Capturing Images from TeacherWorks and StudentWorks on a PC

1. Open the Teacher Wrap Around edition from the main TeacherWorks screen.

2. Use the bookmarks to open the Edition and go to the chapter you are interested in. 3. Page over to the image you want to 4. Pull the bookmark to the left until it disappears. 5. Use the Marquee enlarge the desired Zoom to image.



6. Use the Print Screen key (Prnt Scrn) key board to copy the image to the clipboard.

on your

7. Go to the place you want to paste the picture (Microsoft WORD or PowerPoint, etc) and past the image into the page using edit + paste or Control + V, etc. 8. Sometimes when you paste the image will be very large. Pull the corners down to shrink the picture. 9. To crop the image right click on the picture and click on show picture tool bar.

10. Use the cropping tool to drag the four sides of the picture in, until only the portion you want is left. 11. Click outside of the picture to remove the cropping feature and then re-size the image to your desire proportions.

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