove ll'l'ig:htily for Him, On th~se win AUah bestow His most gElQet(lJrUB wap, The, fact, that ,th~y will have the same' l"ewlEltrd as 'those 'who :foUow-ed them 'wiU J)}ot lessen, thejrr wa,gea in 'th0 s'~lgh~es:t.

TheWave.~, AlJ.y@[lJE! 'to whom the: trn;;d;,o. Mlill!runs Un(1~ear .. and 'Who has n,ot, diseerned ,the Ideels of s:h'l,eerityan,d :mol:ral ,profit ill) whale WIl have said, is he.sitant and 'wavledng~ and we Ieave him, 'to his he~i~aillC'y, 'W'~ OOtlIiJJ'Be~ hil:m j, however, to ,get if} 'mQlre in:t].m,a.~fuB ICDio.tact with us, reacll about us soouer or later, stucliy' our. writingSt 1!;nsit ,our tClubs" and beeeme :ptn"sonru]y ~.cqua;i~~;ed, 'wttJl lj1.U" B~eth~]'L Til-en he will h~,v,~ confideu}ce in US,~ Allah wiUi.ng'~ for tbe, a tti,t:iade o..f the w'a;ver,e.;rs among thll'Sie who fonow'ecl, t:JUE:: apostles in former

i,' ".J :ft:' ]

nmes 'was ~liGLe:n"_·~ca~.

Th~: IOpporltU:!i1:ilst~ As for tThle person wbo does: not wish to lend his: aid exeepe after 'finding '~J!U t how ,ro uch he' will ,get 'back 8S pro,fiJ~,aod h,IQW' much gain, hls cou"t:dbuUQU win [let. him, we say to him': '~:Tak~ it le,,asyJ' W,e: have no :pdze to U:ffeT' e}t~ep AUa.h's, reward if )f'CilJl are sincere, an d Paradise if He recogn isea any geed In you, ,As 'fOil'" 'US:j we axe unimpoetant ,ami poor: I!liilllr' eoneern ]8 to uffer wh atever we have u s,a,crM:i.,ce: and to oontJ.i,b'!llte 'what~vBr 'We :P0S;SleSS. Our hope lS Allah)~ :blFl·ae~~fln,. :I1h~'il;;thB 'b~st a,t Masters and 'the b~f5t of Helpers." 1'1h~nj' if Al'Ial1 removes ebe veil from, his mmd, and di s;pels the ll.igh't,U'MU"U' of {!uv,eh~'Use[l6 8 from his he,aii.~t,; he will know that '~'he, fhi,lllgS which are of Al~ah ::fB,'f'\~ be'tter' .~rtd mOire, lasting~ruld, b~ will juin Allah's b~,UaliDr.I to gi:v~ @~n~rnuBly of :li:ua;h gO'OQS of 'this 1!¥'o[)r'ld as he PQS~\l'eSS~:ij '~~ e iYmifi ,All ah's reward in tbe Mt.erlifel 'llf '\-vha:fi: ji"01L1J po~~e~sis win ]l~U~H t~rway~ but 'that which is {llf AUah i's ,evewJa.sti'n,g'~ ]f'it liS, etherwisa, Allah ls in no need of those 'who do ,[[ot see that to Alla.h :beloT},g'e' the first right over their P\:1'fSon,s I ,their W!e'~ Ith, tb~ii r term ]n t l1ri S 'WOI'~,c[ and. th~ next, thel f'

I ~ ,r ... ,- ~ J":1 ,I, ~""""~'I· _':,j ;i!;.Q tlrL It·· 'lir\;'i:!IL[!; ,~, h.". ""''"'''n'llffi .o:!i'''i''~'i:'" ude ,j,,~"i G ,I' nacnle 1,H.l'O!!J them lL~ an.liI "'i~",,_ir y,,,,,'"-!. .. __ • _ .. __ '" II,! ..... ..,,"""_ "" "",!!,>ibt_',"".".li,t".. tI __ ~'" ,!"<;.i'l,i!,i:o!" "" _ ""' ... __ .'<;.i_ .

adop,ted w'ben ,tbay :reftU\l~d 'to sW'emr fe:aill't1 t@ 'th~ ApOls:tle I~lf. Alilah, ~11a:y Allah, bless and sft,'We: ,bimn, unleas ,the,Y w~re :grantedj, ,the; Sl'Upr-eme ,auUlor],&Y 'aJ\~r hJm", His ,sj()~e l'0~JUji[iJfil~ (MIay God bles 5, and save :himn\~~s '00 in®"fiJu· t'b'enl Ulat:: ,wrh~ (b~frt'b is ATIaJ]ts.; he giVleS bo .inheri't '~t t'h()~~ lw:b,illm He 'l'l!'ill of HIs s,erv',~:u]tg!t. and t_hB: fill!;~d eonseq'y!~utoe, i_s in favow- of 't~,lie :piGus,~ [Q~, 7,; 1~8l.,

The p~U!dii!.'ied= Tib~ m!ruvad.u:a] wl~Q :~oo,k~ ,Oil '~S' 'With. sUis,p~,~iilfi:~ ~]}Ld has all so,rl;a of: d(lll!Jlb~,a]ld ml.sgJ.vb~,gBl aheu t us ~ :]£1 ]oQ,ld:ng ,at ustnrill11l,gh, darls ,g]ass!es and wU]t;ElJlk Ilabo'ut us 'OD-l.Y iII ,t~l.'11'l!S' in~lica-t~:v:e' lof 'V6xs.,tio:n find, ske,pdci~m,; He remains solidly 'fixed in hi'S de Ius nn s wrapped, tiP' in, l:tis clli01!l.btS,~, and e.nv~],op'fHi in [r~s, :fmcilf;!s., O~ •... ·' -, , behalf 'of' o~u'seht@HS ;anJC1~ him, ~fej pr,al' ,AI] ah eo gl'V18: 'us' t1!l Sil!~.··t:bll 't; '" th 'as, 't,.wuth nnd :tiel. gran,~ us to 'r:ouQ~' it,;, and to.,. gi\re us' '~o see vanit~'; as vanity' and '~O' ,gnlll't u~ to shun it; andto ,insp:ff~ boil1, U~ and him ~~'~h right :gu~dm:l!~.e',We: -[:D;v.]:t.e,h:ii:[[l, if b~ will ae'Ce,p'~ th~ in:v.i1:mti!~)Itl and S;,U:QlW!(l'IlhiDJ, wf he wi ll '!'e'P~Y b) 'th.'~ Gnm.mo'n:S'i, and we pi'f2Y Jl1la'b, On his bell'HU~ [(;hI' H~~ 'amcrry unto Him, is the CjIllosnr'f! ofbape~ Allah l~'W,ealed ,th:L\J 'follO:lfving Imnce:n!li~g' o~e,t)!pe'

,n;f TIr']"",""" to H. "'t- ~ l!..'Ii ""'.'Il..~I;f!J;.!;.'II'1i_"...,.'I':~i;l!!i;' ~~rrit. ;'Io'li'~ fl:"'j~'I" in ;JIj!!i,~''''i 'n .... ""' O'li." '1,]"0· iI"I ,r,.l, """;;",,,"

v JJI. !~_.Il. ..u _ ~ l'f!iJ. U!~~ .t\;y, LJ!~;~~~~ ,4L, ;a;,~.~~, U!!..!I'!iiI~' I l!i.J.ll,~~UJ JUIJUIIJ! ,tj'!I.o'I! .... '1I:i' !;,l'l,[Li~,i:I M

whemthon l(1p'l'esft" 'bu.tAUM:i :gtJicles lvbollJl He will" [Q;..'2:8:; 5tH" W',~ s11aUj, Wl,owev''el''; oonUn \:U;ll; ,to love 'tms ~:b1divicl;tm.l and hope -tha't be wi] l CQ:1.11.e olver to usand be convinced by' our m;iss~o]],~ f'o,i" 01!AF orJy 81og~m, is the guid'ill:Ilg" word Qif' the E]e~til (~a:a~f' ,rulah b~~ and s;~.vellim!) to U!i,;;, 'a£:oretb'JIl~ ~)II,y Allah!, forgive' m.y people, fa r' 'tl:l,€'y de :rno,'~ know !:~

We: ''VisllJ, n~~d~ all peOf~le of hese 'types wen: UDi 1t,ecl.as one; with US~ :tor the, 'thn~' has eome whenthe Musliw[uus:t ]Jllli.r5U€ his goa] and define his, Ob~(lHr~ive'~ and w,ot'h:: tOiw,al~ ,t'hi,s, 'o,bjectlve; 'U~rrtil 'he' a,Ua:i:l~S· his g02!ll., As fb,r this rniBguided lleglige.rl.(::ej~ t]],eSle sUb" WloManslj these heedless '~U rns of m i net ,t hj~,b]jnd ir:u:ie!c],sion of hi~~ and his fonowm;~ after ~V1err 'f,ow, Dhclr;;- and H,an~y '~ ,thls is in no way tbe ,p.a:th ,of the ~eH~v!.lf.'"

ADnih" "'~I - ~

,,' ., .. 1. ., -

, ... I lL_ailoD_

B~s,l!des U:ris, ~we, would like eur ~eop],e '~O know t.ha:t [J((]],)" ha is !lit '&0, respond.to 'liwsilllbiS[Un who- co,mp][,l:!hEJ'l'.!ds it Inall its aspect;s~

ijUldw he d~v()~e~~, to U all that :mia.y be! demanded 0:£ him in terms ~f' bis: ,~~,n~, 'bis; 'weaill,tb." his '(;.im,e!" BDdlhish~'ll th.:' !Elf YOUT" fathe~si ,"orul'" $@'11!9!~ your b:r.ot.hers~ Y0il.lr 'wi~e::!il, yoU,r, kin, the wewt'h, Y'QIIl have:

....... ,..,.....""di .ii.1.."", "" .... "",.,.'-m-o.".,"""" whose ,I.';a'· 11'II'm' g ... ,~~ un'll'", L' .... ""'r and ~1IL;[J]; D~'''i'''':~'l·~·]]' ~ 'li:in_~:..II:Ilii::i-1 I,~ WJt.D ~U':':_;"IIJ' .1,e.Jl~~ "_ ',' ,'ltj.jO.') l:i._.l~ r'~ I ul£ .,.'~III"..II: 1,bllill,_~1 ,~ __ ~_ UJ_1J]],;~ ··.·n·.:;tlL _!L, •.. II:j .... '

in whi~, ~O'll r.ej'@iOOi are: mera 'belorved by:Yt!ru 't'h.M, .AJlah. and his Apo~rt1e~ and., :st,t''!!,D!ggle m, H[s: ~V8!,ll = t'hen. w',ait lI'ilti~ God brings f.Ii~ eennnand; Altil!, does ntil,t gujde ®, :if).kf.1;d,'t.oiU~: :peDp,lle~ [IQ~ 9:' 24],.

F'I)"f' it ]0$ Ii misaien Whicll. dues, 'iilO'~ 1bol~r,aoo di videjli[ '[oyrut;y:! St]noe its ve:fJ natura is '~ha.'t 0,( tot~a:~ uni'ty. and, whnsoever is pT-ep~dw[D1 B.,col3p,t it win live ,th~ougb It as it ll V'e~tJwc:n]"gh 'him. Who~3l(}e!V'f;H" 't5 000 weak fur' t11lis burden w,~U1 be d:e[lI'.iV'~d (i(f' 'the reward 'Of' ,tho~~ wl~.o ,striv"'e:, and wiU remain w:i't:h ,th,~ 'b~.cblk~1e'r:s :Wld. stay wi.'t:h the slackers. ,A]Jah 'will extend His b:i'vita;t.~iJn to htm to ,ru:u)ither people in, his stead: "bumble tl'Jwa:rcl believers and. poW'erfu], agauurt un-

b· ,.]:: _. , - - _'i!> i!".·...::'u~' - ,j!j' ,.- J,'ik;]; Wo:lJ'fii!' :i"I,t" ii ~:1 al "i. o:!i,'ir'i ,oll ,ira'':!i'':r~''if'ii g ri"i f'i/;j;, ,i.1.. i.:!i. reereaeh . e~lL!I!iBVEr..:I, :l::Idld l'¥ ]Dd l:El 'L!.~J.'~ 'i _ :",.l,J vI ,il'1JlJJi! '~:I (;!<uJi,;~, lI<.d 1IuIui ' .u:VI!i!IJ.U"": '~~J/~I!.!I~

o:f' any r:e-proacb.er, TJbJ3il'tts ,th~ bOt"l:nity of' .AUah, whi~h He, ltn:",ings '~O' whom, He will" l.Q",5, :54].


W,e'stt:iDm,on :mwlun,cl ,t~ aooep:~ a prlne,i~lE:' ~ .a cl,eal:"~ pifmc]ple: ~bfiacl.y ,aGCernJt~d, hy them all: al ~u~~ ~cqu:min,t~d 'wi'th, it, believe in it! ilnd ,ElJ![!lllildJW]~dg€ .i.'ta 'vaJid.[t'Y~i and 'they bow 'tha't t11H3ir. salv,Ei:tiofi !prosp ~ri"tY' and p~M~ of mind, depend u(n.i,'t - a :pi'l,neip],e whose ~t~tfi.ml validity 'has been 2ltoostled, '00 'by experisnee md the jud~gn:tEHrt of h~st.o:r.y" :ElS well ,as, by its ,a,ppU,cabiHty 'to' .tl':JJ)~ :reior.m, 'of tem p oral e:~iS'fuen,ca.

~'~O' F' liI'!ii·.!:''''hl- ~ .. w r _~- ,~l.,~, II '~'

The dlifFe:re:n,~e between U~ end i01J.U" people, thQIllg11 'W~ are ,~11 in aeeerd in IOIlr' :fai1tll. 'in Mua prl"]:[1J)ciple'i is U~a.t. ~';I)ln'ong 'them i:~ is ~~,n ali1J~stJ1eti~ed.jfa.i.1thj dkJnn~D't ~thj:11 'their souls, one to, wlncb theY' 00 Itot wish to S ubm it; and B;OCO(rmng to w:ho~51e dieatate,s; they ,dol not wish 00 I~tet;: whereaa it is, a, h1L1rn.h:rqgj 1):~,~ingj' .intE1~,f3;e' faith f~Uy awa],~ooedl]]l the sculs of the MUslim Brotherhood. T"heR i~am~z~g ,spidtua:l: ,qua~i1~J' 'wbich we Ea~te'r.mlerSII as well as o'tb~r,l!ll' pe(f.Q~t'\'l',e' within our souls; 11JU1:JLelY!1 t'hat we believe iu om ideo~,ogy wi:tb. a rat th which, when ,,'11',~ diseussit wffith paople, l~ads thei~l 'EO be]i~v'e

lit'g':1 ,u· ."

th~t it win im.pelus to snaUeF' mOtl.ntaiIlSI~ '00 ofiel' up OiUB" ·pe.rson~ Md. our wealth, oo~'t' misror'l1JlIl~S~ and struggle S!gaJ:w,st advlef,s:~ti~15

- ~iI '" " h ~1l- '11.. ~;I.. it 1'-] 1.. N"· l!.. 'n

i!!t[i;t:Ul Wi!fl~ trrumpn 1!i[~r.i(liUg~~~. I~j. or 'L: tnrougn us, , .... liI!Vm]jf!'1e:ss'j enee

the h 'Ur~.y ._ buri]! of d,eb~ba~ grows q:ut~'~~ Md. '~b~ :g.rou.p 'b:~a,k ~.p [(nei go ·tibeir 'w',a~V1s'j' each '!niiiv]dual :f)Df~:ts hiss, faith and i;gn'l)re~·~_' b~s -ide!()]JOgy'~ giving' rJothorught. te ;~ct.ing in, Qtcle:r 'to further .!tj nor u.rgjnlh[m~~;;]f ·tio pu It $brrth the slight~s:t ~i[t.r't 0(11. ·]:ts:r.e:haJf: In f~,ct~, he may carry this :furgertif\;]l.noos and llegHgel1oS' so :f'M ·t]_];a,t hewill Efv:en ac.t ag;ablst i t, 1J:m.witti~ or nat" Do ;you not laugh in

""m-;""'''"'''''m€i11.t when ~.!~.n'n ,I:!IOJl!; il:J;i~I."-'I;'" _ I;'~i'j;,~~'t'. G'!I",,j,,if·;,'i~ ',,",""~.':~~'''' _ .", "'1')1 1"'..3 ~1""''l:I14:",:,7I _ ar .. ' ~I;.LI~ - ~ __ . i'.I!!~=_.)J: !IId.~ ~'!.r.I~ 11<.'J t1J~~Il., LlI[.u.U.,~~_I[.LW!!CLJ~ !Pf,I}Lr.'ld¥lI:'~ !CiL.I.!Lll ~lI.4lL ... ~~,UJ.J!

me-r~l, wi t.1i]:i:l1J. the apaice of two 'COl1Jle'cuti.ve houxs ou:t of. tire entire d~Y' ·t~rn mt@ anaposeate among apostatas, a.nil. at beHeVler ilm.om,g ~~ '0:·. ?

lIJIe!.~]leViers :;

This' ]:i~t~e13:sne'Ssl ow °Eorg,et-fuln'!5ss~ or ,:ra.~Mgen.,t;e,~ or to:r~idi'ty ~

11 .•.. , ']1 4.. :1I1~ • h-'- t. .2 --

IC~._.~ ]:t· W'lalll yo,u \-l,?,liJU, -[S W', :alt, nag :t'fi.:ilIl.ue us it.r,yibo arouse our

prim!C!,iple (th:® 've1"l~' same 'prind.p],e a·ooeJtb~d by OU,f people) ~o C\O$l;!iQU5n;eS~' within. ·t'lle ,BOldB of thts 'below,ed. people,

V.or.ions M:is.sions

Th€:l',@farn ill' ,shaH rntul'1lI. to rn,a.y fix$:t sJta.tem.ent; and say ,that thGi! misslon ef the IvlusHm, Bmtherhood is: t'l!l~ :iP.'l'emching of a prlneiple, for In the EaS't and W est 'today th~r.~: are varlous :missi'ons. and prh'llc;ipie;B. and 'iedologieEl, and, SJc:hoo];s ,~):f thought and IlJ!pini{U1S and objierCti.v~, ., all o.f '~v hich .s;@w ruVi.S1.'Dfi. in. '&be :[[d~:'JJds of :U:l.'an and war ,w.~,th]n tth~i:F.' hearts. E:[i_·ll:lh Qn~ [If them is sllilQ,wn inthe best .p~sgib]e Hgh.t by its .a!iltH:H-,,~]];'t8:: eacl'JJ. onehas its propaganda spread ~,bo1J]:t b,:Y its ere atures, its: fo,H.Dwer'S;j i~s devotees. and i ts cl:[~dples. 'rb,'~y elaim 8pecia'l. ·vir.t1J.lla:s and excelli;mLoes :~o.r U:., and malos such e;U:_::il(;gger.aood pretensions ~)'ll: ~:I] render' it littractiv@~ca:;pt~].va ting; and striking to people,


Prepagnndiats of 'today are nOrt :IH~)e those {~.f .yei~Jte·rr1~, Tll!~ are ed ucated, well- eq1!ltpped,j and 'tbo.r~tIlgh]y 'tr.E.li:med" speeialists, ll?®rt:i,C'u:l®d~r in the Wes.'te:r.ill cnuntrill;;!l5~. w here there are trift]:n,~d. cm-'p~ illpecializin,g hi ~-very' id.®~1:@gy·, clarifYing Us abetruse [JOifi:t.S i d:isp:J.aying :rni~s good fe8:b:J.]1~s:!, and ]]l.:v:eu,-t]ng ~l'H~~J1~ of di:s~emin,a:tim]1


and .I-~ - J ~ .,,,,rn..,_"'_~1 i!.' of p' rona gand iz]'(~,a. f;n;r it. !~rf ~ ts behalf thev feel, eu 1[;

!roUJIJ mel,,1JI:UU_1a U'oIL' o!.~~~i!:,II,.- __ .!iA.!i~, .!!,I.,.- "'-"_ ,~-,", - - - - -I - -- -.J" - - - -

,j."ha, ''ii'~''''''''',01+- ro- ',I!"i;!O+ ~,;I:¥'~",.4-~ .... [!!,,,,, ,.","",0,,11 ]["""' ""r 00' -""V. ,"' .... ient ~'''i''',y:--,"'' "'-'10, infl 11~'a;'Ij'I;ii"'<G>

II.. '''''' G, ... ~iI"Ri.'!UCQ,Io,1 ' ' VOiJ!l.o· .... I.J,w;"Ili,<;;i- ... , .. j ""L~!14 ,~,1. .,,11o . __ ,.-1, ..,~.~ ,.a.~ iii' on ",", "" IJ... ~ ,""" ... ~~,"'~

the minds of people ~~'®ading to inI'IJ,~r c~nvict~o;n and eon version,

S1JlllJiJa.rly ~ the methods of pri]pagandatoda;y are not those of yesterday. Tl"l,epropa.g,mdl:a of' y.~stt~['daJ eansi s.~~d, 0:( a. verbal message given OUi. t ifl. a speech 01' at a meeting, o,r OfU~ written in a 'tl"aet or. letter. ~rnda.yj it ecnsists of publications, magazines, newsp~pel"S 1 arlj;]d,e$,,~la,JrS'! filme, and radio br'Oia.dlc:~tmg" All these 'have made i 11;, easy to' jnfl Ue:n'©0 1t'h@ minds of allmankind, women as weI] as men, in their homes, places ofbu_:gin~ss~ faetories ,W1!Jd fie,lcl$,.

"he:refoo'e' U bes become neOeSS6,ll,"'y' '~a:t propagandists perfect .aJI 't,h.e~e means ,00 that ,th:eir- '~l:ffo'rts IID~' yield the desired "fJ3'$w ts,

No,w why am I m.a.k.mg' this di!foo~'sion? I shall ~ay once mO(['f$ that the world. today is, surfeited with propaganda of all kinds ,. political, nationalist, patriotic, ecencmie, m~U .. tary, and paeU1B,t .. Arid wha,t. m the mission ofthe M:usUm Bt!Q,th~l-'hoQd alongside thi:s, cOIDLf013,ed wel,wr'?'

It wlllgfve [11:~' the chance to speak to yau on two matters: first]. the simple, ~-('},~i.Mve :fira.m,ework of our :l11i$511O:n; then!, afberwards, our stand, 'with rffi'Sp!El,[!t to eaeh and, ~V'~ry ,~n!U3 of t.h~BI3: otl'['e:r misaions.

Do not judge me too harnhly fbr 1thi~ (Ug~sjlm:Jt; ] had m,ade a. :r.e$o]1IJ.tion to wri fie as I speak, and to discuss my topic in this manner, without fl.tylis'ti,e artiflce orpreciosity ... ill aim,ply wish people to Imow me as I atn, and to let my' me~s,age reach their minds; devnid of ornament and. embellishment,


Listen, Brcther: Our. mission ills ens described must comprehensi ~e]y by the term "Ielami c;~,~ though this word has at :rn,eandng breeder tban, 'the narrow definition understood by people ,ge!JJeraliy", \~/.e b~UI3V',e ,tha:t Is] am is, an aU· embr,~_c~~g concept which regulates every aspect of lime'j adj1!!dlc~,ting 0]1 lev~l'y one Its concerns ,and prescribing for' it a solid and rigolt'tl'rus order. It does ]]lot stend helpless before Ufe's problems nor ,the steps ene must 'mk~ ro


inlp,rove mWlkLnd. ,So,m,le 'people :mieUikenly ufid}er~rtan,d by :E~laln :so!m~thing restricted to c:~rtai.n types ,of rnli,gffioLtSi (lbs8rvHoes or spir[tu;al exercises I and cIJ'nrfine 'therns~lv~sand 'tlleh~ u'r!der'StMil'ing to the'se :narfOW ,areas dJe~e,:t.,m]ned by '~heir '[bl'lited!ft;';~~,p.

