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Rockets 2010

Ellie Walburg

Question: What effect does the amount of water in the top have on how far the
rocket will travel?
Hypothesis: If there is more water in the top, then the rocket will not travel as
far because the rocket will have more weight.
Constants: ground height. top cap on, wing size (3 ¾ x 2 ½ ), wing shape (right
triangle), bottle size (2 liter, 20 oz) 3 wings, no labels, 45 angle of trajectory,
straight angle wings, 1000 mL in bottom.
Independent Variable: amount of water in top
Dependent Variable: how far it travels
Procedure: First create a rocket. Have a 2 liter and a 20 oz bottle. Tape the 20 oz
bottle to the 2 liter so that the tops/caps of the bottle are facing out, opposite of
each other. Then, create wings out of cardboard. Make them so that the height of
the wing is 3 ¾ inches and the width is 2 ½ inches. The wing should be a right
triangle. Make 3 of these wings. When you are ready to launch, place 10 oz of
water into the top bottle. Then shoot it off from the ground so that the angle of
trajectory is 45 degrees. Measure the distance that the bottle has gone and record
it into the table. Then repeat the same steps again, but put only 5 oz of water into
the top of the rocket. Conduct the same experiment and record it into the table.
Materials: 20 oz bottle, 2 liter bottle, duct tape, cardboard, meter stick/ruler,
water, air pressure, scissors, 1000 mL,10 oz and 5 oz of water.
Amount Distance 2 3 4 5 6 7 Averag
of water rocket e
in top traveled (m)
Trial 1
10 oz 60 48 72 69 66 51 57 60.4
5 oz 72 78 75
Amount of Water in Top Affects the Distance the Rocket Travels

Conclusion: If there is more water in the top, then the rocket will not travel as
far. However, if there is no water in the top, then it will go backwards because of
the air resistance. To make the rocket go as far as possible, the best amount of
water put in the top is about 5 ounces of water.