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21st May`2010

Move Follows Intel Inputs of possible Aerial Strike at Religious places.

Following Intelligence inputs of a possible Aerial attack on Religious places, the Shirdi
Sai Baba Temple Trust has restricted the number of Helicopter landings and take-offs
at its three Helipads to just one a day, said sources. In October 2009, the Trust had got
3 Helipads constructed about 3km away from the temple to make access easy for

Until recently, there was no cap to the number of landings, making it convenient, esp
for VIPs.

Since the Helipads were thrown open to the public, pilgrims from different cities made
121 Helicopter rides to the Temple, and private operators did business to the tune of
Rs 2 crore.
In the last two weeks alone, private Operators have had to cancel 23 bookings.

"We have cancelled four trips to Shirdi as there is no Helipad for landing,"
said Ameya Gore, spokesperson for private chopper service operator Airnetz Aviation.
"The Helipad available with a private hotel here is not for commercial purpose."

A Yadav, public relations officer of Shirdi Trust, could not be reached for comment.

It has also to be noted that on 08th May`2010,

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan on his trip to Shirdi in a Helicopter, had Landed the
Helicopter in the Garden of Hotel Sun-n-Sand.
For this the Shirdi District Collector Anbalagan and the District Superintendent of Police
Vijay Chavan issued a notice to the management of the hotel asking as to if they had
taken any permission before hand to allow a Helicopter to land in its garden.

Also, been asked is,

1) Which company was the Helicopter of ?
2) What time did it make the Landing ?
3) What time did it take off for its return ?
4) Did the Hotel Authorities take any permission what-so-ever for the same ?

As, according to the rules & regulations, the Hotel Authorities should have taken the
permission of the Aviation Department and Administration before allowing any
Helicopter to Land in its Garden.

"Prepare and Prevent,

dOn't Repair and Repent.".....anOnymOus

sAfe-teA : rOhit beHaL

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