B'u:t we understand Islam - BS op:po:5ed '~Q this 'view'·vef'Y broad~"y wd 'oomp'l'e'heDfi;i,'I,I!ely a;s, :reg1;Jlla:ting the aW&ir,s 0(£' m,e:g, 'in 'this. world and, the n,'faM;.t., 'We. ~lo ROlt 'IiEuhlr;:e t.hi~ claim out Gf ,P'Y.€fsumpij;,ion, nor doa we enla:F;ge upon 'it on tbe ba~]:sl ,of nur OW,[I]J(f£N:onCe,[Iltiflns:, rather ].'t is based ,Bo;[eJ,y 10il1, (DUT' 'unde:r:d,;mcl!'~ng of the Book of AUab and the 'lbi,ograrpbie~i or[:' the first Muslim~l; If ,tlil~ reader wlsbes 'to, understand th'~m,i8sicrll 'of the ,M'usU m Br-otherh.ond in, e sensa tiroader than the m,ere worn "1:~hW]Liei II' let 'him t'RK:e up ~, Qlu1!an and, rid hmlself ,of w,h:imsy ud. ptiejl1dg',l[]JefJ:&'. Then he: wilT get '~@ ~nde,1l"'StMd, wbatthe QUl'''-an is :e.bcrut!, and; w:n~ !See rigbt 'the,m the' missiea o.f. the 'M'tlB;Um, Brotherhocd.

Yes tndood~ our IJ).J:ssioti. is "Islami.c'~ in !;1l!,!! ~ ry sense of the' wiorcl! 'T,h,at'take:n, ifl:to ,ac:cou]]t~ understand b.y i~ 'wh~t YO'll. will, as long BIB t'bls [I,ndeTstan,din,g is eontlned '00 Allahts B(}-O~t M~H~ SlMna,l of his Af.lostle~ and, ,th~, biographtes of the e,a~:ly Mus]i,m pietist .... AJlahi's Book is, the fGund~ti,orll ,of bd am aJlcl its piller, and. th,e SURI:J;at of FHs Apostle W the ,exp[fLn.a:tion, and c~me:ilt;!;!ll"Y on I~he' B(Jokl while this: biograprues Qftbe e.a,~,·lyp'i,~'tilslts2 (,AUnh's, grace be upon '~lliem:,J em,body 'their exeeutlen of i~, ,r:@,mm,ands ,M d their obedienee to ~'ts, teacrnnb't:.,-_" Tb~v ,[lJ:i"e the 1n1"a,eti:cal esemalars and. ,tl'M~ paradigmatic

D'~ ,J l~;-" JI~ ,r-,

models of these eommaudments and "ti.uu:l1illgs"

Our AtUtud0 To'ward '~he 'V:ar i"o us: Mission,s

OUI' stand, wi t'll respec L '~p '~'he v arioua miss'lo,ns, ,., which ar-e a verib'lble ,no 0 d in t'fli s era, and w'Elich have cl lvided men 's hearts

I T.he Sum:u~ of the Ptrupl'i]et '(ioillllpri;scs aH.ltis recorded ~ll!Ying.e!~, Qpin.i'Q~~~ ~in1,d ~cl:..s, p~sij':rv,ed. bl th ~ 'TradJLil[J[l:!l. 'In Ule!: Mus:.lim view. these 'OOfl:3titulle a [lra"ctica~, CQOlme:rutBr!!7' 0]] 'th~' e-l th ie'&l I:ndrutJU!,~l :p:rti!~e:p'ts l :;Lid. ,m!;t::iiW!1! in ~,iE: QU1."i,an ~ ,Bind! tib~rejl"liIr;eiPTO'liide fU't!:cl] :ifh~a~ modil!il 'which tbe: piou:8 ,M'us:'1 im ~hollM i;mita~e' i.n. hl:~ da!Uy lifCi_ S!:l:C' also :sU~ a ~ndll:;u~J!di:U\ in the G ]05$;E1I'l'Y o'f,Ara'bi:[;: Terms.

~: T.h.e Sa]:Bif, lOr ,~a:dj 015i1: ~lr[l€:l'a tii1l11 ,of M l:,iIsli:ms ciliJ:l1Lverted to [s:~:fIifn dUrlllig the Preh9'tPis; m:h\lstl"Y'i The tillarm i,~ so'meli:mt!!l:! "!.l.8i~ W i [1:elud~, :thCl :S(l~ilQd. gCTIi,'~'fa'~i,qll.! 'thfi Tab:l un, :tUi wiili-l'L

,and.tlmJrwntheirmm,[b;, m:tol m)nfuS~fi]], = i;s 'l;h'$.t,Wi~weigh them in. "the baJ~ice. of ou.r mission, M.atev·e:rifj; m. BLe.oord.with. i.'t :]~ ·w,e[oo,rIJl.ed; but whnte!v;er clashes M:th. :it. 'we: ru:'e: absolved 'the~~ft.o,m;, We believe "th~t our mission is uDJJ.v«r.sal and J!lJ]] = .sficoID.pass:ing" but -tb~t, it does not 'turn. 'j'ts back (~I[1. the .bene·fijcia.l as:p€lC'~S' Ilf any o'ttu~r mlssloa, without :f,am.Uiari.~dng itse~f with them and. recommending them ..

'p' t _.. J;.'~'

.. " a: .~.I.0~lsm.

People ~re· at Mm'e~ seduced 'by the a:ppea"[, to pab:lo'ti~m~ :a:t oU.!er times; by that 'Qf n.at-WortaUsm" espe<CiaHy in t'he :~ast" whe,m "U1J.e :Eu·teT.'o .. peoples al~e ,8(ware of: t'he abuses of tbe 'W·e~t, t~warcl, ·tJ]j;m:ll!, .a?o1llse~ th.sth.av:e done illJU:ZY to th.eir.· dlgnlty~, th.eir honor, and '&hEwf indepmu:]Jmcnoe:;; as "Wen ;M eommaad eered thelr wieruth and shed ,th~-ir. blood; and. W ]],eJ"E' the~e peop,Ue,s, :!ii1l.ffe:r under tJliEl W!esre~r.I. y\@l~ which. hM been "fhr~~d upon thilm .. Iien.ce tbey are tryin:~' 'w:fr'e~ ,themsElves ftio:m it ·with. wlul"wv~t' st;[lellg~b'l resistance,

""-plf'""'~]"'t:;"'n"C1 ,,,,,·n.;;il enduranee thev ",.""..,. capable "",.!If' """··m·'·m. """,.,.·~ni!lr I~',". m;Ii,.."""

lUI' ;' ·U!a·. II.U ,:I ~_ .• :1LlL !I.:W,~..IJ .. :!dL . ..u. !1r~":.(J.R.a;.,,JG. ~ ''?J t:u.![:;. !boD. ... ~U,~,~, u.r a 41--.:...' £' ~ ' __ .'I;#.:l.~.JLL~~ ~.,,,,..+ .,l. J~I!O;i

~ngu.les of 'li.:h(!it. 1~£wdelrSi have '~e-en given free 'rein ~I ,3, stream ,of ~e:W,Elpaper5. ·hasgU$hed. .f(rrth.~,t!]jeir wri.te,l.'S 'have w'f;'it,te;n~, tbei r ~ra.tor.-:e;, have made s,p'ee~hesJ~nd ·thelll:" broadcasters hav-e broad~as,t~ all in (be nameef pElItl·iotism. aJldthe'maj~t)' of na tion.~"Ii~"m.

Thi:s ];8 good. and :fin,{! .. But it is .Ilei,rn.'l:JlHlr good. :on!" fine tli at when y,ou try 100 acquaint '&h,e :Ems:t@!;.rn peo]Jiles .~ ·they bei~g' l[\'I! nsllm ,~'with - the ftwt th~,t ,thi~' is to he found in Islam "in a Is·tate .mere ccmple:l;e j more pure, mere l~tl;y~ and .mO!r€. 1~:X.~lted then anything' th at can be fennd in 't.h~ u tt€'t,a;n,(l€S of "111 ~stern.ers' and ·l;.l:H!! books 'of E1!ll',opeans I the.Y' J-ie-j€et i.t, and :persist in imit9;t[:I]_~' '~heee l~.t:ter- bllEtdly., drumlllg 'that ]'81am 'balonga in one category and this ']d~ol(]j1IY in another, S"am,e 1.1 f thelu think -nl~,'t ,t;'hls is, what splits !~be [utfty '0,( the nation aad 'weal{e't'!i;O ,the SQ]id1m:il"l~ o.f·~ ,i.:Il..Ii'!iI'~ii"i' .~~",·.-,'l:~!'

. . . ... ~ . . ~-- -,. -'J! - w,~""' l" J '"' lJJ.IU'l.

This: mistak~n not~oil. :n:ms· baen e dau.gelf' f~ir the E~stem ·]Ji®orp]~s. from ~:V'er.y st~d'~ Oi.lltt 'and wi",th ,this notion I wlQulcl n.ow Hke to turn '00 the :fftti.t.~de of the r\1:uslinl B1Ufulle:ihood and 'their In]s~;don1 "insof!1l" as theY' deal wtth the i dea of pa,tri~1tism -·tb~ attitude ,the,y @,p.pn)·v'e. of for themselves, a:nd vl,'-hjdl they de~ire t'i:ncl 8.1l"e: b",ying ·to con:vh1l.ce 'the people to :mdiQ.pt with thi'i!:m.,

Th,E!' P'atriotism of Semti'm.en1l;

If by :it t:he!]!)tO'P8lgandlis,ts, f'Or p~trio,ti)Sm :mean, ]ov,e !of 'this bwd,~

reJ.tt~~hm~n:t to it. se:ntimeri:t tct~l"";-'~' :it .. rul,~ l:Ii·tfip.-.+-i:, .... ~, ·;!.nw .. 'i;; , ,~ ;,j,. ~t' ~:,~

,~_ . . _ _ . ~.~ . I' - _ Y ~ __ .... ""W'!.!l'~·~ '!I,!"",. GI. Ui 1,!Lo.~ ,~ ... liZ!

Bometbing anehoeed in ,tblll' v~:n.aJtUJI',e' 'of the s;~'Ull~, for ene thing; a:IDI.dJ rO't Mather', it is pres erfbed by' Islam, B,Ual~ 1. whn s.nff~~W'OO -ill ,e-very ow ay torr tb,~ ,s;~ike~ 0"1 m,s; m-eed. and ]j]js, :reijgj.o~:! was, the same Bjjal who 1l.'tte~Bd the foU.owi:u_g ,~efrtffim.ell:t in. tb~ House of Ex.i.'te~~ filled with. lOAgiln.g :~~ir ~ecQl .blver~ei51 overJ:1owi_ng with ·tw:J,de·m,ess and rnpb~,te wi't:}] 8w.Belt·~'B88 .:

Wlomc.. that 'I kJlew if ] S!h~U ~pe·:t1c1 .. a stng~e :night, o[f1OO' Ji'l!O:OO: [DI a 'vaJley~ S-lbo1!J.t me s·Wleet - amelling' hed)s ~n.dl pa.ti'iJ~ .,. .grass; Or if.1 sball f()me d]Q'\V'n ,iSODlie Iday te the waters (Dr Ma!janna., And if Sham£!l. MJ:i jiT'~fil shall ever ri~e up befOrre me.;~;

The AlPos:U~ o,f i\D,ah (M;~y AJJ;rm. bless ·a.nd sav,e: him) had HfJ~ened. to a de'fMl.ription of :M~cea by U':!3a;yyU~1: and hi~. tears walled tI~! in. yearning 'fur.- i'to He S'aid.; t[_,jO U sayyU~ ]!e'~ aur hearts mst qllrnet."'.

01" :if the!ymean. that it :[3:l1eee,sSl,ary 'flo :m,Et~ke e·vEtl:Y efFortfuQ free ·the Iand 'frQPl. Us :T'avageri$~ ·to increaee i~ in.'depen.deu,ee'i' and 'to, il1sdU the' principles oif fltiiHledo:m. and .greattli,i;;$S: in the souls of it~ sons - then we are wf-t,h them In this to o, For- . I slam has laid the greatest stress upon thls, as H~ fBle~~.~d.and ,A1mi.gh:~ is: He;) s;ays:

I :Bna~, b.R·Flbmh {?=641'-a 'M~oo~~ ~l!t.!:'!l·!;li· ·i[iIf Etbii!ll,pi:iil:rl, cr.igin who '~~IH.s 8:ln~a:rI.J'

~. ~ '["1 H' . . . .. i·' 1l.' ~:. __ ll·n' .•. ~,~ ... Il.,," '11... 1i:"1 •

CiO:nlV\~Trl!! '11.-.0 . 81 am, . .IS ·!F!,-0lIIr-lUJi. IIIlIl.Sl:CI." SI[Jl.ILI~OOILb[jJJ UJlUEi. 'i(jl "1.iLI.!r.Il;Ul"O l:I'~cmlll:S~ 01: .~'!i.1;!;

]., •. • ~." _..!I '1 . L.~. ....IJ t _.!II .j".!I'1!.. A 1!.. 1!Ji']'~ t.1!..

1['1]' 19LOILlS ·OO'll.v]CaJ.'(!IlS~ aDu ],G: "'?if.as lJ'l.!'1J!~.'!r ,1II.Ili!C!l :~:[I€I€tII .. 1Ii,V' .. MiJl;illJ!. D!lI!. !L:I." •. fie was .u~!I!'

fj,rst ';;)I'J!i;lW p~f'fQ.1"lIlI1 the r;II:ffiol;:' of .cr::dUIil.g th.1I!! ~ra:i't[ir1Jdw pr,a_ye'r fm.l\II~adhl;thiill, i~iI11nez..~:iL'Ii"} ]~'J: :rsLam~, ,i!!u)d was '~l:i,i!' :fir.ii"~ iSt~:~e i:Ji~Mtil;eil:". :H'e 'rC!!t:~ghtDn .aII the :rl<O~~Ui't's CE!Jmp~ig'itl:s" iltnd dbi;lic1 ill. Dl'!,l~sellJS :m'fte:t" ~he. :M:u:9~inu OOI1qUe.8'~ ·()'fliy,ttJ·:i1I.

2: A refi&'1.'!2:rm.oo 'W Mil!!(linEl~ the et~y .~.c:! 'wt:a,ich thl! MlUsih!l1:!:!; e:llli:~ra~ed. aa a lliiO~Y' in the Jt:Il,Sra {EIl:dg-r..a·ti'lnl) IDrIS'2~.

~. Miij,ail~S!!:I. Slu:n:!i1~~~nd T~fil ~:r~ miri'U.f'!!wi~s in thQ fl,~i:~hlb~-rhi;!!od Of M'~cc~., .

.a UsarJ~ri.] ~ :iii :r.JJarne a:ssl~gllil~d 'foo, ·iii iDI'lm.mber. III '~~t,e P.nll:p.hgt"s: com.tE:1:11l!];J)~.·,;lU~If!S·.,. 'Whoe''1fef' t'~ W:M'!];~ 11I~ WM; asked by thie Prophti't I!'.!]'" by ·~;'h.e Pil:'Oph.et·,':s; wi fe '~A~]sha

~~. ;Ii "i~ ~JII;' . t'~ ~.; r' ·ik.' A ...-Ii, 111... '1'i;('..:Ii' 'Y' _11 'I '

to ,i.i!.tel:;;m1.a:.:iG .1.'J(1t~i'1iCfII ,all; . ue '~lme 'Ilr.- .~:m.3 'llI.ep;i:l1 1~lJlr;ill '~lJir .~r.a.etL!llnifli ,. ....!!:1:8 l4'U;:SCl~~]Jr _JOO

m!i}v~j '1;;11.1:;: f.l'Qphil1l·~ tQuttc·[,t:~~l.'l.l1l3 Oir 5.inrdl~H' ~~lI-timrm:bJ"


'OCOre.ut:ruess 'be;]'OJ1,gs to Allilah. His ApQ~e', and the benf!v~rs" !hut ,th~

'U ... , , ,'_ ,~'l\'" _, -- - -_~" [0 i:!!'~, Q~_ , ...,11 H; " , ". ~~i'l]] ,It,,., ':11 --, ~-

.!.,.!!".'{iPocn'~es ,t1..n,Qi'\V' not ~"U!l) ,: o~; ana e S,ay9;, ~~,6t~.t WI. Ue!v~r

grw,t, 'to 't:h~ unbeltevers a way ,agruoot the believe\nt ['Q,4~; 14.1].

P,a,triotism ,of Commuitv


Or if thliiiY mean by '"~a,trio,t,ism,!~ :r.einfcH·,cing' the bends which lli,r.dte; ind'ruvid u aJ.s,wit1'ain ,6 g]vl~n t'iOllntry~ and gntidiflLg ti}l,€i)ffi to the means of plll tting' tlli],]:s, r'ie:]I'.tfbl'\c~m,~rij.lt to wo(rk, to~¥ aed their best h1telre~t~" then we a:re also in. ,a:g;r.e:em~n:t "i);vi'fu them '0:1".1, this. For Eslam roegSil"ds, this as a nec,essarj' rel~~,ous d 1ll.t,Y!, and. ]j'~s Pr,oph,~t (May Allah bless and, ~av,e himl) rSj,aJid_: ~-13e wo:rs]]jppers of Allah, and. brethren j"~ w hilethe N'oble 'Qur,3l.n 8@j}®:: ~O :V,e W'JiIO' 'beU®vBl Do not ta:1!t,e as eonf dJ~n ts '~tJto~~ '!IN ho are 'no:t of 1-tl'u! tb~y wiE not :f~n to cast, diseorder among y~u; they are pleased by whaJt troubles you:", Hasred has been revealed ou t of th~i,rm()ruth'S: what their breasts eonceal is ytl:t. greater .. We have made the signS! clear to Y'0u'~ if )''Ou would blat, 'wl.der. stand" [Q. S:: 118].

Pa.'t,riotism of Conquest

Or ]~f' th~y mean hy jpaldo1tlsm'" the COJlqU~~st [If C01l.U:1&I']es and lordship 'OV~:i;;' the Ga,'[lth,~ .I B lam has already ordained '~!ha.t.~ and hag sent out (!!OnJgjtl~r@r,~ to carry '@1l:t themost ;gra~~olu s of eoloniza ti,un~ and the mQ~'t blessed ,of can,que,sts., Tl".lis"is w ha t He; the Abnigh.ty ~ s,ay:s: ~Ti,ght th~!m til] ther,a is .no ~J(Mlge:r discord, and the re''ligio-u is AUah~s-' [Q,,2: 19',31"

Pateiotism of Factionalisen

Or if th@y mean by "pa 1tri,Oti~MID ~ di.viding up the nation into parties 'which. 'em.gmge in mutual throat ~ cuUhtg, hatred and

