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Michael Campbell was the

Vice President of Energy
Group, General Atomics
General Atomics has been providing efficient design,
fabrication, testing, licensing, and operation services
for nuclear material transportation and storage systems
for over 30 years. E.Michael Campbell served as the
Executive Vice President of Energy Group at General
Atomics from the year 2005 to 2007. He was involved in
extensive interactions with senior officials of DOE,
DOD, Congress, National Laboratories, Rosatom
(Russia), KAERI (Korea), JAERI (Japan) and other major
national security companies.
During his tenure in General Atomics, E. Michael
Campbell developed the vision for target fabrication
and originated the concept of a Photonics Division
(programs laser weapons, advanced sensors,
commercial lasers, diffractive optics, and Ultra-wide
band radio/radar). He grew the target fabrication
program from $7M/year to ~$30 M/year and established
General Atomic as a strategic partner in the National
Ignition Campaign. With E.Michael Campbell’s
unstinted efforts at Energy Group, General Atomics, the
group’s revenue grew upto ~15% per year.
He had good relations with senior decision makers in
Departments of Energy and Defense. Not only this,
E.Michael Campbell also devised strategic planning for
Energy Group that included 450 scientists, engineers,
technicians and support staff. E.Michael Campbell
developed a vision and strategy for General Atomics for
developing advanced nuclear reactors. He also
presented numerous invited and review talks at major
About E. Michael Campbell
E Michael Campbell is a well-renowned spokesperson, a
great visionary and an expert scientist in nuclear
energy. E.Michael Campbell has 30 years of experience
in high technology companies. He has a high record of
obtaining government funding and recruiting top
scientific professional. Campbell is a fellow of the
American Physical Society and European Institute of
He won many awards including DOE’s E.O Lawrence
Award, American Nuclear Society’s Edward Teller
Award, American Nuclear Society’s Excellence in
Plasma Physics Award among others. E Michael
Campbell also founded the leading international
conference on Inertial Fusion-IF3A.