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Hibernate Code Generation in Eclispe Galilio/Ganymede

Create New Project

Provide Project name and click Next


Add ojdbc14.jar in Libraries and click finish


Right Click on the project

Goto New ---other
and select Hibernate Console Configuration and click Next
if you are not getting this option make sure hibernate
plugins are available in your eclipse plugins folder.


a) Check Annotation options ( if you wish to generate

hibernate files in annotations)
b) Click new button of Database Connection
select your database
Click Next button

Click Icon of Drivers and select version
go to Jar List menu and add ojdbc14.jar
Click ok
Provide properties
Click Next and Then Click Finish.
goto options and select Database Dialect
Click Finish in Crate Hibernate Console Information

Select the project and go to Run

Select Hibernate Code Generation---Hibernate Code
generation configurations

Provide Hibernate Code Generation Configurations

Select Console configuration

Click Browse button and select current project

Click Reverse Engineer from JDBC connection check box.

Provide package name and click setup button of reveng.xml

and click create new button
click Next button
Click Refresh button you will get Schema
Select Table Name to generate the code and click Include
click finish and goto Exporters

Check below shown options

And Click Apply and Click Run.
Hibernate Code will be generated
(If you get any errors in generated jar files add persistence-
api-1.0.jar to you build path)