,I '['he Hy~~ocrite!:!: ~Mm':Ii:fiLf1i~'i,nl11 \w:elre! hEl]f~~ei!rrterl, Med.~:i'le~e iOOfci''II'c;rtiS, Lu I,i~amil who ~rl!lf~'Ss~d lO,y~ny tJo the Pro[plhililt ,~ltd, hi:s fai th~ blLrL who, 'wel"~ ®v'iidci[li1.':bl' r~!m1y IW ~~k@ Wl'(:'a_iJ~' wijth '~J.k,!I!;l' p~gal1ts i[l 't.:hc ~V~[l'1,;, or a :sed:ou!j ~Cljs[jm dill~.f!I~", and WI~~ 'Il-h~rlil!:ful"e. '\,\f,a itiw)Jg 'to ,Sie~ wh:kh. Wa,}1 th~ cbip.ffi: W{)'U ld fall. Tlhey !flre' ;:d SCI [~lll.1.cmlfil.'t to eurren d®ifc all effective' po'li'cktil] fl.tlU'a;o[',il ~~v' ~Ol Mu.lh~Jn:l'T:I,j}rl. by giVJlig up thJ!l!:[:r :lI!l1 ianees wii'l!:..h the Med,i,nJe~e J'Ie'wisIl t:r~ bes,

~~~ ,i\ bad:ith fwnd in th~ l:biIJs:wld {tF ,A1nmtd b. Hanbal, See A. J', ~V:e~ni,dr,: el al., C01_iH!)o.rd~n ee et iodice's de 'fa. u"adiUOiD rausulmaue, 4: '11,5.

vi t~l,~era.tion.~ h~"r~ing aC~:~U:B,a,·tioDs ~t @ll.~ anether, deceivi..ng ,one another, and l:n:mdJj.l11fS ,to.~th.W'" to :fll1.1t~he.~· :po~~Uvi$t courses ,of aetion dl~ta ted by 'theh:, desires, ~.r:JJfOlfi1l6d. 'by ,th.e']1" :peTlSonaJ motives and g'Q·,~;,lS:i and hl1tell:'p~re~e:cl. by tb.eif:'· :mind,s to accord viltb. 'the·ir own. ~elflsh brter'~:9ts ... then 'th~ !ene,m.y will 'take ,altlv ~n'tagEl: of m:I. tlds, for l1i6' oW.n. en.ds~ OOJWUf',smgillg thlsA.'['e tn bla-.Ze forth all '&h~ more fi~l"cely'~ Mu.smlth.em ·to diff;e:r ii:J'\fler the 'b:u.tb Ollll.t 'be 1J.lnit-ebd o-n die: false. :F\uthel'." be will p'lIe.1jj!'ent an, l~omm.Lln~C~.tjo\[l Or' coopc·ra.tion. belwiE:O(l] thDrn ·lJ,.rut Wi!]~l~,n'W' them te -m'ii'il'!i'--""'~"'~l.i . .F.L '-'-''''t'l!- ·l""Z.-- - . .JI

. _ .' - ,_ ",,_._ .. ,~.: ... (. '_.~ UI __ .,_ ' .. _: .. _ ,"",_U.'Iil'.· .~ __ "'.,. ...",,1 I!O!!l.!' .u~\iLul,.;;il:t!I"!'"' ,"If] ·11 •. UJI.rn. :aDu.

to I'aJly around him~\:,,{ith the :result thatthe.lil' wl]] ,Si~elt Gillly :hlis: purlieus, and ~J,tl:ly~ho:iiie who 'come to him as V];s i.oo):',s; wUl eueeunter 0i[jJ~ Mother.. This is a. eounterfeit p\8i,t;do'ti.~m.~ Vi! l::li'lc'bi. does nO' good e,i:t.h·er for i'ts,propa.ganclists or rOil" .~e~p:l!e. in F1:U:~;:r'ru~ Now you. :ha.·v~· ,fruh:eadys}~en 'Ula:t W~ ~'f.~ '0[1. the ·91icl.~ oi'theii':· u:Ciren1:I~·~swi.th. regpec:t '00 all 'the sound ideas it t~]lbtills whi·c·-hr.~dound to! fb.e be!!4etlt 0'£ the ,eou.n'try and . .[till; pecple. kod. '10'1!l heve also If!l~~IJ. fb.a,t .~ his extJensivie! and 'wid1e'trmlging p.9.J:trioft'ie: [;)'M!pag,filnda comIl.s'lt:iLu'te,Ej; no mOM than a .Pltl o:f·th~ 'te~hj·~s O'fIs1a:m.

The Li.mi.'ts of' OUF' Patriu;~t.sm.

Ta18 hone af l30ntenticul between 1!l6 W].d.t~herm. is-that we define

- "" ~,. - . -. -_..].' -- . ,j. ,;,,1!., . ,j._ ·..]1 --d-' . f~ -- .;'11_1' 'n~ sli - r- - .'1.- '"1· ",L.. -.'

,pa,,,nO'iL1Sffi :rn:cc:crr.-umg iljO ~~ S l<aliliWI:it!JT, . I 0'. CI'J!E:Uim dG1:!' .,e· . ,W.!Lu[e!I: •. u.ey'

clefi_l1ifJ it :~Jcco1:'diJilI '~@ ·t!erri'oonaJ hnrd.er..tl. Md. [ge,ograp.ruJcal boulldad,~Sl,; For ,~V'e:~J" ~gion .. m. '~l1bich theU:~ill' i.s a Muslim, 'whillJ lS ay,s:

"There ls no g-od but A]'laJ1j and. ~lulurmrnad, is the .Apost.]e G}f,JlUMjj~, i.5. a fa;th~~']and ill eur opinion, po~s·essing 'its own invlol~biH~y and sa:n.~·t1:tj'·.! and demandmg ]OV~j siftre~l.~y, and earnest effort :~;or tl~e sake of its we] f~u."t· .. A~ r ~I 'U~] fms bl these geogr,riJJ.pn lc-any d·e't~~t'm:in.'sd ccentries are ou]" people and OUT hrnUlfE!tli :we are cencerned about. ~h,em.~ and. w~ share tlh:eill: "fleeH:ngs and ,sle~~ts:ibnUes., Pl~rJp'la;gainclbd~ Cor parriotlsm alene are n(~'t kil\i:.,~ this! ~ir.i,:c~ all ;~h:at itl'te·rests~Jhe·.m is what eonearns 8 speeifie l!'tnclu9.rro.w]y delimited fie,gjOlrt of the e~rth., This pr4c.'th::aU: diJJe],'i?Hl.ce. slb.o.w,s: tfiodh c'~erudy 'Wbene~.rer any ana of' the :IJJ:ttions desir-es ,to 1:!.i~~Mdi~~ :i.'I:,6e~f'· at the ·eX.plemnse of ,[[Dy other one, for we do 11 o·t *'p,pl'owe of th is 'taJd. ~g plaee a t tJ1.,e· 1e.'Fp~nS0 ~f any Isl amic country. 1tVe ,seel~. pOl-veT' (l]]Jy thae we J1ltJ.y all share ~]rl it 'togeUJl.e!I.'., B'uJ't the propagandists: :for ]JUTe' pa't:r~.@U~,m. :g,ee m,othi,n.g 'Wt'iOlug in 1]jI18; and as a 'reS:iil It, boli'i.~:s O'r amieable !l·e,i.fUth;}']1.sh:i:.~ a;Te

snapped, 'po,wel' i.e! d'~,911e1"Sied_;, ,and 'tb.~: ooe:my sitTi,'ke~ ml:t ,ak 90me by m;wdng U_JS~ of others,

'The Goal of Our' PI,ae,rlotfsm,

Thi.s; Is ,one factor'" T,h~ seeoad is 'thalt 'p,llr,ely :~o~aj ,paJtdo,'ts se@l{ :t'QI' 'the mos;t part to! ft,es' 'tb8ir awn C@lJ!u],trYi' and then ~e['watdst.u build up its :s:tr.e:n:gth. an t'be: :m,a.teriaJj, slde, j'u:s;t ,as, E:urope' is dO[ID.g 'lxId~y" W:eJ!! on 'the otlli3([" hand, believe tb!],t the, M'usIi m, is duty. bOlllllcl. '00 :gffi~'e of bm' person, hig blood! and his weaJ):thto CB!i1:"J I~Hl t his trost~ namely '00 guide raanldnd !by the Hgh;t of Isl am ,and '~O un its, baJn:net ,{in high ,above thE!,M,gicrnsi ,of,thfl,eaur~h" 'WD,tholl]:t ch~sirlng' '~heire by weelU:t, rank, or power over' i~nyo(ue~ aer the enslavemen t of M:~l '~-eop~r9,; He desires Q'n,~y ,AIDloo~3 Faee andtb e leli1~UY' <rf the w,odd 'tlll:ot1gh, :H1JS 'rnligii'J.[i, and the exal t~tilolr!! of' IUs 'WOl',a. Tlu:s is wbat ~purf.\ed 0]1 t\'U3 pious €a:r'ly M uslhns (AUahj,53: grace be, 'I!l PO]!], ,tfiet1t1!) '00 those .saint~y victozies 1"vlildl astounded the werl d and w1e'n't baycilld. ~nyth.i.llg' his:oory had Down in l~ht;h~ ,~wi'ft;r'ioessl. ,j1l9tiee'1' nobility!, M,d, virli;tH't.


] would H'}tB,t,o' dr.,a;w yurt.'irl!' RUefll:t]fJ!ll, 'to, ~'he egr.'e'giaru~ error ~f 'Lb~,t Ieadi ng ffi.gurn who sa,y:s that ~,ctmg oa tld~l ,Pr'im.(;1p],e w,oll.dd tear a~art 't,h,B u.ni~r ot' 'the 'n13)tiQ(ill~ w,hiec.h ]8, cnmpe EH~d. ()'f difi'Eiroo:t :r~l.igilnls e:~emell'ts.~ N ~}W Islam .. , which i~,thE! cvety teHg]o:n o:f uni~y and eq,ueli ty ~ gulw:,arl'~®~s the mamtenance of the 'ties uniU[1!g' the wlu;D];e't ,~~H) lot1lfil as' the!y' QOnt~n!JIB '~QCo(jlp!3ir.mte :f01" th~ geed: "PJI;ah doe's 11Jl't forbid, )''(;IiU '~O deal 'i.lvi.tb. tholSe who have: not :fhugbt :~SE)inl[l,'& yOIiU! in l"i~ligioiUJ and have ]lO:t 1~~peUed YOU, [tom, ylO,ur ]:l.OW'~~ll 'Vilith

k· - d- . - ·":0' t"'· ,I\" • deed All.~.t., 'I . iI-'~ . '. t,1 ['"' Q.n 101]1 N'

. Ul.'D .. (!iSS ~1IJIi ,JUS1iiCe~, l,(~ ,- In Jee.l!.I!n. ~WJ_'(l(li,;l~S;""I.~,e JUS _ .. ~:.QILJI; <i:,:;l1! '" Q'W

'then] frem what source could diss ension s-pd'f~:g'?

a 'b1'l;eAl~]3il1TI~..:!Ii,' Is ,pr:{lb:flb~y :f'!il!:fi![~l'il1g 00 thefa:D'lllD'US wri'~'II;:U!'" fJfn,d iCl'cl t!lcaibfill"

A~., .. -.'11 11' •• : Me ,-] CO· ',. '.'~ r ]'i:l',,,.rn litii~Q)'" j,- .. 'i:j' ·111'1,' .. ."" ci'· .. " ]--;' . "J"

""~ji],Il'!Lau JWl!.l IL 1.1, a~,-J3::l!Jy1LU \ Q',~;!:; ~ :[!,!:lO.,~ OCr IIJ[;]I (iil'li~ OJ ,(1ilLffii i1I'ljmiffi!f'(iru~ . 1!,Cl,~ .~~ Vi.' ]1)

cp.m,.pill],gn~cl 011], bch,;!dt 01" 1:11.11 ,ard,eruit Egyptian :mt[[{l,joorali,!lm. as op'~~o5ed ito, b~Uii

'In! I']" d 'p' ..... . i..;' ,i;1i .r.o. . 1- C'J' - 'I - ~"~:r - .. .a. '11'l T:-Ci:.,

E"18;11I" ~;u:n~s~u ~Jl~. .-i!ll,[1i ·.~-'!tr~IIjI.$IT:I!+ ooo~ KI:r e:KIB.'mp.c', .' :iI.D]j'l<iE~ y.~' e:nuJe~. ~ ne

~lO~Ujl.i,on ~f' '~hE Jl)llI:tJI"ptian, N!llrtiG\l]faill,J[m~:gG',' :li'O\lll its O:dg1iIII S' ,tt_~ AhillU11!.d Lu~r:w Lfll,'Sayyid .. Pl~l" 2:2-9·2:n,; 2;5rf3 ~:2,5 7 i


YO!g, have seen after an this 'holw' mueh we are in ,a,gtee!lfiMt

',~i';!' il,iI..· most ard .. ,j:. .,.'I'~·"· .. ts .'.".,:,'. ··d·,·'·"··,··f.j:l:..· "-'f' _,t·"~i' .. -,- ... ..:111 Wltdlll!~le mO(!l,. I~U ._,iEllllll' piaw:-~Ii]' _.S as feg!il.f:'_:S ~ove ~" !.-,!;l.,e!, CQUIl.1,]" sgoou,

and EHilmeSit 9:tt"uggle' for the sake of its liberatien, i ts W'e']fa:l~,e" and ies progress, We do, and we 9:U1l,port ,~w,eryi(),n,e 'who will ench~~~.vQr to proeure 'these, wi'tbsi:notl':u:'i:t:y" Even more, I wane ,you. to, knew that ,their endeavor ~ H" it sho~ld, result :ro Jreeingt'b.e fatherland and restcning it's gtm:'y" 'would t'e:preSlent 'hi tb.€ ~fu:slim, Brotherh .. eo cl, n1En:-ely a part of the way j or ,sti;U1p]y a ;sh.lg~e ~s:ooge' Qf H. For after t'J1a:t~, it. stiU remain s for them to strive 00 raise the standard 'Or the Islamic, fatherland nn high, over. all the 'r~gi(n]8 of the ,e:art'h,~ and 00 unfurl the banner ef the Qtti'~afi ever~Y'W'l:H~l.'e.


And now Lshall speak to ,Y01JJ about 01iU ,~:tt]tud~ 'toward, the pnnciplJI!i of nationalism,

N antionalism, of Glory'>.'


Ie by what they V2!JU1Tt 3:R, the principle of nationalism, they mean that the scions :5'~,10u]d fo HoW' in thtl: footsteps of their ancestcrs on the 1 adder !jf grlol'jt and grandeur; 'tha't th.~y ahould emulate tbem in their :fi;l eul ties of exceptional ahi]it.y and, re-s'olution;, th a1,t they should take '~he,m, ·as a good, eXB!mLple' to j(bUo~v ~ and ~ha.t thagrandaur (Df the forefathers is ;sum.edllin.g' their daseendants m,:ay boast of:~ and throl.\gh whld~, th,e::¥ may discover 'b1~a:v'En~y and magnanimi t1 by virtue (if inthn~1e eonneetion and hd1erita.n.ee = ,th.en it i:s., a wo;rth,Yt flm~ ,gnal 'w,hhill, we en~ou,rnBe and adveeate, 'noes our 8.]Dpara.tus foil" ~;w aken ingtbe ardor [lif the pr("esen't ge'l1,eT.~Uof'l1 'ex1~~rt for any othe:t t'eaBQll than to spur the'll] on through the glori.es of tho s B gOne before'? Pe:rha:p5 a clear clb~ec:th~'~ 'lot" th:l:smay 'be se!lL~1!'il in what tb:e' AposUe' of Allah (M!ay Allah, bless a:nd :~a:v'e 'blm!) said: ~M.~n ~re

.J!.c._ • ,-- ',c. . ~ .j:,," ,'. . ! tl . I~ ,j. ,C';I.''I!,... '.' . 'rEI,-, - .,l~.' .... , -.', '\- 1L '. L.gic . ·f·· .. u,:t"'€ asure 'L,t ([J V es: I_ ne nesu OJ w:~em I n ,l!["agan nmes are ~~le IUlB ... !l; ill

them in Islam if' t'hey hu t 1~11J~v1t.1 iOJ~h!el~ you S@!Il now ,th}~t Islam dOles not deny this excellent and noble quality to na'tioI1.E!!liil:l:Hll."

] '~I-~I·¥Ib. ~~, l~ ~ ~i" ~ l' Til, ]. I ""'. 'iii' '11' .' '-I ~ - 'I!., .]-. s: ~11 'jij,i!' L. _~ .'1,,[- 'n)'. ~]_i , I~ u:um "I~ ''"''~ JijI!ll!: !II'JI!J!~~'C!, rn i.·!!4~',Ij.I!1_t ~~~·~."r:'I?,!I!~I!:.!'~ml a ,·i;;iIa .... L11 \,eo~. ,~l'l" ,·U~il:l~'. ,i:U~:lII

-..:II ITt 'n~' J" -- .... ~ •• , II) ''J!':i ",,,,'l~ oI:!'n c ,..~~..... ]. ill ~'~.'" ",,'Ii.. .if'~ - -- ,,- .. _1.""""."" ,Ii]. ]1f;J\ and

!l'llilil .. J,. ~'i ... , UY",ILI"" .t· 'I .D6!U\ ~ 1lJI'llI" oii]· WJul.... ..l'l.~ .. ,"".~;,'!OU< ll..oiCh.Il:I',U:",L.,u.';",,!. ,il:i.; -.!.IU' ,"" ILII

~'k IGiS_

'Na,tion,ali.sm of Politi,c,al C'omm'U'oi.ty

Ol:" if they mean 'by !o!,r,i,a;UcHlau:sm'~ that a rnan'a kin, and his E),atlun are the :mos't deself"Vlng out of aU mankind erf his benevo10Ili2-e and devotion, and bhe :mostwo,rthy- of his fa V:O:[' and zealous s'b',hring ijib:ad] - then i t, Is the tl~y,thj' iTor who d_(H~S :t1Jlt think -that his people ar-e Ute most deserving 0 f mankind of his zealous efforts j 'when he 'has spru ng~ :from -th,enl end. has grown up :Etmurag them?

,By D:ly life, s' man's 'kin, are greater]]) fotbaaranee Toward l1.im" evenif tb.'ey In.CHlI1L't hhn on, all kinds of sftddJ!es.:t

N a-t~,onali.s,nl.. ef Disci.pline

If wha t Is 'i.i:'l'~e-il.d,~d 'by "nationalism" is that ,ZlLU 'Of us are' put to the 'best and held accountableto wo-rk and strive assiduously, it lS up to e'ir1ery coHe,ct:ivi'ty tn realizetheg)oaJ. :fu:~:m, Hs own vantag-e poin t UIlJ,ti1 we OOJIiverge:i ,Al]lah willing, in the ftn:eoolllrt Q~' -vicI;o:r.1t ~ and then this, divi.siml, wiillJ, 'hgL'v~ beH~'Ii ,81. g,ood thing' hndeed! \1\lh,o is for 'Us, in C[)]l]'p,:!lJny 'wit]} those, \VIm S:pliH 0]1 ,the :Em_stern poop]es, irr phal anxes~ eaeh nne on. its 'Ow]], ba ttJeneld! until we all '~O:);1.verge' in. 'the, fe]ici t;9' of freedom and Iiberafion?

.AU this and tb.e like eomprised by !jfu,e eenespt of 11.a tionalism is :Un~ and 'w!QIiJ.cl.~:'[~,fbl: Islam dO€:9, not ,l"~ject :it ~ Ialam bEing our ewe-i terio,[:L _, but in .fac1t~ our. hearts are opU[] toreteive it, and w~ U[:ge all 'to atce_pt it.

]'ft ll1.'ow',ev@']~'! what ts ,[Jll.'eant by "nationalism" is the revival of ,tJh~ customs of a, p~~arI, ag,e which h~J;~ b~en swept ,iUW a)r! and the, reeonstlhrtloo of extinct manners tlul,t have ;g.cme by! while fi.I. 'benevolent eivilizatiau 'W'hien. has 'J.n:mgbeeIl establ ished is efface,d,1 and 'the bends and attachm,e'n.ts of Isl am are clis;9oived by the propaganda of nationalism and :r'.s,c].a.l -f!ilil~l.:f~waI!I,dizemen't~ as SOUle

~ M'~~.nii1g~ i'Even ~.f they 5!J.lilitie-<:'t him '~@ various HTII.iloyai10Elrli and d.i sc.prr.iJor.b .• " Fr,um ::iII. P(U~I:tii1 ~'II'!I Lite :lTmrl'i;f)iU!li: tii nt1H1:e!IJl'tm;y an U1!IlI~lI'gy en titled A~ .• :[-liamas:rn,. 'r:~HlilPll,i',;id by ll~~ " Ptl'~t ,A,lH!:!J TlJ.'Ir.[':f.!.l!lm. In th~ l'Eic~rd Eg,yil'~:illijj'J, ,!3<Ji'~i~H'II ,of" this '!Yad.~. the aufhQi["'Si name :~_S gf'!,i'~]jl ,&:3' lCl1ali,d b. NHcI!li!lt'j, hl.Jt ,there ,~u"e ,ml:mCl"!ilU~ oLllle'[ :gU.J:ibutiUIJ.'ii-S.

~h\'~shave done by 'ta'kmg ex:ken1.€: measures to, annihi18,teUlB ,eharader,~sU(')' 'trai t~ 01 Islam and, Ara],.i~,m - ~IHiing' ewen. "to pGi'SOIl,®L[ n,e:mes, Ule, let~r.s Q:f the :a~phQbI;l't and t'he 'voc;abu:bu:-y j, ID1.d, tothe mvhriinig of long ~ dead .I.~agan. ,customs ,_ then U:d,s,

· di t f" . - • I"· h .'-1))"] d' 1 -. ..

, I:", .'.->~: 1-;' -',_ '_.:~ .. _ ':'.' .'-.; ,c, ".- __ > ," ':'. --, ,_J (-,", 'j','1 .-_ ':. ~~; ,-: _,--:'" 1.-,-'- "i,- -, . -._~-I· ,_

lngI'e. len. er na tlo:na lJ31m. is reprenensi . ,~~ . e e'lietrlOUS IU its con,

,s~q~,u;~~,ce:s' and e:v.il tn Itsresults.! It will lead 'the Eas't '~Q lit serious b,arutttUI]]i&c,y'" Gr~l:u~m;g' it ~o' fOn'eit its herita,~~ while its :presti,g:e will fhe're:by deeline j and its must in.t!'indc qualitie:;;, tn,g~tl1.er' with ,the. most hallowedeharacteeiattcs 'of :LE$, 'rumor.' an,d n{)b~Ut'Y j win be 'lost., But tbj s, ·w~U harm ,Allah~\S religi~iJ:n not at, all: ~!Md if you turn your backs, He Wl~ ~ replace Y,Olll ,~i,th an,o.tl~e;r people, a;lld 'they wi n net

1l,... .11 ",., '. 'j~ [Q" 4- F1 iJi 10']1

,~e .~ l~~ y'Ou" _' ..... c,.·if~. dO a

N' . ·ti',· .-' .. _,") .. -_. .,,f!!' A· - -. - -" ... ~ ._-

0 __ a/_-on.~;;ulsm O.L' _ggreS610n

[f whSLt is meant :by '~~'ti.a;.t[Qi,na.lism.~~ is '['a.cia] sE!Umggra:ndi~!I3mernlt to, :a degr,ee wllich [(%ld~ to Ute dlispli5IiJra:gem,en:t of Otll,e:r f'aJ!e~ ~ aggr'BB.~D.olJl against, them" and, tl1eirvactimi:zatio:n ftH'the sake 'of the rsatien's glory and its ecntinued existenee, aspreaebed :fOlF 0%D1tlil.,p.le by Gernuln:y lind :rta!y~ .['),3Y more, as elaim ad lily' every 'J]] atiiO'-~ w hieh prearhes its sill.peri,D,ri'ty over' all otb.0r,s, ~ then 'this 'too is: a

. ..

fJeptehens:ib:te, Idea. It has fl 0 share in h umanitarianism, and

means that '~ItJ.~, human race' \-v,ill liquidate its!elf fOr the sake, of at delusion ~tfu ,(B) 'bEIJ$i6 in fact ood. e'mbodyi:ng n£):c, the ,sllgh;ooS\t good,,,

Two Pillars

'r11~. :MusUmBrnthe.rho od do not believe ~n a nationalism contai.rni:ng these Ideas Or the:~r :lil{!~" 'n,o~r do :tlI1ey' advocate

Pn. • ,!" ~ OJ:... Ph ... 1:'1,.' ]

. naraomsm l fiI.~8;ulsm, ' . :: 'oen,u:Iiluu:srn, 'Ot dji'rl,:ii nrsm !, o,r. e:m;ploy ,rn:~r

of those e~:dt1"1,ets b,'Y whiekl pecples are held up to. il\~~1illt. But the'Y' do b~H€1Ve in 'W hat the Apostle of God CNl'ay AHaJ] bless and save bimJ) ~ the P~(rfe!~t :M'Wl~ 2' the most perfect '~I3a.reliu~:r WJlD bas ever

I This: 15 a ,de:fu; re:~re[],e.e to the ffiilloopi l1Ig refO:r1El9 m,s;tituwd by Mus:t.afa ~{€llW .Ata turk hl !tile yeat's: fuU.«Wlfig 'Lhe elne!!:WJrh~e! of '~hli!' T.udd8-h re:gntb,i ic l il '1923.

