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Christmas is the Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, for Christian

s the son of God and the Virgin Mary. Falls on December 25 (January 7 in the Eas
tern Churches, for the postponement of the Julian calendar).
The Italian word Christmas comes from the Latin natalis meaning "Christmas", "re
lative to birth."
Already in the Roman calendar the word Natalis was used for many festivals, like
the Natalis Romae (21 April) commemorating the birth of the City, and the Dies
Natalis Solis Invicta, the festival devoted to the birth of the Sun (Mitra), als
o December 25, introduced by Aurelian in 273 AD, gradually supplanted during the
third century [1] from the Christian celebration. Christmas is also known as Ch
ristmas or the Nativity of the Lord Jesus, and sometimes preceded by the adjecti
ve holy (sometimes abbreviated as SS).
According to the Christian liturgical calendar is a level of solemnity of the Ep
iphany, Ascension and Pentecost to Easter and bottom (the most important holiday
in Time) and certainly the most popularly felt, especially since the last two c
enturies, since when it has become the festival in which people exchange gifts a
nd therefore is the most important period for the trade and industry of consumpt
ion and more is set in the family.