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You Can Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease nari t Cntr a Dia Can Mepte It Waste Se est eBHEEE PPLE SILO POSS ES Lyme disease is carved bythe deer tek, which is very small These ticks feed on mice as well as deet. May land June are the worst months for Lyme disease, but you can gett even in winter Deer ik . a *® Lanae Nog eel ey ‘There are things you can doo help prevent Lyme disease: + Limit your time in brushy or wooded areas where ticks usualy live, Stick to main pathways oF the Center of ral when hiking + Wear long-sleeved light colored shirts and long pants tucked ito socks, Ths helps keep ticks off you and makes it easier to spot them, + For your skin, you can use a tick repellent with no rove than 30% DEET (10% for ildren). Sprays with permethrin can be used on clothing. CHECK FoR TIeKS DAILY Since it ucualy takes at least 24 hours for you to become infected after stick sites you, the single most important thing you can do is check yourself or ticks ‘once a day, Ticks are small, but you can see them (ook ‘or new feckles) and also fee! them. You can do this tasily while you are taking a bath or shower (See shower card and tick fee card), Favorite tick places are armpit, haldine, groin, legs thighs or in and behind the ears. Ticks are easier to fnd than you might think Don't forget to check children and pets too, WHAT TO 00 WHEN You FIND A TICK The best thing te dois pull she tick straight off with 4 pair of tweezers. Grab the tick withthe tweezers 2 close tothe skin as you can. Do not use alcahel ora hot match to remove the tic Nout, tape the tick to «card (see handy Tick Dock cards). Write the date and who was bitten. Ifyou lose the tick you can circle the pieture on the card that looks most like the tick you “ound, Depending on your medical history your dector may recommend. treatment for tck bite LIME DISEASE SYMPTOMS IF you are aware of Lyme disease symptorns, you are less likely to rise thom. Most people will have arash ier the tick bit them, Sometimes the rash looks like 3 "bull's ye" or donut shaped rash, One way to tell a Lyme rash fiom other rashes is thar i gees bigger People with Lyme disease may have severe Auslte symptoms that are really bad, swollen joints or fecal paralysis. LYME DISEASE CAN BE “REATED all your doctor. Antibiotics are usually enough to treat Lyme disease, especialy if you begin treatment eat Do not try to teat yourself with other antibiatics you ray have. You need specific antibiotics to treat Lyme disease successfully TICK BITE PROPHYLAXIS In some instances your doctor may prescribe a single dose of doxyeyine if you have been bitten by a deer tick that Is partially engorged with blood, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR YARD SAFER You don't have to be walking in the woods tobe bitten bya tick. You con bein your own backyard! You can reduce the ruber of ticks around your beckyerd + Keep grass cut short + Remove leaf iter and brush + Prune lew ling bushes to et in more sunlight + Use plants around your home that donot attract deer + Use deer fencing + Keep woodpiles of the ground end away fom your home + Kaop the plants around stone wale cut short IF you use & pesticide on your propery, hire a licensed applicator experienced with tick control In general, ood tick control can be achieved with ro more than two pestiede applications in any year. When selecting an applicator, be sure they provide: + Aritten pest control plan that includes information fn the pesticide to be used Information about non-chemical pst control alternatives + Assurances thatthe equipment io be used is safe and uptodate + Signs tobe posted around the property after the application + References ftom past customers Products designed to kl ticks found on the mice and deer around your yard ate curratly being evaluated by researchers. They may be availble soon through licensed pestilde applicators. i ] Check forties daly Avs ek areas ‘Wear protective othing Use tick repellent Make your yard safer PLACE STAMP HERE Lyme Disease Prevention Begins With You oooo8 HERE'S HOW. frigham and Women’s Hospital Rheumatology, Immunology & Alergy 75 Francis Stes, PBB 2-5 estan, MA oats Phone: (617) 7325085 ‘Contact: Nancy Maher Centers for Disease Control (CDC) wired gor ‘Authtis Foundation (AF) wor arthritis. org Ce OOP R LeeahCa Lal} Rennes ier mi LU) Lyme Disease Prevention Team frgham and Women's Hospital 75 Francis Street, PBB 8:3 Roston, MA cans Funda gh the Cnr fr ce Cnt and vein (2)