~i!: Til Ari!lhw~ ~ Al·I:ns-an a~,~:kiflm.H.'~ The Propb,C,t ]ill~ iOi~'" cv!tlLri1iC:! tbe ,ideal moltiel of

'lUI' 'I' , '" . . AI ",- t'- "'iL, 'iI.. - j; _.- 1~ j.. - -. '. - i:" A! -8' .. - • _jj'!i\'J.USI 'llJ] Vir ~Uiff: i1III.!UI J:n ety HII." tue 1I..il!::!'J!l!eV!l::F ~ 16!'Liri. In Vlew 01 ", i'~, .. aana S f:Oh'y

affi]);J;IJ'HiZiJ'l wifh IIi, Slil!U order'i' ~·~s rnay~.l.S'{lI be an aJ[-uslO:PJ. to M-I!,lhatij.m~d ;eJ,S '~he ':P,]tim,ordiai ,Pi.. r.dte:tyje of p.ropJletbood.i th~ FiJ~st iut;e,]~jgm:cJ! w:hQ ln~mia t,es~


W!'ught IDankind. the g)ood! saiih i~ Allah has relDo¥,ed ,from, y~u the'

- , .::II 1 '" t: t k- ,.:I

~'u·r!jJiii1':an!CB: ,of ~aiCt~m ,an!ll~W 11'118' 'v,:£[l'[n'E;llD,g OJ: y'Our anees ::r.y~ WBID: ,~J]~

!i[Jr~,~s :£mm Ma:mj, ,and, Adam, springs ('ttlom chl!st. 'lll'he ,ru,·ab haEna :super:r.Jir.ity 'Glv~t 'L.M non - ,A,r,ab ~e'Pt by virtue,of hia :[Jiety,.~ll Hew ~p:iemdfcl.th:[s is, holl'v :fbu~' and justl M,M,ki.n.d,are of Adam, and

"':h ,.':4;' ,', ,1.'11,. :, ':, ,-' - I"" = - ~ 11 i!' ~'i"il,.jl 1fl"';i'!>""'ifiI~'.i!!I' 'lJrii'!i; with AF[ll:!i; '~n.i"li~:'II".,e:r' ]': .... : 'i":n~'''''J· 'i" '!;i ,I el'e~!O~ wve:y .am cqu,ilJIli:Il, '1rU,~U If,''!.iiU .f"'~~ ". ~"" ''''''' ~ J,~ I!.I'''''~'''''' ~'" ... I,;~:]'_" 'h"~ I,"bo, ,J:,

\\i'orksl, and it lLs Ute:iLr du:ly 'ti~ be 'riv,als m dD]", good '~ b.vuiir.m

"l~ , , ,:lL' I ,:,,,' 'lb." ,- -, -- 1',· "Ir.- .-, -, ,1' b ,,:] ~~ " ,+'IL.. .", ",' 1.::1 F,rt.

:P~" rars, w ~dC: :1~, L,I, ,K~,U man, ~.h'Iill' WO<'fe' on 'yUl,,1i; upontnern, "'IOU, ,'U c 1.-

mank~nd 'up ,to Ule highest h6a:v~fis!! Mam,kind, ~~ sprung ft>om .. iI\dam~, '~h~TB:'ffDlI'e tll~'Y are' ~;reUu:--e-n 'and it ~ ,th,e:h" d 1!lty ,to oo@'pera;,tie' Wifi~_b ODG' anotber, tc k!e~,p the p~BOO mln~g th!enlse~'VI;N:;~ 'to deal mercifuUy wi'th Dr:H~ 8J)Q,-tll,er j bJ 19,uiclJe {}:118 ano,tJtoT 'i;olliVam t.he good

..:iI 4! ., ..... '11:.. ,,'j... ,Ii-':. m d k 'iiit' ,;, ll,"lb."'

HIl,u liio \fvt!!: Wlll;,.l~l, .ol1e ,aD@';'J.~iGir ]'[:1 per~.or,mmg g'oo.·,' 'Wor .'S. 4',' rs ~J<~eJ::r

d1]f.'~Y' to, stri.v,~ sealou ~:~:y, each 'w:~thitl. his sphere, so th~,t m~nkind rna,y advanea. Have you, evel" Self![[I. hru:m,mnitjfr.ioo tal ,hmigl1J:;s Joft]e:r t.h.a:n ,t.hiB~j 01:" fIL teaching :mo-re e~ce,1 [e:fIJt tl'iJ$fi ,tl1i ffj;1'

Chi ,-, " ,·t - ,~,' *"\ ","', f' lIIi'~1l bd ",~, _ ' I ,arac, eF1S'11,li,ICJS, o~ ft, ,om

N:e'VErt.heless,:, We: ru:'B' :no'~ dSi1,ying Ulat th!9 val;;i,ous,r-i,aLti(lol'l~ l~,a'v,e th~ir ,own, disHn,~t quali'tci.~;E;, ,md. paI.Ylticullu 'mrultw duu.·a,etel"£"fol' 'W~ 1, ;1:] j. ':j' 'L. • t ,,] ·'h.. .::i .'iI- I f Ilm,(ill'7!t 'II;;. :la, ev~'t:Y :peiOp\~~ ,U]l;as, 'l,' .s ,OWlJ, q u a 1 ~.j:m'u ljl:"S 'O'\i-VlI snare 0:

eseellenee and meral -:ljbe~",- and we knew tao that It] 'tb],::1!re'8~(H:;'~ the varlous peoples dft1ei!' fr-om ©ne anofbe:l' and 'vie 'with. D'ne anQlth,er in, 0'X!cel1l!llloo,. We, belie'vt1, that in 'tnf;H3 a :I"e'!l[3~Ic:t6 l\_r,abclom possesses the foHe:st and lno~t abundant :!31JJ~:u;e~. buethis does not mean 'that it-s peoples shee lcl selee upon these ,enarnceer.ls't],ICS .a i!i a pf."e'tF£iX'~ for ,aggTe'ssi:on,. R~Jh€'r should 'tklGiY mdlopt 'tb:e,l]l, as a m,e~,6 o.f f>eru,i::?;]Ilg' th,e f() reme !iI:t b.u~k, 'fgr w hieh I~v:m'" P~(j:I~;.li~ is 'f'€llS,pOn Blibh~t

_ "A".eo renaissan :"Q, ""Ifil." 'I!.. ~:Im"" n ";,j,v p' ,-- - .b .... N~~I , :' "Ill":--' _, ~··111 ',- ~,j, 'f-·.- rd '\-' ,,' i'l ,-,i',." "'.I, ..... ~, ... , u.~.." a., C.., u~, !l!U; . iI& ... l"J. ".fOit!dbl'lJ J0l,] WL.u ,O'W'.,. ,_In, _ ]11 1i;:I.1,_, U~,

hrn8~O\t, My eneof the peCllple~ of this !F.:UltU"lJ. w~h.o have grasped ll1.:h"il

:=lbc't.ll!;r.lBiI:!'ll GQd ;u'l,cl] C:!lii2:!lti,ilii:f!.. ns: Creatillifl., .EiS, ,r:il~' I\:X~'ln])~'i! i~ LhernyiS L'lrB'I, ph:Hil'!\s(J:ph'~Eg of 11b:r:t~1~·Ar,iEI:~i ian,cll '~A'bd fJil-ICar,i:m ~l-JHL S..wR ,Amaldel'l;~ art, roIA1-,IE;s:I1LI1I1lJ-Iu..Jil'ri'l ~ Pi Eli,

! "Thesl!l): werds W'illJi"le L!U~lHr'i~] h,), 'MU! lham:n1ii1id at '~he~ ,(!tJinq l1e.9!~ of ,M'ecce ~,n 6:3 0, 111.3 ',._ :he steed at ~he ,dooo" of '~he 'Ka~~ I w:hh::11 had Just been elaansed of its ],dots a:rnc1:, all otnc'f' if:l',3,{li['$ of pol'y~h14!iilH!!: \~(ji!'shi.p.. ~<~~ I b~ Isha(f[p The Lii'fe' g,f

lIi.!li'U~" "'mm ."AI -" £:1l::'1'jI, !.' ... ~ .. _,_ ... ",_~_,_, .. ~_..jg,! .l3'; '-'"-"U'.


concept as fUlly as did the. t A-raibi,an. phalanx cOll:s;istingof the Companions of t.h,ill A:pOlSUIE!: ,o:f An~h (M:ay AJIHh bless: and save: himD.

Thia is a digression dle,man.Qed. by the con text of OUT' discussion, bu t ill would rather nat eentin UB in this vein, lest it takte 'us too fax afield, Hence 1 now return to our chief poin t oiinterest"

Now t'hat y,ou. have Iearned all this ~ may Alh:d:lJ. sustain ,yuu! - know 1tha:Jt the 'Musllrn Brotherhood regard mankind as divided. into, two earn ps vis-a-via themselves: on,el, be]] eVln;g as they be~iev~~ in AUah:',s religion and HiJs ]3ilo'k,1 and in the m lssi@ll ,of His Apostle and. what he brought wUh. him, Th~Ji;e a:rGl attached to us by the most hallowed at mOlilds!tbB bonds' of eredal doetrine, which is to us helisr than t'ill!' bend of blood or '~lf soil. T'h,eSl~ are our elosest relatives am.aug· 'the peoples: W'e f~e]. symp;&lthy 'ool\v:rud. them ~ 'we wo:rk on '!:-llmt hfi]taH~ we d~~@;nJd them and W~ saerifiCl.€ 'OiL] rsel v-es and. our wealth [;or themin whatever land 'they may be, or from w hatever origin. they 'may spring. A.J;; fo.' (lither people VII itch w hem we: clIO net jl'1st share '~bis bond, "iN~ 'win be .. at peace wi:th them as, long as tllJey refrain frem aggre,8lsinn agmnst.us. \Jl'e. believe j however, that a bond does exist between us and them ~ the bond, of our' miasjnn - and 'that. it is ~U[' d~.J'ty to invite 'tU1Bm to what we· adhere to because it is the best that humanity has. to of[er~ and to en:lp]ajl' auch w a.ysand meanato succeed in tliis mission as our fal th hae de signated for th ~l't end .. As for those of them 'W]:1(l' show hostiHty toward us ~ we shall repel their aggression by 'the most virtuous means through which such 110~tili.'ty 'may he repelled, If yGiU wish ·to hear 'thi ~i a uthentieated by the Book of AUah" ]i~'te:n~

L "The believers are nons ()tll.~I" 'than. bT'C)t1]_ers;, therefere make p,eaoo hetwaen yCl'l;L'[' two brothers" [QA9: 10).

.2. "~Anah dees not forbid you to deal. with those who h~1LV'Je: not f01i.:~.gh t again,st you. in religion ~ and. have not expelled you from your homes, that you should treat them with kind [HaSH and justice, for indeed, Allah loveathe just. He forbids yoq_t ,0nJy thos e who fought agaJnst yo u in re ligion, a rid. expell ad you from your homes, and helped to expel you, ·that you should takethem as friends" (Q .. 60:· 3-9J.

Per'ih.a:pg th'ralJ!l;gh "this I have 1'i3'V'ea1ed '00 you, an aspect of out tJ!l,'iss~Qn, 'whtch will :l],ot l~av,~' ~t a mbigu,om,s, QW ,enigrLlatic it ,your. mind,.Md, perhaps mrer tbis, YOil!iwil1 'Kno'w whait, kind of Q~1JLiz;a:t:io:n lhffi :Mu~lim, ll~h:--ot.h~rhoQ-d is"

In the F8L,ce, of R'eli;gioDs,DifieTMlCe·s

I will now speak to ,~}"Q'U on tfu.~ subj act of OlM'" ,mi,S,SlOD ViS=a.=vl;S r.~l]gkilJ.ls diffa~'ence~ and s'tllJtal.",j,M, o'P,miorus.,

Joil1mg~ 'got sepa)l:,Q,tin:I=Rn,Qw f rs:t. ..m~ ,A.ll.blh enU,gll ten yu:~],!: -fhat the: m.iss,ioll of ,th~ MUi8Hm Brot.n,m;ihi}od is, a, general one 'unaffili:ated 'with a['JJY particular sect, and, ,t.ha,t, it does, not favor ~,y opinion known among people ~~ pgiSSe;S sing ~Bl ~Iltt'hia], cast and :p;~.u'\c'hjw plfeco'nc~p't].oln8, and conclusion,s. It addresses ib:1~lf to ,tb,e '1,: .. ",,.4 ,-I-f. ~ .... """"'" 'l~'i ijiId,~~d~i"''if!i _ and we: would like to see various

,[lAE!,BLa,,, EU'JI'!iJI:, '!;.;U'IL '!.or ... ,~ ~ •...... t~ ~~,",~ . .!.. _ ,!!-~ __ _ ,",'I;J! __ u _ _ _ _ _ ,

in. terests and poh1L ts of viJew unified so '~h,at ~'u:r' wurk may be mere prnduc:tivi9. and IOUit' results grea tar :ed moee sj:g;n.iJfi.ean.t. For '~he.

misskm ... ,.t'" '''"I"','''' 'l\,lI"';'.~]'~"i'[f"ll B ....... ehe .... heed ,~", -1"'1"i"",," and unsuflied un-

,~.~ _'~'!iIl~_~._ 'Y!,~. ~_,~,!i:i . .['tJL·u,j3 .U.!L_JiI IJl_ U tt.. 3 :~j., _~U!Ul.· L.~ , ~ ~,I. '!G ~ .J.". -_ . _L:.R.!"-lrLoJ_JJI. -.' ;r. Y,I",,·

blemished by ,ill'ly stain, and i,t i s om the side of 'truth wherever it :may be iound!w.wrn,~'[y e~m.'l,SiDg un~_n,fmi'ty and detesting d.evj.W'lCY~ ~he, glI-e:~OO9:t trial fi'o,ID ~1AA1"h]!Ch ~hlsH:m,s have suffered has been 'that 0:[ separatism and d~sa~-eement." whiJe 't:he basis ,af all ,their victories has been Ioveaud u1l'iIjty. 1l~~ has t af this lDUlfiUI, w ill prosper ,o:-nly through th.e: same means ,M, dld the .ffi[·~,I~: this is ,~, :fl.1nd~nl;e:l1b'la.l prhl,cipl!8 and aeknowledged ~~1 'to ~\H~l'y Muslim Brother, It is an artic'[@ of 1:u~HI@f :firmly anchored \~i'thin ~]'ur souls ~ we owe our origin 'w jt~ and we' appeal to ethers to aeeept it,

Drfffel:"e:nces aee in,'e'vi table~ Wlt]lw ~ 'We believe that differences in the aubordinate aspects ,of religion are absolutelyunavoidable, It iB impossl ble "fh"r' us al 1 to be united nn these subordinate aspects, opmions, and schools of th~)Llght :fQ:q:!' a number of l~e~SOJ:1iS+i.\mcmg thesa are diff~:t~'nG~iS of intsllectu ~d 't';'api:1,ci'~,Y to ttl.ld~'rtake:priiJ.f(),lJLnd investigation, 01"' incapacity to do so;' eons C,]011] s grasp 10:£ rigoreus pFlc}ofsr OJ' ]gn(~ra:nce of them; and varying aJ;,HU] t© ~eneltr.~rte in to the dept.h,s af ideas 8JI'l.c1. the ]:n't~M:'t5mll,]lectedrl.'eiSs of essen, Hal. tru ths, Formal :r"'~d.]gion is eontainted in Qur~ailli,~ v,e:r~es'I'fjl"ad~,tions,l, and

'tiex,ts: SlJJ bj:l!;ctoo l'[]:ttiiUe~'tli.lal elllp"si.t],OD and j 1l],dge:m,en:t, 'within the bounds Se't by :I~uguaga and tts rules, and 0(11, '!ihis: ~c(n'e p~op]e ,am very raueh :at odds m'lJd t1le:re' is no 1j3,scaping disaension, Aslo among these faetors are brn',~ud.th and paucl.'~:Y of kn'owledg;e, Foe, ene individual will. harve heard of something that MO'~he:r :Etas n,Qt~ and. the. ':ne,xt ~ el' '''(¥ill. '~e in a if!,]"'f'"ril CIi''If' 1I"_,~i'iJ::~1',,,,,;n'''''''411''i1'1' M- ·.··:1i~~.:1 If',~,' d ,,... .Il··b·:, ':

. , .... ,:!l..~ _.;L.l! _ . _._ _ _ ... .u;~~'~;.!I' ",",!i.iL_ .... 1O;!LI.:U'!il'\U,il.. _ ,iUlJ.-ri;. Q,Bl!. 1110 ,f~, _ u.

J·a.~:fat'..2::. '~he CQmpani.n:ns of the Aposth~' of AI] ah (MaY' Allah bless and save' him.!.) b ave been seaetered about in the varioas :miUts_I'Y seUIem,eIIl. ts;:;i,. and each "J'ou.n :r--,!i;!i P ~,i,,,. '~·fiw<ii!!i; fiII[-' k- . --I"I1II'1"'1- Ji!i.~!.(li' .... "". 'I,G ,:, :'.'

_. .. ~ _ __ .. _ ,1';1'" - --~ .... ~,h."'!<:11 ,~!.>:ii .:i!""IYI'~'!;:;O v, ,Ru'n' c!lG:Ji ..... ,~. yon,

compel Ulem 00' ,accm~pt ona opinion, ,tb~t'e wjn be civil .s,tf:'ife,,~\· AJs:o' among these faetors ar-e differences, (If ~nvir'{m.mB'nt! ,ftm thatt, ada~p'bttion 'to, each wi]] differ B.aCQiflo;i[l;!f '00 'the ditTeren t nature of each environment, You, win see the Imam .Al=ShaJ.fi~i.lJ {'M~:J" Allah be

'I Malik 'b." Anas t·cl. 795)1 'M.edi1J:ese jurist and I:.h~ rOWiLder of tha Ma1iki:t(!< 81::hool QfSu,n:n:ite law. m.s: Wt8iib :d~Mu'wiiii:Uai' J,~ the ,eat,l:illl:st 'e~d:~!JIsjV',e: :cOITli:~e:ndium, of,Mu:s1:iim.lm:w· Wlii'UC':o. has s[:l.Irvi!v~d!. ~[1d it· If'IreSal~il!i5 the SiLm,n a ~'f"M- "~' --- .' d

. . _ .. . _ _ .• _ __ ~,"'" _.' . .'. ,iZt .[ .ec In a all. .

the e~:llSeIlilj:U~ (,~jmJ},} ,~f the :Mei~U:l'I.es.'e ,St:hoJ:SlJ'S: a:n,d juri,s~ 'U]l '00 'hi~ '~l;m~. 'H'ls:

W'Or.ll is: [totahle for ~~l,e freqlli:er:t't· US~ of jndlept;l!lld~IJ~ Judlg'a.l1ent {t'fli.'y' w here both tradition ~:I'ld ~u!l;tom~;fl'law 'fa'iJ.edJ w give. sui.ta'M~ a;[lJswem. Th .. e :Mam:dt~ Sd:w~] isprewaJ:e[lt. hit NOl'lth ,and We~t Afr.ica, Uppel'.' E~,pt, ,aud, fbt'm~'I'~:Y ~n M:ll!.S~im :8ap:i:o.,

~: Ah1J[ Jafar iAbd A~]ab h;, M"Mammad P.J~~ra[1;Siur.~ the' sernlld OElJi:pb af thQ ~:Abh;iLSid IDyn.aBty i wbo l'Cigned, :[T;~nn 75,4- - !jI75, Ii"e 'iJrui[ t the originaJ Round Ci~y O'f B8g~1:dad as du~ [,U~:W capital of t'l7J.~ Islamic .Empire.

:!I, 'Th~ -roilitarysettlel1l1ii3:rtl;ts {ams-.aill:"'~ \~:r.e :mit ,first l:iemporrru'1' h~adqu.aIi.e~~.'3. n}1~ the .M:us~lm a.rrnie:s, dunng 1ll1Lt1l' cady Y'~~, Qf tb;~ sevcnth .• er.m:tulJI c:onqueSIIlS:, lfal:lY of 'mhese' posl';.1jj: l:P':adlbi,a~1y l:ietlame. rmpdtt;a:nt ~lrbao ,ce[!i'OOf'Sl e.g"1 Cai,l"fJ, Basr'.tiIh" .8;h]:raz,. Kairouan.

Ii Yusuf b.AlxI all-'.]Jrn'·~, Jami; Sayan a]J]Jm we' Fadli'bi, 2 vo.l.s. (Cairo: n.!d.~~ 1 :132. 3 Muh..am:iJli.t~ .. d. b. Ml'iis fII'I,-S:lfu.afi~u. I[ 187' ,_ :820). :~iJ'!,:n:]idIDT Q:~' '~h~: ShiiiliJi:l'lIe ~ehl(iot ij)f Elilt:J:lIJ1ii.te taw. Of' Qura)':sl1LI ~~ odgin, he '!eli 'M'(loDIl,iOl fOlr .M~dlkI"HlL ,tFD. 787' to ~tiU'cly llI.f):d~r lt~lil~ I)", Ar!J~s •. H~ tllli.u,gh~ ~Qt~ I'll h!®.,q_ and :Eg:y pc! and ;settlediIli .FlIiBim.t im! th,~ latter p:E!!rt 'f!!if his li~@:. His to:rri~-nu[is~l!.I~ fI£iarRh!1! .Muq:aUam, RiUs ealS;~ Off' Ca.i ~ i!), a favori w ~+tt!, !Of ,pHglI"irm,age'", lin. hi~ ~~.r9:teln., !l1h.e 'Q;ul.3![l ian,or il;.,h.,~ mnn:a. (If the P'rn:plllet IlJl'Iic rride an. other poss uible 'S{UJlf.OO8 ,nf taw .,As subsid] ary :pri:l'IIdple:ii;~ he, also ]Ilet:Dgni~~ 'the, :ijm:a. of the entire' Mu:sll:m iIl"Q!",!1lrnuity, ~:nd an RI,o.gJt (~d:r,as i based on t:he b~\I) pr.tiltitiJizy principles. I,:,Ti,3 m .. est :im.po(l't~I.I]'t ,"~Q"I":k; 'r~r;un the staFil.dpoint or j IU!ris:tic thcf.I(l"),. 't!!: ~h{! T:re'a:tise on Cbe F~:ndamen~al So~t'ces 'of' La w ;(Al.:Rm~]a, :rillrslru. a,]-F-:iqh],. The shaft',ita &hOIl),~, p:rli:''II'IilHs in l!!J,we:r Brorpt, ,Eas~. ,M:r:ica, SOU~~[l:ii~st A,s:~a;. I~dol1ll'l:s;ia. and [Ji!.'utiS. of 8~utb AT,;} bia, Ind:i;[l.~ and C'ientr.[l] j~ri:f.ll<

pilelEl5ed witb, bi m !) d01];~,~'ring' legal .;wpinio(n;s aeeording COl ,th~ ,~hd, s,y~tem Ole Iraq and aocoit"iUng to the :new ~J\st;eIlJll. in lEgypit,l I, lii], ,e:~h.

L .~,.:j.,""'. - "d. ,-.",.,1-.. ----JL.. ·,i. ----- 'd . -.C :iO'1I., '1· ..:)1

~a~e ue 'Wasa,~I!":Jn,g 'In, ia0!:::-Ql'1., Wl!G.l], wnar see:m.'1;i!! pii1:I ,~.'~C!i.i~y c~,e:al'" aD,'I;.;!i

~uc~dto, him; in neitb,er' ease Id!id. he go. beyolll,d fe(n;-1;!.ting (rut th~

,j:. ,~l!!. nd - ,- ,'., ,~.:b- - - .:rc: ,I. .- . ..;I~:,iIi:iIil " . .. " ,ij,':b.,. d- - ·-ee of 'l;o'fiilll!.11 .• B,H", among Il..i,~i3Se ,J,!ai,Q'II;;O[r-S air€! 'Y.iU.i.e;re:n.ces: m ene , ,e:,g1'_ __',

mwaxdj, e.,ij,afidleJ;loo ]}ruaood in st, :reooiYmi tr,adJJtkKm1. es it is pmm,t~gated~ fflir "ihUe you may regard ,tlds part]CU1M' tr.aditi[ll~ist :!tI!B atuth_otitati,v'ei', aeeerdin ~ '00 ,this nmrth:;l\lar 'Unam- an d feel f;i'lLd,te satisne d 'm.'t.n

... ,',. ,~~, '.' . ,- It'". _.. I ---'~ _.M! ~ - ~- --- -- - -

him :~,ooo~tii:n,g him 'VI hlcllehe;1l1,tedJ,y j' yOlO, mJUlj fi.]).ct ]]~mmegJi~tt'dj~d M :fa;uJty by a:_n@the]"i:ll:l~UJl~ beeau s@ ,of' w'hSl't 'be m!ay lrnow of his real d:Iieum.~tanJ[!es;.Also among U:i!,NH~ factors are diff€l"fH1Ce,s iu,t-ffile'

}- ~,~ ,j,\" .I." ,Il!' th··· ~n'] '':'1 1""- '~tJ !I-

sva uation er proers; iJor .'l~' ODe W.li !!,_, eonsicer, :tor" le~allJ,p",'e:, i ];a_'1!,.

1I1 .. ~ ~':'ii~I!!i;;, 10;(" aetien adneted ~;y: .. ,;1-1".1""" P' ..,.nlrii;n,";', 0,"', "" W,' 1ii;;,tj;;m"", 1""",," Tl"""l·' .... ".,.j't'v !<;J".,~ "'-"",,'!OiU,""'" '!JI "",y:!.;~\#,~.t ~~.!I."" _ U !!!J _ i!.,r]...., """II,!' r~"" ~'" Il!I; ,',' ,W •• ,,,",,[<:; ,[,Lin'" ,1:"\£' ",,',,", ,l J

