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HoHomto Ho Ural Acar feaxur Toye 31 /THOMRowe / o—1877 R.0.S.0. GA. 31/S.R.C/G-1977 Travelling Allowance Journal vilo-6/G-6 AGT / Branch... HvSa / foe / Division/District....... AT WR FFT / Headquarters... ori or Rawr foreid fare aA ; a 20. coc TT BY Journal of duties performed by Shri for which allowance for 20 is claimed 4G / Designation. _2eF1/ Pay.. Frghe w Teer / Date of appointment. fara Praq @ enftrer /Rule by which govemed.... adr of [est a] we | TeAT HT 27 / Station Reat— | fea /ae |arar wr oqtes| |e /Rate aera | No. of for aaa] waa Wex | Day! Object of Month | tin | time | time | &/From | w/To | Kio- | Night journey lo a5, & date lett_| amived meter P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (Gow /PTO) ‘Also see back side ({@wa YS B ale,/ Continued trom previous page 1 2 a | a] © © spaftrea fear oat & f% /Itis certified that - 4.0 ara ren AA ai 8 ae a ea iT en eT oi A oA HPT oT The T.A. claimed by me has not been claimed before & will not be claimed hereafter. 2. at wat wid A ane a aera A A ee fad @ oR wera eRe! HIS aqua) Conveyance charges claimed have actually been spend by me and according to local Municipal rates, 3. wad axel ward wr Gueinr fire 21 | / Cheapest mode of conveyance was utilized. fors ase urat S fare wah sen art 1a & GIS Gh 1.6 faowlo B aia hy ‘The journey performed by road for which conveyance have been claimed was over 1.6 K.M. Ural Ae A area aah B eA Signature of Officer Claiming TA 4 entra weer & fai aA. fea 4 Ra wa aE} fey WA S GHG eR YH Te Bee md Oy weata ToL erat arg GA A aT AH 8 Ge AA Tae wera AAA ye Rove Rear a//at fear ara / quer wend A mg sal A Te) I hereby certify that Shri. was absent on duty from his headquarters station during the petiod charged fr in the bill on Railway business and that the offer performed the journey by Rall/Sea/Air/Road and was allowed/not allowed free pass of locomotion at the express of Government local fund of Indian State. fa) gear /Countersigned orate & wart } RAR R inethy commoung oreer Signature of Head of the Office 1 we tad 8 que Yad we aaah AA we ara Te RPT TG TH fer A ae ene fore Sar TRA GER a ate 8 aan a fre que Rae Reon arn / ya wane Gms a ah A aE On T.A. Bills of transfer from one Railway to another a certificate whether or not a free Pass or locomotion at Government express was allowed should be recorded