o've':r' 'the \V\eH':ar:e of the' .lLndivicltUld., 'whi].e t)h:at cn,€! disa~~s wit'h bim,!, an,ld[ se '~(]ith,.,

U '~~t·w.i.I",:l:, U' t' "'-I 'iI' I lb 111

nauIDti_'\y 'OD ,lLlun,O'l'1 . I·· .. e.· aI.,.S ,I.S: , mpossl.~·.~e

AU these oo:nt:ribu'ting factors 'hfl:v~ c.onvmoed us that uJl:~ni'm],ty @:[lJ, even a single q1Jil'e\Sti~nl culled from, the minor d1etails of l~eligjo]l ia ;1. ,hO'p~l:~~ wim:h~ N ajr'1! j,t is, even 'i~;"jlc'Ompa Ublle' wi'th the nature of h~~ligiIOl'i~ sinc~' AJ],iah cl~sfuye:il omJy tha:t ,thj~, ~Hgi,([iIil, ];a:t1;t, ~Ul"i!it~,!, and '!lnd'l1l1;;~ f'()(r. ~~~~ and I~Ql1,9. I t Js :IDor this r'6',a[Nln ~:M,Yi ae:Xible~~ £l~mp'le'i and mild, wil:.hm.It r]g,id~'~y or- severity.

'W'e AlPO:I'D,g]iHa fOF OurD:ifferenc@s

W,e beHeve this, and ~p,o:l,og1.'Zie rSilrl.~ef1elly iIlio Ul:l~se who d~fI~'r from cs in some details, W'(!;, feel that tbis difference, will never 'be ~n ,ohs,t~cl~ te fr.iei[1d]y relaU~l!ls~ bt:li~bJ.i\i] Ie sfuee':m", and Icoo;,pe(f~,tio:nl f~I1J!' the gmnd: ,that the bread, ~WI~€p111g ICOilt'l~J.iitof Islam will contar[]], hot;tu, 1115 and, them witllin its, ~.(~enen.'~ bounds and capaeious ]imit~+ ,Are 'iir'lel not 1\1: ualirns ~~ they ,nW'e'? no' W~ ~J:Dt wish fu~ achieve peace of mmd RS ,th,aycliQ? Do we, :n,l)t elaim '!:;ha'~ 'w~ wis.h f~r C'IJ.~' bl~rihl\~r-i wl~~,t we w~sh "tOT' ourselves? in what w a.y. dowe then, difFer '?' ''\1Vb.y sheuld J]:iIlt 01!JJ' 'vijew~ be' ,S, Sl!1~~r::;.t. ;ftD:r d~~cu~,~ion among U]~:m,~ as

their V'i~ws are 3_l'LHln,g' u:s? \Vl],y ShOll.dod We!:l"[O:t u,ndeftrL~n.d, :([116 allOttlle:r. in an ,:t~:LmiOSJh.er~ o,:f ~e;r-enity a'nd :affe,di'C!n,'i whom' the

" ~c" ic" ill ie ~:~ ,,.!I t- .1'. .?

m:S,",1:ga.'~]iQ:r:i:!~:omu'II.o'U;~; U:a1ue'[,Sj' mluJng e~J,S~s~.

Tl),r18 v'el',Y eornp:anh:nls of t:h e Apa,B tle of Allab (M,Si.j~' Allah bless and save himl] l!1sa::d 't@, have iii ffe:re-,nces of ,opi:moD.l, but did thts e:tea,te E!es6t1tial difierell'ces be'tween 't}u~m! Dr cJ:]d it su:r..,def' th~iir Ol~' dlssolva their sal klall"ity?' My ,Alldlt i1.,o,!~heire: is! notlling im]Jl.',oba'ble in ,tllJ~ ,tf'~cli tion conceming d:u.~ afternoon p:,r.a_:yer among the BiE:rn1)1 QlU".ayza~]

Ifthese mlell differed 'will] one mlloth ~r even tho1(l,gb they were, of all m,anllci.nd~ the' closest in. ttme 'to' the apostolic .sge and. ,the 'm,Qst familiar with 'l:l .. e 'OOJiJte~d '~n whteh its, prer.ep'ts We't'e' revaaled, who a~~ we b), cut ona another 'w b,i:1t!;l, eve .. f' 'tl4fli:ng difr~run.oos ef n,ll) importance wh~tHVe:t l' If theimama, w'h~ were, the 'most erudite of mankiad w,]tl1, :res,pact ,to ,f.iJlmh:'s B,ook, and the Sunna of His .Apl]s't~e!, difli:l;lred and disputed wIth one anether, why' should we not be: e:ati;~:fi,led. wi:th wh a~t sa ti,s:l1ecl tltem? [J .aliJl:erenCG;!3l :a;rot8e eeneerni fl,g the mo~:t well-known and unambiguous lo:f deftail~, sueh ~:S' the call to. pray,er whieh is perfcrmed 'fi,v€' tim . es Ji[ rlay~wit.h :rele'v,~,nt texts; ,a:r1dh.istorica,l b:,adiUo~5 bamg handed down in a:ttesta.:t.itm, ,w bat 'havoe lIliOU, 'to' do witb the n.n'e points 'of ~'Uch qi.u::st],uJlls:!wb~~:ch orl,,gil1j,,~'t:e ]]1J, ],eaTned d'h;c~!s;siol[l and p,[fjln,st~]di:l,g i:l~seat'ch?'

Th(:rnIl' is Qne' :rncn-a 'm atte'1J!" W@I,l"U~ loolcin:g inte, People used to havE!' 'f'@;CaUrHEJi to the GaH ph and the la.w ., enforcement ~'genc:y (]if the Itnllmate·~ 'wl''H:!n.th~y differedi and b€' w\(m:~d jud;g'e between

1 i"Ther Ithll!: Batt'l,e of the 'Tr,e:nll:h in 627 i in wi'! ich the 'p!l!.:ga'lli ,i\lIooii,mns. ,:lu1id Ull~i:r lB~d(Jiu.i.n a U il~Si W~!~, 'lI1l;~'lill~e ,~~~, tJ;llI~,o: Ml!idh~,~. lh Pm,l~h,e.t Was CoI_:liI'n1;tlJl;!J nd,e.{"l: 'Illy Gabd,eU to, itdv:m;:mce a.gaiit:li!$tt.h~ qu:tlilJ'~;er or lh-L'l: ,Bani'lll Qru I:OJ,IZ~'jI; t;;h~ 'La~t :iI:'-ema~'I!1 i niS' J t"i!Wl sb tribe, iii] ~h@l:i'~y" frlh,e .Pf\l3pbet [i'lide'J'eo that ]l'j.rii ,~n~ s:t:U:Jiild pet',rormth~ f~'~te:nl OilJ.'ali ~Jra:,ytl~' (i1.'I1.tj,1 ~e :Il'ia:~,c'l:Led the, Qu:raY~Il;q:uilil.1"WI·_ ThQ P~lJpbe't. ,I.mid ~iege 'b:l' 'fuh~ QtIJi:ri'e:r·. but SQ:milli or hi~ (l1i.e!,!!, arrl voo.!b'ift.er '~~'l~ e'!!.',en'im,g 'Pii'ajlcr, sti II Hot h;~!!;!'i ng ,IJ'!itli'~il!:i'med the ll[tel"l100n pl~aye'r' in 'Obffiid:lii?!I1.c~ '00 his ~]"'de~r. On~~,y ['fileT their' anrbl',[li did Ith€',)' ,pcrf01'n1 Ii.:h,is, p'-:mye~."~ AlBiIl~rI:['.i,' here ls tryi.qg to piTIlini;. out dIe e~i,sttl"JiH]~ (]if QQ~~siQr!;~ I ,[tirrcr,cnc~s in the ritual ,pI,'3-cticc' of thBIll~rU~t~lu~Hm ~n~w~~ton. 1500 lhn bh:E!J~" 'The l .. if~ o~ Mtth~miu']j];ad~ p. AIlS-.!.,

!l: The In'HUitl;a:~[!; ,[liS, 1!1!,~~d. hl..!!"r!i i.E t~l'Iwmr.iI..lni tifi ~~h,~ C.f.liipb:ii'fre, the supreme I!.ldrnl[i1,iB'tra'i..:ive iSiElil !l!'x,ecuthte ~:llT-ice i.IliI~'I,HIj, I.i:!llmml.c: w{lw,ld-stni;.e. The G[![iiphi o.j=

them. and his decisitm would 'sHat,He the dispute., \Vhere is the C,~Hph these d~,y!1'? If ,this is 'tl:lffi wa,~t matters stand j, the bes t. tfui'n,g that M'l,JsUms can do .is look, for :3 qadi and su.bndt their cue to him I ~it:Lo~ if 'they di.s;a;~'eie l'lri:thol(]:t resorting' to cQm;~etent authori,'ty:, it can ,only 'p1"'O$lel 'th'e:1l1 into furtber disa;gre!eme'nt"

The lflus'UJD :B~'(}th.e'l'h~od, ara aeqaain ted, 'Wid]. all these eon, si.arnra thJII,1Js! ,am.dB,l~ thE!:r(q!O~ the most :[tn'lbeaJ'''mg (~,f ~1!,en, 'with tl'wse w lin d]f.fBt 'wi:t:h, UUN]l,., Tht'iy recogni~e that e'l!~ry 'P eopJ~ has SOll1~ Jm,ij))wle-og,e:, fi[i,d; that there fs some, 'tru,tb :SUIl,,d, fhlsehoo,o, in e:v~!r.y propaganda, Th~:y are ~eerrl too search nut the trut.h ,9]1(1 'hold, fasttt.o it, and, 'they trYi 'with fCJIrb~ara:nce and 5ijTIT:npathy\ tn satisfoy' thesa 'who disagree "~ iUl their 'Vi~wvom:t" [f 'the:~l are satiafied, 'thIHn, w\IEl]I, and, gQ@(t; and U' n~e.v are rUlt, sa,tis:l1!ed, they am stiU br,et:~~n, in th,e :raj'th." and we' a;.Ii: Ans.:h ~s guidance :fV(f' us and them,

Fi.gh t Agai.'llst i'he Forbi.dd,e'o!

'The M'uslhn, BrQ,the:rhmJo,kn;uw' Um:t Ul:ere' is a :soci~:dJog]ca] aspect w hi/chis f.iifthe1!.l trn.Qst, impertanee fOI" th!!]: eorrtin ued existenee of th.]~ fa.i:th, How f]:l) e i:t would be, if the effiJl'"1:;s of JVli l!1S 1 irn. In·ose'lytj.zers were direc,fuedww,al'.d erganizing' people around 't11G idea of 'fig]']ting these, d~n~'ro'U~9 issues which thr e,$ ten, th!e faith, i:ii:t ]:~s very root, and waien 'W'le are all united in detesting, as well 8,S, in re(mgniz:i:ng the ]le ces:s:i'ty 'tOI annihi l,ate them!

This is the pt.ugr,am, IO:f the Muslim, Brotherheod vis-a-vis '~~helr Opf[JO,il.e~r~S OIl q,uasUons of miner detail In Allah's religion, Perhaps ~ ean ,s,u,m,m,a.t.izi3: i'I.:. for you by sayi l1g th at the :B,ro;t1:u~fh(ioclpermi't clifiemlJe€~ ,af opinien, detest :l'ana tid~ln ,(!,~" out]ook·l, and by to arrive a t the troth and tc convert men to it hy the gentlest methnd 8, of forbearance and l;lff'~ct.io:n.,

::! I,i:t'il.fi'm, 1~ '~hi.)! tl;~J[!t::!:::!sS~l<r 'to M Ll~~ l!l:mn'i!iI1d ,QB ,i;]lf~iJ(::!'F uf state, bout !i:fI!,~l!.:lt'ii:.s; nunu or hisre ligiot1s or propheticpCllwer£. The l.oet,m C\aliphfiJ't!] !~mph:f!il!-ti~!!:l'S lh,e aspee O,f'i':S ut;lC'ess.:iQ1l1,·J m~i'SiU]"f'~te dig:[1jil~y t "Iyhne' the t~t'rn ,h.n~m~tf! stresses that 'arT, ""leacierehi,p:Ei 10l!' "W1fda:rlil;]e'!~ 1!Iii'f the MtI'8,lim oommiLJ n'l'l.;)"" .:\.cC'D1:d.1'rng' '&;0 'Lhe SlH,];'frl.i;Le vi Cii"V,! th~ Caliph, nr lnwm Jll'WIst 'be i!lih:ii~ted by qUifJJHFic~ ~Le~ttn",s froliU UU;! 'co,:rglrll[J,uni:ty ofbe:l'~ev'!f,!T,~~ and mU:5it ,pm:!l:l'J!l!..q, th~ ,~qui~ii:ll::!! t!",a.it;.iii: (lfkn~wl.~dlil:f.! .. wisdom I PJ'oojj ty, sou ndness (Ii£' nri nd 3D d body, 3:nd desce:n t from tile tribe' !]If Q t!1i'.:i\J,~'nl.t :1:,11 i3 '~'rib~ or '~'Ii'lle' :rt"O,phGt"


To the Cure!


Brothel' ~ ~,mow and, Ie,arn 'theft netions, in terms of their s:trem;gtb i weakness, youth" old age", 'health, and siehness, are lik,€; human, indi vi,dr~.rfd8., wi thout exeeptien, F'oit' even as you look at a h uman being, strong sound ,and, enjQ'ylng good health, leand behold, yUiU wiU see him seized by iUrU;l:5S and beleaguered ~f maladies. AjJm'ents and pains 1l1ndf!rn'b,~fie his, .strong consti tutlon, and he continues to 00 m,pladn, ~["iid, groan until Allah's, nle're;Y ,. Blessed and Almighty is l-re! ., ov~ttake,s, him in t'h~ from ofa skilled physician and we]} ~ trained spaei alist who, kn,orw~, the ~ocus ot the, c.omp~,aillt ,and diagnJosl;!'s. it expert1y~ diseoverlng th€l ,Me',a or the infection and working with dedieadon t,o cure it. )\rid 10 and behold, ai\er atime yo'g. wH~ see the same paAl:ient wi,t]l his strengtb returned and hts heal th restored t~} him, He may ,sv,en. be ill bette;r. conditien after his treatmen t than,ibefor-e it. [maglne ell:~,CUy the! same! s:],tu:s:,t.i'on, \vith respect to nations: dlJ€' changes of.' time con.firont 'nlem, with ehreats 'to th.e1r 'very !exirert.et.u~e'" '~I'eal~ing apart their solid structure while diaease infi[tra,'tes the surface appearance or their i!!ltrcellgth" If continues to 'work away at them without interruptlon untHi't w're,ak!ili, its damage 'upO\n them, and the'y 'turn ou t siek1y and. WEi,ah the covetous e'yei.ng them with greed, andti1e spoilers rohbin.g them. They have D,Q strength t~ ]"~pe.l the spoiler, and eannot warn off the greed of the covetous. They ,can {)]]ilyoe: cured by these means : Kn.O'wl,edge of the locus of U:H~ ai lment, endurance w :p'U t up 'with th@ pain of the treatment, and an e.xpe'r1t who win undertake it until AHilll. realizes his gOI8L~ throughhis l~wlcls, ,and he brings, his, cure to' a sueeessfu 1 conelu slen,

T,h,'e Sym]1,tO'm;s

Experienee has taught U.Sj and events have given us to knew, that the disease a.ffi:icting the,s€! Eastern nations assumes a variety of aspects and bas many $ymptO~I.lf:ls. It bas done harm to ev',ery expression of t:he]r lives, for. th.ey have been ass ai led on "the political side by imperialist ,:5Iiggr@ssion on the' part of 'their enem les, and by factionalism, rtvalry, cl'i,vi~'i(m." and disunity onth.e part of'their:

SOIlS. They '1:1 ave been assailed on the eeenoeuc ai ~e by the


prorpagatton ofUS;!l:nou.s J}rac~itles ,thro'-lJg~,DiJJt led! 'thtliir- S'ociru clasees and &0 ~plo,~'ta:tjjo:j:l ai1 t'ln.eir 4"'eS(iliur~1"~esa:nd. natural 't-reas.uJ"@s by

,tI'-, ,_,,' ,',",- ',:.,-,:cJ',;-;.- m-h'i_-':" iL~'n,i!ii :1,,05J~,T'ii, :-,~,,~! .... :I"~~ (in '~""i!!i:,~,,,,'i~.r.i:~'~;::'~lj.,,,,~,;m:lll;:!l·~I;;r;. JONlgmJ, !Dom,:p,aTI]''Os" ,I., ey Illu," .... lJ"..o,o;u ru,u~,,,,,,Ii.I""U 1jJ'~1 !",u"'" ,n~,I~",""~h ...... """,,o;;II_ ~ u ....

by an~l'-~h,y~ de&oUon~ and here;Jt wbj!cl'lJ, des,troy tlu;~ir reUgious be~efs and ove(!rthtQ'liv the ideals: within ,th .. sit, sons' breasts. They have been a.s s:~dlecl on. 't;;bft ,soctQ,lo_gi~e.l srud~ 'b~' llce!l-tiou.sneils of 11l1];ruJ:n~t5 and more s, through the ;~dQ\lg]:dng (iff' of ,the mstra:in ts of" 'the hum.mli 1l:ar],a:n virt'IJre's 't'he:y btherlted frem their glorlous j fQnu,nam aneestors; while through. itrui.taJhm, o.f the "'~I'Ie,:st!, the' vi,~~~tiI8 VEnom. ct'l@:~psrnn;s:idillrUBi]Y irl'to their :afr:Hh:~s~ poisoning fi;heir. blood and, suUyhl g '~h'e purity of theh,' well n being" T'h~:r have been ~~sailGd 'thl'\ougb, the ,"v,o,d'tinp of ~ :PQsit:],y,e ]a,w 'wltich does nlot re,lSltrnm the; ,m.mi]lml~ C'h)asti$~ th~ $ssm]anfi.~ IJT.' :rHpel the tI.nj'1ils~j;; nordo:~s -l,t even fo.I' OD~' da,Y take, the. p'l~ce 0:£ 'the dli v~ne~'y ~vealed laws,

lf~t..,~;:oi'il.. ''"16-;!'iI, .n:I"":""'i':'ii'~'.i"L!r , .... 'f- ... ,...""-!"ii"~"~;""m ,jl<h,i"i;, ipfJr""'r.t'O!if Dr- , .."rf.~:!M."" 'i;"'~;n' ed om and the

_=r ,EJ.I .. _KI,~, ~~_[l1C \..j,!Il. ~9J;~U~, U 1I..r~ 'tir~,li~uJ.: Il~ Ii!. ~ ~~"l~~"~(IJI.~, 1U',; 'lL~.I.!i;i ifl~ _' I,~' g~ __ ,~ _. __ '~ ~~

Lord (if souls and Uaeir O:r.,rnginato:r~ lUIS set dOWQ" Tbey' have, been assailed aJ1sothmllgh ,ana-lic'll)!' ~;ntllle:ir policy nf eduua:t].on and tr:ed:ning't wbiLc:]l. stands in the way' of ,e=iJectively guiding' th.eir. present gener,atio:n,,! the :r:n..en of their future' and. those whe wiJl be m'E5pO'n~d.ble for br.ingi'ng ~bout theril" '!If\es;ulg,ence,, Tb1ey halve blle~] as; ,S a.i] ed, []U. the ~pidt'Uru side by a death _, d€lalin,g despair, a ,Il),u'rcler.ou:s ap~th,Y i ,8 ;shs'meluJ cO"!-'V ardice, an 'i~g;nJQble h'U:mUity ~ an all- P6'rV"Ming impob?;nCB,! a niggar-dJines\s and an eg{)c-er.~j;,ri-ci<tY' which .P,ltGVBn.'& people :fI'n:m :malting MY effOrf'~~ precbJ.de ~elf.-~acr:i;fic6~ and, thrUl,~:t ,the naUon 'ftonl the ]",smks 'of earnest St:d,V1EYl.'!l1; Into those of -trifte];'s and :g&m'e:sters, 'Wha:t hope is thelle fbr a naUoll against which all '~he:se 'c:acwrr:S:j; In, ,thei:r strong,e~t mJ8J:ni[e,~bS!tioIls and mO\SI~' F;,f~!:'~re!m,~ fbrms I li a,V!i~ been ,oonjOlEIiled fot the assault - j mpe'f,i,a.Usm, and :[2!;ct):011alisln., uSll,ry and heresyand lieentioueness, anw~ch,y in educati on ~nd legtslati,on ~ fon;;;~gn ccnnpml,1Ies!~ d~~pair and niggardU~ :n,eSSi~ il'tlp{'rp~llce and cowardice, and a(hll.ir,~tioll fo.i' tl1.~ @n,~'my', Etml,

.- dz r, " ' I't- ~" - ' 'hOi' I - .- sts -' +",; 'i,t -I'~' t.,~-, ,'- ,--,- --- "i'1-.~.- .. ,,--: 'I

a ,'ll1lJ~S!,lro1!l IN ... ten ~;ron',.-iP s ,one ~l U1U ~1I.o,e rum III ,eveQ tnmg ,lie'

does, ;espedw]y his evil aets, One of tfl,eRe diseases ,ruon.e :~s ,su.tlilcie:nt; to kUI ,o,ff :nutt.ilsro,tls proud :nat~O[11Sj and l[l,QW mucl1, more ~QW eha .. t it }\] as. been spl.\ead abou t am,Q:J.'HJ all, in eve:r.y nation without exeeptinn? If: :i t Wt31ie not. for the resistance - inroervleusuess. ha rdih :' od .,- ,- d

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . __ -":r ~ ,~'" , - [, . , ~' .:r, ,IiJI,,~ ~Jli ,

strength of those Bastere nations whose enemies have been t:ol1.tem.ding M,th '~hem from the remote past, and who have been

PI'CI l~

usid.n.oiu:;ly innocWa,ting them with the garms of 'these dis'eases, fOf a long time~ un tUtney 'M,ally :hu,badded themselves mild 'h~oohj!d, - if it, 'were not tor' ,these ,q,u'E1Jitie~, ,t.heir' traces, would have 'been l,@.ng ag~ swept a:wa,Y and 'v{ip'~!Gl out o,:f existence, But Allah and, the believers 'win n,ot tolerate tbis,

B'rother'; tl'li~, la; '~he dia,gnosls 'whic',]ti, '&he Brotherhood make ,of the 8lihneti.t~ ,ar tlljs, nmmll1, and ads i.s 'IN hat, ,they ar,~' do:ing in order to CUl'1e it oflih~:m and to restore to .it. ita lost heaHh and st:r-en,4h..

Hopes and P,eeong:s

Brother, I 'would IB~!e you to know j, before I talk to 1o'l!la.bcm. t these, mea.ns j tl1.~t, '\Ve do n,Qt despair of OtH:~~B'h/e!S:, U~a.t wei hope fcrr a greJa:t good! aDd ith~,t we b~'lil;;'ve! that o:!."dy such d,espair s t~fid8 betweenus and ~[]!cce5s!For. irlhQpegrow~ strong 'within, us ~ w',e; shall arrive at. th:Lsgteat good, AUah wiUing" and thctr-efo]:'l5: we do not despair, nnr' does d,e'El:pail." force ita ~ra,r i.nto, ,ou,'I"llG;~u;ts!~ ,AU all be: praisedl

IlV',~rytbh:l,g around 1:1S giv,es aut glad tidhlgl~ of' hope) dles'pit~ 'I:.]'l!~ forebodings 'of' :pt:!ssiinlIsts:. If' 'you we're ito visit 8, sidt persoa, and feund 1"1i'111 d~elinillg grad ually from speech '00 silence an d ['rom motion to 111.11110 bility, you wuuJd feel that be was close 00 the end, that his cure 'W(FI .. dd be: a diffi,cult matter, and thatt. his djSS',8.!;8' w~s gaining ground. Andi rthe reverse tOIl'l{ place, and 'he began to UlQV'e grad ual ly '1:\'{H'lIl silence to speech, and from, torpor t(!! 'll1obiHty ~ you would feel ,t-h,at he was elose to being' eurad, and that, he W:ai;S ln~ki ~~;g progress on the 'W,ay to 11 ealth and ,·~ti~~:U t)"" ,J\. period of ti.m.e had come over these Eastern 111 a C[O'[1S, d 1J ]'i,]l,g which '~hey had :gl."m'~n torpid" bored even unto death with torpor, and jn .• active, borne even 'tn 'tl:~'eit' wit's end by "i"na(;tivlt:y. Hut now ,th~y are see:thin,g with ,8. wak ing eml.s!c1,QQ!H1J'aS$ emb rmcing all aspeets of' i: i,:~~, and, are flerring up with a vitaland foreeful ~W~.H'ene9S and sharpened senaibilitiee, If it were 110'& fOr the weight of th.eir' shackles on t,he one hand, and ~h ei:rl al'.k of (UreC'~lo:1I en the ether, this aware ne ss would produce the most s tri Iti n.g res ults, But: these s 11 aeklss shall not endu re f(H:eVG'r: time is 'ell ~U'ig"e~ an d in the 'twintdins' .of an eym A1J:l,ffih changes things :FroID, one state to an ethe r. The dlrectionless sh all .11.iDt remain ::lU Io J:'ev,er;, guidance coni,e'J$ after bewil dernl~'1'l'l! and


s,tabHi11y after ,anarchy~ for Allah,'s is 'the c(J(rnnla.nd, 'be'f:@([\e and a.fter! Th.~refbre we never de~pai:r ~ tb,~ verses '0::[ ,AHah, (Blessedand Alml~hty is He it ), tl116' rradith;m[!5 of His AJlo~,'tle, ~May Allah. h}.e.s~ and S.9,V'G himl], His SUII1U\, (Almigbty is, H'e!), as l'\egardiS' the 'ooacjhi ngr of ~,a'ti-o.n~ aad the exal tation of ,p;eop]es theY' llJ.a.v,e~ gazed, en pe,rdi:tiorl J~I and all He Isas related 'tD '~,~ of t,he~je m,Btters~n IHs Book ,sLU u:f'thes8 p:roc'bu:m. am, in;i]]J,enOO bope tous, ,£lind guid,~ us toward the path o:f itt :!JeRuine t.,eSi~lr~e;[],tCe! ftIt th~ Mu~:Um s lm,oW' ,this '~ ir'tbe,;y have studied"

!iT"1;;u!;tread 'th,e :11:0 b]e Q'Ul1::",an~!c verses at the beg.i~Ifiir.i,g of Sura 28"~ mr A, SJ[N'l\1I~x...'j2 'Fhere are the verses of the dea~r-' ,spealting Book:: ,i&W'e shall relate to thee some po,rtiQl1 of the s;tQl'Y of MQ.!3~s and. Pharaoh in truth, '00 a believing people. LG~ Pharaoh was ~xm,tecl in, th.~ earth and made its pe;crp,le in 'to :gtiO'tIp~~itencl'@ring' Wt1,a.1~ ,~ pfZlr'ty am@ng' 'them~ ;sla,ughtering 'their sons and, keeping' alive ,nliGih" women. LOj he was of those VldlO spread corruption, And WB desir.'Bd. ~o s:Jtww favor to ·thoise whn had bC:1(~F[] rendered 'weak in the, e.a:tt1l., and to make th~IEi, leaders and, 'to make 'them, 'inb.eri'boI",S;' and to n~ake them st,rmlg ill, the ,eW'~h.j ,andtQ clisp],a.y through them, to Pharaoh and HaUl.9:I'l and '~hE~r so].ruery ~ w hat '~h,ray Wi5:re, g~al,'di'[l;g' ~lg~1]ls,t~~ l'Q,,:2'8:: 1~'6l,.

Read these noble V6'f'SeS and you, will. :see how th,e vain one oppresses througb his, b:r'lltaJlty and !;x;tilfu.'il in his st~engtb~ saUBnecl,

~ mi_ •• II; U'I '11 "1'1'"1 \J-]' ] I,' '·,1· • ~ • d • I' 'j

'_I, Jj,e' SIru:1l.na 01 .l"~.~ a ' a ; U{ J~$ :t(J, ,t~ . .a 1. s'w~:;:[ll:t!C~' ''iqS-,~,'''II']i:!11 Jl1iiilin J;';:Ul! _' "~'I t ~m t')Q

~y,iJ.Hca]. !Ji~w ,oJ human histiDli"'y ta11~'ht by ~hflj Q!;rr~~T!:, 'fin'l:1!.'! ~ .. rve;j" 'Llm~~ e:~Ull€!Jr.[;1, p:I't!'phiiJl, is ,i$Bl' t id.@WI!I by GilJd to teach tJjj,~ '~l"dll !uilg.ing 'rn,e::;sage: []If: His, '11 ni tyand the !D~di tud~! of ,J uog.m,ent till ![;lJmu;:: to ;;:1:, ge'rlcra W!lJ:rl ~'liho ha'l~' I~J :apsll!d iii:J,I_l;i, ,pulyth,eis,(r:l {i.it undJeHe([" 'W!~~ ail apostle is SiEl¥J.'t to 1:JJ:l\i],I2'W I~heso ti:din~ ~ncl to b:ring a :i:'H:~W Di""-"1tJ!e Law, fr.lll~ ~teil1laJ, retura" e'nded 'Glnly wUb. '~b,.~, ,~.un~1in:g '(ll:F th ~ I il.'lt ~'I)i)stln ';\thlhf.lrnm i:1d wiU"L tniGi' last feVEi!I'Rtio:'i tile n·, ;!I",;', T'l· "

_, _ _ .,.., ~ _._ .. _ ._ .. _.. " . _ _ _ . _ '. _ . i ~" ~tlJ, ",11!il. ,,::Iii;.'!

;;;p~opJ G'1" r:ne'1"1,ti,Ol'tlB'cl hc-1."e are p,roIDnibly '~e' Jil,,?;'is:'~ tr.i:bI8£~ :n f:Il,'\/,orj re O'l'i: 'l~'f'l~:!Ill1.: i~ Al-Banna 's wri ti t:i,g.s: 'W iUust.r..a:te God,I's humbling of the proud • tIle h,'osbl of pharaoh -and H~.s ex.alt;atiun 10]' the d[j!~lIJnil;mdclen.

:r.! A tow!, ,nt:' ~!9'~;lliM.ph'11:1:i ,of ~hQl: Qlr~t\n begm 'ijijln,t~ a a i'n ~~(:l' l fft~i'!, tIl:!:' ,:::lC'V'iBT;!iI1 lette:J'sj of the ,f\,["abk' iEllph abet.whieh am :sbnpll,y :ooad, as; ,8 [I!~h, b®:~hJ.'e ~ th~ fh:st ve..J:15~. :En nQ C~~ dn thi(!j! f(lo~·Jn a (lohQf"e:f.!Ir. '\VO'm lilj' ph!'f!!s -: and il,;lflS.p i le n 0.111 1i2'IftI]i~'fl; cllbl"tf.i; no 8i~:Li,i\l.rall]:t(1lJ:"y cK.pl anati,~~~,~· of 'th'ei l~ 111,'i',esi!i:rr~ has ~~ri! made, S~e w.

M'- hi';; ._. - W' ,j.l, 'q;"llt .' .h, d. " ",.' .. ,t' th,· Q-,--.t-- - "~''II Q'5 .

i1Jra~Qm(i!IfI'j! ' .. !\l,,~,! JhliC\ _ ~ Ulw 0'. Ui~I!o'Jon . 'j) e' ." lJ.it l'tn~ p:p. o,_,. '" U .~


with :ihi~, tYf'annical ,P:O:'W'eh" and. f~,r:g,eltftd. of the: .E'Y~I 'TUrtl1 which ·c"bl5eJ.'V~~ hinl. Eut ju!~t .M, he 'l)$ rB'j;~'ictn.g· in his :'orlnnE:1, God sei~~ him with ·the g;tasp of tile Mlg'ht~-f~ 't'h~ Powerful, ifh'r it, ~sAUah~~ will Ii1.v:8.nabl;y 'to, S·!J.~O'~·' t:h.e l~:ro~ge and t~ help ,tlh~ dowfi'trodtd€in. and those f.\elTh.d:~oocl. wB·ak. .Fm· the ,ron. ~'u\'DlbleB at i t~ ve:ry :f.'o1].ndakim'll,.hut 't1~. truth is :SiOlHd'ly buU:t and .. ~1lf supporb~cl., and thosewhe ,c1lLng tOI itwiU be: tritlm:phau.t. After' reading ,t.h~s!! nohle IQnr",ard.e V~~."5~ij and th·ei1f li'k,~ :~J,l ti'lG: Unassailable &ok~not; ens '0£ the E'~La;m~~ ·~~.~~Uli$ b~]ie:ving ill Allah~ His Apos;tle, and. Hil;ll :BQc"k~ :hJ!S any e-JWeIU8~ 00 gi w·e 'w',ay '00 cl~S.Pl~ir.· ~l'ld. :hC)ID~lle9 sness '\i~lhe]l willl the :~IUJsli:ms: apply 'tihem~e'l~le~tQ God ~~ 80.0k l'

'iO,1;' sim~lar ~~S@~\9,. b(l'Otb,er' .. and there ~ mm;y such. in. A.1ia.h~s religiQ]j ~. the Mll1$Jim ·B1Uot:hE!rl1.~!]d do lJlO't de~pm:r' Q·f A1Th.abig sue--eo,Y' b~tii:18en:t down '00 t1htti:i5.I~ :naUf(i~~:, dm;pll.we M'J..e di:rrre:1l].tie'SW'lhi,~ll. ~m be: seen helD'IIe: ,t:he:m.I~ the 1illght of tb~s hOP~:i t'b6Y~m:TyOn. th.e task (!.i' UH~: (%l,J'nJ~SI~ ,th~: hO:1Pe':f.bl~ ~br it is AUah ,~j[ 'W hOlThl aid. ]81 iSOinJ.g;ht.!

As fortb,e:lnemn~. which. m :pl1o:mised yOl!l I would diseuse tb:ey are three basic -pl'incipUe·s about w'hie'll ·th~ Id.~Qbj~ of th~ B,:t.Qit:h~hQ~d. revolves,

(U The l:im·ope:r l)ri1gr~:m of aetiJO!lll. iJ:'M lB:rolt..Mt'lhLOQi~l .ha'V·~ ffJill.ndl ]_ t in GQcl~s ]B,[mki.the ·S1ITlllna of .II1is ApQsf.·~~:, and Ut~ pr,ec~pts, of' Islam, when ,tJhj5 M'us.lims, win y.ndlersi~afi.d t'be"s~ as t_h®,J sl.l.JJu,[d .' ~@ .~; :fr,~Sth~\ pr~! and. fru: removed fro,m. th~ spurious .and tbe ·untr.ue .~ .~nd whsn t.h(?iY ,clle\li(rt~ 't]l~:m~e;l v,~:s to the s tucly df Ialam en '@].is:

'Ii.. • ,i '~I '11.0-" d-'l _.::D 'in., i"~

u.aSlfil!. :s~m.p~.y~ nroa _ l y~ ·a~m rompriBbe:mnveJl.,Y· •.

(2) B~Ue'irilg 'wur.lrers.. For this r.eason 'tJbe 'B,:tothe1"h!JHld h.ave! b~lt~ i:t 'upon themsel ves to :a.P'P];Y w h~.t '~h,ey understand of AU~ih:\Si. l·,e'ligi.ull witlIout .iiildu[gBIfl.t;~ Uf.' :311aclrn.Hs~. God be praiaed, they

t, ''II~', • j,1.... 'd 11 j,~~,~ ...ll jI., "j,,,, _1 .;1'

!J-i'ine'v~ m 'WJl~D1" II;!, !,€;ilj.!lOgjl':i :ilfi€i ~·aw ~)fll~iJ..:Ii. M b(~ l:~giD.iill!i anti ,eiJm~

c~nfident thl~:t AI ]ah willi sustain ·t],f.iJ~!rn 'whn~ they :remain devot~d to Him~and SiQ tb~y will 'ror_g,e ahead under the ,gukl~U1OO ~f Anal1i~8 ,t-\postJ.@ {~lay AUab bless :~.uldl save himl).

(3) A dBte-rmillJ!l!d.!, '~ru_lrtw'Orthy leadership. IT~.}s M:l:J:s.Hm Birotbe:~-· hoc d h~.ve f'OilfEld ,th~~ til be of thi~ ch~r'~ld.er ~ and so ,they ate 9bed.~eifl;t eo ~,t ,~Ji wor'k 'iI.Ul:~h;)lr ilt~ banner.

QQ .. (;},.;l';!

'Tt!li;s,! brother, is the sum and su hSl'ta[l)te of 'what ]w ~n,ted, to .di:OOU88 with you ,aba'lIt o,ur :m~ssion", It ]8 an ~13naUa~ w,hi!e:h 'bas: ~IDl e:x,p']anatio:n,~, and yQtI, :y,olu:r,self aN the J osepl'l of tbese dreams, ~ If what 'We are about appleals tlill yoru,!, yotlrlland is Unked.t<l:g,eth,e;r'

. h - h .I. k . ,. 11;.." - 'L. ii. 1111 h ,;, -1.

W]tl,~ 0'1I:..11"S SJD t.' a ~ we may wors ~ll. umson on. :t'I'J1S path .. .t1J ar - 1£ the

BestCJ'W\~l' of suceess {!I,D us as well as Din ytJru,! HI!!: is U1UW' 8u:ffilci,~ncy l' and hew '\vot:l[l~tfuJ a TN sitae!

'Vi?'ha:t a wonderful Ma.s:ooI' ~ w hat fl, w,tm.d~tfu.l Helper' '~ ,Mltl'l[ is most Great: unto Allah. be praise.

I T!J::uat Is, YOiill YO'![[[$eJ:L1' ::iJJ:'\S best :aJJMe' 'Ltii :i:n'~e:rl]t-et W~t:ilt W'~ :m.~an, ~.ike :~n.iE J'iOse1)h

of Q'Gne-~j;s' !ilI!.(] Ulfl: Q'U!,~~~';r;J!n. - -


I.n 'th:e Name of God", t',he 'M~ci'1ul" the Com'pas~sionJ~lte I

Preamble .. ~0Ju:.iL, .~ _,I~

YOlJi m ~y b€ :s.pe:al:dn:g to a large number lof peo':pl'e! I[ll], various 5u~Ject.s'j' and b elieve that you. Il!llVe le]ucid~'~ed and .eJipbdned ever.rtl1i.ng' with tha utmost clari:ty and exhausted e'Ve~y ,P(HHdbJ.e means of re,vem.Hng' what is in your' mind, until ';Y~'U leave o,ff adcl.ressin.g them, with crY,Ei,~}ar ~ elear exposition, h,aving presented 't:he,w, 'with the facts YOlll 'vi,ds].1JJi;!;aJ t~ imp ad, ~lS :reve~JinglY' as '~hei' :flrst eraek (if dawn or the ,S~]'[ in broad da:yligh,t~, ,;;U3, 'they' s ay" The'u, bOi\V g,[oss]y ars you ;;U[~tolO~~h~dl aI&l'" a while wben j'Qll diseever tlul't these people have DeUbel' tUl!,dersfuood YiOlJ:DU,(H'" graspe d ,OO]!.ythi]Jlg of what y01Jl seid.

I h~ve Been tlll1S 'time ,ru:te:r' time, iElill.dj, experienced iton numsrcus oecasions, :F de nClttJdnk 'tl1!,at i ts secret 'is a11Y' ]1.1j)ilf'e arcane than G:!th,er oj[ these alte:rm.8L'ti:vHE: either IBach, OIl€! of ue uses ,!ill. dLffer.'GJl:t criterion to judge: 'Wh~J~ he s ays ,a:nd hears, a:nd. 't1].e~refot,e our understandiuge ,000d P($fC9pt]O]lS differ; of s~rnJe}eBh itSBlf is ambiguous and crypti.{'l! eV~rl'f.l ]f the speacker believes 'what 1:1 e says to be ele ar and unequivoeal,

~T~b" C··-·';;b.· '.'

.. ,1, e ·:,ril~enon

In 'W h.a't I am :going '~O s a:Yj ] would Hike to m alee 'Pl.~tin tQ all people 'the mtsslon of' t.b,e 11!.1J: 1!]sJ im Ih·~{,.tJ.le'r'ho~d and 1 ts 3Jm 9;~ gcals, methods and. means, frankly and clearly, pla_jnly and openly. But first I wish to deFTn.'e the eritarion '~'e' ~u"e usiin~' to, mearsure 't.]d,s cl~.ri'~y--~ and I 8hiJIU ~tti w€' to make what I have te sav IBas.y MId

!I}' ~

simple, It w:n~ :ru)'~ be Ll11poS :Bi:bl@ for my reader who \i.V'],shes to'

heI1J~f:i't ~y j·t 1:10 ijjnde['8t~nd~and 'ill do not. imaginethat anyone, 'out .of the entire Islamic umma, win oppos.em,B OVlffC :il1Y making t11i5 eriterion '~he, B I);()'[~ of AU~IJ from whos e p1 IiInj'&'lltd8 we re:rl'~iSh euraal V;B,S;,~ 'from w hese ,Dce anic d,e:p'th:s wa draw (jour SU stenanee, arxl to whose '!;~isdgro, w',e· have reeourse,


01 O'ar People ~

The' N 0 b~;~: Qu~an is a;n a.U:~:~ncl1!ls~.V'e beck i fl. which AUa~. has g.Elthe:red 'tob~t:h!~r the fnndamen tals of leHgio'U~ dtoctdn.a and th~ ba)l!l~8 ef soci.a.l weUru',e'J as well as 'th~ fuM~d. 1'€'n.er,aHti~9 !@j~ ,~eiC1Ldal' legi slation c(I\[)taioing both commands and prohi biti,lon~" Now ~ have the ,M uslims acted aacornin~ '00 tb~! QYi'an~ ha ve 'they ~elie·vecl wi:tll conviction theae '~e'U'giQug d.octrines cited by ,A'lJah:i and have they understood tb .. 8. objectives, ·tIe has 'made clea_l" '00 ·them? Have the:y a;Plplied His sc:e;l.al and ~xisteD:tiaJ l~gffis'ha:t'lQln ·to t.ble manner 10 which they d.ispos~· of their lives? H" wer eencl nde from our st nay that '~bey :hs,V,e .ind,eed done SiO? 'tb.en we: must have :arri v'ed all. ,to:~th.ef ~,t the desired go,al~ biJ];'~ if ant" s,tudy reve rue ,that: they are ~~r :'&o'm. tcJlt~[l~:th. deJL:r,~J;(~d 'bJI' ,tbe Qu,y'a:n ~ncl ,thrsrL 'U:u;~Y' igrKrre i:~' hHil£'hJngs' and eommandments, then. know that it is !lur dut.y 'to bring ourselves, as ,;vell as th~!s~ who [oHow us, back to' ,that W;8[1·

Tb.e G·oal of Life in the: Q.ur'an.

The! 'Ql1']~an has d9:IJrlliecl the go~] of life and. UU~. purpose (if man's existence!'!!HJ11.d has shewn that a, Pl90p'lJ8 wht'J<se ch]f!{ ~oll.([~rn in, this ~i:fe Is eBltl_ng ~n.d ,sJ9:nsurd f!njo,yID:en t -He, the Blessed and .Almi:gh'~y says: "Thesewhe dis beli ev-e, enjoy themsel ves and. ea. t as cattle eat; butthe Fi'D~e will be, their sbode" I'Q.,47': 12J ..

. Anld i thas shown tha.t others wli1.o~e· '(lhi,ef ~n.cem. i~ h':lXury an;d tr.ansito,ry POg,s~ssk'n.~ ~ He'J Ble~Slecl. and Almig]:rty is He, s~s:: jjMade be;au.ti[ul :For mankind is the JQve 'offlesih~:y desires £0([,' w,om€n and. children, and heaped - up moueds (Ill gold ~.d sf~.ve:r~ ,aIi.d branded harses j and (::~ tUe ~ and Hlled land. Th at is. HI,a c'O:mfo:rt o,f ,the Ufe o:f·thi~ w:or]d~ but, the ln~st ties:ort is. wi'th .Allah!!' [Q,3:: 14] ..

It 'has also shownt.hat s1[;ill others w hose !~ld~:f distinction in 'this life I't is; '00 arouse rei.vi]. s,tI'H·e~ md. to cause ,~\I']~, and eorruptien b) Uo\ui;sh.j are these of whem Allah say,s: ~!Of M:al:tl kind there ls be whose talk enneerni ng~h'e ]jfi~' jot tl11~ wor.l:d. pleases thee, a.nd b;e caUsAUah. '~O witness wh.at is in his brem.:st~ tholl.lg1t he is tb~ must stubborn of enemies. And when 'he 'turn:1l his back; he: hastens about ]!l the ,em'tIl to spread ~oT'1!"!Ilpt:km withi ~ it, and ,to! des'tl'oy ·thl\:!! ctllil'tJ.wa·lt·iJ()[l and the cat Me: AUab. lo'\i'\~s not eorruptinn ~ [Q. g: ,210i1=·205] ,

Tlllese~ ~ some aCthe aap]r~tio:n8. lor :me:n. in ·tms. lif~:; ·wl1Li.cl1 Alh':h kept th~ b.di.e·vers. elean of tlhem! rendered them. i:ml~aent, of t,hem" a:md. iE:Uilit.ru5·fi.:ed th~m "i~th a ~j(Jf.ti:er oorl':lJ.c~rnl'! Alld He~ llimdl u:pon

_. ~ _'

thei~ .sh.ou.ld.er~ a. h~b'e!f' duty! nam:Ely: to ,glllide humanity ·tothe truta, '00 lead :a]l of mankind.w the· g;oodj, and to Illumine the. whole world with. the ,sun lof Msla:m~ This ]S wl1.aJt 'H~:~the Blessed Md. Almigb:ty.,. sa.¥s·; ~~O )'Ie w hn beHe:ve:! B~:r\~' do wn. t. an.d. P'l'{ls,tra;oo YUiIJt'.'Sle=lve:~~, and 'wo~·sbip y,om Looo;tim.d do wl1;ll!'t is gGod: perb:a.ps y\Ou will 'prol!iiper, .Md .stri~f,e. to Y(l!!iL;U"utmoiSt .f~(l" AUah:: He 'has chcsen ,"'QU'I and imposed an you on h~'Td.slu p In 'yeUgion ",. the ereed of y!Dut" 'fa the'!:" A1Jrah am i IIJe l1!am.'edi. you l:Iuslllll:&i for.Ol.C!!rdy!, and in

'i,'!c"~i:E>' C<Ii"!i, ·tr·~'I;Q·';'II-'l-- .... A' n ........ ·j,.·'I ... m-·-'-'ll~il·t 1!,...;,_ ,"" ·!t'''l·'i'_,~~~ ... ~",.i'Iif"''''t U"pO"\:'" iE' .... i~ '~i't'Ii~1 [I~~,~!~'~ ~' ~!\t. ~1I1l~ ~ ~11;~ :, ::',~!!-J'id ~ ,'':::;~ ,. - ~lL - . _!LlI~. GIl. .~~ &l,U,~O!:Jl ~c~o . j' V'~:ji ~Ji.1;A ~:~.'~

be wi·tnesses, iSigains:t mankind" Th.eooli'O!1(3 p"~l'_(lUlfrl the pray'er~ and pay the alms, and ;~ake I:'eftmge in. Allah.~ H~ is y.our Promotor. And hOlWmil" a. Protecter, how 'falr a .. Helpe.r:!i~ [Q; .. 22: 77'-'7',8].

T.hiliS means th~.t the N eble !Q1!U"'an. ,appoints the ~J:.U!SH'OlS; as: guarm.a:as. O,V~l' h:um;~;l'li'~y in its; m;ino:rUy l' and g.ran"lts "tbem ·t.he rj\~ht of 81JIZer,ron'ty and d'omini.on QV~I' the w(}r~d in. order to C~"Y out ·this, si[blim~ eemmiasien. lienee :kt fiB our eoneern, not that of 't"lh,f'; 'W ~t!, and it pe'I"~a:ins '00 illslamic c:ivili~,~'I1i,onJ :Dut tbo m3tterialisti'fi

• .~,~ f,"


The Mand .. ate o,f tb.e: ·MuSlim. Is Self .. ,sa,crifi,ee·" ,Not P'ersolnal.Adv,anta.ge'

T; .... ~1J'[I ".'~~,_,'li.", ('IO],l:!i!':l'[!!£I;'d' Q·n·,,'1 A·:·"-n·]'.d\- .. ,j!.:y· ·~c 'r..'];I!!i,I) 'l"'IC!ij!!< m .""'I".:Ii,oi:!i. it ,"",l,OC;"lI'"

1~J}~~·~, ,t'U.,~~~, lU,_,'i;ll~~~._~' ~-_ U' " --U. .~l:~~" ,~~ J: ~o! ' ,~-gQ~ _t ~U!lpl· _,tL Iw, ~I~

'that the beliver st:ri.ving to:wErrdUd.s. goal bas, so Id. himself B1Lnd ,ell. he possesses ta' AUahj and ~hat he lias nQtbiug pE~r~o'n~l tij pin. from it, Its ,attaiu;we=ll t.l.s depe:[l.del~:t so:].ely on ·t.b~ 61UOCt;l'$B of thiB m:is~ion. and ~,ts cemm unieatlon to the hearts of men, Tful~: J!Sl' what He, the Almigh ty.! ,S,ays: uf3urnly A11.8.]:[ hBE bmll,gllt. f'rmn the he!ieverE,t:heiir pe1:'!3io]]s and. 'th.eir ·wealt.h.!. in thii:l't Para dis e: is 'i;heirs" [Q,,,!91: 1111.

From ,this we see that ,the· Mu~Um m ekes 1:1 ~~~. ]'O'~ in this world subordinate to his ll'lrssio,.IJJ'j sO thatha :[YU1Y :g.ain. the rn.ext world as ~ reward :fm' his self - sacrifiee. As a result, the Mu;~1im. eonqueron was ooaclle·r. qu~liflecl by ,~U the e:nHgh:t-enm,ent~ guicl ance, 'CQm.pass~Jo·n j' and benevolence with which 'Ul'~ 'bsach~t must b~ gr.aQe[[~ ~nd t:ti ~


By yOU'r Lord, ,my dear ibroth@t i have the ~Iu.slhnlS, '1.lndJel'stoon. th€ Book Otf.' their Lord in this fashinn, so that their souls he:vebe>eu 't_[pli~ct and ,t:hen- ,spiriltis raised on ,higlil,?' So '~haJt '~b~y have freed themselves from the b~ndage: (if ma:tter t mild. :purified th:~rn;seliv,es ()(f the pleasures of &=shly lu stsand cra\'lildn~? 80 th,a:t t~hey have li'ft.ed themselvss above trivi,aUtl.~~s and lowly oanesrns, and turned 'their faces toward. ,Allah! who ereated the heavene and ,t,h,f3 earth, as purebelievers! who e:_~a]t Allah"iSWord and strlve bl His path? ,Aa.ld wbo br@adea.~t His faith and, defend His Saered Ls'\!II"? .or are, 1th.e:y

these 'ni""~'l"'Ii"Iin"":r-j[J, ... f t- t,.'''''~;1I'' lusts and .,.1,..,.",""""" oft :k'''''l''':r- ..... ravin iOflt: and 't~'l,b]-':r'

ILo ~!~~'~ rr.',~. ,~.v.~~,I~. ~ l~.r~, =!~,~,~~,~ '_I _ ~ .~ ii:1.~_~ .. __ ' ,~~~ 'I' ~~I U,_, lL&ilL~'_,_, 'I....!1. ~'~,~' '_~~ 1i:iI!.~.~ ~ _~'...l!ii:i,_,~,

greed, whose sole interest ia a delicate mouthful ~ a fast tat; D" handsome sl[dt~ a comfortable nap, a fail- 'wjfe~ a false fron t, and an em,p!ty 'title:?

T.J:ley were, stll'tist'iecl. ill. their aspirations but aiJ:lict€ld in th ei 1" fOll:'tun,es,; 'TIl,ey :~:dlimb~d. the S~'a8' IOf' etriving, SOl 'they said" and we're

11'11 i'lIl pj"',i'\,'iI!o. Gm" feted Jj~V ,~!~~Jv.~!!!r.' ~ ~L!' ~ ~ ..

1'ne' Apostle, of AUah. ()[!3!)" ,An~ bless ands,aV-le himl) 'w',as; right: t.I'V\'re~h.ed. t~ the slave (bf the d:inar,~ wretched Is ·t;he slave of the dirha.In~, wretched is the slave of'v:elvet1'l2".

T1h,e Goa] Is the Basic Prfnciple and Its Pr,actica:l, Application

8iruo~ the go'fl~ W~i3, wha t :lJl"\ovi.decl the impulseto fo]'IQwthe p~,th'j and the go~d. h as become obsnered and 'confused in IQl1f(" umma, it Was, absalu loBly imparativa that '~\1fe cle:ri.fy and define it} and I

I Th,r;, '~rml, 1!Ji!-lG1El ]he"m :i:8 hWl!am i ~ the phrral ~I:W bal![l[f,w:hi!ch ~~i.fI the G]oo,sa:ry 0:1:" A:r..aibirC' Teltrnli:'l,

2 'Co.T:liiClOBdnlD!.e-e, L, 283" 1i"f hBI~'C:: a slightlY' BhDrt~r.' ''lJCI'''1!liO]iJ. IOf fh is lladitll!~

. ~ -

Ol'tfir,j;'btl:ng the CI'i(l'el.'v:e't.'~ i:!il, citL'!!d ,~5 r;tceurd:t1.g i'rli th.~ S~hih of Ai=llI,dch.ilri ,and

'dl,e S.·onalll. of .Eb~l M:<lJla,

00 00

balli.ew tha:t we' have ~~eded to a greart ~xe~:nt In doin;g' 00. \'!~ have: eeme to the ~o:nc'~US~,ID1l, ,thart i& is OUT du ty1to I~stabli$h ~mt~(fltilgnty IQ1ve:f' th,'ew(u~ld, and t@, guide: all of' humnn.~t:J 'fio 'the sound p(lfe~ep,~ of ]s'~am, and to i ts te,aelUng~!, withliJ'~lt wfii,(ln m!M~kin.d eaenet attain 'ba:pp,],IHl1~!~~.,

The Ori.gin;s, of' 'Our Goal

Thj:s is the m,lee;:sag,~ wni,th the M:u_s Urn B'Il)tlw:dlOOO w,iiJl;d1, to bring '~O' mankind, and th~rt they wish, t'ltu~, Ialamic 'umma to understand as i,t SM1!l1d, be understoed an.d 1;0 proceed tosalvage with deiierminB-Uon, and i!l(H~rgy. 1h~ Muslim Brethren have not f.ar,bdc~tltecl. it, nor have' 't1'lley mve.nwd it O(l1, thGd., 'OW:O" It ~~ no more than the :mu~~:~sag''e:~hjcb sbil:'J)if;S fOI:fth '£1,"000 every V':8I',sa' 'of the N'obl.,~ Qtli'~;Il, appears 'with 'the' '~tmolSt cblLir:i.1t.y and ,diistioc:tn~8S in ~vt'!ry I'im jj". t,;. j,'L 'M""''-.It - iI.'~ ~.tr All - 1L 1LI· d 1L" -- ~"L

' JIl 'rEiyj]'boll O!U:: '!Idle rr.li1.5~~""Y fi'l'OO'!.!\~[e. ~ .J!,;f,g:,ay". ian ,Ili! ess SElL, _ rS,a.V"L:! rum . .J',

and, is manifest in ev,e;ry deed (If 'the Fb:st MusJirn,s:! 'lI~ho are the p,a.:r.iEtgo:ns fcu' 'Ihb~ Itr.·g~ tlnde1''Standing of Islam and ·Fo'r ~alvaging '~be, 'te',achings of Islam, If t11.[~' :~IuS;~im$ 'wish to. aecept 'thi~, message, U wiU be t11.e 'Inuof uf 'tb~]1" faj:th and of' Ul'e genuineness ,oftllJeiir I slam" But if ,they find anything' obj~c1tiMah]e 0];' {a'u1:~.y in ita tJ,"JJe Beck of Allah, ,the Bli~8 sl~cl, and, Alm~gh'~j" J:lltmld~ be twttlen u is and U ern ~ a. ,. 'I~tt :a;ut'hcpi t'U' and a :flrull iI'lI'll·iJn!Ouncemell"~ 'lJiV rucli, will ~:'l[]!dilliJr:!i .::t , JU-"".. . l!." :.J' . - ,!Ir." - - - - - - - .. - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - J. - "'1-

between U~ and our brethrea, endwill demmrstrate whet-bEn' the b~th be fo~' us oragalnst tI s: "Our Lnrd ~ decide between U~ and our people in, 't,ru,:tb. ~ for Th,en,,], ,al'e 'th~ best of' D~ciidel's" [QI" 7: 89].

Tb,eI~~ l]aV'l~ been inquiries from nt1J,any 0:£ 10M]" fuooth1:1~ni! whom we J,Q'Vie: with all our hearts, and. to whose benefi t, a:nd welfara in this WCM!',ld, and 'tl'l.,e n t:l:k"iIG 'we j~,a',ve con:sJt!lc!t',:tJi.te d {jIll,'!'" I!tiff~:rtB" OiU,'r' wealth, and OUT"Hv-es~, and h~ve ~a'c:rif.iCl~d m!-u~sel\!'1es fo-r this goal '~ the goa.'li of bringing happiness '00 our l1J1DJID8 a .• l:d, our brethren t.}j,r,01:],gh our wealth ,Md. eur persons. On, their behalf, we have ne~Je>cted. our children and 01,].)1" 'W],'Vles", Iio:w' much do I wish ,th~.t, these bre'th1t"€n1 who ara :m~aking inqurir:i,es would infbrrn the:riJIsol"ves abou t the yd1uth of the Mlls:lim, Brofherheod Their' 1By~:s. ,3I!:r~ vlr]d~:


awake whi ~e ctheil men s],e:e!Jl; the:ir :mincls ,aM working 'whU,e the IC3Ie'Uee relax. One I]l them will be, hent Oller. his deskn-onl aftern(lo:n un.iU midrligh~ workin g':;. ,s;tl'h\!mg~ pand,e:r1Jng', toiling ,B;8sidu.ously, keen:i.Ji'itC!!: ,a'lli. :it 'ImC8Si31n1iJl'],iI" all men tIl lene. \tVh0.1J tha month c --: ()~e:

- Ii:" -- ,i!;!; - - - - - - - -~-,.l ' -- -~ - - , ~'." -e- - ,[S Vi_ r~,

bt'J, hOOl.ds ,O',ver hi9; :~noom,s to his organisation, Iris, donation, is: dedicatedoobjs mission, and 'his m,oney.~ 18 put '00 tn.-e' service of his goa]. He seems to' be 6aymg' 'W t~he'OOM of :u]speop'lie WTI{)I are' heedless of bj~ se']f - ~am'l1ce~ "I diO D:O't ask of :YOI] B, wa,g;e for thi~ UlY' wa~ is due from" Allah alane,.t;~, AnRh :fuI'bid, tha!.t 'we should bestow a gratuUy 'aD cur -u:m::oud Prom it we c-anu~! and ,to it 'Wii;' be]Jo'n~' W~ tare' me'fe'b' resorting 't(l such, self -saerifiee a~~ D, means of drawinfl' Us ,a;ttBif:i,tjon .sO, that iitm,ay comprehend 01;"[[ miseion and

r,e~p'on.d, to :Qur can. 'i, -

;' These beloved ~r;ethre~[1, who ~,u",~y ,th~, Muslim ]BTIfj!t,ll~rl10Qd, from a di s,"tance and peer at them, :fr.o,m ehJ'$e 'n:m,ge' raise the

f"i;! ~~':X:i1..., t'" ",'1.., .~' ",'ii .'. ..-1 "j. , m....... I

ques !.i~on,;: .'V~' nae JS '''ll~e ;SJO,llr-,c6, 'iJ:l, ',~li!!:tr"~xpe,:mt..l.],'~um~j:'/ ..[! rom Vir, ;1Bli-e

does money enme to them for a miasion w hicihis. ,a:s auccessful and t1lourlshing M 't~llei__rs!, when times, are ti,ght ,a1ld people are mgg~rd],.?i~ Nly answer w~l' these 'is Uta t, religioiu:s miSS\lOD,S' are supported by faitl" b efore l'D.Oney ~ and. b~· oollvlet,:i,on, 1oef-ore 'h'M,si.'UlTh·,Y' goods,. m,erever the 'true believer Is .fQu.nd" there also are to he 'bound, an the, :meaJ1S00 suceess. The! ]11(J(E] .. ey of the M'u:sUm, Brotherhcod consists of the sluaU a!m,Q1XVl t thej~ cl.rectu,ct frem their' e(Xpenft1Cul,~,and, wbi'Ch, ,th,ay save thrcugh eceaomialag on their baste :['UH~e$8iti.e,s: and 011 t11G needs 0;-1: the'[r bouseholds and c'ldldrEi!I1~ So do dl~Y increasethe goodness Oif their- :S{llll'[~. and 'Iim:p([l]vetheh'~ heares 'with :~~~,eroSJit~l' Every o(ne' of them, w-ould, HkB to s'p!'1!!ndmHI."l;y' tim,as oveT what he hss :fcu;' the' sal~e 'of ,A]la,'ul- and, if some ·of them fin cl DothlingJ they turn a w.ay.jth.eir' e'ye5 brimming with t>~ar$ of' sorr'Ow' 'beta use they 'have: not fnund :nnyUllng'to ecntrlbute. In 'Uris 'little roDney 'al"lcl. great :faith" 'with praise and: glo:ry unto AU ah ~ is: j] a clear pI'Odama:tion tiO' a worshipful people' f-Q.21: 10611 and sueeass 00 sincere 'Worke''fs.

'Wh·' '.' ,-{ 1',,-::: t-'hl' I~, .. "-, ·····f~ ""-b' 'M··'. "- -". ~-?

. . a,,", S ., . e ~,ource 0, '. III,e_ '_,e oney Ii

AnM~ in 'Wh~'s€; l".ll:and :!1IiU '~h]ngs rest!, blesses Ef,!!,'Qr.'j" single pe:llny of "tbols,e collected by Ule Ur,p,tilw.ho od! :FtJ,:r ~ All,~h has :E1u:".l.n:ihHa:~Bd. '1ll,~,'~:ry ~ but, He bas mereased the fh:d,ts of c'hari.ty~ IQ.,2: ,276] '"

jj'Alld, tba:t whjcfu, you ];wi'n;g; ill, chu.i'ty desirlng on]y ,the ,P,aoE!. of Allah '~ Uu~y litre t:'he oaes whe wi'!1, 'be ieereased :man:i;t(Dld.~~ [Q.30: ~\'9] 'i'

'W,e and Politics

Ot~h~r ~orpl~ ,s:a.v ,tha.t the Mu,aUm Brotherhood jam, apolttical group and t'ha:t their mission is a p'oUticaJ '~T:U~'ll:u;~:yOrnd, 'which they h~pve stiU otb.el' ,tlims" VilllO knews how' :far our ,n(l.,tio.u wi]l ,go ia s:pl;,eadmg aClcU8,1';tiofiS;tbandyiflg' ,9u:spicioll,S], and ,na:n'le ~' c~i:Uin,g;, whiIe it abandons a sure 'W~y supported by the actuel 'stale ,of a:lJalrs~ 'co pliQooecl, ;ahnlg' a, pls;'tb of mete (~o,nje(j1l;u:r'e, inspired by doubts l'

o (lUI" people, we :are ealling out '~o )lQU. wid] the Qura:n in our righehand and the Sunna in our left, and with 't'h,e! d:eeds of tha p\iou.s ~e~sto:rs orr 'the sons of ,thi's Umma, as ,our le,xla;m,ple', We 'S1!;U)1.n1;o;.n you t(11 I sl&m,,~tbe teachings crt IS~lam j,the: laws: uf Islam and Uu;~ gUid.a:fiLCEf of' Islam, and if '~llis smaeks (J':[ '~RpoHtksijj i.n ,your e'Y(Hh t;'hefl It is Ol;;U':' '~I~iolicyf~i ,M,cl if the: ID~,e ;S:(]11lOioni.llg ,101l. ~o tbc\Se prrin,ciplej$ is; ~. jl:politi,clall,/~ th,e-n 'we a:r,e i~ne :moa't. rE;sr:uaietabh~ of nl,e!tl" AUsih be praised." in '~poli ti~s~~! And. if )"ot,] wis1i, to callthts '!pol'iticsjJJi tS;~ what lll(!U Uk~, fur' names wlll never' harm us when Whclt has been named is made clear and our ,gj~.sll5i standrevealed.

O Our people ~ let n~Jt, mere words etand between Y@'U SInd the ra(!'ts~, nor name s hide au r goal:!i" ''['jj}'l,~ unesaentials veil 'the eseential from you .. Islam d,o,es have a, pn liqy embracing th,e 11 appiness of this world 'end ths giodlm~ss of the 'ne'x.t:: this j is- our J.loH~~l1' :for 'W'hich we seek n 0 substi tute. ThG:r~fr.n~~ g'(}V'~'I:'11 yuurs:elvl~s !a{:ca:!."diugw it, ~Ci'n,V'ert others to iti' EU,lJd. you 'Will win, the gkn:-y of the 1\illD,dd 'tiOl eome. :Ml:a~V' J>OU knew Its gt~,d ti[i:i:ngs b,~:rOI'e long,

Brethes, cgm'r.;!:~ :let. us .liS'~rul" t,o'g,eUl!Sr to '&,he: voice of the Divine Glcrr1 T\es;tnlTI,dingthrong]), tI::UE~ b.orfiz©n,~! ~filling the earth and tilE


Seven Hea ven SII'1 h1j;sph:ing' '~he seul of every 'be'li:ev'e'fw i'~h ,th,€; lo.ftie;s't -reeli.n,gG: i:l.f,g]Jory and "fHi',~de'" '~vhe'u, lle hears Ud;/i: e8).U '00 whleh theheaven$ and 'tbe ui~};r.th and ~n th,e" enntain are a,'tten"t]:v@I" from '~hE! momen t ,Al·,Amb12 proclaimed jt'!;; '00' this creation .fo:rUm.c' without e:Dd~ sinee ~~er.l~it'Y' hSlS been decreed 6Q1" It: j:';A]'],all :is the' Preteeter of t'l~os,e '"ll,~ believe" lQ:.:2;, 257:11.,

Yi2S,~ y~;Eh, my brotberl I:bisj is UlJ,e can g(f' yOiJjj" Lord to you", "Hera I aID! :lny Allahl, here I ~:m,!5}J Praise and thanks lU1C,O thee! Praise without ,stint unto ffheel Th,01J;l!,, 1'hD}'U art the Prosector of" ~lle, believers, ,the: J:ielper of those wh,o' ~oi:l~ UU~ Defen;det- Qf those 'w}ILQ' ,af'€' 'w:t,'onged'j '\Iii ho ,moe aUac~,~}~d, :in th"eir. llJJIJJim,es. and dri vre:l], from their abode~! :H;oIi.lO'r.~d. lJS 'kl0 ," ho talIiJ's!s 'his refuge in, Thee, and victcrieue is he 'who seeks Thy :protecbo:nl

Q;,AUab will :S:IJ:rn[y ,eLi d on' w ho helps Him. Atlah is Itli,gh ty ~

0'1.·· . p~ [Q' (.';;;0' A f'ii] Ji')rl{)U;~L .- ,.,4~,:, ''"ley a,

Y- 'flo"". 'U~e<: 'i'ir"I'V.· '1"_'''''J'OIil'l .. ,Bl'~, C-II'1:i'WI'h.r.:5;_ 1 jil'" 'Ir. '~:'Ii!' H";~·~'~ 'H·"';,iOJIi'ZO~'bl!J;'Ii· to Ithe vOIce' DE

~O!I! .J,~~, 1~.I..lJto! lJi.IJ:u .... l.IJIw~ ..... V!!UI'; .. :Jl11W;r .lJ1:r!;.i .~~ __ ~~,I·,!ij 1b.~~,~~.!!j_!!r.JI ~!i._ I~.- _.. .._

the :Nob]~ 'Qli1r~an! and let us be transported by 'the recitatien ofit~ clear verses, L~t i.1S :i:'.{~c(lr.d tbe b~a,'Uty ~f tltt~, w:an,d~'U:II,r eentamed i'n, tbe pages, of f;;'h,at PM f.':~ fie d. :Book'.

Come' to, me, come to me, my 'bl"o'ther~ and, hear 'be Speelih of.

Allah, B~l,~:!ts,~d and. Al~njgll~Y lsHel

I( '] )!! Allah ]S, '~he Preteetor o.f th,ose 'who believe, .I;.;]€ brlings th em forth fram darkness to light", - Surn,t atl .. Baqara [Q.2: 2,[511.

f i?iI-) 'HN' ,.". but A: i lah l' "" U",,'I !['r iIri"f'I;,I'i':I;'"'iI-"""... ...'11·.:11 He ;-1"'" ;1- 'L.;I'lI ~-A.:;.'t' ""f

~l~ .. I"lm]jl~ u.·1 ,'"." i1'1: ~~, ,~ ,)'i.~~~, ~..:-,_,I~~~II.~/Li4r~,,~ ~~.·_u, ,I_,.~_ ".:l! L_,Li!l:i: !ILh,:i~ia UI,I,

Helpers", ~,S!]Lfrat ,}J, Imran [Q:.3: 150)",

,( a)i Only .Al!lah jjs, Y{fiIJ,J;" Protl~ec:wr - and l1't.g ,Ap-@5tle~ and those: ~!iii-hJo 'beli e:,,!"Ie;;. those wha pei!I'form, t'h:fil :Jlr~ylJlr atndpay the alms.

'~~ ." ":1- . I~ iDJ ~, =1 1!;!f ', .... j. ~n~'· t'~-l

!i.JoCI'Wl[l,g uuwnr , - wura:~, ru,~J.I"l,a lu!i]i t~,;,~,: Wi~! •

i' Tb~ ~~",r~n ~ t~.ye5~OO: ,ht;::~;'!/I'!;m Otf 'tlf'L!! -ij,!JIlr'a'r::I. 'p.,i1!!.l'arl lse J'nn:n a or :Fird~~i'II' .s)is ~,~g~l.l~ded by some '~11eoio~~~n;I'j: Jli~q ~u;rimg .si'~lm~{ftl1 in fhc Se.ve".f1!'t-h T3l~;J,!,tiC!trI,; hiy ,others" :as :bein{$abovi£! tll<C Se'!jJ'"eIl'U\ f).[HID dl ~'~cLly' b-OIllC,[lth ~:h@ ''f:hroJ'Tj,~ of (~;(]i1_

:rI, AJ~,Amj!lili". 'iJtJie TrlJstWlO[Il'Lhy .,~ j:s: fl ~l')mm,OI~, t~,tle [If the Pro'pihet M:'il.n_3m:m:acli.

~ 1~h:isi5 an i1nV{JlC:I~iitiQn t!I:i:;ti)!:f'edi ~y tile MllI,sl im pi ~gri:ml3 tlJi M'eG~ as alrnsst OOIfl.ur.n.l!O'U~ ]."tefTIR~ 11 ,after they ha v . !I15!5:l.:!liV](,~cl L&l~'~'I"tJdi.ti~~utl 'pil:g~.~um, gaT''Il and :!u.·e':!l:pjJ'!'io:aeb]j:i':L~l t'~(!! Holy City.

(4) ~']rly PM~,C;ro1' ~s ,Anah~who Sl!nt down 'the Book, fol' H'e befr..ie~ds the pious, ~ ~, Sura t AI·A Taf. [IQ.,7: 1!96];

(.5) «8 a.y~ 'N Qtrung 'win h~fdl us save what ,M.bill has: deereed. 'He is: 'Jm-- D,efend!l:er:' in,God le'~, the heli!~\!'erspbwe their trust," - Surat al-Tawha [Q.9; 51],

(6) "Behold, on the friends of Allah there is, no f;ear, nor do 'they gtirS\o~; 'it;h~y' W'hill beli..e.v'e and 'W€i![\~ used 'to shO'wing piety", ,~ SUl"a:t

Y"~'~'1i'n'.tJ, [Q.' ~ll n. ,Q''1I'~O'''']-

• I -~_~,~,J~~ ..' s ~Uo!l U.1!iJj'-O~ •

(: 7)- ~T1iRt is fu seau 8'6 Allah is the Defender of 'tbO~!S'B who believe, m1d, 'b~eau.$J~ ,th.e un believers h ave no defender. ~ ,-SUI"at Mub,runmad (1d.ay AJ1Elh bless and save him!) [Q,,4'7;, Ll],

Do 'you not ~ae in thes e clearverses tbat Allah i(BJ.>ei9s~d. and ,Alimigh.ty iSI He,~ lreJate_s you tio ffims~](, grants y,oo the grace ,of His ]lr'O'~sctorB:h].pli' and sheds tIlpon. yQiU the .8l;l,peT.i8.bur:uimlee of' 11]8 ,Ot'l:c':-~"? "But 'gl''''rv belones ,~,,,,, AnaJ.h,~ and te His A:no.atle and to the

EiJ,o.zy, . ll. .' ~,v ,;'/ - "" ~V~iI.:g;"" !<V - --.~ -, -l' ' ., "J:'" t. .

believers, but tn.€ fIypocrilbes 00 not know" lQ,.£;,3:B],

.A.nd in ,the: N'QbIH' Tr.ad.ition1:J the <Chfl'sen Oti~:I. {l,i:ay Albih bless and save him') ,~.'el~te-s something conc-ernm.;g his :Loro,!, the snbatanee of which is:: I. Allah ~Ble seed and .Almig1t.ty is Hal) says:' 'On th.e Dtny' of :Res:u:rr<ection~ 0 chi1d!e11. of Ad am, I ha ve set up a, kll).~ldp and yOil .. "bav~ :se't up a kinship~ 'and YOtt have g,fJi'~ d: ~~Si))~aDd - S'O'r sen of sc-and-so." But] have aaid: ~rVlet'UJ' the neblest ,O'f Y'Q.U m the sight @f Allah is the most piuus 0'(' Y'U~l~ r. Q ,48:; 13], And t.oday I shall raise

un 'M· ~l' ll,.;nch~ '~]'p: ,,,,,...,,.211 1",.~,,,,...'IL'~...,, '~10~"r.~ 1L":::'IT'Ii "",I!",]' P III

_ '~;-r.1 ~ ;;./ I:u 1!r.;pI' ',' caLa._Jl.Ul" ;.I!.IL·Jl.lL.!1.Jj~Ujh:i' j- . U -, J&.jL_.IIJL~1J3' : I

ThJ!lerefore,~ no b~e brother, t;lll€l pi,pus forefathers Pf:i~.f~J;'l',~d to trace their relationship to ,Allah (Blessed ~ll.d. Ahnlighty is: Hie!) and establish as '~b.e f[uJ!nd,a:ti~n of tbei,i; 'pI'.a,j'\er.~ and the pivot of 't'b,t~dr deecl~ 't1i~ realjzation of tbis noble l~e.[,~,tion.s:hip. One of them .. called out '1;;0 his compan ion:

:00 not call me but by ~O His S I ave' ~

'I ,A].:Th;f~,dr:.:h tar, iI!lt:h"e: Chasen Oirl.e,;'\ ,is: !it OOl'ti:mO:[1 li Ue ef the P:ropb~et :Mu:hm1f.itmlfid,;

.2; Abcltih~, ~!!l £'I,~~\!'1l!~~' b;, still a V'll1iry CD!mJI!JIlI'I!Mu!;:U m m;fl!s~ll,iTII(i: l1;am~" l:rIii2"ssi;!n,r;~' i~ Is a. s]:l!odened for.nn oJ ,~f.I,Y l(!if the '(liU'I1IllI,e'roIUS P~:I:'I,!l!®lll f.ll r.i.ru:ll!~S (lilH:'l~,'rK!lU~decl o~

• J ' ,


For it is trllly tb.fb n(jbl~st of my names,

AniO,t·hISr. once answered ,oo·m8fJrJ!B w'hc hadasbd, him if he hailed :f.ro·m t.h.~ tribe of Tia:m'fun o:r Qay,s::

My father Js I8hlm::' I have no othi!'I' ['a.'thel"', [ ·8 ay' I:] when. t'hey' bo~s,t of' Q.a-ys Of'lrami:n,l

T---h-A."""<I!'lo .. ·1 .... 'N-·'~c.n. 'G'- 1loru' B'·fii11'O- n .. 'd- 'I1li'~

. ~~1. 'iJ' ~I I " U' _" It.-- .. J" .' - ~IJ' . ,",' -,' '.- . ',_.~

Dear :Bl~.Qt!1L\~tr'l :pe{lJ)lle bgut of' theil,' lil"iJ~~g:~ ~'llly because ,of sueh

~...lI .!i '~'·l·~· '" L~. ii.':::_..:l' I.t..·, , , - -, .~ d ..j , d-

,S,,PI.ienU'Or ~.nU. no iJI~. 'l"Y as itt,~1 :W]!U U}, '~uelra1ll0estors ., eens, ann

beeau se of su,ch glory and :ho]1{}j'" as they p'[lo:p{l~e. to ins:till in, the ,s,Qn.ds of U,.,eir. children .. E.eY0.l1d.·theae! 'two ICo.nsider,a;tions, ther.e' i~ :rIloitl.ting" '001 you not 800 't-hs;t t;t:!i].arting· :;yourself to AUal} (]Blessed and AhnIgl,lty' is :H,el:) is. tantamlHIDlt fJ.o t.he hlgbes'tposs.ihi~ ,m:mhition

,,'hl 'b'''t t, 01'-' ~:. ... , ~d,~.,· • j. - ,r," -) d 'J 1i

'we: ,run .• '] 10u.S ullilY S ",t'lv'B Qui aream m terms 0[' g .lory &n~ _ sp .. enuor .~

('F'c)ol·' :g~(}ry (bellol1.g6 to Allah entil!ely~ [Q,.4,: 18'9]1, ,.. as we]~ as th'e: wort-hie-s't way oi' t1].)Rtttihlg' .your soul '00 the helgbtEi of j'IHiyyun,[2: 11. will also in s;,till, h~ it 'tlle spin t ot reb~tlh in. CO:i;11.pany 'with ·th,o~~ ,a~Uvely 'eIlgag€,d ~ forw hat nobiUty ts gr.f;!f!(ter ~ Md. wha·t, h~stjl'~'~](m '00 virlli~H~' mare exalted, than ynur vi'eVi,~' of j''Oiu'fself.' M dedi.c8.'ted. ·'bo· ""l7";'It-:, ~,;o;,"'ri.If!;J'!J~I·"'-"d, ~1'" ,o!' n.~,_I"i1 related '-t e A,.lllo;!i1l..";l' ,if"";!"", oi"I'i"i,~ oc .... e.~io""' .. AJ:l,all. LlJ. ~LlLI,~, I;,.,.i-YJ,JJl_I.C'-..i'1:A!!i , Ilclu ntJlmJUr. II ~JAi:lJ11IJ§. __ I IJ. _JLlL~Jl-~ ~ U,~~ !!.!I\~..a;'Ir' ~'Ir"'~~~ __ Jl,~ __ ~ __ ._

{Ele':l!'S~~l and Ahnlgb.'ty is ~He:!) 9 alclh j'Bu:t be d,e,v'Q1mee<s of Allah, fu,y virtue of yOU-f' 'te,a!ckdn._g 'th.eIk~Qk and. whaJt yOlt we·re s'tud.m:g~' [Q'.S,:' 719IJ"

Tlle'Migh'ilti.,est. Sources 'Of'S.trength,

Relating oneself fuo~bte Truth ("Blass~cland. A~[l'!gh'ty is HI~:~' i~]}\I'101\!'~s ,~n(Jthe:r. 'CUo.oop'l·, whi:clh.w"[U be grasped by .a;[l.yonewho ~J,a~

·~~hi12 '~]iI!~~!lt n.bd (sla.!!j'eJ. and the name D" 'Gc:!d~ AHa,h, or' ena of Elis mftn.:y le,pitheb!!l;"

.~ 'rwg of the !llobi!~ '6edouiJll 'lkribes o.~:pr..e~.IE!i~.a:m~(i. kr.ab:ia,

':2 A IJro.POf :I1'!,aIDli!' oceu'I."iring I[):~]y ii] Q . .El3:· 18 » t9. n~ .as: w,!)::'!11 El~;it!:i cO'm p!Rltiol'i bJiml SijJ1i:n. in 'Q .. ,s3:: 1·~t 'Would appi3a1" 'IT.!li!lID U~e. oO(n~elit !ill, 'biJ 'Lh·@ bOI'J~.~iD. w liLic:hLh~.I;eeords of the ,g'ood and 'bad. C!em:l~~~ 'j".e:s;pect"'l;cly', oJ~ nlaJ.9.1i.ldt1l:d !®:re. PJ."es:e~.'VilH:I, Eut mm:ny 'khe 0,] ngJ,IU"l I' inelud;ifJ.~' Al~·TSlb:i'lr1, ~,Il:rd. UliYYlUJ,l as '~he: r .. i1im.e of 'theSe.y.e'tjltll 'f.[e~.v-e!llr(]!l' 's(l:mJ[;': p@l!'l'klil'li of :it. Tllil';!! i:Si c'ltia.e,p.t!y. 'the: tnt~rpl![!:itatIrrn of ,ru.·B:mj.'Jla~' too, w jlU!d,g~ ~y hi~ 1i1!lD.gJU ~.,g~ 'hif:,!!'l~ill.

p",A' I~ ~

· -. d 'lL,_. l-li' 1 ] - L~ Tl' , . h bund

OOJmmi:tte = .l:dtll~~,,_.Jt to,tl1.at, :r"e_.atio:nSl~.!.!I.,p. ',' 1].13, ]SJ;I(3i superan U'lllilSnOm

offait:[l." and thiij ,~onfidenoo in suceess which wUI tak.e up rCi!i$id.0'fi!}~ 1:1] yo1ll.1r' 'heart and aU. yOIU' ,ij!ou:l~ ~Q' Ul,litt J'O\1 wil l fe ar no one Ol;,l't of' ;aU mankiud, nor wlll ,you b~: :i.t'iili]]]ida ooili. hy' ,e'!1e:n the entire war ]d~ tJJ:orugh i.t stc ad. before ;Y:O!U, 'tl~i[}lg' 00 win your aHiI!!giancE;!, OJ:' dislMu~Rging jo''!oul'b:igI1 p(nn.c:iple!,

1~T.b0,S~ to whom :memJ said: 'The peoplehave g~tJleT-etl against ~o,u - ,the:refo]'\~ fe:iEi.'n' th.em ~ Ent ft in.c.r'ell~!ecl 'M'tem i ~ fajtli and th e~'

,J: ·t _' • • '..., • • ., ~ l!l • ., 1 , I, _ .. __ ' _ ' . ,_ '_l~' _ _ _ -",I! _ 1 •• ,f J

~a..'id; ~AUah, 1:9 our g~mCimiCy ~ and ho·Vi,f .~i:K'~B]J'ent.a. ''r,~tee !j~ :riQ.3:: 113J.

,And whea on.e' ort' 'tl'i:o'se few believ'G:rs in, Allah, with confidence :inl8i~n ,~nd His support, 1iound 'himsel:f 00111 fi·on.ting e. tumu]t~qUB horde [lir a rapacious. army ~ he neither dreaded. its assault. nor feared its, depradaeions, belC:.m.tUjie~ he 'w,a_s ,:.1liTajd ,of no one, but lYhih. 'mat 'is m,ighti.er n~~:n. ,that ,strength which. flows in to the he'u·t of the bel~.ev'eH· \wihe'n :~is breast SU~S w~,th, ,the, wCll'\ds of Allal']

,tA''iI.-- .. ·.··'lct·,'-·: ',- H,I ..... ur'f ,~'];!, haids ', .. ,', ". " ,----, - c ~'."]] ~".,- ",.','". ,

lJMUlrn1;g,..]. Y IS ,I e.}'. lL. fl .~:a~_ B-1 _,S YOU1 ]1,1'11 cranq_ llL€J'i[)r """1.. IIjVel eom.e

"oul! IQ.,,3,: 160]'?'

Our' ,Na.tiona.Iism :18: a Uaiv'ersal ,Kinship

Herei s, one aspect oft'~l!e lefty, social signiocance im:pHcit in, 'rela.Ung r.1'1!amJtill1d '00 Al~ah, fBlessed and ,J.4Jm'~I:~:-}],t.Y is lle'!),. and this is the brotherhood of all peoples, -the mub,l al assi stance of iE!:U. buman socieU(ts; and tbe e;lttrtpat,kn'l !Of' ,t.hCH3'9, greedy 81.mbitlO!ilS, which are h::Ul.pi red by fa:naUde,m. m:i.di, '~lhose lfiiw~9 SlOW dissension and mufi:u.a.l aversicn amen g the nations. WhQ i:s fQr the world ~ so :~ha;t he '~vi]l j nin th~ fbrees rallied ,abO'ut th!! standard '0;[ AJ.lah ?

The Dreams of'Ye'sterd.ay ,AI~e, the .Actualitie,s of T'oda;y'

Th~~ hl a. s~yi_ng wh.idl the IVI usllms h av~ been heari:lJ;g' fer ,0'31;, 'i.ongtime~ but :it may DB: an. i.neoom:il,re-llel1,sU~le rlddle 'w th~:m,.,

80m,~O]}B may Sffi;l' ~ ~'Nhy do thj~ gr-ou.p' \~mte about these jdeas whi.ch Cru1UO't be re,ali.zed.? \1Vhat Me '~hey about, :floati11;g.· ].11 an. atmosphere made up of :f:a;n:b~sh~;s and d1;'~am:s?~

Ta_ke :iteasY'~ bro:ther in MSlIDam and ,th~ creed:!W"ha..t Y'O'Ui c()iJ;J!si.def' a" st:rang,e 'riddle 'tod:ay was 'a f:afmHi ar eommcnplaee to yourf:El:refathers. And you. stri,vtn,g' EJ;~bad]! will never bear fruit unttl :it, hecomee j UJ,;t that '~O yotl. B~iev'B me, t'he earnest Muslim,~ understood the N oble QU~\Ml. the firsrt time Ulej 'l'ead it;: w'hat we aTe: ha_:ruii'n,g on to y,~)'u, 'today and teUmg you, '!iN as: revealed te them,

I s.ayto yo:1U stneerelvthat the: c--,;"~ed,()if ,th~ ,M:Ills:'lim, Brotherhood is what ,t.hey Ii v(:!' by;, the,y.' :plaCl;::i;.]~ei:r hope' far t_h~ gODa in i t, and di:e moc(uuing to! i1:s, lights" They see' in it whab~'v,el" otnnfo,r!;" bea.uty l' feJ.]cli:ty~ and trill tb their' seuls aspire '00: "Is it mT& Um.l8 fTI'r those 'w'ho· beljBV!e' 't'tu;Jlt, tbei'f' hearts !3'h,ou].d be hum,b']:€i in. Mo:u:!mbering .i.\lla"h. and the truth :HIe haa sent do,wft?' And thi~lt t:bEY should not be Ilike 1t.ho6;B 'IN nD were tmougll t the Book before 't}u:3:m~ fbr ,8. long period passad Ov'er them, and their hearts wers hardened, Md, many of themwere tran sgressors" IQ.l}1:i 1-jj~,

Brethren, if you. auee with us' on thts basic; M~umflt].o]j" [~]]QW 'th:~lt your tel ~t'itl:g youTselv,es 'to AU,sb {Blessed and Almig]ti ty ,],6: .IileD i mposes U pon }"ou the t~sk lof ~"jraJ.uatln.g· enrrectly ,the imp,O:I."~an t, duty FIe, has pl aeedupon ,;YOUr" slwuJde,F's. And, you are oblig;ed. '~O basten to 'work for l:t~ even though. self-sacrifke lies on the way to its aecompbsh Il19n t. Will. ,YO'U then a;et?

The Duty' -of th,e M:usli.Dl

T.he du.'ty of the true :fI,~Jl1lsHm has been f3))],to:miZ€ed by AU ah CBle!;;se.d and .Almi.ghty is Hell in one verse of 1;.11.9 Book, and 'tbB :N able 'Q~u~l,a;n has repeated it ,th ereafter JIl uumerous ve:rSB$i, The' verse whk_]_l contains tlUl M ualim's duty- 'in Ud,5 life is stated in 'U~es'e words or Allah CBIessed and, Almighty is H®!): ~O you who helj'e've! ][l.QW dowl'lj and :pt"'o~tfate y(li'I!itrs,~1vG-s,!, and worship yDlll" Lard, and do w h.E1l't is BioDd:; ,pe,rha:ps ,~,.u w~ U prosper. And strive to YOitr untmost fOf Allah: He bas ehnsen you and lm}J·osed on ya u no h ardship in religion ~ the creed 'af your £SIJth,eI" A braham . 'He named yuu -Ji..lIus]mlS, formerly, and in 'thi.sj, ~o that the Apostle m'~gbt hili .3 witnss s against you, .'3J11rl you, be ~\l,dw,esses agabu:;tman.ki]],d. Tn erefore p erform the prayer ~ and P1Ely fha alms ~ andtake l',e:Euge ~,m Allah. He "is j1"Di.1t' Protector, And bow' fair a Protector,. haw 'fIDJ'lr a 'U ]I'~' ~ Q.~. 92 7'1"'1' 101-

,~:-lBl_p~r. U __:,.;._.: ···/~ 'oi ;

"bji~, is deaf' discourse, without rf'Ul'D.mgui'~y ,~)r m;)''S.t>ery. By- Allah! i't 'has md,~oo ~eet[}J~'ssam!d bara.u,'~y: U isas lueid as the d:aJNTI and as; pe:f\oopUble as Hght~ :6.Uirug the: ear. and pelle:tratin:g the heart without &~elting' psrmissi:t!n,! [rd lliJit '~he: M'us]ims, listen to, l't b~:f,e'mf()(fe? Or did they '}1ei8T. it wi'th bearts barred ~gaiD!St ~tl heedless, unthinldng?

AUab commands the' M'ru.udims, to bow ~ &'0 pros;tra,te,thenlBlelve s, and t'O perfarm the pr,ay'eI' which is the kernel of:foo ~h; the piUal' of Ms'blm, and the most eonspieuous of i~ !jiu,tw~I'd signs, And to worship Allah and to aSS:(jH:{i,a.t~ nothing with Him, A.nd, to do good as far as '~hey ,an able, butat ,the same time as He cemmands thew to do good, H~ :CotlliJids, ,them t~Jo do ,e'vi.]~, for the first step in d~ing' go od is abandoning (3:ViL, flow ~t'H~C~n£,t and ,et how ek~q'IJen't! And on thi~ ,~oclilditiinll r- lie decreed ferthem ~alICOO!1Sl pJ.·os;p.e:ri'ty" and ''1.fj,letory, T,b&s ts the indiv-id ual dut~i~ ,of e'!i'\e1"y lV!us11m, and he ID:1iJ1l~:t perferm iit himself in. ~oUtume at. in, eom pian, ..

The Ri,gh,t of Hu'mllDity

Then lIe' eommanded them 'to strive to, their utmost for AUah~'s sake, by bro\~dcaJS,h~g the' mission and p(f'opagath1JJr w.t among men \vit:h argumeut and pronf; But 'i.f they should! piel",~:dst 111 'rash acts, eu t~age:s,~ ,and, zebel lion, then '\v.itlfu, the sword and the! spear!

Ell t if men ,8. bjtlre p:rnot a:n.d at.ray tram, 1~11"e pa:th,~ Them Via:r more avails u pen. earth 't'il,an peaee,

Guardoi.n,g ,th,e Righ't Through FOJr.ice

How wise was the man who said: "Foree j S! the snrest W,a_r of impl amen tmg the right, and how' be,,~u:t.:Uhl it ]JI1lth~'t force and right should man 'ob slds bY' side,' 1rhi~ :~kdvi'[lg 'to broad ~~t Ul~ Ialam it! mission, quite ap ~1ft frem 'ffi)r~se"mg the b~no'w~d pfr-eo~pts of

I Although b~ d.oeiS IliJii'~ ~l~rr€: lLII,S!1.l' 'G.l!l!i] ~du:dc'a.l ~,pl.'essi:o:F.i, OI~[-' thiB' Islamic j!Ui:rists" fa:li"'d, ,a,yn (w'.h'icJm~e~ tn the L'}]oss:f.rry ():f ,,AJMlb,ic: TIE!1ffii'ill" but 1,"jj,fheJ' 'li.he (giDi!'l,t~ch]]icill!J~ phr!aflc' ;F,al-manfllmma, ,~I,~fru.,;ti"f!J~j, i'~ ~s 'e!vid.ii.'l!nt 'th..at AI,-Ban:r.ui I[]!ll!e:s meaa to ,re:fu:r to the :S;C:'~ llI'f Ilmse.rv,;:lI.Iu:Cg, i:DemnbciIlt en all adu I'~ l~slPon:si.b~~ M:I;II:sUm,s: 'with nQ C;.l:f,lCpU®'mi.-


~ ... )

( '~, ~, [i!;'~~ ~,; ,~~ ,

," ~. - , -

.Islam" ,is ~ilo~hef' :relJig1,Qu's; duty imposed by Allah on, 'the :MllsHl'H", jrUEi:t as 'He imposed fust.ir:I.g,. p(t.a,B:f', pUgrlm.age:, alms, and the d.oi,ng ~f gQod mld, ~ bud.onmef,IJ,'t o.f" 'e"U~ upen tbam. He ilim.pooecl i,t nlpon them!, and delegated them to do it. H~ did ,mot €'x<:use an.y(lne' p~ssessin,g' str,ength 'mid. capani.ty :fr.oim p'e-rfibr,mjng i:t~ for :]t is; a. 'Q\.IY'an'i.c Ver,!;l'eWllichi$ imperatIve and ,ad'lnQnwtQirY~ and an e:xho.M:a,tion which j~ 'bUtdlD;~l and ~dm,onj,b::ny: ~iMareh 'f:brth~, light and :he~avy" and strive with your wealth and your persons ] IJ. Allah's

'1'" riEl; ..rJ.- . .-11 "I, n way" ~ ~, .... : ':I:'J!l.~' "

,A]Jlah revealed the $e~'t of Ujj~ commandment and ,tIte wisdom of 'lbi~, ordinmoo 'Whi,~h :Hie had 'iln"pDsed on the~ 'M\1!Slims ~e!\r.ward~h shewing tl1.em. t'hat He had choeen tbem,t :9i~deded U1J:,eiOl and ele~tgd them, apart f't<!l,m all mankifl;d~ ha be' the leaders (lif HIs erea tiortj His trusteee over His Divine LB!"~'j' and His d.e'P1JlHes in His le:a1"th~ :SJ;S WeiU ,~; the be;ir.~ of'His ,A;'pcH3rttle "~f,a.y Allah. bless andsave b~:m'r) in pl"OseC!1lti'l1!g his mission, And He made their r.eligio [) eJasy fi)f' 'th~~m, ,perfected His :~egis'],ation,- and m:a~h~ iu ,p,I.'esuri.p't:i:olla, Ugbt, tiendiaring them ,a,ppUcable to' all tiliffJ!E!s and plaoos" so' 'that 'Lhm werld would m.o()ep,1;, them and ,liIumaJni:ty BOO.in. them Its ~nticipal:ood desir-e and Its l()il.1Jg~' awaited hope: '~H,e has eTh1,o~~'IJ YOU'J and imposed an, Y,01l]. no haxdsbip ][;l, 'l"!.'dtgiCHl, ,. the creed. ,of your fa ~hEH" Abr,anam. ,tf.@, named yo,1!l Mus'~jms; tOr:lTIer].Yj and intb~st so that the: Apost:l~ might be a witness aga:~nisrt Y0li,tl :and. you ~~: wi tn,e,se:s ,ag,ein:ert tnanldnd" ~'Q ,.2,2: 7 Sd. Tfu.i~ is. the sQc:~a~ d u:ty ,(~r which God. has d,eleg~t~d all M:'uS:i.irn,sl. so that~hey ~:n.ight 'he as ,~ule~-halau~ a sand. blocand ,~, ~'trong 'LO]'ICEl;l' and so 'tha't 'tllf~r :mig'h 1 be the army (If salvation which would rescue 11.umanJty ,md g:u~i de tbem all tC]~t11~r to the path.

Mo,nks 'by Ni.g;'b,t ~.tnd knight~, by D',a.y

rben. th,e· Trmth (B']'l]ss:ed and Almighty is 'He!)aftenvEII."fds, showed :man~ki~tIJd the conneetien between theeommandmeats laid

'I This is a ~'l[tbel" ii'igOFOU!S, p'iO~it,i(!n 1:'0 '~8kierel,a mt mig' jii' ad~, ~nd ~!llms a re£l!ecii:iuJi1l, of U~e do:U'triull' fJtth~ m.Jre J'~dicall seets !<ii':£" the I{hiitrijitles. A~-B:fl!n na' ltlal!Des:it Bom.ewb:fl'~ h;~8 str~'n.glB:!I1,t ]iIil, :sw,C'(:cciH!lg pnges1, ::L:Il1I.1:illa:p,pelli;i;'B '001 :yil!ll!~d t(J' th~ PI1!OTl'L] view of jlLbad o.9IB a 'far,d ktfa.ya {whi.~h ,t:I~1ii! in 'thfJ; 01~~i[J:jf1 [If Ar.ahiJC Terr:ns,}~ ifliXc:e:pt UndJilr GXltl'li2:[]j'U~ CI!lLldUi'o:rm.s.

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